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Pat Robertson, Liberace, and the Count from Sesame Street
Characters  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Big Ben's
Date  •  2019-09-15
Summary  •  A variety of topics are discussed, some more appropriate than others.

Spear is sitting on one of the padded bench seats in a narrow booth. Above him is a lantern, and he has decided to pop himself into the David Bowie alcove. He is sipping something calling itself an alcohol-free Hotel California - not remotely english. In front of him is a more traditional pub meal, a ploughman's lunch. A cold meal of bread, cheese, and onions, with butter and pickles. On the side as optional items are ham, green salad, hard boiled eggs and an apple. Essentially, everything that could be packed up easily into a red and white neckerchief. Spear is a bit pale - with his skin tone, it shows up more as grey.

Hector Slides in across from his brother, studying the skinny teen and stealing a pickle, "You okay, Mn? you don't look so hot... We kept the channel open to long, didn't we."

"I've never done it for even half that length before," says Spear, and he offers his drink across "I don't really wanna eat but this place does this crazy spread here. And I think it's okay, you know? I can just try little bits and hope it's okay." He wrinkles his nose, and he says "...you might be able to keep it open for longer. You're stronger than Star or me or Silver. It does help - like. Just being tougher helps."

Hector nods, "You have a lot of stamina for a guy who doesn't really exercise... If we do the bridge thing, I could try to be like the medium. You could tell me what to do, you know?" The waitress arrives and he orders a prickly pear lemonade and a bunch of appetizers, "You can sample off my plate too, see if anything strike your fancy." He smiles crookedly, "So there is an advantage to being the dumb jock of the family. Who knew?"

"I've done that before," says Spear, though he frowns at something internally. And then he says "Oh, it's actually pretty easy. If you can see your mum sometimes, that means you've got what you need. The rituals we surround things with are just to help maintain control - you open by willing good things to happen, and you close properly so nothing can sneak in. We make sure who we talk to wants to talk to us. And then it's usually actually just chatting with a person. It would be different if you weren't a Thistle - it'd be really dangerous." He eyes the lemonade "_What_ is _that_."

Hector pushes the lemonade across, "It's delicious. There is cactus in it. Felicity says there's a place you can go to get good cactus quesadillas in this town, but alas not here. Try some." He studies his brother, "I'd like to learn. how to be better at Thistle things, I mean."

Spear takes the lemonade and gives it a thoughtful sip "Wait, seriously? Eating that? Ahaha. That kind of blows my mind." He looks thoughtful, and tired. A bit wrung out, but happy enough "Oh, sure. We could try it if you wanted. Often the right thing is the atmosphere. I guess we could start with...hmm. I'm gonna sound awful, but. Did you ever act kinda morbid as a child and no one around you knew why?"

Hector thinks it over, "I liked the Adams family and Halloween. I thought spook houses were the best and I thought haunted mansion is the best part of Disneyland. Horror movies... I'd watch them all the time. Try to sneak the R-Rated ones when I could.... I don't scare easily. I used to play games with my action figures where they'd die and be ghosts? I'm not sure what counts... One time I snuck into the morgue when I was supposed to be doing homework because I was curious." he steals another pickle, "I'm not sure what normal is. I mean don't a lot of kids like Natural history Museums?"

"I...hope so?" says Spear "I mean, I love those things. I think all kids like dinosaurs. And human history is full of really grim things. So natural history museums are a lot more fun." He grins a little at Hector "Yeah, I like the Addams family too. And who doesn't like Halloween? I'm not always big on horror - I've sensed some really beaten up ghosts, so..." He puts his chin in his hand "The dying action figures one is a sign. Did your mom - or other friends - ever comment to you on it?"

Hector blushes, "She consulted a child psychologist, but apparently I was otherwise well adjusted.... I never told her my imaginary friend was... maybe a real dead person. At some point I stopped seeing him and mostly forgot until, you know, I started seeing Mom." His food arrives. It's mostly an array of fried finger food and dips. He helps himself to a chicken strip, "I'm pretty normal, you know?"

"He was probably just happy to have some company," says Spear "I mean, any normal kid would be - let's say if you were six and fell asleep and didn't wake up? A few of those ended up being friends with Thistles. Usually they pass on after a little because, well..." He shrugs "Because they work it out after a little and they're okay to. But for a while, we tend to have imaginary dead friends who aren't imaginary." He peers over at the food, and then he reaches for a piece of cheese and he says "But we're all pretty normal. It's just you're super at home in...the funeral home, you know? So we start there - that's how you know you're a Thistle. We're okay with dead things...and maybe we're witches?" He frowns and asides, low-voiced "I don't get that bit."

Hector nods, "He followed me home from the hospital. Looking back, it was probably cancer." He steals another of his brother's pickles. "I like the Funeral home. It's cosy, and I like that I can help people move on. The families, maybe the dead people too. I've been seeing more of them, here and there. I think anyway." He dips a mozzarella stick in marinara. "They said witches are sort of natural conduits, wheres Cash and them are sorcerers and they use spells and will only they maybe lost the spell books so what is left is the stubborn.... I wonder what happens now Cash is officially a De la Huerta. Will I rub off on him or he on me or will we lose our woowoo gradually...."

"Oh!" says Spear curiously "So we're more instinctive, and we channel things. And they think about it...holy. Crap. Do you think that's why I always get lost? I mean, I'm always...sort of feeling something pulling me around, and it gets so intense I can't remember stuff. Like, it's a happy feeling, and I end up with pockets of bones and flowers and pennies and stuff. But. I'm also lost, too." He spreads his hands "I'm not sure. Like, if you look at the twins, it's like you can only be one thing at a time. But I don't think you'd lose it. It's in the blood. So he'll be like he is forever. And so will you. It's easier for the Thistles close to home - we're all twinned or tripleted - which means when you think you see something, you have others to bounce off. You never had that." After a moment, he says "...I don't wanna ask this. But. The Marchants. Is there anything like a supernatural thing with them?"

It's been nearly a month since the events at the Reed house. That in itself has had tensions running high at Chez Marchant, apparently enough so as to drive the least sociable of the high schoolers in residence there out into the social sphere. It's all right: she brought backup charm. The fashionista and the actor have been even more inseparable than ever since that night. One would imagine that would diminish Mona's bitchcraft by a smidge, but the crazy rush of the show's final rehearsals, prom looming, finals, and graduation all packed into the next few weeks balances things out.

Tonight? She's dressed up a fraction. Which is to say, she's always right on the cutting edge of not high school fashion, but couture, but it tends toward the casual or more understated. Not so much the case tonight. It isn't jacket weather any more, which might explain some of it: she's got on a cropped tank with presumably a built-in bra, as no straps are poking around the edges, and over it is an even more cropped, one-sleeved, printed silk mesh shirt with a subtle imprint of the Jean-Paul Gaultier logo worked into the massively enlarged design of a fake foreign $50 bill. There's a chunky necklace in silver and amber, and clingy, low-slung capri pants in charcoal grey with ivory pinstripes, and strappy wedge heels that nearly raise her up to Zane's height. There's a hodge-podge of other jewelry thrown over it, most of it Tibetan silver with insets of coral and more amorphous blobs of polished amber. It's surprising how much 'filthy rich' overlaps with 'crazy person', some seasons in Paris.

"So," she says, leaning in to ask her companion, "do we crash their table?" She sounds like she wants to crash their table.

Hector's in his Offspring shirt and black cargo shorts. The ring finger tattoo is exposed to the air, a set of bars with two notes connected and a 'C' in the center. he went with eyeliner today, but no lip. Right now he's munching an onion ring. He is subtly admiring the Marchant without looking directly at her. He laughs softly, "More instinctive, yes. Sort of in tune with things. It could be, Spear. You're very... one foot in each world, you know?" He munches another stolen pickle, keeping his voice low, "They were revenants. Vampire servitors who rebelled and helped imprison Swindon. They got to keep the wealth they were holding.... Maybe something else in the blood. I mean, you've seen what they're like when they are pissed at someone."

Spear looks a little under the weather - his skin is greyish rather than the deep brown that it should be. As far as clothes go, he is wearing a felted black and grey top apparently made out of leaves, with black skinny jeans. Like a less healthy Goblin King entirely in dark colours. His floofy hair is even more dandelion than normal. He reaches out to take a piece of bread, and a smaller piece of cheese, and he eyes that tattoo. Spear sighs a little, and he lifts his head to focus on Mona "You look sexy as heck!" says Spear, brightly! And then he licks his fingers "Yeah. When Jade was angry at Cash, it was like he couldn't let go. He just kept beating him down. I mean, _I_ was angry. I really was. But Jade had to hold back, like it was all..."

Zane is not generally anywhere in the neighborhood of couture, unless that means 'somewhere in the same literal neighborhood as various Marchants', since he's in that one a remarkably large portion of the time. Today, though, he's closer; the black jeans are completely normal black jeans (though they fit like he spends a whole lot of time with a designer/seamstress), but the shirt is... a lot like Mona's. Not cropped, and it's got both arms, but a similarly close-fitting semi-sheer printed silk mesh, with a pattern that isn't quite the same but certainly coordinates. Same sort of money-esque design, vaguely tattoo-reminiscent with the way it's positioned; not identical, but must be the same collection. No tank top under it, 'cause dudes don't get arrested for that. No jacket in today's warmth, either, but he does have a flannel tied around his waist. Probably Mona had some input in him ending up in this, but he seems perfectly happy with it, fingers intertwined with hers. "Hey!" he greets Hector and Spear when he sees them, waving his free hand and giving them a bright grin, "Your shirt looks cool, Spear." And to Mona, "We definitely do. Unless they don't want us to." Which leads to, "Can we crash your table?"

It's like the name is an invitation. Catching the tiny snippet of conversation, maybe some of the family would rankle -- but Mona just smiles. "Bitchcraft!" she calls over as the pair start approaching the table. "That's what I call it, anyway." Her fingertips wriggle in a tiny wave. "Mind if we join you?"

"It isn't so much that we get more angry than anyone else," she offers in an entirely casual tone, though there's the subtlest spark of amusement in it, even if it is at her own expense. "We're just spectacular at being bossy fucks about the lot of it. If we weren't living high off of privateer'd wealth, we'd probably all have names like 'Mistress Payne' and 'Sir Spanksalot' by now." She probably isn't entirely wrong, even if everything about admitting it right out loud is nothing but.

"Righteous fury's a different animal, but we have some weird triggers for that shit. All the society rules and... " The very idea seems exhausting to her to even contemplate. One hand props to a hip, and she cants her head, looking seriously to Spear. "Please tell me you didn't get sick running interference with the other side for us the other night?"

If anyone was still not sure on the 'will they or won't they end up dating' betting pool, the matching shirts probably settle that question neatly with a side order of 'did they really match?'

Hector winces a little at Spear's less subtle response to Mona, but agrees, "You do look amazing! Both of you. Sure, come sit!" He nods, murmuring, "I would Not want to piss of a Marchant. Except I did. Do the twins count as Lesters or Marchants?" Then he's laughing, "Sir Spanksalot! Mistress Payne!" He rubs the back of his neck, "He thinks I might be better if we do another long one like that, being more... athletic. Still he went a good long time, didn't you Spear?"

Spear says to Zane, without any clue about how it might come across "You also look sexy." He has not eaten very much of his food. His appetite is thin and he looks tired. But now he says to Mona "Is that what you call it? I know that. Erm. Lesters really are the ones who get super angry all the time?" He adds "On the full moon...oh. I see. So you guys are sort of good at being in charge?" And then he looks puzzled for a moment "But Jade..." Wait, never mind _that_. And he sighs, and he blinks "Oh! No, I mean, I'm really tired, that's all. I just shouldn't really have let it go that long. It might have been pushing it a bit too much? I'm, erm, not as strong as some of the others." He pauses "I think the twins count as Marchants. Maybe they're a little...different because they're kind of both. Yeah, Hector might be better at it. It does help to be physically a bit tougher."

Zane laughs at the The Mistress Payne and Sir Spanksalot remark, colouring a touch and giving Mona a faintly scandalized (though mostly amused) sidelong look. "Marchants," he says, with a firm nod, "If you piss them off they're not gonna punch you in the face, they're gonna get creative." And however it might come across to some, the compliment makes him beam brightly at Spear, and Hector as well. "Thanks!" he says, and reaches their table in a long-legged stride, tugging a chair out for Mona and getting her seated before he snags the next one over and flops down bonelessly into it. The food on the table gets eyed as though he might consider helping Spear out with that, or maybe just as though it's occurring to him he needs to order something if he wants to eat. Which he does. "The ghosts won't let you guys kinda... work on it together? Like, take turns which of you is, uh... thingying?"

There's a quiet snort from Mona at the mention of pissing off her cousins, and she flicks a hand in the air with a chime of silver bracelets as she drops herself into the seat Zane pulls out for her. "Don't stress it, Hector. I mean. They're great, they are. I love my cousins like crazy, but like the rest of us, they can be testy. All of us can be, but the secret is, we get over it fast. Like, I don't want to just come out and say we're all talk and blustery threat display, but... " They're all talk and blustery threat display.

She rolls a single shoulder in a casual shrug, one arm winding warmly around Zane's waist. "We're good at giving orders, really, but, you know, we're pretty boned if someone just up and says 'no', because then it's just... 'very well then'. It's not quite the same thing as really... taking charge?"

"Oh! And... I meant to ask you, can I get information on where Alice has been laid to rest? I thought I'd drop some fresh flowers by, as a thank you for her assistance the other night. Maybe ask one of the greenskeepers to set up a nice garden for her if we might manage it." The girl swings from horrible to thoughtful like a pendulum.

Hector smiles a little wistfully, "Werewolves. Lesters are werewolves. They work hard to get their tempers in check, but it takes a while to learn to master so the younger ones tend to be more volatile." He eyes his brother, "You ever hear the phrase 'Power Bottom?' Never mind." He eyes Zane, "Go ahead, I ordered a lot of types of things to try to tempt Spear to eat." He pops a fried mushroom into his mouth, then dips another mozzarella stick. "That's a good question." He looks to his brother for an answer. "How do people feel about poking aroud the bridge for old ghosts?" He flashes a smile at Mona, "Cool! Much nicer than random wildflowers."

Spear says "Hmm. I better not upset Jade." Not that he has been, traditionally, very good at upsetting anyone. Even Cash, when he was trying to yell at him. Now he says "Er, I don't know? I just know the traditional way that was taught by my parents." He adds "And Hector hasn't been taught yet, so I'm going to help him. It's not too complex, at least for us - it really is for others. But we kind of get to cheat it. Our blood lets us get away with a lot of stuff that other people cannot." He pushes his food across to Mona and Zane to offer it to them "There's something to be said for being really smart Mona. It's something that lasts, for a start."

He tilts his head, and then he says "Oh, yeah, I already have all of that. Silver and I pulled the records from the morgue." He adds "We have a lot of information on weird...exsanguinated deaths. I know she'd really like it if you'd do that. And maybe a little rum."

He glances at Hector, and he says "Yeah, the Lesters used to sort of beat me up a lot, and they don't really know why. It's weird. They never really trashed me - no, Hector. What's that mean?" And then he eyes the food and he coughs "Well, give me one of those cheese sticks, we'll give it a try. We could do that with the bridge. _If_ we have Lesters. Hector, Thistles, we can't do things that fast."

"What's a power bottom?" Zane asks, sliding an arm around Mona's shoulders in return and reaching over to snag one of the proffered fried foods with the other hand. Cheese stick! Hooray! "It sounds like... weightlifting maybe?" He takes a bite of the mozzarella, and looks entirely content with his world for a moment, even if they are discussing supernatural things of which some seem to want to kill them. "How do you poke for ghosts?" he asks, and just nods to the idea that there's something to be said for being smart. Maybe by someone smarter. "...and why can we only do it with Lesters?"

"I would be up for doing something up at the bridge, though I'm not sure what sort of help I could offer on that front," Mona answers with a slow rise and fall of her shoulders. "I mean, I can bring flowers. I saw there was rum; if that helps, I can bring more from the bar if we need it, though we'd have to be more careful about being caught out and about carrying it on us."

Her head shakes just a fraction before she flashes a warm smile over to Spear. "I don't think you upset him pretty much ever. I... " Her voice softens, lowering in volume. "...don't think I've actually ever seen him happier since we were really little kids, and that's... pretty awesome, you know?" Then, she should likely be grateful there's no coffee in front of her yet, because 'power bottom' would have earned a spit-take for sure, twice over. Instead, there's just a little cough, and a duck of her head toward Zane's shoulder as she struggles to flatten the grin into an appropriately stoic expression. Where manners fail, there is a mozzarella stick to keep her mouth busy, and she's not going to argue with that solution for an instant.

Her brow furrows mildly, and she considers the matter for a moment, glancing among the three before her eyes lower to the tabletop. "I wonder if we had someone from all the five named families there for it, if it would help? Maybe we could, uh, Voltron together or whatever it is we supposedly do when we join forces, and see if any of our grancestors are lurking around? Maybe they could fill us in on more specifics." She's trying. She's trying valiantly to focus on the serious thing. She really is. It's the way the corners of her mouth start twitching every few seconds that proves how hard that is.

Hector nods, "Amy's getting better, I think, and I know the older ones don't approve of them sticking you in lockers and stuff." He grins at Spear, "We'll talk later. It might be a little weird for Mona to hear all about what Jade's like in bed... Try it with some of the marinara. It can be a little dry without." He nudges the remaining sticks towards his brother. "And not on the full moon for sure." He shakes his head at Zane, "It's a sex thing." He sighs, "Fine, fine. It's a guy that wants to be... taken rather than to take, but gives a lot of orders about how he's taken. Sort of physically submissive, but also sort of in charge?" He sips some of his prickly pear lemonade and moves on to the chicken strips, "Lesters are strong and they scare vampires, apparently." He looks impressed, "That's a good idea, Mona. Like all five representing and maybe the ancester's'll show up and give us a power up or something."

"I think it's when you go to the gym," says Spear to Zane. The gym is _also_ something that Spear avoids "Yeah, weightlifting!" And then he laughs, and he says "You can't really. I mean, look like that. We can sense stuff, but they have to make themselves known to us deliberately. Just finding things randomly - I can't do that. It's possible that Silver or Star could. But more likely dad would be able to. He's much more sensitive than we are. The more the blood...thins. I think the harder?" He shakes his head a bit, and then he says to Mona "Same deal. We _need_ someone ready to throw salt just in case. I know it doesn't sound much. And it isn't. Until you get one of us thoroughly possessed - at which point it's suddenly a really, really bad event."

Then he is giving Mona a warm, generous sunshine smile. He really does like Jade, and he says "Happiness is super important, and I'm really glad that I can give that to him. I hope I can continue to." He then tilts his head "We could try something like that - the Lesters were missing. It might have been different if they were there. I don't really know like, too many details? It doesn't sound like the Freelands and others have had the luck we did - that our parents remembered and could teach us. Though I wonder if they should ask."

And then he nods to Hector "Yeah, that's right. Huh? What's this have to do about being in bed? Though he's pretty nice to sleep next to. It's nice to be near someone warm." His voice is all too innocent. Which means he does cough up a chip about 'a sex thing'. Sput, onto the plate "Ahrgh."

Zane looks slightly confused by Mona's head-duck, and there's a tiny blink at the bit about Jade in bed, though at least that's kind of a heads-up for it's a sex thing, which immediately has him pinkening a level again, eyes widening a fraction. He can do virtually anything on stage without blushing, and yet off...

"Oh," he says, which seems like the most logical response; there's a nosewrinkle, but it's for coughed-up food, from the looks of it. Not that it stops him reaching for a fried mushroom. "So... kinda... okay." Not weightlifting, then. He mulls this over. "So... is a girl one if she wants to be in charge about stuff? 'cause," a vague gesture that does nothing to illuminate anything except that he's holding a fried mushroom, really. Possibly it's trying to gesture to Hector's taking vs taken phrasing?

He's clearly still thinking this whole terminology thing over while he eats the mushroom. A small headshake, and then, "They were definitely scared of Amy, for sure. So, yeah. But we're not like... aiming to beat them up right? Or is that probably going to happen if we try poking bridge ghosts? Should we see if they'll let us borrow that?" He points to the salt shaker on the table, before snagging another mushroom. Those are good.

"Oh, trust me," says Mona with a slow shake of her head. "I think we're collectively unshockable, but this is what happens when all three siblings are trying to figure out how to make a guy's knees weak and have no idea what the hell you're doing, really." The smile softens a little, betraying just the tiniest chink in her armor as she agrees, "Yeah," in time with Spear's mention that it's nice to sleep with someone warm, "it really is."

She gestures with a fresh mozzarella stick, completely oblivious to the visual metaphor going on there, as she says, "Hey, there's something to be said for the whole... " Does she glance sidelong to Zane less subtly than she might like? Yep. "...'pinned to something and whimpering for this or that' sort of thing, or we wouldn't have romance novels, right?" It's a deathly serious question, delivered casually, which is a fair indicator of her own level of cluelessness in some regards.

"I always thought that was the sort of thing people would take tur-" It's then her mouth just snaps shut, and her smile pops up as if it's set on springs. "But, yeah, we should totally see what we can do on the bridge." Pause. "Unless by 'more energetic' earlier you meant, like, some ghost-summoning orgy?" Because this conversation has hit a genuinely odd blend. "...because that, like. I think maybe shouldn't ever happen on a bridge. Unless it's during Spring Break, when no one would notice, but, uh, too late."

Hector says speculatively, "I wonder what possessed feels like...." Then he throws back his head and laughs, "Don't choke, Brother. You wanna save that for later." He winks at Zane, "Not weightlifting. No. If she wants to be in charge while she fucks you? She's probably a top. If you have her tied down and she's giving you a lot of directions as to exactly what she wants done? Like how hard to spank her and when to stop and go down on her instead? Maybe a power bottom. But it's mostly a two guys thing."

He pops another mushroom in his mouth, "Lesters for security in case the Vamps show up. We should also figure out a way to give Bubba a heads up without him eating us." Then he's touching the ring tattoo gently, "I agree on the bed cuddling." He definitely doesn't look at Mona and Zane during the 'pinned to something' bit. Mmmm... chicken strips. "Taking turns is a switch. Top and bottom are attitudes as well as positions. And before you ask again, Spear, yes I'm sure about Cash. Trust me." he eyes his brother, "Is ghost summoning orgy a thing?"

"Haha, whoaaa no, not tonight, not for a few days," says Spear, holding up his hands "I don't wanna get, like. A stroke. At age eighteen. You'd need Silver or Star - Hector here could conduit too, but I'd prefer he get a bit more experience under his belt. James would be good at it, though. But not me. I gotta rest. It takes it out of you. Like, my dad definitely could do it. But I'm kinda, erm." He glances at Hector "I'm kinda loopy day to day regardless. I dunno what would happen if I spent more time out in the other reality."

He snorts as Mona speaks, and then sighs "Well, er, Silver was a late bloomer, or is, and I had a bad, er, experience, really. I mean, it wasn't exactly Cash's fault, but it didn't help. Star, erm. Star's." Star has slept with anyone she wanted to. Which is not to say 'easy'. Star has specific standards. Just 'caution' is not one of them "Erm, we didn't tend to chat much. I mean, Silver and I have, but we're very alike. It's hard on Star, the fact that...she's. Kind of odd man out. In a group of three." And then he says "WHAT?" at ghost-summoning orgy. Spear's greyish complexion under the deep brown actually flushes, so that is good, right? "Dude, no. It better not be." He clears his throat "Because tooooo be honest, I don't think I want that to be a thing. I don't know how I'd handle that. I'd run away."

If he what and the huh? Zane blinks at the answer, but he did ask, after all, and he listens fairly carefully to the explanation he gets. Pinkly. But carefully. And nods at the end of it, without further questions, so either that settles it, or he's decided discretion is the better part of valour on this one. And then Mona's making that pinning comment, the sidelong glance caught, and this is clearly a particularly good time to return to mozzarella sticks and make sure they have plenty of marinara on them, while sinking down another inch or so in his chair. "I probably don't wanna ask what you're sure about, huh?" he asks Hector, while looking like he definitely isn't sure he doesn't want to, but not that he does either. "I dunno if, um. A ghost-summoning orgy sounds like the kinda thing we'd need to... prepare for. Like. A lot. I think I'm okay with just the other kind? And I can bring a lot of salt. Ooh!" He brightens, looking to Mona, "You could make, like, a salt bandolier thing! That'd look cool. And be handy."

"OK, a ghost summoning orgy not being a thing is sorta a giant relief, not gonna lie. I have no idea how I would explain that to my parents, and I've had to explain most of the crazy we've all gotten up to over the years, as, like, designated 'choose your words carefully' girl, or something." Only then does Mona take a bite of the mozzarella stick. "And, well, yeah. Star's Star. We get along for a reason, you know?" Her shoulders rise and fall before she sinks into a subtle slouch, oddly calm. "Not because we ever, you know. But I kinda admire that about her?" There's no comment on where she likes to be, or if she's even been in the neighborhood to know, all the same. That she doesn't turn magenta might be a miracle. "Salt bandolier I could do," she agrees, because, look, a subject change!

Hector is firm about this. (And possibly other things). "I'm willing to try, Spear. We don't have to go the full Ouija. I mean we could go looking and call and see if any of the ancestors pull a Liberace." He raises his eyebrows at Spear, "It's a joke. No one's really asking you to put out for the grateful dead on a public place in front of your Sibs." He flashes Zane a wicked, wicked grin, "I am sure you don't." He asks casually, "Speaking of orgies, your parents get the credit card bill yet?"

Spear is looking so embarrassed, clearly alarmed by it all. He does not seem to be squeamish so much as just not know what to say. And then he reaches out for a little of the pickles on his ploughman's lunch, and he ducks his head, and then he quirks a grin at Zane "Easy to say for you," he teases about 'the other kind'. And then he says to Mona "I know this is going to sound unfair, but mum and dad were always okay with the weirdness, because they were used to ghosts themselves, you know?" He shakes his head a bit, and then he says "Hahaha, well...oh, yes, Liberace. That was pretty weird! But he's a big personality. I'm not even sure he entirely knew he was dead, you know?" He then puts his chin in his hand "Credit card bill?"

"Pull a Liberace?" Zane's starting to look somewhat lost again, and looks to Mona like she might be able to sort this out, despite her being the only one who hasn't said anything about that as yet. He knows who the guy was, but somehow it seems unlikely the ghosts are going to whip out a rhinestone cape or start playing the piano. ...though it'd be kind of cool if they did.

The wickedness of Hector's grin has him glancing over to Spear, instead, and he laughs at the teasing, ducking his head. "Sorry," he says, "I guess it kind of is. But there's gotta be other ways I'm useful than that!" Joke or not. And one way he's useful is disposing of fried food that other people aren't yet, which he continues to demonstrate. That's safe.

"I have an appointment with Father scheduled to discuss it," Mona replies with a sudden laugh. "He's pretty busy, but I figured I would let him know before he finds it. Left him a note along with a request for a little time to discuss matters. I need to tell him to lay off the twins, too -- he came down on them pretty hard, and, while I get it? It was in a way that's... it just wan't cool. Like, I feel he crossed a line there that's made things harder for everybody, and I'm not entirely sure he realizes it just yet." She breathes a small sigh, and offers a fleeting smile to the server when their drinks arrive at the table, along with a batch of loaded potato skins, and some spinach-artichoke dip with corn chips. Then, she glances sidelong again to Zane. 'Which other kind' is going through her head, too: the seance, or the orgies? Inquiring minds are curious as her cats!

"I picked up the gags and the various restraints to bring over to the Reed house last month," she offers in explanation to Spear. "Though I should probably swing back by there and pick up some more soon, 'cause we're splitting it all into 'care packages' in duffels to make sure each of the people who tasted the forbidden fruit juice have them handy in case of emergency, along with a stash bag for each of the places established as a safe house, if someone has to go to ground at night without much warning."

Wait just a minute. "Are you telling us you talked to the ghost of Liberace?"

Hector smiles, "He's a ghost. Liberace's a ghost. Who advises people not to smoke apparently. Not me though. I've never been to Vegas." He looks up sharply at the mention of the twins, "Yeah. I'm... really sorry about that. I know it's been rough on them." He steals the last mozzarella stick, "So are we doing the group thing for full moon or hiding separately?"

"I'm not really in charge, man," admits Spear "You're going to have to come up with something! I can talk to dead people and pull mortuary records. But I'm not sure about anything else. I _really_ can't do any fighting. The bit I don't get is...where are the _actual_ werewolves? Maybe they'd be way better than Lesters, who knows. I mean, I guess they might also eat people." And then he sasy to Mona "Wait, what happened to the twins?" A pause "Which set of twins? There's _so_ many twins and triplets." He has forgotten to eat, and he sits with his chin in his hand "Hmm, I get it now. Having to think like this is doing my head in. I wish it was all easier..." And then he laughs, and he says "Yep. Or, he showed up." He nods "He told me not to smoke. I thought he died of AIDs. But he was all 'Don't smoke'. It was a bit confusing." And he says "Group thing, of course!"

"Thank you!" Zane says brightly to the server, and promptly drinks a good quarter of his drink, 'cause that's been a bunch of fried food without anything to wash it down. The arm still around Mona's shoulders gives her a light squeeze when she mentions having picked up that stuff, and he gives her an admiring look. "That was such a good idea," he says, "only, this time I think we should get everyone, um, restrained and made quiet before they start wanting to go anywhere." One of his hands flexes a little in memory. "And definitely group. I kinda still wanna know if people can only invite in if it's their house though? 'cause if so maybe people who might try should be at someone else's house with the people it belongs to, and then we'd need more than one group again, but. Yeah."

He has not forgotten to eat, and gets right back to that. "Lucas and Landon," he answers Spear, as far as 'which', but 'what' is left for Mona. "And maybe there just aren't actual werewolves anymore? ...maybe I should try to figure out what fairies are good at. I mean, aside from like... making people fall in love with the wrong people in the woods. And I guess don't smoke sounds like okay ghost advice, but if he didn't die of that, maybe he just doesn't like how it smells?"

"Well," Mona begins as she glances back to Hector in regard to the question of full moon planning, "we have options. Splitting up the group did mean that the Painkillers chose one location, rather than attacking both, or splitting up themselves. And there are smarter ways we could be splitting up, if we choose that option." She steals a potato skin from the fresh tray, though there's a sip from her coffee first. "First off, since the people who drank the forbidden fruit punch are the ones most likely to ask someone to come in, make sure they aren't in their own residence, so that invitation, if they manage to get one out, holds less or no weight, exactly," she insists, pointing to Zane with her fried bit of tasty.

"So, a few smaller groups has some value as an option, for two reasons. But-" She lowers the potato skin again, as though the thought already has her appetite waning. "-it comes with the downside of being a smaller group, and potentially easier to overcome or pick off. Plus, if they send lackeys not bound to the same restriction that they are? Nothing stopping them from getting in the door but whatever resistance we can manage to put up." She looks notably uncomfortable on this front; she's neither a lover nor a fighter, she's -- as she described earlier -- all talk and threat display. "Setting up restraints first is a good idea, but we have a couple people who are claustrophobic or afraid of them, and while there's a part of me that has no patience for that being why they get turned into the undead or get us all killed, well. I can't wrestle them to the ground."

At the description of Liberace's ghost, she stops, and just shakes her head very slowly. "Huh," is all the eloquence she seems able to summon. "That's... kinda endearing. Makes you wonder if there's some department in the afterlife dedicated to making the ghost equivalent of those cheesy 'don't do drugs' and 'stay in school' PSAs. Talk about a special sort of Purgatory." Her chin dips a fraction, and she shakes her head at the inquiry about the twins. "Not really my place to say, other than 'not cool, Father'."

Hector pokes his brother gently, "Eat! Please eat!" He tries to make eye contact with his brother at the mention of Lucas in the hopes Spear remembers a certain previous conversation about him. "They said luck and likability are the Bloomquist gifts? Maybe?" He takes a breath, "Cash says he'll let me restrain him with straps, handcuffs, and ball gag, but no one else and not the straight jacket." he blushes a little, "I used the care package to familiarize myself with the apparatus. We'll manage okay. It should be his last time before the stuff clears his system, right?"

Spear hesitantly lifts up the food and he starts chewing, and he looks at Hector, a little puzzled. Spear really does have focus issues - not the same sort as Cash, to be honest. More honestly just a lack of sense than Cash has. He says "Erm, wow." Restraints. Spear himself looks a little cautious, and he says to Mona "I think he didn't want the other ghosts to think he was gay or something. Weird. I don't really know. Okay?" He cannot for the life of him remember whatever is going on with Lucas, but he lets it go "Oh, yeah, Cash'd hate the straight jacket. Man. Yeah, I think everyone should be pretty faded out by then?"

Spear does say to Zane "I don't know what fairies do really, but you _are_ lucky, and people _do_ just like you, Zane."

Zane worries his lower lip at the mention of helpers who don't need inviting in, and the potential of the rest of them having to defeat them somehow, then sighs. He's in a better position for physically fighting people off than many of the others, but not a fighter. It doesn't sound like a good time.

"Why would ghosts care if he was gay? That's pretty weird, yeah. Maybe he should just find some other gay ghosts to hang out with if it's a big deal still? But I think... most of them drank twice and it's three months a drink, that's what Mr. Chen said. So... this is month two? Or three." A look to Mona. "But there's three or four left I think. We might not even still be around here by the last one, 'cause, college." He reaches for one of the potato skins, but doesn't eat it immediately, looking it over instead. "That is kinda what he said about us, but... I dunno if I can do anything useful with that? Like, Amy can scare them. Do I just like... be nice to them? Like, hey, how about you guys just chill out and we'll share our cupcakes with you? 'cause I'm not sure they want cupcakes."

"I really have no idea what we're supposed to be good at, like I said, other than talking big and... maybe being snobby. They didn't really say. Unless 'being rich' is a supernatural talent, which, well, I guess I wouldn't discount entirely." She tugs Zane a little closer, and tilts her head as she looks at him more seriously before her hand strums idly up and down his back. "You are pretty fucking charming, you know." It would almost sound like an accusation if she wasn't smiling.

"But, yeah. If what Mr. Chen told us holds, I think Cash should be in the clear after this full moon? If it's two, anyway. Three, one more after this, and you're golden." The smile continues, and she seems genuinely happy about this state of affairs. "Speaking of which, I heard some buzz about congratulations being in order? I mean, don't want to get my nose in your business, but. You know, one thing we do excel at in my family is wedding presents." Is that a tiny bit of real warmth on her face? Seems to be. "Which, I'm guessing is, if you're setting yourselves up somewhere new, let us know if there's stuff you need? Normally we'd probably find some sculpture or pompous crystal punch bowl, but that seems like it'd be less useful, all things considered, and that makes it a little less considerate than it could be otherwise."

"They're idiots if they don't want the cupcakes."

Hector eyes Spear, "Wouldn't the other celebrity ghosts already know? It was kind of an open secret." He turns his head so the others might not see and mouths 'Silver' at his brother as an aid to memory. he shakes his head no, "The others all drank twice. They'll be doing this all summer if we don't stop Fran." With a quiet ferver, "I can fight. I can't scare like a Lester, but I can hold my own with a human opponent, if that's what their minions might be. Painkillers are fast and armed, and I don't think I can win against them, but I will fight if I'm called on all the same." He meets Zane's eyes, "And lucky. Luck counts in a fight." He gives Mona a crooked smile, "Well Jade did say rich and powerful is a power. Amy can scare them... Maybe you can sort of... Intimidate? And rich is definitely a power. We could not have gotten those restraints without you. He resisted one moon, we burritoed him for a second. This'll be the third." Then he's blushing again and showing her the ring tattoo, "We can't marry legally, but we exchanged vows and got these and he did the whole legal name change thing. He's Cash de la Huerta now. I'll talk to him and let you know... The cupcakes were awesome."

Spear looks at Zane sympathetically. Spear? Is not a fighter. Spear is not even a lover. Unlike Mona, Spear is not even able to put on a bold face. But he does have a charming smile, and he says "I don't know! I wouldn't care. It's a bit weird. Oh, yes, the drinking. And college." He wrinkles his nose. Spear is not going to college. And then he says "N...no. But you could influence _others_ around them. To do things. Like believe that there are problems. It's like. We need to look at things sideways, Zane. You could find out who's hanging around them, maybe work out who the new mortal servants are now that the Marchants are untouchable rebels."

He yawns, and he leans his head on the closest person "Yeah. I should probably congratulate. Or something. I will." When he stops being a little weirded out that his ex dumped him and married his brother. Spear still looks at least four kinds of: Who should I beat up? over that. Then he rubs his eyes, and he says to Dare "People sometimes want to keep hiding things - or they think - huh?" He does know the Silver and Lucas thing. He just has no idea how that matches with twin's parents. He looks puzzled. And then he says "None of us - like _maybe_ Lesters - should be fighting vampires unless we really, really gotta. Oh my GOD he changed his _name_?" Spear tries to raise his head, then he just sighs and he puts it on the table. After a moment he says "...I wish I could just be angry about all of that, but vampires are in the way."

"Well, I don't wanna be fighting anyone unless I really gotta," Zane says, "...I mean, I can if I gotta. But I don't wanna, and-- and if she could stop Amy like that, well, I'm pretty sure that isn't gonna go well." Spear's idea, though, that's worth some consideration, and that's what he gives it, leaning into Mona's petting and giving her an almost sheepish little smile. "Well, yeah, cupcakes are dumb thing not to want. And maybe? Maybe I could try figuring that out..." His sideways-thinking abilities are intermittent, but maybe they'll be, well, lucky and there'll be a good hit if he starts trying? "Maybe you can tell the lackey-types what to do, Mona. Like... 'stop that'," he suggests, and is thoughtful enough to wipe his hand off on a napkin before reaching over with it to pat Spear sympathetically on the shoulder. And mouth 'congratulations' silently to Hector while Spear's head is down and he can't see it.

"Hopefully, none of it will come to that. I have two flare guns, but honestly, I'm keeping one, and hoping to hand off the other to Jade or Zane if I can. We're a boating town, though -- so it may be possible for a few of us to pick up more. They may not kill somebody -- I mean, hopefully they wouldn't -- but sending firecrackers at somebody's head sure sends one hell of a message."

"Also, it's seriously bullshit you can't do it legally, Hector," Mona notes with a souring of her expression. "Like, the shittiest of bullshit." There is a sympathetic look to Spear, though; she's surprisingly not remotely impervious to these things, or devoid of empathy. "You know, I realized a while ago there's no better waste of time than being angry about something, unless it pushes you to do something good with all the mad energy. Know that doesn't exactly help, but. Usually easier to be happier for people in the long run. Fewer regrets that way."

"Know you well enough to know you'd feel really bad if you got mad about it, Spear." It's spoken more softly, but there's a certainty there that's different than the typical brash confidence. "Life's good at hurling out the 'are you kidding me's thick and quick." Mona is clueless on the Silver and Lucas thing, so there are no connections being made there. "Sometimes, though, things go sideways on something we like because it's, you know. Trying to steer us toward what we truly love."

"...and if any of you ever say I said that, so help me, I will deny it to my grave. Got it?"

Hector pats his brother's shoulder, "It's okay Spear. I'm just happy we're friends again. That's present enough." He says gently, "He surprised me with it yesterday, but we'd been talking about it since L. A.. The last of the paperwork just came through." He sighs and closes his own eyes, "I tried. The adults will fight if they come for the twins or Amy or Squid, but they won't... start anything as it were. It's defense only, and they think it's just bikers not vampires. It's the best I could do. They're taking t seriously. If we said vampires, they wouldn't." He pats his brother's shoulder again, "If hitting me would make you feel better, I'm okay with it." He flashes Zane a smile, "Thanks, and sideways thinking is definitely in order. Also there's the whole how do we contact Bubba question."

He gives Mona a sad smile, "I committed to forever the day he agreed to take me back. This." He gestures at the tattooed wedding ring, "And the other trappings? They help Cash believe that I meant it, that it's real, but I've been til death do we part in my bones for months now, and I will never make the mistake I made at the end of last summer again. Paper from the state would be helpful, but I can wait. I can fight that battle once Fran and her drogues are defeated. Right now, I plan to keep my man clean and fight for Silver and the rest. Really, what's Pat Robertson after we've fought vampires?"

"That's it," encourages Spear of Zane, but he really is pretty tired, and then he rubs his eyes and gives a huge yawn "I could kind of go a cupcake, but I think I honestly just need to sleep. We may not have much, but let's try to be smart how we use it. Like, someone who's lucky. You should totally - you guys - get first sort on any randomization or stuff. Like if we're trying to find things...or bet on things. Anything which is up to chance. Should be up to Bloomquists." He gives another prodigious yawn, and then he smiles lopsidedly at Mona "That would be amazing. Flare guns. And you are amazing. And I want to be mad. But you're right. I kind of suck at being mad." He finally pushes himself up, and he says "If I hit you, I'd get broken fingers. As for Bubba, haha, I have ideas on that." And then he rolls his eyes a little at all the romance. Spear does not do that! Or tries not to "I gotta crash, guys," he admits "I'm going to head home. I just need to lie down for a bit." Another huge yawn.

"Ha, I could have a bandolier of salt and a flare gun and look like a really weird action movie," Zane says, grinning at that mental image. "Think it helps any if you throw salt at vampires? Or, like, only if you get it in their eyes like anyone?" Spear's thought about random things also perks him up some, and he nods. Mental note: made. "She totally is," he agrees to the assertion that she's amazing. "And maybe we can bring you a cupcake later?" The amount of worn-out Spear looks is still a bit worrying, and he glances to Hector and Mona in turn before asking, "Should we give you a ride?" What if he collapsed on the way home! He's also clueless on all things Silver and Lucas, so nothing from him there either, though there's a firm nod about fighting for her and the others. He has a twin to protect! Somehow.

"Spear?" Mona's chin tips up, and she looks at him earnestly. "That you suck at being mad is one of the very best things about you, and why I am so damn happy my brother got lucky enough to find you." She means it, too, if the smile is any indication. "Sucking at being mad is like... sucking at kicking puppies. The best people are not good at either." She offers a pat on the arm as he heads away from the table. "Sleep well. We can get more plans in place later."

She does lean forward to peer at the ring, and her expression transforms like sunshine just hit over the horizon. "That's pretty awesome. A brilliant idea, too. Nobody can ever take that, or lose it, or-" The rest of the commentary dissolves into a smile.

"You would totally rock the action star bit. We should pick you up a leather outfit for the next shindig, huh?" she asks Zane, trying to hide the sudden mischief in her smile and failing outright -- until he seems to confirm she's amazing, which spawns a certified blush on an epic scale. "Barring any weirdness from Father about who is or isn't allowed at the house, I am hoping to host some people over at Chez Marchant, if I can. We're pretty secure, but... " But. Father has been testy.

Hector grins at Spear, "Take care, little brother, and say hi to Jade for me." He freezes, last chicken strip half way to his mouth, "Felicity aid we should throw seeds and see if they stop to count them. Don't know if it'll work, but I've been keeping a baggie of sunflower seeds in my pocket." He is watching Spear with some worry as well, "He kept the conduit open to long. he needs rest and feeding up.... I should probably head home to my husband too. He should be off soon." He flashes Mona a smile, "It's so good to see them both happy like that." He nods emphatically, "It's way better than gold rings. Rings come off, tattoos are forever." He nods, "If you'll have us, I think it'll be safer than having him at the Freelands and then we won't need the ball gag."

"...are you gonna wear the one from last time?" This is a thing Zane had not been thinking about, and now he definitely is, and it's mildly distracting. But that's probably a 'sure, why not' for the suggestion, as well. He finishes off another potato skin, and tilts his head at Hector. "Does it have to be seeds? 'cause if they have to stop and count anything... actually I guess they'd constantly be counting stuff, like, all Sesame Street, 'Eight! Eight seniors, ah ha ha!' and they definitely weren't doing that. But. Maybe I'll get some seeds too then. I have pockets." The tattoo ring gets a thoughtful look, but the flicker of a glance toward his own finger ends up with a headshake. Maybe things you can take off are better for the actor. "Spear's gonna be okay though, right? He really is just tired and all."

"I'll definitely see what I can do. We'll have a stash of gear on hand just in case, but the idea of people being able to just use interior rooms with a locking door as needed instead of closets or straight jackets is a definite plus. The rec room in the basement doesn't have a lot of direct access to the outside, too, which is a help. There are some bigger storage areas down there, too, for like, Christmas decorations and stuff, that could work if somebody's freaking out, for a cool down." Her shoulders rise and fall. "There's a sauna, too, if we need another space like that. Just, you know. We wouldn't turn it on."

Zane's question gets a tiny arch of a single brow, and she murmurs, "Wouldn't you like to know," in a playful tone. Which clearly means 'probably', unless she has some other ultimate Russian spy vampire hunter getup waiting in the wings. It's Mona; she very well might.

"After we get through this full moon, and all the stuff leading up to graduation?" Mona's brows arch, and she breathes out a weary-sounding sigh. "Think I'm gonna ask Father if we can use the place in the mountains for next full. Call it an 'end of senior year vacation' or something. Get out of the worst of the heat and just-" Relax. They're collectively overdue. "Maybe we can test whatever their reach is with that, too. See if getting people out of town does the trick or not."

Hector laughs, "I wonder if that's where Sesame Street got the idea. From old vampire legends? Anyway, dunno if it'll work, but I've been hunted by those things and I figure worth a shot next time I'm zig zagging through tombstones." he tilts his head, "I think so. I'm really new to the whole talking to the dead thing, but I believe him about Thistle stuff, you know. I do think maybe it ought to be me, inexperienced or not if we do that again though. He's skin and bones, you know? I'm a lot sturdier." He stands, "Right. Sounds like a party in your basement then. The cabin sounds like a really good idea for the one after, and I'll be more help then." When cash is clean and won't need him as intensively. "See you tomorrow."