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Return to the Island
Characters  •   The Bravo  •  The Defender  •  The Penitent  •  The Capitalist  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •
Location  •  Holodeck - Grey Island
Date  •  2018-12-30
Summary  •  Capitalist, Penitent and the Defender return to Grey Island on the Bravo's insistence, for this is where it all started. The Thrill-Seeker later shows up on her way to find Penny.

Both the Capitalist and Bravo made plans on what to do with these mystery doors, what comes as a surprise is what the blank slate actually suggests once they're gathered together outside of one. As odd as it may be, the white 'resort' style suit that the Capitalist wears today is practically one of Conrad Wellson's vacation style attire when he hosted Wyred Fest. Wellson's watch is, of course, strapped all shiny to his wrist and for whatever reason, he has a pair of designer shades tucked away into his breast pocket. So when this suggestion is made, he already looks dressed for the part, even if he was merely planning on wearing the suit for whatever else he would find himself in for the remainder of the day.

So filled with regret and apprehension, The Capitalist brings them back to where it all started. The place where their very first memories were sparked -- or at least for the three-timers. They end up in the Food Pavilion, perfect, the way that it looked prior to Wyred Fest's opening night, where everything started to go wrong. Those who lived this life may remember this very space as the gathering point for the evening, where everyone was ordered to huddle around in preparation for the monsters that would surely come.

He's got a bad feeling about any of this, taking a step forward, slipping those shades on, giving him that cool guy look with the fancy white suit. "I don't know what you plan to find here, actress." He's still calling her that. "But here it is. Wyred Fest."

There are plans upon plans, ideas upon ideas. Sometimes too many different ideas, but Bravo feels pretty strongly about this idea for some reason, and while not pushy about the idea, she seems firm about it.

Part of that might be that she dressed for an island, just in case they agreed with her wild idea she didn't want to run "home" and change. So she's got on a pair of strappy sandals, a black bikini with a brilliantly patterned and colored sarong around her waist, large sunglasses and the sort of careless bounce to her step of someone lacking the horrible memories of the place.

"I'm thinking..." She starts once they are inside the pavillion, looking around before she tugs her sunglasses down, "That this place being the first experience might have some kind of meaning. Maybe something here was missed...plus, it's a beach with water and sun."

Right now, the Defender is occupying one of the single occupant seats with a small table at its side where a mug of hot chocolate sits. Instead of watching the flatscreen television, he is enjoying a book, relaxing quietly while he reads. Something, apparently, he found that he has missed greatly. Ironically, the Defender's attire is what Anton usually wore when he was both on and off-duty on the island, just minus the suit jacket. So when the Capitalist and Bravo came by with the suggestion of heading into the mystery door, the Defender agreed, perhaps curious or bored. When they step through the door into one of their past lives, Anton's memories come to the forefront and he quickly slows to a stop, brows furrowing up as the surroundings are immediately and clearly recognized. "Not sure what meaning there could have been, Miss, except to survive. From the damned inbred, murdering natives and the undead they summoned." It is obvious that Anton did not have fond memories of this place and it has put him slightly back on edge, almost as if he's slipping back to the role he had when he was here.

The Penitent has gone in a different direction when it comes to attire. When she realized the Island was the destination behind the door she did decide to change into something more sensable than her usual wear around this place. Black jeans, a plain red t-shirt, and some strappy sandals of her own. While she's sort of attempted to get away from Madison who always wore business casual when dealing with things on the island, there's still a bit of aphrension in her as she steps through that door and into the food pavillion.

She's quiet as she stares around, doing a slow circle, her expression carefully neutral as she looks beyond the pavillion really, just staring quietly. Eventually, she speaks. "It's just so damn quiet," she says softly. Not that she really expected anything else, but that more than anything might unsettle her, it seems. A sharp breath that also comes with a shudder through her, she shakes her head.

Once his eyes are able to adjust to the blinding sun thanks to his shades (not that he /really/ needs them to see...), the Capitalist's attention falls on a place that he frequented often during his stay here. Taking slow, initial steps in the direction of what once was called Fort Starbucks, he does have one major gripe, "The worst part about coming into these spaces, walking through those doors, are that these places are empty and quiet." He then adds to this, "It's a good thing that the machinery is all up and running and that I know how to make my own iced macchiatto." He's happy to leave the group behind if just to make his own drink. It's too damn early to do anything, in his mind.

"Maybe." Bravo agrees with the Defender, offering him a bit of a smile and a shrug, "But fresh eyes, right?" She points to her own eyes, indicating that she means herself in this. "I don't know that there is anything to be discovered, but...it has to be better than nothing, right?"

Right! She moves towards Penny, grabbing her hand to start pulling her after Capitalist, pausing to give Defender a tilt of her head that he should come along as well. Then she's off, and talking the entire way, "So what I'm thinking is that we can look around, same as we did on the big Noc thing...I can't promise anything'll be found, probably nothing will be found. Hey, C...can you make two of those?"

There is a nod directed at the Penitent from the Defender when she mentions the quietness in the surroundings, very eerie compared to when they were actually here in one of their past lives. His attention quickly shifts to the Capitalist and he who use to be Anton frowns again, as if seeking clarification, "So when we come to these... places, through those doors, there are no dangers?" As for better than nothing, the Defender does turn his gaze back to the Bravo, as if unsure what his answer would be. However, he does follow and as he does, he looks surprised that she's already visited the Noc. It seems like while the Defender has been settling back into the Facility, some of the others have been keeping busy.

Her hand taken up, the Penitent moves along easily, though with a distracted look about her as she keeps peering about. When on the Noc she had a few moments of unease about her, especially in the cargo bay that she died in, but here, she seems different. Subdued. But she comes along easily enough, lightly bighting at her lower lip in a nervous gesture that is rather reminiscent of Madison, for those that remember that woman.

"I don't know about no dangers," she offers, glancing over her shoulder at the Defender. "But not like the dangers we faced, at least. We've not found another living thing except for ourselves in these places. No hostile aliens, and I assume there's no native tribe here or their dead ancestors come to make us pay in blood." She shakes her head, glancing back to watch the Capitalist.

Now inside of Starbucks with the Capitalist behind the counter, there's a very obvious roll of his eyes when Bravo asks for a cup herself. It's delibrately done so that she can see it, but he doesn't seem overly put off by the task. "I'll just make four of them before the natives," He's actually talking about the rest of their small group, in quite the insensitive way, "get riled up." These barista skills were either learned through Conrad or Driscoll, it wouldn't be a surprise if it were the latter still, just like the bartending at the Twin Stars. That said, Conrad was a heavy coffee drinker.

"All I know is that there aren't any people here." From where he stands before the espresso machine, he's giving a curious look out the windows of the place, as if hoping to catch sight of a seagull or something similar. "No guarantees that there aren't any monster boar in the jungle," This is said in wry annoyance, having survived an encounter with one. "But no one else has said anything about seeing animals." He's not sure whether the Bravo and the Defender had met, so he makes some sort of introduction, "This man used to be my bodyguard here on the island. He then saved my life afterwards on the Noc." Bravo most definitely heard conversation about Wolfram, the colonial marshall, well here he is.

The question about dangers just gets a shrug from Bravo, "I've never seen anyone else in any of these rooms that I didn't also see outside these rooms...and no dangers that I've seen at all." There is a bit of a reassuring smile cast towards Defender, one that is also offered to Penitent as well.

But then there is eyerolling and the nature of that smile changes, less reassuring and more just amusedly pleased with herself for the results of things. The introduction causes her to pause, looking a little more serious for a moment before shaking her head, "Twice?" She wonders, looking suitably impressed by the number of times Defender has saved Capitalist's life, or protected it as the case might be.

Then some sort of thought occurs to her, and she finds herself moving towards the counter, never letting go of Penitent, so she either has to fight for freedom, or get drug around with her. "How many connections, similar ones I mean....seem to cross from one life to the next?"

When the introduction is made, the Defender inclines his head to the Bravo, though he has no real name to give, he has three and one can say they are all him, or none of them are him. But he nods just the same, "Once. Things... didn't work out very well here on the island, unfortunately." And the contract in his room is a stark reminder. The Bravo's question though has the Defender arching a brow though, "Connections? None that I can see. We've lived completely different lives... and completely different time periods. Who we were... seems to be random too."

Seemingly happy to be dragged along, or simply distracted and more likely to just stand there doing a whole lot of nothing, Penny finds herself nearing the counter where the coffee is being prepared, nodding slowly. "There's sometimes connections though. I mean, look at us," she says, gesturing with that other hand to the Capitalist. "And things like, Nolan and Lupe. Ramona and Riordan. Hell, even Esme and Ethan if I remember right. They always seem to find each other some way or another. And die together, as it turns out. Though the first time seemed more coincidence than anything else." She leans slightly against the counter, huffing out a bit of a sigh, and then glancing at Bravo proper, as if only just kind of noticing that she's got her hand. Huh! "You know, I haven't craved a cigarette ... ever, since waking up from Madison. But now that I'm here, man."

It takes a while for him to make four venti sized plastic cups filled with caramel machiatto, but in the end, they look as they should. There's no stirring it up to blend everything together the way some novice baristas do to ruin perfectly good machiattos. With his own drink in hand, already sipping through the straw, he slides the other three over for the rest of the group to partake.

No comment is made when the Defender corrects Bravo on how many times he's saved the Capitalist's life. The Capitalist, or even Conrad, himself barely remembered any of what happened after Akala got ahold of them via radio in the security trailer. Though some memories that he hadn't thought about for a very long time begin to slowly resurface.

When Penitent gestures towareds him, he does have to correct somewhat, "Our relationships, especially, have been very different. But you're right about Professor Drake," It's hard not to call the man that now that the Capitalist is back on the island, "And Bella," That's the name that he knows of the Creepshow best.

His sister's... Penitent's distress is something that catches his eyes and whether she really wants to start up on the bad habit or not, he reaches into his pants pockets and pulls out a pack of cigs, sliding it in her direction as well. "Now that we've got one of the four basic food groups in a cup, to go," Coffee... "Do you want to see the beach?" He can clearly see that the beach is what the Bravo is dressed for.

"So there are some connections.." Bravo replies, tilting her head at Capitalist and Penitent, "I mean, obviously you two...And Maata." She's heard about those, after all." Then there is a litany of other names, and while she doesn't have faces that go with these names, she is absorbing the fact that some very much are connected. Somehow.

The drink is accepted with a cheerfully blown kiss for all the annoyance she caused by asking for it, "Yeah, beach." She agrees, tucking the straw into her mouth, chewing on it for a moment in thought. "Do you think you could help me make a flow chart or something? Of who is when and with who....or something. It might not mean anything....buuuut..." This is clearly a request for Penitent, because she looks at her at the question, looking hopeful.

Hearing the Penitent's view on relationships from their past lives, something that the Defender either did not notice or just did not connect the dots to, he seems to be reconsidering. Though for him, it appears that he still feels it is a coincidence more than anything else. When the drinks are ready, Anton gives a word of thanks to the Capitalist though he does give the caramel machiatto a dubious look at first, unsure of what to make of it. He drank coffee, black, not this fancy stuff with special names for their sizes. While they discuss the connections and creating a chart, the Defender begins sipping at the machiatto, just silently listening in.

"Very different, yes. But we were still drawn together in some way or another," Penny says to Capitalist, nodding just vaguely as she reaches for the drink, sipping at the straw thoughtfully. "I wonder who else finds reoccuring themes. If anyone does." Finally freeing her hand from Bravo's grasp, she reaches for the packet of smokes, just absently opening it and withdrawing one with a familiar motion, holding it a moment as she peers at Bravo. "That ... well. I suppose I could, it's an idea though I'm not sure there'll really be any answers at the end of the tunnel."

Flow charts and things of that nature are part of the Capitalist's board room minded skillset, but he seems content enough to allow the Penitent to take up the job, seemingly pleased that she may actually take part in their attempts at solving these mysteries. Stepping out from behind the counter, machiatto in one hand, the other buried in pants pocket. Once he's passing the Penitent, that hand withdraws and he gives her his gold lighter in case she wants to smoke that thing.

"The beach it is then." He says in the most unenthusiastic tour guide voice, as he's already making his way outside of the coffee shop.

"Of course there will be answers." Just what answers there might be is anyone's guess, really.

Bravo glances at Defender, giving him a grin, "Like your connection. You're clearly drawn to protecting him." Him, in this case, is Capitalist, the unenthusiastic tour guide. "That's just as important as their connections." They, obviously being Capitalist and Penitent.

Then without any more brilliantly unbrilliant comments, Bravo turns to head after Capitalist, hurrying so that she can catch up with him, "You going to swim, too?"

Following the other three as they head to the beach, the Defender can't dispute what the Bravo says, with her fresh perspective. It does has him thinking things over again because after the Noc, to him, it was just him being in the right place at the right time to save the Capitalist from the alien that had him pinned. "I guess it's possible, though when we were in Prosperity... well, I think we were all just finding a way to survive and also free ourselves, together." As for swimming, it's obvious what the Defender's answer will be, as he isn't dressed anywhere close to take a dip in the waters.

"And Eilis, apparently," Penny says thoughtfully about the Defender's draw to protect the Capitalist, though she gives a weak smile at him. "Though that was kinda different," she admits. She rearranges things in her hands, sliding the packet of smokes into a pocket of her jeans, clasping the unlit cigarette and the lighter together in one hand, though she's not actually set to light the thing yet as she follows along to the beach. "Prosperity is kind of the odd one out in a lot of ways, huh?" Though there's a brighter chirp afterwards as she states, "I'll swim! Why not, I never got to last time I was here."

The beach was indeed one of the biggest draws for their guests to dish out that $10k or more per ticket to even attend the music festival. Even now, it looked serene and untouched, then again, this was Gray Island, the abandoned island. He doesn't yet remove his shoes, though he can feel grains of sand entering those expensive leather dress shoes.

There's this look that the Capitalist shoots over at the Bravo through his dark sunglasses, his response to her inquiring whether they were going to swim. "Unlike someone, I wasn't told ahead of time that we would be coming out here." There's a pause when he casts his gaze towards the horizon, viewing that large expanse of beautiful ocean. "So I've come woefully unprepared." There's no towels or sunscreen either! Just him, his sunglasses and his iced machiatto. Though he's sure that he could retrieve some of that stuff, including the sunscreen if he raided some of the island shops they had set up for their guests.

It's more of a subconcious thing, but the Capitalist is leading the group further down the stretch of sand in the direction of where some of the most expensive huts were positioned on prime real estate on the beach. One of these huts was his. Anton... the Defender may remember it on the day that he had to get Wellson out of that hut, across the sand, all while avoiding the slaughter going on around them. Conrad Wellson's screaming personal assistant was there as well. It was a memorable moment.

But other memories are stirred by this visitation and for a time he simply stares at the front door of what was once his luxury hut, as if he could see Wellson's girlfriend, Vannessa Templeton's, bloodied hand print still freshly placed upon it when she was trying to get inside.

There is a smile for Penitent when she says that she is going to go swimming, "Perfect." The straw is tucked right back into her mouth as she follows along, trusting that Capitalist is going to lead them to the best part of the beach for swimming.

"You could just swim in your boxers. Or naked. It's not like any..." She pauses that thought, then glances at Defender before she changes what she was going to say, "You could just swim in your boxers." Since she has no idea that there might be such things as sunscreen or towels anywhere on the island, although that would clearly make sense.

When the reach the hut, and Capitalist starts to stare at the door there is just the briefest of taps on his elbow before she turns her attention towards the other two, "So, the connections things...I think that it might still be really important to track, if we even can. Who seems to keep ending up with, or around the same people, and in what nature maybe? Even if the last one was different."

The Defender does indeed remember that incident when the undead suddenly waded up from the waters and onto the beach as his gaze moves from the hut that belonged to Conrad and then to the Tiki Bar where the aforementioned personal assistance ended up taking shelter after screaming her head of. Took a bit of doing to pry her away from what she thought was a safe hiding spot. "Never thought we'd be back here again..." As for swimming, it appears that the Defender will be opting out, "I think I'll stay on shore." He also slows to a stop outside of Conrad's hut, giving the other man his moment.

"That's not your best excuse," Penny chides Capitalist on his reasons for being unprepared to swim, moving along the beach. "As soon as I heard, I was prepared!" She seems more cheeful than when she first came in, and still shows no signs of actually lighting the cigarette. Just holding onto it. Though, as they move through the festival grounds and down to the beach proper, she does catch a glimpse of the Security Trailer along the way, and it sets her quiet again, and thoughtful.

Once they're at the hut proper, she watches the Capitalist, nodding briefly to Bravo. "It'll be a lot of questioning people I imagine. And seeing who even wants to talk. Some people don't like to talk about and go over what happened. You might have noticed that?" She shrugs a little though, and then steps past her to move up to the Capitalists side. She stands close, a hand upon his shoulder. She doesn't say anything, just that calm presence of the Penitent and a shared memory. Though she only heard what happened here, she still lived that same night.

The scenery was lovely, this was nature at it's best... nevermind the mandmade structures that were built for Wyred Fest. The memories, however, many of them were far from pleasant. Then in his daze, even with the touch to his elbow and the Penitent's hand upon his shoulder, his head slowly turns to stare out at some random piece of sand dune in the distance, not too far from his hut. While all the others may see is pristine sand... he sees a blood trail leading from the door of his hut to this section of beach, where Templeton's bloodied body was found, her arm severed, laying haphazardly beside the rest of her. In a way, he missed Vanessa. She was one of those who didn't show up at the Facility and yet, he knew that he did her wrong, having moved on before she died... not that it would have made things better if he did so immediately afterwards.

But eventually, he waks up, the words spoken now sounding clearer to him as he's not distracted any longer. "Maybe we shouldn't have come back," He says, words coming out in a nervous murmur, feeling that whirlwind of emotions that he'd felt that day. "But also, this could be a way of just moving past all of that. There were tragic and terrible things that happened here. And there were some far more pleasant memories..." But even his thoughts on Maata is tainted as she is no longer with them.

Not wanting to look weak in any way, he composes himself once more, taking anothre sip from his icy beverage. "A swim might do me some good."

Perhaps recognizing that while she has no reaction to this place outside the appreciation for how nice the sand is, and blue the ocean is, Bravo is quiet while everyone else seems to be working through their own demons. Their own memories. While they are, she's watching them and not the surroundings, studying each one for a little bit, looking for the changes in expression, the slight frowns or tension, the sadness or confusion. Anything that happens, she's watching.

When it circles back around to the idea that swimming might be a good idea in the end she easily shakes herself free of that focus to agree, "I think a swim would do everyone some good." And to prove the point, she moves to try and steer the group, Defender included, away from the hut and instead towards the water.

"Nettie has a point, some people went through some really bad times... and reliving it, may be something they don't want to do. And I don't blame them." The Defender says as he recalls how his own memories come rushing back together when he first wakes, "Plus, those of us who's been through multiple lifetimes, having to juggle all these conflicting memories? It hurts sometimes." The Defender does head away from the hut when everyone else begins moving towards the beach and the waters, but his eyes do look back towards the other structures, "I think I'm going to take a walk while you three swim, if I don't see you here, I'll see you all back at the Facility." He turns to head out before pausing and looking back, "Um... how do we get out again?"

For the Penitent, she feels like she's one of the few people who knows the Capitalist. She knows parts of him that he doesn't generally let others see, and knows them well. At least in his Conrad and Cillian lives. "I can't say I have a single pleasant memory of this place at all. Not one." She says back to him sadly, shaking her head and then stepping away to give him that moment to compose himself. "Though, I guess nothing says we can't start making them."

So down to the water it is then, and she offers a vague wave of her hand to the Defender. "You should come swim! But, you can just go back through the door we came in through. In the pavillion. Or I guess stay here until you wake up back in your room, either way." Then she's moving to fall into step besides Bravo, glancing sidelong at her with a small smile.

The Capitalist was still working through his demons even as he begins to rid himself of his material things. He crouches to set down both his sunglasses and half-filled cup of macchiatto where he once stood staring at what used to be his hut. Wellson's watch is the first to be removed and tossed carelessly upon the sand as he follows Bravo's lead. While he's loosening his tie, he easily kicks off his brown leather shoes, one at a time. It's as if he's leaving a trail of clothing behind him. The white suit jacket is the next to go. Nothing is neatly folded here. That tie is the next victim to fall.

In a sense, he's shut out the conversation again, hearing muffled voices as if he were already beneath the waves. All that he knows is that beautiful blue ocean spread out before him.

Without even looking, his deft finger undo his belt buckle, letting his once perfectly pressed suit pants loosen with each step and instead, he focuses this absent attention on the buttons of his dress shirt -- fingers working each button down the front, before undoing the ones at each wrist. The shirt is discarded first, followed by his trousers, leaving him in only his boxers and socks. It's the socks that he works on now, easily peeling them off and letting the waves that now lap as his bare feet carry them away.

He then slowly enters the water, wandering forward in that aimless way that he's been carrying himself, though one hand does finally lift to run fingers through his slicked back hair, before he subermerges himself completely.

"The door will still be there, right where it was on the way in..." Bravo assures Defender, seconding Penitent's words about the door. The matter of people not wanting to revisit hard memories, though, she just keeps her mouth shut on them.

So, off to the water she goes, although she doesn't leave a trail of clothes like Capitalist does. She waits until she's closer to the water to start divesting herself of things that shouldn't be warn into the water, pinning the sarong down in the sand by the weight of her coffee.

Then she waits for Penitent to be ready for the water, watching Capitalist for a little while, then Penitent, then looking back to see if Defender really did leave, or change his mind. All very quietly, though. When it's time to actually head into the water she offers a quick smile, and a wink, to Penitent before she runs for the water instead of walks. As soon as she's splashed her way deeply enough into it she dives into the blue ocean as though her life just might depend on it.

Penny likewise sets her things down. She never did light that cigarette. It was just too close to being Madison, perhaps. Or maybe she was just distracted and now it's time to get in the water. Her t-shirt is peeled off, the sandals left behind and the jeans come down quickly. She did come perpared, with a simple dark purple bikini on beneath the clothing. She does pay attention to the Capitalist too, with a strange expression. Concern, perhaps, but not quite. There's a certain wistfullness there.

It's all shaken away when that smile and wink comes from Bravo to her, and then she's dashing off after the other woman. Splashing into the water just behind the other woman, she propels herself foward, sticking to the surface of the water for the most part. Swimming is something Penny's actually pretty good at.

This wasn't the first time that he'd swam in these waters. He'd done so before the festival, when they were still setting the place up and right before the first guests had arrived. With Vanessa. He knows that much. Right here too, next to their shared hut. Living through Wellson's memories, even the ones that the Capitalist has to pull from, that known bits of information from Conrad's time before the island, force him to relive certain moments of Wellson's life, especially those memories connected to this beach, that hut.

That burning feeling he gets when he inhales through his nose when his head is beneath the water's surface helps to combat emotional pain with physical discomfort. In a sense, it's helping. It's pulling him away from these guilty thoughts, waking him from these memories of his time spent with Vanessa and then Maata right here on this beach.

He'll never wash those memories away permanently and they'll continue to haunt him for as long as he shares space with Conrad Wellson in his mind and his heart, but for now, he's composed himself enough to shrug some of that negativity away, tasting the salt water on his lips and the tip of his tongue.

Only then does he finally turn to regard the others, noticing that the Defender had gone missing.

A few feet out, and Bravo resurfaces, spitting out a mouthful of water before her hands lift up to slick her hair back from her face. There is a bit of treading the water, glancing around, spotting where Capitalist is, and then Penitent.

"Come on." She waits until Penitent has caught up with her before she starts to move through the water to where Capitalist has surfaced. It's not quite swimming, and it's not quite a dog-paddle, she's sort of half-assing the entire thing over to him, her chin kept up above the water as best she can with the waves that come in and out.

Then, there is more treading of the water, a hand raising up to swipe at her eyes before she glances between them, "So....."

Swimming was something Madison was good at, and with the magical rooms now working, more than a few times Penny has conjured up a pool for herself to begin the day. She could almost move like a fish, cutting through the water as she circles back around to Bravo, grinning briefly and then easily closing that distance and making her way over towards the woman. The sigh that comes from her is something almost content. She does enjoy simple little things, like swimming in the ocean.

Running her hands through her hair to peel wet hair from her face, she casually makes her way along also towards the Capitalist, lingering a moment before starting to just lightly move in a lazy circle, pausing to tread water herself at that statement from Bravo. "So!" She echoes with far more enthusiasm for whatever reason.

The Capitalist's perfectly styled hair is completely undone when wet, allowing for his bangs to brush against his brow and into his face. Not that he seems to mind, other than the stinging senstion he feels when droplets of salt water make their way down his wet features and occasionally into his eyes. In a languid fashion, he begins to slowly do a few backstrokes, but mainly, he's more idly floating around somewhat, eyes staring up into the clear blue sky. "I'd say that we could hold a race," He cranes his neck so that he can view the Penitent hovering in the water nearby, "But Madison," He speaks Conrad's sister's name, "will beat us both hands down."

The lazy circles and enthusiasm from Penitent is at least enough to cause Bravo to smile, a hand moving to splash her when she comes to a pause, "So." She repeats, but whatever might have been said is left unsaid at Capitalist's words.

"We could still race. Just because she'll beat us doesn't mean that it won't be fun." This idea seems to make her happy, even if a loss is on the way. She moves through the water towards Penitent, leaning in to give her a quick kiss before she faux whispers, "Don't beat us too bad. I'll never recover." Then she's starting to swim further out into the water, cheating horribly by not telling either of them the race is starting.

A light laugh comes from the Penitent as she lifts her hands as though to defend against the splashing of water, though she's grinning and there's that playful glint in her eyes at the third repetition of the words, glancing at Capitalist briefly, vaguely amused by the notion of a race and who'll win. She doesn't disagree with his opinion on who's likely to win.

The kiss from Bravo doesn't seem to surprise her at the moment, "Are you saying I'll --" and then of course the other woman's off already and she rolls her eyes, staring after her. "Have to make it up to you," she finishes, and then with one more glance to the Capitalist there's a grin, and she's setting off in pursuit, cutting through the water with ease.

The quick and flirtatious exchange between the two women, of course, catches the Capitalist's attention. It would draw in the attention of any man! There's a curious look given between the pair, but the next thing he knows, the actress is off, making plans to win this race, or so it would seem. With what, at first, looked like an inquiring look to the Penitent now becomes a shared eye-rolling moment, but he lets the Penitent do that, this time instead. He doesn't immediately set out after the Bravo, though he can't help himself, there's this pursed lip look of someone being amused, before he inhales a deep breath, his nostrils flaring. It's all in jest really, but that aggravated expression is one that he's mastered.

A faint smile forms o his lips as he shakes his head, "Unbelieavable." For a time, he seems content to admire the view as both women swim out, one trying to catch up to the other. With yet another shake of his head, he decides to set off after them, even though he knows he's trailing far behind.

With the way the Penitent swims, it's not really hard to catch Bravo. While she can swim, she's no swimmer of any class and skill. Backyard pool in the summer level of swimming here. So the strokes aren't as clean as they could be, and her speed starts out fine, but she starts to slow down and is easily caught.

Whether or not Penitent keeps swimming after, Bravo comes to a stop, looking flushed and winded, and like she might have swallowed a bit too much of that salt water to keep going. There's not any risk of her keeling over, thankfully, but she certainly seems to be tapping out of the race. Which just leaves Capitalist to try and catch up, and maybe win, so she looks towards where he's swimming out, "Come on C! Don't let me down!"

Maybe catching Bravo is the whole point! Once she'd caught up alongside the other woman and Bravo comes to a stop, an arm looping around the woman. "Cheater!" She declares, glancing behind her to see that Capitalist has indeed started to swim after them. Is he even racing? That amused little look in her eyes remains. "Where are we even racing to!" She says, calling out as well and looking around.

"Maybe another twenty five metres that way or so!" She decides, keeping on eye on the closing Capitalist. Apparently she's gonna give him a chance to catch up some, but she's letting the Bravo go and is ready to spring off again once he's closed the distance. She's confident she doesn't even need the lead!

The Capitalist is no slouch when it comes to swimming, so it doesn't take him overly long to catch up to where the Penitent now waits for him. He's in perfectly good shape and works out several times a week, as far as he can tell about the way time works in the Facility, so he's got the stamina. What he doesn't really have is the technique that the Penitent does, even if both Conrad and Driscoll were perfectly good swimmers in the normal sense. He is doing this for fun, but will give the girls a run for their money if they let him. He isn't sure where they are headed or when they'll reach their goal, all he is interested in is finishing the race even if he has to hunt them down to do so.

"What..." Bravo starts, then she laughs at the fact the race isn't actually over, shaking her head, "Alright." She lifts both of her hands up to them, "I'll move out there, and you two swim to me."

Then she starts to move in the indicated direction, not that she actually knows where twenty five meters are out there, she's going to just make it up and decide that where ever she stops is going to be the finish line. OR...she's trying to cheat again and lull them both into a false sense of security about their wins. She calls over her shoulder, "Winner gets a prize! Second place gets a second prize!" Which means both people evidently win a prize. If she's not actually racing this time.

Treading water for a moment, the Penitent waits until Bravo is in position. Wherever that is. There's just a laugh at the talk of prizes, and then she's off as well. Given she waited around, it's likely to be a pretty close race. Penny may have the technique, but in the short distance the Capitalist may be able to overtake her. Not that she's planning on letting him win, oh no. She's doing everything she can to cut through the water almost like a fish. She's no swimming prodigy or athlete at the stuff, but hey. Madison had a personal trainer!

Conrad and Madison probably rarely ever raced against each other in any form, with Conrad not being overly competitive in that regard. Or at least not with his sister. It is probably the Driscoll within the Capitalist that brings out this competitiveness now. He's not letting the Penitent get away so easily and with his long swimming stride, it's not too difficult for him to keep up, at the very least, for a time.

But even Driscoll, however people may perceive him to be, had his charming side and wasn't here to ruin anyone's day. So whether he even had a chance to win against the Penitent or not, there is a moment where he wavers on purpose, to ensure that she gets that win. In his mind, he's being a gentleman and gloating wasn't going to be the best look for him either way.

While she's out there playing finish line, Bravo is cheering. "You can do it!" It's hard to tell which one she's cheering for specifically, but it's probably a good bet that she's cheering for them both equally. She did say that she was going to give them both prizes, whoever ended up actually winning the race. But there is a lot of cheering, her hand raising up to cup her mouth, calling random bits of encouragement to the pair of them.

With Capitalist wavering it closes the deal, and Penitent manages to get to Bravo first. And goes right past her for just a moment before she slows herself, diving down into the water to spin over and then resurface at the other woman's side. He's breathing heavily from the physical exertion, treading water there with a silly little smile on her face. It's not really gloating so much as just enjoying the moment for what it is. A bit of fun and a real break from the tedium of existence in the world they all live in right now. She doesn't have anything to say for the moment. She's just catching her breath.

This would be the Capitalist's work out for the day and though he may have given her a guaranteed win in the end, playing catchup to the Penitent wasn't a simple walk in the park. He doesn't come out and say any of this, however, and rather than swim pass the finish line the way Penny does as if it were part of her victory lap, he stops exactly where he's supposed to, just treading water as he hovers near where Bravo has positioned herself. There is a quiet look of amusement on his face, that faint grin formed on his lips. "It doesn't look like you've brought much in the way of prizes with you out here." A hand lifts out of the water to gesture around them, indicating that he's talking about being out in the ocean.

"Congratulations!" Bravo applauds Penny, but then Capitalist also gets applause as well. She is very equal opportunity when it comes to her congratulations to the pair of them. Which brings up a very important point, "You are correct, I don't exactly have much in the way of prizes." She glances down at herself, then around, "Lack pockets, and other things. But..." She grins at him, "I've a plan." The plan is that she moves towards Penny, the first place winner, to give her another kiss. It's a bit of a longer one than the earlier kiss, but not super long.

Which takes care of prize number one. Then she turns towards Capitalist, moving towards him to try and give him the very same prize. As far as prize winning goes, it's probably open to debate on how great the actual prizes are in comparison to other, more normal prizes.

Finally managing to get out a laugh, Penny lets out another deep breath and arranges her hair slightly again, getting it out of her face as she grins as well. This particular prize is pretty obvious when she thinks about it, and she accepts it eagerly enough. An arm loosely slips around Bravo as that kiss lingers on a moment more, and then the woman draws away and she grins. Rolling her shoulders, she begins to just languidly circle around as she watches the pair of them.

If he were with someone else, perhaps, alone, like say a significant other or random girl-toy, then the Capitalist could guess what the prize could possibly be. But in a group setting like this, one can't always assume. So there is this look of slight surprise given the pair when Bravo moves in close to administer this prize to the Penitent. He hadn't said a word before, when they last had a similar exchange, but there's this odd conflicting emotion that is stirred by it. He's ot quite sure what to make of it, even if he is about to question any of it.

His eyes are focused on the Penitent once the exchange is over, even as the Bravo makes her way towards him. While the other accepts such presents so easily, the Capitalist has memories of many relationships that he's been in. Women who he's loved in his various lives. This is where the awkwardness comes in. This place reminds him of two of the women he's been with, one who he supposedly loved. Then there is the Penitent. Through her he sees both his sister and his lover all the same.

While he doesn't push away from the incoming prize, he makes no moves to be more accepting of it either, only watching as it's performed and studying the actress's face, her expression through it all. He licks his lips afterwards, eyes still locked on her gaze, "I like these games where everyone comes out the winner." Here, he turns a tad, almost as if he's ready to swim back out towards the beach.

The Thrill-Seeker comes down to the beach from the main grounds.

Spontaneous works for her, most of the time. It worked with Penny, and even if it brings up a lot of conflict for Capitalist, she's still going to count this in the win box for her chosen mode of operation. There is a quick lift of her shoulders, an amused smile appearing as she points out, "I'm pretty fond of those games myself."

Then since he seems to be ready to swim back towards the shore line she turns, sinking briefly beneath the water before she resurfaces to start heading that direction herself. When she moves close to where Penny is swimming in circles she tries to catch her attention, pointing back towards the beach before she's starting to lazily swim back, calling over her shoulder, "I'll come up with more games, though! Since we're all in agreement that they are the best games."

Quietly watching how Capitalist handles this prize delivered upon him, there's a small little half smile there. She honestly wasn't sure how it would go. Could have been better. Could have been worse. Which would have been better or worse is up for debate though. She herself doesn't have a history to work through like Capitalist might, here or in her various lives. Except for the shared history, naturally. But it doesn't seem to bother here right here and now. "They're pretty okay if you ask me, too." She says on these games, moving to swim back towards the beach at a much lazier pace this time. "Seems to me like the actress here got the better deal out of these prizes, given she got the both of them." Amusement there, and then sets to returning to the beach proper.

The Capitalist's expensive attire can be found making a trail from somewhere near one of the luxury huts set up for Wyred Fest which was held here several memories ago, leading all the way to across the beach to where the waves break over the sand. Starting with his fancy watch which can be found near a mostly diluted venti-sized cup of Starbucks caramel machiatto and his overpriced sunglasses, to his white suit jacket and Italian leather shoes, to his tie and eventually his trousers. Only his socks are missing, but from where the trousers are laying, they very well could have been washed away by the tide.

The Capitalist himself is in the presence of both the Penitent and Bravo, swimming somewhere out in the ocean a distance away. Though it looks as if he's had enough and is already on his way back to shore. Dressed only in his boxers, that once perfectly styled hair now damp and dripping into his eyes, he does't look as if he's about to collect any of his belongings, except for maybe, the remainder of that machiatto.

A figure appears from the door and looks around the beach. After a moment it begins to walk towards the others and it quickly can be made out to be the Thrill-Seeker. She is actually wearing a pola-dot bikini and has under her arm one of the towels that looks like it is from their rooms. And of course her usual smile. "HIIIiii!" She calls out, waving as she makes her way towards them. There is a pause though as the waves crash against the beach and she gasps, putting a hand to her chest. There is a look of pure delight on her face. "OOoooohhhhhhhhh..."

Does she hear what Penny says? Probably. Because she is just smiling the pleased smile of the real winner in all these things. As she reaches the shallow waters she straightens up, getting to her feet to smooth her hands across her hair, pushing it back from her face before she gives her hair a quick twist to wring out some of the water. She's got on a black bikini, so was at least prepared for the swimming that the group just was taking, but the arrival of an unfamiliar face causes a bit of pause.

Eventually there is a lifted hand, "Hello." She replies, then moves back to where her own watered down drink and sarong are sitting in the sand, dropping herself down, "Water is fine if you're going swimming."

Reaching the beachline herself, Penny is wearing a dark purple bikini of her own. Somewhere on the beach there's a t-shirt and a pair of jeans she had on over it. She stops, adjusting her hair and tilting her face to the sky, working her toes into the sand and just enjoying the moment in a setting she finds it hard to enjoy herself. At least out in the water she could kind of forget. Once she lowers her gaze and sees the familiar grounds of Wyred Fest, it's a change in her.

She takes a moment to gether up her things, wandering over to where Bravo ended up and watching Capitalist mostly, though she likewise gives pause when Thrill-Seeker appears. "Oh, Cheer, hi." There's that vague little smile there again. "This is the woman who's leaving all the baked treats about." She explains for the others.

The first thing that alerts the Capitalist to the presence of another is that loud and possibly high-pitched voice that he hears coming from the distance. It's sometimes disturbing when people show up in these holodeck places, because it can seem so empty without people. That sensation of being troubled or confused is amplified when one doesn't recognize the face of the person approaching. Though, he does recognize the voice, having heard it from within the safe confines of his room, coming from out in the hallway somewhere. So no, this individual who he has yet to meet is not someone who was magically here on the island before they showed up through the mystery door.

The chipper nature of the woman in question gets the drollest of looks from the Capitalist, even if he openly gives her a once-over with his eyes. It's obvious that she knew she was coming to a beach or otherwise stole that bikini from one of the unmanned shops here. A simple nod is given as some form of acknowledgement as he walks pass her to where he left his machiatto. Taking a sip from it, the diluted drink does help wash that taste of ocean water from his lips, but it's far too watered down to be enjoyed. Such is life.

This was his festival and that was his luxury hut, so once the disappointment of a watered down machiatto passes, he makes his way to the hut that he was originally staring at when they first got here. Luckily for him, the doors to these places remain unlocked, so he lets himself in to fish for a towel at least. It's not that he isn't willing to meet another blank slate, but he has his priorities set.

The Thrill-Seeker smiles at Penitent and then the rest in turn. "You can call me Cheer. Hi," She says as she gets to within ear shot. The once over by the Capitolist mades her look down and up. "Do you like? I went looking for her and poked my head in and saw the beach and ran and grabbed my bikini. We were going to go to a beach anyway. So where is this?" She babbles with energy, turning to look around and take the place in. "Those cliffs would be great to hang-glide from!" And she points at said landmark.

"Oooh." Bravo replies, nodding when Penny points out that the new face is the one that is leaving the baked goods laying out and about. She tucks her straw into her mouth, taking another sip from her coffee before she pauses, brows furrowing just a bit.

Whatever thought is brushed aside with a shake of her head, then she reaches over a hand to touch Penny's leg, giving her a quick smile before telling the pair, "If you two need a moment to talk, I'm sure that I can go convince C to make more of these things." She gives her cup a wiggle to show what she might mean, evidently assuming that the rush to find someone means it might be something important.

With her own coffee in hand once again, even if not as enjoyable as it was before, she sips from it a little as she watches the Capitalist make his way back into that hut, brows lifting up, before she looks over towards Thrill-Seeker once again, tiltling her head slightly. "We?" She wonders, before nothing that touch to her leg, smililng back at the Bravo but shaking her head. "Oh. You were looking for me! I kind of had a big exhausting swim." She grins a little, shrugging her shoulders. "Unless there was something else you wanted to talk about." Not that she has any idea what it might be!

She does peer over the way at the cliffs, considering them. "Maybe. It's not a very good place to come for ... a lot of reasons, really. This is the Island that was our first, uh, encounter. Bad memories." Which doesn't really explain why they're here now, but there is that.

The Capitalist emerges from what used to be his former-hut with two towels. One that's already being worked through his hair and the other that he plans to use to lay across the sand to sit upon. Hearing that the other woman has given herself a name, he doesn't look terribly amused, but bites his tongue about that whole business for now. "I've gone by Conrad, when I ran this festival." He says of the setup on this abandoned island, "Rhys and Cillian. Take your pick. I'm sure we'll all be getting a new name shortly." He then goes on to explain, "Welcome to the place, as far as we know, that started it all. All of us who have been here," The Facility, "With three lifetimes worth of memories started here. This was our first memory. Wyred Fest."

Though with what the Bravo had said, something which he's overheard, he pulls out a bottle of whiskey instead. "We've supplied our guests, the ones paying the full amount for their stay here, with a bar in their rooms. We can go for coffee or we can settle with this instead."

The Thrill-Seeker's mouth forms an O of somewhat understanding. She bobs her head and her smile softens. "I see. Well, the cliffs would be good for it. But we can do it another time...this is the first time I've seen a real beach. Smelled it," She takes in a breath and tilts her head. "Guests?" A frown. "Yeah, I have heard we are puppet in some weird something. I just...doing the best I can with it." Apparently baking and being cheerful is it. Her eyes sweep the trio and she starts to dig her toe into the sand. "I can...just go...you guys all seem to have been doing something. I get excited. I know and," She smiles warmly.

"Cursed." Bravo offers helpfully on the end of the explanations from the pair who were actually here, but she's heard the stories already. It's a helpful comment, or just meant to be careful at the very least.

There isn't a name that she goes by, so she doesn't bother to introduce herself, instead she just works on drinking the rest of her watered down coffee, then she points towards the bottle that Capitalist has produced. "I'll take that." She decides, patting the sand on the other side of her from where Penny is, "Have a seat, we can share."

When Cheer decides that she can leave, there is a sympathetic look cast towards her, "If you leave every time you run into people doing something, you're going to be leaving a lot."

"What people should be doing," The Capitalist says quite firmly, "is working to find a means out of this place." And he doesn't mean this beach! He's said as much so many times before that there's a clear look of both annoyance and frustration on his face. He studies the Thrill-Seeker for a long, silent moment, probably with judging eyes. In the end, he seems to just give up and opens up that bottle of whiskey. He figures he'll need it.

"Yes, Guests. I was the coordinator for what would have been the biggest music festival of the year. Hell, probably of the decade. We found this island with nothing on it, but rumors of a curse..." The last part he murmurs beneath his breath, "And we gave it infrastucture. Everything from plumbing to electricity to the god damn internet. It was to show the world that it could be done, etc. Etc. This was my baby."

Laying out the towel in the area suggested to him, he doesn't quite take a seat just yet, and instead takes a drink straight from the bottle before leaning forward to pass it to Bravo.

"Guests. People paid a lot of money to come to the festival here. It was one big party in the middle of nowhere." Penny nods at the Capitalist's explanation. "Yep, though it took a lot of talking to the right people to get the government to let us use it. That's where I came in." There's a sigh there. She still blames herself, even though there's no real reason to. "At least, that's what we came in remembering and believing."

With that, she's settling herself down next to Bravo at the invitation, in the sand there, leaning back on her elbows just slightly as she glances at Thrill-Seeker. "Sorry, you don't have to go. She's right. But! We can conjure up the perfect cliffs to go hang-gliding sometime. We'll bring Fizz and everyone. You should come too." That last statement is offered to Bravo.

She didn't miss Capitalist's statement about getting out of here still and she does glance at him with that, considering him thoughtfully.

"No! I just...well...you all seemed like you were doing a thing. Just, I'm trying to learn that whole understand thing. I guess I'm not doing it right yet..." Thrill-Seeker says as her nose wrinkles. There is a look of obvious annoyance and brief discomfort as she runs her toes through the sand. But she doesn't leave. Or take another step back.

In fact she starts walking towards where they are laying down now. Confidance and her smile returning as she does. "Yeah. Details seem to be things people wanna avoid. I get it...sort of?" She scrunches her face as she comes to a stop by the others. Her eyes, however, go to the water and there is that excitement slowly rising like the waves there. "I think I need to go and jump in that first. Yeah...definitely need to do that..." And she begins to walk towards the water, leaving her folded towel in the sand. But the mention of hang-gliding stills her.

"Yes! You can both come if you like. It will be a lot of fun. We can make cliffs and little hills for those who wanna start small," She says, bobbing her head in excitement. "I did that because I wanted to make sure I had all the straps and stuff right. Didn't want to fall out of my harness severall hundred feet up in the air...well...okay I do, but that's another thing. And we don't wanna hit the ground..." She babbles.

The topic of finding a way out causes Bravo to glance at Penny, "Remind me to tell you something later." Then she glances up at Capitalist, reaching up to take the bottle with one hand, but then try to grab his wrist with the other to give him a tug to join them in sitting down.

There is a healthy swallow off the whiskey bottle, her nose wrinkling very slightly, but there is no death by burning happening. Then there is a very silent offering of the bottle over to Penny, "Oh, sure...hang gliding can be a thing."

That is a very agreeable comment, although the observations about falling and not falling from Thrill-Seeker cause her to give her a faintly curious look, brows furrowing, "You should go and meet Dirk if you haven't met him yet."

"Just relaxing, and I dunno. She said we might find 'something' here." Penny offers with a gesture to Bravo. Lying in the sand, she watches the Thrill-Seeker, giving that vague smile of hers as she nods her head at the enthusiasm. "Do. The water is great. Conrad sure picked the spot for it all." There's a little laugh, and a curious look at Bravo, nodding her head slowly at that request to be reminded. It's certainly got her wondering, that's for sure.

She does glance at the bottle when it's offered, reaching out for it though, surprisingly, her hand actually shakes a moment. A shake of her head afterwards, and that hand turns into a palm towards it. "This is stupid," she mutters and then finally manages to snag it. Though she just holds it for the moment. What is it with her an alcohol? Especially given she seemed fine with it on the Noc. "I guess you could not hit the ground, but falling until you next wake up would probably get pretty dull after a few minutes."

Feeling that tug to his wrist, there's a strained resistance that Bravo might sense, the muscles in his body are tense, but the Capitalist relents and slowly settles himself down beside her. He's still watching the Thrill-Seeker, observing her gestures and expressions when she talks with a critical eye. Those who know him, probably can tell that this talk of hang gliding isn't something he's interested in nor does he care to hide this disinterest from his features. He's just quietly waiting for that bottle to get back to him, only realizing that it was handed to the Penitent of all people. There's this moment where he expects her to turn the whiskey down and she almost does, but seeing that bottle now in her hand does bring a semblance of a smile to his lips. "Anette knew good liquor when its offered to her." He reminds.

Half-turning back to the Thrill-Seeker now, he considers his words for a moment, before his attention stares out across the ocean once more. "If you're wanting to take a dip, now's a good time as any."

The Thrill-Seeker nods her head in agreement with Penny's observation. "Well, sort of anyway. I think the sensation of falling and flying are..." There is a pause as she searches for the word. "Exhilerating!' When she settles on the word she smiles broudly.

As the bottle is passed she noticed Penitent's off behavior with it. "Don't like whiskey? I have to say I prefer rum and vodka myself. Especially flavored vodka," She says, nodding as if to herself in agreement. As another wave crashes into the sand she turns again. "I'll be back," She tells them with a grin and goes running for the water. The whoops of her joy easily carried beyond the sound of the surf. For a moment she disappears under the water, only to emerge coughing and sputtering. Oops. Yet it doesn't seem to hold her back from flopping back into the water and swimming around.

The tension is just accepted as par for the course, and it's not a hurdle that Bravo is unafraid of jumping. So she waits, and then that pleased smile is flashed towards him when he finally settles down on the towel to join them in the sitting part of the daily events.

"It's good." She offers to Penny, just so she knows that the whiskey isn't paint thinner, because that happens.

There is a moment where her attention shifts out to follow Thrill-Seeker, watching where she's gone off to in the water. "Well, she seems like the adventurous sort." Then there is a dismissive shake of her head before she leans back on her hands, legs stretching out in front of her. "So I feel that on the topic of adventures that I'd really like to get back to these games. But I also kind of feel I should be serious for the moment, and focus on the getting out part of things."

Frowning at the comment that maybe she doesn't like whiskey, it's a more natural smile when she dips her head towards Capitalist. She sits up proper. "Just a holdover from the first time we were here," she admits. "Both this beach and here here. You know?" It's the fear of being Madison, and how she handled herself. Capitalist knows it well enough. Still, for now? She's lifting that bottle to her lips and helping herself to a sip before handing it along. "Of course it's good. What else would we get?" She muses.

"She's ... something. It's hard to have a conversation with her, she changed topics very swiftly and then runs off. She's been baking though, and that's kind of nice. Decent apple pie." Leaning back as well, she glances to Bravo, brows lifting up. "Ah. That."

"You're a lot stronger than Madison." The Capitalist says in response to the Penitent, perhaps coming off a little stern in his tone when he meant to it to be reassuring. "You've grown. A lot." When the bottle is returned to him, he tilts his head back to take a long sip of that fire, feeling the burn. But it was a good burn. "Are you glad that you came?" He asks of the Penitent, knowing that they've both had to relive their lives here.

With the Thrill-Seeker off frolicking in the water, he does say openly now that she's gone, "This new batch of blank slates are an odd bunch." Attention now looking to Bravo, he quickly adds, "No offense to you, of course." He then goes on, "They all seem to accept their stay here and if they question it, it isn't for very long. It's rather disappointing, if you ask me, that all they seem to care about is..." He shrugs, "Baking pies or doing other frivolous things. Things may be different once they've lived one of these lives in a world with actual purpose."

"That." Bravo agrees, crossing her legs at the ankle, staring out into the ocean for the longest time before she glances over at Penny, smiling very faintly at her. "We had the idea to try and maybe use these rooms, see if we couldn't get one to open up blank on the inside, or like..." She glances at Capitalist for a moment, then back to Penny, "Somewhere outside here....vague, but outside."

The observation about the new blank slates being an odd bunch just gets a shrug from her, and she turns that smile right back to Capitalist, "I'm fucking amazing. So I don't take any offense at all...plus I realize that I'm probably odd, but I can't help it."

"Maybe I am now." Penny says thougtfully in regards to Madison. She's quiet a moment afterwards, just considering until the next question comes along. "I ... am glad, actually. It's less unnerving than the Noc being completely empty. Though I'm not sure I'm ready to face the security trailer. I wonder if it's rigged to explode even here?" Her brows lift up at that idea, thoughtfully curious.

"You can't really blame them though," She says on the new folk. "Some of them might have only been here for a couple of 'days' even. And even Dirk is trying to figure stuff out, but ... well. I can't blame them for trying to find things to do, especially when a lot of folk are probably saying there's nothing for it but to accept it all." There's a brief grin for Bravo there and that particular choice of words, before she settles into the idea of the magical rooms. "What do you think it'll do, to try and be 'outside'? Seems like it's just going to show us whatever we want it to be." She's not against the idea, exactly.

"And why would anyone just accept it all?" The Capitalist asks, his brow arched. "Living this monotonous life is maddening." He uses the same word Bravo did when they discussed it. "You wake up constantly, things don't really progress or change. You might decide to eat a different breakfast or visit some random place through those doors, but for what?" Drawing in a deep breath, he considers a few things, "I might speak to Prof--" He doesn't know what to call the man now, "Nolan again. He's the smartest person I know..." These words are an exact echo of how Cillian McTavish would describe his cousin and best friend.

Taking yet another drink from the bottle, he looks to see if anyone else is interested in it and then passes it along. "It's something to test out. There are various things that we can try. The Actress even wanted to see whether we could enter one of these rooms, perhaps with a blank mind. In the hopes that one the door opens, it shows us what the room really looks like, now the fantasy of this beach or the Noc."

"No idea what good it'll do, any of it. But it's worth trying." Bravo points out, accepting the bottle of whiskey from Capitalist to take another sip from it before she offers the bottle to whoever might want it next. "I say we talk to anyone that might prove willing to help, or to listen....or whatever."

Once the bottle is passed on she shifts backwards, stretching out in the sand, knees drawing up. "I'd like to see what makes these rooms do what they do, and how big they are. They can't be as big as they seem, right? That's just crazy." She glances back and forth between them, eyes lingering on each one for a little while before she reaches out towards them.

It's Penny's hand that she goes for, trying to grab it, and it's just whatever part of Capitalist is within reach to grab, "I really like you two. Your complications, your memories, your lives, the conversations we have, and what you've both shared with me. When we get out of here, I'd really like to be able to still talk to you both. Alright?"

"I get it. And I accepted it. You know my thoughts on deserving to be here. And when there's a lot of us here who have been through this several times now, most of them seem to have just accepted it. So you're brand new, you wake up, and most everyone is more or less comfortable here, explaining the nature of the place. I haven't heard people talking about trying to get out in a long time now. Until now." Penny says quietly, glancing at the Capitalist. "He might be able to help, for sure. But I do agree, mostly. For the first time ever, being here ..." A pause. "It's different. Maybe it's because Anette survived. I actually am getting bored. These rooms seemed so great at first, but they're so empty for all they can contain."

Taking the bottle when it gets around to her, she takes a longer pull from it now, letting out a satisfied 'ahhh' afterwards, closing her eyes. "I guess it's worth trying, but my guess is these rooms will just show whatever we want, even subconsciously. You'll see whatever you expect to see, and keeping your mind truly empty is quite difficult. Believe me, I used to try all the time. It could be they're just here to distract us. Keep us complacent and not asking the difficult questions. Everyone is quite taken with them, after all."

She glances down when her hand is taken, and can't help but give a little dry laugh. "Our complications? That's something that'll take a whole life time to figure out, and here you are after ... however long it's been." The hand is squeezed, and she nods. "Whatever happens. I don't plan to vanish from any of my friends."

"Then they are fools." The Capitalist isn't afraid to say about those who are merely 'comfortable' in this setting. "At the very least, they should be wanting to find out exactly where this place is." This annoyance had been building up within him with each and every awakening, even moreso now, after having met the few new faces that he has. But the Penitent speaks of Anette, that furrow to his brow softens as does his tone now. "I still want to return to that life. Live it out in full. That's as much as any of us really want, right? To live a lifetime and nothing less rather than having it cut so short, when there was still more to see and do." He's, of course, talking about Cillian and Anette's lives.

He then goes on to admit, "Even if our lifetime was meant to be what we lived here on this island. Then I'd gladly accept having nothing, no memories, no thoughts after death. That would make things so much easier than living these lives, making these connections, and even when you succeed and live, you never truly get the chance to live a full life."

When the Bravo reaches out a hand to connect to both the Penitent and himself, that hand finds itself on his thigh, a touch that pulls his attention to it. Then at the Bravo's words, he has to say, "Promises like that can sometimes complicate things." And to this, his eyes lift to look across the way at Penny, remembering the promise they had made before Prosperity. "Not that the complications are terrible ones. Not yet..."

"Good. You're the only friends I have in the entire world." Even if the world happens to be pretty small right now. As for the matter of complications, she shrugs very faintly, "I'd rather have complications than....nothing. Hollow emptiness sounds like a miserable life in the end, and complications..." She glances at Penny, "And friends. I'd rather have those."

All those deep thoughts, and the talk of returning to lives, she doesn't have anything that she could even say in regards to it. So she just remains silent, and instead addresses the other matter, "It's fear." She starts to sit up, shaking her head, "They aren't asking the questions because they are afraid of the answers. That's the only thing that makes sense, unless they are just....weird, how could they be content to live these horrible interrupted lives you guys have lived?"

"Maybe they are. But they're allowed to be." Penny says about the others, in reponse to Capitalist. "Answers don't seem to be easy to find, and questions just chase themselves around in circles. Alright, you want to find out 'where' we are. How? Especially given we've experienced the far future, and the Old West. The range of possibilities is too much to contemplate. I ..." she gives a soft little sigh, shaking her head. "I would happily go back to a real life. Even if I feel like I deserve this place. But I wouldn't want there to just be nothing." Another mouthful from that bottle and she shakes her head, passing it along and back up to the Capitalist.

"And that's why I don't think it's fear. I wasn't afraid, when I was content here. I was afraid of who I was, perhaps, but the trauma of waking up here after living and then living in fear and then dying ... it's something I can't really explain. It takes time to get back on your feet and feel like yourself again. It didn't feel like an interrupted life, mostly, because it ended. I died." A pause. "And they ask some questions, but the answers are just ..." she waves a hand. "Smoke in the wind."

She does glance sidelong at Bravo, letting a small smile slip out, lightening her mood just a little. "Friends." She agrees with amusement there, for whatever reason! "Promises can be a little funny like that sometimes." She agrees, the sidelong glance back to Capitalist. "But I still think they're worth it."

"You keep saying that. That you deserve this place." The Capitalist says with light exasparation, "But does everyone else deserve to be here too? And I'm not saying that you deserve to be stuck here, you don't. But if this is your prison, then why is everyone else being punished as well?" He doesn't come out and speak for himself, but there are countless other souls trapped here as well. Many who he believes do not deserve punishment of any sort.

"I'd survived twice. It was hard for me the first time I got back here after living." He settles back somewhat, being propped up by an outstretched arm supporting his weight. "It wasn't the most fulfilling of lives, but it had the potential to be." With Driscoll, he's not really sure, but it is the persona who he, at the time, related to the most. "When it happened again, it was at a greater loss. Was I glad to see those we lost in Prosperity alive and well in this place?" It takes some time for him to consider this question. "Not if it meant losing out on /that/ lifetime. No."

When the bottle is handed back to him, he stares down at it in thoughtful silence. "I'm going to speak to Nolan." He says this again, this time, giving the bottle to one of the others rather than taking yet another drink from it. And after that announcement is made, he rises, dusting off sand from his arms and legs. "I don't know how we expect to find anything. There were people who had ideas on what to do, what they wanted to try. But as January is no longer here with us," That almost sounds as if she had died... "She had ideas of her own. Maybe it's something to look into."

That bottle of whiskey that is on offer is refused by Bravo, her head shaking just a bit, "You don't deserve to be here." She seconds Capitalist in regards to that. "I don't deserve to be here, C doesn't...I think this isn't normal, I do wonder if it's some sick and twisted experiment by someone, and we're lab rats. But, I don't think any of us deserve to be here."

Perhaps Capitalist getting up is a signal that things are done for the day, because she gets to her feet as well, picking up her sarong that she'd been sitting on to wrap it back around her hips again. "I'm going to track the connections people have had, because...I don't know what other questions to ask beyond how do we get out, where are we, why are we here...Those are really big questions."

"I do." Penny agrees with what she keeps saying. "Don't misunderstand, it doesn't mean I don't want to leave. But it doesn't change that it just feels ... correct. I could even be wrong, because I've been thinking about that. Everyone else. My room really does feel like a cell, and I did wonder, what if this is the prison of the ... future. Locked away with no escape, memories taken away from us -- who's to say whatever we were before this place, if we were anything, wasn't the worst kinds of criminals? And then we're forced into these horrible scenarios as punishment for whatever we did. Because we can't win, we still end up back here. And maybe our actions are judged during thes events, or maybe we just have to serve for a certain number of them. And that's why people disappear." She nods slowly. "The only thing that really makes me think that might be wrong is the luxuries people get in their rooms. If all the rooms were as basic, if nice, as mine, it might be more believable."

She chews her lip a moment, and settles herself down even as the others get up. She doesn't appear to be going anywhere, for her part. "And I was glad to see Llesenia, and Angeline and even Lupe again. Though, I wouldn't have given up what we had to be able to do so." She nods vaguely at them, another sad little smile at the mention of January." She stares at the bottle of whiskey she's apparently kept, and just sets it down in the sand. It doesn't matter. "Anyway, I'll help." But right now? She's apparently going to lie down right here.

What Penitent says isn't something that never entered his mind before. This idea that they were, indeed, criminals. But why all of these games? If you survived them, shouldn't you be set free? So after hearing her thoughts, the Capitalist pauses in his steps. "One day, we'll start remembering who we really are. Whether it be criminals or... something else. I want to work to hurry the process up."

Well, he looks ready to go, even if he's not about to pick up his clothes, even if it means trekking through the Parlor in just his boxers. He's not the sort to shy away from nudity or immodesty, even his own. Realizing that Penitent is planning to spend more time basking in the sun, he looks to Bravo now, on whether she'll decide to stay or follow, but either way, he'll make that journey to the Food Court and their exit.

Well, that is a curious theory, and Bravo does at least look like she listens, and fully considers, the possibility of what Penny says. But something about the recent conversation seems to have put her in a certain mindset that she just keeps questions to herself about it for the moment.

It does seem, though, that she's going to be going and not staying. She leans down to give Penny a kiss, a hand dropping to her shoulder to give it a squeeze before she offers quietly, "We'll find your happy ending." Then she's turning to head for the exit as well, arms crossing over her chest as she goes.

She has nothing to say about finding who she might really be. The idea of it is something that does worry her. The Penitent is not sure that she wants to know. All of her selves did horrible things, if you ask her. So she just watches the Capitalist go, though she does appreciate the gesture from Bravo, her supposedly deep thoughts interrupted by a rather amused smile creeping across her face. "Reckon you already did," she drawls out, adding a bit of levity to the moment, before settling herself down. She watches them depart, and after a time sits up and just watches the waves while she thinks.