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Ooops Crash!
Characters  •   Spear Thistle  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Backstage
Date  •  2019-09-20
Summary  •  Hector makes a mess. Spear and Silver help him clean it up.

Spear is sitting in the auditorium, just chilling out. He has on simple black jeans and a t-shirt, and the t-shirt says 'Please don't eat me!' in bright red text. He has big DJ headphones on and is lying on his back, tapping those tunes out on his chest.

A loud clatter come from back stage. Hector calls, "I'm all right!"

Silver is a little sweaty but her makeup is still on par. She comes out from the backstage area with her bag. Dressed in black and white geometric leggings and a loose cotton tee she smiles when she sees Spear. "Hey, you ready to go home?" She calls before seeing the headphones. But she doesn't stop walking, moving over to where he is laying.

Spear pushes himself up, having not had them turned on very loud, and he beams and waves a hand at Silver "Hey sis!" he says brightly "Yeah, sure. Jade has some post-practice stuff he needs to do, so I'm alone -" He pauses as the echoes of the clatter fade "What's that?"

A series of jarringly metallic sounds can be heard followed by soft cursing and a muffled, "Mona's going to kill me if I don't get them back in order."

Silver pauses and turns to peer back over her shoulder with a frown. Then she rolls her eyes, glancing at Spear with amusement. "Come on, let's go help 'im," She says with a chuckle, moving backstage once again. "What did you -do-?" Silver says in her best chiding, and yet somehow softly teasing, tone. Eyeing whatever mess Hector has produce with a smirk.

"And think about this - he's the most physically ept Thistle," says Spear as he puts his headphones around his neck and pads to peer around the corner. What disaster will they face?

Hector has, with cat like grace, not merely knocked over a costume rack he was moving, but colapsed it. He is untangling himself from hangers and metal piping.

The look on Silver's face is both impressed and highly amused. The smirk is fighting becomes a grin and she says, "My...that is...wow. Well done, dude." And she gives a couple slow claps.

Spear squeaks and lunges forward "No, no, stop moving - oh man, Mona is going to skin you alive." He has sense - he goes immediately for the delicate things to get them out of the way first. Spear crouches and starts disentangling things "Haha, how did you even do this?!"

Hector winces and waits for his brother to move the more fragile bits of costume. Once he's free, he gets up and takes a bow like a stage magician, "Thank you, thank you." He blushes, "I tripped over a cable and fell into it and then it sort of collapsed while I was straightening it."

Silver moves forward to help Hector up when it is safe to extract him. "You okay?" She asks, eyes sweeping him, before she turns to the rack. "These things always are a pain. The screws have a tendency to fall out easy." She bends and picks up the one side and lifts the main bar to fit thing back in. "Really bad construction. But, hey, they're cheap and do the job. Until someone attack them." She winks at Hector. "Get the other side? Here, use this in the pin slow for now," And she fishes two bobby pins out of a pocket, handing them over.

Spear finishes folding the clothes away, and he says "You know, guys, while we're here and there's no one else around..." He hesitates "And feel free to say 'sod off'. But...Silver? What happened between you and Lucas?"

Hector nods, "I'm fine. Just don't lose the actor tags. The down side of being a sturdier sort of Thistle. He rights the other upright and helps her put the thing back together wih the offered pins. "Thanks, I mean that." Then he's wincing again, and very busy gathering the tags that hang on the cross bar.

Silver pulls out more pins and wedges them into the pin-hole for the rack. It is a very temporary solution, but it's good enough for now. For a second she freezes when Spear asks that question. The smile changes slightly when she blushes. Focusing a bit more intently on re-hanging things on the rack.

"Ummmmm..." That's her thinking sound and she presses her lips together as she thinks. "When we drank the wine we...well...I don't know all the things we did. Bits and pieces. But Lucas and I woke up the next morning. On a boat. Naked. In bed together." She clears her throat and glances at the two of them uncomfortably.

"Landon and Lana were there too. We all apparently tossed our clothing off randomly. We were also in the middle of the lake..." Silver reaches up and rubs the back of her neck awkwardly, lips twisting as she squints at her brothers. "Anyway...Lucas was a real gentleman and..." Here she pauses and just turns really red. "I-I asked him over and-and asked if we could...again...so I could...a-actually remember -it-."

"Oh, cool," says Spear mildly. He is, it has to be said, more worried about one of the thin scarves and how it looks. He carefully hangs it up, and then dabs at it with a finger "Crap, actor tags!" A shake of his head, and then he says "Well, is Lucas being nice about stuff?" he says. Just in case he has to go and beat him up.

Hector is carefully no looking directly t her, but his expression is all empathy. He says softly, "I really am sorry, Silver. You deserved better than what Fran did to you." He looks on his brother fondly.

Silver shoots Hector a suspicious glance, eyes slightly narrowed, at that next question. But she turns her attention back to Spear and smile with supreme confidence as she says, "He is still my best friend and he has been wonderful." Still blushing she begins checking the tags. "I'm sure I'll look back on it one day and laugh," She says with a wry kind of chuckle. "Actually...he kind of helped me realize some stuff. Like everyone -but- Zane knows I've had a crush on him for years. And if -he- hasn't by now it's not worth it. Right?" She's staring really hard at one tag, almost hiding behind the rack at the moment.

Spear carefully puts the scarf back where no one can find it. And then he says "Let us never speak of this mishap again." He smiles at Silver, and then he says "Okay, look - maybe you will, maybe you won't. But either way, I've got your back." He sighs "Yeah, Zane is a bit of a slow guy when it comes to that, to be honest. The other month...I kind of. Took him on one side and said 'There's about three girls and you're pissing off all of them, commit or just...'" He wrinkles his nose "But he still _didn't_. I don't think he can. He's just a gadfly. More so than I am with jobs!"

Hector says firmly, "I think you deserve someone who really sees you and values you and can tell how wonderful you are." Hector removes the scarf from where Spear just hid it and puts it on the hanger with the rest of the costume it goes with. He knows his brother. He nods, "That's likely wise... Still, I think I know were most of these go." He starts trying to put the costumes back by memory. Faulty memory, but still. Do they have name tags in them? Mona only knows. "I never would have guessed he's a virgin."

"Three?!" Silver's head comes up as do her eyebrows. "Who was the third?" That seems to interest her more. But then she is smiling and shaking her head. "Yeah. I realized that he was a flake. A sweet one, but a flake," She says with a bit of chagrin in her voice. "Heh...yeah...ummmm, that was..." At a loss for words she picks up the last piece and hangs it up, matching tag with tag as best she can.

"Oh man, and yet when people find out _I_ am no one's surprised," says Spear, but he sounds more amused than anything else. As the costumes become...lightly tangled, he sort of looks guilty. But then he says to Silver "Sorry, lips sealed. But what a wreck, eh? And even now, I feel like Mona's spending at least fifty percent of the time trying to coach him along. A total flake." A low shake of his head, and he asks, bluntly - because he is who he is - "So you're not dating Lucas or Landon?"

Hector touches her shoulder lightly, "Are you okay?" He eyes Spear, "I am. You are a good looking guy with a boy friend who is really into you. How do you not make that work?"

Silver's lips twist a bit, but she looks amused, at the question. "Nope. Landon's seeing Esme. And Lucas is his own person. Like me. It's...ummm...well..." Lips purse and she turns to look between the two of them. "The Greek's had six different words for love, did you know that? Eros, Philia, Ludus, Agape, Pragma, and Philautia. Latin is fascinating. Anyway...Philia is deep friendship or comradre. Also siblings and parent to child. That's Lucas, Landon and I. But Lucas and I? Well, we also have a bit of Ludus in there. Which is roughly translated as playful or casual love." Oh how red can Silver turn under her pale cocoa skin. "I'm fine. Just feel kind of stupid when it comes to Zane and all that," She admits, glancing up at Hector then. Giving him a warm smile she pats his hand.

Spear says to Hector "It's called patience. It'll happen when it does. We do fool around and stuff, but god, why would siblings wanna hear details? It'll be okay. Sometimes waiting is good." And he puts his hands together, and he says "Ludus? Oh! Hmm. Well. If he's actually being decent to you, why not have a bit of fun?" He frowns a bit "But if he isn't, I'm going to do terrible things to him. Terrible. As far as Zane goes, if you wanna know..." He coughs and pulls out one of the chairs from behind the wings "I had a crush on him, for a bit. I _think_ he might not be horrified by guys? But he's _so clueless_. He wants, maybe, to be chased entirely - someone else would have to do _all_ the work. He's a really nice guy. I like him. But imagine _dating that_."

Hector smiles at her gently, "As long as you're happy, Sil. You just seemed so sad at the party. I really am furious at myself for sticking my nose where it didn't belong." He looks Spear, then Silver in the eyes. "I Never Ever want to hear details. What I do want is for two people I care about a whole lot to be happy." his smile turns wicked, "I'm also pretty sure Jade would be in a way better mood if my favorite brother go a move on there." He studies his brother, "I don't blame you even a little. He's god looking and likeable. I also think you're probably right."

"Sad? No. Reflective, yes. I was thinking through a lot of things at the party," Silver says as she eyes the rack. "We good to move it now?" And seeing things all settled she begins to slowly move her side. "Jade surprises me when he shows his soft sweet side. He really is a kitten."

"Look," says Spear "There is caution, and also there's the fact that _every time_ I've started sort of moving towards it, something disasterous has happened with vampires, visitors or other...stuff not starting with 'v'." He rubs the back of his neck "Yeah, he is. Buuuuut...well. Though after a while - sister aside - it was starting to irk me that half of the girls I liked were into him too." He rolls his own eyes "So I'm glad I'm done with thinking about all of that." He is ready to help move the rack "Jade is nice. He's just...he feels like he gotta Marchant everywhere."

Hector eyes the rack. "Carefully. It needs to go in there." He points to a changing room. He studies his brother, "Sometimes you have to accept that not everything is perfect, but that good is pretty fucking amazing." He grasps the pole, "On three? One, two, three." He goes slowly and carefully. "I think he'll be less... Marchant once you've got some distance from this place."

Silver chuckles gently at Spear and nods. "A cat is always preening too," She points out. Carefully rolling the rack so it doesn't fall apart again. "I'm willing to play door guard or cover for you while you two rent a hotel or whatever. I totally understand coitus interuptus," And she turns to give Hector a brief look. Then bursts into giggles.

"God, don't I know it!" says Spear "Let's all just get out - I mean, I _could_ see myself retiring back here and working for the Coroner's Office? I'm not worried by dead bodies, and like Silver, I'm okay talking to dead people too. But right now, I wanna spread my wings. And watch Jade perform on Broadway." He grins, and then he says to Silver "Correct. Well. Er. What? Erp!" He flushes, badly.

Hector laughs softly, "You're right; he is a lot like a cat." He winces, "I really am sorry, Silver. I wasn't trying to clit block you, I swear. I just didn't want to die." He smiles at his brother, "Wing spreading is just what the doctor ordered. Get a little space and perspective. Figure out who you are without the whole weight of town history on your shoulders."

Silver continues to giggle and shakes her head at Hector. "You didn't. Only paused," And she is back to giggling. "Oh, I shouldn't have taken that hit during break. But I kind of wanted it." As they get the rack situated she gets control of her giggling and says more seriously to Spear, "I love you. We all need to spread our wings. Even if it is from each other too. It'll be weird," They haven't been apart since...well, there was that one time she went to a specialty summer camp. But that's it.

"Oh my God," says Spear at 'clit block', and then he lifts his hands "Yeah. I think, honestly, while I do love this place - and my parents - I don't think I can kind of handle the _town_ any more - if you know what I mean. I mean, it isn't like people expect very much of me. Actually, I don't think anyone expects _anything_ of me. Everyone just thinks I'm...they think I'm whatever, maybe, I don't know. Though..." he hesitates "I don't know what I'd do without you and Star. I mean. I don't!"

Hector grins at her, "It's good to heard you laugh, Sil." More seriously he asks, "Is Lucas okay? After everything?" He laughs softly at his brother's response to 'clit block.' Serious again he says, "The expectation that you not do anything has a weight of it's own, and out there you'll find people who will think you're normal who aren't blood relatives." He looks sad at that last.

Silver fights more giggles at Spear's reaction and succeeds. Clearing her throat she reaches into her bag and pulls out a Jolt. Popping the top with care, in case of shaking, she takes a sip. "I'll be in Virginia. Only a few hours by car and a phone call away. And I liked your idea of hospitality services. Doing ghost tours. That sort of thing. I've never seen you as, like, a coroner like mom and dad. You're good at it, but it isn't...it's too dreary for you? I mean...I always knew you were amazing. You just needed to find the -right- thing to hook you." She shrugs her shoulders and smile warmly at her triplet, reaching out to squeeze his hand.

"Lucas is doing better. He...emotions are hard for him. And I think like me he...right now he doesn't want anything serious. It would complicate the life we want to make. You know?" Silver speaks slowly when the topic turns to Lucas. There is a softness to her smile and a little glimmer in her eyes. "When he decided to settle down, if he does, whoever he chooses will be very lucky." And it seems like she means it, rather than being jealous or something similar,

"Sorry about your mom, Hector," says Spear, suddenly out of nowhere "We can still build that shrine, you know? It's important." And then he rubs the back of his neck "Man, the most I've ever done really with a girl is make out a bit. Every time I hear about how far other people have gone I get a bit 'whoa'." He shakes his head, and then he sits "I do want to do those. Those tours. I want to talk to people, and I want to be part of their lives." He, too, reaches out to hold her hand, and he says "Yeah. I just want to make people excited and happy." He gives a suddenly shy smile, and then he says "I'll check on Lucas sometime. As long as you're both happy. Yeah. I don't know...quite how serious Jade and I are? We're having fun. We're going to try living together for a bit. But we're both eighteen. We do dumb things." He adds, wryly "And he's hot and rich. But. Oddly? I think I can do stuff other Broadway gay guys can't."

Hector smiles at his brother with real warmth, "Finding something you love to do is what's important. You'll always have family who love you whatever that ends up being." He thinks over what she says about Lucas, filing it away. "Okay." He makes his best effort not to spiral, and mostly succeeds. He offers his brother a hug, "Thank you." He says with a sincere admiration, s"Spear, they won't hold a candle to you."

Silver leans in as they begin to walk to to shoulder-bump Spear. "I -know- you can, Spear. Honestly? You and Broadway makes a lot of sense!" And she smiles. "Even if you've only dabbled in drama, you've always been animated and emotive." There is a pause. "What were you thinking specifically?" The talk of Lucas earns a smile and a nod. "We're good. He's good. Thanks for asking and getting it clear. He's really private in personal stuff. So..." She trails off and takes another sip of her Jolt. "You guys want to go grab shakes at Ben's before heading home? OH! I forgot something in the library. I'll meet you guys outside or at Ben's kay?" And she turns to run back inside.