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Secrets Shows and Silver Screens
Characters  •   Sean Winters  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Thistle Living Room
Factions  •   Thistle Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-11
Summary  •  Silver drags Sean inside and drags some truth out of him before they talk about the show, and watch a movie.

Silver didn't really drag Sean inside, but she did lead him firmly. "Best leave those two to make out or whatever," She says, her voice dry and perhaps indicative of her opinion of Hector and Cash's relationship. "You can stay late if ya want," She says as she closes the back door. The front is for more official things and the living area is tucked away.

The violin is set in it's case which is open by the door. In through the kitchen then and she goes straight for the large fridge. With the amount of teenages in this house they almost need two. And they have a freezer for more than just the dead. From the fridge she pulls a cake-keeper. Revealing a chocolate frosted cake. A few slices are already missing, revealing a double layed white and black cake inside. That might be a berry filling between the layers. "Grab whatever you want for a drink, I recommend milk until I can heat up the stuff for cocoa," She says, drawing out a blade and turning to Sean not quite realizing she's semi-brandishing it. "How big a piece do you want?" She asks with a cheerful smile. A bit overly cheerful maybe.

Sean can't help but chuckle a little bit at that and grabs Silver's arm and looks soulfully into her eyes, "Cashew! Angel!" He proclaims in his best southern belle accent, that is intentionally meant to sound nothing like Hector, but to put a dramatic flair on the nickname. They're way out of earshot when he does it, and then he grins afterward, shaking his head. When she tells him that he can stay late if he wants, he shrugs his shoulders, "Don't want to put you guys out. I'm already hanging around here way more than I'd imagine I'm welcome as it is." He grins easily and follows her in to the kitchen, finding a place against the counter to lean comfortably.

When Silver turns around brandishing a knife at him, he suddenly falls to his knees and raises his hands in mock supplication, "Please, Miss Thistle! I'm too young to die. Can I stay all in one large piece? Please?" Yeah, it's no wonder he's in drama. He grins at her then and says, "Um, just a regular size piece, thanks." He then pulls himself up and goes to root around in the fridge for the milk. He knows where the glasses are, so he gets one down and then asks "Do you want one?" If she does, he pours a glass for her as well.

Giggles answer Sean's 'Southern Bell' mimicry. Nodding her head witha nother roll of her eyes. "Pffft. You're fine. I haven't heard Mom or Dad say a thing," Silver says, waving her free hand as it to dash away Sean's worries.

A blink is given then and she looks down at the knife and then back up, dropping the blade so it points at the floor. "Sorry!" She says with a laugh. Instead she turns and begins slicing into the cake. "Oh yes, just a small glass for me though, yeah?" She says over her shoulder. "Anyway, I don't honestly think they'd notice another teenage body lying around. Hell, we've plenty of bodies lying around." Cue more giggles.

Sean grins over at Silver when she laughs. He likes making her laugh. He likes making most people laugh. It's one of the things he's good at. He takes down the glasses and he only pours a small glass for each of them since there will be cocoa coming after, after all. Then he puts the milk back away and carries the glasses over to the table, finding a chair and plopping into it while she cuts the cake. "I'm not quite as inert as some of the bodies you guys have lying around, though. And pretty sure that I eat more." He flashes her another winning smile.

Silver slides the slices onto plates and then tucks the cake back. Brandishing forks she pauses and dives into the fridge again. "Honestly? The amount more you eat is negligible. They know us by first name at Costco for a reason. Spear has hollow bones, after all," And she does too, but don't tell anyone. And ignore the large amounts of seaweed snacks in the pantry. Enough for an apocalypse probably. "While that is true, if you pretended to be inert they'd probably look right past ya," She says with a wink as she emerges from the fridge again. This time with a small bowl. From it she carefully forks out, onto the cake slices, strawberries sliced thinly. Then, and only then, does she arrive at the table with cake and forks. "So I heard Zane talking about the spring production. What part are you hoping for?" She's engaging in small talk and so far so good.

"He'd have to, since there's not all that much /to/ him," Sean points out with a grin. He loves Spear like a brother, the crazy wandering little gloomcookie. It's not that Sean's much bigger, really. He's lean and while he does have some muscle on him, he's certainly not football player material -- maybe track. "Oh, man, strawberries," he says when she adds them to the cake with a happy sigh. He loves strawberries. Grabby hands await the arrival of the cake and the forks, and he takes one and digs in, making sure to get a slice of strawberry with the piece. He considers the question and then says, "I don't know, maybe one of the prisoners, you know, just a member of the chorus. It's our last year, and I'm pretty sure that there are others who are going to really want the lead roles."

Silver raises a brow at that and tilts her head thoughtfully as she chews her own bite. "Nothing at all wrong with shooting for the top though. If you want to practice any of the lead song bits, I can help and sing counter if you want to do one with...what are the main names?" She pauses and squints her eyes while viciously stabbing into her cake again. "Valentine and Mo-something. It'll come to me...but I do remember one of the duets. The Choir director almost had us do it two years ago, but backed out like a bloody tool," She shakes her head and stuffs the bite into her mouth. Chewing with relish and not realizing she has frosting smeared at the corner of her mouth. Nope, she is too busy dancing in her seat as she chews with obvious delight. "The strawberries make it, right?" A pause. "I actually probably still have the score book in my room if you wanna check it out..."

"Valentin and Molina," Sean says and smiles a little, shrugging his shoulders. "I don't know. I'm pretty happy just being a part of it. I don't need to be the star. I got to be the star earlier in one of the other productions." Sean explains as he dips his fork into his cake again and grabs another bite, stabbing into a bit of strawberry. "I think it's better to give someone else a chance." He smiles, "But I will totally practice with you if you have a part you want to practice." He grins and he makes a little brushing motion at the corner of his mouth "You've got a little.." and then he nods. "Sure, we can take a look at it. Is there a part that you're going to audition for?"

Silver shakes her head in amusement at his demuring nature. Then pauses to reach up and wipe at her mouth, licking the frosting off her finger. "Thanks," She says with a flash of a smile. "Oh...I'm not going to audition. Drama...I'm not a good actor. I'd probably be a stuttering mess. Choir I can do, but being someone else..." She shrugs a shoulder. "But I do like Aurora's part. She'd got some great numbers."

"Oh," Sean says when she says that she isn't going to audition and that she'd want to do choir. "Well, if you want to practice the singing, we can do that, too." He takes another bite of cake, and then another, making his way through the slice steadily while they talk. "Are you going to the Masquerade party? Do you have any idea what sort of a costume you might wear?"

"Jades? He invited me...I admit I'm not very good at parties. But he said I can take pictures if I dress up. Soo..." Silver pauses to chew and swallow before continuing, "I'm thinking Hatshepsut," She says it like she expects Sean to know who that is. He might, given the current studies in History, but then again he may not. "What about you?"

"Hatshepsut was a pretty impressive Egyptian queen, right? Like her brother was too young so she ended up being regent, right?" Sean asks, trying to pull something about her from the annals of his memory. "I read a book about her I picked up from the library in.. middle school, I think." When she asks about him he shrugs his shoulders and smiles, "Not sure that I'm going to go. I mean, I said I would, and I probably will but. I don't know what I'll wear. I probably have an old costume I can do something new with."

Silver nods with enthusiasm as Sean remembers something he read. "Yeah, well, she married her brother. Then he died when their son was an infant. And so she was regent, then became full pharoah and ruled instead of him. He was apparently a spoiled brat, though, because after her death he defaced a lot of imagery of her that had her depicted as a masculine pharoah. She even wore the beard and stuff." She is eating her cake, but doesn't seem overly enthused by it. "Bet ya Spear has something you could borrow...OH! What about Hades? Or a Greek or Roman hero? Those are pretty easy to pull off and the outfits are comfortable in this heat."

"Right," Sean says and snaps his fingers as she reminds him of the parts of the story that he had forgotten. "That's cool. She'd be interesting. You should totally do that." Though when it comes back around to him he smiles again and studies the piece of cake in front of him. "Maybe. If Spear has something he's not using. I'll ask him, see if he has some ideas." He smiles then, considering, and nods once more before taking another bite of the cake.

There is a silence for a bit from Silver as she polishes off her cake. When done she is wiping up frosting with a finger when she asks in a quiet voice, "You're one of Spear's best friends. And that's super important, yeah? So...you know...if anything bad was happening or what not...you're always welcome here. Spear and I can easily convince mom and dad to let you stay over more if you want...or need..." She's stumbling over her words as she fidgets with her fork. Suddenly she stands and puts on a nervous smile, "Cocoa!" She declares a bit too loudly. "Then popcorn and movies."

ROLL: BeastSR rolls spirit+1 for: -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 0 0 0 0 0 -- d)

ROLL: BeastSR rolls 4d6+1 for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 3 5 3 5 -- d6+1)

Sean is more than happy to dig into the cake and finish it off, drinking down his glass of milk afterward with a satisfied sigh of contentment. Chocolate cake is amazing. Chocolate cake and milk is even more amazing. He nods slowly when she mentions that he's one of Spear's best friends, and he smiles a little lopsidedly. He's perhaps not so sure if Spear considers him to be that, but he can easily agree that the Thistles are probably the people he is closest to in all of Lake Havasu. Though when she mentions anything bad happening, he puts on a bright smile and looks like he has absolutely no idea what she's talking about. "Things are great. School year's almost over. Lots of fun stuff going on. We're seniors. Couldn't be better."

Silver sticks her plate into the sink and then fetches out milk and a saucepan. "Yeah...I know that's what you want everyone to think. It's okay. I...uh...mmmm...The dead like you and don't like seeing you cry. Your mom shouldn't make you cry," She says and looks over at Sean. Sympathy and a really awkward smile are on her face. "Look...you don't have to tell me anything okay? Just know I get it and you can hang out here instead of in the cemetary when you need too."

At first, Sean's smile stays in place, like she hadn't just called him on his bullshit. Then as she goes on, some of the color drains from it, and the smile grows a little bit tighter, then falters, and he has to look away, anywhere but at her. He stares down at the table instead, and she can see the wheels spinning in his head as he tries to figure out how to process that. Had she overheard him? He was careful, very careful, about making sure that he was alone in the cemetery. How could she know about what he did there when he was alone? "How.. how do you know about my mom?" is the first thing that comes out of his mouth, and he's not even sure why he asks, but it seems important for him to know.

Silver makes it easy for him to look anywhere but her. Because she is trying to focus mainly on making the cocoa. "Sorry...I...mmm...Star says I need to not butt in so much," There is a pause as she formulates an answer, "I...I hear things in the cemetary, Sean. That's all," She shrugs a shoulder as she pulls open a cupboard to pull out a costco sized can of Swiss Miss. "It's been our playground since we could toddle, we know all the hiding spots..." She says with a little shake in her voice.

ROLL: Silver rolls spirit for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 2 3 4 1 -- d6)

"How much have you heard?" Sean asks, and his voice is quiet, subdued, loud enough to be heard, but definitely coming out smaller than his usual bravado and bluster. He fiddles a bit with the napkin that he had been using while he was eating his cake, folding it and unfolding it between his fingers. He's aware of her on his periphery but he doesn't look at her.

Silver bites her lower lip and nibbles it. "Not...like...a lot or anything...just that...that you stay out here when she's real angry and...physical. And avoid going home till you gotta. You shouldn't have too do that, man!" She turns from stirring the milk with an angry and yet sad frown on her face. "So...like...stay here all you want ok? Bring your sleeping bag inside and crash on the portable futon in Spear or my room. Not like I don't have a dozen pillows to spare." She tries to laugh, but it's nervous and forced.

Sean shifts a little uncomfortably in his chair. When faced with the actual truth, his wall of denial seems flimsy. "I um.. she's. It's not always that bad. Mostly she yells," he admits, "Says things.. that hurt." He glances over toward her sidelong and sees that anger and the frown and he takes in a deep breath then looks down again. He opens his mouth, as though to apologize, because his expression is apologetic, and then he closes it again. He chews on his lower lip and then decides on, "Okay. If.. if you're really sure that folks won't mind. Maybe once in a while." He does smile just a little bit at the reference to Silver's epic pillow collection.

Silver nods her head firmly and says, "I am sure! And if you ever -do- wanna talk to a person and not just the ghosts...I won't judge. I'll help if ya let me. I know I can be nosey..." The frown fades into a lopsided smile. Then the milk starts to foam over and she turns back, lifting the pot up off the gas stove as the light sputters and hisses. "Woopsydoodle!" She says, making a face and trying to limit her mess. "Now that's taken care of...you want marshmallows, cinnamon, and or whipped cream with yours?"

It's a strange feeling for Sean, the revelation of his secrets, finding out that someone knows. It's alternately horrifying, overwhelming, uncertain, and yet also.. a relief, like some great weight had been lifted on his self-imposed silence and exile. And it takes him a bit to process that as she insists that she is sure, and offers to talk to him, rather than just him talking to the ghosts. "I guess nosy is okay. It means you care, right?" he offers after another moment's thought. Though when she says woopsydoodle, he actually laughs, unable to hold it back, and that seems to relieve some of his tension. "Can I have all of the above? I kind of feel like having my soul bared is worthy of marshmallows /and/ whipped cream." Not to mention the cinnamon.

Silver nods her head with a grin, "Totally can! That'd be the and or bit," She says wtih a wink. His laughter making her light-hearted and relaxed as well. "Sometimes I even add orange zest," She adds in a conspiratorial whisper. Then she is in the fridge and pulling out the can of whipped cream. Another cupboard produces marshmallows and cinnamon. The later of which is added with the cocoa to the milk that is slowly simmering now. She stirs it for another few seconds. "I'm making spaghetti for dinner tomorrow. Cheesy garlic bread tooooo," She adds almost as an after thought as she is readying their cocoa.

ROLL: BeastSR rolls 4d6+1 for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 2 6 2 6 -- d6+1)

"Orange is the best with chocolate.. can I get that too? I have no idea what this franken-chocolate is going to taste like but it sounds like it's going to be amazing," Sean says with a little smile. He's still clearly unsettled, by that nervous folding and unfolding that his fingers keep doing to that napkin, but he's at least smiling again, and it seems to be genuine, as hard as it is to tell with him sometimes. It's a credit to his acting ability, really. "Oh man.. cheesy garlic bread is like one of my most favorite things on earth." Because what is better than garlic bread if not garlic bread with cheese on it?

Silver turns and fetches up an orange from the fruit bowl. Digging in a drawer for a zester, she quickly grates it into the pot as it simmers. "It's amazing. You can add all kinds of things to cocoa to bring out other parts of its flavor. Like strawberries have a totally different taste spectrum with chocolate than with oranges, yeah? Mexican hot chocolate has cayenne in it, did ya know that?" She doesn't let it simmer like that too long. Straining it out into two mugs before adding whipped cream on top of each. Oh but she is not done because she pulls out chocolate sprinkles and adds a dash to the top of the whipper cream. "One super soul-reveal cocoa...well, two. One for you and one for me," She says as she comes over to the table with them. "Let me pop some popcorn and we can choose something to watch!"

"Does it?" Sean asks when she says that Mexican hot chocolate has cayenne in it. That was something that he didn't know. "I'm not sure how that would taste.." He can't quite imagine it, never having tried it. But he's had a chocolate orange, and those are the bomb. He grins when sprinkles decorate the top as well and says solemnly, "A truly worthy cocoa if I have ever smelled one." He nods his head when she says she's going to pop some popcorn as well. He carefully dips a finger into the whipped cream and licks some of it and the sprinkles off, letting the cocoa cool a little before trying to drink it.

Silver leaves her cocoa on the table and goes to put popcorn in the air popper. No microwave tom-foolery here! "Regular butter or garlic butter?" She asks as she pulls open the fridge to pull out butter. "So for movies we have all the usuals, but Spear also rented all the Return of the Living Dead series. OH! And Hocus Pocus and Coneheads!" That seems to cheer her immensely.

Cheer stands by the airpopper. Sean sits at the table with two steaming cups with a bonus topping of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. There's a pot on the stove with enough cocoa for two or three more cups and it smells faintly of orange and cinnamon as well.

Hector returns from a trip upstairs with a backpack and a bedroll, which he sets by the entryway, "Sorry I abandoned you. How's it going?"

"Garlic butter," Sean says when asked what kind of butter should go on the popcorn, because if one can garlic, one should always garlic. That is his opinion. "We can watch whatever ones you want. I don't think I've seen any of them except Coneheads." He is seated at the kitchen table, fiddling a bit with a napkin, a cup of hot cocoa next to him with whipped cream and sprinkles that smells of both orange and cinnamon, which he breathes in every so often because it smells so good. He glances over as Hector comes down with a backpack and a bedroll and asks, "Going camping?"

Silver has put garlic and butter into a dish. This DOES go in the microwave as the popcorn starts making popping sounds. She looks up as Hector arrives and glances from bedroll to him then Sean. "See? Tonight especially they won't notice!" She says with a laugh. "There's extra cocoa on the stove...you can grab a thermos and take it," She tells Hector.

ROLL: Hector rolls Spirit for: [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 3 6 6 -- d6)

Hector blushes, "Kind of. We're... going to the beach. I miss the Ocean, and he's just off his grounding, so...." He looks really surprised, "Thanks, Sil. I know nobody approves, so it's extra sweet of you to let us have some. he's off gassing up.

Sean smiles a little faintly when Silver says that they won't notice, but he nods to her a little bit, studying the hot chocolate in front of him and taking some more whipped cream onto his finger and licking it off, making no comment as she explains to Hector that there's plenty left to be taken along. When Hector says that they're going to the beach he says, "Oh, cool," with a little smile. Then he shrugs, "You gotta do what's right for you, man."

Silver makes a little hmph sound at the thanks, shrugging a shoulder. "Yeah, yeah, don't fuss," She says with a wave of her hand. The smell of garlic joins that of cocoa and popcorn. Grabbing a paper bag from a cupboard. As the popcorn finishes up she pours a bunch into it. The microwave dings and she pulls out butter, stirring it before drizzling into the bag. Then shaking. Then drizzling. Then a bit of salt. This she sets on the counter, end rolled up, and gently pushes it towards Hector. The rest is added to a gigantic bowl that two teens surely can't finish...can they? Well Silver and Sean sure are gonna try. "I'll let dad known if he asks. Careful of wierdos with wine on the beach, okay?"

Hector studies Hector, "Look, I don't know what's going on and it's cool if you don't want to tell me, but if you wanted to crash in my room tonight, I don't mind. You could watch movies and drink cocoa late as you want and not have to worry about getting home after." He eyes Silver, "Weirdos with wine?" He narrows his eyes, "Is this about Morrison?"

Sean will definitely make a valiant attempt at murdering that bowl of popcorn from the way he sighs in contentment at the smell of salt and garlic butter. There are few things that are better than that garlic salty goodness. For a moment he looks distracted enough by the popcorn that he almost misses that Hector is talking to him, but he blinks and looks over and then says, "Uh.." Then he looks over at Silver, and then back toward Hector, "I mean.. you're heading out. I don't want to like.." It's very strange for Sean to be at a loss for words, but he's dropped the act with Silver at this point, and he doesn't seem to be picking it back up at this stage of the game. "Kill the mood, I guess." He smiles a little and then says, "No, Silver and Amy were talking about some kids that drank random drug wine from some random chick on the beach. Closed containers, man. Safety first." He grins a little lopsidedly.

Silver blinks when he brings up Morrison and frowns. "What?? No! Mo' Lester has nothing to do with the...weirdos with wine," She says and licks her lips. "Just...there was a bonfire on the beach awhile back and the wine they had was laced or something..." She brings the giant bowl over to the table and smiles at Hector. "That's nice of ya, Hector. Thanks," She says before reaching out to pat Sean on the arm. "Hocus Pocus will fix that. Then Demolition Man followed by whatever else Spear brought home," She says with a giggle. "Though to be fair I had a list too. Sean, can you grab my cocoa?" The bowl IS a two-handed sized bowl. Full.

Hector wrinkles his nose, "That does seem a terrible idea." He blushes again, thinking of whiskey from a stranger in January. "I'll spread the word on the drugged wine thing. what kind of creep roofies a bunch of people like that?" He eyes his Sister, "Look, I'm really pissed at him, but if you call him that, it makes it sound like... Like I'm some kid he took advantage of, and i'm not. I consented. I wasn't drunk or drugged or tricked. He's an asshole, but i'm an adult and I made my decitions. He's an asshole and maybe a bit of a... Nevermind. It's just you call him that it's also insulting me slant wise, if that makes sense."

Sean smiles a little at Silver when she pats him on the arm and gives her a little friendly nudge with his shoulder. "Sure, I've got your cocoa," he says. "I won't even steal any on the way over." He gathers up both mugs and then he glances between Hector and Silver, not getting in the middle of any discussion about Morrison Lester, who he barely knows by reputation and little else. But hey, the focus is entirely off of him, and that seems to suit him just fine for the moment as his own troubles are well and truly forgotten in the face of this new topic of conversation. Look at that? And with that he moves toward the livingroom.

Silver freezes for a second at Hector's comment with a mouthful of popcorn. "I...mmm...sorry," She manages to get out having the decency to look a little embarassed. Looking down at the popcorn and then up. "But he -is- an obstinent fartknocker," She adds in a tone that dares her brother to say otherwise. "Anyway...we're moving to the other room to watch Hocus Pocus. You can join us till your boy-toy shows up."

Hector grins at his sister, "A total douche nozzle. Insult away. Sure." He sets the thermos with his gear and trots along to help set up the VCR with the tape. "So either of you trying out for the musical?"

Sean folds himself into a corner of the couch and holds onto Silver's cocoa until she's settled in before handing it over to her, then he wraps both hands around his mug. When Hector asks about the musical he nods and says, "I'm going to audition, I guess. Silver's been trying to convince me that I should try out for something. I was just going to offer to be in the chorus of whatever.. prisoners or something."

"Sean is!" Silver pipes up when Sean does. Giving him an apologetic smile. "I told him to go all out, but he's being all laissez faire. But I can totally see him as a grumpy Valentino," She shoots Sean a smile as she moves to the large couch, with it's tendency to eat people. "It should be in the Blockbuster bag there, no the other bag Hector. The -other- one!" She tells him as he tries to help out, finger pointing unhelpfully from below the bow, but her tone is amused exasperation not irritation. "What about you? Are you auditioning?"

Hector nods, "That's my plan too. I'm not really an actor, but I can sing and dance. I figure I'll audition at least." He roots good naturedly around in the bags until he pulls out Hocus Pocus, "Ta Da!" He pulls it from the box and feeds it to the VCR.

"Yeah, I am an actor but, I don't want to hog things, you know?" Sean says with a little grin and then reaches over into the bowl of popcorn and grabs himself some, popping it into his mouth and crunching contentedly. "Oh man, that's amazing." He grins over at the cat and says "Foofy knows where it's at." When Hector comes up victorious with the movie, he gives him a thumbs-up.

Hector turns on the TV and stoops to pick up the other lost kernels before any other beasts get them. he comes to sit on the end, stealing a handful of popcorn for himself, "so you two going to Jade's party? I've no idea what to wear."

Silver shrugs as the cat disappears and she moves the bowl more comfortably in her lap as she settles into the cough next to Sean. Taking her cocoa with a smile and, "Thank you, kind sir!" Picking up the remote she begins fast forwarding through the trailers. "I'm going to take pictures," She says before looking at Hector in surprise. "You don't know what to wear? Could always ask Jade for help. He's better at that than me. I just hope I can put my pieces together in time."

"Yeah, probably, maybe. I don't know what I'm going to wear, but Silver suggested I see if Spear might have something laying around that I could do something with," Sean says. He's got a little more muscle on him than Spear, but it's possible he could wear something of the other Thistle's. "Silver's got a cool costume idea already."

Hector perks up, "Oh? What are you going as Silver?"

Silver shoots Sean a smile when he calls her idea cool. "Eh, only the nerds will get it though," She points out with a wry chuckle. A mouthful of popcorn delays her answer to Hector. "Mmm, Hatshepsut," She says, waiting to see if Hector recognizes the name or not.

"So? Who cares who will get it? It's still cool," Sean points out, some of his more trademark optimism showing through again as things have settled more. He grabs another handful of popcorn and pops a kernel at a time into his mouth.

Hector thinks as he munches, "Is that the Lady Pharoah? The one with the beard, or am I mixing that up with some Goddess?

Silver points a finger at Hector and nods. "Yep! You got it. Maybe she's not as obscure as I thought," And that thought actually pleases her. The trailers have been past and so she has to pause and then rewind and play before she pauses it. "Are you all ready for the glory of this movie?" She asks them seriously.

"Yes, on with the show!" Sean declares, and motions for the movie to start. He glances over toward Silver then and gives her arm a little nudge, and mouths "thank you" to her.

Hector cheers, "Go for is Sil! On with the show!"

Silver gives Sean a grin and a subtle little thumbs up and wink. Then she claps her hands and out go the lights as she presses play. "Let the glory unfold!" She proclaims with a witchy cackle of her own as the opening credits for Hocus Pocus roll.