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Nothing to See Here
Characters  •   Eden  •  Kit  •  Locke  •  Faustina  •  Kitten  •  Anchor Man  •  Mark  •
Location  •  Sanctuary - Prime - Scavenger Central
Factions  •   The Monitors  •  Scavengers  •  The Fortunate Ones  •  The Children of War  •
Date  •  2019-12-02
Summary  •  Some trading and questions in the scavenger's marketplace.

Eden doesn't leave the Cage or the Bazaar much at all, but now and again, if she notices Monitors are on the way on their patrol path, she tends to tag along from a distance. It's not that the Patron is squirrely or anything while in Sanctuary, but she likes to have what's familiar nearby, just in case.

Afterall, sometimes the market is a busy crowd of hawking and she's there in fancy dress as one of the privileged. People know she has lux to spare from mere presumption and she tends to be a bit overwhelmed now and again with constant offers of goods.

Mostly, she looks for things to make decor or baubles to wear, things to gift, things to trade for clothing among artisans, having a fair creative hand when in her own wheelhouse of doing.

Kit is thin, sharp, with angular features and quick fingers. He's known for being able to get in and out of tricky places. He's quick, and he's resourceful, but he's not a regular vendor or anything like that. He tends to go for more targetted acquisitions, and so if he's milling about the market, it's because he needs something, needs information to find something, or maybe is just bored and shopping for himself. He takes in everything and everyone around him a kind of idle curiosity, tucking away whatever information he gathers for later. Never know what might be useful.

Faustina is, indeed, on her rounds with Mark a watchful presence behind her. Dressed in her usual uniformesque clothing, she's got a notebook out and is writing something in it as she looks around, gaze focused on the items for sale and the lux changing hands more than the people. Behind her, Mark is just the opposite, not seeming to pay much attention to the goods at all, but keeping a close eye on the scavengers and their customers.

While the Fortunate's Bazaar is filled with beautiful baubles and artistic creations of all sorts, the Scavenger's Market is filled with some of that and more. More, not in the sense of beauty, but if there's something you want? There's a good chance that someone here has it. Or, at the very least, knows of someone who might be able to get it for you.

Locke is here doing his rounds as well. He's visibly armed, but that's a mere deterrent to those who might try to start trouble here. Out of most areas in Sanctuary, this place is where a lot of the action happens. Like usual, he carries himself about with a sharp severity, unfriendly eyes cast down at the many scruffy and dusty vendors that have set up shop here. His steps are slow, moving through the crowd, while giving himself enough time to overhear bits and pieces of conversation. So far, nothing has caught his attention. Nothing out of the ordinary anyway. He catches sight of a few familiar faces, taking note of the other Monitors in the area and their locations.

Kit is given a wary glance and Eden he watches from afar. It's not rare to see a Fortunate One here, but though this place is within Sanctuary, things can get rowdy at the drop of a hat.

Kit is always given wary glances, and he's used to them, so he doesn't really react. He also doesn't seem all that bothered by the Monitors, unlike some others. But then, Kit's pretty well-behaved. He doesn't make trouble, and he's excellent at getting out of it. Who is all that concerned about what he gets up to out in the wastes so long as he minds his business while in Sanctuary? Probably a good number of people in the wastes, but what happens in the wastes, stays in the wastes -- at least, that's his philosophy. Today, he seems to be wandering about with a pair of goggles with a broken lens, looking for a replacement here and there. He flashes a grin to the familiar Monitors as he passes them, and studies Eden for a moment or two. The Fortunate, particularly the Companions, are always a curiosity to him. He's never spent Lux to spend time with them, but he does watch them like strange zoo animals.

Eden has one of the young 'meanies' serving as a handmaiden to her while she's out, and the auburn haired, skinny pre-teen girl looks proud as a peacock to be out with the Patron. One shoulder holds the strap of a bag to hold what the brunette woman selects, and it possibly contains small luxuries to barter with, as well, in preparation of finding something she might truly want as a Barter Town import.

Today, Eden is wearing a teal body dress that's comprised of a series of wide strips in crisscross pattern. Honestly, it's more like fabric wrapped over her body to make the fascimile of a dress garment, edgy elegance and constant thin gaps of flesh on display for that splash of sex despite relative modesty. The Patron's face is partially draped with sheer lace mesh veil in matching hue, pulled forward for fashion more than any actual concealment.

"You know the shiny bits that can be pieced together, this is not your first trip. Pay mind to where you walk and what you look at. Do not make eyes overlong. Let us see what the rarities from Barter Town are this day." Eden also seems to be speaking loud enough for Kit to hear, in case he's the kind of loitering fellow that knows what's what.

Faustina pauses at one of the stalls selling scrap metal - bits and pieces of things, rusty corrugated iron, old springs that have lost their bounce, a long with some more obviously useful pieces. She seems to be doing some sort of mental calculation as she looks over the wares, occasionally making little marks in her book. Mark looms behind her, though he's not being particularly intimidating, yet. Just a large man with a gun who's clearly watching for trouble.

ROLL: Locke rolls brains+1 for: [1]: x1 [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 [7]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 1 6 7 3 5 -- d8)

The large space is filled with traders. You would think that moving would be difficult due to this, but people tend to move in a somewhat organized manner, following the flow of passage through each of the stalls. Locke follows one such path, a look of impatience on his face. He might move in a slow and methodical manner, but some people just need to stop at every stand and he's walking behind a few such people. Scavengers by the look of it. His movements are taking him to the edge of the room, closer to the entryway. Every so often, his gaze will sweep over the room towards the Fortunate Ones. There are other Monitors closer to their position than he is. For now, he doesn't notice the Scavenger, Kit, who seems to have taken interest in Eden and the little Meanie.

At one of the nearby stands, closer to where Eden and Kit are, there's a scruffy portly man and a dirty thin man standing beside him. They are both gregarious sorts and they are talking to spirits vendor. The fat one says loudly, "We've been lookin' high and low for hardest liquor imaginable. You don't know who'd sell that lot, do ya?" Apparently the pair have no confidence in this vendor's goods.

Kitten arrives from Sanctuary - Prime - Great Mess Hall.

While Kit doesn't seem to be having much luck locating his own finds at the moment, he does overhear Eden and notices the girl at her side, the young meanie seeming delighted to be accompanying and assisting the Patron. And so Kit attempts to catch her eye, not Eden's, but the girls. And when he does, he nods over toward a booth not far away where some interesting baubles from Barter Town have come in. None of it interests him, but maybe if the girl points it out to her lady, it might score her some points, and it costs him nothing to do the girl a good turn. He gives her a grin and a wink, and then hangs back.

The pair that are talking about liquor however, he just outright says to them, "You want the hardest liquor you can find, then you're looking for Hexeyed Charlie. He's got stuff that'll clean your engine."

"I heard it makes a man go briefly blind. I'm not sure if that's a boon or not, but it sounds potentially exciting." Eden says with backhanded humor and affability to the fellows in passing while wandering around and trying to find the rarer picks and finds. Then the auburn girl accompanying the Patron catches Kit's directive and grins with a small gap between her teeth.

After tipping her head to listen to the 'meanie' passing on where they should go, Eden pulls up her veil for a better look at the indicated stall and starts that way, making a sudden 'oh' noise under her breath at something she apparently sees on display.

Mark perks up a bit at the discussion of liquor and glances over. "Yeah, Charlie's got the strongest stuff if you're lookin' for the drinkable kind." He gives Eden an affable sort of grin and then turns his attention on the two men. "What kind of booze are you looking for other than strong?"

Faustina seems to be mostly still looking at the scrap metal, but does comment, "Remind me to check our isopropyl stores later."

The liquor vendor looking put off by what he deems is an insult, practically scowls at the two, then glares over at Kit and the others when they toss in their two cents! Hmph! "Fine. G'head and drink that shit! Potent don't mean that it's good."

Nevertheless, the skinny and plump pair turn all too happy smiling faces over at those gathered. "You don't say? We heard the name whispered in the wind, but never got the chance to try this Hexeyed Charlie's goods."

"If ya enjoy that mediocre shit. Don't come crawlin' back ta me when one o' you falls over." Bark the liquor vendor.

Slapping the vendor on the back, the rotund Scavenger laughs loudly, "Believe me, you'd be the last person we'd crawl back to in this whole damned place." That's when he leans in towards the pair of Fortunates, "I know some place that I'd like to crawl all over?" And to this the pair of men start laughing good naturedly. Probably. To Mark, the man rubs his chin thoughtfully, "What do you recommend? What's this Hexeyed. Charlie's." He pronounces those two words distinctly, "most potent or popular drink?"

Oh yes, Locke has noticed the gathering at the liquor stand. The muscles in his form tensing, but seeing that there are other Monitors there, he refrains from making a move just yet. He simply watches.

Kit just grins over at the liquor vendor for the glare and shrugs his shoulders. Sometimes the truth hurts, and he's entirely unapologetic. But that's all the commentary he's willing to give on that topic. He leaves the liquor conversation to continue on its own, glancing over toward Locke and noticing him tensing. He studies the Monitor, looking him up and down, and then gradually eases away. He does, after all, have a lens he's still looking for, and he gets back to that, occasionally glancing over toward Eden and her young charge, secretly trying to see if he can spot anything else to point out to her on the sly.

ROLL: Eden rolls spirit+1 for: [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 3 5 4 2 6 -- d6)

Kitten strides in, in their white vinyl dress, pigtails, and stompy boots. They're covered in white powder, and they've used soot to dark the shadows around their eyes and hollow their cheeks. Skull-faced harbinger of walking death, right here. There's a pipe wrench cinched by an old belt around their hips. In one hand they have an old burlap sack, and in the other, they have a handmade knife with a wicked, curved and serated blade that ought to churn flesh up real nice. The handle looks like it came from a hammer, so it's got a nice grip for bashing, too. They wave the knife cheerfully toward Eden when they spy her.

ROLL: Faustina rolls brains-1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [3]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 2 1 3 -- d6)

Normally, Eden would be walking right beyond the commentary and leaning leer without much reaction, typical easy grace and bearing and experience she is. But she's also not alone today, and she feels like the auburn haired eager little girl next to her is being included in that sentiment to a degree. Reaching out, she pinches at the back of the girl's arm when she turns to stare, chastizing instead of setting pinnacle example, "Eyes forward. You cannot stare at everyone like that for noticing us. We are made to be noticed."

As the girl turns forward to look at what Eden is looking at (also occasionally at Kit), she tries to keep a straight and focused face, though looks far less enthused than the Patron does over the rarity picked up. It's a battered hardcover book that's seen far better days, but all of the pages seem to be intact, despite the wiggling binding, "Tell me. What is it you desire for this?"

While the vendor tells her how /rare/ and /pricy/ intact novels are, Eden catches sight of Kitten waving at her, then makes a little charmed gesture with her hands for the outfit showing. Then it's back to bartering, but there for a beat while she's turning back, her eyes catch and do a little double take pass over where Locke is watching distantly.

Faustina's still looking over the scrap metal and comments idly, "I believe Hexeyed Charlie's most popular drink is whatever he currently has available. He might be able to get you something specific, if you asked and were willing to pay for it, but from what I have seen the people buying from him mostly care that it is strong but will not actually cause blindness." Her attention, though, is somewhere else.

Mark shrugs and gives the two men a sort of affable smile that doesn't reach his eyes at all. "Well, now, I haven't tried this guy's stuff. His might well taste better. I should probably remedy that, sometime, come to think of it." He's definitely watching both the pair and the vendor, now, though. "Though if you're spending all your money on booze, you ain't gonna be able to afford five minutes with her, so I'd suggest moving along now that you know who to look for." He actually gives Faustina a little nudge, not much of one, but it looks like a practiced move.

The belittled liquor vendor breaks out in a loud guffaw at what Mark says. While he doesn't entirely feel vindicated by those words are alone, it's a jab at the two Scavs (which is what he is too!) who were calling his goods crap. Returning back to his work, reaching down into a few crates to pull out several more bottles to put on display, he eventually shouts loudly to the passing crowd, "Get yer finest bottles here! Stuff strong enough to put hair on yer chest!" His narrowed eyes then lower to the odd pair, "All while not killing you!"

Sadly, to this, another voice calls out from the crowd, "Then you're selling shit! Is that what you're telling us??" There's laughter breaking out all around them and the vendor's shoulders slump and in his annoyance, turns his back to pretend to straighten out his stall.

"They know what's good!" The portly guy calls out in high spirits. His hawk-like eyes look Faustina over when she speaks up, making note that she's a Monitor, not a Fortunate. The two men look at one another again, before the tall and skinny one asks, "This Charlie, is he a regular here? Maybe we can finally meet him for once rather than hear the tales." To what the chubbier man adds, "Is he /here/ right now?"

Oh no, the larger of the two did not forget or dismiss what Mark had snidely says, but he flashes the Monitor a bright smile. "We got some goods to trade ourselves. We ain't hurtin'." His eyes roam over to the Fortunate Ones again, "Maybe we'll barter, get us some Lux and get us some time with the jewels of Sanctuary."

ROLL: Locke rolls brains+1 for: [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x2 (Pair) [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 5 4 5 8 4 -- d8)

Even from his distance, Locke can tell that the two dusty Scavengers were sniffing around the pair of Fortunates. His attention is focused on the squatter, yet rounder man, but he sees the scarecrow leering as well. After a moment, he's on the move, making his way through the crowd in the same stiff militaristic style. He's in no rush and doesn't expect any trouble to come. He keeps eyes on the two as he moves and shifts through the crowded market.

Kit finds himself a place to perch, climbing easily up the side of one stall and onto the top of another, getting an annoyed shout from within but little more than that, for his racket, before he hangs out up there, just watching, for the time being. He observes Eden with the book, and the girl at her side. Whenever she catches his eye, he shakes his head just slightly. Nothing yet, but he'll let her know if he sees something.

Then his attention shifts over to the man leering at the Fortunates, and the movement of the Monitor as he begins to get closer. This, he observes with some interest, propping his elbow on his knee and studying the interplay from his perch. Kitten is noticed, because Kitten is hard not to notice, and the way that the weapon is waggled at Eden without her seeming disturbed by it both amuses and puzzles him.

People in Kitten's immediate vicinity give them a wide berth as they go about waving a jagged blade around. They wave it at Faustina, too. "Hello, Faustina, hello Mark." Then they look around at the various booths. "I'm here to trade. I've got this to offer." They hold up the knife. "Help keep you safe out in the Wasteland."

Anchor arrives from Sanctuary - Prime - Great Mess Hall.

Anchor is poking around in search of the Right bit of Scrap. He is not a big noticer, but Locke moving purposefully past him does get his attention. Not having much going on just then he trots after in case something interesting is about to happen. When he spots kitten waving a knife near those particular people, he picks up his pace.

ROLL: Eden rolls spirit+1 for: [5]: x5 (Set) -- Match Value: 5 (Raw: 5 5 5 5 5 -- d6)

Eden looks moderately amused at the value collective being placed on the book she's interested in, then she says diplomatically, "I have beads and baubles made by the Caged Birds you can take back to Barter Town. There may be much there, but there are no Fortunate ones. Do not think me silly because I spend much time insulated." Her and the vendor lean close to talk a moment, and suddenly, Eden is shifting from that easy calm and bearing into something entirely effervescently aglow with charisma and smile while they speak quietly.

Somehow, the man is suddenly trying to give her the book for free on the grounds she'll use and enjoy it so, but she insists on passing him a set of beads all the same for his ladyfriend. Her auburn haired fledgling is standing there stunned that a scavenger is trying to give away things!

Faustina startles a little and turns quickly, knocking over a pile of springs with her elbow as she looks towards the liquor stall, then frowns and tucks her notebook and pen away. Her glance flickers very briefly towards Kitten, but then back to the two men and the liquor stall. The scrap metal vendor starts to scowl as his springs go over, but then eyes the Monitors and the rising tension and instead just sets about picking up the springs and piling them back in place.

Mark, having pulled Faustina's attention, shrugs at the two men. "Might be. I haven't seen him, yet, today, but we haven't finished our rounds. Y'probably want to start down at that end of the marketplace, though." And he points with his left hand in the direction away from the two Fortunates. "Hey, Kitten. Nice knife."

"We're only here for a couple a days, but we'll be back if he don't show within that time frame." The portly one says as he casts a glance over at his taller friend. That's when the scrawny guy asks, "And you're sure he's got the most potent potable in alla Sanctuary?" The meaty guy slaps the taller one's arm with a laugh, "This is Hexeyed Charlie we're talking about. Are you doubtin' the rumors now too?" To which they taller one starts to grumble. When the two are directed away from the Fortunates, both men look in ghat direction before eyeing Mark once more. "Aye, we got some tradin' to do all our own. We'll come a knockin' with our lux in hand. It's been a long dusty trip and we're itchin' for some good booze and even better company." He then gestures to the taller guy, slapping him on the arm again with the back of his hand, "C'mon. I got a guy we need to meet."

The two Scavengers finally depart and Locke's gaze continues to trail behind them through the crowded space. He's kept a good distance away the whole while, though at some point, his gaze meets with the smaller of the pair. Even as he approaches the small gathering, mainly the Fortunate pair, he continues to shift his gaze between them and the Scavenger duo. He seems to get there in the nick of time, watching the transaction between Eden and the book seller. "I'd check that book carefully if I were you. It may be contraband." Surely, he jests, but he says this in that stern tone of his. He then nods towards both Mark and Faustina as they are in the vicinity and he's seen enough of their interactions from afar.

The Anchor man's shoulders relax as whatever it is fails to happen. He turns his feet toward Kitten, "That's a good knife." He glances toward, hen quickly away from the Fortuneates, "So how's Rebar doing?"

Kit watches the exchange between Eden and the vendor with avid interest, particularly when she seems to turn on the charm and the guy turns to butter under her smile. His eyes widen a little bit and then he lets out a little bit of a laugh. Mental note: the lady likes books, and has dangerous charm. He shakes his head then, and grins, seemingly satisfied with helping the auburn-haired girl find her Patron something that she likes. He hops down from the stall he was sitting on and begins to move away, then. The lens he was looking for seemingly set aside for the time being, the goggles tucked back into the pocket of his jacket. He'll have to look again when the next round of scavengers came in from the wastes, or cough up the lux for a crafted lens from the Fortunate Bazaar, but that's a little rich for his blood, and so he waits.

"Rebar's feeling better since Cinder gave him some blood," Kitten says. "He's eager to get out in the Wasteland, though, take down some Devil Boys if he can." They peruse the booths. The alcohol booth is considered, but with a knife this fancy, one wants to trade something nice for it. Something that will last. They pause to inspect some shoes, but they've got stompy boots. What else could they possibly need? They start pawing through some old costume jewelry that looks like it's been through hell.

Faustina watches the two men head off, then looks back towards the liquor stand and heads that direction. "What kind of alcohol do you carry? What proof is it? Where are you getting fruit or grain?" It's not this guy's night, clearly. First two annoying non-customers, and now a monitor asking too many questions.

Mark follows along, looking amused and slightly more relaxed now that the two men have moved off. He gives Anchor an up-nod and then goes back to glancing around, watching the crowd. "Can't be too careful with books, no. All kinds of dangerous things in those."

The vendor is moping, but when he hears someone speaking to him, he immediately straightens up and smiiiiiillles. Even after Faustina grills him for various bits of information, that wide plastic smile remains even if you can see the nervousness in his eyes. Clearing his throat, he gestures to several of his bottles on display, "I carry only the best in gold. Come, come." He tries to show off his wares to, perhaps, not have to answer some of the other things. Either way, he rummages for his own ledgers etc when that comes up.

Locke simply hovers, his eyes on Kitten, but more likely Kitten's knife. He saw the careless handling of the thing on his way over! So far, it looks like things are in hand... "What did those two want?" He asks the other Monitors. He has an idea, but he wants to hear whatever details the pair wish to impart.

The Anchor Man follows Kitten's gaze to the alcohol booth. "I have alittle Lux....I meant to buy some scrap to do my hole up a little nicer but..." He shrugs, expression suggesting an offer. But then a Monitor is asking pointed questions and the Charioteer is suddenly very, very interested in the battered jewelry Kitten is pawing through. He does give Mark an upnod and a wink, though.

Kitten considers the jewelry for a moment, but their attention is drawn toward a stall selling spare car parts next to the alcohol stall. They show the person manning the stall their knife and they say, "I'd like this crank shaft, those spark plugs, and that oil pan doesn't seem to be in too bad of shape. I've got this to trade." They show the knife. "You don't even have to know how to use one of these, just slash away." They aside to Anchor, "Get old tires to make a bed. That's what Rebar and I did. It'll just fit."

Faustina doesn't smile back, but then again most people would probably consider marking it on their calendar if she did. She does, however, dig into where he's getting his ingredients and what those ingredients are. It's not quite clear if she suspects him of wrong doing or if she just really wants to know about his supply chains, possibly to try to coopt them as new sources for Sanctuary.

Mark shrugs at Locke. "They wanted to know where to get strong booze. And then they wanted to make stupid comments about the Patron. And now, they want to be someplace else. If they can trade their stuff for enough Lux, they may come by the bazaar later. Didn't seem particularly dangerous, just jerkwads. Still, seemed good to keep an eye out and make sure they didn't get any 'bright' ideas about what liberties they'd be allowed without paying."

Whether the Scavenger merchant is doing anything illegal or not, it's difficult to tell. Maybe he's just incredibly nervous any time he's in a Monitor's presence. Especially a Counter. So he hovers about, pretending to be stone, before he's quickly sent off to bring out another ledger or another bit of reference that one might carry throughout the wastelands. "Of course, I can't tell you all of my secrets on where I obtain my ingredients. Then what's stoppin' you from going into business yourself?" He says, trying his hardest to make a joke. A bead of sweat drips down the side of his face.

"Nothing to be done if they've got the Lux." Locke will concede whether he likes it or not. "That is unless they do something that makes them unwelcome here." With the pair of Fortunates moving on after their trade, he gives the room another sweeping look, his eyes resettling on the pair of Scavengers who he quickly pinpoints in the distance. "I'll keep an eye on them."

There's some bartering going down on the side. Kitten and their knife. A curious look is given the blade. Locke does have an interest in weaponry, but he's not looking to purchase anything at the moment. "I just got in from the Great Mess Hall. The only action there were, of course, Scavvy related. They need to learn to control themselves or they'll find themselves banned from Sanctuary."

ROLL: Faustina rolls brains+1 for: [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x3 (Set) -- Match Value: 4 (Raw: 4 4 4 3 3 -- d6)

The Anchor Man considers this advise, and nods, "Been having a little trouble sleeping. My Floor's a little rough." He winces at the overheard bits about the jerkwads and the Patron. "So how've you been, Kitten? What do you think Rebar might like. As an I'm glad you're feeling better present?" He lowers his voice and rumbles in Kitten's ear. "She's scarier than any Devil Boy. Glad I have no ledger to count."

It's a well-made piece of weaponry, sturdy and balanced, easy to handle, and vicious. It isn't just meant to wound, it's meant to maim. The point is barbed. Whatever it goes into, it's pulling back pieces. The vendor looks it over, and from his missing eye, he's had trouble with self-defense in the past out in the Wasteland. The vendor peers at Kitten. "Is that all you've got?"

Kitten tells Anchor, "Oh, I've been all right. You should get Rebar something for his chariot. A good luck charm or a weapon. It's got plenty of flamethrowers." They then give the vendor a flat look. "For crank shaft, three spark plugs, and an oil pan? Yeah, it's all I got, and you'd be lucky to have it." They take the knife back. "Unless you want to be defenseless out in the Wasteland."

The vendor says, "Now let's not be too hasty..."

Faustina pulls out her pen and starts making notes on his books. "You have made errors here, here, here, and here. See they are corrected." She studies another bit and considers it, then shakes her head. "These others, I will let slide, this time, because these supplies are not missing from our stores, which means you acquired them elsewhere. Be more diligent in the future. Mark, you do not want his products." And she stands and pulls out her own notebook, making several notes and heading to another table to terrify that poor vendor.

Mark snorts at the slightly too loud 'whisper' from Anchor Man, but sends him a grin. Kitten's bargaining tactics get an appreciative nod as well, though he's mostly back to watching the crowd.

The liquor vendor nods his head each time Faustina utters the word 'here'. His wide eyes watch at what's she's pointing at and whether he's truly paying or attention or not, he looks completely abashed by all of this. He's an older man, not a young whippersnapper, so he's been through all of this many times before. "Thank you for your kindness and I'll be sure to document things better next time." And there's always a next time with these people. As he gets back to work, collecting all of the documentation he was forced to bring out for the Monitor's sadistic enjoyment (or that's how he sees it), his frame stiffens when Faustina warns Mark to not buy his booze. He turns towards her, a reaction, really, looking like he's about to say 'Hey, now!', but when he sees her, he freezes and goes back to his work, grumbling all the while. "You just can't make a livin' nowadays out on yer own."

Locke was only half observing the goings on between Faustina and this vendor, finding some sadistical amusement in the whole process. "Admit it." He says to the other Copper, "You enjoy your job way too much." He's known Faustina for years and years. They were both Tattlers together, but whether this holds any truth or not, he'll, at least, wear a ghost of a grin, believing it to be true. Looking back over his shoulder at where the Fortunates disappeared to, he then tells the others, "I'm going to tail our jerkwad guests. I'll be around the vicinity for the next few hours." Looking at the vendor and then to Kitten, he will come out and state, "Nice blade." And with that he marches his way through the crowd of merchants and traders.

ROLL: Kitten rolls brains for: [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 2 6 5 3 -- d6)

ROLL: Faustina rolls brains+1 for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 2 5 6 3 2 -- d6)

ROLL: Anchor rolls 4d10 for: [2]: x1 [4]: x1 [8]: x1 [9]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 8 2 9 4 -- d10)

ROLL: Locke rolls brains+1 for: [2]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [6]: x1 [7]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 5 4 2 7 6 -- d8)

ROLL: Faustina rolls 5d10 for: [4]: x1 [7]: x1 [8]: x2 (Pair) [10]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 7 8 10 4 8 -- d10)

The Anchor Man eyes the knife with an impressed look, "You sure you can spare a blade like that, Kitten? I mean tht's an impressive bit of personal weaponry there." He looks around, thinking about spikes and good luck charms. Before he can think, he blurts out, "Something wrong with them?" Then he ducks his head at Mark's grin.

Kitten gives an upnod when the knife is acknowledged. "Thanks, man," they say. Then, back to the vendor, "Maybe he'd like it. Anchor here likes it, too." Then Anchor blurts, and it sends ripples over Kitten's chill. Anchor is given a somewhat vexed look, and they waggle the knife at the vendor in a manner that, while on its own is probably innocent, in combination with the War Kid skeletal death-face getup, probably looks pretty menacing. "Give to the V8 and reap its rewards, Skavvy."

The vendor eyes that blade, and he pushes the car parts toward Kitten with a quickness. "Here, take it. I want the knife, handle-first. Just stop loitering around my stall."

Kitten hands the knife over smoothly, handle-first, and starts putting car parts in their burlap bag. "Pleasure doing business," they say. To Anchor, they mention, "I'm going to build an engine that'll scream when you rev it."

Faustina starts to say something to Locke, then her attention is caught by something further down the aisle. Mark seems to notice the same thing, and they glance at each other, then return to what they were doing. Faustina notes, "I enjoy correcting errors, yes." She glances at the vendor. "His liquor is at a perfectly adequate price point for what it is, and will certainly inebriate someone without killing them, but Mark has better options available should he wish to indulge." For those used to Faustina that probably translates as 'it's cheap and harsh, but not dangerous'. She does, however, make a few more notes in her notebook.

Mark snorts at Faustina's description of the booze. "Yeah, Thanks, Boss." His eyes are still following something down the aisle, though.

Anchor gazes at Kitten obviously extremely impressed, "That. Sounds. Amazing. Man, I wish I had your smarts!" He nods at Faustina's comment and eyes Mark, impressed.

Kitten beams at Anchor. "I have a mind for these sorts of things." The horrible and macabre. No wonder they made her leave the Garden for the Garage. They perk up as they see something else on the vendor's table. "Oh! Can I have that, too?" They point at an old rubber baby doll. "I only need its face."

The vendor gives Kitten a flat look. "Trade's over, unless you've got something new for me."

Kitten shrugs. Eh, they tried. "Okay, I'm going to get these to the Garage and get to work," they say. "See you, Anchor. Let me know if you want me to decorate your steering wheel."

Mark finally loses track of whatever he'd been looking at and goes back to watching the crowd more generally, which means he catches Archor Man's look and raises an eyebrow back.

Faustina is now studying the poor car part vendor's wares including the baby doll.

Anchor grins at Kitten, "I'd love that. Something really wicked? You're the best, Mate. I'll stop by and see Rebar before mess." He asks Mark, "What do you consider lucky?" He edges away from the vendor now under scrutiny by the formidable Faustina and is soon at the other stall, poking at battered jewelry with thick fingers.

Kitten heads out, sans knife, but with car parts in their burlap sack and a bounce in their step. The vendor offers Faustina a stiff smile and says, "Everything's accounted for, ma'am. Got it all in fair trade." The knife he sticks in his belt. Just the look of it is enough to dissuade plenty of troublemakers.

Mark shrugs. "Lucky's what makes you feel lucky. If it's something a little out of the ordinary and you tell him it's lucky, he'll believe it's lucky, and that's it's own kind of luck. They got something with an old coin? Or an animal skull? People always seem to think those're lucky, for some reason."

Faustina nods and moves on to another vendor, continuing to make little notes in her book, but not actually saying anything.

Anchor squints at Mark, "But if we have the skull wasn't the animal unlucky? Coin maybe...." Keeping a wary eye on Faustina, he fishes out an old earring made out of coin with a square hole in the middle. "If I polish this up, think it'd work?" He lowers his voice to rumble, "You interested in maybe... having a drink of hooch sometime?"

Mark nods at the earring. "Yeah, that'd probably do. I always figured the skulls were lucky for whomever'd gotten the animal, not the animal itself, but the coin's nice." He considers a moment, eyeing Anchor, then nods. "Yeah. Sometime. When I'm not on duty."

Faustina seems to be ignoring the flirting and, instead, continuing on her reign of terror... ahem, making her rounds in ways which in her mind are simply diligent and thorough and in the vendor's minds are likely somewhat unsettling.

Anchor nods and ducks his head, "I'd like that. Thanks." His gaze includes both monitors, "For the advice." He turns back to the vendor and starts haggling for the gift for the dying War kid.