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Characters  •   Silver Luna Thistle  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •  Cash Freeland  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Hector's Room
Date  •  2019-08-22
Summary  •  Hector needs to find a place to stay where he can guard Cash. friends and family come through for him.

It is late afternoon near sundown. Hector is sorting out essential in to a duffel and deciding which clothes to pack into a suitcase. he's not trying to pack the whole room, there being no point until his arrangements for the next few months are sorted out. He is alarmingly neat and organized. The result is a slow, methodical packing with things like toiletry pouch laid out on the bed to go in last so as to be easy to hand. The Smith's Queen is Dead album is playing on his stereo. His broken Crowley wings hang over his bed like an omen.

ROLL: Silver rolls finesse+1 for: [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 [7]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 4 7 5 4 7 -- d8)

Jade arrives from Lake Havasu - Downtown.

Cash is here. He made no secret of his arrival and even said hello to the Thistle adults when he came. He is sitting on Hector's dresser, a place on which he has no business at six feet four inches (Officially!) but alas, there is his. His guitar came up with him. Black, shiny, acoustic, and left handed. Very similar to his namesakes own instrument. He's working on something from the start and stop nature of the music. He came right from...church? He's dressed in a new gray suit and his red and purple hair is slicked back to be neater, if it can't be conservative. The Freelands aren't religious sorts so this may be a mystery.

It hard hard to say how long Silver has been lurking in the hallway. Worrying her lower lip as she tries to think of what to say. What to do. But too many conflicting thoughts and emotions are keeping her rooted to the spot. Earlier in the day she had helped make an Easter brunch before spending time outside placing fresh flowers on the graves outside. It was just her own little ritual for the holiday. When she had come inside she had seen the signs of packing. It had led her here. Lurking like a pro and fiddling with something in her hand.

Jade is here to follow Spear around. He's in black jeans and a black t-shirt, wearing Doc Martens. Not really committed to goth, but goth-colored. He was at the Easter services, but he's clearly changed since then. He peeks in. "So you're committed to moving out, for real? That's rough, dude."

Easter is the time for remembering the dead, at least in some respects. So is La Dios Dos Muertos and at least another half a dozen dates in the calendar. Spear has his own shrine in his room, to every animal he has ever buried, seen go away, or found on the road. Lots of little pieces of fur and bone and strange bits in tiny packages. Lots of incense. He smells of it, actually, in his skinny black jeans and blacked ripped t-shirt. He has knee high boots on and a basket in one hand with little chocolates wrapped in foil, one of which he offers to Jade silently as he _eyes_ Hector. After a moment, he gives one to Silver too.

Hector is in black trousers and a grey button down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up as he packs. His hair is perfectly groomed and pomaded to minimize the hair cu he is trying to grow out. He has on no make up or jewelry. It may be a day to celebrate resurrection, but there is a grim determination about him rather than an Easter sort of mood. He nods yes, "I'm not leaving Cash alone with the Painkillers maybe after him. I can't sleep where he's not welcome. It was nice of the Thistles to put me up, but this was always a temporary arrangement. It just turned out more temporary than I hoped." He's made his own arrangements earlier, but Thistlelike it simply doesn't occur to him that spear has done anything unusual. His sharp eyes pick up the thing with the chocolates, but he gives his sibs a smile and a wave anyway. "It really isn't you two. It's just if anyone doesn't feel safe with us here, it's not right for me to stay."

"I really wished I never asked." Cash mutters as he scribbles in a notebook. He stopped playing the moment Jade spoke up and he acknowledged Silver with a little smile. He'd left a package of Sour Patch Kids and a little note at her bedroom door. It only said 'Sorry.'.

"I haven't talked to my parents yet. Tonight, though, if they are in a good mood. If not, I'll bring him up after they go down. My room has perfectly legitimate soundproofing." He smirks. He's /is/ a musician and pirate radio host after all. Soundproofing just...made sense.

Jade takes the offered chocolate and grins at Spear. "Hey you," he says in a low tone. Yeah, he's not going to be able to hide this relationship. He just looks so pleased to see Spear. "Do you have somewhere to go?" he asks Hector. "Are you two going to shack up at Cash's?" He asides to Spear, "If you want to stay at my place overnight, I bet it would be okay. Just saying." Will his parents even notice another kid in that big house?

Spear tosses an easter egg at Hector too, and then one at Cash. He rolls his eyes "I still think this is overthinking it all," he says "But I can't stop any of it." Chocolate eggs ping off various people and Spear finally opens one for himself "Your parents are going to lose their shit," he warns Cash, mildly "At moving in an _entire_ Thistle." No yelling or stressing out "Like, that's a whole unit of Thistle. You are _not_ going to hide that guy. Have you seen how much he eats alone? They're going to think you've got a bear in there." He nudges Jade and beams at him, and oh dear, yes. There is that light, all warm and bright, before his dark skinned face manages to suffuse with blush "_Really_?" ANd now he looks thoughtful.

Silver snags the chocolate with a little smile, remaining out of sight and corner from the door. She pops the chocolatey goodness in her mouth and chews with a thoughtfulness. The wrapper is tucked into a pocket as she looks at the rectangular paper she's been fiddling with. "I understand not wanting to stay where even one person doesn't want you. Look...I'm really conflicted on all this right now. But I want you to know that, like, I support you and stuff. And I dunno if this'll help, or get you down for an apartment or...whatever,"

She finally steps into the room, rolling around the doorframe to hold out the paper she'd been fiddling with. It is held out to Hector even as she looks at Cash with a serious look. "I get it. That need for it. If anyone in this room does, it's me. I don't blame you for yesterday, but doesn't mean it was okay. Or that I'm not mad. Get it together so we -all- survive, yeah?"

Hector eyes Cash with some interest, "We can manage a few days okay until things settle." His eyes flick between Spear and Jade, but he gave his word. "Cash's going to talk to his parents and see if I can stay. he doesn't want to sneak. I can camp in the sar or pitch a tent if it comes to it. If it doesn' work out, I guess I'll sell some of my stuff and take a quad or something until graduation. Maybe try to get a job. I'm not sure when probate ends, so I'm fairly broke until then." His tone is light rather than bitter.

He catches the egg one handed and flashes his brother a bright smile, "Oh, Jade, I wanted to thank you for the heroin thing, and pretty much all your help this last week. you've bee really kind." He laughs at the moving a Thistle thing, delighted by the wording. His brother's blush at Jade's suggestion pleases him even more. He unwraps the egg, rolling the foil into a neat little ball before lobbing it into the office can. His face goes all soft at silver's words and he offers her a hug before taking the bag, "It means a lot to me Silver. You have no idea how much." He lets Cash address the Meth Elephant in the room while he opens the bag. "That's the goal: Nobody dies."

ROLL: Cash rolls finesse for: [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [8]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 8 3 8 -- d8)

ROLL: Spear rolls spirit for: [1]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 4 4 1 3 -- d6)

ROLL: Hector rolls Spirit for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 6 2 1 6 -- d6)

Cash only managed to catch the easter candy because he was looking at Spear. Looking and trying not to burst at the seams from seeing Spear's brightness. "Oh! Thank you." He slips off the dresser and tries to smooth out his pants. Hector's pink triangle pin is on Cash's lapel, standing out from the light gray but his tie is pink so it looks less conspicuous. "Silver, look...everyone...I'm fine. Okay? I'm not a icehead now or anything. I hated the comedown enough to never want to deal with that shit again and I promised to stop chasing the, uh, dragon. I got an earful from Ms. Hellenbrand too. Because...I never made it to my lesson with her and she knows I can't lie worth a damn. So it's extra done."

He moves to the edge of the bed in time to see Silver's slip of paper. "Oh shiiit..." Beat. "I can match that. Let's just get you a place until graduation. Spear's right, it's a whole extra person. Mom would /die/ if it got out I was up to something like sneaking up a lover." Eyeroll. "So, thank you, Sil."

Jade tells Hector, "Look, let me pitch in. Before you say no, just shut up and let me do it. There's scary shit out there, and I don't need another Tasha on my hands. I'll sleep better knowing you're not out there in a fucking tent. I'd just spend the money on something stupid anyway. Just because one person isn't into you, doesn't mean you're alone." He glances at Spear, and he smiles a little, trying to play it cool. "I mean, if you want. We got guest rooms or I can sleep on the couch again."

"We all have to survive," says Spear to Silver, looking at her right in the eyes "I will survive. I mean, oh," a slight shrug "As long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive." He eats another chocolate and continues, using the same deadpan voice without rhythm that makes it very hard to tell what he is quoting "I've got all my life to live. And I've got all my love to give and I'll survive." He then says to Hector, shaking his head "...I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face."

After a moment he says "Good, I'm glad. Also, Cash, never say 'Chasing the Dragon' again." He grins suddenly, and his white teeth show as he offers more candy around to them all "Silver, are you being the Best Kid _again_? Man. What am I gonna do, guys?" He shakes his head, and then he offers "I can give you some taxidermy stuff!" This is where he spends all his money. And then he says immediately to Jade "Oh, no, I'll take the couch this time! Meezer needs space."

Silver is hugged by Hector and returns it with a sad smile. "Good. And if you need anything I can try and help," She says as she releases him, turning to look back at Cash. There is a piercing and considering look on her face and then her eyes soften and she nods, "Keep fighting it. And don't drag my brother down. I've grown fond of the jerk," And she blindly reaches out to punch Hector in the shoulder.

"Jade...that's...awesome of you," Silver says as she begins to smile more. Her eyes flick between Spear and him and it grows. Grows at Spear goes deadpan singing which just makes her giggle. "You two are as adorable as I imagined," She says bluntly. Then reaches to snag another chocolate from Spear's basket.

Hector stares at his sister with real astonishment, "How...? Are you absolutely sure? This is a lot of money. I promise to pay you back when there is money." He hugs Silver again, fiercely, "thank you so much, Sil!" He eyes his boyfriend, "Rightly so. I'm really hoping she doesn't think I'm a bad influence." He smiles crookedly, "I suppose selling off my blotter would just reinforce the bad influence impression I'm making, but I can do it if the money runs short."

He offers Jade a hug too, "You are all the best. Are you sure you want the danger of it and the trouble? Seriously, I love all of you so much. It's been a shitty year, but you are all super stars." He stars at his brother, blinking, "Did you just dead pan quote Gloria Gaynor?" His eyebrows go up, "Again, huh? I definitely missed so things. Still, sleep over with a hot tub sounds fun, so...."

To Silver he says, "I need you to fight it and stay with us, okay? Getting well is the most important thing you can be doing." He pretends to be knocked back by the punch, then grins at her, "I'm fond of you too, Sil." He flashes a big grin at Spear, "Told you she'd guess."

"I'm not turning down money from a Marchant." Cash says, putting up his hands. His savings are hard earned, working with his father for many a summer and weekend and are meant to go towards college at the end of it all. "Or...hot tub double dates at Marchant Manor or whatever. It's only as awkward as we let it." Cash does seem back to normal and a chill normal at that. Even if his gaze bounces around the room before landing on Hector. "Ms. Hellenbrand may also let you rent her spare. She's been looking to take a tenant since she stopped charging me last year." He finally shrugs off his suit jacket and starts to roll up his sleeves. Sleeves tend to annoy him.

"Again, I'm finished with bullshit I-I gotta focus. I've applied to school now. I'm waiting to hear back. I'll probably have auditions to go to. And finishing the year. And dealing with biker vampires. I have enough stuff going on." Pause. "And I'm still kinda feeling the effects. Cravings. Nightmares. The light's not too bad but still...done. I love Hector and I just want our future." He looks up at him from the bed and beams.

Jade hugs Hector. "My only super power is I'm rich. And fantastic, but in this case, rich is what'll help. Find somewhere indoors, somewhere with a deadbolt. Don't sell your stuff." He smiles at Silver and says, "You're my friends." Like it's really that simple. Maybe it is.

He looks to Cash, then. "Look, I'm not one to say no to a little recreational fun, but you gotta be smart about it. You're better off this way, staying clean. I"m glad. You don't get fucked up before a test, and this is like that, only real life."

Since he's fooling no one, he sindles closer to Spear and just kind of intimates maybe holding hands might be okay? With a brush of fingertips. "It's a big bed," he mentions. "I mean, king-sized. Lots of room."

"Oh my God, I am not adorable, I am super tough," insists Spear "Just you wait, I'll disappear and then I'll reappear in my _true form_, stronger than ever!" And then Hector says that, and Spear says, baffled "How can anyone know? I'm _unreadable_!" And then he leans in to hug his own sister and buss a kiss onto her forehead, before he releases her. Then he holds Jade's hand and he says "Yeah. The thing is, you can live like a homeless person, but it's going to start messing with your head, right? It'd be hard and then Cash would feel bad. So just take the money." And then he says "Oh, yeah, King-sized. Definitely. Could fit me _and_ Meezer on the bed then." His hand curls tight.

Silver shrugs her shoulders when he asks if she is sure. "Yeah. I'll make it back soon as the eggs hatch. No big deal. I hope you put it to good use," She is really bad at this stuff and it shows. She keeps dropping her gaze to the floor and shuffling her feet awkwardly. The shiny black dress shoes she wears seeming more interesting as she nibbles on chocolate.

"Focus is good. I'm going to the library tomorrow. Do some research, see if there's anything we can use in case they -do- come back. Cause...yeah," Silver trails one and gives a little shudder. Of everyone on that night she remembers poor Brenda -vividly-. The kiss from Spear has her grinning and looking up and around. "Good. I'm glad you guys will be safe -and- comfy. You can use that for a down on an apartment or something. Like I said, the snakes are gonna hatch and there were fifteen this clutch. So, you know, that'll be a nice sum. And most of them already have homes or stores."

Hector flashes Cash a smile, "I think we should save as much as we can, where we can, for after graduation, and I kind of like the idea of a bunch of us hanging out and watching movies and stuff like slumber parties from when we were little. safety in numbers, maybe of the comfort of having friends again." He studies Cash, "Can you taste food again, or is it still mostly ashes. Please let us help if it gets bad, okay?"

He studies Jade, the gravity in his gaze suggesting he's thinking of their first meeting last summer. Something in his nods suggests he gets it. "You throw us out if it gets awkward. We can rent the room if it comes to it." If they overstay the balance of the debt of honor. "You are a good man, Jade Marchant,and who knows,maybe we'll settle this soon enough for me to move back." His hug is unreserved, though he carefully keeps his hands in socilly acceptable locations. He grins encouragement to his younger brother as Jade siddles and hints, and beams at him as he takes Jade's hand. "That sounds like an excellent idea, Spear." He's studying his sister, "Are you going to be okay without us, Sil? Because I am really fucking worried about you and you matter."

Cash shrugs and blushes a bit. "I-I'm just...I don't think and I have to start thinking. I remember the, uh, night I turned it down and left. I said to myself, 'No. Go to Hector. Think ahead.' and I did. And I walked away so...I just want to get my music degree and be with him and it's simple but hard--super hard, in practice. Anyway, I'm feeling a little more normal every day. More so than the others, probably. Food is pretty good again. I probably use too much salt now or sugar or whatever. I'll be fine. As long as I stay away from it." He watches Hector try to talk to Silver but Cash gets this wicked sorta smile. He pulls Hector back towards him, by the waist of his pants. He's very much trying to pull him off-balance...and probably into his lap. Cash isn't often playful and unreserved. Bold move. Let's see if it pays off.

ROLL: Hector rolls Finesse+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [4]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 1 4 2 6 4 -- d8)

Jade tells Hector, "I have my moments." He then says to Silver, "If you want, Spear and I can hang out here. I don't want you being alone, and besides, you've got all those creepy animals to look at. I want to check out that spider again. It was gnarly." He glances between Cash and Hector, and he smiles a little. "Just be careful, you two. I still don't know how I feel about vampires, but it's bad enough just having a gang pissed at you."

Silver rolls her eyes and says, "Star is here, as are mom and dad. Noah is checking in on me every other day. And school is starting back up. I'll be fine." A hand waves dismissively at Hector's worries. "Oh good, you can taste! I'm still in the loading stuff with hot sauce and salt." She grins at Jade and says, "Sure! I'm trying to get the two pink toes to mate, but the last time Pinky killed the male before he could complete the deed." And her lips twist to the side in vague annoyance.

Hector squeezes Cash's knee gently, "I'm glad you came to me, Cashew, ad i'm glad it's getting better. I just want you safe and well. Wherever I am, whatever i'm doing, keeping you from using is right now the most important thing I can be doing. That goes for you too, Sil. I will come if you need me. I will sit on you if I have to." He lets himself be pulled, but he controls how e lands, graceful and a little bit sideways. He ruffles Cash's curls.

he smiles softly at Jade, "You be careful too," says the man who put lube and a big box of condoms in Spear's room earlier that day just in case. "Will Star stay in your room with you? Just in case you get tempted back, Sil?" He grins, "Super geniuses can be like that."

Cash is content now and winds his arms around Hector. "Hey." He says, softly. "I know you want to save everyone from themselves but that is a task that's too big for you. Please, please think about you sometimes? Occasionally? You are making me worry about you. More than usual." Cash quietly frets about everyone in his orbit. "And you didn't even drink. You are just mother henning. Let's have some fun before we go be real people in the real world? Hrm?" A pause. "And talk to me? Any of you? I'm trying to take the radio part of me out into the world. The helper person. With the people things." Cash withers. "I'm not being clear. Point is, I think I can be a good listener in person. So let me practice." Now to nuzzling Hector.

Jade's eyes widen. "Wow," he says to Silver. "She ate him? I guess she's an independent woman who doesn't need a man to complete her. Outside of essential nutrients, I guess." He then tells Hector, "I'm always careful. I'm not going to go out alone, I hate doing that anyway because boring, and I'm not going to piss off any gang members." He has no idea about the condoms and lube, alas. He then says to Cash, "I get what you're saying, but you still got to help yourself, man. Both of you. It's okay to once in awhile say fuck it, I gotta look after my own."

Silver nods her head seriously at Jade, "Yeah. It happens though. This new boy is bigger and, as you saw yesterday, more frisky. So I think he is quick enough to escape her and do his thing. If you want I was going to put them together some time this week. You can come watch them do their little drumming dance," Her eyes sweep over to include the others in that. "I need to go lay down. Today has got me warn out. Come say bye before you all head out, okay?" And she heads out, snagging a handful of candy from Spear's basket as she goes.

Hector plays with his curls, but isn't ready to do serious PDA in front of Jade and his siblings, "I had some whiskey, and the conversation was more important than getting wasted at the moment." He thinks over the request in light of... other things and says quietly, but with a subtle quiver in his voice, "She approves, you know." He closes his eyes, "She's glad I'm not alone. And I don't talk about it because it hurts, "but I will if you think it will help you." He is answering the question he thinks Cash is really asking.

He smile is waverly as he teases Jade, trying his best to sound light and normal, but not quite managing it, "Just don't eat our Spear, at least not the Rosey Toe way." He waggles his eyebrows and an imaginary cigar. Hey, he's trying. More seriously, "I won't forget." But he is who he is, so it's hard to tell if he will even though he really does intend to try. He calls to Silver, "I'd love to watch! I've never seen them mate before."

Cash's eyes go wide at Hector's quiet words. "Hector..." He begins. "No. You don't /have/ to talk about it, okay? I've never so much as mentioned her and that was for you. You can open up when you are ready and no sooner. But, no bottling." His eyes dart to Jade briefly. The message is universal. "No one holds it in for the sake of, alright? I can sense that shit, you know?"

He adds, quietly, "I'm really glad she approves. And I will take care of you if you let me. I know how high maintenance I can be, especially right now. But I know it so I can change it. Relationships are give and take, basic principle." Cash's relationship advice always has an academic tone to it without being too cold and clinical. "You have given a lot this past year, not just to me. So, take. Okay?" He looks at Jade again and something seems to click. "You...didn't know one another before January, did you?" The gears are grinding in Cash's head. "I was just thinking about the Taco Bell incident..."

"Who, me and Hector?" Jade says. "I met Hector last summer in San Francisco. I was visiting there with my sisters. We met briefly. It was just one of those things. I recognized him when he moved here, so I was just trying to be friendly. Tasha had just died around Christmas, and I wasn't doing so hot, so a friendly face was nice to have." Of course there's something he isn't saying. He's a cagey bastard.

Hector shakes his head, "It's all right, Cash. We said no secrets." He carefully looks not quite into Cash's eyes, "Right now, you need extra care and you were vulnerable because of what I did. Someday it may be the other way around, but right now, we focus on keeping you safe and well." His eyes go wide, "We did! We met last summer. You were off somewhere, I forget where. I didn't realise who he was when spear started talking about him, but I remembered when I saw him." Who could forget those cheekbones or what Jden looks like in swimwear? He looks at Jade, "I didn't know about Tasha until Spear mentioned it recently. I really am sorry, you know." Jade doesn't mention the details, so he doesn', but he gives him a long look, thinking. "Really, most of what I knew of him in early January was spear talking about him. It made me very much want to be his friend even before I knew who he was."

Cash /just/ said he senses things. He does right now. He know an omit when he hears it. Cash may be a terrible liar but he is king of Omitting The Truth. The way he looks at Jade and Hector makes his suspicions clear. A glance between the two with a slight pursing of his lips. He doesn't press. This might be a small miracle. Cash actually filtered a thought. He nods and says, "Oh. Okay. Jade is pretty unique, yeah? Hard to forget. I just remember thinking, they seem familiar. That's all." He gives another comfortable sort of nuzzle to Hector. "I won't turn down extra care. Gift horses."

Jade rolls his eyes and says, "There was a guy on the pier who wanted to go further than I wanted to. He threatened to out me. Hector beat him up. It's kind of embarrassing. Stupidest first kiss. So yeah, I was kind of predisposed toward like Hector when he moved here. He was kind of my hero that day." He grins as he's called unique. "Anyway, my unique self needs to take a whiz, so I'll be right back." He knows where the restroom is by now, so he just sees himself in that direction.

Hector keeps playing with new dyed curls, "See? Nothing happened you wouldn't approve of Cashew. Something you would have done in my place, and nothing any decent person wouldn't have done." He smiles at Jade, "Trust me you are utterly memorable. Thank you for the room."

"No shit? Hector's a fucking saint. My hero too." Cash looks at Hector with pride. "I didn't think anything happened-happened. I trust you. I trust Jade. I...I just know when people aren't saying everything." He calls behind Jade. "You have to jiggle the handle on this one!"