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Prom Plots
Characters  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Big Ben
Factions  •   Freeland Family  •  Thistle Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-13
Summary  •  Spear has some ideas for Prom that Ashley needs to hear.

Wearing an odd black rosary with a pentacle and a bird skull, Spear is hanging out in Big Ben's. He is under a collection of slightly twee teacups. And he is, as usual, not remembering to do his homework. Instead, he has a rather old book open.

Ashley carries her Ziggy thickshake towards the vicinity of Spear. Not that she notices him - she barely notices anyone. Lost in her own world as she strides imperiously to what she assumes is a free table. She is dressed in mock-school uniform style again, though this time the jacket and skirt are in green hues. No posse with her as she swings off her tiny backpack...and accidentally hits Spear with it.

Spear is about to speak, when he is hit with a backpack in the face. Whoop! He stops, and blinks, eyes wide, then says from behind her "Hi Ashley! You seem super distracted! What are you thinking about?"

"Oh my gosh! Did I hit you? I'm so sorry" Ashley looks mortified that she thwapped Spear in such a way. A quick check of her backpack too but it seems okay. "Hmm? Oh...nothing. Life. You know how it is." Her smile quickly back as she regains her composure. "You scared me a little too" she blushes. "I must have been miles away...thinking of nothing." A clearing of her throat. "How are you, Spear?"

"I'm pretty good!" says Spear "Super interesting history lesson today, wish I could remember more of it. My memory's always been awful though, ahaha, I can never focus." He spreads his hands, and then he says "Yeah, I know I'm weird. Not usually scary! But often weird. Okay. Hey, Ashley? Why are you goin' to the dance with Jaden?"

"Interesting history lesson? Oh, the one about all the wars? They all seem to be about wars" Ashley shrugs before a sweet smile for Spear. "You're not weird. You're...unique." But that last question. That has Ashley looking half-shocked and half-angry. A little hair flip as she tries to smile it away. "Who said I was going to the Prom with Jaden?"

"About villains, but yeah, mostly wars." He says "Yeah, the thing is, Jade said it. And he's really pleased about it, mostly because he's so far into the closet that you'd need Aslan to get him out." And then he says "He'd definitely be a cute boy on your arm - tonnes of style, everyone likes him, all that jazz. But you don't really wanna go with him, right?"

"Jaden said it?" Ashley's lips tighten a little at this information - it was meant to be a secret for a while! "Of course I want to go with him" she lies, "As you say, we would be the perfect couple. Not that we are a couple since he has a girlfriend in Paris. Amanda? I guess she must be in the closet with him. If Jaden and I go together then we are bound to win King and Queen of the Prom. I want to make sure that I win it. Is that so bad?"

"Not to me! I mean, I don't wanna do it, but I've never been that upset about what other people wanted," says Spear, and he grins at Ashley "Yeah, but, uh, Jade and I are kind of really good friends. Nothin' smutty! Just good mates, right?" And then he says "Okay, but do you wanna win it more than you wanna actually go have fun you'll remember forever?"

"Why can't I do both?" Ashley asks with narrowed eyes as she tries to figure out what Spear is up to. "And winning Prom Queen would be pretty fun" she adds with a smirk. "Okay, you're really good friends. So, wouldn't you want your good friend to go to the Prom with the most popular girl in school?" She sucks on her straw to drink down some thickshake goodness. "You might have to directly tell me what you want, Spear."

Spear sighs, and he says "Okay, it sucks when someone you like picks someone else. We all know this, right? It's not the thing that sucks the most. The thing that would really suck is not realising that Amy would make an awesome Prom King."

"Of course she would." Ashley glances around before beckoning Spear to follow her to a more secluded area. Once they are away from prying eyes and ears, she enjoys another suck before replying. "Jade didn't pick me. I went to him with a business arrangement to ensure we were crowned. That is all it is. It was //meant// to be a secret until much closer to Prom. I can't believe he's been telling anyone. Though //you// don't tell anyone it is only business, or I will set Amy on you. Clear? And as for Amy..." A long sigh. "I love her to the bottom of my soul, but she is a Lester and no one likes the Lesters. She wouldn't win...and she probably wouldn't care that she doesn't. But what I was going to do was, when we have the King and Queen dance after winning, was to proclaim Amy my King then by dancing with her. It was going to be a big romantic moment like out of an old John Hughes film. Probably even have people slow clapping. You know that thing they do when they start slow and everyone joins in and it gets faster. Happens all the time in those movies. It would be good for me. Good for Amy. And good for getting the Lesters a bit of respect. But it sounds like that's not really going to work anymore since everyone knows who I'm going to Prom with."

"What, like I've told anyone," says Spear, puzzled "It's quiet." And then he says to Ashley "Okay, does he know about the second part? I reckon he'd be onboard. So I had this in mind - I can make her a Venus flytrap corsage, but I'll make you a matching one out of green and red flowers that's something more you. And if you want, I'll make..." He hesitates "I'll make you a sash. With stitching. And her a waistcoat that match. We can take them there in secret. For you to use in the dance. I don't care about respect - no one respects me. But, umn. You're not actually mean to me? So I thought...would you like help settin' this up?"

"I haven't mentioned to Jaden the second part yet" Ashley admits, "But he is only there to be King. It's not as if he //likes// me. I think he'd be happy to not dance with me in case Amanda gets upset. And he likes Amy...even though she punched him." That recollection gets a little frown from her, but Spear’s fashion talk is bound to make her happy again. "That sounds interesting" she smiles. "Though wouldn't Jaden want to get me a corsage? Still...I like it. Very subtle...but meaningful to those in the know. The Thistles are respected a lot more than the Lesters. Even you."

"Heh, of course he'll want to. And then I just tell him that I can make both of you guys a corsage that will win you King and Queen." Spear adds "I really like Jaden. He's cute. He's nice to me. But. He looooves attention and people looking at him like that. Trust me. I'll make him something nice too." And then he says "Yes. Because we take care of the dead. It's a whole thing, isn't it?" And he adds "But I get it. Like. I wanted. Um. To take a girl to the dance, because it's the _done thing_, and because I kinda dig Amy. But I didn't wanna make you unhappy, you know? I know Amy's not into me. But I don't think that has to happen - for me. All I want to do is see people having a good time. You know, get some cool photos taken by Silver, have a good time. I don't have to obey all the rules - like 'try to win prom King' - to do that. In fact, I don't need very much. Cool girl on my arm, nice clothes. After that, it's time to do fun things. And, _ugh_. I am _so needing a distraction_ from the Cash and Hector show, okay? I don't like the person I am around them, jealous and insecure."

Even Ashley and Amy's tempestuous relationship is supposed to be a secret, but it looks to be quite an open secret. "You won't make me unhappy that you're taking Amy to the Prom. I was actually happy when I heard because it means she will be there, and my plan will be able to be done." It is a tangled web that Prom attendees weave. "Amy is not into boys at all." Probably no startling revelation there. "Did you know she hooked up with Star?" A wave of her hand to dismiss her word. "Why don't you ask Jaden to the Prom...on the sly?" Mention of her brother brings another sigh. "Sorry about all that, Spear. I really need to talk to Cash about everything. Did you see the notice he put up at school? That kind of thing does //not// help me become Prom Queen."

"Yeah, I know, but can we like, _not_ talk about that. It wigs me out, she's my sister, you know? I just..." Spear wrinkles his nose "Look, for my own sanity, I have to restrict it all just to punchin' anyone who says bad stuff." Like that is going to affect anyone. And then he says "...er, because Jaden isn't into me. Specifically," he says, and he says "And you know, I think he's great, but I also like girls, and he doesn't. I think? I don't know. Maybe he really has girlfriends in Paris. But yeah. I've felt him out and that's a no, and you know, that's okay. Because I'm only going to chase people who wanna be chased from now...on." He pauses, and then he says "..er. Can you. Explain why he did that? That's a very. A very _me_ thing to do."

"I didn't know about it until the other night" Ashley frowns. "But it's okay. We weren't together at the time and she's has a...healthy...appetite." Is that a blush - yes it is. "If you felt Jaden before asking him, no wonder he said 'no'" she teases before adding. "If you haven't flat out asked him, I would still do that. Too many people just skip around what they want to say, you know. And I don't think he has girlfriends plural in Paris, just the one. So of course he likes girls." It seems obvious to her. "I don't think your chasing theory will work out. If they want to be chased, they usually want to be caught. So there'd be no chasing in the first place." As for her brother's post. "I have no idea" she replies with a shake of her head. "I want to talk to him but I never see him lately. It's like he's out all night." Ashley does seem rather despondent that she has lost touch with her twin.

"Well, I'm not gonna judge people based on that," says Spear "My sister does what she wants, and she says she only picks people she...you know _never_ mind. I am not getting involved in girls' love lives." He gives an awkward grin at her comment, and he says "Well, maybe, but don't forget, the most important thing is making sure you two get to be Prom King and Queen." As she mentions Paris, he looks sceptical. And then he says "...yeah, look, you know. I'm just not. I'm not, er. What people want in a partner. I am _totally_ what they want in a friend. And I really don't wanna mess myself up much more over doing stupid shit because I'm upset. I've gotta focus on the positives in life." He blinks "You know, Silver's been a bit like that too. It's not that I don't adore Star - I do. But Silver and me are, um. More like one another. Lately it's been like being with a stranger."

"Don't be silly, Spear, you're totally partner material. Don't base the rest of your life on what happens in High School. High School is a cesspit of backstabbing, dishonesty, and malice, as we all try to crawl over others to get out of the mud" Ashley glowers before a casual shrug. "It's not for everyone. Things will get better. I promise you. Silver has been behaving strangely too? Don't tell me she does all that 'doesn't like sunlight' stuff too? Like Cash had on the notice."

"Well, not yet, but I don't know, I have to admit that none of us have -ever- really been daytime people," admits Spear "Like, we all prefer, erm. Nighttime? But she's been odd and I don't like it. I wonder why Cash said that." He frowns "Maybe you can ask him. I don't think I should." As far as high school goes, he says "You know, I really just wanna have a decent prom night, which as far as I'm concerned means dancing and having fun. I'm not going to care about the rest." Then he says "...for serious, though, I kinda wanna sew you guys something. But. You need to let me know the right style. It has to be right. I'm...great at sewing. It's not a guy thing, I know. But I'm great at it. Style, though, erm. My style is like, 1900s. You _have_ to help me out with what you want."

"I'll talk to Cash when I can. Hopefully it will be soon. And I'm a daytime person. I deserve to be seen in the full light of day...it's what the people deserve." Ashley may only be half joking. "I was planning on wearing a red slip dress. They are the in-look this year...for formal gatherings. Heels, obviously. But I'm keeping it simple and elegant."

Spear says "Hmm. Well, I'll keep your full light of day in mind." He says "Okay. I admit I don't get that kind of thing, but the colour and shape, I can keep in mind. But I really gotta go now - I am glad I ran into you, though. Simple and elegant. So you want 'classic'. Timeless. Graceful. That's good!" He rises "See you around, Ashley!"

"Timeless. Graceful. Elegant. That's me" Ashley winks before giving Spear a fingerwave goodbye. "Take care of yourself, Spear." Another suck on her thickshake before she is back into the more crowded area of Big Ben; she has to ensure she is seen after all.