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Once More with Feeling
Characters  •   Noah Thistle  •  Star Thistle  •  Cash Freeland  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  North of town, Thistle HQ
Date  •  2019-08-18
Summary  •  Silver returns to the scene of the Bloodletting. Cash beat her there. Star threatens their taints. Later, Noah has to be the adult here.

Silver awoke mid-day in her bedroom. The door was locked and the chair from her desk was propped under the knob. The window was closed as were the curtains and she'd moved her dresser over in front of it. Though it only covered about half the window. The bean bag on top was not really a deterrent. However she had probably been in panic with not many options for covering entry.

The pain and hunger had been there again. The sensitivity to light, but her sunglasses were on the nightstand. And then they were on her face as she lay there. Dragging her memory as best she could. The dream journal was snagged from her nightstand and she quickly jotted down the things she could remember. Blood. Pleading. Horrific faces and laughter. Terror. Running. James was there. Her head snaps up and her eyes sweep her room worriedly. Where was James?? That spurred her out of bed. Into clothes from the night before. Silver never wore the same outfit two days in a row. Maybe a pair of jeans or socks, certainly shoes, but everything?

She tore through the Thistle house yelling for James. Ignoring the rest of her family as she did so. Possibly leaving confusion in her wake as well as, "Can't talk, gotta find him. Gotta figure it out." Until when she couldn't find him she grabbed her keys and helmet and fled off on her scooter. Driving the same route the limo took the night before. Pushing her little black bike as fast as the speed limit would allow, give or take five mph. Zipping around curves as she went, mind focused on one thing. Verify the scene. Look for James.

She parked in the same place they had before. Not bothering to take off her helmet as she pulled her bag over her shoulder. Then pulled out her camera. As she walked the trail back it was methodical. Like a forensics expert would. Stepping carefully, looking for the signs of their flight, photographing as she went.

Silver moved too fast and just missed seeing the black Buick Regal parked just aways ahead. Last time anyone saw those tail lights, they were headed out of town. But they are back. Briefly. Cash makes a poor passenger on a road trip, especially post-trauma. Turning back wasn't a big deal once he got behind the wheel and opened up that turbo-charged cruise ship of a car. So, as it turns out, Silver isn't alone down this trail. She'll meet Cash eventually. Who, for lack of a camera, is taking notes. He's dressed same as he was last night. Only new thing is a glimmer on his left ring finger. He spots Silver and freezes. Which is a common reaction to seeing Silver Thistle. He does this every third time or so. "Hey."

It looks like the place they were last night, North of town along the river, but there's nothing there. Just desert. No trace of the events of the evening prior can be found. Are they sure this was it? Maybe they're not in the right spot, or not remembering correctly.

Silver's head comes up and so does the camera. She takes a picture of Cash before she says word one to him. "Have you seen James?" She asks, her eyes wide and intense. This Thistle almost looks angry, but mostly she looks scared. "This isn't right," She growls as she turns around, looking for traces of their running. There had to be something from that, right? "This is so wrong..." For the moment she has completely forgotten to be raging mad at Cash as she slowly turns in a circle. "Where's the blood?"

"There was blood?" Cash says, scribbling things down. He looks pale. Ill, even. He hasn't slept. "What happened last night after I left?" He pauses a beat. "James? No. I just rolled back into town...maybe he was running? I was just driving. Lotta caffeine." He looks up and around. "This looks like where I left you guys...did you move?"

Silver moves over to where Bee and the others came up with the trunk. Trying to find tracks, trying to remember as Cash asks questions. Frowning even more darkly as she moves. "I...I thought...I don't know. It's fuzzy and horrible and makes my belly go to jelly when I try to think on it too much," She says, starting to breathe a little faster. "I...I remember...blood. I remember a nightmare. But there should be...should be something here. If it was real. It was real right?" She looks up at Cash with a sudden desperation. Those normally dark green eyes have gone a pale jade color.

Cash's eyes go wide, in a mirror of hers. Then, they soften as his gaze averts sideways. "Yeah. Yeah, Silver. Something happened here." His whole expression, his body language changes. It's more open. Less fearful. "When I left, you guys had all hit the bottle. Last thing I heard was James mentioning vampires and laughter and I ran." He steps closer to her. "Tell me what you remember, Silver. I kn--I know it's fuzzy. I drank once so, just tell me what you can recall. From after I left." Of course, he's not meeting her gaze but he is looking up, over her shoulder mostly. "It's just me. You can tell me."

ROLL: Silver rolls brains+1 for: [1]: x1 [3]: x1 [5]: x2 (Pair) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 5 3 1 5 6 -- d6)

There are subtle signs of a cleanup, of dirt being kicked around to hide footprints and other traces of the events of the previous night. Still no actual evidence of what happened, but at least a suggestion of a cover-up.

Silver reaches up and rubs at her temple. Making the shades on her nose wiggle as she peers over the edge. Hands still wrapped around the camera. Though she's only taken a few shots. She takes another one over before turning back to look at Cash. "I don't want to recall," She says after a second of staring. Then she looks away again and grits her teeth. "I remember fangs...and tearing skin...and screams. A womans screams. And delighted laughter. Slurping," She shudders and lets the camera hang around her neck to wrap her arms around herself. "Hunger," She whispers that last word as she sways there. "Someone died last night..."

Then something seems to click and she blinks. The horrified expression is exchanged for a thoughtful and calculating one. She turns to look at Cash hard for a minute, lips pursing, then turns and paces over to the space of most cover-up. "Someone...-died-," She says it with such emphasis, but not horror, and closes her eyes and just stands there for a few seconds.

ROLL: Silver rolls spirit for: [1]: x3 (Set) [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 1 1 1 6 -- d6)

Cash just writes. He listens. He writes. "Holy fucking shit. It is vampires. Who died?" His voice is soft and gentle enough to round out the edges of his own cursing. Like a nun who stubbed her toe. "Hunger...huh..." When Silver just stands, Cash takes a step back, by instinct. "Wha...OH. Oh...." He puts his hands up and gives Silver space.

While there is no spirit here, no ghost of the dead woman left behind, Silver does feel the violence of the death lingering all around, a black psychic energy that makes her sick as it washes over her, vivid flashbacks of the event returning to her mind. No, there's no ghost to talk to, but last night was definitely real.

Silver sways and then down onto her knees she goes. Throwing up the soda and seaweed, on yum, she'd choked down on the drive up. Coughing and retching when it was all emptied. "Oh fuck..." She whimpers after a minute of this, wiping her mouth on the sleeve of her denim jacket. But she doesn't get up, just kneels there with one hand in the gravel as she tries to shakes the vivid flashbacks of the night before.

And who holds your hair when you vomit? People like Cash, who is right at Silver's side as she falls and spews. "That kinda looks like the ocean I really wanna get to. Thanks for the new association." Cash deadpans and smiles a little. He kneels down beside her, looking at her face. He's blinking, trying to figure her out. He's not good at the subtle. Vomit isn't subtle. "So, something really bad happened here, huh? There was a person in the trunk and...you guys...didn't..."

"...The actual fuck?" asks Star as she walks up - they were rather distracted and only now are aware of her arrival. Apparently all of Silver's panic and yelling around the house on her way out got her sibling's attention, and Star followed her out in their Mom's car because a bubblegum pink Hearse might be noticed, even in Silver's current state.

"What are you guys doing out here? What the fuck was all that freaking out back home?" She moves to her triplet's other side, squatting down to comfort while she retches. "Easy. I'm here, Silver."

She glares up at Cash like this is all somehow his fault. "Start fuckin' talking, Freeland."

Silver gives a weak laugh and a fluttering smile at his attempt at humor.But it quickly falls away when he asks after things. And she cringes and is about to answer when a familiar voice starts cursing familiarly. "Star?" She turns wide-eyed and looks at her sister in surprise.

The usually brave one of the trio lets out a little sob and goes to throw her arms around Star's neck. "It's awful. Can't you feel it? They killed someone, Star. Francine and her friends. Tore her apart!" She starts to babble it out as the tears fall. But except for the one sob she doesn't blubber. That isn't like her. "A-and I-I w-want-t-ted t-t-too-" Her stuttering on the other hand, which speech therapists had solved ten years ago mostly, returns hard core. "I wa-anted to j-join them." She finally gets it out and then just has a good cry. Leaving poor cash to Star's not-so-gentle mercy.

Star's appearance startles Cash but something about her approach emboldens him. "I didn't do shit! I'm help--" And Silver starts up. Cash takes a step back for the sisters. He's known these girls his whole life. When Silver begins to stammer, he winches as if someone literally hit him in the chest. Cash is very empathic, people say. It's showing here. He looks at Silver and Star and then the ground. His breathing is shallow, shaky. "It's not too late, Silver. We can turn this around." He says, quietly. "You guys have to fight it. Like I did. I walked away but it wasn't easy. It wasn't..."

Star blinks and is glomped, slowly and hesitantly returning the hug until finally she's just holding Silver while she lets it all out. "...What are you talking about? Who is they? And Francine who? Who'd 'they' kill? You're not making any sense. Take a few deep breaths, calm your nerves, and we can talk it all out. Remember your speech therapy. I got you."

Her glower returns to Cash. "Fight what? Is this about drinking random shit from strangers? The fuck did you guys get caught up in?"

The reminder helps and Silver takes a deep breath. Then slowly, quietly, starts reciting the ABCs. She hitches at D and starts over, but manages to get all the way through. Though M almost makes her start again. The ritual calms her and though she is still crying there is a clarity in her haunted eyes.

"Francine is the one giving drinks. She has friends too. Th-" She stops and takes a shuddering breath instead of telling the stutter take hold. "They had a woman. In a trrrrrunk," Silver makes a face, still fighting her nerves though her hands are balled into fists. Getting angry at it seems to be helping. "James was here. I needed to know what was happening. And protect him," She explains her motives of the night before. The more blatant ones anyway.

"I...can't explain it. I felt a pull to come out here. And dreams of her..." Silver keeps going after taking another deep breath. "They're vampires Star. They're tore that poor woman apart. I think Thea knew her?" She frowns and hadn't really been paying attention to the name she'd said.

"Star, please?" Cash says, carefully as he listens to Silver, his left hand raised. The sunlight sparks off a ring of wires around his ring finger. "Thea knew her?" Cash pauses, thinks. "There a missing woman. Brenda--something. Works for...them? Or with them. I only saw it in passing. Recognized surnames." Cash, who isn't looking all that well himself, loses what color he had left. "Fuuuck. They killed...fuck..." And now he's on the ground, dropping down on his bottom.

"...Okay, that's enough drinks from strangers for you, Silver," says Star with a pro-grade eyeroll when she uses the 'V' word. "You're tripping your tits off. Whatever that chick is giving you? It's not worth it. Seriously. Let's get you home and I'll call Noah to come take a look at you, okay? We don't have to tell Mom. It'll be our secret."

To Cash, "If her scooter fits in your car? That would be awesome. I'd rather she not drive like this." There's a bit less aggro now, at least!

"NO!" Silver says fiercely to her sister and goes to take her hand and press it into the, non-vomitted upon, ground where the horror took place. "Feel it!" There is a fervency in her voice. "I'm not tripping. I'm scared." She turns to look at Cash finally. "Yes! Brenda. That was the name Thea said..." And she swallows hard and scrubs at her face with a free hand. "This happened, Star. I swear on Gram's ghost it happened."

ROLL: Camera One rolls 4d6 for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 6 4 2 2 -- d6)

ROLL: Camera One rolls 5d6 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 3 4 3 6 2 -- d6)

"I drive a turbo charged party yacht and I have bungees cables. I got it, Star." Cash says, getting back on his feet. "I was here last night but I left before--blood was apparently shed." Silver goes into convincing and Cash backs her up. "Star, she's not full of shit. See for yourself." He starts to take a note but then stops, and rips the paper to bits. He stuffs them in his pocket. No need to litter. "Guys...look, I...I'm not going to breathe a word of this. Okay? I am a lot of things to the Thistles but, uh, but...you know I can be trusted when it counts. Not a word."

Something Silver says makes Star pause and take note, probably the Gram bit. She gets up with a sigh and vague wave of her hands, frustration clear. "What the fuck, Silver? Really? You want me to-- Here? Now?" A glance to Cash. "With him here? Fine. Fuck it. Then we're going to see Noah."

She paces a lazy circle off to the side of the other two, rolling her head and working her shoulders. Loosening up. Then she stops, squats down and bows her head and closes her eyes.


With a sudden start, Star straightens and staggers back, barely keeping her footing. Big, dark eyes wide, her gaze darts around the desert that surrounds them. "We need to go," she says quietly. "Right the fuck now."

Silver nods her head seriously, agreeing silently to see Noah. Then she gets to her feet, glancing at Cash thankfully. Then away a little abashedly, "Thanks. I appreciate it...but I dunno if we should stay quiet..." She says before going quiet. Holding a finger to her lips as Star crouches.

Silver watches with an expectant and respectful look. "Yeah. I don't want to be here anywhere close to dark. But I had to make sure," She says, her strength coming back in a rush when she sees Star get it. She scuffs dirt and rock over her upchuck and then turns to head back towards the cars. "What should we do? You're the paranormal expert," She asks Star as they go.

"Oh, please. I made out with your brother in the cemetery a million times. I know Thistles." Cash frowns and then headtilts. "Twice. Two separate brothers but that's--" And then Star says it's time to leave. He knows Thistles. He's not one to doubt. "I'll get the scooter set." And that big redhead is hoofing it ahead on the trail.

Blinkblink. "...I'm the expert?" Star says with an arched 'brow. "Then we're fucked. I dunno what the fuck I just felt or saw, okay? But yeah, it was bad. Real bad. Now let's get the fuck out of here before Cash makes me vomit talking about our brothers. Fuckin' priorities, dude."

And she's off for Mom's car.

Why did he have to bring that up? Silver shoots Cash a dark look as they hoof it to the cars. She does help him, though, to get the scooter settled. It's her baby. She saved up and bought it without any help from Mom or Dad and then decorated it herself with silver sharpie and lots of clear coat after. "See you at the house," She tells him once her baby is secure to his party yacht.

Then she piles in to the passenger seat. Only at that point beginning to put the camera away. "I told you. Vampires," She says in a much calmer voice. "That's what you felt. The living dead. Drinkers of blood. All I know is what is in Dracula and Interview with the Vampire...and those are works of fiction so I doubt they're helpful."

"Just for that.." Cash mutters as he bungees Silver's scooter. "I'm taking the Thistle name. I don't /care/ if Hector doesn't take it..." His grumbling continues even as he leaves.

"I SWEAR TO CHRIST IF EITHER OF YOU USE THAT FUCKING WORD AGAIN I'M PUNTING YOU IN THE GODDAMN TAINT!" Star yells when Silver says the 'V' word again. She gets in the driver's side and slams the car door.

Silver does not in fact mention vampires at all on the drive back from Topok. In fact she is pretty silent. Putting her camera away and nibbling on a nutrigrain bar, utterly disgusted by it apparently, for awhile. When they get to the house she sits in the seat for a long few seconds. "What do we say? Just...let him draw blood and wait for the results? I'm feeling a little lost for once on this one." Probably cause she's in the middle of it, instead of taking pictures.

Scooter delivered as promised and Cash on his merry way, Star gets Silver settled into bed before calling Noah. She asks him to come by and give Silver a look, doesn't specify why, and seems rather tense. It's Star, though. Attitude and moodiness are her thing.

Nancy gave Noah a heads-up that Silver might need a blood panel, something about having possibly been slipped something at a party, and left it at that, so at least he's not coming in blind.

"We do whatever he says we do," Star answers, terse. "Questions have got you in plenty of trouble already. Just chill."

To be fair, Noah's a little on the lost side himself. But hey, it's a family thing, and he is well aware that his family's a little on the weird side. Happily he's off work, was doing nothing but relaxing at home, and when his mom called he hopped in the car and headed over to meet two of the three triplets.

"I hear somebody needs a blood panel," he pronounces practically on entering the room. "Mom sent me. Everybody okay?" he considers his two younger cousins for a moment, then sets down his old timey doctor's bag -- an affectation that just feels right to him -- and starts to do the prep work. Which isn't much. Pull out a needle, a few interchangeable tubes. "And should I ask why I'm taking blood?" he adds.

"Yeah. All right," Silver says with a nod. Being tucked into bed by her sister is a little weird, but she does smile and say, "Star? Thank you..." Before she goes off to call their older cousin. Of course she doesn't stay in bed. By the time he arrives there is a notebook in her lap and several books around her. Mostly fiction. Dracula is one title.

"Hey Noah," Silver says as he comes bustling in. She looks uncomfortable even as she smiles. "Nightmares, photo sensitivity, loss of appetite or rather...everything tastes like ash," Don't ask how she knows what it tastes like. Especially in a funeral house. "I dunno...should you?" She's wearing a short sleeved shirt and scoots over to the edge of the bed. Pushing her books and papers aside. "What did your mom tell you exactly?"

"Someone missed the Scooby Doo episode about taking candy from strangers," Star answers Noah, glowering briefly at Silver. All three of the triplets are that rarest of things: black goths. Well, half. Of the three, Silver's the most passable as 'normal', more whimsical and excitable than dark and dour. Spear, the middle one and male, is a chipper, perky and outgoing goth.


Is Very Goth.

She smokes cloves, she drives a bubblegum pink Hearse her parents were going to retire from the fleet, she plays bass guitar in an industrial rock band, and she wears black, red and pink almost exclusively. Today it's a snug black tanktop and black and gray plaid skirt, her pink thigh-high Doc Martins the only splash of color. She fidgets absently with her septum ring, watching quietly for now.

Noah nods at Silver's explanation of her symptoms, pursing his lips as he tries to think of anything that might explain the symptoms. One occurs, at least. One semi-realistic one, at any rate. "Any abdominal pain?" he asks her. "Vomiting? Muscle pain?" He notes the books around her -- but really, given the triplets' bent toward goth, is it any surprise she's reading classic vampire stories? "Mom told me that you might need a blood panel, and that, I think is pretty much it. So I'm prepared to do that, and I'm going to do as much of the review on my own as I can -- I did a few months in cytology, which should give me most of what we need. I can call in a favor or two if I need any more detail that I can get on my own."

He approaches Silver with a strip of latex, sets the hypodermic and the tubes on top of one of her books. There's still a plastic guard on the needle to keep it from becoming contaminated. "Not to put too fine a point on it, Star, but it's not exactly a surprise at your ages. First time I've been asked for a blood panel with symptoms like this, though. So... what did you tell mom about what's happening?"

Silver glances at Star and then back at Noah prepared to get with the blood taking. Her eyes watching the process with an avid fascination. "Nope. I threw up earlier, but, uh, I think it was from only having jolt and seaweed in my stomach and getting a flashback to a...a..." She glances at Star and doesn't seem to really have the words. "I saw someone get torn apart and eaten alive and it kinda made me toss my cookies." She opts for the truth, prepares for him to laugh at her. "I told her there's some chick handing out spiked drinks. I showed her a picture and she knew who it was. Someone names Francine."

"Senioritis," Star suggests with a nod. "Though I didn't expect this one to just randomly drink whatever a stranger gave her. It makes sense, though. Trusting. Naive. That's my big sister." Star is the baby of the three, which is amusing because she's the cynical, jaded one that usually has to explain things to the other, older two.

Case in point, Silver says that, and Star just buries her face in her hands. "I can't fuckin' even," she mutters. Fingers slowly drag down her cherubic face as she looks up. "Ignore her. She's tripping her tits off right now."

Noah nods complacently. "Oh, I se... WHAT?!" Yeah, she's a kid. A goth kid at that. But she is not, he'd generally think, the one to joke about things like that. If somebody were going to offer that sort of thing up he'd expect it to come from Star, really -- cynicism, sarcasm, gallows humor, they go hand-in-hand, right?

Which is not to say he necessarily believes her. He's a doctor. A rationalist. There's an explanation for everything, right? But at the same time he's a Thistle. He knows there's weird stuff out there.

"Okay," he says after a moment. "If you're high, Silver, that's going to come out on any tox screens I do. Unless it's something really rare and difficult to find." He takes her arm, turns it so the inside of her elbow is exposed, and probes for a good vein. "Star, can you go to my bag and get me another vial? One with a blue cap?" Finding what he wants, he swabs Silver with an alcohol pad, and then ties the latex strip around her bicep.

"The first time was for the paper!" Silver retorts to Star's comment, shooting her an irritated look. "Oh yeah. Partial amnesia of the night of." She pauses when Star says she is tripping and wrinkles her nose. "Yeah...something like that." She mumbles and

His response to her comment makes her smirk ever so slightly. "There wasn't anything at the place I saw it. So it was all a really bad dream right? Oh yeah. Nightmares too." As the coolness of the alcohol hits her skin her eyes return to the crook of her elbow. Watching intently. "I think that's the point. Looking for what this could be...answers. I was going to write an article for the school paper...now I think I'll just focus on more fluff pieces. Let your mom do her job..." Hopefully anyway.

"In the taint," Star says warningly to Silver as she drags herself up and goes over to the bag. She digs around and comes up with the requested item, handing it over.

"Yeah, she's been having some crazy dreams, shit like that. Maybe it was a hallucinogen. Something psychotropic. Kids these days, right?"

Noah sets the vial with the others he brought over before -- one more so he can test for drugs. One vial is affixed to the hypodermic, cap comes off the needle. Happily Noah's pretty handy with a needle. He slips it right into that vein he identified, and blood starts flowing into the tube almost instantly.

"Lack of evidence does not prove lack of event," Noah observes, his doctor's face taking over -- he's got good bedside manner, even if a lot of people around town consider him an oddball just by nature of being a Thistle. "I'm sure mom's heading out there to check everything out. She'll have better ways of searching for the evidence than you would, Silver. And if she finds blood or anything else... well, I'm sure she'll let us know." A wry smile at Star. "I get the feeling you want her to have dreamed all of this." Though, really, can he blame her? Who wants their family to have experienced something like that?

Silver chuckles and says, "I know. I know. I'm going to be a forensic investigator after I graduate from University. Just waiting for those acceptance letters." She gives Star the stink eye at that threat. Going so far as to stick her tongue out briefly. "I know you've tried way crazier shit than me, I don't wanna hear it." And she tilts her chin up, not even flinching at the blood draw. It, if anything fascinates her. Watching the way the blood jetisons into the vial each time one is replaced. A different kind of splatter on the wall each time before it fills. She opens her mouth to add something, then closes it. Then open again before she shakes her head and looks at Star. "Have you seen James?"

"She just said something crazy," Star points out. "That, while high on whatever the fuck this is, she saw someone brutally murdered. And yet she was allowed to walk away? Tell everyone and their literal cousin about it? Yeah. That totally happened."

Silver's tongue is met with a middle finger in return. "I haven't done shit as far as drugs," she sniffs. "I am innocent and pure as the driven snow. Ask anyone." She shakes her head. "I haven't seen him, no, but his Mom says he's home. Sleeping."

%r"If you need a recommendation or anything, tell me," Noah says. He's a doctor. Even as a family member, his recommendation will likely carry some weight for a forensics program. He notices the way her eyes follow her own blood -- probably a good sign for somebody who wants to work in forensics. To Star he shrugs. "I'm not discounting what you're saying. She's admitted to taking something -- but we don't know what." A pause as he considers, then asks Silver, "Do you know who it was who you saw ripped apart? Because, I mean, if you knew that it'd be easy enough to disprove if it didn't happen, and then we wouldn't have to worry about that side of things."

Silver nods and looks a little relieved. "Okay. At least he's home okay." They may only be half-siblings, but she treated him tenderly. Almost like one of the triplets, whether he liked it or not. "Right. And I'm not a virgin," She says with an absolutely straight face. When Noah asks her that question though her face shifts. Like it does when she's nervous. Like when she might have to actually lie. "Uuuuuuhhhh..." Her eyes are on Star.

ROLL: Noah rolls Brains +2 for: [1]: x2 (Pair) [2]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 1 5 6 1 4 2 -- d6)

"She thought it was that missing chick," Star answers for Silver. "Which she read about in the paper, like everybody has, and that's where her drug-addled little brain went with it. Naturally. It's all surface-level connections." See? Easy answer!

Noah nods to Star in understanding. "And when did she first say that she'd seen somebody murdered?" he asks her -- not Silver. Because Silver may remember things differently than her sister, given the general concern about what she's imbibed.

Silver nods slowly as Star speaks. "Brenda," She says the name sadly. Reaching out she picks up one of the tubes of blood. Turning it over and watching it flow around the veils. Absently licking her lips once while the two talk. "I think I need a steak. Or three," She comments absently. "And ice chips...you know what that means. Ugh...horse pills."

"Just today," Star answers. "A little bit ago. I think she snuck off last night to go get another drink of the magic juice and has been tripping ever since." This? Is all technically true. "There were a few others, too. Our half-brother James among them, apparently. You might get a few more kids asking you for tests."

Noah pauses for a moment, bent over the vials of blood as he considers this, and then straightens. "I'd appreciate it if you send any of the other kids who are concerned about it to me," he says. "Whatever you took, Silver, better for us to figure out what it is now in case there are long-lasting effects we need to be aware of." He takes the vial from her, collects the others, snaps the cap back onto the hypodermic -- he'll dispose of it back at the hospital. "I'll let you know what I find out as soon as I get a good look at this stuff, alright? For now, rest easy." He flashes a half a smile. "I'm on the case."

Silver looks even more relieved when Star mentions James. "I was wondering if I should mention him," She mutters before shooting Noah a wan smile. "Thanks. I know some of them probably don't want many people finding out. But I'll send who I can." Suddenly she is yawning and snuggling back into her massive heap of pillows and stuffed animals. Granted most of her stuffies are franken-stuffies of her own design. And her room is decorated with taxidermy pieces and terrariums. With spiders and snakes inside. "I think I'm gonna nap. If Lucas or Landon calls, can you wake me up please?" She asks of her sister, making a cute pouty face. And batting her eyes. See? All better again.

"Thanks, Noah," Star says quietly, and she sounds sincere. "We appreciate it. Sorry for being a pain."

"Yeah." She nods to Silver, stroking her sister's hair once before heading out behind Noah. It isn't often on display, but Star's more gentle and compassionate than she lets on.

"You're family," Noah says. "I'm here for you guys. Sleep well, Silver." He pats the girl's arm lightly, then heads for the door, dropping the blood vials into his bag on the way out."