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Run Like Hell
Characters  •   Lucas Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Cash Freeland  •  Spear Thistle  •  Star Thistle  •
Location  •  Silver's Room
Date  •  2019-08-23
Summary  •  Silver takes some advice and asks Lucas over for a do-over. Unfortunately the Painkillers decided to show up in the cemetary, sending people scurrying in through her window...this was not how it was supposed to go.

Silver had asked Lucas, rather awkwardly mind, if he'd come by after school. After dinner maybe? She had something she wanted to talk to him about. She was evasive and her normal shy self in the asking. But she promised she'd bake if he did come over.

When he arrives Silver greets Lucas dressed differently than she was at school. A knee length spring dress in black and purple. The skirt a flowing, draping affair. There was also barely pause between knock and it being openned. Her smile was warm but there was a tension to her that couldn't be shaken. "Hey Lucas," She says as she stepped out of the way, waving him inside. "I made chocolate chip cookie brownies. Half of them have a special ingredient." And she brings a finger up to her lips. Apparently that batch is a secret.

Lucas doesn't dress up nearly as much as his brother but isn't far behind. Let's be real, it's daylight hours and he is still dragging. It's not even tenacity that's driving him through the school day; it's pure ego. He said he'd go though, and he did. Did he tell Landon? You bet your ass he did. Landon and Lucas know everything about Landon and Lucas.

Arching an eyebrow a tired smile surfaces even as he has gone back to wearing his blazer because it's a great excuse to cover up. Formalities insist! "Secret? It's my favourite ingredient." He pauses, nose wrinkling, "Unless that's a euphamism for raisins." An arm goes out and ofers a hug, but looks around, "Please tell me zero of this has to do with Heather."

Silver moves in and hugs Lucas tightly. Lingering just a second in it before he mentions Heather. Then she is giving him a puzzled look, head shaking, as she steps back. "No to the raisins and to Heather," She says with a soft chuckle. Then she is heading for the stairs and up to her room. "No, I wanted to...well let's go inside. Spear and Star are both 'worried' so...they're being nosey," And that is weird for the person who is usually sticking her nose into things.

For a moment she pauses outside her door. Then turns to glance at Lucas with that little nervous smile from before. Door is opened and she steps inside. Her room having been redecorated since he last visited. The shelf of terrariums is still there. The furniture is all where it was. But there are purple and white christmas lights strung up on her ceiling now and they, along with some pillar candles that smell of vanilla and clove, illuminate. The bed is neatly made and most of her franken-stuffies are over in her reading nook window. The plate of brownies sit on her desk, along with two small cups of milk. And in the background Pink Floyd comes from the speakers of her radio.

Lucas is strong. His resolve is resolute. His stomach? Growling but it's not for something sweet and god he wants it to be. Lucas takes his time and pauses leaning on the door and arches an eyebrow. Ahhhh right. He leans, shoulder to jamb and observes, "Yoooou redecorated." Leaning off the door and walking inside his backpack slides off his shoulder and says with a fond amusement, "If you're going to try to steal my soul, Ms. Thistle, I have to warn you it was exponged when I got adopted." Still, away from the sun he relaxes considerably though it takes some time. The sunglasses slide up. "Worried about you? You're the smartest person I know." He knows damn well what and he tries notto let it show.

Silver closes the door once Lucas steps inside. Did she just thumb the knob lock? Might be. But she stays by the door, rubbing one arm, as she looks around. "Yeah...I saw it on TV and remembered we had some from halloween, so..." She says and waves around. Is it any surprise the Thistle front porch is turned into a Haunted House by Silver, and sometimes her siblings, each year?

"Yeah. They're worried. Everyone is worried about me," Silver says with a chuckle, rolling her eyes a bit. "But I get it. I haven't been too smart lately, have I?" It's a rhetorical question Lucas, probably dangerous to answer. Silver looks from the lights back at Lucas and moves over to pick up the plate. "I know it's not what either of us wants, but I've found weed helps with the nightmares," She takes one up and takes a bite. That might explain why they're small brownies. Many small brownies. A few bites and done. She picks another one up and steps back over to lucas. Definitely within personal space limits.

There is that nervousness again, but she's smiling through it slightly, watching him like a hawk. The brownie is brought up to his lips in offering. "I w-wanted to ask you for your...help?" She doesn't sound sure that's the right word.

Lucas tilts his head, "Well what if I'm worried about you too?" Eyebrow goes up. Being exhausted and haunted isn't any reason to not be a savvy sunnovabitch. His eyes go to teh lights again and back to her carefully, one eyebrow arching in question but it's not that question, or at least not yer. "I'm kinda full up on mystery foods. Pot brownies?" He keep his voice way down all teh same.

She steps over to his personal spas he leans forward lurking with some wry amusement. Provided the answer is something he recognizes snaps his teeth in a bite bite. His chin tilts up, eyes sharp above the dark circles, "Oh you need *my* help? Hit me, beautiful. What'chu got for me, doll?" Finger reaches out to trace the back of her arm as she lifts up the brownie.

Silver flushes just a bit and her smile turns up at the compliments. "Pot brownies," She assures him as he eats the proferred dessert. There's a few beats of silence as she opens and closes her mouth. Apparently finding the words is more difficult than she imagined. But finally it spills out in a fast babble all in one breath, "Yousaidyouwoulddoitagainwithmesowecouldremember..." Now she is a ruddy shade that shows more vividly due to her current anemic and pale state. The reason for her nerves thus revealed she sucks in a deep breath and blows it out. Eyes watching Lucas' face with a mixture of those nerves and a glimmer of hope?

Lucas is really confused as to what Star and Spear being worried abotu her has to do with, ah. Yup. You know what? Worries for later. The problem and grace of the blood taint is caution is really hard to keep a grip on. One hand reaches out and flicks the door shut. His other hand moves to her waits and he doesn't answer when she stares at him. He does lean in for the kiss to stop the wave of words. "Silver you're one of my best friends. You can ask, literally, anything." He didn't say he'd say yes, but this is certainly not a no. "World's ours, Sil." That grin reaches his eyes.

Silver does stop talking when his lips fall on hers. For a second closing her eyes and then relaxing obviously. The tension kind of leaving her shoulders. When he leans back the smile is more confident, as is the light in her eyes. "I'm bad at asking. I need to get better at it," She says with the softest chuckle to her words.

There's another beat as she bites her lower lip and then, "You're pretty hot yourself, in case no one's told you lately." As if! He probably hears it in the hall at school often. "Will you...aaaah...sleep with me? Not being able to remember but bits and pieces of our...time is driving me nuts." And there goes the deepening of her cheeks. And she bites her lower lip even as she is smiling at him. Her hands have been fidgeting but now they move to lightly grasp the lapel of his blazer.

Lucas cracks a grin and looks totally not innocent playing poorly to hide his hubris. He tries to be honest and not an asshole about it. Okay not to her. Oh the awkward is fantastic. Not that they don't speak candidly, but it's a step for her and there is an amused delight in that. Still if anyone's going to be judging anything it's not him. He looks up as if to consider it or wait for her to slap him with a fist, "Uhhhhh lessee... between not letting the sun kill me and never wanting to sleep again? Hmmmm, yeah my schedule's pretty," He drops his hands to her waist and steals one more kiss, than another, and then a bite of her brownie, "pretty free. Lan might be pissed at me being late back, but I'll tell em it was very important." And thankfful not about forgiving anyone because Heather's social career is done. Shoulders shrug out of the blazer one and then the other. Did he ask if anyone was home? If she meant now? No and no. They are miniature nocturnal carnivores that make up their ow rules which even Lucas can't stick to as he promised he wasn't leaving hte house. Hang the damn rules. This is living.

Silver was starting to look a little uneasy as Lucas drew things out. But the moment that smile hit his face and the 'Uh' came out she relaxed again. He may not have asked when, but she was pretty confident her signals for 'now' were strong. The door was locked, the music was almost romantic, and she had made him brownies.

A soft little sound, happy, comes from her when he kisses her again. This time she responds more, reaching up to cup his cheeks briefly. Before her fingers combed back into his hair. Further wrapping till her arms were about his neck. Kissing they had done before and she was, she felt, pretty good at it for all her only practice -was- with Lucas and Landon. So this is familiar and perhaps even comfortable ground.

"-Very- important," Silver agrees with a giggle and smile between kisses. Her breathing is fast and the blush hasn't left her cheeks since it landed, but otherwise she's not showing any signs of awkwardness. Perhaps the inner predator has awoken finally, nudging her out of her shell. She takes a step back towards her bed, drawing him with her by stint of arms around his neck. "He'll understand once you tell him the details." She's not dumb enough to assume he won't tell his twin what he was doing.

Lucas might be an imperious little shit and terrifying when he's angry, but he knows people, and he knows Silver well enough to know how to make everything as normal as the two of them ever are. Under the purple and white holiday lights to Pink Floyd's Run Like Hell what started off as certain and somehow nerve-wracking falls somehow into the realm of totally normal for the two young carnivores.

Shirt, and a dress make puddles of fabric on the floor. A shoe here, and another kicked over there. A half of a brownie left and shame left somewhere back in the hallway behind that locked bedroom door.

Any approach on the room goes missed as the two snoops get up to no good in excellent fashion in a tangle of naked limbs and curious ideas. This may not jog their memory but ain't it fun trying to!

The reading nook window, which is partly open to let in fresh air, is piled with Silver's franken-plushes. There is the scent of vanilla and clove that is probably coming from one of the pillar candles also alight in there. A bed that was once made is not and somewhere under the sheets are Lucas and Silver. Who is biting her lower lip and smiling up at Lucas, her hands playing in his hair. There is no denying what is going on in that bed.

It's not that Jade has an issue with knocking on the front door any other given day (or night), it's just that he's freaking out, and the first sign of someone home he sees is the glimmer of candlelight through Silver's window. Going around to the front door means being outside longer, and that is just not an option. He might be seen if he goes around to the front door. Curious bikers might wonder what he's doing out here. Nope, he needs to be inside. Now.

  • rap rap rap*

It's all the warning he gives before he's climbing up the outside wall, hooking his hands on the open window. "Spear!" he hisses. "Silver! Star! Whose room is this?" He hauls himself inside, headfirst onto the franken-plushes, which scatter as he sort of does a slow flip ass over teakettle and lands on his butt on the floor.

"Oh, shit. I'm sorry. My bad."

Lucas is busy, sir, busy! not with the getting with the being, and is now with the being interrupted. //AHEM!// There's a pause and no matter how fucking cool you are that //Oh, shit!// moment is quite real. He looks at Silver, eyes wide, adn really, really annoyed, because unless it's Zane? Yeah someone might lose a fucking kneecap to Lucas's notorious snap levels of fury.

And then they hear it... That voice he knows too well pre-coffee.

Like Charlie Brown's christmas ghost, someone's head lifts up under teh sheet and turns to regard the direction in a flat tone, "Jaden..." Only family calls him that, "The fuck are you doing in Silver's room?" Eyes look back to her and he gives ehr shoulder a smooch before trying to decide how much he really cares if he's there or not. "And when are you leaving it?"

Silver doesn't even notice the tap. Why would she? There are much more interesting things going on right now. And Pink Floyd in the background. What she does notice is the sudden gust that blows out candles and Jade tumbling in through the window. And her reaction is a startled screech and scooting up suddenly in the bed.

"FUCK! Jade?!" Silver yells and pulls the sheets against her chest, eyes wide and staring. Teeth bared in her sudden surprise. Then there is that high-pitched scream of fear outside. "What was that??" And she looks at Lucas and then the window. "What the hell is going on?! Why are you in -my- room? NOW of -all- times??" She's annoyed too. But also worried by that scream. Now over her initial fright she hunkers back down, using Lucas' athletic bulk to hide behind as she peers. This is so not going how she planned...again.

Jade shoves himself to his feet. "Lucas?" Not who he expected, to be totally honest. No time to be curious, though! His eyes are wide, dilated, and he's white as a sheet. "The Painkillers are in the cemetery!" he hisses, still keeping his voice down, as if they might here him all the way from here.

He scoots around the bed, holding out his hands as if to say no, no, don't get up. "I'll go find Spear's room. Fuck, I'm sorry. I just saw the open window, and..." And he was done being outside. "Forget I was here. I didn't see anything." On that note, he's scuttling to the door. Situation salvaged, right?

Lucas reaches up and pulls the sheet from the side of his head. looks to his accomplice's look of startled horror and holds on to his patience, because it's his cousin clearly strung out. When he mentions Painkillers in the cemetery there's just a tired as hell sigh from the prodigal Marchant, "Duuuude there's a brownie there. You can have some -NOT ALL- of that and fuck it like, Tai's number is in my wallet. He'll hook you up. Now do you mind?" See? He's being both helpful and reasonable.

The locked door. Which will prove to add that extra level of awkward if Jade tries to open it without locking it first. Silver's eyes go extra wide when he mentions to Painkillers. Looking up at Lucas and then back she says, "Who -else- is out there?" And she gives Lucas an apologetic look before she presses a kiss to his lips. Then she is pulling away towards the window. Snatching up her robe from the foot of her bed, where it hangs from the post, she slips it on.

There must be something wrong with Jade, because the promise of some of that brownie doesn't even faze him. He's just trying to get to the door. Which he does try to open without unlocking. Rattle rattle rattle. The fuck is wrong with this door? "Uh, Hector and Cash," he says, "we scattered." Sure, that's how it went down. He finally unlocks the door. "I'll leave you two alone. Sorry!" Now that he's inside and safe, he's starting to blush. He's being 'that guy' to his cousin, and it's horrifying.

Hector is pelting towards the house, clutching a guitar in one hand and Cash's hand in the other other, wide eyed and visibly horrified, "They killed Mrs. Hellenbrand! Give me a hand with him! Please, Silver? Bitches can fly!"

Aaaaand Silver is up, aaaand all of that is over for the time being. Lucas flops back on the bed, arms wide in a sigh. "Thank you, Jaden." the dulcet sound of Hector's shrill panic brings Lucas to fix his eyes on the purple string lights above murmuring something about he definiately did not eat enough of that brownie for this.

"What?!" Silver squeeaks in surprise at what she sees and what she is told. "Oh dear, oh dear!" And she gestures to the wisteria that makes it easy to climb into the big window. "Is he okay? Are you okay? Are they still out there?!" There is fear in her voice, but she's not shrill. She's careening her neck trying to see, but all that she sees if the darkness of the cemetary.

Jade closes the door again, locks it (force of habit, parents must be stopped at all costs), and he hisses at Hector, "Dude! Don't lead them here!" He looks like he's about to scurry right back over to the window and slapfight Hector out of it, but Silver beats him to the window. "It's not safe!"

And Hector needs a hand because Cash is falling. He falls to his knees, then hands and vomits, vividly until nothing is really coming up. Afterwards, he just curls up into a little ball and starts sobbing, wailing in grief and fear. If they are being led there, it's not like Cash is hard to find.

Hector says grimly, "We won't stay, but I need to get him under a roof while I make arrangements for a motel. Fuck!" He rubs Cash's back while he vomits, looking over his shoulder and up at the sky for more vampires. At the curling in a ball and wailing he winces, "Angel Love, you have to move. They could come back and I'm not leaving you. Pease, please get up? I know, I know. I'm... Jesus, cash, please get up, I don' want to die here."

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 6 2 3 1 -- d6)

ROLL: Lucas rolls 6d6 for: [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 5 6 5 3 4 6 -- d6)

ROLL: Cash rolls spirit-1 for: [2]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 4 5 2 -- d6)

ROLL: Hector rolls spirit+1 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 6 5 1 5 1 -- d6)

Lucas is not getting up to help. He lays there. Annoyed. Inert. "JAade... you //so// owe me, cuz." He rolls his head and now Hector and Cash. Oh fun. On Hector's safehouse plan he says with casual offhandedness, "Beginning to think we shoulda." There's the set of his jaw pointing out, "There's a front door, and lots of places that aren't...here." Helpful! deep breaths and then there' s the vomiting in the shrubs. Aaaaawesome.

He takes the sheet wrapped around him and looks to Hector and then to Cash out the window. The words are decisive and he's definiately taken a page out of morrison and Theodore's book because he gets very, very silent. The young man is a storm of guided decisiveness and after seeing a woman torn apart? yeah he's done. "Cash..." If you don't want the cops to wind up with the evidence that you pulled the B&BE Vandalism job on the other school's mascot? I suggest you take a deep breath, and either use the front door and stop endangering everyone with your flailing bullshit, or fuck off. We're not going to stand here with an open fucking window. It's dumb." He looks to Hector and Silver with the expection of do it and looks to Jade. Somehow Jade is not in trouble. "Go downstairs and check the front door for him. Has a light. He don't die falling out of a god damn tree."

Silver is obviously torn as she leans out the window. Hair a wild mess and being blown by the wind. She glances back at the bed where Lucas is sprawled still. Then at Jade and his hissing. "He's my brother!" She says sharply. And as if that decided it out the window she goes. It isn't like she doesn't come in and out that window often. The wisteria isn't just there because it's pretty.

"Come on, we don't have time for wailing if they're -here-!" She snaps at Cash. The robe snags as she comes down, but she's not paying much attention. Just rips it free. The quicker to help pick up and push the freaked man up and through the window. Silver looks at Hector and points at the window, "Go. Don't argue." There are few times when Silver has had to be really brave. But in those times she seems to take to it, no matter what is going on. She looks over Hector's shoulder and up at the sky, watching their backs while he climbs through. "Living room, everybody but Lucas. I'll be out in a few minutes," She adds.

Jade nods to Lucas, and he's all set to go to the front door when Silver is out the window and hauling people in. He opens his mouth, fails to say anything, and closes his mouth. Lucas gets a 'what now' look. Hey, he's going to just do what he's told when Lucas is full of that Lester energy. "Come on, guys," he tells Hector and Cash. "Living room." With that, he turns to go. He glances back though to make sure he's being followed.

Cash starts to get up. Hector had a pretty compelling argument. Lucas' threat is met with--wait for it--another wailing scream. This one more primal and angry than the last. Meltdown is in full swing. Cash will be lead to the living room and he will lay down on a sofa. He'll even be quieter but only because he steals a throw pillow to sob into. So the message of 'stop leading them here' seemed to have reached him, at least.

Hector's expression hardens and he draws himself up, narrowing his eyes at Lucas. "Last I checked, I was blood and you aren't. You are threatening the boyfriend of a Thistle while standing in a Thistle house." He eyes Silver, waiting to see what she does, it being her house more than either of the rest of theirs. Her response being ambiguous doesn't help. But Cash obeys, so he quells his instinct to run for the dubious safety of the car.

He its crosslegged on the floor by Cash and rubs his back, softly singing "There is a Light that Never Goes Out." His face is closed and blank though, "Could someone check the windows are closed and the doors locked? When he's calmer, I'll make some calls. When I know where we're going, I'll bring the car around. I am sorry to impose on your hosiptality, Silver. I'll make our stay as brief as possible." He takes a breath, "She was like a second Mother to him. He'll need a little time." He goes back to singing.

Lucas holds up the heel of his palm to one eye. "Jaden." The address still carries that imperial tone but quiets, "Take a bit of that brownie with you." There's a pause as he looks to make sure Silver gets back in. Deep breaths. Quieter words through set jaw he says, "We'll be down in a minute." Lookig to Hector he says tiredly, "I'm trying to keep all your emotional asses alive. People are chasig you, and you're taking the long route and making a fuck ton of noise. So in the interst of putting some perspective on getting everyone what they want? Yes, Hector, you're fucking right I am." He's a solutions guy, not an empathy one and not where people dragging scary things into Silver's sactuary are concerned. He looks to Silver as it's //her// room. His eyes close and he waits for a sense of stillness to return to grab his shorts up off the floor.

Turning to Silver when they finally file out his eyes catch hers after teh window is secured and walks over, sheets and shorts held to his hip with one hand and Silver with the other. "I'm sorry people ruined this for you, Sil. You deserve better than that. //I// wanted it to be nicer for you." And that? That might be the pain point in all of this.

Silver is looking a little wild as she climbs in through the window. Certainly no one in the room has ever seen her like that. Probably won't again. Hair wild and eyes fierce, dresses in a purple bathrobe that is barely closed after the climb. Of course she quickly twitches it as she closes and locks her window. Then she stalks towards Hector, pointing to the door. "Out! Go call Aunt Nancy and I'll be down...soon," That last word is said in an almost strangled tone. The door being almost, but not quite, slammed behind them.

Then Silver is leaning against the door and breathing hard, before turning to look at Lucas. It's hard to tell if she is going to laugh, cry, of scream. Could be all three, but it starts with a whimper of a chuckle and then shake of her head. "Lucas, I'm so sorry," And she moves back over to the bed. Her hands reach out to cup his face once more while she leans in to kiss him. It is a lingering. "Call Landon. You're not going anywhere with Francine and her gang outside. So...sleep over?" She gives him a little quirky smile and bites her lower lip. "Third times the charm, or so they say?" Another quick kiss thens he picks her dress up. Shimmies into it, and heads for the living room. Brownies in hand.

Jade takes the offered half-brownie with him, and he comes into the living room. He's in black jeans, a Sisters of Mercy shirt, and his eyeliner is now artfully smudged. "Dudes," he says quietly, calmly, "I know this is really bad, but you can't come screaming into a house where people live when there are motherfucking vampires after you." His voice is calm, mind. And, hey, at least he believes they're vampires now? "I know it's your house, Hector, but Spear lives here, too. He doesn't deserve to get killed because Cash's response to stress is to wail like a banshee. I know I sound like a total dick, here, but now they know where Cash goes when he's looking for safety, and that means this place isn't safe now."

ROLL: Cash rolls spirit-1 for: [2]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 2 6 6 -- d6)

ROLL: Cash rolls finesse for: [1]: x1 [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [7]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 5 7 1 3 -- d8)

Spear has been out at the library because he suddenly has a _reason_ to pass his exams - a reason other than 'mom will be sad'. Focus is still not his best attribute, but he is working on things. He comes in wearing some skinny red jeans with a red and black flannel and a copy of Spiderman rolled up and stuck in the back pocket. He has winged eyeliner on, in gold rather than black, and Robert Smith fluffy hair "Hey my du..." Huh.

Cash's screaming pillow goes flying towards Jade, but misses. "Fuck you! That was..." He getting up, moving towards Jade with what looks like really murderous intent. "She was my second mother and they just fucking killed her. They had her head. Just her head! You are a self-centered dick! But--no, I'm the asshole! Hector and I were attacked! There was a motorcycle coming towards my head! I can feel the heat." He's standing beside Hector, looming beside the couch. He looks like he's about to tear into Jade but Spear distracts him. And that seems to suck the rage out of Cash. "Nevermind. Turn it back on me." He drops back onto the couch, picks up a second throw pillow and returns to sobbing position. He knows himself and sure enough, he cranks up again.

ROLL: Hector rolls Finesse+1 for: [1]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) [8]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 6 8 6 8 1 -- d8)

Hector jumps up snatching the pillow from the air, ill aimed as it was and sets it back on the sofa, putting his body between Cash and Jade, ready to try to stop his lover charging, "No Love, Jade is right. We've endangered them all." His expression is terribly sad, "I shouldn't have agreed to stay there. It's my fault they killed her. Now I've endangered them too."

Hector's face goes still and he says quietly, "They almost smashed his head Jade. I wasn't thinking straight. I just thought get under cover, but you're right, I endanger all of you, and I know we're not welcome here in any case. I can't take it back, and I'm sorry for that. I'll go get the car, and take him. I'll find a phone booth somewhere to call from. If I'm not back with the car in fifteen minutes, I'm likely dead." He gently kisses Cash's shoulder. Seeing Spear he says, "The woman we were staying with has been decapitated by vampires. Stay inside, okay Spear?" He heads for the door, back stiff and expression stoic.

ROLL: Silver rolls spirit for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 2 1 4 3 -- d6)

Silver comes down into pillow-throwing drama and Spear walking through the front door. For a moment her heart skips a beat, realizing Spear was outside with...them. The Painkillers. "Spear!" He is obviously all right. But never the less there is a breath of relief. Then she is descending the stairs and eyeing Hector. "Oh for the love of...stop it. You're here now. It's too late. We'll call Nancy and tell her they were over here terrorizing you." She glances between Jade, Cash, and Hector before scrubbing her face. "No one is going -anywhere- outside. Got it?" She says. She may not be a Marchant or anything, but she can be firm. Sometimes. The little footstamp totally ruins it though.

Jade lifts his chin when Cash throws the pillow, and he doesn't even flinch. He's sickly, and the bigger youth could tear him in half, and he doesn't even bat an eyelash. If there were ever a doubt he's a Marchant... He turns his attention to Hector and says, "This is the first I'm hearing about what happened, and that's horrible. I'm sorry it happened, and I can only imagine how horrified you must be."

Cash doesn't get a second look. He turns to Spear and says, "The Painkillers were in the cemetery. They killed the woman Hector was staying with. Cash shrieked like a banshee outside Silver's window, and I'm the asshole because I don't want you guys to die."

"...my dudes?" says Spear, who's eyes widen at Cash and the yelling. Now he just looks stupified. Stories of decapitated heads? What the...heck? And after a moment he awkwardly steps forward and he patpats Cash's back "Please don't hurt Jade," he says to him "I'd have to do stuff I don't wanna do anymore." He continues patting the back, moving down to the lower area over the spine, and then he says "Oh my God can people stop being like this, please." He clears his throat "I'm sure we can all get this sorted, but reacting and, erm, not thinking sounds like a good way to make a lot of awful mistakes, yeah? So what's -" And then Silver is speaking, and he waves cheerily "Hi Silver!" A pause "...please tell me you're all talkin' about some new school play?" He slides off his bag and he says "Yeah, no, no one's goin' out. We do what Silver says." And then he pats Cash once more and he turns to go and he takes Jade's hand "Arright. So did you drive here? Is there any sign you're here?"

Cash pulls the pillow away as Hector attempts to leave. "No..." He whimpers and then he's watching Spear. "...My fucking car." Cash's black Buick Regal. Completely inconspicuous. Blends right in. Cash sits up. "This is on me..." He sniffs. "Fran threatened me. Told me to be quiet. She killed my other mom. Mine. So. This is on me. I'm so sorry. I would leave but I can't drive and I can't stay and Hector, shut the fuck up." Hector didn't say anything. Didn't need to. Cash knows his boyfriend. "Jade, you can still fuck right off because you ran and then have the nerve to be a dick before knowing all of the facts." He sniffs, hard. "Gimme that fucking brownie before I start f-f-freaking out again. I might be able to get out of town if I can calm down."

Hector turns to tell Silver, "Aunt Nancy did nothing. State cops did nothing. We tried. sure I'll call again, but I'm not seeing much chance of help there. They are freaking vampires. Star and Jade are right. Cash and I are the kiss of death to anyone who harbors us. I love you all and I don't want you to die. We can't fight vampires. They are fast and can fly and we don't have weapons or help. I have one card left to play. If I'm still alive tomorrow, I'll play it. You all need to protect yourselves, from them and from us. The less you have to do with us the safer you all are." His eyes plead with Jade, "You aren't the asshole here. I am." He siles sadly at Spear, "You are the best and sweetest brother a made could have. I really, really don't want anyoe eatingor decapitating you and it's very much not a play, so I really am going...." It is at this point he realises he forgot something. Caash, I need your keys. I can drive. I wanted him to run, Cash. I wanted him to be safe. I wanted you to run too, remember. It's not fair to blame him for being more sensible than us. Love, give me the keys and eat the brownie and I'll get you out, okay?"

Cash glares at Hector. "No. Sit down. Didn't I tell you to shut the fuck up?" To Jade. "Brownie."

ROLL: Silver rolls brains+1 for: [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 5 6 4 4 5 -- d6)

"UGH! Enough with the name calling, people!" Silver says with an annoyed growl. Then she is presenting Cash and Hector with small chocolate-chip cookie brownies. "Eat these. I made them. With pot butter." And then she moves over to give Spear and Jade each one. "This is -not- how my night was supposed to go!" She seems more frustrated than miffed as she also bites into the remaining brownie in her hand.

When Cash starts there is another muffled groan from Silver. She reaches up to smooth out her very wild hair. Bed-mussed and wind blown there are even a few wisteria flowers now clinging in the coppery brown locks. "Seriously! Stop placing blame. That is gonna help jack, shit, and no one." Silver can get sassy, she just usually...doesn't lose her cool.

"I am going to go call Aunt Nancy. I know you don't think she'll do anything. But not telling her leads to things getting ignored if something DOES happen. And I don't think you two, or you either Jade, should leave till she or a deputy looks around or it is daylight. Staying together is the better thing here and we don't know if they're still out there. And.... And...and I think vampires need permission to enter a home? ...Yeah. Gonna call and then I'm going back to my room and my guest while we wait." There's a challenging sweep of her gaze across the gathered teens. Then she stalks over to the door and throws both locks, before heading for the kitchen. Her lips a thin line and her hands quickly buttoning the buttons of her dress she hadn't gotten too yet.

Jade glances to Cash. He walks over, gives him the brownie. It's handed over, and he walks away again, back over to Spear. He takes his hand and says, "My car's in the shop, so I took a cab. There's nothing outside to lead me back to here. I'll call my folks and let them know I'm staying here tonight. I came out, and they're..." He takes a deep breath. "They're okay. We're okay. Can I go lay down in your room? I'm still pretty freaked out, and I'm getting a lot of shit, and I don't want to start a fight."

Spear takes the brownie, and says "Thanks, Sil." He nibbles the brownie, and then he says to Cash "Hey, stop it with Jade, please. I don't think any of us are probably, erm, kitted out for this kind of thing, but he's trying to protect people. And running away seems like a good idea to me." And then he says to Hector "Hmm. Are they vampires who are out during the day time? Well, I think it's time to find out more. Maybe they've got weaknesses. Huh? We don't have help?" He squints, uncertainly "Have you even _tried_ asking dead people yet?" he suggests. And he says "Well, there's always something that can be done. For a start, if they...if they grab people are certain way, we can make grabbing us really difficult. Like stitch in razors into our collars." And then he says to Jade "Good. Okay. Yes, you can. I got a big four poster," of course he does "Do me a favour and grab one of the fluffy pillows and sleep under it for the moment, I'll join you there, okay? Under might be safer."

Hector pockets his for later, "Thanks Silver, and I really am sorry for ruining your night." Especially after their recent conversation amoung the tombstones. "I know I owe you more than I can ever repay. I agree calling Aunt Nancy is a thing we need to do, I just suspect it's not going to change things at best and that at worst there's a chance Cash and I will be arrested for killing her ourselves." He eyes Cash and nearly says three or four things, but decides none of them would be helpful. Instead he opts for, "If you are eating both of those, I really need to be the one driving." He cocks his head at spear's suggestion, "If you think asking dead people to help we could try it. I'm still not used to seeing them. They had chains and motorcycles, which trust me are also weapons. I have one more place I can look for help besides that, but I don't know if it will work. Like I said, one card left to play. I haven't given up, but I'm not going to pretend us being hear isn't a clear and present danger to everyone in this house."

Cash takes all the brownies he can get. He listens all around and concedes, "Sorry. Sorry, Jade. Just...I'm an upset asshole, okay? Don't listen to me. I almost died and Vivi is d--." Pause. Breath. "You know me, upset and irrational. You saved yourself and I'm glad. I am. I can't take another..." He sniffs. Hector mentions being arrested and now he just looks stricken. "No. What? How could they make that leap?" He eats the brownies in a hurry. "We're staying here right now. Sit down. Shut the fuck up."

Silver isn't gone very long. "I got her voicemail. So I left it and paged her too. But the best thing is lock all the windows and doors. Wait for sunup. Try and sleep. There's normal brownies in a tupper on top of the fridge," She says as she comes back through a minute later. "I'm going to have Lucas call home and let them know he's staying over." She moves to give Spear and then Hector a hug. "I may have moved an extra few stuffies onto your bed temporarily. Needed room," They did take up quite a bit of space. And they still do. "Night..." And she turns to trot back up the stairs and to her room.

"I wasn't going to die," Jade tells Spear quietly. "Not after surviving so much, and finally finding you." He gives Spear a kiss, rests his forehead against the other youth's, and he says, "Okay, I'll sleep under the pillow." He looks to the others. "Thanks, Sil," he says as she heads back upstairs. Then to Hector and Cash. Those dark eyes are haunted, and he's not rallying like he usually does. "I gotta go clear my head," he says. Then he heads for Spear's room.

"Everyone is upset," says Spear, in his relaxed, quiet voice "I'll have a think about things we can do. For a start, we could start with some. Umn. Armour. Like motorbike helmets. That could help. Cash, stop." Because that will work. He eats his brownie, and he then gets up "I'm going to lock all the doors and windows, and pull all the curtains as well. Also, I think Mom and Dad need to be told this stuff is going on, even if they don't believe it." And he then beams. Like a ray of sunshine as he is kissed, and he turns his head to brush his lips against Jade's. His eyes half close "It'll be like camping," he says to him "We'll just be underneath, in the dark, where it's close and safe." He glances back at the others, too, and he gets up to start locking the windows in the lounge room, snibbing them shut.

Hector hugs Silver, "Stuffies aren't a problem, Sil. Happy hunting." His own eyes are haunted as he looks at Jade, "Jade, I'm really glad you ran like that. I'm glad you're okay." He blinks, "Helmets are a good start. They alost got my face. Thank you Spear." When Jade's back is turned he gives his brother a wink and a thumbs up. He stands behind Cash, rubbing his shoulders, just being there physically for now.

"Thank you but you aren't sitting." Cash gripes and lays down on the couch again. "My keys are with my guitar which is outside somewhere between here and my car. That said, I just want to see one more sunrise with you so you have to stay and then, we can...whatever. I'm in shock. And I am getting stoned." He gasps and shudders. Throw pillow time again.

Spear thumbs up to Hector "I am solutions focused!" he chirrups. And at the thumbs up he rolls his eyes a bit, and then he says "I'm not going to you know, pressure him or nothing, being stuck in the house, or whatever. We'll see. I'm being sensible. Anyway. This is all like, really bad news. We should phone the others. People like Amy and Lesters - Lesters are _tough_. Who else 'knows' about these vampires? If they're just gonna kill a whole bunch of people, no sense in letting them do it _easy_, right?" He puts his hands together, and then he says "Sit down near your nervous boyfriend, Hector." And he wrinkles his nose "Yeah, let's not go out."

Hector winces, "That... is a longer job than I'd hoped. Star will be furious. Best she doesn't see us as I told her I very specifically wouldn't bring you here and we'd sort of started working things out." He perches on the arm or the sofa, and starts stroking Cash's hair. He smiles fondly at his brother, "That you are, Spear." He rolls his eyes, "Dude, if you don't at least give him proper kissing under there, you are out of you mind. You should have seen how hopeful he looked when he asked if you were coming, earlier. Jade is really into you, man." He closes his eyes, "That's what I intend to do, Spear. Talk to the Lesters. That's my last card." An ex in the hole as it were. "I think it's our best chance of getting adults to help, but I need to sell it the right way." He eyes Cash, "It'll be deicate and I'll have to go alone, which is why I can't do it until daylight. There is no fucking way I'm leaving you anywhere alone until the sun comes up."

Cash lowers the pillow a little bit and looks up at Hector. Puking, screaming, crying, and a pot brownie have made his eyes an unsettling sort of red. He speaks, muffled by pillow. "Spear, he adores you. Wreck him, dude. More than you woulda wrecked me." His attempt at levity is broken by sudden sobbing. Pillow up. "I understand..." This he says to Hector, still muffled. "I need--" Pillow down. "I need to warn Ashley and she'll pass it all on too. Right now...Vivi..." Pillow up.

"It's okay, I'll tell Amy," says Spear "I'm not afraid of Lesters." He grins. He should be. And then he colours "Uhhh, I never wanted to wreck you, Cash. I just wanted to do some...more stuff. I don't want to hurt people. I'm just...not having that conversation. Anyway. We can all work it out. Jade can tell the Marchants. We need the other Freelands in the know, so Cash needs to tell the other Freelands." He adds "So. Alright. Someone was killed. That's real bad. It's freaky. But why haven't the police started doing things?" He frowns, now, more "Really, why aren't the police doing things."

ROLL: Hector rolls Brains for: [2]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 2 6 4 -- d8)

Hector's tone is gentle, "I know, I know, Love. You can grieve her now we're inside. Sometimes all you can do is cry, and that's alright. I'll hold you as much as you need." Because that was what he'd wished he'd had Christmas Eve: someone to hold him while he cried. "Things like this are too big to grasp all at once, but we've got time." The rest of their likely to be short lives, really, but he doesn't say that. "She waan amazing lady and I wish there'd been time to get to know her better." He keeps stroking Cash's hair, "We'll call Ashley when the brownies kick all the way in, okay?"

He smiles sadly at Spear, "I'm not either, Spear. I never was." Then he's laughing, despite it all, "Spear, he doesn't mean wreck like devistate. He's talking about topping." He cocks his head, giving Spear's question some thought. "Well, in Vamp, they'd turned a whole bunch of cops, only that was in a real city, no offense, and anyway, I've sen aunt nancy gardening in the day time recently, but didn't like, the Lugosi one have sort of mesmeric powers or something?"

Cash peers up again, sniffling. "They could have some pull over the police. I mean, I tipped. A few times. And they know it was me. They had to have known somehow. Maybe they got it from the cops. I--" He shakes his head. "I have nothing to say to the cops anymore. Vivi died for that shit. Stupid. I'm so fucking stupid." Hello, pillow. He screams into it before dissolving into another puddle of tears. This is Meltdown the Second.

Star arrives from Lake Havasu - Thistle Funeral Home.

"But...the police...I mean, I don't actually trust them much, but they surely don't - I mean _vampires_ are like, a factor worse than 'We're jackasses who pull over people for harmless things'?" says Spear, the remains of the brownie in his hands "I'm sorry, guys. But Silver's right. Lay low and we'll figure something out. I...don't really know, uh, I mean, a lot of vampires in stories are fine during the day, but they can't use their special powers until at night?" Cash has been crying, and lots of chaos has occurred, but Spear seems to be trying to work out what to do "Oh, _that_," he says to Hector "Er, yes. I see. Well, I'll give it my best shot." And then he frowns, staring at nothing, trying to focus his scattery thoughts to find something useful.

A knock at the door. "Is Cash in there?" asks Star, not opening the door.

Hector looks down at Cash, knowing exactly how he feels, "No one is letting me run for the car keys tonight, so why don't you let me put you to bed. We'll go at dawn and see who can be warned and what can be salvaged." He shakes his head, "It really is my fault. If I haddn't done what I did to you, you wouldn't have drunk that stuff. If I hadn't come here, I'm pretty sure silver wouldn't have either. I knew there was a risk staying where we were. I'm to blame for that and not you, and if I get the Thistles killed because I didn't scoop up the car keys and ran the wrong way the blame is on me for that too. Be angry at me, not yourself, Love." He studies his brother, "I have faith in you Dude." At the knock, he straighten his shoulders, "Time for me to face the music." He calls, "Yes, Star. You were right about everything, and I've likely killed you all."

"...Yeah, uh. Okay. Thanks? Anyway... Ms. Hellenbrand is on the phone and wants to know if you guys are eating there or here tonight?" Star's tone makes it clear which option she prefers, but she doesn't flat-out veto him staying for dinner.

Cash sits up. "What?" He sounds incredulous for a moment. But this is Cash. He has bright eyes and big hopes. Cash is pretty dang gullible, after all. "Tell her...we're on our way." He looks like he might faint. He looks at Hector. "Fucking Fran is a cunt and I wanna go home to Vivi. You gotta drive. I'm so fucked up."

Spear scrunches one eye up as Hector calls back. He has only just come in himself, so Star might have seen him show up. In that time he has managed to eat a pot brownie and get Jade hidden in his bedroom under his bed (top secret hiding spot vs vampires). Right now he says "Man, chill. The more we all go bonkers, the worse we're gonna be. We have to be like, super out of left field and creative about this. Like the Crow!" He pauses "But without the super powers. We don't have those. Trust me, it's all going to be absolutely a-ok -" And then Star says that and Spear calls out "...Star? She's...Star she's supposed to be dead, like, people saw her head come off? Star? Star, come on in for a moment -" The others might be leaving, but he? He is puzzled "I don't get what's happening," he says to the others "Illusions? Or...I don't know!"

Hector puts a hand on Cash's shoulder and hisses, "No, we aren't leavng this house tonight. You nearly died." he Calls to star, Nevermind! We're staying to dinner here, please." Wen Spear starts to say, 'Come in,' he lunges to try to cover his mouth, "Never invite people in! you're supused to be the expert!"

"..." Spear ate a pot brownie, and who knows what the fuck Cash is on tonight. Star just gives a pro-grade eyeroll and walks off. They can figure it out.

"I will drive myself." Cash is positive that he can do this thing until he flops back down, breathlessly. "Okay. So. Uh. Upstairs. Show me a phone? And I'll call her back and I'll stay. But I have to hear her, okay? Please?"

Star leaves back to Lake Havasu - Thistle Funeral Home

Hector hugs Cash, "Okay, we'll call her. It's just we can't rule out mind control or mimickry. It could be a trap to get us to leave the house. we need to be way more careful. You can call her and I'll be right there with you, but I'm not losing you if I can help it to more vampire tricks. I really do hope she's okay and it was some kind of trick to scare us, but I've got to take bothbest and worst senarios into account, okay?" He flashes a worried lok at Spear, "no inviting people in in case the movies re right while we're gone, and please, please give that boyfriend of yours the kissing he deserves.