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Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Noah Thistle  •  Amy Lester  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Rotary Park
Date  •  2019-08-07
Summary  •  Temp

Jade has found himself a picnic table, and he's sitting on it, using the bench part as a footrest. He's in tapered black jeans and a loose black buttonup. Despite it being early evening, he's wearing dark shades. Because they look cool. His hair is coifed with plenty of lift. Somewhere, he's found a silver cigarette holder, and he's smoking a clove out of it. The engraving on the silver is all roses and thorns. You think you're goth, Spear? Game, set, match.

Having a cellphone is not the sort of thing one did back in this era, unless one was independently wealthy - so it is possible that Jade has a Business Brick. Spear, however does not. With his own hair teased up into an Uncle Bob (aka: The Cure) style, he is wearing a long black jacket over _a _badly_ ripped black t-shirt and similarly torn black jeans. He has a Cat In The Hat red and white striped body stocking underneath, so the effect is a bit like Pugsley Addams, if Pugsley had the body condition of a stick insect. He, however, is not looking pensive and glorious. He has his arms completely full of bones and is busy running towards Jade from some distance a way "...eee...eeeeeee...EEEEEE-"

Along comes one Amy Lester. She's dressed for running, but that's hardly unusual. White tank top, black pants, good running shoes. Where'd she even get the good shoes from. Her hair is tied back, and there's a black wristband at her wrist. She does come to a stop when she notes a familiar face though, frowning as she spots Jade. "Marchant!" She shouts in that 'I have you now!' kind of tone. This can't be good! "I've got a bone to pick with ..." she trails off at that sound coming from some distance away, turning to see Spear carrying ... bones. "Not everything has to be so fucking literal!" She shouts like he's ruined everything.

Hector is in skinny black jeans, strategically torn and patched in purple, with a Faith no More concert tee from the previous year. he's got black eyeliner, a deep red lip, and mismatched silver earings, one a dangling cross and one a stud. He's shaved the sides of his head, leaving a wide, curly stripe down the center. He has several band pins arrayed on the left side of his chest. Instead of the old simple pink triangle, he has a more elaborate one with the legend: "Love is a human right." he trails after his half brother at a walk, with a quizzical expression. He gives Amy a wary look and picks up his speed in case of trouble.

Jaden sits up a bit when he sees Amy Lester coming at him with that attitude. He's racking his brain to figure out what he's done this time (that she could possibly know about). He's about to say something, but then Spear's running up with bones, and Jade's shoulders shake with laughter. "What the fuck," he says. "What are you doing, you weird little goober?" He flicks ash and takes another draw off his cigarette. Seeing Hector come up behind, he tells him, "Hey, I hate you now." Just an fyi. There's no venom in his voice.

"I found this dead fawn ages ago and buried it here, and now look what I have!" says Spear excitedly "Look at all of this found object art material! I'm going to call it -" He spots the Lester "Amy!" Spear drops the bones on the ground, and he pauses, and shoots a look back at Hector. Spear takes a deep breath and gets a look of serious determination on his face. He glances at the charnel chaos on the ground, then purses his lips. No flowers around. After a moment, instead, he picks up the fawn skull and approaches Amy, though in a fairly careful way.

"Oh, I like the hate," Amy quips with something of a leer at Hector, noting that wary look. It's almost like it's fit to set off a predator, and her grin gets almost wolfish. Though it's once again derailed by Spear. As she looks at all the bones, she blinks. "Don't you dare fucking call some weird bone art 'Amy'." She declares in no uncertain terms, pointing a finger at Spear. And now he's coming at her with a skull. What the fuck is today even? Jade is almost completely forgotten, now.

Hector's face goes still. He nods, "That's fair." He watches his half brother with a bemused expression as he aproaches Amy with the skull. He meets her eyes boldly and lifts his chin, stepping loser in case she looks likely to swing at anyone.

"You don't even know why I hate you," Jade says. He takes another puff off his cigarette and watches Spear approach Amy. "You're going to lose that skull, buddy. Also, I'm judging you for burying dead animals and digging them up again. I'm not sure if it's cool or gross. The jury's still out."

Spear gives Hector a sunny smile. The smile of complete confidence and openness. For whatever his (many) mistakes, and his (volatile) weirdness, the Middle Thistle child is damn certain of himself. And then he says to Jade "We should take sad things and make them beautiful." Now he sidles up towards Amy, and he holds the skull out to her "Cool, isn't it? The way that we can take something super awful and transform it into something like a momento mori of the wilderness. Like, nature is totally metal - like you! Amy? Would you come to the Dance with me?"

Normaly, Amy couldn't let that kind of defiance stand. Hector's staring at her so boldly would have to be answered. She doesn't have this reptuation for nothin'! But she's thoroughly distracted by Spear. Her brows lift up and her eyes widen in surprise. Likely, she didn't expect to be asked by anyone really. The only people that really seem to like her are her cousins, after all. "I'm totally metal?" She's mystified! "Are you fucking serious?" She stares at him, past the skull now, and just eyes Spear. "I wasn't gonna go." She announces. "But like fine, whatever. Sure." A roll of her eyes.

Hector flashes Jade a quick smile, "True, but I've pissed of pretty much everyone in the short time I've been here, why should you be different? Please don't make me guess." He studies the skull, "I'm going with co-Oh!" His eyes flicker fast to Amy's face in case she rally is ready to render a beat down. His shoulders relax at the sure. He squeezes his brothers shoulder and gives him a smile, but his eyes are hooded and as he looks at amy, he's clearly thinking of something else.

Jaden clasps his hands together and says, "She said yes! That's awesome! Way to go, Spear." If one can believe it, he sounds genuinely happy about Amy agreeing to go to the dance with the guy who buries dead animals for their bones. Who does, by the way, win at being goth. Because damn. He then tells Hector, "Because I had to get all your relationship drama sloshed all over my Guccis, and then you get back together anyway. You don't even have the decency to despise one another. My reputation was besmirched. Besmirched! In public! You're both lucky the only ones who heard it was you and Amy."

"Yeah, like Fear Factory!" says Spear, emboldened by his current lack of injury. He is, well, he is as Spear as always. Complete with a bright grin and a cheery look of sunshine optimism, like normal. He considers. One should offer something, so Spear tries holding out the skull again "Okay. What's your favourite type of flower?" he asks. He adds "Because like, a corsage should be something you wanna wear, not something you have to." Which is why he's waving ancient pieces of calcium at her? Anyway, he beams, looking even more happy than usual. Spear pauses, realising he has no idea what is going on behind him "Wait, what's this about your reputation?" he asks Jaden, and then Amy "What's this about his reputation?" As far as relationship drama goes, Spear is making a valiant effort to block it out.

"Dude, I'm not touching your freaky fucking skull," Amy says, making a batting motion with her hand. "So get it out of my face already. Ugh, I can already tell this is a mistake. Don't be a downer on me okay? Do I look like a flower kind of girl to you? You're basically just my revenge plan at this point." Hey, she's honest? Also she shrugs at Spear's question and peers at Jade. "I don't really know what the fuck he's talking about? Oh! Because he was acused of fucking Hector, right." A pause and she nods slowly. "Man. I should have told everyone." She, clearly, didn't think about it.

Hector cocks his head as Jaden talks, "I definately did not intend sloshing or besmirching." He studies him, "I'll try to think of some way to make it up to you." He tells Spear, "It's a beautiful skull." He says firmly, "I definatly didn't fuck Jaden, and I wouldn't play the who fucked who game, Amy."

New Activity ---------

Jaden tells Hector, "See that you do. Until then, I hope your dick falls off." Hhe smiles, perfectly pleasantly. Then he looks between Amy and Spear. "Dude, get her an orchid. I bet she likes orchids." He takes another draw off his cigarette, then takes it out of the holder and smashes it out on the underside of the table. "No one will believe you anyway, Amy. Like I'd give it up for less than a trip to Aspen or at least a five star meal and a Rolex."

Spear lowers his hand with the skull and listens to Amy say he's nothing more than her revenge plan "...I'll _take_ it!" he chirrups, giving her a double thumbs up. And then he says "Okay," to Hector about the skull. At 'I'll make it up to you', Spear's eyes narrow faintly, and then he folds his arms "Look, it's fine - I'm not even worried, I'm listening to Jade from now on. He's right. Guys are trash. Girls are awesome, and - oh. I'll make sure there's a pad on the back of my bike for dinking you to the dance, Amy." Then he adds "Well, orchids are one thing, but venus fly trap flowers are another, right?"

"You're so fuckin' weird," Amy declares of Spear, giving a quizzical smile, a small laugh and an incredulous shake of her head. "Sounds like a threat there, Hector," she says, giving her arms a stretch. "But the thing is, I don't really give a fuck what people at school say I did or didn't do. And I don't tend to get fucked with much anyway." There's a smirk at Jade and she shrugs. "Fair deal. Seems to me more like they just wouldn't believe me 'cuz I'm me, but hey." To Spear, she looks back. "Girls are the worst," she decides after a moment. "But venus fly traps might be cool."

Hector eyes Jaden, a host of things running though his head to say, but he disguards them. He meets his eyes several beats longer, then says in an aimiable tone to Spear, "Oh, Jade's right. Guys are definately trash." He studies Amy's face out of the corners of his eyes, trying to spot resemblances to a certain cousin. "wasn't thinking of you specifically, Amy, but sure."

Jaden gestures with the cigarette holder. "Damn right, I'm right." To Amy, he adds, "Not all girls are the worst. My sisters are awesome. But, you know, they're my sisters. Tasha was the best. There's lots of girls I get along with. Guys are all pretty much awful, though. Except Spear. Spear is a pure and sweet cinnamon bun."

The skull goes into a plastic bag, and Spear pops it into the larger bag he tends to carry over his shoulder. He eyes Amy curiously at 'Girls are the worst', and then he says "..._hmm_." Spear and subtext are not great friends. But he does say "Er, well, I don't know, they seem okay to me." And then he says to Hector "Unhn. I don't want people to 'make it up to me'. I just want them to - you know. Forget all that stuff. It's healtheir." He says "Well, my sisters aren't awful, either..." Another long look at Amy as he tries to puzzle her out, then he says "I know a lot of totally bad-ass plants. Carnivorous ones. Poisonous ones..." And then Jade describes him, and of all things, he colours up alarmingly "No. I'm, erm. Experienced." In playing Uno.

Silver hasn't been seen and that is just how she likes it. Up in one of the big trees around the park she is. Dressed in brown cargo pants and a light-weight green tank top. Around her waist her jacket is tied off and her messenger bag is over her shoulder. Of course that is what people would see if they ever bothered looking up and at the trees. They'd see her sitting comfortably with her lens potentially aimed at them. At the moment? It's aimed at Spear and the group around him. *click*

"Oh, well, if it isn't me then what the fuck am I worrying about?" Amy laughs again at Hector, shaking her head and shrugging. "And what the fuck Marchant, who calls someone a cinnamon bun just out of fuckin' nowhere like that. Why? Why did I stop?" She shakes her head. "Sisters are a totally different thing." She agrees lamely, kicks at the dirt like it's seriously offended her for being dirt, and just gives Spear a pointed sort of look. "Probably shouldn't wear poisonous plants to the dance," she says mildly, opening her mouth to say something more. "Did you hear that?" She notes of the *click*.

Hector agrees emphatically, "Spear is definately a sweet cinnamon bun." He leaves out the pure in brotherly solidarity. He studies Amy, puzzling things out. "Sorry about that. I hope this goes better for both of you." He is oblivious to the presence of his arborial half sister until Amy draws attention to the sound. Alas, he's looking at bushes, not trees.

Jaden gives Amy a bland look when Hector agrees with him on the matter of Spear's cinnamony goodness. "From the universe to my lips, Lester. I only speak profound truths." He then points out, "You stopped to yell at me about something." He then leans back to look around. "I didn't hear anything," he says. "It's probably an animal Spear hasn't buried yet." His eyes widen and he says in a low tone, "Or maybe one that he has. OooOOOOooooh!"

"Oh yeah, what was that?" wonders Spear about the yelling at Jaden, and then he says to Amy "Psh, people know which ones are poisonous! I mean, doesn't everyone? Yeah." He beams, and then he says "Annnyway, Amy, is Ashley goin' with anyone?" Typical teen talk. Spear may be clueless, but he has preternaturally good hearing, and he says "It was a shutter." As Jaden speaks, his eyes widen "Yes. Pet Semetary. That's me." He wiggles his fingers "I am the ghost of fido!"

Because of course one of Spear's sisters is likely creeping about. And he definitely knows the sound of her cameras. Up in the tree Silver smiles as she watches some of them react. Then zooms in on Amy, trying to get an unguarded moment from the school bully. *click*click*click* sounding more like a squirrel chittering than a shutter with the rapid takes.

"Oh, right, I was pissed at you, because I saw you." Amy nods thoughtfully at Jade. "But I guess now that I have my revenge buddy, it's all fuckin' roses. Or maybe it's fly traps." And with that she shifts to give Spear a light nudge. Though a light nudge from Amy could be translated as a pretty decent shove, especially after Ashley's name is mentioned. "How the fuck would I know who that prancy Freeland bitch is going with anyway." She lies easily, "I'm not in her cool club." She scowls though as she starts looking around, doing her best to ignore Spear being extra weird. "A camera? Fuck off with the camera!" She shouts at whoever.

Hector laughs along with Jade, just as if he hasn't been seeing ghosts since January, because that would be crazy. He thinks, "Oleander are lovely, but not so corsagey." He sings, "I don't want to be buried in a Pet Sematary,I don't want to live my life again," in his decent tenor. He watches Amy yell, impassive.

Star arrives from Lake Havasu - Downtown.

"I get that a lot," Jade says to Amy. He lights another clove cigarette and puts it in the silver cigarette holder. Tres classy. "I'm sure it'll come to you, what I've done to enrage you this time." He doesn't sound terribly concerned. Not when Hector is around to take a punch for him. "Hey, Ashley's pretty cool. And pretty."

He looks up and around as Spear mentions the camera. "Whoever they are, they'd better get my good side." He holds his cigarette holder out to Spear. "Here, see how you like this. Don't get Amy poisonous flowers. Maybe a sprig of Venus fly trap, though. That would be cool."

"Many people experience strong emotions upon seeing Jade," says Spear, quite seriously, and as he is nudged, he beams. He also is moved about six inches further along, feet skidding "Ngh," he manages, and then he says "Because you guys are as thick as thieves," he says "I see you together all the time!" Which is probably not the wisest thing to chirp out observationssn about, alas. And then he says "It'll be candid shots. Slice of life!" He pauses "As long as it isn't that creepy old guy in the brown coat. If it is, throw rocks." And he grins and reaches out for the cigarette holder "Ooh. Very chique," he says "Man, these things taste like candy compared to a usual smoke."

"Jaden Marchant has a good side?" Comes the quip from up high amongst the leaves as the shutter clicks again. Catching Jade 'just so' with that silver rig and smoke swirling. Hopefully it turns out. "They're horrible awful for your lungs, though. Tear them up worse than tobacco," Is her follow up to her brother's comment. "But I -do- love the smell," Silver adds. There is some rustling and a moment later she is scuttling down the tree, camera safely tucked into its padded compartment in her bag.

Waving a hand dismissively at Jade, Amy just steps away, staring up at that voice from the trees. "She's right, cigarettes are awful in general, but who am I your fucking mother, bah." She shakes her head. "Hi Silver. I need to ask you, um. What was it again? Efficient? Something math. Something that's efficient. It doesn't seem so efficient to me. I wrote it down. Wait!" She holds up a hand. "I'll ask you next tutor session, if I remember to come. Until then," she glances at the group and shrugs. "I'm fuckin' out." And off she goes, resuming her run.

Hector snorts, "All your sides are good sides, Jade." He tries to give his half brother a hint by way of a very gentle nudge of the boot to Spear's ankle. He finally spots his sister when her comments give her away, "One a day at most probably won't kill me." His forehead wrinkles, "Coefficient maybe?" He watches Amy go, shoulders relaxing the rest of the way as it becomes clear that both Jaden and the cinnamon Bun are escaping unscathed.

Jaden calls to Silver, "Don't act like you haven't examined them all." He gives Amy an upnod. "See you later, gator." He then admits to the others, "I have no idea what I did this time." He shrugs. He then tells Spear, "Smoke up. Your lungs will heal. Just stop before you get old and ugly. Though, why anyone would want to still be alive by then is anyone's guess."

"I'm not gonna take it up full time, I have better things to spend my pay on," says the mortuary intern, and he then tries to blow a smoke ring - that looks sophisticated, it does! He watches Amy jog off, thoughtfully, and he fails at his smke ring, before he passes the cigarette holder back, and then says to Hector "Was I missing something there in all of that?" He beams "So, I have a date for the dance! She doesn't _totally_ hate me, either. And I found those deer bones again - Hi Silver! I'm taking Amy to the dance!"

Silver smiles at Amy in that doll-like way she has for most people not family. "Oh, coefficient. A number used to multiply a variable. Such as 6x, where 6 multiplies z, the variable. Making the number the coefficient," It's like she's speaking textbook the way she spouts it off. It doesn't matter that Amy is walking off, she has to force it in when she can. Because as the girl said, if she remembers to show up. "It's tomorrow during study period in the library," She decides to call out and remind her. Then she turns back to the rest, that doll smile still in place as she looks Jade up and down. Out comes the polaroid this time and there is a flash after she whips it up. Click and whirr and out is spit the gray and developing square. "Most of your angles, yes. I've examined all of my subjects carefully." She says as she lowers the camera, smile not wavering. This is one of many reasons she probably doesn't have a boyfriend. Spear's declaration has her turning to stare at him for a moment. "Huh...want me to make your corsage?" She seems to take it in stride, though one brow is raised.

Hector shrugs, "Who wants to live forever anyway." He grins at Spear and pats him on the shoulder, "You definately do. I should probbly teach you how to wrestle." He studies his half sister as if she were a text written in basque, "Did we decide poisonous or benign? I lost track."

Jaden side-eyes Silver, and he smiles lazily. "I'm sure it'll turn out just fine. I'm nothing if not photogenic." He is, too. The little jerk. He shrugs then and says, "I still vote for an orchid. Classy, timeless, and Georgia O'Keefe would have a field day. But hey, whatever floats your boat."

Silver tilts her head as she considers and then smiles a little brighter. Those green eyes widen with her interest. "What about a succulent corsage? A spring of lavender or foxglove for color, eucalyptus background, maybe rosemary, and...mmm....Flaming Katy would be good. Or a Roseum. Or a Plush Plant," She says and then pauses, eyes squinting, as she tries to go through her own succulent garden. "DUDLEYA!" She shouts suddenly as she finishes waving the polaroid and eyes the picture of Jaden. "Orchid's are fragile. But they do symbolize refinement and a beautiful lady," She says after a second. "You should try a tiger lily, Jaden." And there is the doll-smile again.

Hector sighs, "If I had your cheekbones, I'd rule the world." He listens to Silver, fascinated, "I don't know half of those. How would they smell together? They'll be near her face all night, so you don't want something over whelming. Eucalyptis is pretty strong."

"One of these days, I might," Jade tells Hector. He takes a drag off his cigarette and ashes it. "I'm going to go with red and white," he says, "Rose is a classic, with a baby's breath boutonniere, to match up without overstating. "Unless something else inspires me. Mini calla lilies are also a possibility." He taps his lower lip, then shrugs. "I don't know. I still have time to think about it. Prom's awhile off yet." He then mentions casually, "There will be a Spring Break party, though. We're thinking Masquerade."

Star heads towards Lake Havasu - Downtown <O>.

Silver considers those questions with pursed lips. "Well, I personally love the smell of eucalyptus. And the combination of it with lavender is quite possibly near divine. The two are wonderful for warding off evil and protecting the wearer. They're oils are also remarkable for helping soothe ails of colds and coughs," Again the random plethora of information prattled out cleanly. Then she just makes a face at Jaden's choices. "Ew. Roses are just...boring. They state, 'Look at me. I'm not original.'," She says with a wave of her hand and roll of her eyes. "No one tries to be original anymore. I hate dances because of that. But I go because, well, I get some -good- pictures of people doing naughty things," And she smiles slyly, openly, for just a moment before the doll-smile is back in place.

Hector asks just as casually, "Sounds like fun. Who are you inviting to your party?" He considers his options, "I like carnations. Classic and they smell like cloves." He carries on ass if an encyclopedic siter is normal. Maybe it is. How would he know. He suggests, "Depends on what you mean by original. Sometimes something vintage in a new context can be brand new, like ballroom dancing to Metallica."

"Roses are classic," Jaden says. Besides, if everyone else is 'being original' it's being different to go with tradition." He exhales a plume of smoke and gazes up at the darkening sky. "I'm an old-fashioned boy. I believe in roses and romance, and holding hands and all that stuff. It's not my fault I was born in a time where no one does that stuff anymore."

Spear returns from wherever he wandered off to. He does that. He gets lost as well. And he pops up and he says "I believe in roses and romance. I like sunflowers best though. I know they don't smell of anything. But I like cheerful stuff."

Silver narrows her eyes slightly at Hector and those lips purse again. This time skeptically as she considers. "Mmmmmmmmm...How do you think a red rose and baby's breath can be made new?" She asks after a heartbeat, one brow rising in challenge. Jaden's comment has her wrinkling her nose but then the smile. "I do not see the appeal of the rose to romance myself. I prefer lavender, foxglove, amaranth, monk's hood, sunflowers, snapdragons..." The polaroid is tucked back away at that point. "I'll make you a sunflower boutonniere, Spear. With lavender and heather," She says with greater cheer.

Hector studies Jade without looking directly at him, "I think you deserve someone who apreciates roses and dip kisses." Flashes his brothe a smile, "Sunflowers and skulls may be the most you thing ever, but it's the wrong season for sunflowers and aren't they are too big for corsages... How do you feel about daisies? Don't they come in colours?" To Silver, "What if you use white oleander or Queen Anne's Lace instead of baby's breath? Deadlier than thorns and the effect is still classically beautiful. It could say, 'You're beautiful, but I also respect your fierceness.' Symbolically, I mean. Didn't there used to be a language of flowers?"

"Don't you worry someone might handle the oleander, then put their fingers in their mouths, and die?" Jade says. "Anyway, Silver, no one's making you wear roses. And it's a stupid thing to want, romance. The heart wants what it wants, though." He doesn't have a business brick of a phone, but he does have a pager, and it beeps. "Crap. I gotta go meet someone," he says. He hops off the table. To Hector, he says, "We don't always get what we deserve. And yes, there used to be a language of flowers, back when romance was an art."

"I do like amaranth, also it tastes good," says Spear, who's mind wanders more or less. He grins "That would be great! I'd love that. I mean, I will understand if it's hard to get a sunflower, but I don't care how big it is. It could take up the whole front of my jacket. I'd be fine with that - Hector, we can get a lot of flowers, though. That's the advantage of running a mortuary." He grins, and then he says "I...miss romance. And I know Amy doesn't like me _but_ I get to go with her, and maybe some of the cool will rub off?" He eyes Jade, thoughtfully, and he says "Jade doesn't believe in romance. Wait, bro-hugs!" And he leans in to deliver one, unless Jade dodges hard.

Silver considers again Hector's suggestion. "Mmmm....Jasmine. Or Narcissus," She says with her head tilted slight. "Those could work. But he has a point...no sunflowers for now. You'll have to make do with a peony or gardenia. OH! What about hyacinth?" She smiles at the possibilities. Crafts have always been a favorite thing of hers, especially where Spear is concerned. "Yes. There is. I have a book back home. I memorized some of it," She says with a little bob of her head. "There's a lot though. And the Victorians made it complicated. Flower meanings changed depending on how and when they were presented too." As Jade leaves she doesn't wave or anything, but gives him the doll-smile and a polite little nod. "Goodbye."

Hector shakes his head, "It's not a stupid thing to want, especially if it's the thing you personally want. Okay, no oleander. Jasmine, narcissus, and hyacinth are all cool. Jasmine, the flower o night, and hyancinth with strong rich scent and colours." He sounds suddenly deadly serious, "If Amy hurts you, Spear. I will hurt her back. You understand that right?" He gives Jade a wave, still wondering if he's invited or specifically uninvited.

Jaden jabs a finger at Hector and says, "You don't get to say it's stupid or not when you have it. If you don't, it's stupid." He leans in to hug Spear. "Good night, cinnamon bun." He then tells Silver, "Hyacinth is beautiful. Bye." He starts to head out, then pauses then says, "Oh! The party! Unless Cash pisses me off again, you can come. So really, ask him." Then he turns and goes.

Spear looks pleased as he is hugged. He always digs that. And he has no personal dislike of being called 'cinnamon bun' either. He says "Take care of yourself. Oh, you like hyancinth, eh?" And then he puts his hands in his pockets "Well, I just like big cheerful flowers, so gardenias would be great, Silver. I just sort of want to express my natural self. Are there black sunflowers?" He tilts his head, and then he sasy to Hector "Dude. She's not gonna do anything worse to me than Cash did, is she?"

"Black isn't a big thing in the plant kingdom, sadly. Might be able to find deep red with some black bits though not a sunflower...lemme see what I can scavenge from the flowers left when it comes time. I'm sure I can make us all bedecked in floral delights," Silver says with a bobbing of her head. "I think she knows that would be bad, Spear. Actually, I'll make sure she understands at our study session tomorrow," Her head nods once, as if it is decided. "I don't think so though. Amy will tell you to your face, not be a cowardly nobwittler like Freeland."

Hector tries not to watch Jade go, but he's ighteen and the view is far to tempting. He makes an effort at subtle at least. "I don't think so, Spear. Aren't there purple daisy's or is that a similar species. I'm still trying to learn my flowers. That's almost as good though, right? Cheerful and Goth all at once." He eyes his brother, "She could snap you like a twig. Grind your bones to make her bread....I'm not kidding about the wrestling." He looks over those skinny arms, "Maybe you should look into judo or akido or sonething." His eyes flick between brother nd sister, "So how angry are you two about me taking cash to the dance?"

"Then I'm okay, Silver. I know she's only going with me to stick it to someone - maybe one of the popular guys? Like 'I hate you so much I'm going with _Spear_'?" He adds "But she's still going with me. So I figure, I'm gonna give her a nice corsage, and pick her up, and then if she wants, offer her a dance." He smiles dreamily "And then she won't throw me in lockers any more. Win win, right? I get like, two months of not being beaten up out of this. There are purple African Daisies, actually. They look metallic." Spear looks down at his own arms "Ummn, no. Sorry, I bruise easy. Like my sisters. We're just, erm, not built for -" There is a big pause "...er, not at all, because I didn't know until." Swallow. "Right now?"

Silver's head slowly turns and she looks at Hector with suddenly hard green eyes. As if trying to figure if he is joking or not. "Are you kidding? After he pushed you down and started ripping your pins out?" Her voice is low but level, not giving away anything but a suddenly cool exterior. For a second she glances at Spear and then she steps over to put an arm around him. When she looks back at Hector there is a faint frown in place. "I don't like it," She says flatly at that point.

Hector is all seriousness, "I can fight, Spear. If you want, I can fight for you. You're my brother and I'm really not afraid of Lesters or any of them." He is thinking of one particular Lester, but he says nothing, as angry as he still is. He takes a slow breath, "He... forgave me. I never expected it. I can never deserve it, but I... So we're back together."

He lifts his chin at Silver's challenges, "He was sorry about all that. Really sorry. And... he tried to giive my pin back but I wouldn't let him. Him taking it, even when he was that angry.... I'm not sure I can explain it, but it made my hope some of what was between us could be put right." He lifts his chin, "I love him, Silver. I'm sorry. I'll understand if.. if this counts as betrayal. I'm not sure I understand how the brother things work. I do know I like... being one. I'll understand if you'd both rather pretend i wasn't though."

Spear stares at Hector after a moment, and then he says "I never, ever want you to do _anything_ for me. I don't want you to _fight_ for me. If you even try, you can know that you're _only_ doing it for yourself. I don't want _anything_ from you, ever. Do you get that, Hector? You're the guy he dumped me for - you're the guy who he was actually _interested_ in after months of pretending he liked me but not ever letting it get serious. So no. I don't care about your guilt. You have to carry that by yourself, because I'm not invested in making you feel better. I'm taking Amy Lester to the prom because she's probably tryn'a piss off Ashley, and that's okay. You know why?" He glances at Silver and then he straightens, and he pats her hand "Because you guys have shown me that in romance I'm a stepping stone for getting what people want. And I'm gonna be happy with that. I don't care what you guys say, I have two other people who have a third of my soul each. So it don't matter. Doesn't matter what happens, I'll always be part of a set of triplets, and none of you people get to have that. That's mine."

"Mom says never trust anyone with your heart who would put hands on your body," Silver says in that same level and dull tone. Though her eyes have gone from emerald to jade green during this discussion. Her grip on Spear's shoulders tightening slightly. She doesn't say anything through her brother's speech, instead standing tall beside him. "He'll do the same to you when he finds something better, Hector," She says with a shake of her head.

Then she turns to look at Spear and asks, "You wanna go get some shakes, cinnamon bun?" Demeanor going from cool to warm in the blink on an eye and change of focus. Hector seemingly being shut out on her end as a finger points towards the parking lot where her scooter sits with its two helmets.

Hector bows his head, "That's yours, and I'll never know what it's like." He rubs the back of his neck, "It's happened to me before, Silver." He sighs, trying to decide if he should start packing.

"Yeah, and I get it totally sucks," says Spear to Hector "So if it does happen with him, you can't say you weren't warned. I won't dry your tears, but I might throw a brick at him." He then says to Silver "Yep, I could totally murder a shake. Caramel? Double cream? Don't worry. I just got a big of a shock. I'm not gonna be a jerk about this to him." He jerks his thumb back at Hector "Otherwise sunday dinner is gonna be fucked up. Hhhowwwever." He half turns his head back to Hector "I'm serious. No making comments about 'I'm doing this for Spear' or whatever about physical defence and things. Okay? That just feels too weird to me. I'll be fine. I'm tougher than I look. Like a dandelion. Those things grow everywhere."

Silver smiles at Spear and nods her head. "With fries to dip in it, you got it!" She says cheerfully as she begins to walk them towards the scooter. She let Spear paint it with silver and gold sharpies on the otherwise black frame. It's pretty swanky, at least she thinks so. "I hope Esme isn't pretending at being a zombie again. Last time she got my shake all wrong," She can be heard to say as they head out of ear shot, leaving Hector behind.