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Post Mortem Smoke
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Spear Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Newspaper Room
Date  •  2019-08-12
Summary  •  Jade, Hector, Silver, and Spear share cloves after history class.

Jade changes out of his Jack the Ripper garb before he goes out to smoke. He's in tapered black jeans and a snug-fitting short-sleeved button up in a black fabric with a sheen to it. The moment he steps out into the smoking area, he says, "Gimme one of your cloves. I only brought Dunhills today." An expensive brand, but of course it is.

Vlad the Impaler simply drops off the fur cape, hat and wig, because they are hot, but changing out of the tunic is a whole drama and anyway he has the legs for the black tights and the boots are kind of cool. He has tucked cigarettes and lighter into the outer pocket of his back pack and produces them, leaning in to light Jade's, "It's kind of a shame. You really rocked that suit." He's glad he went first for a host of reasons.

"It was so hot, or I'd have kept it on," Jade says, and he takes the offered clove, then leans in to light it. "Thanks." He takes a puff, then sighs. "Yeah, that was fun. I almost did a real knife for authenticity but I figured people would freak out, and I don't need that kind of thing on my record."

Hector lights his own, and breathes in delicious spicy smoke, "Oh, it was definitely hot." He nods, "A real knife with an edge is definitely the kind of thing that draws the wrong kind of attention. What was up with that Rasputin question whats her name asked? May? Mimi?"

"Which question?" Jade asks. "I was barely paying attention. I was kind of checking Justin out. He hangs out with my cousins, though, and that's just weird. Plus the beard wasn't doing anything for me." He taps ash off his cigarette and takes another drag.

Hector says, “All that stuff about could Rasputin really heal people and did he have powers. Why is Rasputin a villain anyway? I think I missed that part." He contemplates Justin, "He's not bad looking, but he can't really carry a beard, you know?”

"No one can carry that beard," Jade says. "I remember that question. Weird. And I don't really know why he was a villain." He turns his head so he doesn't blow smoke in Hector's face. "I don't think he's really my type, though. I don't know what my type is."

Hector attempts a smoke ring and fails, "I don't know if I have a type really. I've had plenty of time to think about what I do wrong... dating wise, but I'm not sure if there's really a thread sayig this is what I like in a partner. It's more i make a lot of mistakes." He shrugs, "Who do you think is cute? In our class, I mean."

Jade says, "I don't know, everyone in our class is so young. I'm attracted to older guys, but they look at me and see a kid. I think Spear is cute, but I don't know how I feel about that. Like. We have awesome conversations, and I'm pretty sure he's my gay magazine fairy. I gave him a necklace, but I didn't say it was from me."

Hector eyes Jade, smoking as he parses 'Gay Magazine fairy.' "Um... these magazines... were they full of softcore erotica and interviews with like famous dead guy's ex-boy toys, or political and cultural stuff with hot guys illustrating the articles, or were they maybe safe sex pamphlets? What necklace?"

"Nah, no pamphlets that I know of," Jade says. "I didn't look at them too much, but I put them all in my closet and I'm going to look at them later." He taps ash from his cigarette. "It's a necklace like a rosary, except it's got a pentagram and a silver hummingbird skull. I wore it a few times, but every time I look at it I think it's so much more him."

Hector nods, and tries to decide if he should order more pamplets given the state of local Sex ed. "That sounds cool and very, very Spear. All I got him was a bird skeleton. You are kind of hard to shop for. I wasn't sure what you'd like." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bunch of buttons. There's 'A Mind is a terrible thing to waste,' with a discrete pot leaf; 'Support Peace or I'll Kill You;' 'Equality Now,' and a black and yellow Nirvana Smile style one. He holds them out looking all hopeful.

Jade considers the offerings with a critical eye, then with a small smile of amusement. One by one, he takes the buttons and pins them to his lapels. Hector's offerings please Jade. "Not bad," he says. "I'm not all that hard to shop for. I like clothes. I like things that are in style. And Turkish coffee."

Hector looks relieved as the offerings are accepted. He thinks lapel pins are in style after all. "I'll remember that. I have no idea where I'd get Turkish coffee though."

New Activity ---------

"It's just really finely ground," Jade says. "Anywhere that lets you grind your own usually has a Turkish setting. You grind it til it's like powder. Then you boil it in a Turkish coffee pot. It's really strong. I like my caffeine strong." He takes another drag. "I like music. I like lots of things."

Hector says, “You ever listen to Pansy Division? They're going to be opening for Green day this summer.”

Jade shakes his head slowly. "No, I've never listened to Pansy Division. You realize you and Cash are the only ones who know I'm gay, right?" Yeah, right. "I don't listen to a lot of stuff like that. I like Breeders, Belly, Nirvana, sometimes They Might Be Giants if I feel like something weird."

Hector sings a few bars of 'Birdhouse' grinning, "I think you'd like pansy division, even if you can't listen to them openly. Very punk, very... I'll make you a mix tape with some other bands from home." He says seriously, "I won't out you, Man. You know that right? Some people might wonder though, given who your friends are."

"A mix tape?" Jade says. "That's bordering on romantic." He winks. Then he says, "I don't care if they wonder. Honestly, the closer I get to graduation, the less I care. I'll be out here soon enough. High school will be over and it won't matter. It's just... you know what high school's like. Everyone is into everyone else's business."

Hector laughs, "Wait until you hear 'Luv, Luv, Luv.' It's sort of a protest against romance." He sighs and says rather ruefully, "Oh, I've definitely noticed."

"Yeah, so you see my position. I've lived here all my life. I've grown up with these people. I don't care if they think it, but unless I find a reason to come out, that's all they get to do. It's not like I'm even afraid of bigotry. I just don't want to deal with any of it. Not when I hate most guys anyway."

Hector manages a lopsided almost ring this time, "I get that, I really do. It wasn't that big a deal back home, but home is really different than here. I'm... having a hard time getting used to it. How things are here."

Jade shrugs and says, "It's a different mentality. It doesn't help that everyone is related to everyone else. And I hate to say it, but you and Cash... I like Cash. I do. But the way he is with people, and the way he dumped Spear, which is like kicking a puppy, you set yourself up for controversy. I think giving Spear a bird skeleton is a good start. Just ride it out, though. We'll graduate and it won't matter. You can go back to San Francisco."

Hector says, “That's what I keep telling myself. I just need to hang on until fall and keep my grades up. I've got my FASA sent in and apps in the California State system.... It's the everyone related to everything I can't get my head around, you know? The guy who dumped me for showing a little affection being related to the asshole who keeps shoving Spear in lockers. I can't untangle your family at all and the whole rest of it.”

"My family stays above it all," Jade says. "It's just me, Thea, and Mona at school, and the twins. And Theodore, but he's older. We stay out of trouble." Never mind that the situation with the twins is all sorts of twisty-turny and involves Lesters of all people. Whatever, they're Marchants now.

Hector says, “Which twins?" He is thinking about how twisty his own new family is. "I keep feeling like I'm reading the Sillmarian without a glossary while starting in the middle most days."”

"I have no idea what any of that means," Jade says in a tone that indicates he's okay with this. "Lucas and Landon. They're my cousins. Lucas was the one with the criminal mustache today."

Hector says, “I was afraid it might leap of his face and attack mine. He and Landon are twins?" He looks at him sideways, "Did I look okay? As Vlad? Or was it Rasputin all over again?”

"You looked great as Vlad," Jade says. "Your mustache was appropriately fearsome. For what it's worth, I don't think Rasputin himself could've pulled off that beard. I like my Jack the Ripper costume, because it means I've got at least one Halloween party covered."

Hector looks relieved, "I liked your Ripper costume too." Enough that he was very, very glad he went first. "Did you get your first choice too? I was sure everyone would want Vlad."

"Yeah, I asked for the Ripper," Jade says. "I knew I could dress the part. Besides, he's the one I knew the most about. I watched some movies about him. I don't know why people romanticize serial killers, but there you go."

Hector says, “Real serial killers aren't that interesting. Just a bunch of creeps with underdeveloped parts of the brain. I think Jack fascinates because it's unsolved. I feel bad for the women. They had really rough lives, died horribly and people are still staring at their corpses more than a hundred years later.”

"Yeah," Jade says. "It could have been anyone, and people like to play what-if. I think there's something that appeals to the psyche, to have that kind of power, to take a life. You'd never do it, but you think about it, and serial killers actually do it. And it's not like you think it's okay, but it's like... it's danger, and your mind wants to work it out."

Hector shakes his head, "I hate all the pain I've caused so many people here just with who I'm dating. I could never kill someone. I'd be too upset about all the other people that would hurt. I'm still incredibly the fuck angry at Morrison, but you don't see me referring to him as 'Mo Lester,' let alone plotting his death." Another failed attempt at a ring, "Danger, I get. If I had a chance to go surfing in Australia I'd e all over it. The sharks just make it more exciting, but there's nothing fun about some soulless creep carving me up for jollies."

Jade shrugs. "Honestly, none of it is your problem. I had a crush, it didn't pan out. The fact you wanted to be with the guy who verbally abused you is just... that's something for my own ego to deal with. I know I'm better than that. Spear's just... he's still hurting, and I guess maybe he still needs to build trust with you, because you went with the guy who hurt him. Just go easy on him when he badmouths Cash. Let him be the grieved party."

"Dude, if you called him Mo' Lester, he'd kill you. There's righteous fury and then there's being foolish." Jade then says, "It's not about it being fun. It's mental exercises around a threat, like some vestigial survival instinct. The fear translates to a thrill. But it's not fun."

Hector says, “I hurt him a whole lot worse first. He isn't like that normally. Cash and I are still working on the trust thing too." He nods, "It's hard when I want to protect both of them you know? And James doesn't even talk to me. We're brothers and I don't think I ever had a conversation with him."

He nods, "And it wouldn't be fair anyway. Morrison really did think I was in college, and I definitely consented to all of it. The... getting together part wasn't the dick head part of it, you know? I don't even know how to yell at him without it coming off as... I'm not a victim and he didn't do anything wrong that first beyond not thinking to ask by age since I had beer in my hand and I made the same mistake thinking he was some football player I hadn't noticed yet or maybe a college age guy slumming at a kegger. I hate it sounding like it wasn't my choice or some dumb kid who didn't know what he's doing. Cash's reaction... That's pretty much why we were on the down low even though we both are out."

He thinks it over, I'd still rather ride a roller coaster or watch a horror movie. If we make those guys sound cool it'll just encourage more people to try it, I think. I'm sick of Jeffery Dahmer being a joke. I'm sick of Ted Bundy being treated like a celebrity in some quarters.”

"Yeah, I know you weren't a victim," Jade says. He's just about done with his clove cigarette, and he gestures for Hector to pony up another. "It just ended badly, and feelings got hurt. Not everything is predatory." He's in tapered black jeans and a snug-fitting short-sleeved black button-up, and of course he's smoking instead of being in class. "Serial killers are shit," he says. "I'm just trying to explain why they occupy headspace for so many people. We're programmed to catalog threats. Sometimes the wires get crossed and people get fascinated. Doesn't mean it's right."

ROLL: Silver rolls finesse+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [7]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 8 2 7 5 3 -- d8)

Hector crushes his and taps out another for Jade. He pockets his butt. He's strict with himself about how much he smokes in a day. "I never would have guessed he was gay if he hadn't been checking me out so obviously." Hector is dressed in a red fur edged tunic, black tights and big black boots. His face is made up to look like Vlad the Impaler, complete with mustache, but he has abandoned cape, hat and wig. "I still wasn't sure if he... I figured even odds I was going to get beat up or fucked or both when I got in the car with him, but... January was fucking rough and I guess I was in the mood to do something stupid. Which it all definitely was. And I know nobody cares but me, so I'm going toshut up about it now. I just... after that thing in the park I didn't want you to think he'd... done something he hadn't." He grins, "I get wires crossed. I really do."

Silver thought she was being pretty sneaky. But in the empty areas of campus a lone set of even quiet footsteps can sound. Or it might be that stick she kicked. Either way she isn't as sneaky in sneaking up on the two. Appearing from around the corner in a literal flash of light. That would be her polaroid. "Eddy's coming, I'd move if I were you," She says as she snatches the photo from the feed as it is spit out. Behind her sunglasses she is eyeing them both thoughtfully. "Follow me if you don't want detention," And she goes strolling off with picture in hand.

"Eddie can suck my dick," Jade says, but he does follow Silver, first snagging the clove cigarette. "I didn't think anything like that," he reassures Hector. "And you don't have to shut up about it. It's something that happened to you. It's important."

Hector tucks the pack into his backpack with the lighter and strides after them, "Thanks. I really appreciate it.... Eddy's in the space time continuum." He snerks.

Silver leads them around and into the room the newsies have for the paper. Currently empty. She opens the window upon which there are some seat cushions. Apparently sitting there is common. As is the faintest whiff of cigs. She moves over to set the photo down on a desk and then back to the window. "Space time continuum?" She asks Hector with a quirked brow. "Eh, never mind. You guys gonna talk about...sensitive stuff you should find better hideouts," She says as she fishes a Jolt out of her bag, popping it open to suck down.

Jade hops onto a seat and lights his cigarette. "He's a nerd," he tells Silver with a nod toward Hector. "What's so sensitive anyway? It's just Hector's love life. Everyone seems to have an opinion about it these days." He takes a puff, then exhales out the window. "Man, I am so ready to be out of this place."

Hector sighs, "Now Amy knows, I'm assuming everybody knows. I'm willing to bet in her version I'm the asshole." He sits by Jade, but doesn't light up. he gives them a wry smile, "Definitely, on both counts."

Silver rolls her eyes and says, "Well I've not heard just yet. But what I did overhear could be totally taken the wrong way." She takes another chug as she eyes Hector and then Jade. "Can I get a hit off that?" The clove specifically, her eyes lighting on it. Silver doesn't smoke really. But she bums from her siblings now and again. Usually when anxious.

Jade offers the clove to Silver. "I guess it could be," he says. "I just don't know why anyone cares anyway. Except everyone is related to everyone." He pauses, then asks Silver, "Do you know what class Spear has next?"

Silver takes the clove and a long hit before handing it back. But she looks disappointing as she hands it back. Smoke curls from between her lips with a sigh. "It's called gossip. And people like it to hurt others or turn into nasty rumors. And as official school rumor hound I do not approve of any Thistle having any mutters that aren't by design," And she takes a gulp of her drink. "Well, as much as I can." She pauses and thinks just a moment, "Mmmmm...science I think. Why?"

Hector gets the pack out and automatically hands another to Silver, "I'm not sure it's possible to take the fact that I used to fuck a Lester the wrong way." He shakes his head, "I suppose I'll have to put on trousers for my next class. This is... weirdly comfortable."

Jade shrugs and says, "I'm just making conversation. We were just in History." And there's a necklace hanging from Spear's locker, waiting for Spear to get it. A necklace Jade has worn oa few times. Never mind that, though. He looks Hector over. "Tights, huh? I guess ol' Vlad liked to be comfy when he was killing people."

Silver gives Hector an up and down and after a second of hesitation take a clove for herself. "Light?" She asks, not sure if she still has any matches or not. "Medieval attire suits you. At least you have the legs for it." The clove is lit one way or another and she takes a huge pull. Eyeing the smoke thoughtfully before blowing out the open window. The corner of her mouth twitches and she looks at Jade hard. "Better not be planning to tease him or anything..." Protective sister is protective.

Hector grins, "You can really move in this, but I'm definitely not planning to line everyone up on the Football field for a mass impaling." He flicks his zippo and holds the flame steady for her. He flashes her a quick grin, "All that jogging paid off."

Jade's brows lift. "What? I'd never tease Spear. That would be like kicking the world's cutest puppy. I'm no monster." He snorts at Hector. "That's too bad, because I could give you a list of who to round up. There are a few people in this town who could use a good impaling."

Silver is inhaling when Hector mentions impaling everyone and just gives him a look. While trying to not choke on the smoke she inhaled. "You'd probably run out of energy before you were done with everybody," She says as her coughing turns to rough giggles. Her mind apparently going somewhere other than Jade's. His comment has her eyeing him a moment, as if weighing his words. "Mmmmmkay. Good. So I had to miss class due to a dizzy spell in French. I nearly passed out so they sent me to lay down in the nurses office," She makes a face. "What did I miss?"

Hector laughs, "I thought we just agreed serial killing isn't cool!" He grins, "I just need enough wood and I'll be fine." Okay, it's his sister picking up innuendio Jde missed, but at least someone got it. "Jade in an amazing suit. People comparing my boyfriend to Pol Pot. A really alarming fake beard. The usual. I'll lend you my notes if you llike."

Oh, Jade picked up on it, he's just being too cool to take the bait, lifting his chin with an imperious look. He's a Marchant. "Yeah, I was Jack the Ripper. James was going fast and liberal with the hyperbole. Lucas wore a deeply upsetting mustache. Just another day in Mr. Thistle's class."

Maybe it's a Thistle thing with the innuendo? Either way Silver is still vaguely amused. Her eyes are smiling and she isn't wearing the polite smile but a real one. "I missed you dressed up? Damnit...I hope Lana got picture," She grumbles, wrinkling her nose. "Who had the beard? Who was Rasputin?" A pause. "Notes would be killer. I adore my uncle. He's the best!" She suddenly beams. "He makes learning fun. Hrumph...next time."

Hector nods, "You should have seen him, Sil. He really knows how to make a suit like that look good. It was justin. He just couldn't live up to that beard though."

Jade inclines his head to Hector, and there's no false modesty dismissing the praise. Jade knows he can fill out a suit. "Yeah, Justin Michaels was Rasputin. Hector made a pretty cool Vlad the Impaler." He takes another drag off his clove, then sighs as he exhales. "That beard was an act against fashion. I should register a complaint."

Spear has of course not changed, but then he did not dress up for history class! He is however now wearing something different - a necklace of black beads in groups of ten, with a pentagram and a silver hummingbird skull around his neck. It sits against his white ruffled shirt, and he is holding the box Hector gave him in his hands. Spear has not had time to do much, apparently, aside from being weird and distracted, which he so often is. He gives a sunny smile at the group, though. He likes that group! "Hi!"

Silver snorts at Jade's comment. "You would know, fashion police that you are," She says before taking another pull. They are currently hiding out in the Newspaper room. They're the only ones there and Silver is actually smoking a clove by an open window. As Spear appears she smiles, "Hi!" She says at the same time he does and with almost the same inflection. Triplets.

Hector says, “That was definitely NOT Russia's greatest love machine." He's not smoking, having already enjoyed his clove ration for the day, though the others are, "Cool necklace, Bro!"”

"Heya, Spear," Jade says. He beams as he sees the necklace. Tapping ash off his clove cigarette, he says, "Lookin' good." He then tells Silver, "Between Mona and I, we keep this school running properly. Then that beard slips in, somehow. It's not right."

"What are you guys talking about?" asks Spear, and he leans against the wall near the two of them, and says to Silver "Can I get a clove?" He moves like she does - or vice versa. Some similar interaction with Star, though Star is often the odd one out "Thanks. It was hanging on my locker!" he chirrups to Hector, and then he puts the box on the table "Oh, I like Mona. She's got interesting fashion." And then he opens the rattly box "Thanks, Jade. It's very stylish."

Silver taps her ash off and out the window and says, "You can have the rest of this one," There's still more than half of the clove left. She is moving in for a quick hug, careful to hold the clove out as she does. Then ducking back to lift the necklace for a closer look. The clove is passed off to Spear. "OOoohhh, someone just left this? It's so pretty," She coos.

Hector taps a clove out for Spear in case he wants a whole one to himself. "It osa good day for gifts." Inside the box is a neatly cleaned set of bird bones, possibly from a migrating corvid.

Jade takes a drag off his dwindling cigarette and exhales, then smiles. "It kept reminding me of you, so I thought you should have it," he says. "I realized I'd been out-gothed by the king when we were in the park and you ran out of the darkness with a skeleton in your arms." He makes a bowing 'we're not worthy' gesture Spear's way. Then he leans over to peek in the box. "Cool."

"Yep!" says Spear, and he reaches out for the half clove, and shakes his head to Hector "I'll finish this. They taste great, but they're evil to the lungs." He grins, and then he is examining the bird bones "How did you do it?" he asks. There are quite a lot of methods, but not many of them work fast "It's pretty cool. I could turn him into a hat. Or use the talons as epaulets." He lifts his head up and he beams, and then he grins at Jade "Yes, recognize my greatness. I am the supreme Goth! Also, the lucky one, thank you so much!" He stands up and gives Hector a hug. And then he leans over to k...he switches quickly to hug Jade too.

Silver turns to peer into the box with interest. Then her head comes up as the gifters identity is revealed. She looks surprised, eyes wide at Jade, and she smiles at him. "That was sweet of you," She tells him before looking at Hector. "And you too," As she reaches in to gently stroke the skull. "Birds are hard to clean well too. Fine and fragile bones." The exchange between Jade and Spear is watched with sisterly hawkness.

Hector mimics Jade's gesture, "Seriously, that was bad ass, and you even got a date out of it." He looks away, "I didn't have time to bury it, so I... uh... soaked them overnight in dawn and then used hydrogen peroxide. Don't worry, I got the pot at good will. It's not from the kitchen." The hug surprises him, but he returns it warmly. "I can be patient." He too is watching Jade and his brother together.

Jade hugs Spear warmly, and chastely under that sisterly watch. "You should come over sometime," he tells him. Then his pager goes off, and he glances at it. "Ugh, I should take this." He takes a final drag off his clove and stamps it out. "See you guys later."

"Yeah, this is pretty cool," says Spear, his eyes slightly unfocusing. Ravens do not tend to have ghosts, so nothing is there for the Thistles to react too strangely to, and then he laughs "Yeah, I did get a date out of it, with Amy. Man, Amy." He shakes his head, all rueful "That girl is a trip." Fear not, Silver! The hug is indeed chaste! Spear grins as his necklace makes a small bead-on-bead noise, and he says "I will. I'll bring something for Meezer. See you, Jade." And then he says to Hector "No, that's totally cool. You should see what Silver and I did to all the pots."

Silver lets out a snort of amusement and says, "Oh man. Which time?" Head shaking at whatever memory was called up. She opens her mouth to say something else when the bell rings. "Aaaaand that is that. Better get to Science. See you guys there," She usually helps with setup. So it's not surprise she suddenly bolts out the door. Then she is back, "Spear! I gotta tell you about the photo that spontaneously caught fire while I was developing it! Remind me at dinner, 'kay? Love you," Then she's gone again.

Hector says, “All the pots? On fire?" He eyes Jade, "I suppose I really should put on trousers and try to do some science today." His eyes flick between Jade and Spear, "That offer's still open from before everything hit the fan. For the small party."”

Spear says to Hector "Ummmn. I'll think about it!" So the gift has worked - no automatic big 'no' happening there. He gives a faintly shy grin "Oh, man, I'm late for Eng Lit."

Hector grins at his brother, "Are you the Gay Magazine Faerie? Inquiring minds want to know."

Spear pauses, and then says "...did he blame you?"

Hector laughs, warm and delighted, "Nope! He suspects you, but he doesn't mind. What exactly did you put in his room?"

Spear says "Oh! Er, he's very in the closet, you know?" He awkwardly stands there, pushing his two index fingers together "I mean, I don't think it's entirely his fault - he lost his best friend, and things are complex. And while he and I are really good friends, he's not going to say much to me other than 'Guys are trash'. I wish he could honestly just signal 'I don't think I want to date you, but you're the only guy marginally available'. I would understand! Anyway. I think it was GLAM and one that's more about cute boys and articles. I never really got into the political stuff, I guess because my parents _really_ honestly don't care if someone's queer or straight. They care if you're gonna get the right words out as an attendant at a funeral."

Hector stops in his tracks, really startled. "Oh!" While he's trying to figure out how to respond to all the rest of it, he opts for, "Wait, you aren't his best friend?" He takes a deep breath, "I'll see what I can find out, okay?"

Spear says "Er, yeah, I mean rather - I really like him, and I would happily be his best friend. But there was a bad car accident, and he lost...well." He smiles and then he says "Find out what? Huh?"

Hector's eyes go wide, "I didn't know. When was the accident?" Then he rolls his eyes, "If he likes you or if he likes ou likes you. It's hard to tell with him."

"Late last year," says Spear, spreading his hands "I'm not great with, erm, time." And then he says "...uhhhh. I don't know if that's a great idea, Hector? I don't want someone to pity me. And I think he just finds me. You know, cute and harmless. Which is great? But not really a relationship."

Hector studies him, "Protective can mean a lot of different things. We'll see." The bell rings again. "Okay, I'm now officially late. I'll talk to you later, okay? Just know you deserve a man or woman who will treat you right and see you as a man." And then he's running for his locker.

"Yeah, I know," says Spear, a bit quietly "Well, never mind. Plenty of time. See you, Hector."