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Ride the Lightning
Characters  •   Cassandra Wei  •  Misty Alvarez  •  Colorado Jones  •  Scott Dixon  •  Kirk Wachowski  •  Lyle Lucas  •  Ethan Drake  •  Roxie Moretti  •  Bastian Roen  •  Maxine Rodriguez  •  Evaline Mitchell  •
Location  •  Beaver Lake - Condemned Building
Factions  •   The Staff of the Eager Beaver  •  University of Oregon Chapter of the Nu Mu Beta Fraternity  •  University of Oregon Chapter of the Zeta Eta Pi Sorority  •  Cal Arts Film Students  •  Flying Monkeys Bank Heist Gang  •
Monsters  •   Freak  •  Nails  •
Date  •  2019-02-15
Summary  •  Freak and Nails are defeated, Princess is freed...and many lives are lost.

Day 11.

Afternoon. They have a plan. It's not a good plan, or a safe plan, but it's the only plan they're fairly confident in having a chance to work. What is the plan?

Force Freak back onto the electro-shock table and fry him again.

They find themselves at the doors of the Lakeview, ready to enter.

Ethan has jeans and a tee on. Oh, and rubber rain boots and dish washing gloves as a precaution. Should he get fried, maybe they'll ground him. Maybe. Or maybe he'll just look absolutely ridiculous in the pink Playtex dish gloves. In one hand he has the chair leg he was sort of trying to whittle to have a pointy end. He wields it more like it's a dish scrubber than a weapon because it's his off hand. His right hand is still in a sling to keep him from using it in it's broken state. Through his belt is Violet's knife he took when he killed her. He looks like he'd rather be anywhere else, but he sticks close to Lyle.

It isn't a plan that thrills Roxie. She can think of all kinds of ways this can go wrong, up to and including everyone doing the horizontal mambo on the floor as they get fried instead. But she's here. Roxie's changed into jeans and a t-shirt, her hair twisted up into a bun, out of the way so that when it comes time to start doing things, she's as ready as she's ever going to be.

Finn is looking a little rough, but he's here, wearing his rubber dishwashing gloves and ghost fighting gear. His shoulders are squared up and he looks white hot furious. The kind of furious that wraps around into something cold and hard and murderous. He is sticking really close to Danny.

Once more unto the breach. Bastian has his shotgun and flashlight, and not much else. No need to have things Freak can just use against them. He really only has one bit of advice for everyone, and that's, "Don't touch Mahoney. Or his chain." The second part was hard-earned knowledge, thanks to Misty, but at least now they know the risks involved in getting it from him. And how useless guns are. He eyes the building, nods at it, and heads in.

Max trundles along beside Bastian, Mr. Stabby in hand. Mr. Stabby thirsts for the blood of more ghosts, and she is but his guiding hand. She came for war, wearing a giant Sisters of Mercy tee, her blood-stained jeans and combat boots. She even tied her hair back to keep it out of her face!

"Will do. Ain't gonna touch anything except with this." Colorado's got Candi's baseball bat over his shoulder. Last time, he ran. This time, ...he might run again. His eyes are too wide and he's flinching at every moving shadow.

Lucas is an electrician, though generally it's been for every location on the damn island but here. Either way he dressed for work hilariously wearing his AC/DC t-shirt under his unbuttoned Staff shirt over it. Heavy gloves and thick rubber sole workboots, jumper cables and his work belt like a damn lasso of truth, a mag flashlight. He didn't bring the skateboard against his better judgment which didn't mean much with as many painkillers as he's been on. He keeps Ethan on his blind side and Colorado on the other.

Emily looks determined. She's had an issue with Freak ever since she managed to accidently dial him up on the ouija board and got a little shock. And his annoying, awful, laughter. She's got her jeans and her yellow t-shirt on, that ol' carving knife she's claimed ever since Jessica died. Her sunglasses are missing, her hair tied back. She sucks in a breath to fortify herself, nodding once to Bastian.

Scott and Kirk are in what's become their usual Mission Gear, which retains the rubber gloves from the generator quest along with the previous kit. Their shoes have rubber soles, and they're just going to have to hope that if it mattered at all, that'd be enough. Scott's got his combat boots and jacket and jeans and another band tee (The Cure today) with the usual chair leg, Kirk's in jeans and sneakers and a jean jacket over a patterned shirt open over a plain white tee and the fire extinguisher. Stylin'. His sunglasses are on his head, though. No desire to let things get any darker. "Think it'd help if we break the lightbulbs and stuff?" Scott suggests, "'cause it seems like he keeps shooting the power out of those. And they wouldn't've replaced all those bulbs in the shed if it didn't matter, right?" 'course, it'll make it a lot dimmer in there for them if they try it...

Danny looks like he's about a bottle and a half of SoCo into a bad day, but he's on his feet and he's carrying his crowbar. His eyes are bloodshot, and he's full of all the wrong sorts of calm. The way he swings the crowbar is just a little different. With more purpose and zero reluctance. He's ready to harm someone and not even flinch. He walks at Finn's side. He nods to Kirk, and he tells Scott, "Couldn't hurt."

Evaline is not too far from Lucas. She's in rubber boots and dishwashing gloves, a pink jacket, and Guess jeans. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She's all business, a pinch of determined, and just a touch of bubblegum lipgloss.

Cassandra is wearing rubber-soled hiking shoes (a faint comfort) and is armed with her trusty handgun. Her hair is tied back into a low ponytail. There's the nagging feeling that her luck is beginning to run thin, but the days are ticking down and there's some shit to fix. So here she is, with the crew. "No need to tell us twice," she mutters as they pass through the doorway. She's helping to hold the back of the group, again. A glance over to Scott at his suggestion. "I like that idea. We don't need to break every bulb, I think. But it could be worth a shot."

As they head into the building, everything is dark, the emergency lights out. In fact, unlike previous trips there seems to be no power at all, but up on the third floor they can hear a distant humming.

And a cackling laugh. He's expecting them.

Ethan grimaces at the sounds coming from upstairs. "Looks like Zappy McAssWipe is expecting us," he mutters. He keeps a shoulder against one of Lyle's, so the cyclopean Bedlam Boy can tell where he is at all times. "Anyone with guns could maybe shoot the lights from a distance?" he suggests.

"We can hit the bulbs, if you guys...want to do that while some of us try and get him..." Roxie offers to Scott, but she doesn't look like the idea makes her feel much better about this. Especially when they hear the distant humming. More so when they hear the laugh. There is a moment where she closes her eyes, taking a deep breath before straightening her shoulders, chin lifting upwards, "Alright..." She then glances at Ethan, blinking, "Look, I'll shoot the bulbs, you might want me helping somewhere else, though."

[SPEND] Max has spent 1 GP for reason: Extra die

"Well. That's reassuring," Bastian says. He pulls out his flashlight and clicks it on, checking the lights around them. "Guess this is him telling us he knows exactly what we know." Not a surprise; Freak had been there, in some sense, when Emily had killed Buzzsaw. "Just do the ones up there, and on the third floor landing. No point in doing these." They're not even on, after all.

Finn nods to Scott. "Good idea." It's also someting else to smash. And something possibly marginally useful for finn to do. "I'll help you, Roxie."

While they walk along, Bastian catches something in his flashlight, something that shines and reflects light.

Colorado quivers in his neon-magenta boots when that cackle greets the hunting party. He's clenching the handle of the bat like he thinks it's a rattlesnake. "Up yours, freaky," he mutters, head high like a terrified horse, sweat dampening his golden curls.

"He's always been the one that seems to be able to attack us even when we can't see him. I'm not surprised he knows." Emily says quietly, glancing up at the ceiling. "Nothing for it to go through, I guess."

"You think?" Scott asks Bastian on the no point, giving the bulbs nearby a wary look. "I dunno if they need to be actually on... I could just hit 'em, wood's not conductive, right?" It's not, right? He looks quite ready to give it a try on the nearest one, as they go. Kirk winces at the cackling. "This is a terrible idea," he mutters, but follows Scott all the same.

Danny raises his crowbar up to see if he can reach the lightbulbs with it. He doesn't smash them, just checks his reach. The fact that the broken glass would rain right down on him doesn't seem to register. He even looks up while he tests whacking range. Surely that won't come back to bite him, later.

Evaline squares her shoulders and grips her broomstick more firmly, holding it like a quarterstaff. The laughter just makes her seem to double down.

Roxie glances around, taking note of who is there, with guns. Who she's seen with them in the past, at least. But then she shrugs her shoulders, "Sure, sure..." The gun tucked into the back of her jeans is pulled out, "Might be easier to whack them with a stick or something..."

"Whacking them with a stick means getting up close enough for him to fry us before we can," Ethan points out. "Guns have way better range if people are good with them." He shifts his grip on the chair leg a little.

Lucas pops his mag light on his opposite shoulder getting nudged. He's never seen the inside of this place before and looked around as his flashlight illuminates not enough of the gloom at once. People discussed lights and made decisions. This was winning a nod as he tried not to stop too suddenly so Eva bumped into him. He murmurs, "People used to live here..." This was the thought disturbing him most right now.

"What was that?" Bastian asks, swinging his flashlight back towards the gleam. He asides to Roxie and Scott, "Yeah, if you want to smash the ones down here with a bat or something, that's fine. But we don't have time to do the whole floor. Maybe just by the stairs."

Max comes closer to get a look with him, putting a hand on Bastian's shoulder.

It's a hair brush, an antique one, made of silver and horse hair. He feels drawn to it, like it's important, meaningful in some way.

Finn touches Danny's shoulder lightly with his non-gun hand, "Careful ofyour eyes, Babe. They are too pretty to ruin with glass." He says grimly to Lucas, "They did."

"I'm not that good of a shot with them." Roxie points out, although the words are mostly muttered under her breath, her gun still in her hand, though. "Are we going up, or just..." She might just be ready to get this confrontation over, because she's moving towards the stairs.

Bastian pauses, eyeing the brush where it sits on the floor. "Hm." Not the first time a random item's stood out to them, especially in Lakeview. He crouches down, picks it up. "Might be relevant," he says, more to himself than anyone else. He pockets it, moves towards the stairs. "We don't have nearly enough ammo to shoot out all these lights. It might not work on the ghosts, but I bet it does work on fish people, and it'd definitely work on Dini." Not that he has designs on shooting Dini the second he sees him. ...okay, maybe he does.

Hm. That's a good point. Okay, they're both good points, but since Scott actually already IS near the lights down here, it's the glass one that he pays more attention to, nudging Kirk in the arm. "Lend me your shades, dude." Kirk looks like he's going to protest, but then shakes his head and hands them over. Scott pops them onto his head, instead, but not actually on, yet. That'll be when he tries it. "We're already close enough to just hit the ones down here," he points out, and hangs back just enough to flip the glasses down, step a bit out of the way, and try crushing one, eyes closed.

Emily steps foward to check out what's been found too, inclining her head as she catches a glimpse of that brush. "Princess used to brush her hair a lot," she murmurs. "And we've been through here a few times now and never noticed that." She frowns a little, glancing down that hallway. She lingers somewhat in the middle of the pack otherwise, looking at the stairs. Another breath, to fortify herself once more.

Lucas stops and just turns slowly making sure that mag flashlight blinds across Finn's vision there. Yeah someone's highly not amused by this comment. "Fuck... you, dude." His remaining eye narrows at the lawyer in a n expression that is best summed up as irritated and wounded, you know like the injuries in question. Turning back the light returns to focusing on the path in front of them pride a bit deflated. "Some of us have no idea how the layout of this place is set up."

"Huh." Eloquent Max is eloquent. She looks to Emily when she chimes in, giving a thoughtful nod. "Yeah, definitely hold onto that."

Danny watches Scott. "Huh?" he says to Finn. "Oh, okay." He stops swinging the crowbar. "Do we have a plan once we get up there or do we just start freaking out and start swinging and shooting at stuff? Because I'm down for whatever." At least the damage he can do is relegated to the swinging range of that crowbar.

Evaline looks over at the brush with interest. It's momentary, and then she's looking around again. "We're going to take care of this bastard," she murmurs, "once and for all."

Ethan steps back from Scott smashing bulbs and grunts. "Can we not do that while we're all in a bunch near where the glass is gonna spray?" he worries. Lyle already lost one eye to flying glass.

Finn sighs, "Bullets seem useless against Mahoney, that's for sure." He says quietly, "I didn't mean it like that, Lucas. I meant... The first of the dead I saw was here and I've... watched a lot of patients die on the reels. I was thinking of... the things I've seen and what that living had to have been like."

Colorado reaches over to rub Lyle's shoulder. "He didn't mean it like that." Temporary diversion from utter terror, he'll take it, and pour a little oil on the waters at the same time.

"Yeah," Bastian says to Emily. "Course, makes me wonder who the duck's for, then..." He nods in agreement with Ethan. "Anyone not smashing glass, come on over here by the stairs. That should put you clear of it."

The question of a plan causes Roxie to laugh faintly, but she doesn't have a ready answer. She glances towards Ethan, her brows lifting upwards just a bit, rocking her weight back onto her heels. If she's worried about flying glass it doesn't show, what does show, however, is that she is impatient. Frequent looks are shot towards the stairs, then up, "Did anyone like bubble baths?"

"Well," Max ventures, "Who's left? Mirror girl? Doubtful. That leaves the cowboy kid and the big guy. Might be a tossup there."

"I don't know about the bubble baths," Emily notes, glancing back at the others. "Come on, we're all here now. If you folks have issues you might wanna stay behind." She's not in the mood for arguing in the ranks, apparently!

Ethan steers Lyle over to the stairs. He's not too fond of being near smashing glass himself. His chest itches where the shallower slashes are starting to heal.

"That's why I waited until you guys were out of the way, dude," Scott says to Ethan, one brow lifting behind the glasses. Still... he can see why the guy might be a bit hypersensitive to it at present. He's careful, though, crushing the bulbs rather than whacking them like baseballs or something, and staying out of the way of what falls. Kirk hovers a bit closer to Scott than the stairs, looking not thrilled to be there but ready to hit something if he has to. Or try, anyway. "I think it's the big guy," he opines, "The duck, I mean. The kid ought to have like, I dunno, a fake sherrif badge or something."

Finn tries to gently tug Danny out of the way of potential falling glass to join the others at the foot of the stairs.

Lucas moves as is suggested, nudged, watching Finn in a side glance, jaw tight. drily he retorts to the Lawyer, "What you weren't thinking of, is mixed fuckin present company." Once to teh side he looks to Colorado looking to ebb the great and abundant wall of retaliation Lyle's always got ready under the surface and opts, at his cajoling, to let it go. "Fine let's just. Hairbrush likely more Princess' than Freja's? Could be eeither? Could be diner guy. We can ask her if she's here though."

As they near the stairs and the hole that collapsed in the floor and exposed the caverns and tunnels, they hear a loud rummaging noise up the staircase. Something is pushing around the debris that litters the steps.

There's more laughter from Freak, too. Is he getting things ready to drop on them? Is Nails, or Mahoney? Shit, it could even be Dini. Things quiet for a moment, then more banging and sliding of stuff over concrete.

"Don't remember reading anything about th--" Bastian stops when he hears that movement, starts waving people back. He shines his flashlight up the stairs, scanning the debris. "Sounds like Freak's got backup..."

"Can you all pretty please put your fucking goddamn bullshitty ass drama to the side for the fucking moment, and focus on you know...the fucking ghost?" Roxie snaps when people continue to get cranky with each other, her empty hand flinging towards the stairs and...the rummaging noise? Whatever else she was going to say comes to a halt as she scrambles away from the stairs a few steps, "What the fuck..."

Ethan cranes his neck to try and look up the stairs at all the noise. "What the hell is that? Are the others up there too?" Nails and Mahoney are still around afterall. He swallows and puts his back to the wall, holding his chair leg.

Danny watches at Scott hangs back. He starts to hang back, too, then realizes that would sort of negate the purpose of hanging back, so he lets Finn tug him along. "Do you hear that?" he says quietly. He grips his crowbar.

Evaline continues to stay near Lucas. She's shivering, poor thing, but she takes up a defensive stance with her broomstick, ready to fight.

Cassandra doesn't linger too long on the hairbrush, instead peering up the stairwell as they approach. She looks... doubtful, to say the least. "Has anyone touched the Freak before? Skin on... skin?" (There was a moment of thought there, and a shake of her head.) "We don't get immediately electrocuted, do we?" At the grating sounds coming from above Cassandra looks sharply up. Now'd be a great time for x-ray vision, but alas. "What the hell is he doing? Almost sounds like he's dragging around corrugated metal or something." She shudders in spite of herself, the hairs on her arms standing on end.

Finn turns towards the sound from upstairs, gun pointed down still for safety reasons. He points his flashlight up, in case of Nails. "I do, Danny. Stay close, okay?"

Horrible rustling and something big is over there and Colorado a little bit loses his shit. He shrieks and swings that bat blindly. Slam! It smashes into a cabinet and bashes the thing nearly in half. Splinters fly.

Emily pauses when that noise is heard, hissing a breath between her teeth, also in an effort to draw people's attention. "Unless it's someone else," she offers on the echo of Cassandra's words, and perhaps might be about to say something more -- until Colorado is suddenly swinging a bat around! Eep! She lets out a squeak herself and jumps, whirling about to stare at him with eide eyes.

Scott pauses, looking toward those sounds, and works a bit quicker, until he and Kirk are at the stairs as well. "I don't think-- has anyone even seen him, uh, manifest yet? Or just a voice and a lot of zapping? Do you think they're gonna--" And then Colorado's playing cabinet baseball and he yelps in surprise, making a small jump backward. Which is mildly embarrassing. "What'd...?" he sort of asks, already falling into a 'helping hit things' sort of stance. If... it becomes clear what needs hitting, anyway. Kirk stares uneasily at Colorado, then the cabinet, then upward again. "Okay, I think the cabinet's dead now."

Lucas stops and gets wide-eyed looking up carefully first and definitely trying to get that light aimed in the direction of the sound. The sudden freakout with the bat has him turning and nudging into Ethan back first almost like reverse trying to climb a tree, or back the fuck up and protect the wounded chicken wing. In an utterly moot gesture he says "Can you beat the shit out of it quietly, dude?" Still that was not the sound they were concerned about. He just looked around, jaw agape really fucking concerned.

"What the fuck is going on?" Bastian growls over his shoulder, taking his eyes off the stairs. He shines his flashlight at Colorado. "Jones, what the hell are you doing.

A crunch, a hiss as some crumbled concrete trickles down. Max peers around Bastian, Mr. Stabby at the ready.

Something big and low to the ground comes lumbering off those stairs, right past a startled Bastian and into the group. It's rotund, and dark, and making a sort of hooting howling noise that could be construed as angry or terrified, or a little of both. It's Big Jenny.

That name is no joke. She's big. Like, really big; over eighty pounds of beaver big. Anyone who's seen a beaver before will know she's absurdly large, and anyone who hasn't might now be thinking 'Jesus fucking Christ I didn't know they could get this big'.

She doesn't just run from them this time. She's had enough of this bullshit. She barrels right at Colorado, all five hairy solid feet of her. At this range, those front teeth of hers look like they could take off a leg.

"AUGH JESUS ITSGONNAKILLME HELP!!" Colorado screams it all in one terrific yowl. Death is coming for him with teeth like chisels. Then his eyes roll up in his head and he falls over. Thud.

Last time Emily remembers Big Jenny being scene was that morning in the kitchen where everything went wrong and the vacation was officially not a vacation anymore. Another shriek escape her as the thing comes charging down the stairs and into the group, and she's skittering aside, hand reaching for her knife before she even really knows what is happening. "Oh, fuck!" She exclaims as the animal is bearing down on Colorado the Cabinet Slayer. She just kind of stares wide eyed as the guy faints dead away and others scramble.

"What..." Roxie gets about two steps backwards when Big Jenny actually bursts out into sight. She isn't one of the lucky ones that has seen the giant beaver before, her eyes go wide. She's been able to face several scary ass ghosts, some she's fallen over like a goat when she's spotted, but not once has she actually screamed. This time she screams. She doesn't have the lungs on her that some people do, but she screams as loud as she can, the sound full of panic and high pitched as she starts trying to back up and find something to climb up on top of.

Oh sweet six pound baby Jesus! That seems to be what is written on Ethan's face as the monstrous form into them and heads for Colorado. He nearly throws his chairleg in terror before he realizes the damn thing is "BIG JENNY!" he shouts, watching the tall bartender he thinks of as a brother faint dead away, right in her path. He jumps in front of the massive rodent and swings his chair leg in a shooing motion. "No girl, other way! Shooo!" He is bad at it.

Danny is all ready to go toe to toe with a ghost, but when a giant beaver bursts out of the darkness, he yelps and practically climbs Finn trying to get away from Big Jenny.

Evaline meanwhile relaxes somewhat. It's only a giant beaver. She circles the animal, prodding it gently with her broomstick to try to steer it away from the now unconscious Colorado. It's a subtle thing compared to Ethan's method.

Scott looks quite ready to hit whatever's approaching until he sees what it is. Kirk catches the situation faster, leaning down swiftly to try to tug Colorado out of the beaver's path, but the guy's just too unwieldy for him. Abs. They're heavy. Scott's not too far behind on catching the situation, though, and leans to help; between the pair of them (okay, it kinda does look like mostly Scott, but still) they manage to get him shifted.

Finn turns in alarm at Colorado's bat attack, but refocuses on whatever's going on upstairs. He gives a high pitched shriek of alarm as once again a terrifiedd Beaver barrels towards him. He flails out of the way, rather like a panicked Beacker only without the meeps. He manages not to fall over as the certified sex God half climbs him, but it's close.

There's the crack of Colorado's bat and she swings around in record time, gun leveling right at him by the instinct of sound before sight. It takes a moment before she lowers her aim. She looks very unhappy. "What in the ever loving f--"

But actually, what in the ever loving $#@? Cassandra barely has time to register what that big furry mass is. Some Lovecraftian monster, surely. In the chaos she shoots off two rounds in quick succession.

Lucas waves his hands, running after the beaver flapping madly trying to block line of sight or just stay upright. Jenny jerks to the side and Lyle tries to turn with her, and alas, while the lunge looks great he may not realize he's still four feet away, misses and spills to the floor coasting across it. "Don't shoot our girl! Jenny, run!"

[SPEND] Cassandra has spent 1 GP for reason: extra die for that reroll above.

The answer to Bastian's question leaves him wide-eyed and trying to sort out what the hell to do, because for once, Big Jenny isn't running. Max makes a sound and sort of half leaps onto him, which has him standing there wide-eyed. "It's fine, it's just...a huge beaver."

A huge beaver barrelling for Colorado, ignoring Ethan, while Kirk and Scott try to drag a senseless Colorado out of its way, only for Ethan to put himself there. But hey, they get Colorado moved. Evaline's attempt to nudge Jenny works; she flinches, while Cassandra's shots to move Jenny come perilously close to Ethan. So close, he can feel them, and when one hits the ground it sends splinters pelting off him. Lucas tries to grab Jenny, but she's like greased lightning. She flails a bit, circling among all of them, confused and angry by the screaming and movement. She keeps making those sounds--those hooting, moaning sorts of noises--turns towards what she perceives as a spot near Roxie which leads to the door, and heads for it as top huge beaver speed.

Ethan dances like a goddamned member of Kriss Kross. Letting out a yelp at the bullets and the splinters of floor that pepper his rain boots, he looks over at Cassandra wide-eyed, speechless.

Near HER?! Roxie is still screaming, but there is also a lot of backing up, until she trips over something and goes down in a heap. It's very fancy, what she does. Roxie rolls over and starts to crawl away from the big giant beaver like it was the scariest damn thing in the entire world, and her dignity be damned.

Danny teeters on his precarious boyfriend perch, then slowly lets himself slide down until his feet are on the floor again. He smooths Finn's shirt and brushes a little dust off his shoulders. Ahem. "Giant beaver," he says conversationally.

Evaline murmurs to the animal, "There's a good girl. Just go on out now." She looks around to make sure everyone's okay in the wake of the great beavering.

Chaos! Screams and gunshots and more screams and a giant beaver, and Emily is just kind of standing there. She flinches at the gunshots, and glances this way and that with no idea what to do. She shifts awkwardly and just tries to stay out of the way. Mostly because of the gunshots!

Finn nods wisely, "Happens all the time, or so I hear. Beavers are not my area of expertise." As bullets and Beavers are flying he just tries to stay the hell out of the way of both.

Colorado is rescued from a big, brown, beavery fate by Scott and Kirk. His bootheels drag through the splinters and dust as they haul his sorry ass out of Jenny's path. Coming 'round, he moans. "All I saw was incisors."

Cassandra's face turns all shades of pale as she--for a heart-stopping, equally speechless moment--wondered if she blew out Ethan's feet. For a second she has a visibly hard time computing what she just did. "Fuck." She lowers her gun, looking nauseated. "Ethan. Fuck, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have." She'd approach him with a hand in the air, as if in surrender or apology.

Ethan is panting harder than the beaver at this point, but he shakes his head. "S'ok just uh, try not to blow off anything I might need in the future in order to save me?" he asks in a tremulous voice.

Scott flinches at the gunshots, and blinks after Big Jenny as he starts to straighten up -- which lets him spot Roxie's position, and he lunges that way to grab the nearest properly grabbable Roxiepart and drag her just that much farther out of the way. It's not elegant or swashbuckling. But she doesn't get up close and personal with the beaver!

Colorado's left to Kirk's tender mercies, and maybe he'd be less flustered without all that noise and fuss, but he doesn't look like he has the faintest idea what to do with someone passed out. Except turn him onto his side so he doesn't choke. So that's what he's just starting to do when the guy comes around. Kirk gives a sigh of relief, and stands up, getting things arranged again as Scott stands as well, and offers Roxie a hand up.

Big Jenny's anger appears to be spent, because when Roxie trips and crawls Jenny doesn't try to run her down like she did Colorado. She hustles past as Scott helps Roxie up, hooting and moaning, out into the afternoon.

Max releases her deathgrip on Bastian. Bastian stares as Jenny gallops across the grass, heading for the treeline. He takes a long, slow, steadying breath. "Okay. I'm glad she's not in here now." Because what if she'd leapt out while they were dealing with Freak? Not worth contemplating. He runs a hand over his face, relieved that despite the rampant insanity no one has actually been injured. (Well, possibly Colorado and Roxie will have some bruises to their egos.)

He turns and eyes the stairs. "I hope that damned wolverine's not in here too," he mutters.

Lucas ducks covering his head when teh shot goes off! "Jesus!" Seeing Ethan hit the deck he tries to GI Joe crawl towards him after Big Jenny in the least effectual idea he's had all day. Seeing his partner in crim alright he just carefully rests his forehead on his forearm for the briefect of moments. "Seconded, Cass." Okay, time to peel one's self off the floor like a colorform. Still Lyle's one eye does a scan over. Yeah all important pieces in tact. Cool. "Uhhh that wolverine's fair game. Jenny's just a single mom. Gotta give her some slack. She's like the Nell Carter of critters. You gotta give her a break."

"...Yeah." Cassandra doesn't have much to say at this point. With the confidence in her ability to keep her cool thoroughly rattled (seriously, Big Jenny?), she briefly squeezes Ethan's shoulder, as if to reassure him--but it's also, perhaps mostly, to reassure herself that he's alive and okay.

There is a bit of wild kicking as Roxie is drug out of the way, at the now long gone Big Jenny. Ego? What ego? She's lost any and all ego that might have remained. "Fuck me." The words are sort of quietly hissed, but then she reaches up to take the offered hand up from Scott, scooting right up to put him between her and the door. Just in case. "Did you see the big fucking rodent?!" Are beavers even rodents? Roxie doesn't know.

An exhale of breath and Emily watches as the beaver is out and away, breaking free, and gives another glance around, checking for everyone. She moves over towards Ethan, giving him a vague smile afterwards. "Remember when you tried to convince me a crying dead girl was that beaver? Man I wish you were right." There's humour in those words, and she turns about, somehow feeling better for the upcoming struggles after having dealt with ... that.

Ethan grunts at Emily, "If it was Jenny back then, she might have chewed through your shin, then where would we be?"

Finn takes a deep, shuddery breath, "I'm glad you're okay, Ethan." He nods, "Freaked me out the first time too, Roxie."

"Crying dead girl was nowhere near that dangerous," Bastian mutters. He turns his flashlight up the stairs, wary of...well, anything, at this point.

Up the stairs they go, and upon reaching the second floor landing another problem presents itself.

Princess floats out of a room, feet well off the ground, hanging from nothing. As she reaches out a hand, strips of cloth like streamers shoot out from her dress and seek to bind people. To strangle them.

Lucas murmurs to Emily and Ethan "My guess would be the infirmary." Looking back he tries to get a layout of the place. "She's got a name... and so does this asshole. "I don't suppose your files told you what Flash Gordon's real name is, did it, Emily?"

Ethan lets out a girlie shriek as Princess' bandages shoot out and wrap around him tangling him helplessly and nearly sending him back down the stairs in a tumble. As it is, he just manages to fall against Lyle in a pile of freaked out Bedlam Boys.

"Yeah," Scott says to Roxie, "...kinda felt like deja vu for a second." Only a second, though. Before people started fainting and gunshots and... everything. He takes a breath, looking up the stairs as Bastian points his light that way. "So, what's our plan for the lights when we get up there? Should I be trying to break them or are you gonna shotgun them or?" That'd get lots of them, right? He doesn't really know that much about guns.

He starts up the stairs as they go, and stops short when Princess appears. "Uh-- heyyyy, hi. Priscilla, right?" he greets her, giving her the best Scott-grin he can muster up. It's not bad, actually. Considering she's dead and all.

There is a nod to Scott, then Roxie is heading up the stairs as well. The rush of running into the beaver has left her looking a little rattled, but maybe not rattled enough because when they come up to Princess she stops dead in her tracks. It's not utter calm, but she's not screaming and falling down stairs to get away from the floating ghost.

It's hardly fair. Colorado just passed out in the face of beaver! Cloth flies out and wraps around him and it's like he doesn't even try--he emits a squeak and sags passed-out against the wall, bat drooping.

Time to put Emily's theory to the test. The cloth strips whip out, and Bastian immediately reaches for the hairbrush, pulling it out of his pocket and holding it up. "This yours?" he asks, voice steady and calm in spite of the tell-tale sound behind him of Colorado slumping against the wall. "We found it, downstairs."

Lucas catches Ethan and tries to stay in front of Eva remembering she's back there. He turns trying to pull Ethan back and only manages to make himself an easier target. Bedlam Boys are great for dashing and shit on the heroics part today. A choked sound comes out of him "Don't worry I - aww shit!"

Finn's eyes go wide, but his voice is steady, "Hello there, Miss. Please don't hurt us. Is there anything you'd like? I'm sorry I didn't ask the first time we met."

Danny stares at the ghost at the top of the stairs. Sure, a beaver appears and he loses his mind, but the woman with the broken neck shooting out streamers of cloth to strangle him? That merits a quiet, "Woah."

Evaline sucks in a breath, but she doesn't scream. She hangs back, broomstick held like a weapon.

Max has her knife still at the ready, and she look like she might go try cutting someone free, but Bastian plays the ace in the hole.

Ethan, Lyle and Rado are wrapped up, close to being hung and strangled, but that gives Princess pause. Her head turns even further in a bad direction, eyes wide as she stares at the brush. Her outstretched hand make gimme gestures with her fingers.

With a backwards glance towards the three, Bastian takes another step forward to offer the brush to Princess, putting it easily within her reach.

Emily's breath stills once more as she spots the ghost, hanging back and watching as others handle the talking.

Cassandra watches Princess for long enough to see her pause at the sight of the hairbrush. Then she's crouching over the Bedlam Boys with her back to the scene, pulling Lucas off of Ethan and trying disentangle them from the ribbons. "Looks like it's working," she breathesquietly.

Princess reaches out slowly, carefully, the SNATCHES the brush away and withdraws a bit, wary. She looks at it in her and, and tentatively starts brushing her hair. Maybe it's subconcious, but the streamers loosen their grip, setting the three young men down, and retreat back into her dress. Her head starts to straighten on her neck amidst the sound of vertebrae popping.

She looks whole again.

Ethan shudders as he and the others are released, and he grips his throat with his good hand. That feeling of almost being hung freaked him out bigtime and he swallows hard, rubbing a hand across his throat in a manner only those who remember the Isle of Dread will later find so ironic. The throat he himself will slit as a self-sacrifice in his 50s. "Thanks," he croaks out to the girl ghost.

Dead girls are difficult to flirt with. Probably one of the few times Scott's kind of glad to get ignored, really! He looks perfectly happy to see the brush getting that gimme movement, and even more so when she takes it, releases the others, and starts changing back to herself. A small, relieved sigh when it looks as though it's properly worked. "You look lovely tonight," he tells her quite sincerely. Not-broken-neck is a good look. Kirk gives him a lifted-brow glance, but still manages to give the ghost a smile.

"Is it safe now?" Roxie wonders, the fact the ghost girl looks whole says a lot. But she's also not really been present for any of the resolving that has been going on. So this is all very, very new territory.

Colorado slumps to the floor, freed of the ribbons of cloth. He stirs, blinking muzzily, and looks around to find Lyle and Ethan first. "Fellas, I don't know as I can take much more," he says, voice wavery, but he gets to his feet, settles his bat across his shoulders.

Danny grimaces at the crunch of vertebrae. "It's okay," he says to Colorado. "You're getting it out of your system now. You'll be fine." He doesn't sound like he's too sure fo himself, but it's important to stay positive in these trying times. He smiles a little when the girl looks whole. "Pretty as a picture," he murmurs.

Evaline remains watchful and quiet, looking this way and that on the off chance this might be some kind of ambush.

Finn lets out a breeath he didn't know he was holding. Bastian to the rescue again. "I'm so glad for you." He casts a small smile Scott and Danny's way. "It likely is, Roxie." To colorado, "You came back for Laine that time. You can do this, Man."

Eyes on Princess, Bastian murmurs to Roxie, "From her, anyways." He winces at the sounds Princess' neck makes when it realigns, nods towards where the stairs continue up to the third floor. "We're gonna go deal with him," he tells Princess. Hopefully, he doesn't say.

Emily shudders at the sound of the popping verebrae. Despite everything she's been through, that one really pales her and she shifts uncomfortably on the spot. "Well," she says, glancing away from the restored ghost. She's seen a bit of this now! "One last thing to do and we hopefully really never have to come back to this place ever again." There's a slight nod at Roxie, "Yeah, looks like she's going to be okay. Okayish." As okay as you can get for someone who had to live through all of this, anyway.

Lucas is really full up on having air denied from his lungs in this life. THe bandages retreat and for a moment he jsut lays there catching his breath. A hand flaps to let Cass and Ethan know he's okay. That same hand reaches flapping over slapping the other in the chest to check in on em. Breathing, whole, it'll do. Good. Looking to Colorado a dimpled half grin comes to Lyle's face, "Nonsense. Just save... princess... in a tower. Banner day." Looking up he looks for Roxie, Eva. Cool Team's in tact. Band's even okay. Cool. He shoves himself to his feet. Looking to Princess he asks, "You alright there? Need help with anything else, ya know, ask away."

Priscilla - the ghost's real name - looks around with wide-eyed anxiety as her feet touch the ground. She clutches the brush to herself, protective.

"He knows you're coming, and he's not alone," she says quietly. "You can't touch him without being hurt. You need help."

And then she's gone.

"Oh...great." Roxie frowns at the spot where the ghost used to be, "Not alone and we need help to touch him." She raises a hand up, rubbing her fingers against her forehead. "Anyone have any bright ideas on how to handle this situation before we go charging in? I'm down for charging in....but maybe we should..." She pauses at that, looking around, "Have a plan? Anyone?"

"Well that was cryptic," Max snorts, still on edge. Roxie gets a small shrug. "We don't even know who else is up there to plan. I got nothing."

"Need help? Like from the other ghosts?" Ethan offers. Slugger did say they'd help, maybe this is where. They can't touch him but maybe the kids can.

Emily considers at length. "Alvin said that he and the others would help us when the time comes. Maybe this is the time." She offers quietly. In terms of a 'plan' it's not much -- hope for other ghosts to bail them all out? "Or maybe ... I don't know, honestly."

Danny glances to Finn. "Don't do anything stupid if I do something stupid," he says. "The important thing is that the job get done." He grips his crowbar tightly. "Let's go fry that bastard."

Evaline closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and nods to herself. She doesn't know about the ghost kids helping, only that it's too late to back out now.

Lucas rubs his forehead and just paces idly in a four foot space slowly. "Alvin said... Maybe someone from the other side? Maybe, weird as it sounds... Custer? Maybe it's not the machine in his case as much... as the who? I... God why is this guy such an unbelievable cockweasel." The wince and a flinchfollows promply requiring him to relax that expression. "We're missing something."

"Mahoney," Bastian says under his breath. A little more loudly, he continues, "I suspect she means Mahoney. We know we can't touch him. Not sure about Freak, but...stands to reason him as well."

He glances at Roxie, nods. "We need to take out any lights in the room as soon as we enter. Flashlights only." He eyes Colorado's bat. "We might be able to shove him with things. Hit him enough times to knock him into it. There was plenty of equipment in that room."

He considers Ethan and Emily's idea about the ghosts helping. "Maybe." He looks up again, starts moving. "One way to find out." He pauses to shake his head at Lyle. "We don't know how to free Custer, don't know how to draw him from the Lodge." And he's moving up.

Colorado licks his lips, sets his jaw, nods. "I can do this." He echoes what Finn and Danny tell him, and pats Lyle on the back. He looks at the others, then at Bastian, then at his bat. "Take a lot of shovin'."

Finn nods, "We could try calling their names, maybe when it's time?" He kisses the top of danny's head, "You are asking the impossible Danny Dove. Where you go, I go, even if it is a stupidly dangerous place." To the Bedlam Boys he says, "Stay safe."

"...I mostly just had fucking up the lights in the plan bucket," Scott says, "And maybe wearing gloves might help with touching him? But if she's warning us, maybe, yeah, maybe there's something we're missing still. Not that I have any idea what, but. So, how are we gonna kill the lights? Am I trying to hit them all or are you guys shooting them or what? Because I'd kinda rather not get shot."

"I think we oughta go back and figure out what we're missing," Kirk says, "I mean, she just told us we're not ready for this. We should find the help, and be, you know, sure it's coming."

"Sure, I'll do my best...but I don't know if I can." Roxie shakes her head just a bit, frowning, "I'm not a crack shot like some people are." But that doesn't mean that she won't do it. She'll do it. No choice.

But then the ghosts are brought up, "Do we even know how to make sure they are here to help? Some special phrase? Or...do we just have to trust they will show up?"

"Alvin just made a promise. We don't know anything else," Emily says with a shake of her head. "So I have no idea, honestly." She chews her lip a moment and then sets off after Bastian, moving slowly.

Lucas rubs the back of his neck thinking it and over-thinking it as best as his brain that moved with the speed of pudding right now could. "Shit. I don't like going in there feeling like we're missing something. Is now the time to do this or should we make a run on our other objective?" A wince is followed by a murmur, "Feels off."

"All those kids ever wanted was for someone to believe them. So I'd guess, we have faith," Ethan says quietly.

Max doesn't stand around. Bastian heads up, so she heads up. Mr. Stabby in hand, she heads into battle.

Soon as Bastian, and Max, start moving, then Roxie is moving. Forward momentum is the game this afternoon. For better or worse.

Finn shrugs, "Bastian's in charge." And so he follows.

Cassandra finds Roxie in the crowd, walking up next to her. "Hey. We can split the work." No time to linger on past mistakes here. She comforts herself with the thought that she's shooting up rather than around. As to the ghosts, she says nothing. As to whether they are making the right decision, that -does- give her pause, for just a moment. But she's made up her mind.

The long hallway from the landing to Treatment is straight, somewhat narrow and very dark. People can only walk in pairs, so Bastian and Max are up front. The swinging doors to the room are open, the room flickering with light off and on like a strobe, disorienting and ominous.

The Freak's laughter can be heard from somewhere within.

"Nice to see he's provided us with some atmosphere." Bastian turns and gestures for Roxie and Cassandra to come up front. "Try shooting a few of those out, maybe? See if we can get that strobe effect to stop."

"We're definitely gonna die," Kirk says, but follow the leader is something he's really good at, enough that it ends up with Scott following him, and muttering, "Not definitely." Okay, it's not his best-ever optimism. A breath, and he says with a little more conviction, "We can totally do this." Does he believe it yet? Maybe. He's ready with the chair leg for whatever he can do with it, though.

Lucas looks to Ethan. He sighs as his boyfriend finds the ideal argument cutting through the wall of concerns. Hand gives his shoulder a squeeze, "Yeah, I'll believe in em." And with that Colorado's returned bravado moves and Lyle behind it, flashlight up but aimed at the tile rather than broadcast." The laughter didn't help. Not one bit or iota. He checks behind himself. Eva's thereish. Scott and Kirk still holding the back. Well alright.

Ethan whispers to Lyle, "Keep cool. Don't touch him with bare skin. But if Mahoney is in there, we may all need to nope out. We should have brought shields or something. Like for Nails if he's in there. He whispers up to Bastian and Max, "Are there any of those metal trays you see in hospitals in movie in these rooms, might use them to try and deflect stuff is Nails is there."

Danny sticks with Finn, though he's not overly eager to be right up there with the leaders. He has nothing pithy to say, no wisecracks to make. He's scared, and he's clutching his crowbar tightly, wishing he hadn't had so much to drink this morning, even if he had a very good reason for getting blotto.

Evaline continues to stay near Lucas, and she offers him her best approximation of an encouraging smile. 'We've got this,' that look says.

"Sure...probably." Pause. "Yeah, probably for the best." Roxie replies with a faint smirk, although once they get to the hallway she comes to a stop. One hand raises up to rub against the back of her head, head tilting back, then rolling to the sides before she nods, "We can do this."

When Bastian calls for them to come up from to try and shoot things, she starts to move forward, "How many do you want blown....worst case scenario."

"Save a few bullets--Nails might be in there," Bastian says to Roxie, including Cassandra with a glance. "Don't worry too much about coverage, get what you can."

Finn kisses the top of Danny's head, "Stick close to Scott, okay?" And then he's worming his way forward to join the other shooters. "I wish Ryder were here.... I'll do my best, Bastian."

Kirk sees it first, along with Eva and Max, before Roxie and Cassandra can squeeze through to the front. Between flickers, a giant of a man with things jutting out of him at every angle appears in the doorway.


Max doesn't think, doesn't even hesitate. With Bastian distracted, looking back, he's a ripe target. She steps out in front of him, her back to the monster, looking up at Bastian as her small hands lift to rest on his shoulders.

The first rebar stake emerges from her stomach and causes her to jolt once. A second suddenly juts from her chest and she spasms hard, spitting up blood. She collapses forward into Bastian, big, dark eyes wide.

Emily remains behind the two in front, moving along quietly as people discuss and make plans. She's got her hand at her side. She's never needed to use her knife yet. But this might be the time. Who knows. So she's just sort of lingering. She doesn't have anyone here to particularly comfort or be comforted by, so she doesn't bother with the talking about various things.

Then there's the flickers, and she doesn't even notice the looming presence of Nails. Not until she hears it, and then she's glancing aside, and she screams.

Finn freezes in place and shouts, "Noooooooo!" He starts to lift his arm, too slow, too slow.

As the rebar emerges from the chest of the girl who was almost his first threesome, the girl who has been instrumental in getting his boss and mentor through this nightmare, Ethan's eyes get wide and then wild. "NO!" he screams, and he's trying to move forward with his sharpened chair leg in hand, in a frenzy of rage and pain. No doubt Lucas will have something to say or do about that.

Colorado gets spattered with Max's blood. Funny, it's not the first time a murderous ghost has made that happen. He flinches backwards, just long enough to realize what happened. Then he's roaring, "You son of a bitch!" coming at Nails with his bat like the man is a vase Rado plans on not apologizing for breaking.

"Fuck..." Roxie doesn't even make it to the front before shit goes sideways, but she's got nothing but ice in her veins at the moment. She's tired. So fucking tired at this point. Numb, that might be one of the best words for it. In fact.

As soon as it hits her that Max has been struck she's moving forward, as quickly as she can in some crazy attempt to get to where she was going in the first place, her gun lifting upwards the take aim. Not at the lights, though, "HEY, ASSHOLE."

It's like he called this into existence. Bastian stares down at Max, uncomprehending, when the first chunk of rebar lands; before he can think, much less do or say anything, the second one hits her in the chest. He catches Max, helps her to lie down on her side out of decades old habit. That part of his mind that never stopped running on automatic kicks in. He knows what it looks like when someone's dead or dying and there's nothing he can do.

Except, in this case, get incredibly pissed off. He brushes Max's hair away from her face. "Hey," he says, voice shaking just a little. "I'm gonna fucking kill that guy," he says, low and quiet, just for her to hear. It's like nothing else is actually happening around him (even though a whole lot is).

Something in Danny changed when Misty died. Sure, he's startled when the rebar pierces through Max, and he calls out her name, his voice hoarse from many hours of chain-smoking and crying over the death of his first love. He stares, horrified, but then his attention shifts to Nails, and he says through gritted teeth, "Get that rebar. We're going to kill him with it."

Evaline cries out, "Max!" She stays back, though, ill-equipped to beat Nails away with a broomstick.

Cassandra had made her way up to the front at Bastian's beckoning, feeling distinctly as if she were being funneled into the mouth of the devil himself. Her gun at the ready, pointed up. But not ready enough. She hardly has time to open her mouth, a "look out!" surging from the back of her throat before Max collapses forward. For some reason--perhaps from a mixture of compounded exhaustion and the overwhelming surreality of this entire situations and a recent graze with failure--Cassandra's rooted in place where she stands, wide-eyed, of no help to anyone for these precious seconds.

Max slumps to the floor, dead weight in Bastian's arms. In the back, out the front each rebar stake went, both sticking out each end.

"W-what was th-the f-fuh-flower c-called?" Max manages to ask Bastian between tiny snorts and gasps.

Lucas doesn't see it, not in his blind spot. He is looking to Bastian though trying to follow line of sight when- "OH FUCK!" There's an instinct that happens when you're in cahoots with someone that long. You just know, and instincts react. Tears don't have time to come down the operational side of Lyle's face. There's a step forward, and a turn blocking Ethan off the charge with his own body providing unmoving obstacle, and a human shield for Ethan incase the shrapnel isn't over. Lyle tries to look to see what's happening and gets no view off that side. Teeth grind together in a snarl fighting Ethan and the tide of emotion but somehow holding him fast for the second. "Dammit!" This shit just got mondo personal.

Cackling comes from deep in the flickering Treatment room, and as suddenly as he was there, Nails is gone. The doorway is still open, lights still strobing.

Kirk's eyes widen when he sees Nails, but there's no time for anything before Max is getting impaled. He turns to flee, which ought to be a really good plan for a runner. Doesn't even waste breath on screaming. But it's too panicked. He'd gotten ahead of Cassandra at some point, and doesn't register that she's right in his way and not moving until it's far too late, and he's crashing right into her.

"Fuck," Scott breathes, looking entirely shocked; it's the first time he's been there when one of them's been killed. He moves slightly forward, as if to try to attack, but there isn't really room -- and then Nails is gone. Scott turns his head to check behind, just in case.

Bastian half-laughs at Max's question, more than a little hysterical. "Cosmos," he says. "Cosmos atrosanguineus. We'll plant an entire fucking hillside." He glances back at Danny, looks down at the rebar stuck in Max. But before he can warn Max about needing it, Nails disappears. He sighs, strokes Max's hair. "It's gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine now."

"Nonononono," Ethan wails against Lyle, tears running down his cheeks. Max was not only their friend, she was important to the cause. She'd been reading the book, understanding the ritual, and now that might be impossible too. At least his boyfriend keeps him from rushing in suicidally.

Max nods at his answer, smiling a bloody smile. "Promise," she says.

She lifts her head enough to look at the rebar jutting from her chest. "T-take it," she says. "M-make sure he g-gets it b-buh-back."

Then she starts gasping in shallow little gulps, arching a bit, tears streaming. In one slow slump, she's gone.

Colorado's bat whiffs through air. A thwarted snarl contorts his face. "NAILS! Don't you fucking run from us!" It's too late. Too late for Max, too late to introduce Nails to a hammer.

Finn has his gun up now, but there's nothing to shoot. His face is locked in a look of sympathetic agony as Bastian and Max say their goodbyes. tears stream down his face as he waits posed for what comes next.

"I know everyone wants to fall apart right now. But the job isn't done." Roxie grits her teeth a bit, glancing back towards those that seem to be falling apart. She doesn't wait long, though, before she is moving forward again, since Nails has vanished she is going to follow through on the earlier part. Shooting the lights that she can see through the door, her goal clear. End this bullshit.

Danny gives Bastian a small nod, then looks away from the couple. Watching feels too much like an intrusion on something private. He takes a shaky breath and lets it out slowly. Tears roll down his cheeks and he wipes them away with a sweep of his arm across his eyes. The crowbar clatters to the ground with a metalic ring. When Max is gone, he turns toward the pair again, and he tells Bastian gently, "Hold her." He needs leverage if he's going to pull the rebar out.

I'm-a-rock-in-your-way Cassandra gets her breath knocked out when Kirk barrels into her in his blind fear. Somehow, trigger discipline that's managed to be kept (mostly) intact as basic instinct is all that keeps a bullet from being fired awry as she staggers back. The impact seems to churn her into motion again, and she manages to somehow keep the both of them from falling over. "Hellfucker," she snarls, looking past Kirk. With no personal insult intended she begins to brush past him, striding through the doorway past Bastian and Max on the ground, aiming for the strobing lights next to Roxie with as steady a hand as she can muster.

[SPEND] Finn has spent 1 GP for reason: For Max!

"Promise," Bastian agrees. "He'll get it back. With fucking interest."

It takes him a second to respond to Danny, but presently he blinks, focuses on him, and nods. He takes a tight grip on Max's shoulder so Danny can pull the rebar out.

[SPEND] Danny has spent 1 GP for reason: Braawn

Finn sees Roxie carrying forward and still weeping silently shoots for the lights as well, but there is a shake to his hand, and it goes wide.

It doesn't matter if others wake up and chip in, Roxie'll do this all by herself if she's got to. The flicking of the lights make it hard to focus, though, her eyes closing once in the face of it. But then she opens her eyes, her feet shift a little further apart and she muscles through the flicking of those lights to focus on one of them, squeezing the trigger. The bullet rips through it, shattering the glass in an oddly satisfying way, "Fuck you."

Lyle just held onto Ethan trying to fight him, the futility, and the great unfairness of everything. Arm curled around his head and briefly pressed a kiss to his temple. Scott had the right of it though and Lyle was looking to the back and then over his shoulder in the only direction he could see to find out if they are at risk getting speared too. His skinny ass was not going to keep both of them from being a kabob if Nails is right there. "We're gonna get me We're gonna get all of em. But we still need you." His voice cracked getting the words out, soul worn and determined. "I... I till need you." A sob gets swallowed in his chest with an organic, gluten free vegetarian utterance of pure California obscenities get muttered.

Danny grips the rebar and pulls. In his defense, he's never pulled rebar out of a small Mexican woman before, dead or otherwise. That first tug doesn't do the trick, so he digs his feet in and pulls, damn it. Slowly, the rebar slides free, glistening with Max's blood. "Sorry, Max," he murmurs. "We'll get the fucker, don't you worry."

Evaline hangs back, grimacing as she watches Ethan and Lucas, but there isn't a lot she can do at the moment but wait until it's time to go. It's a good thing she went without mascara today, because tears are flowing freely.

Ethan chokes on a sob but his eyes focus on Lyle after a while. "It wasn't supposed to be this way," he whispers. Bad things happen to Max when they're with her. It's a trend that has come to a terrible end. "We need to finish those fuckers," he hisses.

Bastian carefully lays Max down on the floor, kneels there for a second. He's not crying, but his green and brown eyes are definitely a bit too bright. "Sorry I couldn't get you out of here," he says. Eventually he understands that he's hearing gunshots, shakes himself out, stands up. "Thanks," he says to Danny, holds out his hand for the rebar.

Cassandra squints against the flashing lights. It's not ideal. But she takes a moment to steady her hand, measure her breathing, and pull the trigger. A lightbulb explodes into pieces--and with it goes some of the headache-inducing frenzy. Max and Bastian are pushed far from her mind as she begins to collect herself. It's just the lightbulbs and whatever is in front of them, now.

Some of the strobing eases as lights are shot out, but there's plenty they can't see to shoot from the hall.

More cackling. "DId We HuRt tHE lItTLe gIRlIe? ComE SEe wHAt eLsE wE hAve fOR yOu!"

Scott looks slightly ill, and antsy. Kirk's still pale as a sheet, even if running into Cassandra's stopped his flight; Scott grabs his shoulder and tries to look reassuring. "We can do this," he says again, a murmur this time. It doesn't have the same conviction as the one before. Determination will have to do. Kirk gives a small nod, and takes a deep breath, trying to steel himself. And definitely not looking at Max.

Danny hands over the rebar and says, "Good hunting." Then he kneels to take up his crowbar again. He glances toward the exploding lightbulbs with a determined look on his face. Pacifist Danny flew the coop after Misty died. Besides, dead motherfuckers don't count. He steps back to Scott, since Finn told him to stick close to him before moving forward.

"Asshole." Roxie is so ready. She's so ready that she has no idea how unready she actually is. Without the ability to hit any more of the lights from the hallway she begins to move further. Closer towards that door to head inside.

Ethan wipes his forearm across his eyes and kisses Lyle. "That's it. Those fuckers die tonight in the permanent way." He pauses to kneel down and touch Max's shoulder for a moment. "Gonna get em, Max. Promise." Then he's going in behind the boss.

"Hopefully," Bastian says, accepting the rebar. He adjusts his grip on it, glances down at Max, back at the Treatment room. What he wants to do is charge in and hit, well, anything he sees. But he knows that's not going to work. He takes a second to steady himself. "Alright. Remember--try to herd Freak to that machine. Try to pin down Nails so I can get him. Bullets should work on him." And forward they go.

Colorado wipes blood and tears off his face, his knuckles white on the bat handle. "Boss," he says, voice breaking, then...just follows.

Cassandra glances to Roxie to check her movements, matching her advances. She's painfully aware of their defenselessness, but into the fray they go. Bastian's words get a soft, "Got it," of comprehension. She doesn't turn to check on him, or offer him any words. Those can wait.

For those who haven't ventured inside the room marked 'Treatment', a sort of Hell awaits them.

The door opens to reveal a single, large room that looks like a hospital and a torture chamber had drunken sex thirty years ago. It's disturbing to say the least - restraint chairs, large bath tubs that close save for a hole the head sticks out of, restraint beds, racks of odd tools, and a heavy-duty restraint table with a monstrous machine looming behind it cover in guages and dials. The electro-shock rig. Everything gently slopes to the center of the room, where an industrial drain sits in the tile floor. Add in strobing lights and disembodied cackling, and that's what they find.

Freak is nowhere to be seen, but Nails is, over in one end of the room, away from the electro-shock rig. His hands fling forward a hail of screws, nails and spikes as people enter the room.


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Lucas lets go of Ethan when he calms down, kisses him and thunks his forehead to the other Bedlam boy's. "For Max, for those kids. Like we promised." In a very terrifying but easy decision from earlier. Because there's not a lot of time there's a hug, he turns, and hovers over that shoulder; confidence breaking for a moment before reforming into purpose. The heel of his palm wiping the one side of his face. "We got you, friend-girl. We got you." That in he turns and says, "I'll try to go for the magchine. I'm shit in a fight." With taht he's shoulder to shoulder behind Boss and Rado.

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Just the guy Bastian was hoping to see! He ducks aside as soon as he can, to make room for others and get clear of that rain of projectiles. He doesn't go right at Nails, though, since he just expects him to teleport away. Instead he starts moving around and back, seeking cover.

Finn steps forward with Roxie and Cassandra, the fury in every line of his slender body. For once his toothpick frame is useful as he steps into a sideways stance to be harder to hit as projectiles fly by.

Ethan moves through the door into the treatment room, ducking down as screws go whizzing over his head, where his face was a moment ago. "I'll cover you!" he calls to Lyle as he moves with the other to where the machine is, and takes up a position to protect his best everything.

Emily's just been quiet, pushing onwards, pushing past the pain and anger and emotions. For now at least. She can't be upset, or angry, because they'll get drowned out by fear. So she just keeps going, and then there's that hail of shrapnel. She is quick, ducking foward and low, and now, finally, she has that knife in her hand. She doesn't really know what to do, but without Max to go crazy with Mr. Stabby, it looks like she's about ready to step into that role herself. Then again, a lot of people here seem to be feeling hostile towards Nails right now.

Colorado whisks aside with such grace it's like a dance move in itself. Sharp metal things go hissing by him and they don't even muss his crop-top. "Just can't hit me, can you, hoss!" He points at Nails with the bat. "This's goin' up your dick hole."

Danny isn't sure what to expect, but he's expecting something, and he assumes that something will be horrific. He slams himself against a wall, flattening out as best he can as the flurry of sharp metalic things zip past, some a little too close for comfort. None of them hit him, though.

Poor Evaline isn't so lucky. She's always been the sort of girl who's stuck inside her own head most of the time, the exact opposite of quick on her feet. She ducks, but she's hit in the stomach by a spike that slams into her so hard it throws her back. It knocks the air out of her, and she lies there, shaking and whimpering as shock sets in almost immediately. Her bubblegum glossed lips part as she utters a gurgling cough, and blood trickles from one corner. She's not dead, but she will be. Not everyone gets to go quick and painless.

There are plenty of places in this world that Roxie would rather be, but there she goes. Right through that door and right into the usual ambush that is Nails. As soon as she is through the door she dives to one side, both to get out of the way and to avoid getting hit by any of those things flying at her.

Cassandra drops down low with a curse as soon as she spots Nails, and not a moment too soon as multiple projectiles go whizzing by where her neck and chest would've been. There's little time to register the horrors of the place, though it's enough to send a shiver down her back even as she throws herself behind whatever piece of demented equipment she can get behind. "Rado, find cover!" she barks.

Scott ducks in and to the side, trying to take in the lay of it and find himself some cover for the moment, where he can get closer to where he can try beating on Nails without, ideally, becoming pointier than he started out. He does manage not to get hit, barely; it's not exactly stylish. Kirk manages it more gracefully, despite muttering "shit shit shit" under his breath the entire time. So, graceful except for that, and the louder one that breaks free in the litany when Evaline goes down.

Lucas takes a deep breath and sligs the mag flashlight, drops his stance and gets ready to stay light on his feet to rush in in the pocket of space. Hearing Etahn's plan and keeping an eye on Bastian and- "SHIT! Shitshitshit!" Down goes Eva. The skater is there to do one thing and that's make quick work of figuring out where that machine is and what they need to do with it.

Massive and hulking, Nails towers over all those gathered in the room, the solid muscle of his body a pincushion of all kinds of sharp, stabby things. He briefly puts his arms out wide, as if welcoming the onslaught.

Then he yanks a railroad spike out of his body and charges Colorado. Almost as a reflex, his other hand pulls a fistfull of spikes from his other side and flings them at Cassandra, Emily and Scott.

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Ethan skitters over to one of the tubs and yanks off the cover, holding it up like a shieldto protect himself and Lyle from the projectiles Nails may throw, covering their important bits. Their heads and such.

With Colorado, Finn, and Roxie all keeping Nails busy, Bastian flanks him, coming in from behind at an angle, lining up for a good solid stab.

Colorado stands there, jittering in place, eyes blue-hot and crazy, letting Nails come at him--and at the very last second he twitches aside. Michael Jackson eat your heart out. "I'm right tired of you fellas killin' our girls, Nails." And all those muscles in his arms and shoulders and back go tight and the bat whistles through the air and SMASH!

With all the threats, and Nails welcoming the onslaught, Emily sets her gaze upon him. She's about to say something when a whole lot of stuff comes flying at her again, and she's scrambling, dropping and rolling, crouching there on the floor as she looks up again. She's okay? She's okay! With a shakey breath, she manages to get out, "Nails is a far more intimidating name than Blaise Du Champ." Though it lacks the determination she planned to put into it the first time.

Finn is in hard eyed, stone hearted, righteous fury lawyer mode. He aims for Nails' head in hopes of missing the living attackers, "Look at me, you Bastard! You need to die!" still lawyering, still thinking, still trying to draw attention from bastian's flanking maneuver. He hasn't even taken cover like a sane person, though he's still angled sideways to minimise his profile.

After dodging out of the way Roxie pulls her gun around and once more aims it at Nails, this time she doesn't waste any time. As soon as she's got him in her sights she is pulling that trigger, "Fucking...piece...of shit."

Cassandra is already low on the ground when Nails charges by flinging a fistful of shrapnel. All she can do in that moment is to hit the floor completely. It's only by a matter of sheer luck that none of the spikes impale her, though one whizzes by her eye far too close for comfort. "Shit." She scrabbles back up to her feet with her gun in hand--right in time to see Colorado concuss the living bejeesus out of Nail.

Lucas slides over just trusting his mechanic to make that shit work on his side of things and just... focuses. Things are happening, they may all die and oddly? It brings that zen moment of clarity where he's made peace with hat part and just pulls around the panel of instruments trying to keep himself a small target. He makes short work of eying it up, flicks four switches and... it hums to life? Seriously has he done this before? The world may never know, but the important thing is he's got it going on now. He announces, "We're running hot." Which likely means more to Roxy and Ethan than most who aren't used to phrases of current.

Danny moves swiftly and silently in the commotion, hiding behind this or that torture device. "Fuck fuck fuck you're a conductor," he tells his crowbar. "Why are you a conductor!" It's a quiet hiss. He doesn't want to be discovered. He just wants to find another weapon in case he has to smack Freak with it.

Scott peeks up to see where things have settled, just in time for spikes to head right his way. "Fuck!" he exclaims again, eloquently, as he ducks back down and to the side; the thing whizzes much more comfortably past him this time, inasmuch as that can ever be comfortable. Kirk makes an unhappy-- unhappiER noise among the muttering, but he's a pretty quick thinker, and grabs the spike when it lands, trying to tuck it into Scott's jacket pocket. Just in case. He knows which of them is stronger.

Nails thrusts the spike forward but misses, then gets clocked upside the head by Rado's bat. Roxie and Finn fire shots that hit, Finn's catching him in the neck, blood pumping out. He staggers, almost going down, but keeps his footing. He takes one more shot at Colorado, tossing spikes at Lyle as he does so.

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Ethan drags the tub cover back over to the machine and places it between the machine, Lyle, and himself, and the rest of the room. Hopefully it stops projectiles, or blocks Freak from getting to them. "Damn dude, you got it going already!" he exclaims in surprise.

Finn taunts, "Look at me Blaise! Or are you not man enough to do more than torment the mentally challenged and children?" He shoots again, careful of Colorado and Bastian.

Lucas was in the zone at this point just familiarizing himself with how the damn thing worked. The astonishment from Ethan brought the ghost of a dimpled half grin to his face while the entire rest of his focus remains purely academic. "Baby you know I got it going on." And he still has the jumper cables on him. "Trying to see what kinda reach I can get out of this if we need it."

The fact that she hit the first time brings a bit more confidence this time around, Roxie once more lifts the gun, her shoulders squaring and her finger tucking into the trigger guard to squeeze. Bang. It's almost a beautiful, satisfying sound right now. Filling her with all kinds of warm, fuzzy feelings.

Colorado is grinning like a lunatic as Nails goes for him again. He steps back easy as you please, casual-like, as if this isn't a duel to the death, as if he's just making way for an enthusastic roller skater whizzing past on a Malibu sidewalk. As Nails flings spiky things at Lyle, Colorado treats him to another wallop to the back of the head. "You don't touch him. You don't touch anybody anymore."

With the rest of them hammering on Nails for all their worth, Bastian takes his opportunity to move in. He's not flashy about it and has nothing witty to offer; he simply drives the rebar into Nails' midsection, as deep as he can get it to go.

Emily's got her knife in her hand, climbing back up to her feet as she glances around the room to try and take a quick stock of what everyone's doing and how they're doing. People have swarmed Nails and Bastian's driving that spike into the ghost's form, they seem to have that as under control as it's ever going to be. So she's peering elsewhere, and spies the form of Evaline there. She moves over, looking at the woman. "Oh, geeze," she murmurs.

Cassandra weighs her options in the brief moment they have, blood still throbbing in her ears from the close call moments prior. Grab a spike that landed by her feet in the spray and charge Nails, or shoot him where she stands? There's Colorado going in for another swing, and Bastian closing in for a decisive blow. Roxie and Finn aiming their guns. Best not add another body in their way. She raises her own firearm, aims for the head, and shoots. Blam. It's not just Roxie getting a thrill from the satisfaction of a hit. The recoil of the gun in the palm of her hand is satisfying, solid, reassuring.

Danny cringes as he sees the blonde on the floor, shaking and bleeding all alone. He hates himself for also noticing her weapon is made of wood. He tells himself that's not why he's going over to her as he makes a quick dash to her side. No one deserves to die alone like that. He kneels beside her and says, "Hey, I'm Danny. You're going to be okay."

Evaline gasps for breath and manages to say shakily, "Liar." She tries to force a smile, but she can't. Her eyes are dilated with pain and fear.

Danny takes her hand in his. "I'm sorry," he says quietly.

Evaline struggles for another breath. There are only a few more left in her, but Danny waits there until she draws the last one, and he holds her hand. It isn't until she has slipped away that he takes the broomstick.

Scott gives Kirk a small nod for the spike and starts to move around to where he could, if all went well, help. He's not super close, though, and kind of wants to avoid bullets, and doesn't quite get there by the time it looks like Bastian's taking him down.

Nails takes several more hits, staggered further, then turns just in time to see Bastian move in for the kill. He quickly pulls a rebar stake and drives it into Bastian as the groundskeeper strikes. Everyone can tell it's bad when it comes out Bastian's back.

Nails crumples and begins to rapidly decay.

As soon as the body crumples there is a sag of relief from Roxie, the gun lowering as she lets her eyes close. It's relief. So much fucking relief right now that the adrenalin that is buzzing through her almost makes her light headed. Almost. But she pulls herself up, eyes shifting towards the lights as though remembering the other goal here, "Guys..."

Bastian doesn't get a chance to dodge or pull back--but, really, he wasn't going to. So Nails is coming at him with some rebar of his own. That's how it goes. He lets his momentum carry him forward anyways, ramming that rebar home just like Nails did to Max. When Nails begins to decay he staggers back. He sways a second, staring down at the rebar in his chest. "Fuck," he says, coughing blood and collapsing to the floor.

It's Bastian. The man he wanted to be his father, instead of the drunken ragey asshole who was his sperm donor. The man he screwed that up with over the years, and only JUST got the air cleared and found his footing with. The man he hoped would mentor him going forward. Ethan sees one rebar pipe lance through Nails and it's a moment of vengeful triumph. Then he sees the other go through Bastian in return, in a way that likely means it's over for the groundskeeper. His mouth opens, he feels like he's screaming no, but nothing is coming out but a horrifying gurgling-clicking sound as he staggers around the impromptu shield and crumples to his knees in helpless horror.

Blood stipples across Colorado's face. He gapes, so shocked at the rebar protruding from Bastian that he barely notices Nails finally dying. "Boss! Boss, no!" He drop the bat and grabs him to ease the collapse. "Boss, oh Jesus, no, no no...you're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay."

Danny gets up slowly from where Evaline lies, and he looks around the place as he comes over to where Finn is. "Oh, shit," he says as Bastian collapses, and he picks up his pace. He takes Finn's hand for a brief squeeze as he watches, helpless to do anything to save the groundskeeper.

Finn is opening his mouth for another taunt, still trying to draw attention awa from Bastian, when the rebar drives home. His look of uncivilized revenge turns so horror and an inchaot sound of agony and pain rips from his chest. He takes two steps towards bastian before remembering he hasn't the right, that it's the place of those he was closest to. Instead he's looking around wildly for Freak, clearly ready to throw down on his invisible ass. He pens his mouth to defy the freak to come for him when Danny takes his hand. Eyes wild, he stares at his boyfriend.

Emily, too, moves away from Evaline after another sigh, glancing over to where everyone is upset about Bastian, her lips set into a thin line. She's still gat that knife in hand, glancing this way and that as she, too, keeps an eye out for Freak while the others deal with their shock and grief, moving to linger near Danny. "Frank Jones," she says quietly to Danny and Finn. "Freak's name is Frank Jones." For whatever good that will do. It's all she's got.

Cassandra doesn't notice the odd shape disturbing Bastian's silhouette, not at first. She's too focused on watching Nails disintegrate with that final blow. "Going down like the god damn-..." The tired smile that begins to creep over her face freezes, and then crumbles as a horrible cold washes over her. "Roen." She stands there for a heartbeat as Colorado eases him down. "Okay." (What?) There's a million thoughts crossing her mind. The one that comes out?

"Nails is gone. We need to get everyone out, now." She scans the room as if someone else might appear from thin air. "Colorado, can you carry Bastian? We need to get Evaline and Max out, too." Her voice is a touch too calm.

"Seriously?" Roxie shakes her head, "We've gone this far, we need to finish this." She doesn't budge from where she's at, and there is a desperate look back and forth between everyone. "They died getting us in here so we could take Freak out....you just going to walk away now?"

Roxie isn't in charge, but there seems to be something that has just solidified in her. That end game. She can see the end looming on the horizon, and she's eager to at least keep moving towards it.

Lucas hears it. Lyle doesn't ahve to look to know the sound of fear, panic, grief. His eye twinges and the sweat on his body jsut feels cold to him instantly. Ethan's weight sinking against his leg seals it. His knuckles blanch as hands go into fists replaced with something else that he usually keeps locked in a box ans that is the unfiltered fury that he has for those to steal things from him. But right now? That's not who Roen needs him to be, and as much as he has every instinct to fire this machin up and take this building to ground right now? He has no stomach for disappointing his surrogate dad. His hand falls to Ethan's shoulder and squeezes it tight. The jumper cables come off his belt and he just head to teh machine adding extra leads. "Listen to Cass. Let's not waste this. Rado, you got em? Kirk can you help em?" Looking to Ethan quietly he asks, hurt, but too calm, "Ethan, I need you. Hook these cables to that thing liek you would your car. We're lighting this fucking place up."

Danny nods to Emily and says, "Frank Jones." He glances around at the unseemly quiet in the periphery of their grief. Then he looks to Finn and tells him softly, "Focus, lover. We get to fall apart after he's fried for the things he's done, not before. We can't let them die for nothing."

"Sorry," Bastian whispers. It's about all he can gather breath for. "Looks like it's...finally my turn." He coughs adding more blood to the rest pooling on the floor. "The ritual. Make...sure. Sonya. Does it." He coughs again, takes another breath. "Sorry," he repeats, eyes distant. He looks confused, like he was trying to say something else and mixed up his words. Then he breathes out, coughs hard, and goes utterly still.

The cackling turns to a scream, not as Nails is destroyed, but as Alvin and Priscilla suddenly appear, dragging Freak between them towards a certain table. He's fairly scrawny and Alvin's a jock, so Priscilla just has to hold her own. They drag him to the restraint table and start wrestling him onto it.

"Get the damn thing ready!" Alvin saysto the living. "Hook him up!"

Scott looks briefly pleased and relieved to see Nails going down -- and then he can see the state of Bastian as well. "Don't-- don't try to pull it out," he says, seemingly almost without realising it; one of those random remnants of Boy Scout first aid training. Pretty much the only one that comes to mind, though he moves toward Bastian as if maybe more will come back and it'll actually be useful somehow. It won't, and he stops as Bastian goes still. Kirk gets up as well, looking lost, but Danny's words to Finn make him nod -- and then there's the ghosts. They both move toward the table quickly at Alvvin's urging, ready to do whatever looks like it needs.

Ethan shakes in uncontrollable chills as he watches Bastian die. Then Lyle's words reach him, Lyle's touch grounds him, and his fist closes around the jumper cables he's been handed. He climbs back to his feet as Alvin and Priscilla appear, and though he looks dazed and like he might throw up, he moves, woodenly, and attached the cables to the positive and negative terminals on the table.

The minute the two appear with Freak between them is the second that Roxie moves, the gun she's been holding is shoved into the back of her jeans, "Hurry!" She doesn't move to get in the way of anyone else that's going for the straps. Just the urge to finish this making her lurch forward to help somewhere, if she can.

"No, Boss, not you," Colorado whispers, urgent, desperate. "Not you too. What...what am I gonna tell Dad?" He tries to joke, but Bastian is fading in his arms, and he curls over him, a sob jerking his chest. "I will. We will. Swear to Christ, we will." Then--the ghosts appear, and Rado uncurls with a jolt, wet eyes flying open. "...They got 'im! LYLE LUCAS YOU GET THAT THING COOKIN'!"

"I'm with her," Emily says to Roxie's thoughts on the situation. But then, she wanted to try this last time she was here. That didn't go so well. Now people are dying before her eyes, and she peers over at Bastian. Sonya? She files that away in her mind for now, because more things are happening. She's hurrying! She'll move over, relieved that her thoughts on the ghosts turned out to be correct. She's nearby, ready to lend a hand in getting this one sorted, once and for all.

Finn does notice Emily and gives her a grim little nod. "Frank Jones." He nods to Roxie, bends to kiss Danny's lips. "I think I love you, Danny Novak." He steps away and bellows, "Frank Jones! Time to die!"

Cassandra looks to Roxie, opening her mouth to say something. She doesn't look like she's about to back down from her stance, but that's when a new sound, and new apparitions, fill the air. She isn't present for Bastian's last words. She wasn't expecting him to die so quickly, perhaps. Figured the spike would act as a plug for any bleeding. There's a flash of pain. But no time to wallow. Soon as Alvin yells, she runs into motion, trying to step in for anyone who might not be able to. "Lyle, cook the fucker!"

Lucas had it fired up, charged, and very calmly grabbed the paddles , gloves on and stares the laughing hyena in the eye. He skipped the monologue and with that waiting fury threw the switch and hit the button to run way too many joules through the asshole. "Who's laughing now, cocknocker?" Lyle just watched with a joyless satisfaction.

Alvin and Priscilla get scratched up by Freak's wicked fingernails, but they manage to strap him down. He howls and screams with terror and madness, arching and thrashing on the table. Those who survive this place will never get it out of their heads.

As the wires are connected and the switch is flipped, Freak tries to take as many of them with him as he can, electricity arcing off of him and into every survivor present.

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[SPEND] Emily has spent 1 GP for reason: NO

It is almost ironic, really. The fact that what kills her is the thing she'd worked with all this time, the running, racing, shivery thing that is electricity on a mild day. Roxie is reaching forward to help, her hands are right there, and that arc hits her like the jolt that it is, overloading every nerve ending, muscles clenching as it races through her.

For a minute. She stays on her feet, standing up right and holding on. But only for a minute, then she falls, hitting the floor in the way only dead, dead weight can. There is a certain smell that burning flesh and hair has, and after that much juice hitting her there is that very distinct odor of burnt hair, and cooking flesh.

As Freak is vanquished, his final lashing out at everyone strikes Ethan in the chest, ignoring his boots and gloves, and his hair stands on end as his whole body jerks. He reaches for Lyle, but he knows it's too late. He feels himself falling into darkness, as his body crumpled to the floor. He's unconscious, smoking, but breathing, clinging to life somehow. Might be for the best he isn't awake, so he doesn't see the light go out of the remaining eye of his first and only true love.

Colorado isn't even sure what happened, for a long, long moment. There was Freak screaming and there was lightning and every hair on him stood on end and there was this smell but nothing hurt too bad. He stands there stunned, blinking. As people begin to drop, he looks at them, bewildered. "...Drake?" he says in a small voice. "Lyle?"

Finn just has time to look back at his boyfriend, when the current hits and he jerks wildly, the smell of roasting pork rising to assault the nose, a smell impossible to forget, hair burning he collapses like a puppet with cut strings.

Emily is there, real close, to watch Freak's final moments. This ghost is the worst of them all! Except maybe Mahoney, but the cackling and the torture and the weird voice, no. She hates Freak more. And then it happens, and the next thing she knows, she's somewhere else. The electrical arc catches her and sends her stumbling and falling back, landing on her ass. Somehow, throughout it all, she's still alive. Blinking rapidly and shaking as she peers around the room. That just happened. And she knows people didn't make it. And she just screams once more, loud and shrill and terrified.

Danny is just about to say something pithy to Finn to the tune of 'of course you do, I'm awesome.' But he's distracted by the final moments of the Freak. He throws am arm up to cover his eyes from the bright flashes of electricity. That's why it's the smell that hits him first. When the light fades and he looks, Finn is on the ground. "Finn?" he says in a small voice. He kneels to shake Finn's shoulder. "Finn? Oh, God..."

The Freak flails as Lyle just watches with years of pent up rage keeping that expression still. And then the kickback; lightening arcs high. Muscles start to seize, and the robber soles of his boots blister and pop and partly start to melt. The truth of it is running a current through Lyle Lucas isn't that much more difficult than microwaving a chicken nugget. He sees Etan start to fold and it's almost slow motion. One hand turns up the volume flipping Freak off again, now face to face. His other hand squeezes around Ethan's as he can feel the muscles in his skin cook.

Lyle would love to tell Ethan a hundred things he always knew. Really he'd just like to live and get off this damn island with him, but that? That ain't the reality. It's a damn shame he'll never know Ethan lives, but he can die hoping. And with that he lets himself fall on him in that last effort of trying to insulate his best everything, because fuck these assholes. They don't get to fuck with his boy. Hitting the groung that remaining eye just stares, until the expression fades from it replaced with the dullness of the one he lost.

A blinding flash of light as electricity arcs every which way. Cassandra is knocked flat on her back by the current as all her muscles seize, straining tendon and bone. She's not sure how long she's laying on the tiles for, both in excruciating pain and a disoriented daze. But finally she stirs from the ground and sit up with a hoarse groan, holding onto her right shoulder and smelling distinctly of burnt hair. The gun was flung a ways away, and there's a nice burn beginning to redden her skin of her palm. By some miracle it is intact in the joint.

It takes Emily's sudden scream to break her out of her self inspection--and another moment to register the carnage on the floor. Cassandra scoots over to the nearest body. "Roxie?" She shakes her by the back. "Roxie." Nothing. She moves on to the next body, hearing Danny's abject 'oh god' as if it were far away. "Lucas?" Her voice breaks. "Oh, fuck." She stands up, a shaking hand to her mouth. Then she promptly collapses as the strength leaves her legs, and her speech becomes frantic, agitated, loud. "Oh, holy fuck... Oh my god. Oh my god. He took everyone. That fucker, he took everyone!"

Bodies drop. Some scream, some don't. Several die.

The Freak's flailing body erupts in flames as Alvin and Priscilla fade. The fire flares, spreading fast. It may well take the whole building with it.

There's little time to get out, and those unconscious or stunned will need to be helped.

What would Dad do?

What would Roen do?

Colorado grips both hands into his hair, pulling hard enough his scalp turns white. "W-w-we got to--we got to get everybody out. We got to! Everybody OUT!" If Bastian was here, he'd know that's Jack Jones's voice coming out of his boy. And that...that they do. They get everybody out.

Scott's moved to try to help, though there isn't much he can do; there's just time for a touch of relief when the straps are fully fastened and the power's being sent and--

Kirk's just stepped back, out of the way, when it happens. Nowhere out of the way enough in the room, though. The electricity hits him hard, racing through every limb, and there's-- maybe the fire extinguisher made it worse? Maybe his luck was just bad. Extra bad. But there's not the slightest doubt he's dead, cooked about as thoroughly as shock possibly could have managed.

Scott lands on top of one of those bathtubs when the juice stops, the chair-leg clenched in a hand that takes a moment to have even the potential of letting go of it. It takes a second more to push up to sitting, but he already knows before he can look around what he doesn't want to. Not the detail, but...

The detail's worse than he even thought. It's Finn he sees first, following Danny's voice. Lucas and Ethan on the floor by the machine. Roxie. ...and Kirk. Scott can't move any further for a moment, or speak. Just stares at them. Fire, though. That snaps him out of it. "...shit," he whispers, and then he's on his feet, wobbly but functional. Cassandra's checking Roxie. Danny has Finn. Kirk... He moves to check Lucas and Ethan, hoping against hope. And there's one pulse. "...he's not dead," he manages to say, and tries to scoop the guy up, to carry him out.

Cassandra can barely be calmed as everyone is arduously carried out of the building. "It wasn't worth it! IT WASN'T WORTH IT!" she wails over Roxie's dead body.

Emily is just kind of sitting there, and is still screaming. Thoughts aren't exactly something she can quite string together right now, and even the danger of the fire doesn't quite sink in with her. The scream suddenly stops, giving way to silence, as she ... sort of climbs to her feet, staring around in a daze. She can probably be convinced to be lead out. But she's very confused.

Danny presses a kiss to Finn's forehead. "I'm sorry, babe," he whispers. Then he gets up, and he goes to Emily. "We gotta go, Em," he says. Tears are running down his face. Finn lies on the ground behind him. He takes her by the hand, then he stops by Cassandra. He's not leaving without making sure everyone alive is getting out.

Scott is quiet, carrying the one body that still has some life in it. A look back, and he takes a very deep breath, which he immediately regrets. But it's enough to keep him going. "C'mon, Em," he says, an agreement with Danny, and he nods to his bandmate, waiting just long enough to make sure he does get her to follow him out before he follows as well. At the doorway, he glances briefly back again. "...bye," he says softly, and continues out.