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Characters  •   Landon Marchant  •  Ian Thistle  •  Lucas Marchant  •
Location  •  History Classroom
Date  •  2019-08-26
Summary  •  The Marchant Twins pay their teacher a visit to surreptitiously get some awareness and help on the Painkiller problem and also see what is going around to get an idea about their health condition.

Professor Ian Thistle is settled behind the desk in his office, adjacent to his classroom. The man is sitting there, a stack of papers in front of him and a red pen for grading, but he's not looking at them. He's staring at the closet in one corner of the room, as if seeing something there no one else can. Maybe he's daydreaming?

He's dressed as he usually is, in perfectly pressed trousers, loafers, a crisp button down shirt, and his grey cardigan with the suede elbow patches. There is not a hair out of place, not a line on his face that doesn't seem put there to intentionally make him look more distinguished. His hands are folded atop his non-existent belly as he is leaned back with a one leg in a figure four atop the other, showing off silk socks.

He is so still, he might be mistaken for a manikin. The office is perfectly organized and tidy, bookshelves filled with history texts and biographies on historical figures. He has a tall filing cabinet where he stores lessons plans and paperwork.

Lucas didn't actually leave after 3rd period. The truth is the Marchant Twins were still turning in good homework. According to the test it's even their own. Their class participation has utterly plummeted, however. What were very driven and engaged students have fallen to the throws of entropy really.

A knock comes to the door and Lucas' shoulder leans into the jamb looking tired, maybe annoyed and with sunglasses on being too scool for cool apparently. "Ummm Mr. Thistle? Yoooooou have a minute?"

It's been rough dragging themselves out of bed just to attend school lately, but despite whatever may be going on in Landon and Lucas' lives, they were still determined to finish out the school year with favorable-enough grades. Similarly to Lucas, Landon is milling around just outside of Mr. Thistle's classroom with his own pair of dark sunglasses on. A nod is given to a classmate in passing, but aside from that, the boys were on a mission right now. And the sooner they got this over with, the sooner they can find a nice shady hole to crawl into, because these classrooms and hallways were bright as all heck.

After Lucas works to get their teacher's attention, Landon will quickly tag on, "We wanted to ask you a few question."

It takes a few seconds longer than it should, but Ian turns his head towards the door and the twins. "Yes, of course Lucas Marchant, Landon Marchant. Please come in and have a seat." He seems to always use the first and last names of the students. It may have to do with the plethora of same aged kids sharing the same last names in this town. Or maybe it's another weird Thistle thing. There are chairs opposite him on the other side of the desk.

He stares at the two boys for several long moments, his sharp blue eyes, too blue really, seeming to pierce through them as he takes in their appearances, the obvious exhaustion and sunglasses inside. "What can I do for you?"

Lucas didn't really have time for his sensibilities and looked forward to Newspaper which meant he could hole up in the dark room and edit things or nap there. Bloomquist didn't care as their deadlines were all met. Letting Landon finish his sentences though is just second nature for the tandem pair.

Shifting his weight off the door, but leaving his arm casually positioned to cut some of the glare he considers this, "Just... questions. I know there were some adults that were harassing our cousin and others in the cemetery at the Thistle House and-" His jaw sets not actually admitting to being there, "Well we've been researching thestudent drug problem-" He lets Landon add his details and picks up, "We have confirmation that those people are the-" did he want to say dealers?! He looks to Landon for help phrasing that and back to their professor and uncle of the affected abode. Sure, they can talk about the Painkillers as 'drug pushers'. It works.

While Landon won't say anything to implicate them as having suffered from this student drug problem, he will add in between Lucas' inquiry, "...And how drugs are becoming an epidemic in schools, possibly due to the stresses of wanting to succeed, wanting to be liked. Worrying about our futures. You know, teenage life." He does make an addition of, "And the fear of being bullied, but that's another think piece altogether."

When Lucas continues on, hinting that the attack at the Thistle cemetery and this part of Lake Havasu's 'drug problems' maybe one in the same, he lends his voice to that, "bad influences who are tempting our student body with...peer pressure and lies." He then goes on to say, "We stumbled across them," These drug dealers, "during our investigation. Our deep dive, so to speak." There's this look shared between the twins, when they both say in unison, "We think there may be something more than they want the way they keep harassing us."

"What were you kids doing in our cemetery?" Ian asks, with a blank expression that slowly morphs into what one would consider textbook concern. Clearly he hasn't been updated on this situation. His concerned expression slides into a frown. "What do you know about these drug dealers, gentlemen? Have you spoken to the authorities about them?

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit+1 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [2]: x1 [4]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 1 2 6 4 1 -- d6)

Lucas blinks and answers direct, "Silver and I were at teh house working on edits for school paper and watching comparative narrations of Pride and Prejudice because we have to do that damn book report for Mrs. Kelter's English Lit." Blink blink. There's the baffled look now. "I don't know what the hell Cash and Hector were doing in the cemetery but they came pounding on the door after trying to come through the damn window like babboons." Well there's the explaination.

He looks to Landon and lets him slead withthe answers as they have adding, "They call themselves Painkillers? I guess fitting for dealers. Likely a gang or trying to be." he leaves out the flying woman for right now.

See, Landon wasn't even there at that time, so everything he knows about the incident was through Lucas. He'll even say, though it might be hard to believe that the Marchant Twins ever separate, "I wasn't there." He could leave it at that, but he does decide to say, "But if teenagers are hanging out at cemeteries, it's either because they're drinking or doing drugs." He will end with, "But I can't say what either of them were up to."

When Lucas brings up the Painkillers, themselves, Landon adjusts his sunglasses when their teacher asks if they contacted the authorities. "We had no evidence to show for. At least when we ran into them that one evening at the beach. So no, we did not."

"Language, Lucas Marchant," comes Ian's quick response to the cursing. Because of course, that is the important thing to focus on in his story. It takes the man a long moment and his head ticks just a touch to one side as he ponders, looking between the twins. "Painkillers. I believe I have heard about this gang. This is definitely a matter for the police. They will need to be informed that these drug dealers may be using the cemetery as a distribution place. I can make a call, if you'd like."

Lucas goes to speak and stops blinking at their teacher. This was the sticking point, huh? So be it. the solution may not be what he'd hoped but at the same time Lucas was down to scraping the bottom of his planner for his own ideas. There is some contrition in the apology, "Sorry, sir. Yes, that would be very helpful. If it helps there's a woman in charge of them, raven hair-" He lets Landon fill in the other part of the details. Fuck it if anyone will catch heat on it it's likely Cash and not them. He got up in their brother's face. Something about solidarity seems to justify his course of action. "If we could remain anonomyous though?" Becuase strung out drug dealers are scary. "We'd like to graduate, not...shot or... things." He pauses taking on "Please." Manners count.

Landon looks on as his twin is scolded in front of him, putting no uncomfortable focus on Lucas. When this woman's description is being given, Landon is quick to add what he remembers as well, "Large eyes, pale skin. A wide mouthful of teeth." Yes, everyone has a mouthful of teeth, "With this look like she could just eat you." That much is very true... "And she spoke with a British accent. I think her name was Fran." There, he said it.

This whole telling the police business though has him exchanging glances with Lucas once again and he fills in those blanks, whether they were actually meant to be filled or not, "... get..." shot "...at..." or things, and while Lucas may have meant that as a close, Landon will tack on, "that will jeopardize ourselves or our families." There. However, there is a curiosity that comes to mind, "If these really are the same people who harassed Cash and Hector at the cemetery, I gotta wonder why? Just for thrills?" He then quiets, "You might want a more attentive groundskeeper to keep watch at night."

"Of course. I will leave your names out of it, but I will have to give Cash's name, so the police can speak with him and find out what he knows." Not Hectors, because of course Ian doesn't believe his nephew Hector had anything to do with it. It had to be that Freeland boy who was the cause of the trouble, right? "Police Chief Thistle will make sure everyone is kept safe." Of course she will Ian, she's your big sister right? It's her job. "And I will speak to my family about getting nighttime security to patrol the grounds of the cemetery. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, boys."

Lucas shifts his weight from one foot to the other relieved for Landon to be there. They are smart, capable, driven...and so fucking tired. Having the support is more than aid; there' that assurance something in the world is in balance. "Well, we thank you sir." Is there ore to say? Yes. Likely? Is he? no but the young man has some concerns. Offhandedly he wonders hesitating "Sir, we were wondering... something about a... outbreak?" Tomax and Xamont withteh health questions. The reason for the concern might be obvious as they look pretty sapped. Look at them being responsible!

It's such an odd inquiry, but once Lucas brings it up, Landon fills in the much needed blank, "..mono..." Outbreak. It's a little awkward and it's Landon's turn to shift his weight from one foot to the other, most likely the opposite foot from Lucas'. "It just seemed like something might be going around." Something that they caught even if they might not care to admit it immediately.

"Go to the nurse boys, you look very tired. I do hope mononucleosis is not going around," Ian says, then he's looking off towards that closet again, his focus shifting out, like a robot in power saver mode. It's definitely a dismissal.

Well they got their answer. it wasn't the answer he wanted, but it is an answer. "Just been up late with homework and SAT Prep." Which was, at least very technically, true. Looking to Landon both eyebrows go up in a silent Well that's that. "Thank you,..." And wih that he turns with his brother to head to next class. Maybe.

Landon even finishes his brother's sentence at the very end, already turning to make their departure, adding a "...Mister Thistle." To Lucas's 'Thank You'. "We'll make some time to see the school nurse." Or a doctor most likely. And with that, the Marchant Twins are out to leave their mannequin-like teacher to his own devices.