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Night at Marchant Manor
Characters  •   Morrison Lester  •  Alex Tanner  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Thea Marchant  •  Theodore Marchant  •  Landon Marchant  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Marchant House
Date  •  2019-09-02
Summary  •  The infected Marchants: Lucas, Landon, and Thea spent the night sequestered at the Marchant Manor under the strict orders of Robert.

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit-1 for: [1]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 4 1 3 -- d6)

ROLL: Landon rolls spirit for: [1]: x1 [2]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 2 2 1 5 -- d6)

ROLL: Thea rolls spirit for: [1]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 1 8 5 4 -- d8)

Monday night. The moon is full in the sky once again. The gathering starts simple and normal enough, security walks the perimeter, the kids in question are sequestered in the house, things are set up, and everyone is anxious but just fine. After 9pm comes, however, those who have drank before feel The Call, a sudden, wordless need to go somewhere. They don't even know where, but they'd know when they got there. It tugs at them. Burns in their veins.

Theo didn't know what to think, or what would happen. Cult. Biker gang. Whatever these people were, they were dangerous, and as much as he trusted his father to pay for top of the line security there were two people he trusted a whole lot more, and he did not trust easily. It was a simple invitation to Morrison and Tanner to come spend the evening at the mansion, 'Catch up on old times and have some beers.' After all, he was supposed to be relaxing in the wake of Brenda's disappearance, and how better to do so than with two old high school buddies. Indeed there are snacks and beers in the living room for the three of them, as well as a high strung Theo, high strung meaning he's actually twitching his fingers from anxiousness.

Tanner, Theo's oldest friend, sits on the couch relaxed as can be. Beer in hand and watching his friend with a level gaze. "Theo." One of the few that can actually use the nickname. "Calm down. Worrying about it isn't going to help anything." The vet knew what he was talking about, and he did look like he wasn't bothered in the slightest, but anyone who had seen him bounce at Kokomo knows that's more a front than actual ease.

For the most part, Thea's been quiet this evening. She's been curled up somewhere in a corner, no doubt under the watchful eyes of some security member or another, her expression rife with the stormy ire of a lovelorn teenager forcibly separated from her Romeo. Yep. Sulky teen angst is in full swing. At least it hasn't involved outbursts or flinging of things, though! Rather, she's been quite manageable, at least so far as the security crew is concerned.

At least, until The Call hits. Then she starts getting restless. Shifting in her chair, grumbling and muttering more and more to herself, and ultimately shoving to her feet and snarling as she starts to pace the floor, back and forth. Watching what the hired muscle does, as though gauging the swiftness and strength of their response. If any.

This was the night that the teens have all been dreading ever since they were warned about the full moon from Mr. Chen. Landon was incredibly antsy this evening. Never mind that Uncle Robert gave the twins a good dressing down the other day, something which still stung. They'd gone to school like normal earlier in the day and now they were here, not allowed to leave the house or join the other kids at Esme and Lana's place.

He'd showered and changed prior to this even with the idea of vampires on his mind. Wearing a white dress shirt and slacks, heck, he's even wearing a tie, Landon Marchant looks as if he could very well be dressed for his own funeral. Or school... The urge to look out the window is strong. The amount of security called in for this evening was incredible from what he'd seen earlier in the day. With his hair slightly damp from the shower, the tips dripping down the splatter upon his lap, all he can do is take some deep breaths to help him keep calm. He couldn't be there for Esme today, but-- and his eyes turn to Lucas now. Lucas was here and that's who he's concerned about the most.

It's a full moon, which means that Morrison's been feeling a bit on edge for a couple of days now, easily irritated and it's only his carefully cultivated self-control that keeps him from showing just how agitated he becomes when the full moon is in the sky. He's vigilant, listening, watching, for signs of trouble, and he paces periodically, just getting up and walking around with his beer checking on things before returning. Tanner is probably the most relaxed person there. Morrison nurses the beer, and only takes a swig from it every so often. It's more something to do with his hand than a need to actually drink at the moment.

Lucas has been pacing like a caged panther for most of the evening. Landon said take a shower. The shower didn't help...well he's less affected with teenage boy smell so there's that. he's been quiet and he looks to Landon finally and says the magic words his twin wanted to hear least. "I need air." It's the last fucking thing he needs but smooth as anything he goes to hunt the keys to their car which might actually be in Morrison's pocket. And as if entirely on autopilot like a man needing air and to not feel these wall because their blood is running on diesel and adrenaline, he makes for the patio.

Tanner watches Morrison and Theo like a lazy dog watching a pair of overly anxious cats. "Everything will be fine. Barring Vincent coming in and mucking things up we have everything under control." Perhaps it's only coincidence he picked the best seat for keeping his attention on the entryway and hopefully anyone who passes through it. Bouncer's instincts, find a spot to watch the room and stay alert for trouble.

Theo just stares over his shoulder for a moment at Tanner then sighs and shrugs, turning to grab a beer for himself. "I supposed you're right." Morrison, well, he doesn't even try to settle Morrison. He's too aware of his friend's monthly quirks to even be all that bothered by his pacing and fretting, just accepting it for what it is.

Thea's gaze flits to Lucas as he rises, and she seizes on the opportunity spotted. "Yeah, me too. It's too.. what's the word," she flounders for a second. "Stale. It's stale in here." Moving to follow him toward the doors leading out onto the patio, she starts in with the justifications. "Buddy system, so we'll be fine; we're just gonna be right outside." At first. Ahem.

If Landon's attention is on anyone, it's focused on Lucas. He can clearly see the discomfort that his brother is going through, but he's not sure if it's just nerves or the fact that they've been sequestered here into this room, having been told that they had to /stay/ here, cutting off their freedom to roam. Roam where, however? Around the house?

Curious eyes flicker in Thea's direction too now, just as he, too, feels that pang of what could be thirst, threatening to compel him to break free from here. He's doing his bet to fight that urge and when Lucas reaches for the car keys off Morrison, Landon takes a quick step forward, "Lucas." His concern clearly heard in his tone. 2/3rds of the triplets said they'd left some kind of restraints around. As much as he'd hate to tie his twin down, he goes looking for them.

Morrison gives a bit of a nod in Tanner's direction, not seeming to argue per se, but neither can he control that restless agitation that is inside him. With nothing to focus intently on, which usually helps him keep calm, other than just listening and waiting, he's not really bothering to keep his pacing under wraps. He does have Lucas and Landon's keys in his pocket. So when Lucas approaches with the intent to get them, he just stares at him in that steady even way that he has and says, "Sit down." He looks over at Thea as well and says, "Stay inside."

He doesn't bother with more than that. It's clear enough, and if there is not immediate compliance he walks over toward the patio doors to physically stand in front of them if need be. "Go put on a movie in the media room or something." Because at last there's no windows there, and he can keep an eye on that door easily enough. He glances after Landon briefly, "You, too."

Lucas to Landon, no doubt feels, well, off certainly. Now would be a great time for the phone to ring again to distract him a while longer but the stare is unfixed, unfocused on the 'no' from Morrison. He's looked at for a moment, a long moment, and he turns and as if on auto pilot turns to take that long stride out. Listening? No, and he helped conjure the plan. The pager on his hip buzzes and he pauses, and checks it turning in stride to the patio like some shot-caller. Not a smart move with Morrison and Theodore in tehe damn room. "It's fine."

Tanner happily lets Morrison be the barricade for now. He'll hop up if his wall of beefcake is needed, but for now he sits in the chair and looks intimidating at the trio of teenagers. "Calm down. Robert's been good to me, I'd hate to bruise one of his family members." His eyes flick to Theo. "Mostly."

That joke just gets a mild sniff of irritation from Theo as he regards his younger family members, especially as Lucas' pager goes off. "That better not be anything to do with that gang. Don't tell me they have your pager number?" Paranoid, maybe, but Theo makes a living in trying to figure out who's screwing him over.

Now, Thea? She pauses, when Morrison speaks up to slap a big ole veto on the pair's plans to exit, stage.. uh, patio. Her eyes flicker with annoyance, though her focus shifts back to Lucas as the lad seemingly continues on his chosen course. After a few moments' silent calculation, she chuffs out one of those typical teenage-girl-exasperation sounds, tosses her hair and growls, "Whatever, scrub." And, turning, she heads in the other direction -- away from the patio, and further into the house. 'Course, she fully intends to let Lucas play the distraction while she looks for another way out of the house.

Landon just expects Morrison to be there to keep them (Lucas) out of trouble, thus he continues wandering the room to collect the weird assortment of restraints that Mona and Jade had left for their use. It seems you can never have too much leather restraints. Now that he's located the stash, a lone look is then given Lucas again. Lucas would HATE being restrained, if small confined spaces make him freak out. Thus, rather than suggesting they use them, he leaves them behind for now.

A comforting hand is set on Lucas' shoulder, giving his twin a reassuring squeeze. "Come on, let's find something interesting to watch." Oh, like say the surveillance cameras for outside. Look, it's hard to remain calm when there's a chance that vampire bikers are gunning for you. A wary look is given Thea now, "Have any suggestions?" For a movie.

"Go and get her," Morrison tells Tanner when Thea goes off further into the house. It was true that there were way too many entrances and exits to the house, and letting the kids wander wasn't going to make it easy keeping track of them. "I'm serious. If you can't sit down and chill out, you're all going in one room together and staying there." Does he give two fucks that he's a Lester ordering a bunch of Marchants around? Nope. When Lucas moves as though to continue on to the patio, he steps between him and the door and if Landon's hand on his shoulder doesn't stop him, Morrison's hands on both shoulders will. "Lucas. You are the one that came to /us/ scared out of your mind. Now is not the time to decide to be fucking careless."

Lucas switches off to plea bargaining. All that memory they lost before that was a blur in travel like being on autopilot thinking about the destination and wondering when did I get to this exit?

Lucas' face looks to them and tries to reason with his brothers, "Look, I know I... I can't do it man. I'm sorry okay, just-" Man he's distracted. He looks at the pager in his hand. When did he grab this? He puts it back and murmurs to Theo, "No. Personal." He looks down again at it thumb cleaning the lint from the glass screen on top where a series of numbers are lit up. He turns and paces in the room resolve being broken down rapidly. Eyes float the room calculating ceiling heights, how close the walls are, and how he can get the fuck out of them. Vampires aren't real but making the hunger stop is even for a little bit.

Tanner shoots Morrison an annoyed look at being ordered around but still gets up out of his seat to trot after Thea. "Security is just going to turn you around, you know that." He speeds up his walking to try to head her off by blocking of a doorway as she moves between rooms, his bulk just generally good for being in the way. "Go back. All you're going to achieve is pissing off a bunch of security folk that report to your father."

Theo watches the twins dubiously, looking like he wants to take a personal peek at the pager but leaves it alone. "That's a good idea, figure out a movie to watch, distract yourselves." He folds his hands behind his back as he looks off after the way Thea went, mumbling something about 'herding cats.'

Hey. Morrison was the one who suggested they go to a different room. Of course, he specified the media room, and that's absolutely not the direction in which she was heading when Tanner catches up to her, but still. Drawing up short as her path is blocked, the diminutive brunette narrows her eyes, glaring up at Tanner with all the unwavering Marchant hubris she can muster. "I'm not some criminal, you can't keep me here against my will. And my father will have your ass if you lay so much as a single finger on me. So. Kindly move out of my way, so that I can get some fresh air. Or I'll start screaming bloody murder."

There's the twins in one room and the lone Thea trying to wander off into another. Hell, even Lucas is devising a plan of escape. Landon, however, remains close by his brother, feeling that tension in Lucas' shoulder at the squeeze Landon had given it. Morrison probably knows this already, but Landon brings it up, "I don't think the theater is a large enough room for Lucas to be confined in. It needs to be spacious and airy, to give him breathing space." There is a danger of being in a room full of windows, but he's not really thinking about that right now.

It's not Landon's pager that goes off, but once Lucas' sounds, it does raise that paranoia level incredibly. They'd already seen the recently released Naked Gun 33 1/2, but that's not out on.. video cassette, so they only have the older films at their fingertips, "We'll throw on the Naked Gun, like old times. Then go rewatch the latest movie." As he says this, he can't help but take notice of Thea when she threatens to throw a full blown tantrum right here and now. Quietly, he murmurs to Lucas, "Don't be a Thea... Uncle Robert's already upset with all of us."

Morrison flashes an almost wolfish smile at Tanner when he gets that annoyed look from him and yet still goes after Thea. But it's short-lived when he turns his attention back to Landon and Lucas. "Then he better sit the fuck back down in this nice airy room," he says to Landon. His focus is almost entirely on Lucas, which is probably fortunate, because it means he's not at all paying attention to Thea's little tantrum. To Lucas he says, "You can, and you will. Settle down."

Lucas hands his pager to Landon. Landon should no doubt recognize the last four digits. He's tweaking, hard. Even if he has feelings in front of his own family sparkingly there's a flash of emotion on his face trying not to pick the wrong dam fight. His hand falls to his twin's ribs and he takes a side step with him, and then again. Is he complying? Oh no the little weasel is looking to put Landon between he and Morrison. "Landon, just... tell em. Just explain it to him." Yup, it's like watching an egg time count down into a melty mess in the microwave and start to throw sparks. "Lan I know... I fucked up. We can fix this right? Like building up an immunity. We learned this in science. I jsut... need to not... feel like this okay? I promise it'll be fine, man." Empty promises he absolutely cannot back in desperate negotiation.

Tanner just raises an eyebrow at Thea. "It doesn't work when your brother does it, it's not going to work for you." The man is much too used to that Marchant glare, near 16 years around Theo will do that to a person. He just crosses his arms over his chest at stares right back at Thea. "I mean, we can always call your father, see what his opinion is on the matter?" And he does hold that out like a very thinly veiled threat, know just how little the Marchant patriarch likes to be bothered with trivial matters.

If Tanner is going to be the stick, Theo strangely tries his hand at being the carrot. "Thea. It's just for a while. We're just worried for your safety, come sit down." His tone actually breaks from his usual coolness. It's the one thing he actually does care about somewhere deep down, after all. Family. As much as the triplets try his patience, they're his siblings. "Please?"

For a second or two, it really does look as though Thea's torn between trying to murder Tanner with her bare hands, and following through on her threat to scream. Which could be just about as bad. Girl's got a set of lungs on her, man -- she has to, to be involved in theater. All about projecting one's voice so that even the person sitting in the last row can hear you.

Theo pulls her attention away from her would-be jailor, though the way her jawline tenses, it's clear that she's clenching her teeth like nobody's business. He's playing dirty, now. Tugging on the heartstrings, tickling at her conscience with guilt over worrying her loved ones. A sound that's a bit like a weird mash-up of whimper and growl escapes her throat, and she storms back into the room proper, sitting down heavily in a chair. All melodramatic-like. The look in her eyes makes it clear she's not done looking for opportunities for escape, though. These bozos will hafta pee sometime, right?

When Landon is shown the number on the pager, he understands exactly what's going on. "It's not Them." He'll try to reassure the adults in the room. "They don't even have our numbers." His voice softens to add in, "It's a concerned friend." He'll leave it at that.

Morrison's made it very clear that he's not backing down on this. In fact, with what the twins know about how volatile their Lester relatives can get on nights like this (he'd kept track), he's relieved, yet wary, that Lucas' insolence hasn't already sparked that Lester rage. Out of the three of them, Landon is being the most compliant, even though that urge is still there. He's winning his fight against it so far and he hopes that Lucas will do the same. "We just need to get through this night." How does he know? He doesn't but that's what they were told! "After that, we detox and do whatever else is needed to rid ourselves of this addiction. So c'mon. Let's just rest and... then no one will be in anyone's faces."

Morrison continues to stand there even though Lucas is putting Landon between them. His eyes remain on Lucas, watching him, and where he's moving. He doesn't say anything else for the time being. There's nothing else to say. He just watches and waits, and is ready to move if Lucas decides to make a run for it. He lets Landon do the talking to his twin.

Lucas gives Landon's ribs a squeeze and that's when he relents and tries to untangle backing up. Wrong direction, guy. His eyes water up and he shakes his head and says "I can't, Lan. Can't wait that long for this shit to stop." Adn the look builds up again, in his eyes, his fingers and he tries a bolt for the kitchen and the patio there. He doesn't want it. He doesn't want ti and can't say no losing the fight to stand still and try.

"Thank you." It must be a full moon, sincere thanks from Theo is a rare thing indeed, but he means it as he says it to Thea once she resumes her seat. He walks over to the table where snacks and drinks are still set out and pours Thea a glass of water, holding it out towards her. "Tell us about your next show." Distraction, maybe that will work where simple orders and demands won't.

Tanner does come back into the room as well, and very casually leans up against one of the doorframes, just taking his ease, not like he's blatently blocking one of the more enticing ways out of the room. He glances in the direction Lucas bolts though, eyes sliding towards Morrison to let him handle this one.

"Kiss of the Spiderwoman. You'd hate it," Thea mumbles, though even the subject of her beloved theater activities doesn't seem to spark the same passion in her that it usually does. She's growing shakier, she's distracted, one hand rubbing at her opposite arm for long moments before she even realizes that a glass is being held out to her.

Then Lucas makes his mad dash for the kitchen and, caught in the same supernaturally-fueled undertow, she begins to break as well. The glass is accepted, yes, but it's immediately flung toward a far wall, to shatter with a sploosh into hundreds of glistening pieces. As distractions go, it's fairly weak. This is what mounting desperation breeds in the mind of a not-so-cunning teenaged girl. Up she goes, and she's racing in the opposite direction Lucas went, yelling out "I'm sorry, Theo, I'm sorry, I love you and I love Daddy but I need to.."

Let's see, if Lucas is going for the kitchen, that means she'd be going.. what, out the way of the pool?

All that Landon had offered his brother were calming words of distraction and a reassuring touch. Was he still nervous? Yes. If he could feel that thirst at the back of his mind, Lucas could too and-- Then his better half makes a break for it. He hears the apology, which should have tipped him off immediately, but doesn't. Not until Lucas pulls away, then darts off towards the door. "... Lucas!" He calls out, reaching a hand first to try and grab his brother, before deciding to follow suit and give chase. "We're not allowed to go outside!" He starts, "Lucas!" He's panicked now as well, because they are rarely without the other, especially in circumstances such as this.

ROLL: Morrison rolls finesse+1 for: [1]: x1 [3]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 [8]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 8 4 3 1 5 -- d8)

When Lucas makes a break for it, Morrison attempts to make a grab for him, but he's not quite fast enough and Landon is still between them, which makes it hard for him to actually get around Landon to try and get a Quietly the words sik in and he repeats them back, a hold of him. A muttered curse comes out as a growl under his breath, and that tight control that he has on his temper is beginning to fray.

ROLL: Theodore rolls finesse+1 for: [1]: x1 [2]: x1 [3]: x1 [6]: x1 [7]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 2 1 3 6 7 -- d8)

ROLL: Landon rolls finesse+1 for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [3]: x1 [6]: x2 (Pair) -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 6 6 3 2 2 -- d6)

ROLL: Theodore rolls 4d8 for: [1]: x1 [3]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x1 -- Match Value: 1 (Raw: 3 1 4 3 -- d8)

Lucas can't. He's out of cope and he hates it every bit now as he did before the moon when he was still sober. He hated the hunger, the compulsion, the need, and the look of fear on Landon's face most. Arms flail in a windmill just out of grasp, and there's a hand grabbing his shirt first that knows where he is going to move just before he does and he is wrenched and slowed from running. Tears sting his eyes as a his of air is pulled through gritted teeth. He words are curiously enough not Let me go, but Make it stop.

When Thea makes a break for it, both Theo and Tanner go after her, though Tanner quickly overtakes Theo in his run after her, she still manages to get by them both. "Crap!" Well, that is uncharacteristically vocal of Theo as he draws himself up short but Tanner continues in his chase at least, hoping security might slow her down in one direction while he catches up in the other.

Never let it be said that Thea's extensive dance training served her in no way other than to let her twirl prettily. In a straight foot race, she may well lose -- her legs are decidedly shorter than Tanner's, or Theo's. But she's light on those feet, and she's able to twist and move her body in ways many can't. Which makes her pretty good at evading capture, when she's determined to do so.

Of course, the point has been made that there are security personnel stationed outside, so there's every possibility that she'll still not make it very far beyond the door she hurtles herself through after dodging Tanner. She just has to try. The hunger is leaving her with little other choice.

While Thea is his cousin, all that Landon cares about is Lucas, so even when he realizes that the other one affected was making her own getaway, he was not going to release his hold on his brother. In fact, once he's gotten a hold on Lucas before he could slip away, Landon tries to pull him in close into a brotherly hug. "Lucas, please STOP!" He raises his voice, masking his own turmoil of emotions with a far too serious facade. "We don't know what's out there. We don't know when they'll come, but you can't... I'm not giving you the opportunity to get yourself killed. We're in together, remember."

Fortunately, Landon gets a hold of Lucas which allows Morrison to catch up to them both. He lays a hand on both of their shoulders and says, "Now. Into the media room," through gritted teeth, and then to Lucas, "Do not make me pick you up and throw you over my shoulder." Because he is one hair shy of doing so now that he's got a hold on the boy's shoulder, and his grip is not entirely gentle at this point.

Lucas stands there in a frenzied state with a wall of meat, er, Morrison behind him and Landon? Ahhhhh that look. He hugs his twin tightly, shaking like a damn leaf. "I'm sorry. I'm... We can't do this alone. Put us in the media room or a fucking shoebox. Just don't let us leave." After a few more words from his brothers Lucas quietly repeats, "In it together." His hand fishes his pager back squeezing it in his hand, though nothing comes of it.

To the Media Room they go strung out and frantic to watch Leslie Nelson making breast jokes at the expense of dome silos on the country side. Detox definitely needs to be on the damn horizon. entirely possible by the time Reggie Jackson tries to kill the Queen of England in the later part of the film he's wrapped himself in a blanket with his head in his brother's lap and trying to hold onto Thea so neither of them start to claw at the walls.

At some point not long after Thea's attempted escape and being brought back by security, Jade will call and explain that all hell broke loose at the Reed house, the vampires showed up, but no one got hurt and they seem to have fucked off now.

This is not the dignified end to a decent morning. At least they're alive. Thea and Lucas owe their respective brothers a huge debt there.