Log:Rhys' Awakening

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Rhys' Awakening
Characters  •   The Penitent  •  The Hunter  •  The Capitalist  •
Location  •  The Facility - The Capitalist's Room
Date  •  2018-10-02
Summary  •  Rhys Driscoll finds that he's awoken in a strange, yet somewhat familiar place.

There is a cat in the Facility. Why is there a cat? Well, it's a familiar cat... to some. Not to all. But as soon as the Hunter leaves her room, a black-and-white feline darts out as well and off to explore. Maybe into another room! Maybe just to the main parlor. Zoom, off Pants goes to fuss about for the day or perhaps just find a cozy spot to nap.

The woman herself is still all out of sorts. She had her chat with Madis- no, Kylie. It's easier to stick with Kylie for now. Just like she's... who is she? She hasn't sorted that out. She's in a pair of black slacks and a gray tank top, hair pulled back in a ponytail. Unlike so many in the place, she is wearing sneakers. She just sort of stands in her doorway after opening it and watching the cat go before looking across to the other doors; uncertain of where to go. Two catch her eye: wholly plain and... best she can recall, new. Her door is left open and she just slowly starts pacing her way towards them.

The last thing that Rhys Driscoll remembered doing was going to bed after a long office meeting which was followed up with some drinks afterwards. He had... flown out to Chicago to meet with a potential new recruit that day, before gathering his security team, new and old alike, back at Anvil HQ to discuss several jobs he had lined up for them, in the company of several new clients. There was some celebrating immediately after and then he went to bed.

His eyes open slowly, gaze staring up at the ceiling in the darkness for a long moment. Six months had passed since the incident and he could still feel that throbbing pain in his left shoulder. "Shit." He sighs to himself. May as well get up and pop a few pills to set his pain at ease. When his right hand reaches across him to pat at his once injured arm, the lights in his room suddenly turn on, a fact that makes him spring up into a seated position, before rolling to the side of his bed and reaching for his sidearm which he keeps beneath the pillow on the opposite side of the bed. He feels frantically for it, but the revolver is not there. Did the intruder find it when he was asleep? But as he scanned the room, there was no intruder to be found. Then who turned on the lights? Sitting there on his nightstand, oddly, he notices one of his clear plastic Anvil security business cards. He doesn't normally keep them there, but then the room itself was both unfamiliar and familiar at the same time.

Ever since Weyland-Yutani paid the survivors off, Driscoll always knew that despite that fact, that he would need to continue to watch his back in the case that the corporation decided to silence those who witnessed their folly? Their mistake? Their great error... to silence those who witnessed their great error first hand. That's what made him jumpy, but then again, sometimes it's just in the line of work that chose.

Who's room was this? Did he decide to sleep with someone that evening? Maybe he had too much to drink, but that's something he barely remembers now. Pulling himself out of bed, standing in the strange room in the nude, he first sifts through the nightstand's drawer in the case that his revolver had somehow found its way there. Instead of a weapon, however, he finds a watch. A brand new, expensive watch. Checking the time, he realizes that it's no longer working. Just holding the timepiece in hand is bringing back memories, but those are quickly dashed away as he shoves it back into the drawer before closing it shut; the action itself may make a sound audible to anyone outside in the hallway.

Those two blank -- new -- doors are a mystery. They're different than the rest and the Hunter doesn't remember them from the last time. She doesn't think so, at least. She's trying to separate her time on the Noc from her time on the Island from her time here, in this place, between the two. But to the best of her recollection... they weren't there. Even so, she approaches cautiously, slowly.

It's in that caution that she's passing the Capitalist's door. A place assumed empty. Neither she nor the Penitent had heard from him. Had known what had come of him. Assumed escaped and free on the Hephaestus and perhaps free of it all once they both put the pieces of who he was together. But then she hears that drawer slam within. The brunette hesitates and puts her hand to the door. Her mouth opens, then she stops. How should she address him? After a moment, she settles on what she feels more comfortable as -- even if only marginally -- in the moment and what Penitent seems to be 'presenting' more as (so far): "Rhys?" There's a light knock along with it.

She even reaches for the knob to open the door after the query. At one time, at least, they were close enough to just walk into one another's rooms.

After speaking with Thorne, Kylie didn't return immediately to her room. Instead she wandered down into the main parlour, and further on into the kitchen. Something to drink was in order. As usual, the Penitent simply has ... a glass of water. She's padding back down the hallway, still in her grey slacks and maroon tank top when the cat scampers by, and she offers the animal a serene smile, stepping aside to nod trip over him and spill her water.

Her eyes set upon The Hunter once again. Having missed the sound from within The Capitalist's room while she was wandering off, but realising that Thorne has heard something, she moves to quietly approach, eyes wide with a silent question.

The more that he took in his surroundings, the more Driscoll realized that this wasn't a woman's room at all. There were no feminine touches and there was definitely a more masculinely professional feel about the place altogether. On bared feet, he walks pass the room to the shower, though he does give it a mildly curious look when he draws near. It's the mirror at the front of the room, just next to the giant wardrobe that he's heading to. There was something very deja vu about all of this, as if he'd done this exact thing before.

The image reflected back at him was his own, for the most part. Lifting his chin, he rubs his hand against it, eyes focused first on stubble there. Looks like he had it trimmed recently, before his gaze lifts to view his eyes... and then his hair. It was styled differently, which baffles him, but just as he's about to run the hand at his chin to lift up to run fingers through his hair, there's a voice that calls out to him from just outside his door, followed by a knock.

Rather than checking to see who was at the door, he, instead, finds a spot in the corner, so that when the door swings open, he will be hidden from view. It's all done quickly, instinctively. The voice sounds somewhat familiar, but for now, he's merely lying in wait.

Pushing the door wider, the Hunter finds Conrad's -- Rhys'? -- room and frowns. She stands there in the doorway before heading further in; unaware of the Penitent behind her. "Conrad?" She tries the other name instead. It's Thorne all right, but perhaps with slightly different mannerisms. Her voice has a different pitch and cadence to it and she doesn't carry herself quite the same. Almost, though: very close, in fact. The Hunter, in the Facility, always had a sort of militaristic carriage to her. Something that spoke of specops training. It's not quite the same as the marine that was Michel Thorne, but it's close. The Hunter has a more stealthy, light and fluid motion to how she glides along whereas Thorne was just pure grunt. But there's that stance of someone certain that they are a deadly force in the room. That they can handle themselves.

Her eyes sweep over the place, but don't catch sight of the Capitalist. He's hidden himself well enough. She does, however, see the ANVIL card. She received one very similar in their first meeting. She picks it up, looking it over. Something passes her features -- remorse? pain? -- but it disappears quickly before she sets it down. The drawer that had been slammed closed is pulled open and she finds the watch within. The Hunter removes it and stares at the face. She never really took a close look at it other than seeing it on Conrad's wrist. She ultimately sets it down atop the card.

Moving further into the room slowly, she looks by the desk, stepping around it as if perhaps he crouched down behind there. That's when she spots Penny out in the hall. "I heard... I thought he might be in here."

Taking a sip from her glass of water, The Penitent moves closer to the door, peering within the room and watching The Hunter begin her examination. She notes the cards too; she remembers the logo. And the watch! That watch that Conrad was always checking on those days. Her expression softens, and there's a heavy, gloomy sigh escaping the woman. She glances around the hallway. Surely there's other people around? But for now things seem to be quiet.

"Were the lights already on?" She wonders quietly, her voice kept somewhat soft. For some reason it just seems wrong to disturb the quiet, and she's hesitant to do so. "Maybe he is in the bathroom." But surely he'd respond to Maata? Then again, who knows what horror he went through in those moments before he ended up here. She of course, assumes, that Rhys' end was just as traumatic as certain others. It's then that she decides to check, and so she's crossing the threshold into the room proper.

The Capitalist remains quiet behind that now opened door, keeping his tall frame out of sight, hiding in the shadows in his little corner. Here, he watches as the Hunter makes her entrance, crossing the room towards the bed and the nightstand. He observes when she investigates his business card and then the discarded watch within the drawer. He recognizes her. It's Thorne. But what was she doing here? Last he heard, from what he can recall, she was dead like so many others whom he had met on the Noc. Just this fact unnerves him, making him slink even further into his hiding spot for the time being.

He then realizes that she is talking to someone. There was another person at the doorway making her way inside. It's at that moment, when the Penitent steps foot into the room does he make his move. The door suddenly shifts, pushing closed as the Capitalist moves swiftly to position himself behind the woman who he knows as..... as Shorley? Or... Another name comes to mind, but right now it was fight or flight and he's chosen something inbetween both. With one arm wrapped across the Penintent's chest, his forearm pressed forcefully against her throat as he lifts that hand to cover at her mouth, his other hand reaches for her arm on that side, to hold her close. Awkwardly, he's still not dressed, but that doesn't seem to be his concern at the moment. Instead, he's looking across the way at The Hunter, "Thorne, what is going on here? Why are you... Who /are/ you?"

And then the man appears. The Hunter is about to approach, but he's grabbed Kylie and it becomes a hostage situation. She stops and goes still, lifting her hands to show them empty. "Rhys," she says, carefully, offering his name again. It's clear who he thinks he is. "We're back in... whatever this place is. You woke up again." She swallows. "We all did." There's a look from his eyes to the Penitent's, a look of 'relax, it'll be okay.'

They all know that they can be killed here. They also know they'll wake up again if they are.

"Just relax. And think back." The Hunter starts moving towards him now. "It'll come back to you. What do you remember before the Heph? Does the name Conrad sound familiar?" As she speaks, she continues walking towards them both at a slow, steady pace.

The sudden movement catches the Penitent off guard. Kylie would be better prepared for something like this -- well. Not exactly like this. But the woman isn't, and she's caught up in that grip with nothing more than a brief squeak escaping her, thought would probably be more of a shriek if that hand didn't clamp over her mouth almost immediately.

Once his hold upon her is complete and secure, she doesn't attempt to struggle; the woman freezes up in place, eyes wide as she's only able to really stare at Thorne. If she gets the message from the Hunter, it's hard to say, she's not daring to move.

"You. All. Died." The man clearly believes he is Rhys Driscoll and seeing all of these people who should be dead may make him come across as unhinged. "Or is this some Weyland-Yutani conspiracy?" With his back now towards the open door and the hallway, The Capitalist begins slowly backing out in that direction while keeping The Penitent close to him as possible. Only briefly, does he peer over his shoulder in the case that there were others, but he knows Thorne enough. He knows that she is a capable soldier, so it doesn't take long for him to resettle his gaze back on her, not wanting to be caught off-guard by the former marine.

The memories of this place and of the island come to him very slowly, still high on this adrenaline rush of waking up in a foreign place. He knows that's not right. He knows that he's been here before, but that would be madness. When Conrad's name is mentioned, he shoots then sharp look in the Hunter's direction, a look of anger. "You're all trying to get into my head... I..." There's a pause, thinkin back further on her words that he 'woke up again'. "What do I remember before the Hephaestus? Before our doomed journey to the Noc? I remember that my people were alive." He's beginning to remember other things, but it's almost as if he's stubbornly trying to shut the memory of the Island out, not wanting to lose his mind any more than what it already feels like is happening to him. It's at this moment that the Hunter might see an opening, in his distracted frame of mind.

"There is no Weyland-Yutani," Thorne says, continuing her approach. She keeps it slow and steady at first. Calm. Focused. The way you deal with a threat. With a threat who has a hostage. She keeps her focus on him and not on Penny. At least for the moment. "Not here. You're Conrad and Rhys. Just like I'm Maata and Michel." Just as he pushed the personalities and who they were and are before, she's doing the same now. A force of will.

"When did you sign your contract? Who was there? How did you feel?" The Hunter keeps up the banter, keeps up the focus. The distraction. That is until she sees that opening. And as soon as she sees it, she swoops in. She tries not just to push Penny aside, but to shove the Capitalist against the wall; her arm to his chest now, to hold him there if she can. To get him in place for a moment to make him take the time to absorb the situation. Or at least to no longer be a risk to anyone until it does sink in.

Remaining absolutely still, the Penitent is a compliant hostage, taking those small steps back along with the Capitalist, not doing anything at all to attempt to make it difficult to retreat with her. Her mind is racing with things she could say to assist Thorne's attempt to calm the man down.

Until The Hunter makes her move. When she pounces, then, and only then does the Penitent attempt to wiggle free of the hold she's in.

The Hunter mentions that name again: Conrad. The Capitalist isn't sure why it infuriates him so much. Then again, maybe it's not the Capitalist being angered by it, but Driscoll at having some vague memory of this Conrad Wellson. Then she speaks of Maata and it's as if he can envision this woman in his mind and while Maata and Thorne look so alike, at that moment, he can see them both in different lights. In his mind.

The questions posed to him come out in a rapidfire and just like that, to keep his own sanity, he tries to answer them in turn as quickly as he can, "Five months..." His brow furrows, "Before setting out on their one last haul." Next question, "Captain... Captain Ward." Was it? "And Hunt." He knows that there were more people there, but they don't immediately spring to mind. It's at this moment that he forces Penitent's face to tilt back slowly and though he recognizes her as that cargo chick, there's something else and for some reason, his features begin to soften.

The Hunter doesn't give Driscoll much time to push out memories of Madison as she takes swift action against him, freeing the Penitent from his grasp... even if there is a bit of struggle to do so, but eventually the hand at her wrist releases her when he is shoved hard against the wall. With their gaze locked, there is a power-play going on between the two as every muscle in the Capitalist's body tenses as he tries to push back against the Hunter's force. Then, almost as if he had come to his senses, the resistance stops.

"You can't remember clearly, can you? I know I lost my leg, but fuck if I can remember the specifics. It's like snapshots. I should remember every gory little detail, right? What about your time as a Marshal? You should remember gun fights, yeah?" Once the Penitent is free, Thorne presses in close against him as she continues. She can see that she's getting through and she's not ready to relent.

Even if she remembers so clearly how he smells. How he feels against her like this. It's like a third set of memories intermingling with the other two that she's still trying to ratify. Her eyes briefly lid, but she only briefly relaxes herself. The woman doesn't step away, but there's that breath or two where being so close to Rhys -- to Conrad, to whoever he is -- gets to her and she has to steel herself. "Please," she says more quietly. "Just remember." After how hard he fought to anchor herself and his sister previously, it seems it's her turn now.

Slipping away, The Penitent takes a moment to collect herself before turning about, to watch the pair of them, head tilting just slightly to the side. "It is the same for me. All that time on Sevastopol station is ..." she wiggles her fingers, "Just a story. A game someone played rather than actually lived through. Just like last time."

There's a shake to that hand, and it drops down as she shifts uncomfortably, nervously. "We're not here to hurt you, little brother. Or mess with your head. We're just as confused ... but we're all still together."

Driscoll really couldn't remember things clearly, though he knows that he should be able to. His memory was so spotty, just like... just like the last time. This was a dangerous thing that he was doing now, sifting through these snapshots in his mind, but going beyond simply the life of Rhys Driscoll, but to flip through various instances of Conrad's life as well. There's this flaring of his nostrils, this clenching of his jaw before he slowly begins to shake his head. "Well, shit." He even grins a little, but not in a way that Conrad would despite them sharing a face.

Being this close to the Hunter helps somewhat, if really to calm him down. That smile still on his lips, he meets her gaze with his own again and he's definitely still Driscoll. "There's a lot of things that I do recall now that I think about it. I'm sure you remember them too." He only alludes to things so this vaguely, but once Madison... or the Penitent calls him her little brother does that bit of a smug grin start to fade. "This... all of this. It's so fucked up."

Once she can tell that he's finally calming -- actually calming -- down, the Hunter does begin to release her hold on Rhys so that she's not trying to pin him to the wall so much. Her hands brush over his shoulders, but she stares at him still a moment longer. She can't help but offer a bit of a smile, too, when he mentions things she might recall as well. "I remember some things," the woman says quietly. "And yes, it is fucked up. I... We're-" she looks over to Penny, "not sure what it all means."

Taking a deep breath, she lifts her hands to flank his features and leans up, drawing him into a kiss. Unable, it'd seem, to quite help herself. He didn't get free of this place like she had fleetingly hoped when she met up with Kylie, but she's also relieved -- in a selfish way -- to see him again. "You should probably put some clothes on." There's something of a grin herself before she steps away. "I'm getting something to eat."

"If it even means anything at all," The Penitent says, eyes thoughtful and distant for a moment. Once the Capitalist is calmer, anyway, her mind wanders a little. "I'm not so sure about that. But it's quite strange all the same." There's another uncomfortable shift as she watches the pair of them, just the way they are together and so close, and she averts her gaze to stare across the room.

"Oh. This is going to be extraordinarily strange now." She mutters, torn between staying and going herself when the Hunter notes she's going to get some food. "You should. With the clothes. It'll make things marginally less awkward."

In the urgency of the moment and then the heated aftermath that followed, The Capitalist had forgotten that he hadn't dressed. The cold wall against his back should have been a reminder to him, but everything that was being said and those memories slowly flooding into his mind, clothing was the least of his concerns. And now he's being reminded about it by not only the Hunter, but by his 'sister' as well. When that comes to mind, it really did feel all the more awkward. Not that the kiss wasn't distracting enough as it is, but just that closeness, that intimacy... Yes, he wasn't wearing any clothes.

Not entirely shy about being in the buff, perhaps if the Penitent weren't here, things wouldn't feel so weird. "I'll catch up with the both of you later. I need some time to think." There's no apologies given for his actions, though he does turn to allow his eyes to linger on the Hunter for a long, silent moment. He remembers his time with her both on the Island and on the Noc. It only dawns on him then that the Island felt so... primitive compared to the life that he remembers far more clearly, as it's the latest memory in his mind.

With those lingering thoughts, he makes his way towards the bathroom. A hot shower would do him some good. In passing, though he keeps at a modest angle when walking anywhere near The Penitent, he calls out, "Don't wait for me."