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ReBirthday Party
Characters  •   Ouroboras (as Oh)  •  Urania (as Urania)  •  The Unicorn (as Colorado)  •  La Llorona (as Lorraine)  •  Manticore (as Sebastianus)  •  Nike (as Nikki)  •  Bik (as Bik)  •  Diamond Devil (as Diamento)  •  Sekhmet (as Leona)  •  Mad Sweeney (as Cedric)  •  Hodr (as Holden/Owen)  •
Location  •  Carnival Grounds - Adult Area
Date  •  2019-03-31
Summary  •  The Children Of A Lesser God have a reason to celebrate. Everyone's Invited.

Just one more night to go in Colorado. It's a Monday. Clearing the Adult Area a little earlier wasn't too difficult for the group that slowly creeps into the area from the Carnie Camp. This is a mischievous bunch and it shouldn't come as a surprise given their name. The Children of a Lesser God are living up to youthful playfulness as the women hang humble homemade paper streamers and the men roll out two barrels of mead. It's a party. Because Hodr has a new follower, a new believer. If you've been with the Carnival for a while, you know this hasn't happened in some time. More importantly there is a tradition that comes with a new believer.

A birthday party. Why? Because Hodr says you are reborn the moment you join and you got to give it to Hodr. For a man who hates Christianity, he certainly knew how to co-op it. So now, it's a party and the birthday boy is Owen. A brawny tattooed fellow who just blew into camp hours ago.

Before you know it, the Children are all about and drinking and Hodr--Holden--is seated to the side of the group. The host is always a wallflower.

Colorado arrives from Carnival Grounds - Midway.

Sebastianus wanders into the camp from his wagon. The days are getting warmer, and he's switched to wearing a black, long-sleeved, band-collared linen tunic with golden lion and scorpion embroidery instead of his robe coat. Thus it will remain until the weather cools once more. He otherwise has his usual black leather, hard soled slippers and linen pants, dark red today.

"Ah, gained a new one, have we?" he says to Hoolden, smiling his approval. Not that he minds the flimsiest of excuses to engage in a party, but it's nice to have good ones too. "Always a fine reason to celebrate. Congratulations." He glances from Holden to his followers, dips his head.

Urania arrives from Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp.

The activities within the Cooch Tent stretch late into the evening ending long after most other performances have already ended and vendors closed. Customers always linger late, awaiting their turn for some sort of promised bliss. It's in the wee hours when most of the customers start to trickle out, even if some remain behind to make the most of what they've paid for. Cedric, himself, has relinquished himself from his duties once the final john had paid. Gone are his fancy bally's jacket or his black hat and that walking cane. Instead, he's dressed in simple attire. Well, just what he'd been wearing beneath his suit jacket and all, the buttoned down shirt, the first few buttons undone, black slacks, suspenders and fancy shoes.

Seeing the gathering across the way and with his mug full of sweet cream in hand, the Leprechaun decides to venture forth, curious of these festivities, after he'd just dragged himself out of the chaos of the after party in his own tent. Still in the process of winding down some for the evening, he finds a perch to settle on, probably one of those barrels of mead, taking a sip of his own drug of choice. "What've we got here?" He calls out to Holden.

Nikki has changed from her perfomance clothes for a party - which means she is covered up as much as possible; boots, trousers, shirt, gloves, hat, lacy veil. She does love the danger of attending parties though. Must be that Greek pantheon thing. And if you need someone to sing 'Happy Birthday' so they really feel reborn, then Nikki is your girl. "Where did you find this one?" she asides to Holden as she watches the festivities - two wallflowers in the house.

Leona is here to celebrate. Because there is freely flowing drink and she is not one to turn that down. Strolling into camp dressed in a long red layered skirt and a puffy sleeved and low-cut cut-off blouse. Exposing her toned belly. Dressed to party tonight. Moving forward she reaches out towards Holdr to embrace him with a wide smile. "My friend, congratulations!"

The Weeping Woman isn't exactly the life of the party, and another evening spent in the arms of a paying customer who didn't stay all night, at least, means she has an opportuntiy to venture out somewhat. Dressed in her simple black dress now and sandles on her feet, her hair brushed out, it was the noice that attracted her attention. Spotting the gathering, she trails along some moments after Cedric's own venturing, glancing over the beginnings of the celebration. Huh.

She glances over the way towards where Holden and Nikki are, offering a nod to the former and something of a wave to the latter. She doesn't ask exactly what's going on -- she's overheard that same question and simply awaits to overhear the answer as well.

Colorado comes along from his own tent. "Heard there was a party." He's dressed in one of his sleek suits. This one is shimmery burgundy with matte black details. Usually he doesn't wear them when he's not on stage, but it's a special occasion. All three of his followers--Holly, Excellent, and Itchy--come with him to congratulate Holden and his new believer.

Drinking! Celebration! Fun! And then... "A new follower?" The voice pipes up from exactly where there wasn't a person a moment ago. Just when no one happened to be looking in that direction, somehow a Bik came to inhabit an empty spot on the outskirts of this celebration. His chair sits right up against the tent wall, and he scans the gathering with keen interest, his hands folded on his knees. "Which one is it?"

After so much stress, hardship, and anxiety in their strangely long stay in Nowhere, Urania -- Twila, still, even dressed in the remains of her airy, chiming dance costume -- is grateful for sounds of a party threading between the tents as she sends the last fortune-seeker on their way. Arm in arm with two of her cultists -- the real Lily, who will remain on the shortest possible leash so long as her father is in camp, and Milton, shrouded in a deeply hooded jacket like a gangly, shyly grinning grim reaper -- she picks her way into the group, the pipsqueak between them. She wears a curious look shining in her eyes, even if they stray off in either direction, chasing invisible distractions as the other two lead her on along. To the rest of her fellow wonders, the dainty muse sparkles, glowing subtly from each pinpoint freckle. It'd be a damned fine spectacle, if the rubes could see it, but it's invisible to the lot of them, save for perhaps a few of her long term cultists.

Lily is carrying a trio of canteens, each reeking of mead doubtless sweet-talked out of, or directly filched from, Loki earlier in the day. If it's the latter, she's destined to pay for it dearly, but it is a party. Lily will bring booze, cost -- to her hide or otherwise -- be damned. Both Lily and the muse wave a paradoxically cheerful greeting to Lorraine, while Milton tips his head and only once sure the rubes out well out of sight, doffs his hood. "A welcome party," he says quietly to the other two; his smile is warm and sincerely cheerful, especially considering the look of the man.

Holden could be holding open court. He's dressed for an occasion in a traditional tunic of red and gold. It's oddly matched with his more modern Levis but nobody's perfect. His hair is braided with bits of red fabric in the plaits. His believers are happy and so is he. He beams when asked the occasion. "Owen has been reborn tonight. He came from Minnesota and is Nils' cousin. But I am told they look nothing alike." They don't. Nils is lanky and Asian and Owen is blonde, bearded and tattooed. "And he brought mead with him! So I decided not to wait another moment to welcome him. This is his birthday. And we celebrate births." All of the Children are celebrated. It's been a long while since he's held one of size. "Nils wrote him. I wrote him. He came. And he is most welcome."

Diamanto wanders in from her trailer, and she's dressed in a red satin evening gown, sleeveless and backless, in a style reminiscent of a Greek toga. It must have come right out of a fancy catalog, and it had to have cost a pretty penny. Her magnificent hair is piled high, with a few curls loose to frame her face. Her nails are painted the same red of her dress, the color reflected again in her lipstick. There's a sway in her step as she looks around, practically prowling.

Following right behind her are her girls. Georgia is in a teal dress with flapper's fringe. Ethel is in rosy pink, with dainty white gloves. Philomena is in eggshell blue, and she has flowers woven into her hair. She breaks off from the other two immediately to find Diamanto some wine.

From some of the conversation and congratulations being spread around the grounds, even without Hodr answering his question, Cedric has come to an understanding of just what this party is all about. Everyone's so well-dressed as if they were going to some fancy ball of sorts, but the Leprechaun doesn't leave to change nor does he glamour himself to appear as the most fantastical creature at this shin-dig. Instead, he continues nursing his mug of milk, which is far more potent to him than any actual spirit would be. Still, after his last sip, he raises his mug in the Norse God's direction and in his Irish brogue says, "Ah, Fair play to ye both then. It's a plesure to watch a friend's flock grow from year to year ain't it?"

That's when he notices Lorraine making her approach from the distance, "Fine show you put on for the crowd this evenin'. I'm sure everyone who witnessed you this night will ne'er forget the time the Carnival o' Wonders visited Nowhere." After yet another sip of his milk, he murmured, "One more day t'go."

Oh arrives from Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp.

Sachin and Dash come to join the festivities, having an animated argument about something, with Olivia not far behind them. She's got her knitting with her, as she's often more wallflower than party goer, but likes to be around others none-the-less. Also, there's mead. Mead makes the knitting better, everyone knows that!

Sebastianus flashes his teeth at Colorado and company as they arrive, eyes linger on Itchy perhapsd a fraction of a second longer than the unicorn, Holly, and Excellent. Like Cedric he's not dressed up either, but then, he didn't know there would be a reason to, and seldom goes to effort to dress finely as a human outside a performance. Too much effort, and anywyas, his real form is the only way he can truly dress up. No one wants him wandering around like that, though.

"I just think we could make the oven a little more efficient," Dash is saying to Sachin as they get a little mead for themselves, Olivia, and Sebastianus. They nod their thanks to Holden and the Children, take their mugs to a table and have a seat.

"No, they don't look anything alike" Nikki confirms for Holden. "Must be /distant/ cousins" she adds before a smile, a wave, and a blown kiss for Lorraine. "Quite the crowd here tonight, Holden. Nice to see us all celebrate an expansion." She places a gloved hand on Holder's shoulder to give him an affectionate squeeze. "Well done." More waves as more people wander in - Urania, Diamanto, Sebastianus. And then there's a Bik in the corner, doing that sneaking 'surprise!' thing he does. "Excuse me, Holden, though I think Diamanto will be here presently...and pleasantly." Nikki heads on over to the seated man in the shadows. "One day you will explain to me how you do that" she smiles.

Holly is wearing a dress of raspberry-red. Excellent could easily pass as a young man in a brown pinstripe suit, complete with tie and porkpie hat. Itchy...well, his shirt is not as oil-stained as it could be? He hangs back anxiously, arms folded, while the girls join the party. Holly's gracious, Excellent is ready to get crunk.

Colorado bows a flourishy showman's bow to Holden, and to Owen. "Welcome, Owen, from me and mine. How's the little fella doing, Holden? Moseleh?" He looks around to see if he can find him among the Children.

At the revelation of the occasion, a broad smile crosses Twila's face. She aims a swat at Milton's back, presumably sending the gaunt, tattooed man off to fetch more of his adopted kin. He's off with a broad smile and a cheerful wave to Holden, and to Owen as well. "Welcome, Owen! Happy birthday!" For a walking horror show, Milton's a surprisingly friendly soul.

The muse glances down over her varied ornaments, narrowing her eyes thoughtfully before plucking a silver charm from one of her necklaces, a pretty little thing in the shape of a heart with two clasped hands within. It might pass for a Catholic medal at a glance indicating prayer, but a second look reveals the fingers intwined, and the hands to be of different people entirely. She palms it for now, steering Lily away from the canteens of mead once they're dropped off at the table, despite the dancer's insistence that, "Hey, I just stole those from The Suit!" and her immediate pouting. But, hey, Owen's pretty, isn't he? That has Lily's attention shifting, and quick.

"Well, congratulations," Lorraine says somewhat quietly, possibly somewhat difficult to hear over the general atmosphere of celebrations. The corners of her mouth lift slightly, and she watches Nikki move over towards the shadows, brows raising up as she inclines her head just slightly. "Mmm, I am sure they will not forget me, or any of us. But it seems unlikely that any will follow, more's the pity. It's your own work that pushes our show to the next level." With a small smile for Cedric she continues to just watch people rather than participate in any particular partying, lingering.

Noise and life and scents draw Oh from his tent. He's in clean clothes, having washed them just yesterday, and he gives a prodigious yawn and stretch. Then he is sinuously stepping out to peer around and he runs briefly into Benaim, his Weaver in the Spanish Rope performance. Oh ducks his head and talks to his assistant, reaching out to put a hand on the man's upper arm.

Blue eyes flick up from their intent examination of the newest addition to someone else's flock. It would probably seem rude if Bik didn't look at pretty much everything like that, once it caught his attention. Like Nikki, for example! At first, he just flicks a glance toward her, but then looks back, and a slow smirk curls his lips. "Perhaps someday you'll know something worth trading for it," he returns, with a friendly bantering tone.

Though his followers have gotten him a mug of mead, Sebastianus goes to fetch another and takes them to Bik and Nikki instead. "Those of us who walk in shadows can't reveal our secrets, dear Nike," he murmurs, chasing it with a wink. He hands off the two nugs, careful not to brush Nikki's hand in the process, goes to get two more. He makes his way over to Itchy, meandering towards him in a circuitous route so he can pass by Diamanto and compliment her dress.

A minute or so later, Sebastianus is standing next to Itchy and offering a mug of mead to him, brows half-raised. He sips from his own while he waits to see if Itchy will accept it.

"I'd be a liar if I'd said your words weren't true." Cedric says with a good humored tone to Lorraine, "But as with any act, doesn't it take a group effort?" Though in truth, he's silently basking in his own glory, the way that his chin is lifted and that somewhat arrogant look forming on his features. "Though, with how many men you've got fawnin' over you, I'd expect a few o' them to want to join your cult of sorts." As he takes another sip, his eyes look to Lorraine again, thoughtful now, "Would you care for anythin' t'drink? I'm afraid that all I've got is milk myself, but there's a lot o' mead spillin' around." Though knowing part of what diet the woman prefers, he then murmurs, "I could get mmy boy over and see about fetchin' you a nice cup of somethin' fresh." Blood.

Diamanto inclines her head to Sebastianus and smiles as he compliments her dress. Georgia winks at him in passing, flirt that she is. Ethel isn't much of a flirt, herself. She looks around the party, and when she spies Nikki and Lorraine, she nods to them each in turn. Philomena comes back to Diamanto with a glass of red wine, and Diamanto murmurs to her a thank you.

Diamanto makes her way toward Holden, and once she's standing before him, she lifts her chin a little and just watches him for a moment. Just as it's getting awkward, she says, "You seem well tonight."

Nikki takes the mead from Sebastianus and offers a smirk in return to his words. "I'll get it out of one of you. One day" she teases, though with a rather confident expression that it /will/ happen. Once the manticore slips away, Nikki hands Bik her mug of mead as well. "I can't drink it" she whispers to the seated man. "Well...I can...but it won't be pretty afterwards." An arch of an eyebrow for Bik. "I know plenty of things worth knowing, Bik. So, so, so many things." A wave for the arriving Oh before glancing over to Lorraine and Cedric...but she refrains from bothering them with 'business' since this is a party. "You have any followers, Bik? Though, I suppose it would be difficult to follow someone who 'walks in shadows'." Her turn to tease in a friendly banter.

Owen was probably warned and thought he was ready for a full assault of carnies, gods and monsters...but he ain't. Between the guests and the alcohol, he's pulled aside early. He's still friendly, maybe a little overwhelmed. Meanwhile, Holden calls for Mose, the scrawny teen is kicking back some mead and practically skips over to Colorado and Holden. "Mose, now's your chance."

And the boy speaks in Yiddish but repeats in English. "Thank you so much for your kindness, Unicorn. I didn't believe in much when I left home but now, I am so hopeful. Thank you."

When Diamanto comes near Holden, you can see the corner of his mouth lift as she come in smell range. Her silent staring makes him just a little nervous, he chuckles when she speaks, before he's heard a word. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm well. Owen's birthday." He shifts a bit, getting back on track. "And who better to help him celebrate than the Madonna of the Children herself."

A little wave for Diamanto, and for Sebastianus as well. There's a soft laugh escaping her, another sharp sort of smile curving at her lips, "Plenty of them would have me stay here for the rest of their days, promising to take care of me, but I could not imagine setting down in a place like Nowhere. And none of them are quite enamoured enough to uproot their lives to tag along, like some have." Most of her own people are exactly that; folk so enamoured of Lorraine's act that they've joined the Carnival proper. "I would certainly be grateful if your boy could get me something," Lorraine says brightly to Cedric's offer, nodding her head. She can drink alcohol, and often does, but when the good stuff is offered, well. She meets Nikki's gaze a moment, brows lifting up in a silent question.

Oh brightens as he spots the Goddess Nike, and he lifts a hand. He has really worked out how these long, bony tentacles work by this point! He tilts his head to Benaim, finishing his discussion about the coming performance. And then he is mingling with everyone, a broad smile on his friendly face. One that shows his long fangs. Oh looks a bit hungry, his hands linked loosely together. "Miss Diamanto! Hello!" he calls out in a faintly accented voice "Oh - Mister Sebastianus...and everyone else. Is that Colorado?" Practicing names. People do get very hung up on names "Hello everyone I have not spoken to. I am Oh!" Now he puts his hands together across his chest and bows slightly.

Leona prowls the edges of the celebration. So it is probably no surprise when she moves from the shadows near Bik. "Hello Strawman, do you need some mead?" She asks in a purr. A smile playing across her full lips while her eyes follow the party itself.

Diamanto leans closer to plant a kiss on Holden's cheek that lingers for a moment. Then she cups his other cheek in the palm of her hand. It seems words aren't her strong suit, not when she can convey how she feels by touch. Meanwhile, Georgia tells Owen, "Hey, you're cute." Philomena chimes in, "So cute." Ethel smiles politely.

Diamanto turns toward Oh and says, "Hello, Oh. It's a pleasure to see you." She takes a drink of her wine. Then another one. She's got to pound down at least one to get started.

"Happy to help, Moseleh. My kind of healing ain't the only kind there is." Colorado embraces the skinny teen and kisses his temple, all avuncular affection. "You be good for Holden, now." He adds something to him in Yiddish, a blessing, and sends him on his way. Colorado seems satisfied, and goes to fetch mead for Holly, gallantly.

Excellent goes along with him, sees Oh, and represses a squeal, hand over her mouth. She waves at Oh frantically. Itchy gives Sebastianus an uncertain look, but accepts the mead, with half a shy smile. "Thanks." There's a lot of noise and people here and Itchy finds it tough to manage.

Bik accepts the mug of mead... And then another mug. That should keep his hands busy, though he notably doesn't take a sip. That /might/ just be because of that red cape Nikki just waved at him. She earns herself another intense stare, before he softens back into a smirk. "Well, /do/ tell. Who knows? Perhaps it would be worth an even trade." Then he's rolling his eyes as she asks about his followers. "Obviously I /do/. I keep them away from you lot." As Leona comes near, he offers a broad, toothy grin, and holds up the /two/ mugs of mead. "Double what I need, actually. Take one off my hands?"

"Olivia has found a quiet spot to knit in," Sebastianus whispers, nodding towards her. Indeed, Olivia, like Bik, is somewhat on the edge of the gathering, knitting what's probably going to be a hat. She has the mead Dash and Sachin fetched for her, and grins a hello to Holly, Excellent, and several others, but seems inclined to relax more than mingle. The manticore leaves the suggestion there as a way for Itchy to be present but not tormented. Dash and Sachin are still arguing about the thermodynamics of stoves and ovens.

Sebastianus sees Nikki hand off her drink, rolls his eyes at her playfully, mouthing, 'You're no fun.' He wiggles his fingers at Lorraine and Georgia, half-bows a hello to Oh. "It's good to see you here among us, Oh."

Twila and Lily make their way toward the God of the hour without hesitation, both wearing smiles of genuine cheer. Lily even curtsies, spreading layered skirts with a cheery-sounding chime of bells. "I am glad to see the Children growing, Holden," Twila warmly asides, offering up the small pendant with the words, "A gift, in honor of your new arrival. May ever more hands come together in your name." She glances up to Diamanto, and insists, "You look positively astonishing tonight, beauty." There's a twinge of envy in even the muse's face for that dress, and a wistful sort of sigh.

"Gladly," Leona says in a deep, rumbling voice. The second mug is taken and she tilts it back. Drinking almost the entire thing in one gulp. Wiping her mouth she lets out a satisfied sigh. "Would you like a glass of something more your taste?" She asks of Nikki, golden eyes gleaming in the firelight.

Hopping down off the mead barrel he was seated upon, though still with his mug in hand, Cedric's sharp eyes look over the area, looking for a particular face in the crowd. Though even he knows that it's easier to find someone if you wander and mingle, so he does that, leading Lorraine through the gathering while continuing his conversation. "If you'd like, could we get you a cup o' mead to tide you over then before I find Rian to fetch you some o' what you'd really prefer?" Though there's this minor look of annoyance on his features, "You'd think a party'd lure him out from whate'er he's doin'."

In the crowd, there's nothing but familiar faces mostly, but the Carnival itself was one large family. On his search for both the messenger boy and to get Lorraine that cup of mead, he says to Sebastianus along the way, "Have you seen Rian anywhere? Oh and congratulations, like always, for a stunning performance this evening." He's there to lift the already high morale of those who work beneath him! "Ah, here we go." He hadn't found the messenger, but he's gotten to where mead was served. Having some poured into his cup of milk, while handing Lorraine a cup herself, he says with a lift of his mug, "Cheers then." Also, Cedric looks like a man who is always down for discussing business. Usually...

Oh is about to approach Diamanto - he knows her, at least, and has seen Holden around. Yes, people he knows, people he is less likely to eat. He is almost immediately distracted by Excellent, whom he smiles at in turn. Yes, over there now. He starts to step towards her, scenting the air with his mouth falling partly open. Then his head swings to Sebastianus, and he says "I'm getting _much_ better at remembering to go and be with others, now. You are all so very helpful." And he has not eaten anyone. At least, not anyone _important_ "Leona gave me some fascinating smoke last night. Opium. It makes you talk quite a lot. And Benaim and I have wonderful ideas for our next performance. I just need to work out if people would be too frightened of a snake."

Holden is left with pink ears, blinking and flushed. Some things are best conveyed by touch, apparently. "People keep talking about how handsome Owen is. I will have to see for myself one day." Beat. Smirk. "In the mirror." He mutters, low. He gestures towards Bik, in a frantic manner. "Do not let the mead go to waste! Someone! Any of you!" It's a woman called Rose who hops to it, relieving Bik of mead and passing back to Holden.

Nikki offers a silent 'what?' expression at Seb's words. Does he want her to throw up everywhere? Well...it is a Viking party, so maybe he does. At Lorraine's curious look she offers a smile in return before a little shake of her head in a 'don't worry about it' way. They can talk later.

"Leona. You look fabulous" Nikki gives an air kiss to each cheek of the Egyptian in greeting before a playful pout at Bik. "No need to keep them away from me. I won't eat them...or even make whoppee with them. Unfortunately. I am sweeter than Shirley Temple. As for an information swap...we can talk later about that." A shake of her head for Leona at the offer of a special drink. "Thank you for the offer but I will be fine."

Happily moving through the crowd with ease, Lorraine follows along, accepting the cup of mead with a nod. She takes a mouthful of it, letting out a little 'ahh' sound afterwards. it doesn't really do much for her, but hey, this is meant to be a party, right? When they near Sebastianus she gives him a brief smile, tacking onto Cedric's words a quick, "Yes. Captivating as always, dear." Smoothing down her dress a moment, she inclines her head slightly in Nikki's direction and then shrugs a little, giving something of an invitational gesture.

Diamanto inclines her head to Twila, and she smiles in genuine pleasure. "I've been saving this dress for a special occasion," she says. This, apparently, is that occasion. She carries herself proudly, and quite restrained. This is the kind of dress a lady mingles in, perhaps even dances. It's not a murdering dress. Blood doesn't come out of satin well at all. Still, her spirits seem high, so she's probably safe. "I wish to sit with you," she informs Holden.

Georgia and Philomena circulate, which is a polite way of saying flirt with all the boys. Georgia is confident, and Philomena is sweet. Not very bright, but definitely sweet. Ethel drifts toward Nikki. "Your last show was fantastic," she says, one singer to another.

Bik is relieved of not one, but /both/ mugs of mead. He doesn't seem too worried to be left empty handed, since he just folds his hands back on his knees again. "Perhaps /you/ wouldn't," he remarks to Nikki, with a meaningful glance to the rest of the partying crowd, and then a faux-solemn wink. "And how are /your/ followers, so long as we're on the subject?"

Leona lets Rose take the empty mug. Why not after all. She returns the air kiss to Nikki. "I need more mead then. I wonder if he'll let me just take a keg to myself?" She gives a little chuckle before moving back to where the drink flows. Taking up another mug she turns to survey the crowd. When her eyes fall on Oh her ears also pick up on his words. Crossing over to him she reaches out to stroke a hand up his back and to one shoulder. "It was quite a lovely evening. Perfect really," She says.

Oh tries to reach for alcohol - but it is gone. Who knows, but possibly that is a _good_ thing. He is then trying to introduce himself to yet more people, obeying recommendations made by the Egyptian contingent. Leona and Kemen have been teaching him. He does end up chatting briefly with Philomena, though whether he recognises the flirting...well. He does end up putting an arm around her. Oh is a _hugger_. Also, a constrictor. He releases her, and wraps arms around Leona instead, squeezing the lioness, and saying "Yes! I have learned so many wonderful things about mammals. You know, I think I am begining to _like_ being a mammal. All that warmth instead of growing cold at night. But I still want to see everyone as they truly are, underneath."

"Oh, we need to feed you better," Sebastianus laments. "We'll go for a hunt, find you something nice and filling. Several somethings." He sighs as his mead offerings as refused, Nikki because she doesn't want to make a mess, Bik because...well...who knows why Bik doesn't drink mead. He'll have to liven up the party some other way.

He shakes his head at Cedric. "I've not seen him, apologies. And thank you, both." He ducks his head at the compliments. "Your glamours are essential to our success, Cedric, and your dance brings in far more than we would have otherwise, Lorraine."

Kemen arrives from Carnival Grounds - Carnie Camp.

Holden was sitting behind a table. Was. He scoots back so quickly, he almost loses his balance. He grabs Diamanto in that moment's flailing and takes advantage of his surprise grip to pull her down into his lap. It's almost as if he meant for it to happen. And that cheeky smile says he'll never tell. "Oh, satin. You dressed up? Let me guess the color. I can only do this by feel, I'm afraid." Now Holden's getting comically handsy. Meanwhile, Nils looks to Rose and says, in horror, "What do you mean you lost track of how much he's had?! You had one job!"

No matter how wary she may be of letting Lily drink around a crowd, Twila offers the dancer a nudge of her hip toward the booze like a reluctant parent. Never mind that she looks younger than the dancer by a handful of years if not more. "Go, just keep your knickers on," she chides before sending the dancer off to stir up her usual brand of trouble. Seeing that Bik has been relieved of all things booze, she takes up a pair of mugs to bring over, though she seems intent on keeping one for herself.

"It's perfect," Twila insists to Diamonto, nodding with enthusiasm. "If you don't mind letting Mae take a peek some time, I would be ever so grateful. Would happy lend her back in return to see to your retinue if you like." But the conspiracies of fashion will have to wait; her father is apparently not immediately present, Lily still has all of her clothes on, and she's otherwise left to her own devices: it's time to drink.

This talk of dancing, Cedric says with a wave of his free hand, "Some nights I'm tempted to go on stage and dance myself, but am sure that our crowd didn't pay good coin for a ticket to watch someone dance a jig. Even if I do it with tireless perfection." For those who have been with the Carnival long enough and who've attended many a party here, the Leprechaun and probably the Faeries as a whole are known for their love of dance.

"Well this won't do now will it? This be a celebration an' while the mead is lovely." He is still drinking his with milk, "Am sure you'd prefer somethin' more t'your likin' and pallete." Tilting his head to both of the Burlesque dancers, he says, "I'll go see where Rian'd ran off to and if I can't find him, then I'll just fetch the thing myself." With that, he looks to be wandering out towards the kitchen area.

Leona wraps her arm in turn around Oh. The squeezing is returned as tightly as she can. They're both damned sturdy and it seems to make him happy. "Wonderful to hear," She says before taking a long drink of her own mug. Her eyes go to Sebastianus and she nods. "Perhaps a little later the three of us can go on a hunt? We leave...tomorrow?" She always loses track of time.

"That would be nice," says Oh to Sebastian brightly "I was thinking we could bring Colorado along, just in case things don't work out -" He pauses, catching himself, then he rubs all over his face, and he mutters "Maybe I need to behave myself. Wow, look at Holden there, he sure is helpful. He's helping Diamanto..." Diamanto something? Oh peers, and then he chuffs quietly as he is held "Yes, that would be very good, yes. I think I am more alive here because of all this lovely heat at night." He watches Cedric go, and he calls out, because why not "I would like to see you dance." He glances at Diamanto "And Holden and Diamanto. And everyone. Dancing is a very pleasant thing to do, is it not, Leona?"

Diamanto laughs in surprise as she's pulled onto Holden's lap, and she wraps her arms loosely around his shoulders, one hand still holding a wine glass. "Take your time," she says when he starts getting handsy. "It's important to be thorough." She strokes Holden's hair idly, regarding Twila from her new perch. "Of course," she says. "That would be fine. Just have her come find me when she's ready."

Philomena hugs Oh, and even if he doesn't realize she's flirting, she's quite friendly. His lack of flirtatious savvy is a delight, to be honest. He's so fun! When he goes to hug Leona next, Philomena tells her, "Ethel likes you." Thank goodness Ethel can't hear Philly or else there'd be a dust up. With no Ethel nearby to hush Philomena up, she adds, "Oh sure, Holden's helping Dia out a lot."

Nikki sees the gesture from Lorraine and gives a single nod before a smile to those nearby. "If you'll excuse me. Enjoy the birthday party. Remember to make sure...Owen is it? Make sure he makes a wish." She slips away, heading for the exit after Cedric, a meaningful look to Lorraine suggesting she should follow.

"Oh, stop." Lorraine says with a faux-modesty at Seb's compliments, waving a hand and grinning before hiding her smile with the mug as another mouthful of mead is consumed. There's a vague nod to Cedric as he slips off to find something better to drink for her. Not that she's incapable of getting something for herself, but it's nice sometimes when someone just does these things. However as she catches that meaningful look from Nikki, there's a slight nod. "Excuse me!" She says in a somewhat merry tone -- an odd sound coming from Lorraine really, and then moves through the crowd to follow after Nikki.

Oh, is someone interested in seeing him dance? That makes Cedric take pause from his retreat, his dark eyes looking to Oh, he says in his brogue "I'm sure you'll get your chance some day!" That's when he notices that he's being tailed by Nikki and Lorraine, "Well, if ye both don't mind takin' a break from the party, we can all refill our cups with somethin' suitable for each o' us."

Leona flashes Oh a bright and toothy smile as she nods. "It is indeed. I enjoy it. Would you care to dance now?" While she may ask she isn't one to wait for an answer. If he doesn't stop her she takes his hand and pulls him to an area near the musicians. While stalking is often her way, she knows how to dance too. Tonight it is less a slow dance and more dancing to the light hearted beat of the party.

Bik is gifted with another mug of mead. It's like magic! He even smiles graciously as he accepts it. The moment no one's eyes are on him, it disappears again. Did he drink it? Hand it off to someone? The world may never know! He smirks a little at Nikki and waves a little to acknowledge her departure. Then his attention wanders away to this dancing that's starting up.

Cedric heads towards Carnival Grounds - Midway <O>.

Nikki heads towards Carnival Grounds - Midway <O>.

"It's sensible to like Leona, she is very attractive," says Oh to Philomena brightly. He then nods "I see. Holden does seem very helpful. He's so nice to do that for people, do you not think? Very selfless." It is a _good_ thing Leona is there to pull him away from the girls, because while Oh's smiles are sweet, there is a growing hunger there, and Diamanto would probably not take having her handmaidens eaten very well. Now he looks to Cedric as he leaves, and he nods. He _does_ want to see it "Good," he says. And then Leona is pulling him away, and Oh brightens - dancing? _Dancing_ is something he can do. His agility and stamina are beyond that of human ken - and the strength of his massive shape is hidden in a small human form. Oh spins Leona, tossing her into the air, and forgetting his belly for a moment.

Sebastianus arches an eyebrow at Oh, huffs a quiet laugh. "I don't know that it would be...wise, to bring him on such a hunt." He nods at Leona in agreement. "That we should. Especially if you're driving so I need not fly." A lift of his brows to empahsize that suggestion. He smiles at Lorraine, and as she leaves with Nikki, says, "I'll not stop until you cease to be so mesmerizing to the humble masses."

He watches Oh and Leona dance, sipping from his mead. Is he memorizing the details, maybe to make it part of an illumination later? Possibly, he does that a fair bit.

The muse hangs back, watching for the moment as the dance begins. That strange lack of focus claims Twila's features as the spectacle unfolds.

Leona lets out a delighted little laugh at Philomena's comment and her eyes dance. "Is that so?" Those golden eyes jump to Ethel. Yes she remembers the singer from Dean's party. They were going to dance till the party was interrupted. Now she is dancing again and she crooks a finger at Ethel when she looks her way.

The goddess has her own unnatural grace and strength. Bending and twining almost as bonelessly as Oliver. The Cat and the Snake make quite a dance pair. Round and about and twirling. Then she is in the air and she lets out a delighted laugh. When she comes down she is grinning and leans in to plant a kiss on his lips, before their dance continues.

"Pink?" Holden blurts out. "You would be pretty in pink. So pretty..." He's leaning against Dia and he slurrs out, "I can't cheat with all the Children here. What suffering is more noble, huh?" He sighs. "We are pitiful, aren't we? The things we do to cling to what we know? No matter." He pauses a moment. "Are any of my Children passed out?" He asks quietly. One is. Owen, the birthday boy, is snoozing.

Kemen slips in. He is dressed in his loose after work clothing in dark colours. Watching Leona and Oh dance with an archaic smile, he glides quietly towards the drinks table to see if there is anything to his liking, murmuring to Sebastianus as he passes him, "A truly beautiful sight."

"Pink?" Diamanto says with some disbelief. "Ethel is in pink. It's her color. I'm in red." She pauses, then asks the blind god, "Would I really look nice in pink?" She looks around. "We're still too sober to be pitiful." A pause. "Well, I am." She spies Owen and says, "Owen is. A pity. I think Georgia fancied him."

Georgia is currently dancing, so is Philomena. They're well on their way to getting drunk, too. Hey, it's a party. Ethel smiles as Leona beckons, and she moves through the crowd toward the goddess. She carries herself with elegance and poise. "You look lovely tonight," she says to Leona. She inclines her head to Oh.

Leona may be a Goddess, but Oh is an ancient symbol of creativity. He is able to lift her, spin her, show her off in the firelight - and to those who persue her, who want to be near the Goddess as well. The music is wild and Oh himself is turning, moving...and finally saying, crisply "I...need to hunt. Now." Not that Leona is in any danger - but Kemen is here, and right now Oh's eyes are wide and golden "I need food."

"Indeed," Sebastianus says to Kemen, eyes on the various dancers. A proper dance will look so wonderful in many contexts. The way they move is a design all its own, no matter how different their various movements are.

Leona has let the wild out and it shines in her eyes. It is a wild bit of dancing that leaves her skin shining with sweat. As they pause she smiles as she looks Ethel over. "And you are a stunning sight as well," She purrs. "I do believe we didn't get that dance the other evening, but we must wait yet again..." Reaching out a hand to stroke her cheek. Turning back to Oh she wraps her arm around his neck, pulling him close, and nods. "Let's go..." And she pulls him away from the party. A glance over her shoulder and two cats trot out of the shadows. One up to Kemen and one up to Sebastian. They give soft little meows and then turn to follow after Leona.

Holden perks. "Red? We match." He coos and then snorts. "I think, at least. And yes, you would look lovely in pink." He leans back in his seat. "I am going to take a peek. Tell no one. Shh!" He giggles. "Just don't let this body fall. Owen is not ready to wake up to this. Eye on the newborn, madonna." He drains the last half of a mug of mead and Holden slumps back and begins to snore. Meanwhile, across the way, Owen, who was slumped against a tent pole, wakes up. He blinks and winces but just manages to catch the dancers, which makes him smile.

Diamanto holds Holden steady with surprising strength. Maybe not so surprising considering she's a murder nymph. She glances over at Owen, and she smiles a little, almost shyly, and waggles her fingertips in a wave. She really did go all out dressing up tonight, never mind it's for a man who can't normally see her. It's the thought that counts.

Ethel takes one look at Oh, then nods to Leona and steps out of the way. She knows that look, and no, Diamanto would not be okay with having her handmaidens get eaten. She's a stickler that way.

Kemen gives Diamanto a wave and a wink, as he takes a drink of whiskey. He calls, "Red is your colour!" He watches Goddess and snake dance, "This is one of those times when I can't decide whether it would be more fun to dance or watch." He drops his voice, "It would defnately be good to go out once more before we travel."

"I'm tempted to, but..." Sebastianus finishes the last of his mead, sets the mug aside. He dips down to pick up the cat, stroking its chin and kissing the top of its head. "Ah, little cousin, how does this night find you, hm?" He looks after Oh and Leona. "Shall we join them, Ouroboras and Regina, on a hunt?" He looks askance at Kemen.

Oh gives Ethel a warm smile. Whatever Oh is, apparently he likes it when others admire that which he does. He tilts his head, and as he is pulled close by the Goddess of War, he nods. Yes, time. Slowly breathing out, he glances once more over his shoulder at Diamanto and Holden and their romance. He says "Red and green." The two colours of life, really. Now he licks his lips, and he says "I have to go. Sebastianus, you had an idea, I believe...?" His eyes flick towards the manticore, and he says "I need to feed now, or later I will get into trouble. And I don't want to get into _that_ kind of trouble."

The rising blood lust in the air isn't lost on Twila in the least; it would be predictable even if she weren't chasing down glimpses of what's to come to the point of distraction. Her pale blue eyes come into focus briefly on the masses, picking out the form of Lily, of the returning outlines of Milton, who brings Callum and Marcelle along with him. There's another cask of something -- wine, in this case, it would appear -- Callum has balanced on a shoulder, but the muse pays them little mind once she's performed the cursory head count. Her own mug is raised in a salute to the hunt; she's a lover, not a fighter, it would appear, but without judgment. "You may want to check in with Brok, see if there are any troublemakers he's an eye on," she calls over.

Leona pulls at the World Snake and nods towards Twila, "Thank you!" She calls back. There is a hunger in her own belly and the dancing has riled it up. The cats twine about ankles with affection. Sebastian gets a happy chirp from the calico as his own feet. The Mau leading Kemen flirts her tail as she pads off into the shadows after the Queen of Cats.

Owen turns his gaze onto Dia and his mouth hangs open for a few moments. He smiles, beams, his whole form radiating love and pride and surprise and finally, briefly desire. That's when poor Owen begins to tremble. That's how you know its Holden. Only he and small Mexican dogs shake when they get excited. But, alas, this is a brief moment. One of the other Children is wandering over to check on Owen and the young man slumps against the tent pole. Back underneath Dia, Holden jolts and his arms winds around her immediately. "I was wrong. Red is yours."

Kemen lowers his lashes, "I've not seen you hunt yet, and I think it would not be good to go much longer without for our friend." He winces at Oh's declaration and whispers, "I had to talk him out of something last night." He eyes the muse with interest. He has seen her face around, but not really met her, but he makes a mental note of her. He drains his glass and sensibly follows the cat.

Sebastianus lets the calico down, makes to follow after Leona and Oh. "Wise and sensible of you, we're in your debt," he says to Kemen. "Holden, Children, thank you for your hospitality." He raises his chin at Olivia, Dash, and Sachin, who all nod back, understanding where he's going and not to wait up. He'll be back before dawn, no doubt. A final wave for the other party-goers, especially Diamanto and Urania and her troupe, then he's off after the others.

Diamanto grins as Owen starts to shake, because who else could it be but Holden? She ducks her head, still grinning, and she waves to Sebastianus and Kemen, and the rest who are off to hunt. Alas, she is not in a murder dress, and she's already found her prey for the night. Sliding her arms around Holden more firmly, she plants a kiss on his lips. He must be something special if she's not even pining to go with the others to go kill things.