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Remembrance In the Graveyard
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •
Location  •  Graveyard
Date  •  2019-10-08
Summary  •  Jade, Felicity, and Hector meet in the graveyard to talk about Spear and their plans for getting him back.

The sun is still in the sky, though it is sinking low. It's not safe after dark, but Jade's tempting fate being out here so close to sunset. There's that edge of fear to keep him awake and alive. He sits on a concrete slab next to the mausoleum where he would meet with Spear, and he smokes a clove cigarette. He's in black jeans and a black t-shirt. The valium has helped him sleep, so the dark shadows under his eyes have lifted a bit.

Felicity arrives from Lake Havasu - Downtown.

Hector is poking around amoung the tombstones, plying his particular translation of 'Wish You Were Here' on his flute. The variation he made for his Mother last January. Inevitably he ends up by Spear's favorite mausoleum. Inevitably.

Felicity doesn't know anything about which mausoleum would be Spear's, but she's pretty good at following the sound of flute music or maybe she's just lucky. She's also likely made some kind of stop by 'home', because she has her backpack and it seems to be stuffed absolutely full.

Jade's brow furrows, and he looks toward the flute music. He draws the clove from his lips and exhales a plume of smoke, then calls over, "Hey." It's about all the energy he can muster. He has hit a point of chilling out where even movement becomes burdensome.

Hector makes a last trill and lowers his instrument, "Hey." He gives the clove a longing look, but doesn't ask for one. "It's a kind of prayer. Like the the cadles, I suppose."

Felicity drifts up with a wave for both. "Hey. I can buy music as an invocation to the universe." She glances around. "I like this spot."

Jade smiles a little and looks around. "Spear and I used to come here," he says. "It was kind of our place. We'd hang out, talk, you know, couple stuff. Sometimes we'd have picnics." He glances down at the ground. "I feel closer to him when I'm here. It's like he might come out of the funeral home any minute."

Hector smiles gently at Felicity, "If Love is a religion, music is a fitting prayer." He gazing back towards the house, "I feel similar. It's hard to get my head around that he won't."

Felicity flashes a warm smile at Hector and then looks around again and sighs. "I can see how you'd feel close to him here. But... he's still alive. He must be or he would have told us." She looks around, finding a spot to sit that doesn't seem to actually be on a grave.

"Star said ghosts were usually tied to a place or an object, that they don't travel much," Jade says. "What if..." He bites his lip, then shakes his head. He takes a drag off his cigarette and says, "He's alive. I just don't know how we're going to pull this off."

Hector looks around carefully, "He's not here and I already checked his room." He says grimly, "It's what I came for. To double check." He says with absolute belief, "He'd come here or his room or he'd find one of us. He's alive."

Felicity pulls a jacob's ladder (the wooden block and ribbon kind not the mad scientist kind) out of her backpack and starts playing with it, though gently to keep the noise to a minimum. "We're working on plans. We have to keep moving forward as if we'll succeed because I refuse to contemplate failure."

"I need to contemplate failure," Jade says quietly. "I need to remember the stakes. Part of me wants to disconnect, you know?" He flicks ash away from him. "Stay high, go mindless. Let someone else deal with it. That way, if it fails, it's not my fault. I won't feel anything. I'll be gone."

Hector's expression goes soft, "It won't be your fault; it'll be Fran's." He straightens, "I really admire you, you know? you're dong the hard thing."

The jacob's ladder stills for a moment, then resumes its flipping. "Yeah. I can see how that would be. My magical thinking is different. If I just figure out the right calculation, then I can make it all better." Felicity sighs and looks up towards the sky. "This was not how this year was supposed to go."

Jade glances to Hector. "It sucks," he tells him. "I don't want to feel any of this. I just keep thinking that, wherever he is, he's trying to get away. He doesn't get to give up, so we don't either." He finishes his cigarette, puts it out on the sole of his Converse, and flicks it away. "We're not all making it out of this, so we've got to just nut up and attack her with all we've got. Even if it's just out of spite, we can't let her get what she wants."

Hector gazes at Felicoty, "It wasn't, no, but it wasn't all bad." He tunds back to Jade, nodding, "We can't give up, letting her have her way is absolutel not n option. If we don't fight she defintely wins. I will not let her have her way without a fight." He peers into the distance as if looking at someone, "It was simpler last year, when it was just one...." He refocuses, "If I die fighting them, i'm okay with that, but I'd much rather none of us die."

Felicity nods to Jade. "This is definitely the time to go all in, yes." Her gaze flicks to Hector and she blinks a moment, then smiles brightly at him. "Not all bad, no. And I'm not okay with you dying. You and Cash... I swear. I suspect someone may die, though I'd rather it wasn't any of our friends, but if you could not start down the 'Oh, it's okay if I'm the one to die' thing... because no, it's really not okay. Any more than, I hope, you'd be okay with me being like 'Oh, I should be the one to die'."

Jade tells Felicity, "They're psyching themselves up, in case they have no choice. None of us want to die. We just don't want to chicken out, either. Besides, it's easier to be one of the sad saps who gets killed. The fight's over. We don't have to linger and miss the people who didn't make it. Dying's easy. Living's the hard part."

Hector smiles sadly, "No, that would definately not be okay, Red. you are not allowed to Die. Nor is Spear. It's forbidden." He studies Jade, "How are you so wise?"

Felicity nods to Jade. "Yeah, dying's easy, living is much harder." There's a small sigh. "I think this is how my brain if broken. Once I've made a choice about what I'm doing, I don't need psyching up anymore." She smiles equally sadly up at Hector. "Does that work? Can I forbid you from dying this summer? I mean, not forever. Everyone dies eventually, but I want years with you, decades, even, not months."

Jade smiles a little at Felicity. "I wouldn't call it broken. What you have is resolve." He laces his fingers together and slouches. "I've had a close working relationship with death since I was pulled screaming into this world," he tells Hector. "Lots of nights wondering what it's all about. Little bit of luck, little bit of loss. Once you've already decided to fight to move forward, whatever comes at you, you can choose to learn from it or let it overwhelm you."

Hector takes her hand and lifts it to his lips, brushing them across her knckles, expression sad, "I wish it were, Red, I wish it were how it works." He squeezes her hand gently, "Your brain isn't broken; it's beautiful and perfect as it is. Whole and complete." He meets Jade's eyes, "I'm glad you're still here. Still fighting."

Felicity smiles sadly up at Hector and sighs. "Yeah. I think we all wish it worked like that. Also, my brain is broken. Possibly beautiful, definitely interesting. But it's broken, too. Like that art where you break vases and repair them with gold. It can be both." She tugs a little at his hand, urging him down next to her, then looks over towards Jade as well and nods. "We'll keep fighting until we absolutely can't."

Jade nods to them both, and he stares off into the middle distance. "I grew up reading that, when we die, if we're good, we go to Heaven. Sometimes, when I was really sick, I tried to peer past the veil between life and death, to see what's on the other side." He shakes his head. "All I ever saw was nothing. I think that scares me worse than Hell. Even when life seems pointless, it's better than that nothing."

Hector sits by her, setting the flute carefully aside, "Different doesn't mean broken. Unique, yes, but whole." He nods, "That's the plan." his eyes track movement the others can't see, "I don't know if there is a heaven. I do know there is something after. I didn't before, but I do now."

Felicity kisses Hector's cheek and leans against his shoulder. "I have to live in this brain. Trust me, it's broken. Not useless. Not worthless, but definitely broken in certain ways." She shrugs again. "We didn't really do religion around my house. But we now, at least, know that there are ghosts. What happens after that, I can't say. So, I will do my best to stay alive and keep the rest of you alive as well."

"We're all broken," Jade says. "Life breaks people. My family isn't very religious. I just think about stuff." To Hector, he says, "I guess there's something after. Living's a habit now, though, for as long as I can. I'd trade my life for Spear's though. That's not giving up, it's love." He fishes out another clove cigarette and lights it with a plastic Bic from his pocket. "I love him so much it makes me crazy."

Hector curls his arm around her, "There are definately ghosts. I really did think I was crazy the first few weeks. It was spear convinced me otherwise. he was so stubborn and nosy and he got me to admit I saw them." He nods, "I know you would Jade." His eyes say he would do the same, but it's not something to be said in front of Felicity. He watches the cigarette with the particular hunger of man who is regretting quitting. "You're a good man, Jade."

Felicity flashes Jade a smile. "True. And living is a good habit. Please keep it up." She sighs, "I suppose we'd all die for the people we love." She takes Hector's hand as she leans against him.

Jade shrugs and smiles a little. "I don't know. I'm just me. I'm lucky. I grew up around a lot of love. My sisters have always been there for me." He swallows, then says, "I'm so worried about losing Thea it makes me sick. I hate Fran so much for putting her through this."

Hector curls his arm tighter, "I would be lying if i said I wouldn't." He nods, "I know I haven't had a sister very long, but i'm terrified for silver. i don't just love her. I really like her as a person, you know?" He rubs the back of is next "I want to burn Fran and burn her."

Felicity leans against Hector and closes her eyes, going quiet. But then she doesn't have any siblings, much less any at risk. "Burning Fran is part of the plan if possible, yes."

"I'm going to use that anger," Jade says. "That's what I'm doing when I come up with my plans, even if they are flawed. I'm funneling all that rage into options. I'm glad people are going to go talk to Chen and all, but honestly, we know this is going to end in violence, and part of me just wants to get to it."

Hector presses his cheek to the top of her head, "I hate waiting. I'm going to wait anyway, because it's the smart thing to do, but I hate it. I want to strike too. I want this over with."

Felicity shrugs. "We're trying to figure out the most effective form form the violence. I don't think any of us are thinking there won't be violence."

"Yeah, I know," Jade says. "I just don't know how willing Chen's going to be to help us do what needs done. He hasn't been forthcoming on how to fight this bitch. Unless he seriously changes his tune, he doesn't have much more to tell us we don't already know." He ashes his cigarette. "But in the interests of being thorough, it won't hurt to talk to him one more time."

Hector says, “I don't know how Amy's managed to hold back this long. I'm barely managing and I'm just a Thistle.”

Felicity considers. "You could join me in weird research projects. And we might want someone watching the motel, though... that might be too obvious. There's not really a lot near it to blend in with. Which is good for the burning it down plan, but bad for observation or being unnoticed in our set up for burning it down."

Jade says, "I could maybe pay someone to watch it for me. I wouldn't have to be seen anywhere near the place, and I could just ask him to take notice of who comes and goes and when they do. I don't mind research, either. It's not like I've got school to keep me busy these days."

Hector says, “If they spot one of us, they'll defintely attack our families. Paying someone isn't a bad idea, but I worry about their safety or the mind control. I'll help with the reasearch too. I promise i'm not nearly as dumb as I look."”

Felicity nods and then snorts and looks up at Hector, nudging him. "No insulting my boyfriend." She nods a little, "Paying someone to watch the motel isn't a bad idea, no. That could work. At least as well as any of us watching it."

"Hell, I could hire a PI. It's not like I'd be saying 'hey look for vampires,' probably something like 'I think my friends are in the Painkillers and I need to see who's coming and going.'" He takes a drag off the cigarette and sighs, exhaling smoke through his nostrils. "It's something to think about."

Hector laughs softly and nudges her back, "Fine, fine, Love, but I'm dating an absolute genius and a music prodigy. By comparison, I'm the jock." He nods, "Just make sure he's discreet. They could put the whammy on him if he's spotted."

Felicity nods to Jade and then smiles softly at Hector, "Yeah, but you're our jock and I like how you look." She sighs. "Did we ever decide where we were going to try to lure them? I'm trying to prioritize what I'm going to work on next."

Jade nods to Hector. "I'm going to think about the risks versus the gain. I think if I find a smart PI who knows they're a gang, he'll be careful." He flicks ash from his cigarette. "We don't have anything they want that they can't get on the full moon," he says. "I don't think we're going to lure them out on our own terms. I think we need solid plans that don't depend on luring or having the homefield advantage. We need weapons and deterrents that can travel at a moment's notice, that will work in as many environments as possible."

Hector says, “I am a very, very lucky man." he sighs, "But not lucky enough to have a reasonably safe way to lure them into a trap."”

Felicity sighs and nods. "Okay, then I'll try to figure out more portable things. Those are just harder. And depend a lot more on finding out if there's anything to which they're vulnerable." There's another little smile for Hector and nuzzle against his shoulder.

"Fire will, at the very least, make their day harder," Jade says. "Holy water won't hurt. A stake through the heart will kill just about anything living. Hell, wearing garlic is probably ponitless, but what'll it cost us to do it anyway? Nothing. Bring machetes, because if you take something's head off, it's going to die. Overkill may just be enough."

Hector says, “I should have squirted her the night they took spear, but I was so busy with... other things I lost track." He nods. "I figure burnig plus beheading is safest."”

Felicity nods. "So, cans of hairspray and lighters. Machetes. Though I'm likely to be pretty useless with one. I'm not really strong and bone's hard to cut through. But maybe we can put together nets which can be weighted or tied to things quickly or something. Do we have shotguns? Could we get some?"

"We give the machetes to the Lesters," Jade says, "and I don't see why we couldn't get a shotgun. Sporting goods store should have them. They require strength to use, though. That kick back is a bitch. We also need to keep in mind that anything we whip out could be used against us if the tables turn. It's just part of the calculated risk."

Hector says, “We should see if Cash or the Lesters have any guns. We did a bunch of shopping right after we were hunted here and don't know what all he has."”

Felicity nods. "Yeah. I suppose I wasn't thinking in terms of things getting turned back on us. Though that would be why talking to Chen about if there's anything which would hurt them more than it would hurt us like certain metals or kinds of wood or holy water or whatever is good."

"If Chen will talk about what hurts them," Jade says. "If he doesn't, that's fine. We'll do what we have to do. That's all I'm saying. Maybe he'll open up once he realizes this is happening, with or without his help, and the best he can do is mitigate damage."

Hector nods, "It would really help if he'd open up. I get that he's scared, but I feel like... It's not necessarily the end of the world, but it feels small scale apocolptic, you know?"

Felicity nods. "We can only hope." Pause. "Well, and stockpile supplies and throw everything we can at them."

"It might be," Jade says, "if Fran gets her way. If our blood is tied to that stone, and she's trying to get one of each of us, who knows what she's got planned? Maybe we're not jsut saving our loved ones, you know? Maybe we're keeping Swindon here, where he belongs, so he can't go out into the world and wreak havoc."

Hector whispers, "That's my fear. That it might give her control over swindon or free him or botth."

Felicity nods. "I have no idea what her plan is, but I'm pretty sure it's not good for anyone, yeah."

Jade says wryly, "Look at us, big fuckin' heroes. Maybe Dad would be proud if he would ever, ever believe us." He stabs out the cigarette and flicks it. "Spear left his coat at my house," he says. "It smelled like him, but it's starting to wear off. I hate that."

Hector presses his lips together, "Definately not good." He cocks his head, "I bet Theadore will. Eventually. I wish your dad were more... flexible. You deserve better." He says quietly, "Want me to check his hamper for an old shirt Jade? Me wandering around upstairs raises fewer questions than you up there alone."

Felicity grins. "Yep. Heroes. And no one will ever believe us. Ah well."

"My dad is pretty great," Jade says. "He's just, you know, old. It's not his fault." Always quick to defend his father. "I'd like that," he tells Hector. "I just want to hang onto him." His voice catches, and he lets out a shaky sigh. "I should get going. It's going to be dark soon. Do you guys need a ride?"

Hector kisses the top of Felicity's head, "But we'll know. The rest won't matter as much as us being here to know it." He nods, "Let me run in and get it for you and you can drive us back with you." He stands and opens his arm to offer jade a hug, "Anything you need man."

Felicity nods. "Hector can go get a shirt and we'll ride back with you, yeah."

Jade hugs Hector, clapping him on the back. "Thank you, man." He then tells Felicity, "I'm glad you're back, by the way. Your brain whether it's broken or not, is going to help us sort this out."

Hector gives him an extra squeeze, brushes his lips across the knuckles of his lady and jogs off to get Spear's dirty 'Disaster Bisexual' shirt in a bag for Jade. It may not solve the big problems, but here is a small thing he can fix.

Felicity beams at Jade. "I'm glad I'm back, too. Even with the vampires. I hadn't realized how much I'd missed you all until I got back here." She watches Hector run off towards the house. "And there are some new people who are pretty awesome, too." She shrugs. "The particular ways my brain is broken help with some things. Planning is often one of them. I'm good at sorting."

Jade hops up and takes the shirt, and there in front of God and everyone, he huffs that thing. He huffs it good. Then he sighs. Ah, that's the stuff. "Thank you, Hector," he says. "I needed that." He nods them toward his red Ferrari and makes his way that direction. "You're smart, Felicity. You'll outlive us all."

Hector watches Jade with a look that suggests he gets it. "He's not wrong, Red."

Felicity snorts as she follows. "Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes I miscalculate. Or sometimes, I just get unlucky. And at the moment I have no real way of figuring our odds, but we're pot committed, so... in we go. You both are just forgetting about my tendency to jump off cliffs if I think it will be worth it and there's a reasonable chance I'll survive the landing."

Hector shakes his head, "I haven't. It's just that I know you make calculations and check the ropes first. I don't, Love. I know i should, i really do, but I don't.