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Prom Night 1994
Characters  •   Ashley Freeland  •  Sean Winters  •  Cash Freeland  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Thea Marchant  •  James Thistle  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Star Thistle  •  Spear Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •
Location  •  Prom Night
Date  •  2019-09-28
Summary  •  Against all expectations and odds, everyone has made it to Prom Night, for Lake Havasu High's class of 1994, in one piece.

Against all expectations and odds, everyone has made it to Prom Night in one piece. The Nautical Inn Ballroom, with its giant windows overlooking the lake, is the host site for this year and the theme is Moonlight Serenade, with lots of silver, sparkles and a glowing moon dangling from the center of the hall.

The hall is slowly filling in, nobody wants to be early and obvious, and dinners beforehand can make some run a bit late as every decent restaurant in town gets swamped with teenagers. The music is playing, the refreshments are set out, and people are beginning to arrive.

Silver is here mainly for one thing. To take pictures. That doesn't mean that she hasn't actually dressed up though. Far from it in fact. She bears no corsage and instead softly jingles with numerous golden bangles upon her wrists. Golden hoops hang from her ears in three interconnected rings. About her neck is a black choker that helps accentuate the halter style dress she wears. A cameo with a golden case, the imagery of a carefully carved reaper holding a rose.

The dress she wears might surprise some. The top is sheer, sparkly, black and beneath she wears a gold bra. It isn't a frilly thing, but it certainly is more revealing than anything she has ever worn previously. The skirt is a pale silver-gold taffeta that falls to her ankles. A slit up both sides stopping mid-thigh. Underneath her legs are clad in black nylons and feet in gold flats. Makeup is, unsurprisingly, gold and silver. Her hair falls in rippling curls and only a simple ivory colored combs, holding back her bangs on either side, decorate the locks.

Of course she has her camera as well. Silver IS here for when people arrive and right away starts taking pictures. Later she'll take pictures off to the side where lighting and a cheesy waterfall backdrop are set up.

Because it's 1994 and Ashley //has// to be at the forefront of any new fashion, she has rocked up to the Prom is a red slip dress (all the most famous people are wearing what looks to be underclothes - https://i.redd.it/1yd2izff5cr11.jpg). Her hair done up in a way to make sure there is plenty of room for a crown - just in case. A beatific smile on her face as she strides confidently through the crowds. Even the occassional royal wave to the other students along with air cheek kisses. "You look great, Silver" she grins to the photographer while discretely posing for her. "Wait until you see Amy. She's in a tux and looks sooooo hot."

Sean is dressed in a typical rented tux, black, with a white shirt, and dark red bow tie. His usually shaggy mane of blonde hair has been semi-tamed into semi-cooperation, and he cleans up alright for a kid who usually wears too-big t-shirts and jeans everywhere. Spear designed the boutonniere and Star's flowers to match, under strict orders to do whatever Star wanted. So he wears whatever they concocted together. His shoes are shined, and he seems to be in a good mood despite recent events. He arrives at Star's side.

Mona had absolutely told her siblings, at least, some tidbits about her plans for wardrobe. To say they don't line up at all with what she strolls out of their limo wearing would be an understatement. It's goth. It's stylish. It's uncharacteristically modest for prom fashion, and it's rather like an Art Nouveau rendition of an Evil Queen from a classic Disney film with a couture twist.

Her hair is dyed jet black, and worn down in ringlets woven through with ivory ribbon; it all connects to a slim band of rhinestones like a small coronet, and fresh red roses in full bloom emerge from its upper edge at either side. The makeup is pure goth: smoky eyeliner, heavily smudged, shimmering black, with lipstick flawlessly matched to the blooms in her hair.

The dress itself seems to consist of three distinct pieces: a high-necked, long-sleeved jacket, finely fitted and cropped just above the rise of her bust, revealing only a faint glimpse of cleavage visible between it and the top of the corset beneath, though her skin is more or less concealed by the rose bloom tucked there in place of a traditional corsage. The corset itself is a masterpiece of leather and embroidery, with gleaming studs scattering out from around a lavishly embroidered heart that's a surreal fusion of an iconic sacred heart motif and a classic tattoo with an arrow piercing it. The skirt is long, black, full, and sweeping back with a rippling train that trails behind her by a few feet, spilling from a decadently gathered bustle at the back.

At least she seems to know her role. It's the smile brimming with subtle conspiracy that really sells it. As she takes Zane's arm, they make a curious pair, particularly notable as she mentions, "You make a fine Prince Charming, you know. Could say you were born for that role," without losing a hint of that wicked grin. They match brilliantly in spite of the obvious juxtaposition of tropes; she doubtless had a hand in the embroidery on the vest, at the very least, if not the finer aspects of fitting the tux.

Star was a part of Team Decoration, then had to run home and clean up, dress, go to dinner, and still somehow manages to get there with the early crowd. She's in a very non-traditional dress with long sleeves that's something like Andy Warhol fucked a kimono. Her hair is bound back in two huge pufff except for a pair of slender braids that frame her face.

Standing beside Sean, she studies how the decorations are holding up with a clinical gaaze.

Silver turns camera and a smile onto Ashley. The camera goes off with a few clicks and then she lowers it to look the 'dress' up and down. "I am sure the two of you will make quite the sight," She says. And she does mean it. Then she is turning and snapping a picture of her sister and Sean. "I love your dress more, though, sis," She says as she lowers the camera and blows Star a kiss. When Mona and Zane enter she pauses for barely a second before the camera raises. *click* *click* *click* "Mmmmm...Prince Charming? Ya think?" She asks as the camera lowers and she wrinkles her nose, looking him up and down. "Nope. He's too goofy to be a Charming." And she smiles at them both before moving on.

"Everything looks great," Sean tells Star, taking a moment to look over the decorations, himself. "I like the whole moonlight theme." He lifts a hand to wave to Silver and then leans in a little closer to Star for the picture, giving a broad and easy smile. He's trying to just relax and enjoy the evening, and thus far, it seems to be going well enough. Dinner was good. There was excitement in the air. People looked fantastic. Yeah, things were okay thus far.

A wave for Mona and Zane as they enter. Such an ornate dress on the former gets a thumbs up from Ashley; though she does wonder how they will be able to dance with that train. Time to press flesh and work the crowds while waiting for Amy. They did arrive together - and have their photos taken at the Freeland house beforehand - so Amy will be here momentarily. Ashley proudly wearing the corsage from her girlfriend.

It's been no secret for a while now that Thea Marchant and James Thistle have mended the breach between them from the previous summer, and are a couple. Still, there are those who might've thought this day -- or evening, as the case may be -- would never come. Which makes it all the more poignant when she steps into the elegantly-appointed ballroom with her hand nestled cozily within the crook of his arm, positively aglow with all the blissful happiness and optimism that young love tends to give rise to.

In yet another testament to her older (by minutes) sister's brilliant grasp on innovative fashion and unfailing mastery with her chosen craft, Thea is dressed to the nines in a strapless bandage gown of champagne satin that hugs her youthful curves to mid-upper thigh in the front, while in the back, a dreamily light train of a deeper, richer caramel chiffon flows nearly to the floor in a trailing half-skirt ( https://tinyurl.com/y2ek3rel ).

Tipping her head and rising to her toes to press a kiss to James's cheek, she murmurs, "Doesn't everything look just gorgeous?"

Here's that Amy. Ashley isn't kept waiting long at all before one Amy Lester makes her entrance. Wearing, as previously mentioned by Ashley, a tux. It's a rental also, though well fitted. Amy seems comfortable enough in the thing, if not quite at ease in formal getup as some others might be. Still, she makes her way over to Ashley, offering an arm as she glances around at the other highschoolers.

Mr. Lucas 'I don't discuss my personal life but what can we get you for yours' Marchant shows for prom in exactly the state one would expect a Marchant: Late, on his own time, and dressed to the damn nines. Art deco silver tux tailored to the lean ball player trimmed in black over charcoal grey and patter tie on black. Somehow monochrome and popping. No doubt Jaden had a hand in helping him come up with that. Unlike broad speculation would have, no he doesn't arrive alone. He doesn't stride in with Landon rolling stag, but he does arrive with the team's star center, Justin Michaels.

( https://tinyurl.com/y5qws98p )

"Nnh." Star seems noncommittal. She's always critical of her own work and sees every flaw. "Thanks," she does say, offering a faint smile to Sean in an attempt to be appreciative. She's trying! She's new to all this 'being a decent human' stuff.

"Spear did good work," she notes as she looks him over. "I'll have to thank him."

Sean gives Star just the tiniest nudge with one elbow at her noncommittal answer, and grins over at her, the grin only broadening a little more when she says thanks. He gives a little bow when she looks him over and chuckles, "Thank you for making sure my prom date wasn't a total embarrassment?" Not that he would have been one on his own, but Star's help made sure that his tux was well fitted, and that he actually looked pretty good in it. He watches the others entering the room and says, "Everyone looks really great tonight."

Jade steps in not long after Mona and Zane. He could be stepping onto a red carpet, dolled up like he is. His hair is swept up, sleek and black, fading to hazy purple at the ends, petal-like. He's got smoky eyeliner and long lashes, blush accentuating his sharp cheekbones, and purple lipstick with a fine gloss. His nails are done in matching varnish.

His dress is done in crumpled taffeta, an orgy of purple irises on a white background that can barely be seen for all the flowers. The body of the dress is form-fitting, strapless. It does justice to his slender form, fitting him like a glove until just over the curve of his backside. Then there is an explosion of fabric in a cascading skirt and petticoat falling all the way to the tops of his sleek black heels.

His sunflower corsage brings a nice splash of yellow to the riotous purple. He's also wearing a delicate choker around his neck, all intricate irises interwoven together.

Silver spots Amy and smiles as she gives her a thumbs up before the camera is snapping more pictures. A pause as Ashely and her meet up and she takes another quick photo of the both of them. Before she turns and just stops to stare. Silver is really laid back and it takes a lot to surprise her. But this is her surprised as she stares at Jaden in his dress and yes, that's her mouth hanging open. "Whoa...." Then she remembers and up comes the camera to snap a picture. But unlike the others she moves forward to take close ups of the fabulous Marchant.

There's a low whistle from Mona as she takes in the decor more fully, and it's Star she looks to to mouth a 'well done!' with a sudden spread of her grin and a widening of her eyes to indicate how genuinely impressed she really is. It's as if Marchants have a sixth sense for the raise of a camera poised in their direction, and even if she hadn't already been wearing a smile, it would probably have appeared as if by magic in time for the camera flash. There's a hint of an elegant lean, and odds are good the contrast between the two will catch in the final print like sun and moon. One might expect Silver's comment to dim that smile, but it doesn't. Not even a twitch. Ashley's greeting catches her attention next, and she looks over the dress with another nod of absolute approval. "Flawless choice for our inevitable queen, Ashley. You look fantastic." And it's only then she sees Amy, and the grin becomes impossibly broad. "Amy! I am so glad you went for it!" Clearly, she approves of the tux.

Justin comes striding in along with Lucas, not looking at all perturbed that they're coming late. And he's in a skirt! Well, it's a kilt. Which might be a surprise to some, not at all a shock for others, and at least he has the legs to pull it off. The top of his tux is a light grey, the kilt is in a plaid of black and charcoal. He's even got the tassled socks and the sporran on. He looks around the prom from the entrance, gives his jacket a little tug, and casts one more look to Lucas as if afraid he's going to be bailed on here and now. Though it turns into a soft smile as he takes Lucas' arm, hooking it together to show they're not here as just friends, either.

James Thistle may well have been one of those who expected -- or feared -- that this day may well never come, so his entrance comes with an awed and overwhelmed look on his face as he makes his way into the ballroom with Thea on his arm. In a surprising turn, he arrives without being draped entirely in black, instead garbed in a black tuxedo jacket over champagne vest and bowtie, in turn over a crisp white shirt. With his face warming under Thea's kiss, he settles that awed look on her for several seconds before swallowing her murmured query and prying his eyes away from his date and out to take in their environment.

The Thistle's searching gaze scan the ballroom with a smile, but is drawn magnetically back to Thea as the teen's lips curve into a rare smile. "Everything does," James agrees with a slow nod, color intensifying on his face when he adds: "Especially my date."

On spotting Star, he lifts his hand to wave her and Sean's way. "Spear really did do fantastic," he agrees, continuing to pan his gaze around the others until he spots Silver. He starts to lift his hand to offer another wave, but spots the camera and pauses with a painfully camerashy, wary look that lasts until Jade's attention-catching arrival -- and dress -- distracts him.

Spear arrives with Jaden, and in counterpoint to his irises, Spear's theme is sunflowers. His black tux is tailored to his skinny frame, and it fits like a glove. The cumberbund and waistcoat are done with textured fabric, sunflowers done fairly realistically. His top hat -- because of course he's wearing a top hat -- is black, with more sunflowers. His boutonniere is an iris, matched to Jade's dress.

Jade unconsciously poses for the camera. He's used to photographic scrutiny, and he goes with it, giving Silver a dazzling smile and a wink as he turns this way, then that. Then he steps further into the room, clasping his hands together. "You all look so good," he says, breathless.

Star nods faintly. "They do," she allows. She hangs at Sean's side for now, not one to venture off into crowds.

Ashley smiles happily as Amy takes her arm. "Have I told you how awesome you look tonight?" Probably about thirty times in the last hour. Jade's arrival, her original Prom date, has Ashley wide-eyed and grinning. He does look fabulous. Everyone does! "Shall we grab some punch?" she whispers to Amy, "Or shall we dance the light fantastic?" A beat. "And you look awesome."

Sean waves to James in return and grins. "Looking good," he says to the pair. Then he looks back over to Star and asks, "So, do you want to find a place to lurk and people watch? Or do you want to go bother people?" He seems content to just hang out for the time being and watch the arrivals as folks who are showing up late turn up. He grins when he sees Lucas and Justin show up together. "Damn, nice kilt."

Silver turns from Jade towards Lucas and his...date? She blinks and her head tilts slightly to one side. But still the camera goes off as she takes their photo. Everyone gets the same treatment, though her commentary may vary. "I like your suit," She says as she lowers the camera and glances from Lucas to Justin. "Hello Justin. You look nice too." And she is turning away to snap a picture of her brother as her enters. Before he flits off again. As he may be want to do.

"Only about thirty times in the last hour," Amy says with a light tease in her voice. "But I can stand to hear it a couple more times." She gives a little laugh. Watching Jade for a moment, she turns as Silver takes a photo and then grins briefly at Mona's comments, shrugging a little. "It's not really for me," she says after a moment and then asides to Ashley, "Let's get something to drink first, yeah."

Naturally, the quiet compliment from her escort heightens the glow Thea was already suffused with; if James isn't careful, Silver won't even need any flash to illuminate the couple when their picture is inevitably taken. "And I," she counters in a soft murmur, "Have never seen you look more handsome." With one last adoring look cast up into his eyes, she turns her attention outward again, smiling as she spots friends and loved ones filtering into the ballroom. "Jade, all you're missing is a royal tiara," she calls out, her eyes twinkling. Who says a boy can't be queen, if a girl can be king? Lucas and his date are noted, and the former receives a light grin and a subtle thumbs-up.

Lucas does the rounds assuring Justin at least twice if anyone from the football team wanted to say something he'd be happy to remind them that the basketball team won all-state and got scouted and theirs, in fact, did not. So. There. He still walks in like he owns the damn place, but at least that calculating demeanor has seemed to crack and return back to his normal self. Silver gets the easy, wide grin, and the casual, assured greeting of, "You look amazing, but I know you would." Attention shifts to Thea with a wink her way and the mood holds. It widens with some amusement at Sean's words, looking to Justin with positive appraisal, and back to Sean, "Yeah he cleans up damn good when we don't steal him from off the court. Star, Sean, looking damn sharp. How's things been?"

Just smiles his easy smile. "Thanks, you too." He says to Silver, though his brow arches ever so slightly and he looks sideways at Lucas, perhaps thinking that light chill he detected is probably his date's fault for some reason. It usually is Lucas' fault. It's a safe stance to take on things. He makes only a brief detour to grab himself and Lucas a couple of drinks, offering the solo cup as he takes a sip from his own. "When I have a reason to get off the court and clean up, you mean."

The unmistakable intro of Kiss by Prince an be heard as the DJ fades from one song to the next. Star shrugs lightly at Lucas, but nods her head once. "We're alive," she states, as if that was in doubt at some point recently.

"Well, I'd settle for Prince Charmingly Goofy?" Zane replies to Silver, giving her a small smile that doesn't entirely harm the bid. "You look great," he adds as she heads off, and various other people get bright grins, and similar compliments. Jade in particular gets a low wolf-whistle of approval, and he notes quietly to Mona, "He looks amazing; we all do. You did awesome."

"I love this song!" Ashley squeals, all pleading looks to Amy to dance to Prince and //then// drinks. Her look turning more sultry in an unspoken 'I'll make it worth your while' kind of way. The girl in red can certainly dance when she needs to. She loves it. Probably another reason she's not too keen on grunge - bouncing up and down is not dancing!

Lucas gets a beaming smile for the compliment. "I decided to be daring for the last dance...I admit I...well...the fabric isn't exactly smoothe against the skin. I didn't think about that," And Silver chuckles softly, rolling her shoulders. There's a pause as she turns and snaps a picture of another couple entering. Fading off to the side and out of the way as more and more people arrive.

With the champagne hue of his bowtie and waistcoat already matching Thea's dress, it's only natural that Thea's return of his compliment results in a deepening rosy hue to James' face to match hers. The flash of a quick smile at Jade offers his agreement with the Marchant at his arm, and a grin blossoms on his lips as his attention redirects to his brother. "Nice hat," he approves of Spear's archaic garb, briefly bringing Thea's hand a little closer where it rests at his elbow. "You and Star did amazing with the decorating," James adds, until the transitioning song brings him to study Thea contemplatively. "Do you want to dance?" he suggests. "I'll try not to mangle your feet," the Thistle promises with the flash of a self-deprecating grin.

There's a laugh from Amy as she realizes she can't win with the chance to dance at Prince. "You don't need to fuckin' bribe me, babe," she says easily, and instead decides to lead Ashley to the dancefloor instead. She might not be the greatest dancer herself, but she puts in the effort tonight at least.

"Oh, you know, things.." Sean says to Lucas with a little bit of a faint grin when he asks how things have been, not really wanting to go there, tonight. He nods a little bit in agreement with Star. Alive is an appropriate response. They are that. He then leans over to ask Star, "Would you like something to drink?" He offers to go forth and fetch them some of whatever is on offer.

Jade flutters his lashes at Zane. Then he gives Mona an air-kiss near her cheek (mustn't smear lipstick) and says, "You're gorgeous, darling." Then he moves on to Thea, who he air-kisses. "A vision." James gets a quick clasp on the shoulder. "You're so handsome, you'll break my heart." Yeah, Jade didn't just step out of the closet, he burst forth and burned it down.

He gives Amy and Ashley a little wave, and then he perks up as he spies Lucas and Justin. His voluminous skirt swishes as he walks their way, flawless in those heels, and he says, "Cousin, Justin, look at you. Oh my gosh. Please tell me Silver got pictures. He then looks to Sean and Star. "You guys look great. This place looks amazing." Poor Spear, but the social butterfly's gotta flit.

Felicity is wearing a drapey-satin, dance length dress in a deep green almost verging on teal which has a stylized butterfly pattern beaded on in black-shimmery beads with a lot of purple and green in their lustre. It's possibly slightly too low cut and the slit in the front walks the delicate line between teasing and too high, but this was clearly a dress designed specifically to melt the brains of the boys on either side of her as they enter.

Cash is on her right and Hector on her left and Felicity is looking like the world could not possibly be any better, right now. All three have coordinating, feathery corsage-like pins and Felicity's still got the leather and bead bracelet she's been wearing the last week or so.

"That it isn't for you makes it three times as gorgeous, Amy," the fashionista notes knowingly, curls swaying against her back as she nods emphatically. Not everything is about cut, drape, or bling. The very best things aren't.

Mona slides a glance toward Thea. If she ever has conspiracy written all over her face? It's when she or her sister aim that look at one another. Made men in the mob would kill for a stone face like it. Whatever Marchant madness the look is meant to convey is likely lost on everyone but Thea.

It's Zane that pulls her out of it, with Jade as a chaser. "I think I'm going to get some air before the fireworks begin." By which she surely means pollute her lungs with a clove. At least she doesn't call it fresh air.

"Uh. Sure," says Star. "I'm gonna step out with Mona. Back in a few." And she even goes up to kiss Sean on the cheek lightly before she goes. She's already fishing a clove out of her little lunchbox purse before she's out the door.

"If you do, you can just kiss me and make it all better," Thea reassures James with a look that somehow manages to beautifully mingle mischief and warm sensuality. Truth told, she fully intends on claiming at least a kiss or two from her date before the night's through, regardless. Before she can be whisked off to the dance floor, though, she catches sight of that look from Mona, and sends one of her own back that's every bit as inscrutable, to anyone but her sister of course. "Would you mind if I checked on Mona first, though?" she asks James after a moment's consideration.

"It wasn't a bribe, silly" Ashley giggles to Amy as they dance, "It was a promise." You have to dance sensual to Prince - thank goodness they didn't put 'Darling Nikki' on - so Ashley is grinding away with Amy. Dancing in ways that would get them arrested in southern states...and probably alarming the chaperones. Justin's kilt distracts her for a moment as she tries to figure out the family tartan but gives up with a shrug since she has much better things to be interested in. Like the gorgeous woman she is dirty dancing with. She hasn't even spotted the Triptych of Torridness that has arrived.

There's a quick look of relief on Mona's face as she catches Star's comment, and she pauses just long enough for them to make for the door in unison. "This is a lot of people," she says quietly as she spies Thea coming to join them, and she slows once more for her sibling to catch up as well. It's not like she's moving fast: she's hauling a lot of fabric behind that skinny ass of hers.

Sean grins at Jade when he comes over and says, "That is one hell of a dress, man." He gives Jade a double thumbs-up for the daring do. But he nods to Star when she says she's going to go out with Mona and gives her a smile when she kisses his cheek, lightly catching one hand and squeezing her fingers just briefly before letting go. Left to his own devices, he wanders over to the table of drinks and finds one for himself before he finds a chair to sprawl in comfortably toward the side of the room and watch people mingle and move out onto the dance floor.

Cash is looking shockingly sharp. It had to have been Hector's idea to come to prom in a tux with tails. Black and purple are their colors, with feathered boutonnieres that gleam green and shine in the light. The result of this unusual choice is a finely tailored suit on the tall redhead. That red hair has been shaped, trimmed and is now parted and smoothed with gel. He enters with Hector and Felicity with pride that is directed only at them. His smile is wide and beaming, his braces colored in purple and teal to compliment both of his dates. As they approach tighter gathering of students, Cash mutters something about he and Hector grabbing drinks. Hector may be the only one to return. Cash is infamously a wallflower at events.

"You know what I mean," Amy protests with Ashley, shrugging a little. She can dance sensual. Maybe. Kind of. See, she's more into that bouncing up and down thing with the grunge music. She admits, it suits the music better. And hey, all that athleticism does mean she knows a thing or three about moving her body.

James reacts to Thea's reassurance with a challenging arch of his brow and an amused, thoughtful look on his face. "Oh, yeah?" he finally answers. "I guess I'll have to go out of my way to step on you, then," he teases while gently nudging her with his foot. There's a flicker of disappointment when she asks for excusal, but it's quickly washed away by the relief of a stay of execution; James has always been a questionable dancer and self-conscious to boot. "Not at all," the Thistle's head shakes, following the path of the Marchant's gaze to locate Mona so that he can lift his hand and wave across to her. "We'll dance later," he suggests, leaning down to plant a peck to her cheek before slipping off. Naturally, James finds his way to the wall, where he joins Cash in quiet repose with a quiet "Hey" by means of greeting.

Felicity looks up at Cash through her lashes and murmurs, "I will expect at least one dance from you later, so don't go too much missing." Still she smiles and looks around the room, admiring everyone else's dress and suit choices and only playing with her bracelet a little once her boys have abandoned her.

Star lights up as soon as the hits the terrace overlooking the lake, seeming a bit tense, even for her. She walks to the railing and folds her arms over it, chin resting atop them. Her large, dark eyes are fixed on the water.

Lucas greets Jade with, "well you get half credit for this, Jaden." His weight never shifts into one foot, and to Star's answer there's a small dip of a nod. "Well it's a great start." Looking to Justin though he looks to him and scans the area admitting, "I'm waiting for something to happen." There's stops. This happens. He tries not to worry about where //specifically// his brother is right now or if they're going to be attacked. Really trying not to think about never really seeing most folks after the end of the year. His hand falls to Justin's and squeezes it and asks, "Dance with me? Everything else right now? I don't care...about anyhting else for a bit. Just this." He grins, "Just don't judge me for it."

Justin grins slightly as he drains the rest of his drink. "Was waiting for you to ask." He returns the hand squeeze and eagerly leads Lucas out onto the dance floor, though once out there he gives his date a small smile. "See? No one really cares." A reference to an early conversation between the two. "Just relax. And you know I try not to judge. Much. And even if I did I can't be too judgmental. That suit really does look doog on you."

Thea in no way withdraws from James without stealing the first of what will undoubtedly be numerous kisses tonight, even though her toes are still perfectly intact. Which means her eyes are bright and her cheeks are faintly aglow by the time she meets up with Star and Mona on the balcony. Unlike the other two girls, she doesn't light up; her reasons for being here lie elsewhere. "You look perfect, Zane looks perfect, tonight is perfect, breathe," she recites, mantra-like, to her sister. Nudging Mona in the side, Thea turns her gaze to Star, and grins lightly. "I'd say something like 'those things will kill you,'" she says, glancing at the cig, "But you'd probably smack me and point out that drinking ancient vampire blood will kill me sooner, so I'm just gonna shut up and tell you how fabulous you look."

That she's out after dark already looking like some sort of vampire queen is entirely lost on Mona for the moment, her pale features illuminated in orange as she lights her clove on the way out to the railing. "You look more stressed out than I do, Star," the gothy Marchant notes with a delicate brow-arch of concern. "That takes serious effort."

"I don't... do what I am thinking of doing tonight. Normally I just... pretty up everyone else." Sure, the outfit is spectacular, but whatever is nagging at her is not yet evident. That she fished the cigarette case and lighter out from beneath the jacket and from the top of the corset suggests some sort of theatrical shenanigans are somehow in play. That, or the law of bodice holding applies to prom as much as ren faire. She aims a pointed look at her sister, and says, "He is so much more good-natured than I am. So much. So much."

"It's just the usual eating at me. What's got the thousand yard stare going?"

Jade watches Justin and Lucas go to dance, and he brings his hands to his lips and emits a squeal only dogs can hear. Then he clasps his hands together and just beams. Finally, he makes his way to the punch bowl to get something to drink, and to get Spear something to drink, too.

Star doesn't seem to register either the joke or the compliment, staring out over the lake in a daze. Or Mona's dilemna.

Quietly, "I drove Sean out to see his sister at the motel." THE motel.

Once Ashley has worked up a thirst, time to head off with Amy for those drinks. Has anyone spiked the punch? If not, why not? "Are you ready to be Prom King?" she grins to her beloved while handing over a glass. There's her brother! Ash waves to Cash before checking out Felicity. "Damn, Flick, you look gorgeous. If I wasn't in love with the beauty..." A side hug for Amy, "And you weren't my sister, I'd be all over you. Doesn't she look great, Amy? Actually, no, you shouldn't look." A playful holding of her free hand over Amy's eyes.

Felicity laughs and spins a little for Ashley, skirt flaring out a bit and showing of the black, sparkly kitten heels she's got on. "It's all Mona. Give her compliments later." Then she gets herself some punch and takes a small sip, apparently testing whether or not it's been spiked before deciding that it's currently safe.

Sean seems content to watch other people dance for a while. He chats with some of the other students that drift by here and there, and eventually gets pulled out onto the floor to dance with a group, and he goes off to mingle and be social for a little while, letting himself be pulled into the crowd and swallowed by it for a bit.

Once off to get a drink, Amy chuckles a little. "I'm not sure I'll ever be ready. Fucking weird if you ask me, and I'm not sure what lesson I'm supposed to learn from it all -- punch people enough and you'll win the popularity contest?" She snickers a little, glancing aside to have a look at Felicity when requested, only to find her vision suddenly obscured. "Ahh well, fuck. Sorry Felicity, guess I don't get to see you, but I'm sure imagining something great right now."

Whatever prattle might have tumbled out of Mona's mouth about prom, people, costumes, couture, cocktails, or anything else falls away in place of a quiet, thoughtful, and surprisingly eloquently delivered: "Shit."

She leans down on the railing with both elbows, though she snakes an arm around Thea's back as if to guard her 'little' sister with the one-armed squeeze. "That doesn't look like a good news face." There is a pointed pause, in which she narrows her eyes marginally for a moment, noting, "You're here and seem to be in one piece. That's... not necessarily what I would have expected."

There's a time for jokes, and a time for.. not jokes. How quickly things went from one to another. Tense within the curl of Mona's arm, Thea studies Star with the shadows of a frown. "What happened?"

"He knows it's real now," says Star as she takes a drag of her clove. "And that she's one of them. Her girlfriend is trying to pry her away from Fran, and they know she's bad news. Maybe it'lll help."

Lucas holds onto that hand, which is saying a bit from Mr. I don't see people much less ever do more than social casual PDA. The grin he gives Justin hits his eyes though "You try not to judge but half the damn week you're judgier than I am. That's award worthy or something." Really it's a compliment The whole engineering to get what he wants really won him the L. Marchant stamp of lawurels there. He squeeze the hand back though telling him, "Well I care, and...Thanks. Maybe I'll hang onto it for when we go to college and decide to have a not-a-ramen dinner night." Are there people looking? Maybe. Probably. Screw it. He's busy enjoying right now dancing with that tall drink of water in the kilt.

"I know that all I had seen of them was at the Reed's," Mona murmurs, her tone thoughtful. "And all I knew was what Mr. Chen told us, and what Thea said. They seemed like animals, from that." Her expression is almost as distant as Star's all of a sudden, brows caught in a fretful furrow. "What you're describing isn't like animals at all. More like... " Her attention strays back to the ballroom behind them, toward the lights and the color and frivolity within. "...kids who are all in over their heads and trying to stay above water."

"I.." Thea's brow furrows, and she shakes her head lightly. Troubled, she continues. "When we first met them, they didn't seem like animals. Not at all. They were carefree, rough around the edges, but just.. fun, I guess, in a dangerous kind of way? It wasn't until that night on the bluff that things got.. um. Terrifying." She's not above admitting that part. "With Brenda, I mean."

"Okay, fine, you can check her out" Ashley sighs wistfully, dropping her hand to reveal the full splendor of Felicity to Amy. A sip of her drink as she watches the world go by, snuggling in against her girlfriend. "You make those guys look way better than they are" she winks to Felicity.

Hector has opted for a classic top hat and tails, with purple hat band and purple and black brocade waistcoat. He apears to have a taxidermied bat and a bird skull affixed to his hat, likely under the influence of his brother. His boutonniere is black and purple feathered. He is right now aproaching Felicity from behind with two drinks in hand, his expression suggesting that Felicity in that dress has, in fact melted his brain.

"That's the monster inside them," Star says with a little nod. "It's hard for them to fight it, and Fran makes it harder. Nora said she knows all her buttons and how to wind her up. But they're still who they were, too. It's still in there. Nora cares a lot about Sean still."

Thea gets a nod of agreement. "Bee - Nora's girlfriend, the blonde - wants to get them away from Fran if they can. She said Fran wants one of each of the five families turned for some reason. They don't know why, but are pretty sure it isn't good."

"The spirit, Alice?" Mona says after a moment's thought, "said that the way she knew of that one of them had been killed before was at the hands of one of their own." She draws in a slow breath, and despite the balmy summer night, and her long sleeves, she shivers. "Maybe that helps. Maybe someone wanting to resist helps. Or could."

Jade comes off the dance floor, where he's been grinding with Spear, and comes over to the punch table. "Hello, dears," he says to Hector, Felicity, and Cash. "You look lovely. I like the way you all go together." Not a single comment about how their happiness is an affront to all that's good. He pours some punch to give to Spear, then pours some for himself.

"I hope they manage it," Thea muses, lowering her gaze to the floor. "I mean, maybe if they can get away from all that, there's hope for the rest of us, too, you know?" She breathes out a soft sigh, then summons a smile -- forcibly, at least initially -- to her lips. "But. This is prom, girls. And we all have gorgeous dates awaiting us inside, so.. let's go do the thing, huh?" It seems she, at least, doesn't want to let thoughts of vampires and death spoil tonight. For anyone.

Felicity has acquired her own glass of punch and is laughing at Ashley's assessment. "Maybe. Maybe I just bring out their inner brilliance." But she's distracted enough by Jade that she doesn't actually notice that he's addressing Hector behind her as well. "Don't forget you promissed me a dance, later. I plan to collect."

Cash has come away from wallflowering...only because he ran out of punch. "Thanks, Jade. You are a vision. I'm so glad you ran with the dress idea." There is a little sparkle in his eyes as he looks at Jade. A passing moment before he looks to Hector and Felicity. "All eyes are on you guys. So, let's change that?" He offers his hand to Felicity. "May I have this dance?"

"They also said whatever she's doing is without the gang leader's knowledge or approval," adds Star. "Bubba. So there's that."

She finishes her clove and turns to go back in. "I'm gonna go try to have fun and forget all this shit for a night." In she goes, and dances the night way with Sean.

Hector looks Jade over, seriously impressed, "Damn, Jade! You look stunning!" He asks the women, did anyone send the heads up to Bubba?" He has not forgotten his date, however, and leans in to kiss her cheek, "You are a vision to stun all eyes." He smiles softly at Cash, not quite meetig his eyes and crooning, "Hello, Handsome."

Felicity fortunately had finished most of the punch in her cup because she spins when her attention is drawn to Hector behind her, but manages not to spill anything. Her smile brightens a tiny bit at the kiss and more at the dance invitation and she drains the rest of what's in her cup, kisses Hector's cheek and takes Cash's hand. "I'll be back for you next. Need to go dance, now," she says to Hector.

"I'll be in in a few," Mona says quietly, forcing up a smile that -- no matter how hard it is to manage -- is honest to a fault for Star. "I'm going to steel my nerves for a little bit yet." She is silent a moment more, before she looks to Thea. "You should go, sis." The smile brightens, and a hint of that mischief returns to her eyes. "You have plans, if I recall correctly. No letting me drag that down, new rule I just made up." It doesn't stop her from tightening that squeeze for a moment first.

Jade smiles warmly at Cash and ducks his head, more coy than shy, because if there's one thing Jade Marchant isn't, it's shy. "Thank you," he says with gentle sincerity. "You look really good tonight. Total heartbreaker." Then Felicity takes Cash's hand to go dance, and he says, "You two have fun." He then says to Hector, "Thank you. Mona really outdid herself this season. She puts so much of her heart into her work, and you can tell. Did you see Spear? Is he the cutest?"

"Yes. I need to go get my toes tromped so I can demand all the kisses," Thea proclaims, trailed by a positively giddy little laugh. Smile may have been forced into existence, but it's quite real now, and growing more radiant by the second. Turning to enwrap Mona in a quick hug, she pauses a moment as she looks to Star, as if weighing something.. then, before the Thistle girl can fend her off, hugs her too. Because, "Thank you. For making me ask him to prom," she whispers. And she's off, scampering back inside before Star can pitch her over the balcony railing in retaliation.

Cash says, as he guides Felicity to the dance floor, "If I manage to not look like a fool or step on your feet, you thank Hector. We've danced a few times for the practice." As they start, Cash stumbles on his feet but catches himself. "New dress shoes." He seems to tremble as he starts again and this time, he gets it right. Sway, spin, strut, dip. It's a little stilted for lack of practice but he doesn't hurt anyone. Success.

Hector beams at Felicity, "Of course you do, and I am very pleased to watch." He grins at Jade, "You clearly have an excellent boyfriend... May I have this dance?" He sips his drink and leans in to whisper something to Jade. He watches his husband and their girlfriend as the whirl out onto the dance floor, plainly utterly smitten.

Jade tilts his head to listen, then smiles at Hector. "I'm intrigued," he says. Then he offers his hand and nods to the dance floor. "Let's." Though previously showing his artfulness in grinding, it turns out he actually knows how to dance more formally when it's someone he's not trying to dry hump.

Felicity smiles up at Cash, laughing happily as they sway and spin and dip. She's competent, but not spectacular at the dancing, though, oddly enough, she follows well. "I'll be sure to thank him later. Don't worry." There's a flick of her eyes over to Jade and Hector and another delighted laugh.

Cash clears the floor as the song ends, passing the attention to Hector and Jade and leading Felicity towards the refreshments. He goes for water and looks a little more flushed than he probably should. "Felicity...did you think we'd end up here, together, at prom when you left town?" He coughs, dryly. "You look...amazing. Everyone does..." His eyes are more downcast, looking into his water. "Did you want to go outside with me? Get some air?"

Hector sets the punch down, bows formally, and takes the hand, lifting it and spinning Jade to show off those skirts, then dancing hs partner out, smoothly. he does a basic swing step, complete with a little hip swivel to see where Jade is on ballroom, then starts working in basic spins, waist slides, and butterflies, every move graceful and intended to make his partner look good.

Pushing off from the wall when he spots Thea's return, James approaches the Marchant with a shy smile, only to promptly step on her foot -- with deliberate gentleness. "Whoops," he mouths in dry, feigned surprise at the manufactured accident, only to follow by leaning down and stealing a kiss before he offers her his bent elbow. Having been loitering near the drinks, he comes bearing gifts and extends his hand to offer his date a glass of punch.

Felicity watches Hector and Jade for a bit, but then blinks and looks up at Cash, startled for a moment. She actually seems to consider his question before shaking her head. "I had no idea." There's another glance towards Hector and then she looks back at Cash and nods. "Sure, outside to get some air sounds good. There are plenty more songs tonight."

Once more thoroughly convinced that she managed somehow to miraculously snag herself the best date in the history of every prom ever, Thea doesn't even bother to feign dismay as her toes are tromped in such perfectly calculated fashion. Nope, she simply claims her kiss, unable to quell the grin that forms on her lips in the midst of it. "Mind-reader," she playfully accuses, slipping her hand back into its nestling spot at the crook of his arm, and accepting the proffered drink. "Were you terribly bored in my absence?" she asks, lifting twinkling green eyes to James's.

Jade steps into the spins with uncanny balance and grace. He's no Thea, but he can cut a rug or two. Ballroom? Oh yes, he knows ballroom. He has probably had formal training. That's not so unusual. What might be unusual is that he can follow with as much ease as he can lead. And he thought he was in the closet.

Hector grins at his brother's date, ramping up when he sees just how good his partner is, pretzeling jade in and out in a purposeful tangle of arms, trying out a couple of lifts. At the end of the song, he spins Jade in for a dip, though no kiss. Really impressed he sighs, "You are amazing. My brother is a very lucky man. Glancing towards his dates, he sees them getting ready to step out, "I fear I must abandon you for the next dance, but know you live up to that dress in every possible way."

"It was awful," James answers Thea in exaggerated lamentation that contrasts with the widening grin that spreads his lips. Bringing his own punch to his lips for a taste, he paces about the edge of the dancefloor with his date to work up the courage for his promised dance. "How was Mona?" he asks conversationally, pausing to glance towards Jade and Hector as the former spins and twirls gracefully. Setting his drink aside, he brings his hands together for few quick and cheerful claps for the pair before they disperse.

The current song ends and the music stops. On stage, Principal Ruth has appeared with a microphone, as always as if out of nowhere. Has anyone seen her roaming about? She's a ninja.

"Good evening, Class of '94 and friends. It has come to that time, and I will now announce the Prom King and Queen."

Ashley gasps with excitement at the announcement, holding Amy's hand tight. "This is it!" Are you excited? Amy doesn't look excited.

Jade is left breathless by the end of the dance, and he wave Hector to go follow Cash and Felicity. "Thank you, Hector. That was a lot of fun." He makes his way back to the punch bowl, looking around for Spear, who has gone to do Spear things. Unpreturbed, Jade turns his attention to the Principal, and he whistles sharply in approval of the proceedings.

The announcement from the podium has Mona's attention for a moment, as she glances back into the crowd. Something in her face is bracing for a worst case scenario of one kind or another, though she appears resigned to whatever it may be.

Principal Ruth has an alarming tendency to just.. appear. It's creeptastic enough to ensnare the attention of most of the students, which is why Thea's gaze slides toward the stage once she's joined James in applauding her brother for a brief period, and blowing a kiss to Jade and Hector both. "I don't really want to win," she murmurs to her date, "Since your name wasn't on the ballot for King. I wrote in Jade's for Queen," comes her quiet confession, a grin playing over her lips.

Amy looks perhaps a little bit pale, even, at the announcement. She's excited for Ashley. But for herself it's a different thing entirely.

"I hope Jade wins, too," James agrees with Thea once he's recovered from the surprised jump brought on by Principal Ruth's abrupt appearance and announcement. Turning towards the stage, he slips his arm from the Marchant's only to slip it around her waist as he waits to discover who's been voted king and queen.

"Your Prom King for the Class of 1994 is..." Ruth opens the little card and smirks ever so faintly, the closest she ever comes to smiling, at what she reads inside. "Amy Lester."

Ashley screams in delight at the name of the King, jumping up and down before hugging the woman herself. "You did it!!!" A big smooch before quickly wiping away her lipstick from the king's face. "Go!" she grins, guiding Amy towards the principal. "I'll be right behind you." Famous last words.

A small measure of relief crosses Mona's features at the first announcement, even if there's a sad shift of her smile at the same time, there's a fondness to it. She takes a quick drag from her clove, and starts to lean back against the railing, only to have the bustle on her dress disrupt her efforts. Glancing back, she slowly shakes her head.

Jade wolf-whistles and calls out, "Yeah!" Clapping heartily. "Woo hoo, Amy!" No sore loser he. "Way to go!"

Thea's smile is quick and sincere, her hand drawing free from James's elbow long enough to applaud Amy as she calls out, "Long live the King!"

"What the fu--" Amy's voice carries quite clearly for a moment, and her curse cut off by Ashley's excited screaming. Yes, she kisses the girl and shakes her head. "I didn't do a damn thing, Ashley. You did this." Far out! She was not actually ready for this. Or to be named first or something. This is meant to be Ashley's moment. "Yeah yeah," she answers the call outs as she moves forward to where ever she's meant to be now. "You all are crazy." She decides after a moment.

James hadn't quite been able to bring himself to vote for Amy, having been slammed into one too many lockers, but he doesn't hold back from bringing his hands together in brisk applause for the reluctant Prom King.

Another member of faculty places the King's crown atop Amy's head once she's on stage.

"I'm told the vote for Queen was fairly close," says Ruth. "With a last minute write-in campaign for Jade Marchant getting close. Your Prom Queen for the Class of 1994 is Ashley Freeland. Congratulations to Amy and Ashley."

Zane adds his whistle to Jade's, and applauds for their shiny new prom royalty, looking perfectly pleased with this outcome.

Jade squeals and claps at the news there was a write-in campaign for him. Hey, it's an honor to be nominated. Then he calls out, "Yay, Ashley! Amy and Ashley! I voted for you!"

"Good on you, Lake Havasu High," Mona says quietly from the balcony, her voice reflective and proud, raising her clove in a brief salute. She is not a little bit misty-eyed along with that smile. Nope. Not Mona.

Another scream as Ashley's decade long campaign for this position bears fruit. Looking completely surprised, she blushes brightly, nodding in appreciation to the crowd for their votes while gliding regally forward to join her King. A wink for Jade at his admission, along with a mouthed 'thank you'. Beaming happily, complete with hand waving in front of her face to give herself oxygen, she awaits the crowning.

There's a brief sound of relief from Amy -- she's honestly not sure what she would have done had someone else been voted in right now -- but soon enough her own scream of excitement is there was well and she's waiting for Ashley to return to her side again.

The crown gets placed upon Ashley's head, and the music starts back up for the new King and Queen to dance. It's The Cure's Pictures of You.

Thea's smile lingers as Ashley's name is announced, and she applauds along with the rest of her classmates for the newly-crowned King and Queen.

Ashley trembles a little as the crown is placed upon her head. The grin on her face will probably never leave...until vampires show up. Taking Amy's hand in hers, she leads her to the dancefloor for the royal dance. "I love you, Amy Lester" she whispers at this most perfect of moments.

Jade watches Ashley and Amy and their moment with his hands clasped to his lips. He'd have anime eyes if he could, wide and glistening. Big, sappy romantic.

Spear arrives back in time to have seen some of this, but the fact is that _even now_ after multiple years? Spear can get lost. On the way to anywhere in the school. Now he is returning, in his sunflower tuxedo, a brilliant smile on his face and bright eyes. He claps at the declaration of prom King and Queen, and he then looks around to try to spot a) Jade, b) Trouble or c) All of the Above.

There. On the dancefloor with the music playing and everyone watching. She can't stop smiling either. "You did it Ash. You did it all." She says quietly as they're going to the dancefloor. And at that uttering from Ash comes that same usual response from Amy. "Same." She whispers. This dance, she may have actually put some practice time in on.

Just in case.

Smilingly watching, James brings his hand together in applause for the royal pair while he stands with his arm slipped around Thea's waist.

Jade spies Spear, it's hard not to with the top hat, and he turns toward him, holding out his hands. "Did you see? It was beautiful. They look so happy." Jade wraps his arms around Spear and hugs him. The sappiness is strong in this one, and just a few months ago he was convinced prom was something to be endured.

Thea nestles contentedly into the curl of James's arm, tipping her head to rest it lightly against his shoulder while they watch Amy and Ashley have their long-awaited (for the Queen, at least) dance. Unconsciously, perhaps, her hand seeks out her escort's own, fingers slipping between his to twine cozily.

Spear beelines over to Jade and gives him a kiss on the cheek, and then says "Yes, very beautiful. It reminds me of a corpse." He hugs Jade tightly, and then he peers around ate everyone else. Just in case someone is a vampire, or wanting to flush him in the toilets or publish a tells-all article about how he will be President. Yep, everything is good. He himself is bright, with a grin and his iris boutonniere. He hisses at Jade "Do you think they'll play any goth-rock?"

Once the Prom Royalty have hogged the floor for a song, it is time for everyone else to get back on the dancefloor. Ashley leading Amy off to spend some quality making-out time together. It's even more exciting while wearing crowns. They'll be back.

Jade smiles crookedly when Spear likens a corpse to beauty. He tips Spear's hat just forward enough to obscure his vision. Then he says, "You could always ask them to. Or we could find somewhere to hang out, maybe mess around a little. Or we could go find Hector, Cash, and Felicity and cockblock them for laughs."

Spear laughs, blinded for the moment, then he says "We could dance!" he likes the idea. Even if he, of course, does all the standard goth dances: My Waistcoat's On Fire, I've Lost my Keys And It's Dark, Angry-At-The-Lighting-Rig and Casting Spells At the Floor. He does pause thought, thoughtfully. Cockblock Cash? Yep. Spear brightens, the rarely seen Evil Spear "OK!"

With the main event out of the way, despite never having managed what she'd planned on for the evening in any formal way, Mona slips quietly back inside with her social butterfly net in tow -- it's called the offer of a clove and a come-hither glance -- to catch herself a Zane. "Outside. It's a pretty night, and presently vampire-free."

Signaling a trusty Alyssa, she starts unpicking the buttons of her jacket, tossing it over to the shorter brunette. "I am not walking a golf course in a silk train, no way." With a few tugged ribbons, the bustle unpicks itself to drop two jackets before unfurling the skirt away entirely. There's a whole different prom dress under there, in an entirely different mode. "A, please do not fuck on the silk. I don't care how hot your date is," she says while handing off the skirt, and bending low to scoop up the jackets. "I'd say I feel ten pounds lighter, but I know that's way closer to twenty-five." Tossing Zane one of the jackets, she leads on out into the night.

With the coronation out of the way and the dancefloor growing more crowded by the second, James finally avails himself of the opportunity to trod on Thea's feet. Slipping arm in arm with her out onto the floor, he turns to face her and wraps his arms around her waist, settling in to the classic Let the Pretty Girl Make You Look Good shuffle and does his best to follow the superior dancer's lead. He even works up the nerve for the occasional ambitious spin, though his occasional clumsiness provides no shortage of opportunities to steal kisses to balm the pain of sore toes, until the conclusion of a slow dance finds him asking the Marchant: "Do you want to go for a walk?" With the cloudless night sky providing ample excuse to abscond, he slips his fingers around hers, smiles, and steps for the exit, still glowing with the warmth of young love.

Felicity comes back in, holding hands with Hector. Cash has, apparently, slipped off somewhere else. Felicity is practically dancing as she walks, her free hand fluttering a little. Those who are paying attention to such things may notice that the bracelet she was wearing earlier has been swapped out for a different one of Cash's bracelets. Also that a relatively simple silver and gold ring is now on her hand where one wasn't before.

The King and Queen have returned to dish out waves and bestow their awesomeness on their way out. True celebrating must be done at home. Though when Ashley spots the ring on Felicity's finger, her eyes narrow. "You need to spill, Girl" she states seriously before offering a wink. "In the morning. I'm going home with Amy to confirm our royal coupledom." A wave for Hector as she and Amy start to head out. Then Ashley stops and looks back at Felicity. "Make it tomorrow evening." The King and Queen have left the building.

Jade comes back with Spear, hand in hand. "You should ask them to play whatever you want," he tells Spear. "I'll dance to it, whatever it is." He tugs Spear with him, and he tells Felicity, "We should brother-swap at some point, and then you and I dance while they look at each other awkwardly." Then he sweeps Spear into a slow dance. This one's sweet one, not just grinding to music. "I love you, Spear Thistle," he says. "I'm going to show you how much, too. Later." Then he waves to Amy and Ashley. "Congrats, you two!"

"Right! I want Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails -" says Spear, because while he is perky, he is still a Goth. He tries to blank out the comment abotu swapping, so that he can retain his sanity, which is important for survival purposes and not dying an early death of cooties. And then he is dancing with Jade, and looking derpily blissful as he says, a heart full of romance "Your skin looks amazing under this light, like you've discovered the perfect formaldehyde recipe." He does wave to Amy and Ashley on their way out.

Hector is gazing at Felicity like she is the sun and he the moon. "I'm happy for you both, Ashley and Amy." As the oopening strains of 'Nothing Else Matters' hit his ears, he turns to face Felicity. Eshewing the 'Let the Pretty Girl Make You Look Good Shuffle,' he lifts his arms in the classic waltz pose, "Are you okay with Viennese? My Box Waltz is nothing to write home about." It's about as metal as a slow dance can get.

Felicity laughs and beams at Ashley. "Soon, yes. But evening is probably more realistic. It's not quite..." She waves her free hand. "I mean, it is, but it isn't, but... we'll talk! I'm so happy you two won!" And then she grins at Jade. "We should! And they can just watch us while we dance." And then she's blinking at Hector. "Viennese is usually too fast for me, but I can try to keep up." Still, she moves into position with him.

Jade's features soften, and he says, "Oh, sweetheart, you say the kindest things." When the Metalica song comes on, he says, "Do you know how to waltz? If not, I'll teach you." He doesn't particularly care about looking polished on the floor. He's just having fun being there.

Hector starts her slow anyway, just getting steps and rhythym to match. Looking into her eyes he says, "I will never let you fall alone, and if we do? I will cushion you if we do. I will always do my best to stand between you and harm, Red."

Felicity's form starts to drop as she begins to melt against Hector, and she shakes her head, looking into his eyes and pulling herself back up straight. "Okay. No distracting me like that. No falling alone. For any of us."

Spear has been off dancing with Jade, happily. He likes Jade. He also likes other people - he will dance with them, with his own sisters, with everyone he can. Spear, if he only had a clue, would be one of the world's most fearsome flirts. Now, though? Spear is happy. It even radiates off him.

Hector holds her, muscular form solid as she lens n. He grins and murmurs in her ear, "Easy to Love," before picking up the pase, spinning them out and around, dodging other couples, form correct and expression all mischief. He nods to his brother as they pass him, and pass him again. he is doing his best to be the wave, so she might be the foam, light and carefree and carried along my the logic of the steps.

Felicity blushes so hard at Hector's murmur, but it certainly doesn't dim her smile and eventually she's laughing as they twirl around the floor, beaming at everyone they pass with an extra bright beam for Spear because he's radiating happiness back at her. Once the song comes to an end she grins. "Okay, I'm claiming my dance with Jade. You two can watch or chat or dance or whatever."

"Okay, I can dance!" chirps Spear as they whirl around back towards Hector "I don't mind!" He truly does not, either. Just as he was perfectly non-sexual in the vast amount of school fights, discussions, and everything else? He is perfectly non-sexual now. He holds his hands out to Hector, and he hesitates "...Jade gets me to lead, I don't know how to do it any other way," he admits.

Hector kisses her cheek, "I will happily watch you and Jade. It will be a sight to behold." He eyes his brother, "Are you sure you want to dance with me, Little brother? I don't know the woman's part for swing, but it doesn't really mattter who leads in waltz. We could just watch if you like."

Felicity closes her eyes at the cheek kiss and then laughs and heads off with Jade to dance. She's definitely having fun and for all they weren't coordinated deliberately, the dresses look fabulous together.

Spear gives Hector the most puzzled look "Sure I do. I love dancing," he says, and he holds his hands out and says "I know Swing. Hmm. I'm not good at waltz." He listens to the music for a moment, then flicks up onto the tips of his feet "So let's shuffle -" Uh. This is the period of time when there was crossover between the rave and goth scenes. Spear _can_ shuffle. Except. Doing it with someone else, er...

Hector watches Felicity and Jade twirl off in those beautiful dresses and sighs happily, "Little Brother you and I definately lucked out." He studies his brother. "Let's just dance next to each other, okay? It'll lead to fewer questions later."