Log:Of Bacon and Lighthouses

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Of Bacon and Lighthouses
Characters  •   The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Confidant  •
Location  •  The Facility - Dining Room
Date  •  2019-03-14
Summary  •  The Thrill-Seeker catches The Confidant returning from the time he can't let go. They chat over bacon about what they should hold on to. Thrill-Seeker is coming to terms. The Confidant gets some much needed validation. Everyone gets a hug.

Thrill-seeker hadn't been around much. Spending time in the Anywhere rooms mostly. Doing any strange and exciting thing that came to her. Except now. Now was a time for eating. Specifically breakfast. There's a pile of bacon on a plate nearby and another plate in front of her with the last few bites of some hash browns. Cheer leans back with a toothpick now, eyeing the plate with great consideration.

The Confidant's been doing the same. Anywhere rooms. But it seems like he only goes one place because he always groans loudly as he returns and now, as he steps into the dining room, he's covering his ears and picking up napkins. Then he noticed T-S and he blushes. "Hey..." He remembers that night at the pool, even if Derek didn't. He starts tearing the paper napkin and stuffing the pieces in his ears.

The Thrill-Seeker glances up from contemplating bacon, always a good past time, at Confidant. Her expression turns surprised and then her cheeks and ears pinken. Though for less to do with the night at the pool and more for hitting him at the beach party. But before embarrassment can take hold the napkin stuffing puzzles her more. "What is with the ear plugging?"

The Confidant sighs and walks over to her table. "I'm sitting." He declares and just drops into the seat. He looks troubled, distracted as his eyes wander over and around the dining room. "You know about the rooms, yeah? I mean, I know you know but...when I go back to an Encounter's uh...world? The fucked up thing about me comes back. If I went to Beaver Lake, I would probably have a seven second memory. When I go back to my first one...I'm deaf. So...the more I go, the more annoying that radio is when I come back. I'll be fine in a moment. Just have to adjust."

The Thrill-Seeker raises a brow but doesn't argue when he plops down. Instead she pushes the plate of bacon towards him. "Oh...really?" There is a look of vague disappointment that crosses her face. "Now I am unsure if I want to go to the Lake...I thought it could be therapeutic. But..." She trails off and wrinkles her nose. "There's very little about Kimmy I want to relive.

The Confidant takes the bacon with gladness. "Thanks." He mutters while he listens. "Then never go back." He says, simply. "There is something empowering about those rooms. You are in control there. It's not like the Encounters where you don't know about your other lifetimes. I have four so far now." He sighs. "You go where you want. And...you never, ever have to see Beaver Lake again if you don't want to. I don't want to either. Fuck that place. I don't go to the space station either. Nothing good was there for me." He nibbles on some bacon. "I don't mind going deaf over and over to be with my sister and best friend in 2018...so that's where I go. I, uh, just went to my school reunion...after spending about six weeks in Richmond, Virginia. I even went to work." He whispers the last bit. "I remembered more about medicine than I thought."

The Thrill-Seeker leans back in her chair and after a second or two of listening actually looks like she is relaxing. She even smiles. "I have vague memories of other places from Kimmy's past that were neat. I went to this hang gliding point. It wasn't the lake so...don't think it counted?" She gives a shrug and picks up her glass of orange juice. "I guess I can hope for a better go next time?" Her smile is a little lopsided. "Still...it wasn't all horrible. There were some fun moments mixed into the shit show."

The Confidant nods along as she talks. "Mmm. Where I was was like, the year before the island. I had a vague memory. Like a bullet point of a memory. 'Went to school reunion with Will.' Will is my best friend. Met in school. So, I focused on it and opened the door and...home." He devours the bacon and gets up for more. Upon return, he pulls the paper from his ears. "See, it's fine now." He points to the radio. "That is from the 1930s, you know? The Great Depression is our next stop, I'm one hundred percent sure of that. It's a dark omen." Munch, munch. "See, what happens in the Encounters is you connect with the other there and...even through the horror and misery, they are like this beacon of light. They are the way back and when you land here, you need to find your light. Because what else do we really have here but one another?" Beat. "And it doesn't need to be one person or a lover. Danny is my best friend here. Misty is..." He shakes his head a little and looks away. "But truly, honestly, everyone here is a light to me."

The Thrill-Seeker glances at the Radio and her nose wrinkles faintly. When he finishes she nods slowly and says, "That is what I've been trying to focus on. This is ME time. The real me. And...yeah. Finding your light. I'm still prying that first memory-instinct off, try to forget some of the feelings. Because let me tell you, that girl felt everything at 300." She swallows and turns a little red. "Thank you, by the way. I'm really glad you're the one who introduced me to everything here," She says. Then leans forward to snatch another piece of bacon. "I hope next go we have a better connection that a coke-filled one night stand or beating..." She sounds vaguely apologetic. And her cheeks pink up again.

"You have no idea how much that means to me." The Confidant says with wide, honest eyes. "I only ever want to help people but it's in a very specific way. I want to be available. I want to listen and advise a little but..." He pauses, fidgeting with the torn tissue. "Everyone needs someone to unload to, you know? Therapist or best friend or whatever. Everyone needs that personal kind of mental care and...that's what I love. Helping you get through the early confusion was just natural to me but...knowing it actually made things better is like a natural high to me." He nods a little. "I suppose the best we can hope for is to come out of the Encounters with more friends. More light. This place? It's a lighthouse and the Encounters are dark, rough waters."

The Thrill-Seeker gives Confidant a bright smile now. Blue eyes bright and dimples showing. "Yeah. I am down with that. And you are a big ol' ray of sunshine. Can I give you a hug?" She leans forward, clearly intent on getting up even before he answers.

The Confidant stands up, smiling. "I fucking love hugs. I love hugs so much that I am scared to hug people. Like my love and affection will smother them. Next time, let's try and be friends, yeah?" He spreads his bare arms. He's just wearing a tank-style undershirt. Was The Confidant this in shape before? No. That is Derek's body. Just a couple of inches shorter. "Bring it in, sis."

The Thrill-Seeker beams at him now as she comes around to hug him tightly. For her own part she's wearing her two piece pajamas. Tank top and fuzzy bottoms with little pink hearts. The hug she shares is tight and she lets it linger. "I would very much like that. In that era we'll need all the friends we can get," She says with a little gesture at the radio. "Hey, I'm going to go take a shower. But I was going to go try bungee jumping after. If you want to join me," She says when she finally releases the hug. Invite delivered she takes a step towards the parlor, still all smiles.