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Prom Shopping Plans
Characters  •   Felicity Bloomquist  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Cash Freeland  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu Beach
Date  •  2019-09-05
Summary  •  Felicity, Jade, Hector and Cash talk about vampires, prom, and a trip to Phoenix for shopping.

It's a nice day out. Not yet too hot. So Felicity has once again escaped the house to lie on an oversized beach towel near the top of the beach complete with large umbrella to provide a bit of shade. Her jacket is near her, but she's not wearing it and she's traded in her usual jeans for shorts to go with her rainbow tie-dyed t-shirt today.

And what is she doing on this glorious day in the sun... apparently math homework? Maybe physics? Something with too many equations. She's lying on her stomach with a giant text book to one side and a notebook to the other in which she's writing answers.

Jade is in denim shorts and a cut-off sunny yellow tank top. How he ever passed for straight is anyone's guess. His hair is windblown, and his normally pale skin is actually showing signs of a tan. He's still pretty white, though. He walks along the beach, bottled Diet Coke in hand, beach bag in the other.

When he spies Felicity, he smiles and meanders over to her. "Homework? On a day like this? You should be enjoying the sunshine."

Felicity looks up and laughs. "I am enjoying he sunshine. Sunshine and nice, predictable, math. Where there is always at least one right answer. Unless you're dividing by zero." Well, there are reasons she and Cash used to hang out a lot. And it wasn't just the red hair. "Also, if I have any hope of keeping that acceptance, then I need to demonstrate that I can still keep up with my work. Which means having this done by tonight so I can borrow the family computer and email Dr. Yao."

Jade admits, "I have no idea what your deal is." He takes his towel from his beach bag and spreads it out beside Felicity's. Then he lazes on his back, propped up by his elbows so he can watch the beach. He's got shades on, keeping off the sun's glare. "I just know I'm not doing math til I get home. I swear, I will not miss trig when school is over. I'm majoring in Theater. Good-bye calculus."

Felicity grins. "Calculus was last year. Math is my reward for making it through the school day without insulting any of the adults in a way they'd notice. And... well, you do need the trig occasionally for theater. Or at least geometry. Lots of geometry. You need it for lighting and set design mostly, but it's there. Also for doing your stress calculations. The TD at the old school used to run the set designs by me to make sure he hadn't missed something, though he was usually over-designing things anyway. People get really upset when the benches collapse in the middle of a dance number, it turns out. And the dynamic force makes a real difference. Plus you have to take shearing into account and a lot of thsoe products are built with straight force in might, but not shearing or vibration." She's way too happy about that. It's like a kid explaining the toy they want for Christmas.

Jade says blandly, "They have people to do that. Besides, I don't mind geometry. I'm just not a math person. I'm an intuitive thinker, and writing out my work is just... like, I can do it, but it's not how I think. I mean, it's cool if you like math on purpose, but that's just not my thing." He shrugs. "Takes different sorts of people to make the world work, so it's all good."

Felicity laughs again. "Oh, I hate writing out all the steps. Fortunately, Dr. Yao doesn't make me do that. but he's also seen how quickly I work, so he's not really worried about me cheating or not understanding what I'm doing." And, indeed, if you glance at her notebook, there's maybe a quick sketch of a graph and answers, but not too many calculations on the page. Still, she rolls over and sits up. "It's true. The world would be much more boring if we all wanted and liked the same things. And then there would be no one to do the bits that we all hated. This way is much better. It is, after all, the difference of opinion that makes horse races. So... what's your favorite play?"

"And we all get to work together to make things, yeah?" Cash says, as he approaches from behind Jade. Gaze aversion is normal for him but as he passes by Jade he seems to tense up, almost flinching. He's wearing shorts and an old Freeland Roof and Floor t-shirt without the sleeves. His guitar is slung on his back. Sunnier days on local rooftops are giving Cash his summer tan and freckles. He makes his way to Felicity and drops down besides her. He nudges her shoulder and smiles as he sits. "Math at this level is more about problem solving and critical thinking than numbers. Once we passes the rote memorization parts of math, it lost me."

"Angels in America," Jade says. He watches Cash move past him, though it's hard to tell his expression behind the shades. "What'd I do now?" he says. He asides to Felicity, "I'm always upsetting Cash, no matter what I do. I've decided to lean into it. I am an official 'bad guy.'"

Felicity leans back against the nudge with a grin up at Cash and shifts a little to give him more space on the beach towel. "Well, stories would be boring without villains. It's an important role. Though I'm suspecting that you're not so much evil as misunderstood." She nudges Cash's side again. "Problem solving is fun. You start with something you need to do and you figure out how best to do it? What could be better than that?"

Cash shrinks right up, shoulders in, gaze down, hands in his lap. "I'm scared you are still mad at me. I said some...something...on the full moon. Mean shit." As he is wont to do. Cash isn't a mean person by any stretch. But he knows how to cut a person verbally when he's upset and lashing out, as if he knows your weakest, softest parts. "I'm the bad guy here. Always. I'm an asshole who can't watch his mouth." He looks to Felicity. "I never did grow a filter. I just say things and I'm not apologizing anymore because who would believe me at this point?"

Jade shakes his head and says, "Nah, I'm not mad at you. It was the full moon. Shit got crazy. Can't take it personally when someone's fighting his darkest urges." He tips down his glasses so Cash can see his face and the simple honesty in his features. "We're cool, man. You give me shit, I give you shit. It's water under the bridge." Felicity gets a crooked smile. "I'm definitely misunderstood. There's usually a method to my madness."

Felicity studies Cash seriously for a moment and then kisses his shoulder. "I would, but I have my own filter and impulse control issues. So... I understand. A little at least." Her random statements are less likely to be cutting and more likely to be her working out whatever problem is currently occupying her outloud. Or just random bits of information tagentially related to whatever's being discussed. Or occasionally calling people out on lying or misleading or just not being correct with little deference to age or position. There may have been some epic arguments with teachers when she was younger. That apparently settled, Jade gets a grin as she switches back to sunshine mode. "Well, there you are then. Maybe you're just an anti-hero."

Cash even looked up at Jade, meeting his eyes long enough to make sure he was being truthful. Cash relaxes a little. He sits up straight, at least. "It was a bad night. I'm broken and I don't know--I only know this in hindsight--I don't quite know how to handle overwhelming feelings. Like craving vampire blood and ended up swaddled and then handcuffed on some steps. So that stuff just explodes." He tries to pull his legs up but he shifts to stay more open. "I understand being misunderstood. We have that in common, Jade." He pauses a moment. "So with the prom coming I thought of...this bonding...thing. It's dumb. I don't know."

"I like that," Jade says. "Anti-hero." He tips his sunglasses back into place. "I don't think anyone's well-equipped to handle what's going on, Cash. It's not just you. We had to duct tape Arthur. We knew it was going to be a hard night, and I'm sorry it was so rough for you. Had to be done, but that doesn't mean we enjoyed doing it. The important thing is you survived the night. We got you." He glances between the both of them. "What bonding thing?"

Felicity blinks, looking as confused as Jade about a bonding thing. "Huh? Bonding? Depends on what it is." She goes back to leaning against Cash. Not heavily, just a sort of 'Hey, I'm here'. "Everyone seems kind of shaken up, honestly."

Cash perks up. "So I have to go to Phoenix for one of my appointments in a few days and I thought that as Seniors, we all fucking cut and do our prom shopping together. Tuxes, dresses, whatever. It's Phoenix! And the selection will be better and we won't have to rely on others creativity so much. I mean, there's Prom and the after parties but everyone will be drunk, horny and overdressed. Not a great time to bond. We're all about to hit the wind and I thought that sober, vampire-free fun was in order." She shrugs. "I mean...we all went through hell these last few months. I feel closer to everyone. I want others to feel that way too."

"That's not a terrible idea," Jade says. "I mean, Mona's probably gonna make whatever I wear, but she could go fabric shopping, and I could advise you guys on what to wear. I want to get something sunflower themed for Spear. He likes sunflowers." He nods and says, "I'll go on a trip to Phoenix, sure. It'll be fun. Hey, you should invite your friend, that girl who never says anything. What's her name..." He snaps his fingers. "Anna."

Felicity blinks. "Right. Prom. Sure. I mean. I don't have a ticket. Or a date. But sure, why not?" Apparently with everything else going on Felicity had forgotten about the fact that someone might expect her to go to prom. She shrugs. "Phoenix sounds fun. Maybe if I'm going with other people it will be okay."

"Oh, we'll get you a ticket. Don't worry. Just pick out what you want to wear. I...I don't even know yet besides a rented tux so..." Cash shrugs. "I'm inviting all of my female friends. I mean, this isn't some grand romantic deal for Hector and I...or at least, on my end of things. It's a preparty. So, I want a group of us to just go and dance and whatever. But going into Phoenix will be fun. We'll just stack up in cars and leave early."

"I can put two people in my car besides me and Spear," Jade says. "If Thea and Mona go, we might just take the one car." That car is a cherry red Ferrari. Jade lives well. "We can make lunch reservations somewhere or just go out for pizza," he says. "It sounds like a lot of fun. It's too bad your thing isn't in Vegas, but Phoenix is pretty cool, too."

Felicity flashes Cash a smile. "If you're sure." But her shoulders relax a bit. "I don't think they'll let me have access to a car at the moment. So I'd need a ride." She's still back in thinking mode. One hand creeps out to pick up her pencil from where she'd been doing homework earlier and just twirl it around her fingers in a complicated pattern.

"My Regal can fit six safely, counting me." Cash thinks, counting on his fingers. "So me, Hector, and Jolene if she's feeling well. Then three more. Anna and Felicity? One more. Again, that's all the seatbelts. If I risk it, I can fit two more. Eight total. My appointment is early and it's about an hour but I don't expect anyone to wait. I can catch up with others afterwards. It's a lame thing but we can make something nice out of it." He smiles. "Any idea about the prom theme? I have to color coordinate my braces too."

"I'm not sure what our theme is," Jade says. "I'm just going to do something with sunflowers and maybe something creepy for Spear. I want him to have a good time." He smiles at Felicity. "We'll make sure you get there, one way or another. I don't dare overcram the Ferrari though. I'm still under my dad's eagle eye after wrapping my other car around a tree in January." He sighs. "I mean, I can't blame him, but I'm being really careful now."

Felicity raises an eyebrow. "Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. Also, I really think we should stick with a seatbelt for everyone because you probably don't want me to spend the entire trip reciting the statistics on car crashes and the survivability thereof without them. Because I probably would. Whether I meant to or not. So. Seatbelts. They save lives. Especially when driving long distances with full cars which tends to increase the rate of crashes due to distraction and fati..." She trails off and the pencil which had been spinning faster and faster stills. "Sorry."

Cash hugs Felicity suddenly. "I missed you so much. I didn't even know how much." Cash holds onto her for a few moments longer and kisses her cheek. "I was only allowed to have a turbo charged cruise ship because I had proven myself a very safe driver with others in the vehicle. I only open her up when I'm alone. I love that woosh of the turbo and we can see if Ol' June can beat the Ferrari 0-60 before we leave. I /swear/ it can."

Jade just shakes his head. "You guys think too much," he says. Then he grins and says, "I'm not in competition with anyone. My baby's got style, and that's all that matters." He frowns faintly. "We need a plan for next moon. I mean, I guess we can do the same thing again, but it's going to get ugly. We only gotta do it two more times, though, if I understand this right."

Felicity smiles back at Cash's hug, quicksilver bright and shining. "I missed you, too." Then she laughs at the description of his car as a turbo charged cruise ship. Jade's comment about next month sobers her a bit, however. "Okay. I never got a real description. And I believe that 'three moons for each time someone drank' was what I was told, but... I got the impression a couple of people had drunk more than once. So, I don't have all the numbers. Also, the lead vampire was aparently threatening people's families. Which means... I need data. How strong are people? How long does it last? It looked like someone was biting. If you get me parameters, I can run scenarios."

Jade nods to Cash when he gets up and leaves. To Felicity, he says, "I don't have the data. I don't know about these fucking things, except they're fast, strong, and can fly. They have revnants who can do their bidding during the day, so we're not really safe at any time. Some people can resist the urge better than others, but I don't know why that is. Maybe they got lucky."

Felicity watches Cash go and nods. "Well, some people are just better at resisting temptation than others. So that's hardly surprising. Or maybe some people's blood line helps them resist. Or who knows. I don't like not having data. Maybe at movie night we can see if we can pool our information."

"We should get together and discuss what we know," Jade says. "Except I just told you all I know. I'm not... I didn't get mixed up with it. I just know members of my family are in danger, and I'd do anything to protect them. It seems to me like the ones who would do best in a direct conflict would be the Lesters. Not sure what the rest of us could do to step up. Fae? Sorcerers? None of us have that kind of power. Not anymore."

Felicity raises a finger. "Do not discount the power of luck. But... yes. Did you know that 'fae' and 'faery' come from a word for fate or luck? That said. we are probably a little out-matched, but we have more people. I think. Also, given that the other option is becoming vampire slaves, we should still do what we can."

"Oh, we're going to do what we can," Jade says, "as soon as I figure out what that is. Let's see, what are we supposed to be good at, then? The Bloomquists can rely on their luck, maybe?" He doesn't seem entirely certain of all this. It's a lot to swallow, when less than a month ago the idea of vampires or faeries or witches would've made him scoff. "The Freelands... I don't know, they're pretty strong-willed. The Thistles are in touch with spooky shit, maybe they can drum up some support from the hereafter. We're born leaders, the Marchants. Plus, we're not afraid of much."

Felicity nods. "And the Lesters are violent and aggressive. Well, and you all have money, lots of money, in addition to being leaders. Do not discount the value of being able to throw money at things." then she laughs and flashes him a smile. "I believe the Bloomquists are also supposed to be charming. Possibly literally. But we all also have skills. We have things we know and things we're good at, even if they aren't supernatural. Add them all together and we could be effective. Also, it sounded like Silvio was there for part of the vampire thing and may believe as well."

"Well, yeah," Jade says. "We have money. We can make things happen in the mundane world pretty easily. Well, within our allowance. The family has money. We individuals only have as much as we have. Still, it's a lot. Mom and Dad take pretty good care of us." He may be the wild child of the Marchants, but his loyalty is unmistakable.

"Oh, the Bloomquists are definitely charming." He grins. "Yeah, Silvio was there. Almost got munched, but he survived. Spear has information, so he might be a good person to get data from. He did some research about causes of deaath in previous years and found some exsanguinations. I'm just thinking about how we can use our bloodlines to our best advantage. Clearly the Lesters are the ones you want in a face to face confrontation. But how do we support them using what we've got?"

Felicity nods and sighs. "That I don't know, but if you need any calculations." beat. "Or most adult men distracted. I'm around." She stretches and eyes her homework, then seems to decide it can wait a bit more, but she's back to fidgeting with her pencil. She keeps starting to say something and then stopping and just fidgeting some more.

Jade turns over on his side so he's facing Felicity. "What?" he says. "What is it?" Jade's a handsome youth. He gets his share of glances from beachgoers in passing, and he ignores them all. Tipping down his glasses, he says, "You can talk to me, Felicity. We're all clueless right now and just jamming ideas together. We need to find out more about our heritages, and dig deep into our own abilities. And learn about those fuckers, so we know how to stay safe from them."

Felicity shrugs. "Just keep thinking I wish I knew more who was good at what. I've been gone to long. And everything is kind of the same, but not really. And I hadn't realized... everything here was kind of frozen in my mind. I mean, I knew I'd changed, but it somehow hadn't occured to me on a deep level that that meant so had everyone else. I mean, not really. Not fundamentally, but everything just feels a little off and I keep bumping into ways things aren't what I expect them to be. I'm sure I'll make it through the uncanny valley soon, though."

Jade hmms, then he says, "Okay, well, Mona is really good at fashion and design. Thea is one of the best dancers ever. I kind of know lots of people and can throw one hell of a party. Lucas and Landon work at the paper and can get information out. Spear's also on the paper, and he's good with animals, and he's kind of sensitive to spooky stuff. Silver's really good with animals, too. Amy's good at punching people. Ashley's good at being popular and in general just doing stuff with people. Zane's an amazing actor, Art's a musician. Just gotta watch them, I guess, and ask around. Getting together to talk about it would help."

Felicity nods, definitely in thinking mode, though at least it's the quiet version. "Okay. I can start piecing things together. Do we know how animals react to the vampires? Some legends, they serve them, some they freak out. I mean, that also depends a bit on the kind of animal, but if we could figure out if dogs or cats or things could give us a warning, that might help."

"I have a cat," Jade says, "Meezer. He's been pretty friendly to my cousins and sister, even though they've drank. But they're not vampires, so maybe it doesn't count. He likes Spear, even though Spear's kind of spooky. I don't think he's ever actually met a vampire, though. I'd like to think he wouldn't like those nasty-ass monsters. That kind of thing is hard to test, though."

Felicity nods again, still thoughtful. "Ah, well, was worth a shot." There's a deep breath in and out. And it's probably good she's not really paying attention because that guy over there nearly ran into a picnic table while watching it. "I'll work on it. Also what we'd need explosives-wise to burn down a motel without doing too much damage to any other structures, as that seemed to be another working theory."

"If we figure out which room is Francine's," Jade says, "maybe a molotov cocktail through the window will do the trick. Fire response should get there before any of the surrounding structures burn, but not before that room got scorched. Getting caught is the issue, though. Not to mention there are a lot of variables we can't control. I'm not the one to ask about setting fires. Drugs I can help you with. Arson? Not my kick."

Felicity shrugs. "Yeah, I was more thinking in a theoretical sense. Arson's not really my thing, but structural engineering sometimes kind of is. I'll run numbers before we actually do anything."

"Just be careful if you go out there," Jade says. "Assume everyone there is in on it." He looks around the beach, casual-like. Just looking for suspicious looking people who might be paying too much attention to them. There's plenty of attention being paid, but it's nothing unusual. Of course they're going to get attention. They are legitimate snacks. "It's too bad being good-looking isn't a superpower," Jade says. "I don't have a lot of practical skills."

Felicity laughs. "Right? That would rock." She considers the water for a moment, then shakes her head and smiles. "Okay. Enough of that until we do have more data. What do you think I should wear to prom? Especially since it sounds like most of the cute boys are taken, often by each other?"

"You would look stunning in emerald," Jade says. "Go with a strapless number, do your hair up. You may be tempted by ruffles and lace, but there is something to be said for a sleek, timeless look. Do a high slit up the side. That's my off-the-cuff advice. Mona's way better at this than I am, but I think that's what you could pull off well."

Felicity grins at Jade. "Well, I do usually look pretty good in green. It complements the hair. And yeah, a little old fashioned may be the way to go. That or I just give in and try going full goth again, but I think it would end up concerning people."

Jade is lounging at the beach with Felicity, and it's daytime. He's in denim shorts and a cropped sunny yellow tank top, with a pair of shades keeping the glare off his eyes. He's laying on his side, on a towel, facint Felicity as they talk. "I'm going to try to do something subtly goth with Spear. I wish every party were a masquerade, to be honest. I'd much rather dress up as something than wear a boring old tux."

Felicity grins. "Yeah. Could go for renaissance-y kinds of things. Or zoot suits. Men's fashion at the moment is kind of boring." She's got a very big textbook which has been left open with a notebook next to it, but she doesn't seem to actually be doing her homework anymore. Though she's fidgeting with her pencil occaisonally. They've got a big umbrella stuck in the sand for shade, at least. Her jacket is off to one side and she, too, has embraced shorts and sandals for the beach.

Hector is wadingalong the edge of the lake. He's barefoot and wearing black denim cut offs and a black mesh shirt. He has round purple tinted shades on. Spotting two of the best looking people in towwn, he gives them a wade and a smile and climbs out. "It doesn't have to be. It's just the wrinklies who insis on boring suits and subdued ties. Men used to be peacocks. We still can be if we want to. i mean have you seen what scene kids wear?"

"I'm something of a peacock, myself," Jade says wryly. "Yeah, fuck it. I'll talk to Mona and Spear and do something fabulous for prom. Maybe I'll just be one big fucking sunflower if it makes Spear happy." He smiles at the thought of making Spear happy. "Hey, Hector. How's it going? You just missed Cash. I let him know I'm not mad at him. I'm not holding against him shit said on a full moon."

Felicity and Jade are right where Cash left them, but now they have Hector with them as well. She grins brightly at Jade, "I think I saw soft fabric based on the Van Gogh sunflowers at one point. Even just a normal suit made out of that stuff could be fantastic as long as you've got a theme going." She gives Hector a wave. "Cash was talking about getting a bunch of us together to go to Phoenix and go clothes shopping for Prom."

Hector studies Jade, "Man, I am now pickuring you in a sunflower themed Prom dress, with like a big petalled skirt, but a unflower suit makes way more sense.... I was thinking a purple and black theme for myself for prom, but i need to coordinate with Cash." He flashes Jade a bright smile, "Thank you, Jade. I mean that. Oh, that's a good idea." He looks a little worried, "Are you coming, Felicity? I mean, i know it's late for finding adate."

"I'll give you a dance if you go, Felicity," Jade says. "And we'll totally hang out. Though I'm gonna need some time for making out with my boyfriend." He beams. He can finally say it aloud. "I'm going to ask him what he wants to do. Maybe he wants tuxes, I don't know. I mean I doubt it, but you never know."

Felicity shrugs. "Cash apparently decided I was going. So, I guess I'm going. With or without a formal date. It will be fun? Something like fun? I wasn't really worrying about going to prom this year. I went last year with Shawn, but he's off at college, now, and doesn't need me for cover anymore. Though I didn't really dissuade most of the guys in Petaluma from thinking we were still dating. Cut down a LOT on the annoyance factor." She fidgeting with the pencil again, spinning it around her fingers in a complex patern that she doesn't seem particularly focused on.

Hector says, “Spear's a really special guy. I love how his brain works. I'm sure between you, you will work out somethig amazing." He nods, "I promise to dance with you too, Felicity. You won't be alone.... Sorry about guys being dicks, or, you know thinking with them."”

Where did Cash go? He left some time ago, making mention of needing to take a whizz and hasn't been seen since. Until now. He's wandering back, reaching for his previously long hair to fidget with. It decides on simply wringing his hands. His old sleeves work t-shirt is creased. His jean short seem a little twisted. "Hey...I fell asleep in my car. Weird, right? I was up super early too so I'm not surprised. Embarrassed though." The sight of Hector brings a big steely grin to his face. "Hey, you. We're still talking prom?" He takes a seat beside Felicity again. "I have a full dance card but I will gladly dance with you." He nudges his old friend and leans on her for a moment. "I owe you a dance from Junior high's wallflower-fest."

"Spear's awesome," Jade says. "Cute, funny, smart. He's going to come to New York with me, and it's going to be awesome. We're going to rent a brownstone with my sisters." He sighs. "We have to survive this, man. I have plans." He gives Cash an upnod. "We talked a little about The Situation, but there's only so much to say, you know?"

Felicity grins at Cash and leans back against him. "Hey, you. I was wondering. And we wandered off to other topics for a bit, but then I was soliciting advice about what I should wear, so we came back to it." she guestures towards Jade. "Or what he said." Hector gets a bright smile as well. "Yeah. Not all of them. But thank you anyway. And, apparently I will have people to dance with, so okay. I could be a terrible dancer. None of you know."

Hector holds out a hand for Cash, "Come here you and let me straighten you up. Don't be embarrassed about afternoon tired. I've been getting you up way too early lately, but tomorrow we can sleep in. We are still talking prom. I was thinking pruple brocade waistcoats and the like, or will that be weird with your hair? I think the effect could be striking if we get a really saturated, dark hue. If that doesn't work, we could go with the classic green?" He is firm, "We have to survive; we have plans. I'm not letting a bunch of damned vampires get in the way." He grins, "I am an excellent dancer. I even know a little Ballroom if you are into that."

Cash looks at Felicity, incredulous. "Do I look like I could be a good dancer? I mean, it's probably looks like a spider having a seizure." He moves to Hector then, to let himself be fussed over. "Purple brocade?" He thinks for a moment. "It'll be good. I figured you'd want purple. I don't know why. I'm getting the beginnings of my last Roofer's tan. It's look fine in the color. But none of that matters because you are an 'excellent' dancer?" Again, incredulous. "Why are you so fucking perfect, Hector, huh?" He laughs. "Well, at least I know my color for my next orthodontic appointment. Purple. It's a very royal color." He looks Hector over and pulls at his shirt. "I know this..." He says softly. "More Than Words?" He whispers and his breath catches. He quickly turns to Jade. "I'm so glad that all of you are getting out of this town. And going far, far away. Especially Spear. Give him dreams, Jade."

"I'll give Spear the path to his dreams," Jade says. "He has stuff he wants to do, and I know he'll be good at anything he wants." He clucks his tongue and says, "That's right. I need to go fuck up Stephen. And his accomplices, once I figure out who they are. Can't forget that. I'm still pondering how I'm going to do it."

Felicity grins at Cash. "You might have learned while I was gone. I mean, weren't you saying you were in the musical and you've got rhythm. That's most of what you need to dance." She stretches again. "And yes, plans. Plans are good. Most of the time. Mine are still a bit in limbo, but I figure I can find a job or something if I have to." There's a pause. "Who's Stephen? Do I know Stephen?"

Hector reaches up to stroke cash's cheek, carefully not meeting his eyes. "We can practice if you like. The nce thing about ballroom is it has rules. Most popular dancing is improvisation unless you are doing a specific dance. Viennese waltz is simple, polka is even simler, and if you can learn a few swing steps, you can dance to pretty much anything the prom Dj is likely to throw at you." His voice softens at the shirt tugging, "You do, Cashew. More than words."

Hector smiles at Jade, "Yes. I believe you will. you've been so good for him. If you need any muscle, let us know, Jade." He explains to Felicity. "Stephen's one of those big football player guys. He and four of his drogues beat up Spear last week, fucking cowards."

Cash lets out this little breath and seems to melt into Hector. "Who did what? Hurt Spear? Meathead Stephen who can't seem to even peak in high school like most Varsity football players? I'll help fuck them up. Gladly." He still has his head on Hector's shoulder as he tics off things with with fingers. "We can start petty. Dog shit in the car. Human in the gym bag. Tires can be slashed. Sugar in the gas tank. Oh, little dead fish in the car. Sew it in the upholstery." He ponder another moment. "If wasn't so..distinct nowadays, I would just Nancy Kerrigan his ass. Fuck, I'd do it still if I didn't have plans. I got to go home with Hector." He kisses his cheek and regards Felicity. "I did get in the musical but it wan't for my rhythm. It's my soul." He smirks and rolls his eyes.

"Yeah, Stephen and his buddies laid hands on Spear," Jade says. He considers Cash. "I was going to ruin them financially or commit social murder. Death by cold shouldering. I want to be able to look him in the eye, have him look back, and know that I'm the reason everything he's worked for has come to nothing." He's a Marchant. He can't help it.

Felicity eyes Cash, then Jade. "Okay. Well. He sounds bad. So, again, if you need some math done in furtherance of these plans, give me a call." There's a pause. "Also, remind me not to piss either of you off, ever."

Hector curls his arm around Cash's waist, "I'm not shitting in a gym bag. Eeew. Jade's way is a lot less messiy, though I an't discount the upholstery fish. That's insidious." And then he's laughing and smiling at Felicity, "I like you."

Cash looks a little embarrassed and a little disappointed at the same time. "Jade, when you get the names, I'll buy the fish. We can do go at this both ways." He shrugs at Felicity. "I'd only do what I wish someone had done for me." He says plainly, taking Hector's hand. "Everyone needs someone on their team. I'm on Spear's. I'm everyone's team, if they want me."

Jade smiles at Felicity sunnily. "You're probably going to be fine. I don't get upset at much, as long as it doesn't hurt my family or my boyfriend, and you don't seem like the type to go around randomly causing harm to people I care about." He then tells Cash, "I'll get those names soon. To be honest, I bet Spear would prefer your way. He's soft-hearted. But Stephen needs to be an example so no one else will bother Spear."

Felicity flashes Hector a bright smile. "I like you, too. Which is good, because if we hated each other, I bet Cash would cry." The she shrugs in Jade's direction. "And all the harms that ere I've done, alas they were to none but me." She winces a little. "Well.. okay, once or twice other people, but mostly unintentionally. Sometimes things get away from me. Anyway, yeah. Not really likely to set out to hurt anyone who hasn't earned it."

Hector looks Jade in the eyes, "I'm on Spear's team too." He looks up at Cash, "We protect each other's blind sides. That's what family does whether blood or chosen. I'm sorry for all the years I wasn't here to do that, for you or for him." He nods, "Fish in the upulstery for the minions. The weather is heating up. It will be marvelous. Jade's way for Stephen. I just keep remembering how scared Spear was that they'd be lying in wait for him in his own cemetary. It needs to stop."

"Did you just apologize for not being raised alongside me?" Cash says to Hector with a chuckle. "It's the thing I like about you the most. Well, it's in the top five." He shakes his head. "It's okay. It's in the past. I've been an asshole for a while. Too blunt, too honest, too targeted when I want to hurt. I'm not going to be that guy anymore." He pauses and snorts. "To the best of my ability. Or, at least, do enough good to make up for my shortcomings. I fucked up with Spear. So, I have to keep making it up to him. Keep loving him and projecting him until we go our own ways." He clings to Hector a little tighter. "I haven't been on the air since Kurt died but Jade...I still have a platform that everyone in town can hear. If you need it, just say so."

Jade bows his head at the mention of Kurt Cobain. Rest in peace. "I'll let you know if I need your platform," Jade tells Cash. "I'm still thinking about what I'm going to do." He sits up and stretches. "I should be heading home." He gets to his feet and takes up his towel. After shaking it out, he rolls it up and puts it in his beach bag. "You guys take care, okay?"

Felicity gives Jade a wave and glances guiltily at her homework. "I should really go back to working on this so I can get it sent off tonight. I mean, I can hang out a bit more as long as you guys don't mind me being mostly quiet, but I really do have to get this sent in to Dr. Yao." She rubs at her temples. "I think for everything else but English and History the plan is that I'm in study hall pretty much all day doing independent studies at least until the AP tests in a couple of weeks. After the tests are done, we'll see what they do with me."

Hector squeezes Cash's waist gently, "You have me there, and I think those are good plans to have." Hector bows his head in unison with Jade, "Stay safe, Jade, okay?" He smiles at Felicity, "Sure. Let us know if there's anythingwe can help with, oky?"

"You take care too, Jade. We're at the home stretch. We can make it. All of us." Cash says, with real belief. "Felicity, you know my number. Don't be a stranger. I'll get in touch again about Phoenix."

Felicity blinks at Hector. "Help with the math?" She looks so confused by anyone offering that and then she seems to replay the conversation in her head. "Oh. you meant help with other things. Not the math homework. Right. I'll let you know if I need help with anything else." Then she grins at Cash. "Good. It sounds like a lot of fun. And I could probably use that. No matter what my parents said." She shifts around to pull the books over where she can reach them and start working again.

Hector stares at her blankly, and then laughs, "Help with other things, yes. I know you aren't new, new, but you are switching pretty late in the year and if you wanted a history study buddy or something for the AP.... Things like that. A road trip sounds amazing and we'll help you findsomething fabulous."

Cash gets up and stretches, winching at pain in his thigh. "Yeah. I don't take AP anything but I'm better with the Humanities than the Sciences and Math. We just all need to stick together and help one another. Through these few weeks." He takes Hector's hand. "You wanna go back to the coziest hotel room ever?"

Felicity grins. "Right. Thanks. I... think I'll be okay, but I'll let you know. I mean, the AP exams are only about two weeks away, so I should be fine. Weirdly, a few weeks ago would have been much worse, since we're mostly in review mode anyway. I think we're working on some complicated arrangement about how to count my grades for history and English, but history we're not too far off, so I should be okay. Oh. And Spanish class, I'll be in Spanish class. But, again, we've got the AP happening soon. So APs for computer science, physics and Spanish. I did BC-Calc, American History, and Bio last year. And Chemistry the year before that. I... should be okay."

Hector lifts the hand to his lips and delicately kisses the knuckles like a gentleman, "We can practice dancing." He nods, "I'll be trying for History, English, Music Theory, and Spanish. Maybe we'll have the same Spanish when you get back."