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Piece Of Cake
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Thea Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Marchant House
Date  •  2019-09-17
Summary  •  A handful of people show up to the Marchant place early. Hector apologizes to Lucas, cards are played, and baking is done.

It is after school. Maybe an hour or two? Early yet by several hours for anyone to be showing up. And yet there is a knocking on the door. Two raps, a pause, followed by the doorbell. Standard Silver knock. She has a backpack on as well as her shoulder bag. Dressed in a boho skirt with a floral pattern in burgundy, reds, and black. The top is a simple burgundy cotton blouse with short sleeves. In one hand she's carrying a reusable grocery bag in one hand that is full of various baking things. At least that is what a quick glance would reveal.

Hector arrives from Lake Havasu - Bermuda Avenue.

Jade comes traipsing down the stairs. "I got it!" he calls. No need to bother a servant when he's right there. The door swings open, and he beams at Silver. He's still in his shorts and cropped top from before. He probably hasn't been home long. "Hey, Silver. Come in. You want anything to eat or drink?"

Hector is in a mesh shirt, black cut odffs and Doc Martins. The class ring is on his index finger, his ring finger tattoo exposed. His hand is firmly in Cash's, and a duffle strap over his other shoulder because openly carrying weapons leads to questions. He seems pretty relaxed despite what happened last month.

Cash has one hand in Hector's as usual but his arm is around Felicity's shoulders, relaxed and chill in a plain dark tee and black jeans. His hair is damp and is curling up, despite his usual taming efforts.

Thea skitters to the top of the stairs, peering down into the entryway hopefully. When she spots Silver, Hector and Cash, her expression wilts somewhat, though she swiftly recovers and smiles brightly to all three. Likely just a case of wanting to see someone in particular arriving, and then.. well, it being someone else. Ahem. "Hey, guys. Here to huddle in for the night?" she assumes aloud, starting down the stairs in her slippers. Which look a fair bit like ballet slippers. Which is sort of oddly appropriate, but y'know. Isotoner.

Felicity has changed clothes since earlier in the day, having gone with slightly loose knit pants and a light-weight, long sleeve turqouise shirt with a wave pattern on it. Her hair's held up in a pony tail by a scrunchie and she's leaning a little into Cash's side. She's got a fairly full backpack hanging from a shoulder by one strap and her worn leather jacket draped over the arm away from Cash as they stroll in together. "Yeah. Jade invited us."

Lucas doesn't get the door; there's people for that and far be it for him to unemploy someone. Maybe not consistantly, but certainly today. He's still not changed out of clothes from school which is just a half stop down from business casual: slacks, dress shirt though teh top button is undone and his class ring hangs around his neck, judgy reserved look? Yup. All of Lucas, though the moon affects everyone's mood. Thea and jade would easily pick up that Lucas has been in some passing 'shadow of Theodore' phase, bu hey, he's been taking notes and doubling down on all of his work to get. everything. perfect.

Except French. By Jade's patience Lucas is struggling with that one.

"I won't pass up a Jolt or Coke if ya got it. The drinking kind," She says with a wink. "Sorry we're early...I wanted to bake and I thought -you- might have some happy butter. So..." She hefts the grocery bag with a grin. "Can I use your kitchen?" She's cooked here before. And always left the kitchen cleaner, if that is possible in a place with servants, than she found it. Spotting movement at the top of the stairs her expression may just match Thea's. Nope, not the person she was hoping to see yet either. But she smiles and waves with a free hand. "Where's the twins?" She asks Jade as she unslings her backpack.

"Everyone," Jade says, perky (though he's got to have come down from the coke by now). "Yeah, I've got Jolt. We have coffee too, you know." He leads the way tot he media room. Servants can bring the Jolt. He won't put them out of a job permanently. The media room hasn't changed in the few days since people were last here. Jade has been in the middle of directing people to set things up. Soft drinks have been arranged so far, and the kind of food that keeps, like chips and candy. "We're still a few hours fron dinner yet," he says. Then he calls, "Lucas? Landon? People are here!"

Hector waves to Thea, "Sorry, I haven't seen him." He sets the bag down carefully. "That's the plan! Safer in groups, right?" He gives jade a smile and an upnod. When he sees Lucas, he gently untangles his fingers and giving a look to the two he arrived with, offers his sister a quick one armed hug, and walks briskly towards Lucas. There is a profound calm about him that gives him something akinto an air of detatchment, "I would like to offer my deepest apologies. I was a complete tool. I accept whatever judgement you make as far as reparations."

Thea casts Silver a wholly sympathetic look, because well, they shared a little moment of emotional similarity, there. Hector's easy read of her brings a faint tinge of heat to her cheekbones as she reaches the bottom of the stairs and joins the group proper. "Ohh, are you gonna make more of that s'mores lasagna stuff from last time? That was so good," she asks of the Thistle girl.

"Aitch? The whole town knows you are sorry." Cash says, passing Hector and looking for the Jolt. He's in a bright mood, brighter than those who saw him earlier. The looming threat of the moon can't touch the planet he's on.

Felicity's eyes trail after Hector as he goes over to do his little display, though she lets Cash pull her past him, but her head turns to still keep watching what happens even while continuing on. This may well end in tears. Or at least in bumping in to something.

Amy heads towards Lake Havasu - Bermuda Avenue <O>.

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit+1 for: [4]: x3 (Set) [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 4 4 5 4 6 -- d6)

Lucas make his his way down the stairs and pauses at the address and seeing Hector. Should he be offended? More than likely. What might be worse for Hector is there's still no emotional response or register from the Marchant whose demeanor has cooled considerably. His eyes hold Hector's for a long silent conversation still in professional regard. "Have we come to this conclusion now?" There's a pause and he nods slightly, "I'll get back to you." Looking to The rest he addresses, "Felicity, unfortunate of you to be wrapped up in this, but good to see you." He pauses on Cash and looks to Silver, "Kitchen's there. Microwave runs a bit hot." To Jade and Thea he says ticking offhis mental checklist, "Landon's wrapping up some things. he'll be joining us."

"Sort of? I was going to turn them into s'mores brownies. Just a different texture really. And if Jade has any happy butter," Silver shoots him a mischevious smile, "Then I can make a smaller batch of special ones." She quiets down as she spies Hector making a move. Eyebrow twitching she moves towards the kitchen, but keeps her eyes on the two. "You want to help me find stuff?" She asks before dropping off her backpack in the media room and heading for said kitchen.

ROLL: Jade rolls spirit-1 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [2]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 1 2 1 -- d6)

Jade says, "Sure, I've got some upstairs, just let me..." He bounds for the door, then stops, turns slowly back to Silver, and says, "Should we maybe not get high on the night we're trying to keep people from doing crazy stuff? We might need to have our wits about us. We can save the brownies for another night." He smiles, almost apologetically. Yeah, he knows he's being a killjoy, but vampires. "Once we're over the full moon, we'll have a rager, I swear."

Hector is focused on Lucas throughtout, expression open while he waits. After 'Have we come to this conclusion now?' there is real sorrow in his face. 'I'll get back to you.' the bob of his head and the sorrowful acceptance in his posture suggest a bow of accetance without actually being one. "As you wish." He flashes a quick smile at Jade, "I was thinking that too, fond as I am of special brownies."

"I've got some ideas for a start of summer party, after school's behind us," Thea notes quietly, though with the teensiest of tiny mischievous smiles. "I'm sure we'll have lots of stuff with 'happy butter' there." Leaning in to wrap an arm around Jade in a brief half-hug, she adds, "I need to make a couple calls and get some things ready. I'll see you guys in a bit."

Cash has a Jolt now and he's pacing back towards Lucas and Hector. He regards Lucas. "Look, I literally have no idea why you two are having an issue. Hector won't tell me exactly what happened and I didn't want to pry--I don't mean to pry now. I just want to express to you, Lucas, that he's really fucking sorry for whatever happened. I've heard him apologize like, three or four times for this slight so..." Cash pauses. "Do you want to hire Freeland to help you build the bridge to get over it?"

Felicity frowns a tiny bit at Lucas' reaction to Hector and then she's addressed by him and sort of pauses which causes a little stumble. Jade's comment has her whipping her head around towards him and she stumbles a little more. Though at least she's now facing the same direction as her feet. There's a couple moments while she regains her balance and then, "Oh, Right. Well. We thought it wouldn't be good to leave me somewhere else. And I finished some of my calculations, so I was going to shares those later, maybe. For future planning." Then her eyes track towards Cash who has apparently stepped away from her and she winces a little and closes her eyes, like this is the thing she's not willing to watch.

Whatever damaged were doe before it wasn't a shallow cut to his psyche, but a papercut; a simple careless thing that runs deep. Calm he relents to Cash, "You're right. For once I agree with you that this is not your business, but I appreciate your enthuasim." His eyes go back to Hector. Matter of factly he says, "I ran the math. You may have been right, but about me, not your sister. She's the one you owe the apology to." And he turns and walks to the Thistle in question with mathematical, but genuine concern in his tone, "You ready for this?"

Silver gives Jade this puzzled look for a few seconds. Then she suddenly grins and says, "That is just as good. I thought I'd offer. Nothing says we have to eat them tonight." She turns to head into the kitchen fully. Setting the bag down and beginning to pull out the making for s'mores brownies. Some brought from home in ziplocks, others fresh from the store. As she does she happily hums. "He did apologize," She chimes to Lucas as she unloads. When he asks his question she looks up, smiles with confidance, and says, "Piece of cake."

Jade gives Thea a squeeze, then he says to Cash, "Knock it off. I'm not asking." Then to Hector. "Contain him or he's on the lawn." There's no humor, none of his usual amiability. He holds himself every bit a Marchant. He looks at the others, and his smile slowly returns. "We're going to take it easy tonight and do this like the grownups we are. If anyone insults my cousins or siblings or anyone in my family under our roof again, they're out. We don't ask much in return for what we offer, just some basic fucking human respect." He takes a deep breath, lets it out, annnnd, there. He's perky again.

Hector turns to explain to Cash. "It's not a slight. It was real harm." He turns back to Lucas, "As she said, I've apologized to her, and I'm not convinced your math is correct. I owe you. I can't undo what was done, and I truly am sorry about that. Whenever is good for you, I am at your disposal, Lucas." He does that almost a bow nod again, this time for Jade. "My apologies, Jade." He takes Cash's elbow and starts trying to gently tug him back towards Felicity, contemplating bringing out the ball gag early.

Cash throws up his hands in surrender. "/Contain him?/ Contain me?" He blinks a few times, rapidly as he slows his breathing. He flinches out of Hector's first attempt at taking his elbow. "I'm done. Out of it. I don't know the whole story other than I know Hector feels like a dick about it. Lucas, Silver, when it's mended, please tell him repeatedly. He's /still/ apologizing to me for last summer. He has a million words for Sorry, alright? Like Eskimos and snow." A second pull away from the fray is successful. "You know I won't let people talk to you any way they want, Aitch. You need to tell me where the landmines are before I step on them defending you." He mutters.

Felicity starts to crack her eyes open as it seems to be okay and then Cash starts talking and she closes them again with a slight wince. She seems to be about to say something and then instead opens her eyes once more to look around for somewhere to drop her stuff and sit. "I brought cards if anyone wants to play hearts or something." Clearly she thinks it's new subject time.

Was Lucas ever emotionally caring enough about the slight? One can argue profoundly because naturally even he's not this much of a formal hard-ass. He is, however disengaged from emotional response rather than being shitty or petty. Tactical?! Where's old Lucas who might have started facilitating a poker night to distract them all?

Looking to Silver the eyebrow goes up and he looks back to Hector apparently satisfied. "Thank you." And Jade puts down the Rule. Holding a hand up to assuage this Lucas finally addresses hector with a flinch in his 'board meeting', "Uhhh yeah. To say the least. You want to make it up to me? Stay focused on what might happen tonight. Clear minds prevailing over fear because things are very messed up right now for all of us and rational thinking and working together will help us all live to graduation. We have lives after this mess. I'd like us all to get to them. I don't want to throw 6 years of ridiculously hard work away and I'm certain no one else does. That's... all I want, Hector."

He pauses and sighs gesturing back to Silver tackling the kitchen, "And to have a little trust. Talk shit about me and I'll spend however long I have to to prove you wrong," and apparently get manic enough to lose a ton of sleep in the process of trying, "but doubt my people and this is a problem." He pauses and softly gestures with his hand, "Which was corrected. So... fine. You want to ... make it up to me? Then I invite you to magically change my situation, or take a moment to learn about something before you pass judgment and take action." With a pause he turns to Felicity and says, "Restrooms are over there, we're all going to be over in that room, and there's a fridge you can help yourself to in the media room. Minibar. food. Pretty cool. Welcome to the house." There' a pause and he says, slight casual manner in his tone, "And I will absolutely take you to ground playing hearts. I'm in."

Silver smiles at Lucas and goes in for a shoulder bump. "Prep will only take a few minutes. Cooking about forty five minutes. Then a bit of cooling, so an hour till these are ready to eat," She says to those who have followed her to the kitchen. She takes a sip of her jolt and shoots Lucas an appreciative glance. "Where's the measuring cups?" She asks. "I'm down for hearts. Or Spades. Heck, I bet you guys have poker chips if we really wanted?"

Jade nods to Lucas, and he has said his piece, so he grabs himself a diet Coke and comes over to where the cards are being dealt. "I was thinking we'd watch Big Trouble in Little China tonight. It's a good movie. It's a lot of fun. I think we can use some fun tonight, all things considered." He sits down on the floor cross-legged and cracks open his drink. "Someone will have to teach me how to play this."

Hector looks up at the big red head, "People said the almost the same thing after you spit on me in the Taco Bell parking lot, Love. I accept the concequences of my actions, whether intended or not. Please, please don't fight for me over this. It will only make things worse, and I really don't want to have to run for the car with my duffle and find a new place to hide you before sundown. Cards sound good."

He turns at Lucas's voice and nods, accepting. There are things he might say, but not here and now and in front of this audience. "That's fair." His lip twitches up a little at Lucas's card sharp threat. He flashes Jade a smile, "Oh man, that's perfect. Good cheesey fun!"

The show's coming up Real Soon Now, Guys, so it's maybe not a shock that Zane's not at all one of the first arrivals today. There's a lot of stuff to rehearse and get perfect. A lot. But he's here now! Jeans and boots and a fairly close-fitting long-sleeved t-shirt in a sort of Indian-inspired damask pattern, pale tones on off-white fabric that seems *just* short of sheer. A brown plaid flannel's tied around his waist, as if there's actually a chance it might get chilly or something, and he's got a hat today. Brown tweed newsboy cap. And a bright grin for all assembled. "Hey!" he greets, having been let in by someone and followed the sound. And possibly directions. "What're we cooking?"

Cash is pacing off his grumbly surge of testosterone and caffeine. He drains the Jolt. It won't help. He nods at Hector's words. "I'm fine, Aitch. I am. Stop fretting and let go, man. Home stretch here." He plants a kiss on his forehead. "Lucas will kick my teeth in, brackets, wires, elastics and all. So, not a literal fight. I just...react. You know. They know me." He gestures at the group vaguely. One breath. "Cards! Did you know the only lie I can pull off is a proper poker face? Felicity taught me all the card games. We used to play for candy while learning them from books. She'll whip my ass over some Warheads. But she knows how much I like sour candy. It's a principle for her." Zane's appearance reminds Cash of the Show That Is Soon. "Ugh, vocal rest is coming. I might have a real need for the ballgag."

Felicity has, in fact, brought several decks of cards, though she takes a moment to peer at the first pack she pulls out, then shakes her head. "Not that one," she says and stuffs it into a different pocket before pulling out two more, one red, one blue, classic Hoyle Shell-back cards. There's a possibly overly sweet smile for Lucas. "I'm sure you will." She glances around and flashes bright smile to each additional person who says they'll join. "Hearts? Or non-partner Spades? We've got too many for proper Spades. Or Oh, Hell? I think we can still pull off Oh, Hell." Even as she asks, she's pulling out one of the decks to start shuffling that perfect riffle-shuffle of someone who's done this a /lot/. And then she's beaming up at Cash like he hung the moon. "Hey. My candy is your candy. Any time. I mean, I'd usually just give it back after I won it from you." Even while she looks distracted her fingers never stop moving with shuffling the cards, like it's an automatic operation for her.

Lucas glances to Felicity, that glint still with him. They have other things to think about, but damn if normal isn't good. His shoulder gets bumped and the glances to Silver, curious for the moment, but reaches over to giver her fingers a squeeze before he stands back up; still overwhelmened by teh enormity of the ask in front of them but less, well, icy about it? Looking up to Zane he greets with a handshake that is familiar and more complex than it needs to be. "Zee, welcome to the standoff." Looking back he murmurs, "Jade, I'm going to go find the siblings. Make sure things are...clockwork." To the other three he says, "Save me a seat and don't start Big Trouble without Landon."

Silver begins mixing dried ingredients together as she fetches two large bowls. Showing she knows full well where things are. "I have enough I can make two different kinds of brownies. S'mores and regular. Or I could do a rocky road style as I have pecans too," She fishes a ziplock out of said pecan pieces. Just in time for Zane's arrival.

Surprise for a second and then she smiles at Zane, "Brownies. S'mores and...other option pendings as I have two foil pans." And then she shoots Cash a look, falling into giggles. "What's Oh, Hell?" She asks after a few seconds of mirth. She watches Lucas head off and it almost seems like she is tempted to follow. But she gets back to mixing, moving to fetch the fancy stand mixed from its cubby. Yep, she knows where everything is. Nosey. That must be the answer! Snooped in the cubbies one time.

Jade salutes Lucas. "Tick tock, cuz," he says. He waves then at Zane. "Hey, handsome. I'm not sure what's cooking. It may be mini pizzas, or quiches, or steaks? I'm not sure, the chef didn't say." He takes a drink of his diet Coke. "Probably something we can eat while watching a movie, though." He'd probably do better at cards if he paid more attention to the card game as it happened. Instead, he's looking around, checking on everyone. Does anyone need a drink? Does anyone need a snack?

Hector gives Zane a friendly wave, "Come play!" He fingers stroke Cash's cheek. yay, subject change! He settles down with the card players, leavinf space for cash between himself and Felicity. He snorts at the mention of the ball gag, but keeps his thoughts on the subject to himself. "Oh man, ever play poker for jelly beans?" He flashes Feicity an almost shy grin, "I'm easy. Dealer's choice." He glances up at Jade and very nearly says something about virgin drinnks, but luckily thinks better of it. "What kind of pop is there?"

Definitely a more complex handshake than it needs to be; practically qualifies as choreography, but Zane's always been pretty good at that, at least. "Come back quick," he tells Lucas, the smile briefly just for him, and then he's wandering over to check out Silver's work, returning her smile as well. "Do all the things! Your brownies are amazing. And S'mores are amazing. Can we have marshmallows in all of them?" Yes, Jade, someone probably needs a snack and/or drink, not that this is in any way unusual. "I want to eat all those things," he observes regarding the guesses on potential food, and leans up against the counter with a small sigh. If he were one of the cats, he'd be Dying to Death, but as a human at least it's subtler. "What are we playing?" Aside from 'cards', he's probably got that much.

"Vocal rest sucks." Cash laments, woefully. "Ms. Hellenbrand demands silence but like...I'm me. Once I started talking...So she just sets a high bar and I just stay quiet for a while. Speaking of--I need to call my folks, tell them where I'm at tonight. Mind if I use a phone upstairs, Jade? I have a few calls to make..." He plants a kiss on Hector's cheek and then Felicity's when he passes her. "Be ready to deal me into whatever." He pinches her hip and winks.

Felicity sets the first deck aside and starts shuffling the second deck while she calls over to Silver. "It's another trick taking game. But you have to make your bid exactly, either over or under loses points. If you make your bid, you get your bid times ten. Off, you lose ten points for however many tricks you're over or under. Nil's worth half the cards in the hand times 10 if you make it as your bid. And each round can not be an even total bid. Last person bidding has to make it uneven, either over or under. You start at 10 card hands if you've got five or fewer people, 8 card hands for 6 people, and you'd usually only play more than 6 with a double deck, which I don't recommend if people don't know it well because it adds some weird rules for doubles. Each round you decrease the hand size by one. If you're really playing a full game, after you get down to one you go back up, one card more per hand until you're back at the starting hand size. Trump is determined by flipping the top of the unused cards each round." And then she's getting a kiss and a pinch from Cash which leads to a blink and a blush and she has to fumble with the cards for a moment. Fortunately, they don't go everywhere, but there's a break in the almost hypnoticly smooth rhythm of the shuffle before she resumes and clears her throat. "Right. Okay. Hearts for now and we can switch as people get back?"

Mona arrives from Lake Havasu - Bermuda Avenue.

Silver takes a swig from her Jolt as she begins to mix things together. "Marshmallows in everything it is," She says with a rumbling chuckle. The bag she brought of minis is opened and left to be raided by hungry hands. She even sneaks a few, popping them into her mouth like one would popcorn. The bowl is set into the mixer and she cracks eggs into the flour and turns the beater on. (WHIRRRRRRRRRR) She'll be in to play soon as she gets everything into pans.

Jade hops to his feet and says, "We got Pepsi, Coke, diet versions thereof, 7-up, Jolt, Dr. Pepper, the usual suspects. We can get you juice or water, coffee, tea, whatever you want." He grabs a bag of chips to toss Zane's way. "Here, to tide you over." Yeah, he'll be impossible to play cards with. He's flighty. He also nods to Cash when he asks to use the phone. "Does anyone need anything else while I'm up?"

Hector reaches a hand up to stroke Cash's cheek again at the kiss, "Be down well before dark so I can get you settled comfortably.... I don't think I've played that one, Felicity. Hearts it is." He takes the other goings on with equinimity. He calls, "Yaay, marshmallows!" He smiles up at Jade, "Coke the drink works. Or coffee. Something basic with caffeine, since I'll be siting up all night."

ROLL: Zane rolls finesse+1 for: [2]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 2 5 6 4 -- d6)

"Marshmallows in everything!" Zane agrees brightly, and when the bag is opened, definitely takes advantage of that raiding opportunity, with a Very Innocent Expression and Not Looking at the blatantly thieving hand while it goes about its terrible business. And then tosses one in his mouth, just barely in time to manage catching the bag of chips he's thrown. It involves capturing the bag against his chest, but he does manage not to lose either it or the handfull of puffed sugar in the process. "Coke, please?" he asks to Jade's offer, "And thank you!"

He and his questionably-gotten gains head over to flop down near the others, giving the cards a curious look, but that description of the Spades rules? Yeah, his eyes glazed over like a donut partway through that. There's a faint brightening at the mention of Hearts, though. Maybe that's easier?

Felicity starts dealing out cards for Hearts. She considers Jade for a moment and then just quietly deals four hands. It works better with four anyway and then he or Silver can just kibbitz. Once the cards are dealt, she pulls a small notepad out of her backpack along with a pencil and sets up the score sheet. And if her adjusting moves her over closer to Hector so she can lean against him a little, whatever. She reaches for her hand, carefully angling it away from the others to look at it. "Pass left first round," she reminds everyone while selecting her cards.

Silver gets things blended in and removes the bowl of batter. Each pan gets a helping. It is set aside as she picks up a package of graham crackers and begins crumbling them up into smaller pieces. These are drizzled in, along with mini marshmallows. Then more of the batter is poured on top. Then more marshmallows and cracker. The other pan gets marshmallows and pecans. And as promised is done quick. Pans in the oven and she is grabbing two more Jolts before she sits down with the bag of mini marshmallows beside her. Open for the sugar hungry.

Jade passes out Cokes, then perches somewhere he can watch the card game as it gets underway. He smiles at Silver as she returns. "Thanks for making those, by the way. The stuff you brought last time was so good." He sips his diet Coke, and he seems content to watch the cards without participating.

ROLL: Silver rolls spirit for: [1]: x1 [2]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 2 4 2 1 -- d6)

ROLL: Silver rolls brains+1 for: [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [6]: x3 (Set) -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 4 6 6 3 6 -- d6)

Hector catches Felicity moving and simply slides closer to meet her lean. his fingers brush her knee as if by accident as he reaches for his cards, though he is careful to angle them out of her veiw while he arranges them. He flashes Jade a smile, "Thanks man." He mouths, 'sorry about earlier,' and goes back to focusing on his cards.

ROLL: Felicity rolls spirit+1 for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 4 6 3 3 4 -- d6)

ROLL: Felicity rolls brains+1 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [2]: x2 (Pair) [3]: x1 -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 2 1 3 1 2 -- d6)

ROLL: Hector rolls Spirit for: [1]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 1 3 5 3 -- d6)

ROLL: Hector rolls Brains for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 3 8 5 3 -- d8)

Close of business for Mona's day, it would seem, was five runs from Chez Marchant off to the stage, hauling pile after pile of costumes. As a result, she's not exactly sporting the most fragile new looks: this time, it's the leather pants, goth boots, and a cropped bustier tank with black studded trim, primary in a white graffiti print, with a black, white, and grayscale rayon shirt similar in style to a flannel wrapped around her waist. Hair swept up and out of her way with a silver fountain pen. Fuckin' Marchants. The makeup's fine, but there is a strand of black lace that probably shouldn't be there trailing out of a back pocket, and she's got a seamstress utility belt holding a pair of mean-looking scissors like a duelist's sword, with smaller pairs lined up like handy throwing daggers. There are a few slots for pens and pencils and chalk, and even a tape measure that'd extend right off the thing. See? Pirate. Or the fashion design equivalent of Batgirl.

All the recognizable cars in the drive tell her enough about folks hunkering down for the night, most likely, and she heads down to the media room as if by rote, since no one's visible around the patio or pool. "I think everything for the show is transported over, and I dropped Alyssa off at the airport. Thankfully, she's going to see her father in Vegas for a few days," she says as she strolls into the room, and sinks against the frame of the door in a tired-looking lean.

ROLL: Zane rolls Spirit+1 for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 2 5 2 6 3 -- d6)

ROLL: Zane rolls brains+1 for: [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [9]: x1 [10]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 5 4 3 9 10 -- d10)

"Thanks, Jade!" Zane says for the Coke, and accepts the hand he's dealt, picking it up and looking the cards over curiously. It is, as it happens, not too bad a hand! So it's a shame, really, that after some serious consideration, he picks exactly the wrong cards to pass. At least he knows his left from his right without trying! And then there's a Mona arriving, and he gives her a bright smile, waving a greeting with his cards. "We're playing Hearts," he informs her cheerfully, and pops another couple tiny marshmallows into his mouth. "Is everything really done now? Costumewise?"

Felicity is clearly in her element. She's even being good and not taking the leaning against Hector as a subterfuge to cheat. Not that she really needs to. She accepts her cards and nods, then leads out the two of clubs. As the game progresses, she seems to be choosing carefully where her points go. Less towards Hector, more towards her cousin. Silver's across from her, which always makes it harder to dump points there anyway. She gives Mona a grin. "Hey. That sounds like a lot of work."

Silver beams at Jade's compliment. "I like cooking and baking, what can I say? And I noticed how fast they went last time, so I made sure to bring extra. We can save some for your folks if you want?" She takes a chug off her can and then picks up the cards, peering at them thoughtfully. She plays smart and it nets her zero points. And she smiles happily and takes a triumphant sip of her Jolt. Though Zane's pile gets a sympathetic glance. Though it is brief, her head turning as he greets Mona. And she finger wiggles and smiles in turn.

Jade smiles warmly at his sister. Then he gets to his feet and says, "I'm going to change into something a little less..." He gestures to his snug shorts and cropped top, "...this. If Spear shows up, let him know I'll be right down. I'm going to grab a quick shower first." Which means Meezer will be up there howling at the top of his lungs.

Hector looks up, "Anything I can help with, Mona? I know you've been working your fingers to the bone with the show and prom and all." He plays rather distractedly today, his attention more on the people and the night ahead than on the play, but he does respectably. He's not bad for a jock and a musician, but nowhere near in Silver or Felicity's class at this, but he doesn't expect to be. He dumps points where he can and takes his points when they come with a smile. He waves at Jade, "I'll tell him."

The fashionista unstraps the costume utility belt to drop on one of the counters at one side of the media room before strolling toward the game. "Yep! Think so. Still a few more fittings to do for finishing touches, but I think we're good there. Now it's all the prom gear filling up the workshop." There's a quick nod to Hector, and she chews the inside of a cheek for a moment before adding, "We kinda overflowed the dressing rooms on this one, with all the fantasy numbers. I could use some help getting racks set up in there so everything doesn't end up in a pile after classes tomorrow, if you'd be willing? You're a gem, Hector. Cash is usually an amazing help with this stuff, too, so let him know? That man's got talent behind the curtain, he really does." Her smile is a contented one, but Mona's at least a little bit proud of herself for getting the over the top creations done for the show at long last. "Hey, Silver, Felicity." She circles around behind Zane, dropping an arm to drag him in for a quick one-armed hug, before asking, "Everybody starting to settle in for the moon, just in case?" Mona glances over to the pile of sleepover gear tucked away in the back, as if to be doubly sure the place is ready. "Let me know if I need to drag out some pillows or make some calls to get people over." Nodding to Jade, she insists, "Of course. And you look fine, jesus." Sticking out her tongue, she does immediately grin thereafter.

"That looks really good on you, though," Zane tells Jade, in case he was somehow unaware and yet still wore it in front of people on purpose. Which seems unlikely. Zane's trying to focus on the game to a reasonably degree, but still looks vaguely puzzled about how he's ending up with quite so many of the cards in his possession. The rules are getting followed, but where there's a choice, it's unfortunately closer to random than ideal despite what here and there looks like an actual attempt at thinking about tactics.

He leans into the one-armed hug, briefly returning it and then offering some of the marshmallows; the chips are having to wait until he has more hands free. Or ARE they?! In a stroke of inspiration, he opens the chip bag by cooperation between two fingers and his teeth, and drops the rest of his handful of marshmallows into it. There! He looks briefly proud of this solution, though less so when he finds himself holding another couple hearts a moment later. Huh.

Felicity waves to Jade. "Aww. Come back soon." Then Mona gets a nod. "Most people are around. Lucas left to go track down Landon. Cash is off calling his parents to let them know he's staying over tonight. I haven't seen Amy or Ashley, yet, I don't think." And then she drops the queen of spades on poor Zane, all nice and casual. It was a club trick! How could he know she'd be out? "We decided to get here a little early." Who exactly counts as 'we' is left as an exercise for the reader.

"I came early to bake stuff. And people just decided to follow along," Silver says with a flash of a smile. Then she is moving to help shuffle for the next round. "I'll have to go check on the brownies in a few," She warns the others, glancing at her watch absently. "Cash is a rather handy person. No surprise, really."

Hector nods, "Sure. I'm happy to help move stuff at set up racks. Name the time and I'm yours, and I'm willing to bet Cash'll be happy to come along and help once tonight's mess is done..... Hey, if Jade wants to change into something more comfortable for bondage gear wrangling who can blame him?" He fnds himself grinning across at Zane when he sees the solution to the chip and marshmallow quandry, though it doesn't stop him ruthlessly dumping his last heart. He covertly watches Jade's retreating ass in those fine tight shorts, despite his best efforts not to. When Felicity dumps the Queen he gently bumps his shoulder against hers in lieu of applause. He flashes his sister a grin at 'handy.' "Definately. I suspect I'll never have to worry about home repairs. Which is good, becaue I am useless as a cat when it comes to plumbing and wiring, though I supose I could twine descoratively while tripping people."

"Sounds good," Mona confirms to Felicity, her grin growing all the more. "If you wanted to chat about the prom idea thing, we can, I mean, it's not like we won't have time, and you can rifle through the workroom thing if you want. Heard about the shopping trip." She snags the offered marshmallows, lightly chewing one after the other as she continues to ramble; she's likely still on 'rush' mode from hauling gear over to the school.

"For what it's worth, there are a couple of guest rooms if it comes down to the whole 'sleeping in shifts' thing, but... " She glances over the shelf full of neatly rolled sleeping bags, pillows, and extra blankets, then stops to mumble, "We're probably better off all down here. We should really just get a pile of futon mattresses for the floor down here, but there are a couple of air mattresses back there, if it helps any. I'll see if maybe I can get some from that shop in the strip mall tomorrow, maybe if we luck out we can haul them all back here in time." Quick, everyone picture Jade's Lamborghini with a futon strapped to the roof!

"He's probably digging up some leather," Mona notes to Hector, though the quick grin that follows comes with an explanation. "After the last time, I think the whole 'at least we can look badass' schtick became a thing. Uh. Not like, bondage leather, but... " Her shoulders rise and fall in an amused shrug.

There was no possible way Zane could have foreseen this outcome! "Nooooo," he protests without raising his voice as the Queen comes his way, half-flopping forward dramatically. And immediately having to reach up and stop his hat from falling off, so good thing he freed that hand. There's a grin as he comes up again, slightly sheepish. "Doomed," he declares, and glances after the departing Jade, idly pulling a couple chips and 'mallows out of the bag together and eating them all at once. Not bad, actually!

"I'm glad you're baking stuff," he says to Silver, "it already smells really good." And she has NO hearts, how did she even do that? Her pile of cards gets stared at, before a tiny shake of his head. Magic or something. He looks to Mona, offering her the bag of chips while they're still on his mind. "Do we all get to look badass this time? I still kinda want that bandolier."

Felicity is suddenly blushing for some reason. The curse of the red hair and the skin that goes with it. She's busy noting the scores down. That's it. Scores are important. "Maybe I'll come help, too. I feel kind of guilty for not being involved when everyone else is." And then Mona's asking about prom and Felicity's blinking wide eyes at her. "Oh. Yeah. Yeah, we should discuss." There's a sideways glance to Hector for some reason, then back to Mona. "I apparently really do need a nice dress." She starts dealing out the next hand with the second deck, though she deals as if she were seated in Zane's spot. "Pass right, this time."

Silver chuckles mysteriously as Zane eyes her stack. Or rather the lack there of. She might look a little smug when she plays her last card. "Well, everyone really liked what I made last time. So figured I'd do it again. Well, mostly. It's more brownie than a dessert lasagna." Then she is rolling to her feet and stretching. "I'll be back," She promises as she pops off to check on her baking project.

Hector laughs softly, "The more leather of every kind the better. I vote sleep in shifts down here if Amy and Morrison scare them off or if it looks like they probably hit somewhere else instead of us. I'd rather we keep people together as much as he can." He grins at Zane, "You are definately worth your weight in marshmallows as entertainment." He nods agreement, "That smells amazing, Sil," but his smile dims as he remembers she can't properly tast her own baking. Hesees the read head blush, and wickedly runs his fingers down Felicity's spine and then leans in to kiss her mouth closed, but with half closed eyes and rather more smoulder than is called for, "I'm going to go check on Cash, you card sharp, you. Be back in a bit."

Silver is just rounding the corner when Hector goes in for that kiss. It has her stop, stare, blink. Then her face very clearly goes, 'Not my monkey!' As she turns to hurry off to the kitchen.

"Nice dress we can do," Mona insists with a sudden nod, and a brightening of her smile. "You're stunning, lady -- and as somebody who got a pile of lectures about not going the 'hide that light under a barrel' route not long ago, well." Zane's reaction, however, has her lips wrinkling with the effort to hide a grin. "We can totally all look badass, this time. I mean. There's leather to spare around here?"

But before she can get into all the options at their disposal for looking like team vampire killer, the very last thing she ever expected to see transpires. It takes a lot to shock a Marchant into silence, especially one as chatty as Mona, but that kiss? Does it. She gapes like a fish for a space of seconds, head slowly tilting to the left until the pen falls out of her hair, and whoosh, a tangled waterfall of inky black hair hits her square in the face. She parts the strands like a curtain to continue staring.

"It was really good last time, too," Zane confirms re: dessert lasagna, and he tidies up his sadly impressive collection of cards, ready to hand them back over to Felicity, who-- is-- being kissed. By Cash's boyf-- husband? Ish? Math is not his subject, but he can usually do 2+2 without a calculator. This one seems like it's got square roots or something in it, though, because wait, what?

He looks from Felicity to Hector and back and then to Mona, because maybe she's got the answer for this one, but no, she looks like he's thinking right now, which means he's on his own. His eyes narrow a little, gears turning. "...Wait, but. Aren't you, like. Married?" he asks Hector, head tilting and brow furrowed, and to Felicity, "You know that, right?" Back to Hector, "'cause it'd be kinda shitty to Cash otherwise and I'm also pretty sure if you hurt my cousin I've gotta do something mean about it and I'd really rather not 'cause I kind of suck at that. So. Um. Don't." A nod. Yes. That covers it. He's still confused what the heck's going on, but at least he's pretty sure his part's covered.

Felicity starts to unconsciously do that back arching thing like a cat that's getting pet just right and then there's the kiss and just slightly after it finishes you can all see when the realization hits that there are other people here. Apparently what you all saw before was not a blush. //This// is a blush. Felicity's eyes go very, very wide and she stares at Hector for a moment before slowly turning to look at the others. "It's... Not. It's... umm... Bathroom. I need... back... Cash knows." And she scrambles up and flees. Hey, at least Hector's used to red heads who run away when overwhelmed?

Hector smiles benignly at them both, "As married as we can be without benefit of the law, and it was Cash who asked her. Do you think for even a second I'd harm him like that? Or her for that matter? It's fine. We're happy." There's not even a hint of guilt in his face. He believes what he's saying. He repeats like a prayer of thanks, "We're happy and she has two dates for the prom." And then he's off after his red heads, the apple of eris well tossed.

"No, no, I don't... imagine you'd ever do anything to hurt Cash, Hector," Mona says as she flicks her hair back toward stylishly rumpled glam, hands spreading in an honest gesture. "Just. Didn't see that one coming, especially. But that's awesome, and now, so help me god, that dress is gonna be goddess-grade spectacular." She nods succinctly to that, as if it simply must be.

Leaning down over Zane's shoulder, she quietly mentions, "I mean, you do know Alyssa hooked up with the head of the football team and the cheerleader he's been dating for forever at the costume party, yeah?" Here, have another totally unhelpful mental image!

Zane doesn't look like he did, exactly, but this is clearly going into the list of Things Zane Learned This Week, along with tops and power bottoms and-- and other things not previously dreamt of in his philosophy. People need to stop periodically blowing his mind; it's got enough work to do!

"Okay," he says, with a firm nod, when he's assured that everyone's happy and it's all good, and then Mona's making that mention, and oh, look, now he can match his cousin in the blush arena. How familial! "Iiii did not know that, no," he says, giving her a look that suggests both that he does and doesn't want to know more about this, and very definitely that mental images have successfully been planted and indeed unhelpful. And a little confusing. Again. He's going to run out of confused by graduation, at this rate. "How come--"

But whatever that would've been, he gives up, shaking his head, and glancing down at the bag of chips instead. A small pause, as he looks around and notices that somehow, it seems to have ended up... just the pair of them. Well, in that case... He sets the cards down, crumpling the top of the chip bag and picking up his soda in the same hand, so he can stand and offer the other hand to Mona. "Let's go find the badass leather? And you can maybe... tell me what else I missed."

Is running out of confused a good thing, or a bad thing? Mona does not seem inclined whatsoever to stop being confusing any time soon, so were Zane magically able to intuit her peculiarities by magic, life would doubtless get really interesting.

"You look fantastic in pink," she insists as he rises, and leans over to give him a peck on the cheek before snagging his hand to lead off to the land of needles and pins and imported couture.

Quiet as a mouse Silver slipped back to the kitchen. There was a little smile on her face as she did so. Even if she looked a little sad too. However she pauses by one of the smaller picture frames on a shelf. It was a picture of Lucas and Landon. She picked it up with a brighter smile, trying to place the date and place with the few clues the picture provided. It was one of hers, she knew that instantly, as the artist. So that helped to narrow it down. Outdoors, summer, a year ago. That only made her grin brightly. Camping, or Glamping as the case was, had been a blast. The picture is replaced as a timer dings and back into the kitchen she does.