Log:Real or Not?

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Real or Not?
Characters  •   The Beast  •  The Rogue  •  The Loner  •
Location  •  Loner's Room
Date  •  2019-03-02
Summary  •  Loner wakes up to two of his friends from the Lodge, talking ensues.

Loner's door is still in tact, and when the others who survived the Lodge start popping back up, it can be easily guessed that he's back in the facility as well. He just hasn't poked his head outside his room, yet. For him, that's not exactly unusual either. He lays on his bed, staring up at the ceiling, one pillow behind his head, the other hugged to his chest. Though there's nothing stopping anyone from checking on him. Like all the other doors in the facility, his are unlocked.

Rogue had come and found Beast and talked him out of the corner that he'd been lurking in since his arrival. He'd eventually pushed him to go and talk to Loner, and promised he'd be by shortly after he did a quick thing, ditching him outside Loner's door at the last moment. Connor stands there in the hall for several moments, just looking at the door with those same mixed feelings that he'd had when Rogue had told him everything that had happened. Eventually, though, he knocks twice, as he always does, and then opens the door, stepping inside, and letting it close behind him. He remains there by the door in silence for a moment before he says quietly, "I guess our plan to try and make contact in the next thing worked." His voice has that familiar British accent, but he looks maybe just a few years younger, closer to his mid-twenties than later twenties now, maybe a hold-over from the previous story.

Loner looks to have done the opposite. Looking a bit older than he has in the facility in the past. He looks more like Andrew, without the slight haggardness from drug use that the rocker always seemed to have, and clean shaven, which Andrew never was. He lifts his head to peer at Connor, then sighs and lets his head drop back down to the pillow. "Aye, looks like it did." That voice does not belong to his first incarnation though, it's the smoothed easy to understand accent with only a slight Scottish lilt that he always has in this place.

The Beast walks over toward where Loner lies and turns around, sitting on the floor cross-legged, and leaning his back against the bed, folding his hands in his lap. He looks over at him, studying him, the changes, and then looks back down at his hands. "I'm sorry that you're back here, but I'm glad that you are, and I guess I'm sorry for that, too."

"I've never seen you die before." Loner exhales softly. "I didn't rightly see it this time either.. but.. I was there." He reaches up and scrubs at his face, making a frustrated sound in the back of his throat. "Sorry, I'm still having trouble putting Julian's memories away. Some of them are good memories though." He laughs softly, though it's strained.

"I'm sorry I didn't keep my promise, either. I should have stayed with you.. gotten you out, myself. I thought I was doing that. And I guess.. I kind of did, in the end. But I should have been there with you," Connor says as he looks down at his hands. He shakes his head then and says, "You're not the only one."

"I got off the island. I feel like I failed you though.. I failed everyone I tried to help. I dragged so many people to their deaths." Loner doesn't sound truly upset about that, just annoyed. "It's hard to be upset about a death that doesn't stick, though. I just feel.. angry." He raises his hand into the air and stares at it, squinting his eyes as he curls and uncurls his fingers.

Lyle arrives from The Facility - Hall of Rooms.

"You didn't drag anyone. Everyone who went and died, went because it was their choice," Connor says from where he sits on the floor cross-legged, leaning back against Loner's bed where he lies, staring at one of his hands as he curls and uncurls his fingers. Connor is staring at his hands in his lap. "I'm the damn fool who thought it'd be a good idea to try and hold onto a burning chain attached to a monster stronger than an ox." His own smile is a bit wan. They've only been talking for a few minutes since Rogue had suddenly left Connor standing outside Loner's door, promising he'd be right back.

"Gus isn't here is he? He's not one of those first timers?" Julian asks it like he doesn't expect him to be, but he sighs even before he gets an answer, looking over to where Gus' jersey now hangs on the wall in a shadowbox. The guitar still hangs there as well, as does that creepy looking ether mask and the pistol. All hanging on the wall like weird trophies. "And I couldn't get him to let you go. The only reason you were there was because I was." He shakes his head and turns his attention back to the ceiling. "Not that it's worth arguing over."

"No, neither is Lucy... but did you notice? Lucy looked just like the photographer that we knew on the other island. So maybe they are somewhere? Just not here.." Connor doesn't argue the point further about why he was there. It's true that he was there because of Julian. He was there because of Gus, too, but he doesn't bring up that point. He looks over at Loner and just says, "And I'd do it again."

Lyle returns with a tray and on it coffee and also what seems to be soft pretzels and, hell, cherry pop tarts? Nope, he didn't lose his stomach for them. Knuckles fall against the wall in a knocking. Quietly he greets, eyebrow up, but both eyes on Julian letting the sentiments fall where they need to. "Hey... you still mad at me?" The sentiment expressed to his 'ghost', but appropriate as any concerns he has.

"Now that you mention it. I've seen that happen before. Chastity on the Island was Clara on the Noc." Loner lifts his head once more as someone else enters his room, peering at not-Lucas from where he lays on the bed. "Were.." He narrows his eyes looking between the two other men. "Do you remember showing up after your deaths?" He sounds mildly perturbed by that thought. "I'm pretty sure I was drunk when one of you showed up, and probably starving for oxygen the other time." His nose flares though. "I smell coffee." And he's suddenly sitting up.

"No, though I heard about it, that I must have been talking to you in the tunnel, some kind of ghost or hallucination," Connor says with a slight shake of his head. "But I woke up here.. immediately after seeing you crumpled against the wall.. I thought you'd died." He's quiet, then, glancing up as Rogue comes in with the coffee and other things. "We were just talking about what happened at the end, he says to Rogue."

Lyle sets the tray down and walks the coffee over to Loner without pausing for anyhting else. Waking up is just jarring and rough. This time? Well it's a personal responsnility to him. Finally he nodded. "In a sense. Enough. I remember what happened wen I showed up to you. In the weirdest way, but... yeah. You were mad at me. Blamed yourself for a lot of shit out of our control." He watches carefully, curiously and with some contrition, "We tried our best with what we had. Situation was... shit."

"A personal failing in most of my incarnations. I like to blame myself for things." Loner snorts softly as he accepts the coffee mug, taking a slow careful sip. "Lucas came to Julian the night before the final confrontations. Marc helped him out of the tunnels." He still has his habit of acting like the people in those places are somehow separate from those here, apparently. He looks over at the typewriter on his desk with a bit of confusion. "Last memory was crawling into bed in Cancun with one too many margaritas having been drunk."

"At least you made it to Mexico," Connor says with a faint little smile, though he's fallen mostly silent now that Lyle is here. "With margaritas, instead of fish people." He doesn't talk about his last memory much. He mentioned it briefly, but doesn't seem to be going back to it again.

Lyle looks to Connor murmuring, "One of these days I'm gettin to some place that has tiny umbrellas." Stepping back his arms fold at rest across his chest just giving the Loner some space. His head tilts though, more emotion surfacing from his thoughts into silent expression than Caleb ever had, but not unsympathetic. "Saw you at the beach fighting the EMTs trying to get you and Ethan into the boat too. But, for waht it's worth? Eeeeh I feel you were right about some things. Gave me a bit to think about in here while waiting to see if you'd... turn up." Those blanking doors still creep him the hell out. "You've seen others turn up again though? Couple of us have been talking maybe this facility has a sister compound somewhere."

"The bar on the Noc had drinks with tiny umbrellas." Loner sips the coffee, leaning his elbows into the pillow on his lap. After a moment he reaches out and sets a hand on Beast's shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. "Julian was writing a book, recording everything that happened. The cover up pissed him off." He shakes his head and peers into the coffee cup as if he can see something in it. "Wait.. saw? Are they letting the facility see what's going on now? What the fuck?"

"It did," Connor confirms of the bar in the Noc. Of course, the last time he'd been in the facsimile of the Noc, he'd thrown one of those drinks at a slot machine. He instinctively reaches up and covers Loner's hand with his own. He pauses for a moment, and then he returns the squeeze and says, "Good. Someone needed to tell that story." He looks over toward Lyle and what he says sparks something he remembers from their earlier conversation. "Deviant's door is blank. He's gone."

Lyle side nods to the door. "That screen with the music vids?" Soft as his thick accent is there's disgust that doesn't remain buried, "Weren't for entertinament's sake I'll tell you that much. Sense of duty I watched. To know when to come look for people turning up here. Have some semblance of what fucked up things are going on." He shrugs not proud of this, but rooted in his choice. "People I care about have to go hrough something who teh fuck am I to leave them to it and turn away when they can't?" He scoffs with a bit of anger there, "Can't do it." Eyes, paird again, look back to Connor, "Yeaaaaah. Noticed that too. Tryin not to think about how that related to Addie if at all o be honest."

"Fucktrumpet's gone? Can't say as I'm overly torn up about that. Dude was a prick, picking on a kid." Sure, that kid was him, but Loner doesn't think of himself as a kid, even if he thinks Julian was. He taps his finger on the side of his mug, then starts mumbling. "They don't understand, they don't know what it's like to live in a place that makes no sense. To not know if you're even real at all. But you do. You know what it's like." It has the sound of a quote, as if he's reciting something from memory. "Gash said that to me.. to Julian."

There's a look of surprise on Connor's face when Loner mentions what Gash said to Julian, "Really? That's..." He pauses. "That almost seems as though they were aware... somehow. It's probably coincidence but still -- eerie." He nods to Lyle and says, "I appreciated the six pack that you left at my door." He hadn't said thanks for that earlier, and had meant to.

Lyle nods slowly in ardent agreement until the source of the quote comes about. Bothe eyebrows pop up, "She said that?" He looks back to Connor as if to suggest filing that away for later under things that have changed. At the thanks an easy shrug is given in return, "Well we gotta look out for one another. Glad that it helped, bru." Looking between them The Rogue falls silent for a long pause before offering, "I know we hate it here, and everything has been terribly unfair, but if it's any difference I do believe that. That we need to keep an eye out for one anther. Staves off the madness a bit." He shrugs and admits quietly, "Helps me think."

"Too bad he's gone, though. I was thinking of trying to distract him with my gun and then kick him in the crotch or something. It was a loose plan." Loner sips his coffee with another shake of his head. "Yeah, she said that. Julian thought it was just the ghost being weird, after all, this is the one who stuck her thumb in the wound on my shoulder, so a bit crazy." He sighs softly. "Strangely, I don't hate it here, too much. I want to know who I am, and where we are, but the people I like are here... So.." He shrugs.

The Beast seems caught up a bit in the words that Gash spoke, turning them over in his head as he considers them in context with everything else. "Strange," he says, once more, and then he glances up again and seems to rejoin the conversation, and looks over toward Loner, as though a bit surprised by his words, perhaps expecting something else. He then looks back over toward Caleb and nods in agreement, definitely something new and interesting to watch for -- Gash's words. "It's good to have something to focus on, to puzzle out. Keep watching, keep waiting. Sooner or later we'll find a crack. We just need to be ready to find out what's on the other side when we find it."

Lyle bites his lip and really just lets Beast and Loner's words sink in. Even if it takes a while the gears always stay turning. "Maybe I hate the not knowing but, for now? Yeah. The people I care about are here... mostly. I dunno I'll be happy until I know where Addie went, but if I need to go through this shit? well... I got the right people around me. I can't be ungrateful about that." Leaning onto one foot with a lot on his mind now he murmurs, "Speaking of that, there's some people I need to go look in on taking this whole... run a bit hard. Don't be a stranger."

Loner waves at Rogue vaguely as the man exits his room then turns his attention on Connor. "I think I'm going to lay down. My head is still swimming, but, uh, you're welcome to stay." He drains the rest of his coffee and sets the mug on the nightstand, then proceeds to scoot over to make room on the bed. "I, uh, wouldn't mind the company. I got used to sleeping next to you."

The Beast gives Rogue a faint smile and waves to him as he heads out the door. Then he turns to look back at Loner. He nods and admits, "I was going to ask if you minded if I stayed with you, just for a while." He pulls himself up from the floor and shifts onto the bed, settling onto his side with his head propped on one folded arm, tucked beneath it. He holds out his other arm, just a little bit, an invitation for Loner to settle in against him, if he wants to.

The Loner leans in to steal a quick kiss from Beast before sliding under that up-raised arm. He turns onto his side, pressing his back against Connor's chest and lays his arm a top of his to hold it against him. "The only problem is I won't be able to wake up with you. But this is enough, for now."

The Beast reaches out to catch Loner's jaw briefly, not letting him get away and returning the kiss with a brief one of his own. Then he lets him shift, and once settled, wraps his arm around him, letting his eyes close as he nods, resting his nose against Loner's hair. "Unfortunately, no. I'll end up back in my room. But.. at least I can be here until I sleep. I'll try to stay awake for a while."

The Loner nods his head slowly, settling in. He doesn't seem to be falling asleep, rather just needing to relax and enjoying the comfort of actually having someone with him.