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She's In Parties
Characters  •   Sean Winters  •  Star Thistle  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - High School
Date  •  2019-08-17
Summary  •  Sean catches Star before Spring Break

With Kiss of the Spiderwoman entering production, Star is in the art room after hours working on set design. She's a Senior and this is the last show she'll do, so she's been given full set designer status - it's all hers. She sits at a table, working on what looks like a model of the stage and set, deep in concentration. Bauhaus plays on the stereo that the students get to take turns programming during class.

Sean was deeply surprised to get one of the lead rolls which has made him panic just a little bit, so he's been practicing... a lot. But he's finally run out of coffee-fueled energy and his voice is starting to hurt, and so he wanders into the art room and finds a seat near Star, looking over what she's working on without interrupting her while she works on the model. Only when she gets to a stopping point does he say, "Anything I can help with?"

Star shakes her head, carefully gluing bits together. "No. Almost finished," she murmurs, gaze focused. "Trying to get it done before Spring Break so it can be greenlit. Then I can start building over break." Because Star? Not a beach partier, even when there aren't thousands of drunk coeds everywhere. The last piece is held as it sets, then placed on the stage.

"There. It's two levels, with cages for cells below and a railed walk above. There's a balcony up here for the warden to look out over everything. And the cells? They roll out to the front of the stage, so you guys can do scenes in them where the audience can see, and they can roll bavk when they're background and the area is needed for scenes not in the cell." She shows him, all the parts moving.

Sean definitely enjoys parties, and doesn't mind the crowds and throngs of people, but he can't seem to help but be impressed by Star's drive. "That's a lot of work to get done over break. You got a whole team to work on getting that all together?" He grins as he looks over the model, leaning forward a bit, but not close enough to touch it since she just got it all put together. "That's pretty slick.. the way that they work like that." He grins, as she shows how they move out to the front of the stage and then back again.

"Mrs. T said it was ambitious," Star says, referring to their drama teacher, her Aunt. "We've never done a two-level set before, and with moving parts. I got some of the advanced woodshop class helping build it. It won't be done in a week, but we can get a good dent in it over break. The budget was there since the Marchants are basically writing a blank check for the show, what with Thea cast in the title roll, Mona doing costume design and even Jade having a speaking and singing role. So I figured go crazy, right?"

"Congrats on getting Valentin, by the way. Molina's the best part, but a lead is a lead, and he has some good scenes. And you get a love scene with Zane."

"I was just going to go for the prisoners, you know, the chorus and all," Sean says, "But Silver convinced me that I needed to audition for /something/. She was pretty adamant." He smiles a little lopsidedly and then shrugs his shoulders. "So I did. I'm kinda nervous about it, though. Like, I don't want to fuck this up.. it's our last show, you know? I know Jade's going to be pretty psyched about it. He was pretty jazzed about the dancing." He chuckles a little at the mention of a love scene with Zane and rubs at the back of his neck a bit. "Yeah, guess we'll see how he feels about that. We haven't practiced together at all, yet."

"Really for this, even though it's two levels.. the top level and the cells are like, separate constructs, mostly. The cells just slide into place underneath right?" He bends over so that he can get a closer look at the bottom of it, squinting a little. "Seeing it in like.. a tangible form is pretty exciting."

"Yeah," says Star, rolling one out. "It's basically four walls of bars on wheels, no floor or ceiling. And a door, of course. The walkway over where they slide back in lets gaurds prowl overhead and loom. When you guys are taken out of your cells for scenes, that's where they roll back and stow. So the thrust of the stage can be used for a number of different things, like when Molina gets drugged and goes to the infirmary for Morphine Tango, the cells roll back and the thrust becomes his room with the simple use of a few curtain dividers."

She nods and smirks at mention of Silver. "She's good at that. Glad it helped."

"She force fed me chocolate cake until I capitulated," Sean grins. That's not /quite/ how it went down but never let the facts get in the way of a good story. He watches as the cages are rolled out and then back, and nods at the mention of the infirmary portion. "Yeah, that makes sense, and those are pretty easy to roll in an out, kind of transforming that space." He grins and nods his head. "I like it. Pretty sweet."

He pauses then for a moment and asks, "So, I was wondering, do you have any interest in going to prom? With me, specifically? I know it's super early and all, but everyone seems to be already talking about it and making plans." And asking him repeatedly what he's doing. He studies her, curious as to what she might think of that question.

"SPEAR had a Prom date before I did," Star snorts, incredulous. "He's going with Amy fuckin' Lester of all people. Not that I have a problem with Amy, just... fuckin' strange is all. Ashley needs to pull the stick out of her ass and just own being a thing with Amy. But whatever. Not my problem."

She nods once, attention still on her set model. "Yeah. Sure. We can go. If I'm really who you wanna go with. Last Prom and all. If there's someone you have a thing for, ask them."

"Yeah the whole Spear and Amy going to the prom thing is more than a little weird -- but who am I to judge? If that's what he wants to do.." Sean trails off. He's not going to get in the way of whatever anybody wants to do about prom. He smiles a little amusedly about Ashley and Amy though and shrugs his shoulders. "People are weird when it comes to relationships. Way way too much drama. Have you seen Cash and Hector together? It's nauseating." He pauses and then clasps his hands in front of him and says, "Oh.. CASHEW... AAAAANGEL.. are you HURT?" his voice plaintive and wobbling slightly, eyes wide. Then he grins and shakes his head. "It's a little terrible."

Then he leans back and he puts both of his feet up in another chair across from him, folding his hands on his stomach. "I don't have a thing for anyone, and we have fun. I thought it'd be fun to go hang out and dance and do the whole thing up without all the melodrama. If you've got somebody that you want to go with and have a thing for, I totally get it. You can tell me to fuck off." He grins. "I promise not to collapse into tears."

"Cash makes me nauseous on general principle," Star says with a smirk. "And now he's with my half-brother, after dumping my full-brother. I can't escape him. I may be forced to kill him."

She shrugs at the rest. "I don't have things for people," she says, flat. "Never have. I just don't want to keep you from going with someone you actually might have feelings for."

Sean chuckles a little bit and says, "Plausible deniability! Don't /tell/ me," teasingly with a flash of a grin. Then a little more seriously he says, "I know. Just sayin', if something changed. I'd get it. But if it hasn't, and you think it'd be fun.. I think it'd be cool. We can look amazing and have a good time, and mock the disaster that will likely be at least a few of these scenarios." He gestures a little, indicating some of the pairings likely for prom.

"You can be my alibi," says Star. Then she nods. "Okay. We'll go. I'm wearing red, so if that matters, now you know."

"Alright, deal," Sean says, though whether that's to the prom or her alibi (probably both) is not entirely clear. "Red's cool. I can work with that." He gives her the thumbs-up and then says, "Figure we can make the rest of the plans later when it gets closer. Are you going to the masquerade thing the Marchants are doing?"

Star rolls her eyes and nods. "Yes," she says. "Mona's one of the closest things I have to a real friend. I'll be there, under duress, but there. Probably in a corner somewhere, drinking heavily."

Sean grins, "Do you know what you're going to go as? I'm thinking about just putting on something from the costume department, something vaguely formal with a mask and just that.. not really, doing a costume costume, but more just a masquerade.. thing." It sounds kind of lame when he says it that way but, "I don't really want to go all out on a costume I'm just going to wear once."

A shrug. "Probably just a dress and a mask. It's not fuckin' Halloween."

Sean nods and says, "Alright. Makes me feel better about mine, then. Some folks were talking about going full on halloween and Jade was making it sound like it was going to be something completely outlandish."

"Well it won't be the first time I fail to meet societal expectations," says Star of a more elaborate costume party. "All the more reason to be in a corner, drinking."

"Do we really need a reason though? Really?" Sean asks with that irrepressible grin.

Another shrug. "Not really," says Star. "If I'm being forced to be social, it's pretty much my default."