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New Experiences
Characters  •   The Capitalist  •  The Bravo  •  The Penitent  •
Location  •  The Facility - Parlor
Date  •  2018-12-20
Summary  •  After the Caregiver and Coward leave the parlour, conversation continues. Penitent takes Bravo on a trip through the anywhere rooms and manages to accidentally flirt.

Nodding and lifting a hand to give a finger wriggle of a wave to Eilis, the Penitent gives a soft sigh. "Poor woman," she says quietly, shaking her head. For the Bravo, she frowns a little, pondering. "It's a powered exoskeleton device that you can climb into. Electonrics and hydraulics. It's like a forklift?" She arches her brows, considering. "But upright. It walks, and allows for some fine motor precision in carrying cargo." She nods. That'll do.

Reaching out to lift her cup of tea and just nurse it for a moment, she smiles at the Capitalist as he sits near, shaking her head. "I haven't visited the place yet. It's sort of ... weird, to think about. The fact that I can is perhaps mind blowing enough, for now."

"You can see it?" Bravo wonders, that catching her attention some as she looks past Penitent towards Capitalist, then back to Penitent, "Not sure, but I'm pretty sure that isn't a forklift. Maybe I'm just wrong, though. Could be wrong." She nods, because now she's starting to think that she might actually be wrong about the fact that it isn't a forklift if it's upright and walks.

TA quick swallow of her coffee is made, then she leans over to set her cup down before she turns to face them both, "So, we can go to this space station place? Umm..." She lifts a hand, holding one finger up, "I realize that you two might have died there, or had bad things happen...I'm getting that whole thing down. But why are we not looking at this? Because that sounds pretty amazing. And right now, I think we're all in need of a little something amazing after that little bundle of awkward and strange just a moment ago."

He does have to wonder how much a blank slate knows about the world, the Capitalist figures that someone with only memories of Prosperity might not even know what a forklift is. But the response given him, does give him some idea that she may know what that particular piece of machinery is. Leaning against the sofa, his free arm draped across its back, looking quite relaxed, he asks, "Have you seen those two weird doors? The last time I was here, they didn't open for anyone, no matter what we tried to do it. Now, I heard that they do open up and can lead to some amazing places." He takes another sip of his iced macchiato, before continuing, "Not that I understand any of it." Though the Bravo's words get him thinking about his time spent on the Noc, "It wasn't... Let's put it this way, it was a luxury space station with one of the most extravagant commercial sectors anywhere. A casinos, the largest mall anyone's ever seen. That was only one part of it though, there's the whole underbelly of it all, the places where alien-like creatures began lurking in." His shoulders then lift, "I survived that encounter, though it wasn't easy."

Staggering by, The Adjudicator seems to have been in a drinking binge, and looks like he hasn't been sleeping very well. Possibly the stress from the talks the first time he appeared in... whatever this is. He looks at the others, but he isn't sure he would recognize them, with how many people have changed. This was of course the reason he has been reading and drinking. But no books make mention of a place like this.

He lets out a breath of frustration and irritation. "Sure with we'd knew where we are. But I reckon we won't find that out any moment soon. Guess it's just best to play by whatever rules control this place.

"No, it's not a forklift. But it does a similar job. Moving heavy cargo from one place to another." The Penitent says with a nod of her head, sipping from that cup of tea, considering. "Kylie had a custom one she was tinkering with and modding. It was something she really enjoyed." Her lips set into a thin line as she thinks, leaning back, both hands cupped around the hot tea.

"We could go there, I've been a little hesitant. Besides, there's still people I'm hoping to see here. Well. Not hoping, exactly, but would like to talk with again. But we could do it, I suppose." She glances up at the Adjudicator, inclining her head at him as he stumbles on through. "Hello," she greets in her serene tone.

"So we don't go to the underbelly?" Bravo suggests when Capitalist brings up the alien part of the ship, but then she soon falls silent when the newest arrival arrives. One hand lifts up, fingers wiggling at him in greeting, "Hello." It's friendly enough, even for the unfamiliar face.

TAs an aside she points out towards the pair with her on the couch, "I'd love to see it, though. And I bet a quick little trip to see it wouldn't mean you couldn't run into others out here after, right?" She glances at them, flashing a quick smile, expression hopeful, "Pretty please?"

"Despite what happened here," he means the Facility, "last time," The Capitalist says, turning to the Penitent, a reminder of how fresh in his mind that whole 'dream' was with him clinging onto the persona he had then, "I don't think Driscoll ever wanted to see that place again. It blew up, as it should." He takes another sip from his straw, before lowering the plastic cup down onto the couch, his hand still grasping it, "It was infested with those fuckers." The aliens.

The Adjudicator's entrance catches his head, but unlike the others, who are too friendly for their own good, the Capitalist just watches the man with a mixture of idle-curiosity and wariness. "Yeah. Go ahead and do that. The rest of us who've been here before did all the hard work for you." When the Bravo practically pleads to be shown the Noc, he immediately rises to stand, "There's something that I need to do." They were all stuck in this place with no schedules or anything. What would he really need to do? A brief glance is given to the Penitent, as if telling her silently that she can go ahead if she wants to. "I'll catch you all later." There's no enthusiasm in his voice and he tries his best to avoid the drunk when he passes through.

Reaching out a hand to just hold onto the Capitalist's arm for a moment, the Penitent gazes at him thoughtfully, the concern there somewhat obvious on her mind. But it's not an attempt to prevent him from leaving. Just that slight reassurance. "I'll see you later." She assures, nodding her head and then glancing at the Bravo. "I suppose. It's an easier way to show you what a power loader is anyway." She sips from the cup of tea again, nodding slowly, though watching the Capitalist make his depature. Once he's out of sight, she sets the the cup aside. "Why not. Come on then." And she's up on her feet!

"Right, then." Bravo replies, not questioning the moment. Because, everyone BUT her is having them with people right now, and it's best to just let things roll. When Penitent decides that they are, actually, going to go see this space station place she unfolds herself, hopping up to her feet, reaching down to pull off her heels, holding them up, "Should leave these, right?"

Meanwhile The Adjudicator, looks at the new faces. Some he knows from Prosperity, others he don't know. What is this? He doesn't have the answers but he find himself drifting in tought.

Padding over to the doors, she glances back at the Bravo, grinning briefly at the thought. "In case of sudden atmosphere venting, I can't recommend you try to run about in high heels. Knew a woman who did that once. She's here. Saved her life, I did." She moves up over to those doors, pausing before one and focusing her thoughts on what she wants to see behind it. And then she pushes it open.

Beyond, lies one of the cargo bays of the the Noc. The space is huge -- huge enough for an entire mining ship to dock within and have room to spare. It's all metal and nets and chains and painted yellow and black striped danger lines. Windows? Not really, but there is an airlock that leads out into the vastness of space. "Come on then," she says quietly as she steps within. It's quiet within.

"Yeah, probably a very bad idea." Bravo agrees as she sets her shoes outside the door, waiting until Penitent gets the door open and steps in first. Only then does she follow her through door, only to come to a sudden stop when the sheer size of it hits her. There's a surprised grasp, and she looks around, her mouth starting to hang open very faintly.

It's stunned, that look. And she's actually speechless for a while before she just says the first thing that comes to her mind, "Holy shit that's huge."

The Penitent wanders slowly and carefully, talking as she does, "Gotta be, to get the cargo shuttles in here. When the big mining ships come in, we use an umbilical corridor to connect so we can unload them." She stops by the airlock, looking at it curiously for a few moments before glancing around. "It's too quiet. Usually there's people about, always something going on, down here. During the mining season, anyway." She pauses, looking back to the Bravo, "I wonder if we can even find other people in here. Or if they'd be real at all?" She shakes her head in thought.

"I didn't even understand half that...a few words, but all strung together?" Bravo shakes her head a bit, looking a little more amused by things now, and a little less wordlessly stunned by the size. "I don't know, I haven't figured this whole place out yet, this entire thing..."

She spins around, arms outstretched to indicate THIS WHOLE THING. "It's pretty magical." She drops her hands, "Want to see if we can find anyone?"

Turning about, the Penitent gives a soft smile as she moves over towards the Bravo again, shrugging. "Don't worry, I've been here a while now, I suppose, and I still haven't figured it out. I've not really asked a lot of questions though. I'm just happy we get a place that's relatively nice and we're left in peace. Some people aren't so happy." She glances back towards the door that leads back to that main Facility parlour, her gaze distant and thought.

A soft sigh escapes her and she looks up, gesturing to what might be a doorway. It's all angular, and she moves towards it, touching the control panel beside it as the thing slides upwards with a mechanical drone. "I guess, if there were any workers around, they'd be at the Afterburner." She says, gesturing as she sets to wander down the revealed hallway.

"They do deal with it differently. Some try to hold onto who they were. I've never really needed to, though that's changed a little, recently. I don't know how to deal with you either, honestly," she glances sidelong at the Bravo, offering a smile, "other than to treat you like anyone else, I suppose. It's just like meeting someone new, anyway. Only this place is strange." A shake of her head there.

"C?" She wonders quietly as she continues to walk those maze like halls of the Noc's lower levels. One could easily get lost here, but she seems to know where she's going. "Cillian. Ahh, well. That's a whole lot more complicated, but yeah. We're friends. In Prosperity? We got married. Now we're here again, with different memories of each other too. So it's ... very strange. The uh, half-naked girl was Eilis, Cillian's cousin. My cousin too, with the marriage thing. I don't know if her and Colorado are a thing here." That reassuring smile returns. "It's fine," she says softly.

"Not sure that I'd wander around here half-naked." Bravo observes, pausing now and again to reach out to touch the walls of the hallway, fingers tapping against it. It's brief, though, because she follows soon after Penitent again. "Like you said, this place is strange, and it seems to be just getting stranger the more people I meet."

There's silence for a little while, her arms once more crossing over her chest, "Married? Well that at least sounds like a pleasant experience, right?" She offers a quick smile in return, fingers tapping against her arm, "I'll tell you something, being the outsider, having no connects to anyone? It's kind of awkward, and a little liberating. I've none of the other...things rattling around in my head like you all do. But then again, I've none of that sense of belonging either."

"Me either," Penny grins as she paces along. The metal floor is interesting when bare foot, something she's never really done before. At least, something Kylie had never really done before. "The problem a lot of people have is there's really no answers. Questions just chase themselves in circles. I say, why bother?"

She nods slowly, coming to a stop at a door, staring at it. "It was nice. With the others, Madison and Kylie, they died. They were done. For better or worse. But Anette lived, and got the life she had always wanted. Married, starting anew. And now it's gone. Cillian is ... taking it pretty hard." So is she, really, but -- as said, people handle it differently. "I can't imagine what that's like for you, I guess." She says quietly as she reaches out for another panel. Another mechanical hiss as the door slides open, and within is ... a dive bar. A dive bar is a dive bar almost anywhere. Even on a future. Even in a future imagined during the late 70's. It's all dark corners and tables and booths and dart boards, with a bar curving around and an open space for dancing. It's steel bulkheads and a whole lot of metal, but it's a bar. There's no one in there. The woman just gives a soft little sigh at the emptiness of it all.

"Is it harder not dying, and finishing your life?" Bravo wonders, pausing when the newest door opens to reveal the dive bar, smiling just a fraction at it before she starts to wander in. The lack of people inside are really just something familiar to her, since she never saw it with people, and the Facility is all she knows.

"He was staring real hard at one of the doors when I first ran into him...something about someone not coming back?" She glances over, brows raising a fraction at that, "Evidently, that's a thing?" She doesn't look particularly enthralled with that idea, turning to head for the bar itself, stepping behind it, "So, you think there's stuff to drink?"

"I ... I think so," the Penitent says thoughtfully, following in after a few moments of hesitation. She moves up to the bar, leaning foward against it as the Bravo wanders behind it "Though, we didn't get to really finish our life. We moved on, we freed ourselves from the contract with the demons. We were building a life together, though I can't even properly remember that. I know it happened, though. Now, it's all gone. For the first time, I understand some of the others. I want that life back."

Her tone is growing a touch more sorrowful. "Yeah, I guess that'd be Maata's door. On the Island, he was Conrad and he started a relationship with a girl there. They both ended up here and kept that going. Then we came to the Noc. All of us. He was Rhys. She was Michel Thorne, a soldier. Only this time, I was the one who had Thorne in my bed. A few times, at that. After Prosperity? She's just ... gone." She shrugs. "I can't really recommend any of the alcohol you'll find in the 'burner. Stuff is trash, but it gets the job done. You might find something?"

"Burner?" Roxie looks puzzled by that, but ever the adventurous one, she turns to start digging around to find out what might be on offer. "Right, the one behind the door." She has no idea what the persons name was, so she just agrees with the names, trusting that Penitent knows who it was.

After digging around she manages to find something, and some glasses, the glasses are set down on the bar and she fills them part of the way before sliding one in Penitent's direction. "So you two got married in one life, and both had the same lover?" She shakes her head a bit, leaning forward to rest her forearms on the bar, "Reminds me of some of the stories I've been reading, not the one I read last night. Romeo and Juliet doesn't really match this, except that it's a tragedy." She shakes her head a bit, "So do you miss her too, or was this.." She waves a hand towards the ship, "Not real enough for you to miss her too?"

"'Burner. The Afterburner. It's the name of this bar," Penny explains, gesturing about. "Sorry. I have so many memories here it's weird and I keep forgetting you don't. She looks down at the glass that's slid her way, considering it. "Oh no, these things... they are real. Real enough. I remember them; I know they happened. Even if I wasn't really Kylie or whatever. It's ... hard to explain. I miss her, though we weren't happily ever after material, you know?" The cadence of her speech changes a little, as the place, and talking about it, almost causes her to channel that lonely dock worker that spent months at a time working on a space station. For this moment, at least, she almost really is Kylie Shorley once again. "Michel, she was a complicated woman, and liked to drink a little too much, y'know? Fuckin' woman stressed me out. Nah, we weren't happily ever after or anything. We had some fun. I'll miss her, sure, I cared for her a fair bit, but can't say I loved her."

"Love." Bravo murmurs, reaching for her own glass, "It's an emotion that I can't say I'm familiar with." She smiles almost sadly, shaking her head, "Or sadness...I mean, I know I'm feeling these, I've read about them in the stories, but I don't think that I feel them like any of you all are feeling them." She lifts her glass up, offering an almost silent toast before taking a sip. The liquid burns, and tastes like shit, and her expression follows as expected as one of shock, wheezing, "Damn...." She wipes her fingers against her eyes, "Okay...sorry. Sorry that she stressed you out, but at least there was fun, right?"

"Y'know, I woulda said the same thing until I was in Prosperity." Penny replies with a shake of her head on the idea of love. She shrugs her shoulders though, leaning back. "Well, nothin' for it but to see what's next I guess." She lifts her own glass in turn, but doesn't take a sip from it herself, setting it down and letting out a laugh. Her hand even slaps on the bar a few times. "Warned you!" Her tone is good natured camaraderie, and she's quite amused. "That's the 'burner for you. Might as well drink paint thinner." There's a wink, she leans on her left arm, watching the other woman. "Yeah, there was fun. It's fine, really, not really that upset about how all that turned out, but I'll miss her a bit anyway. Rhys is taking it harder, though."

"Well, of course your not. You married him." Bravo points out, then pauses, "Or I guess you married in one of those dream life....things." She shakes her head, a hand raising to rub at her temple, "That is enough to make your head hurt." She then drops that, leaning towards Penny, her weight resting on her forearms, "I think maybe paint thinner would have tasted better...I'm also pretty sure I could lick paint right now, and not taste it after that stuff."

"You haven't even heard the worst of it yet," Penny replies with a shake of her head, though doesn't seem inclined to go into details on the worst of it here and now. She lifts that glass of her own again, staring at it. "Y'know, it's weird, but whenever I'm back here ... not here on the Noc, but back there with the rooms and everything, I don't drink. Kylie did though, and I'm feeling pretty Kylie right now." And with that, she knocks the glass back, swallowing it down and exhaling a deep breath afterwards. The glass is set down audibly. "Wooh! That's just how I remember it!" She shakes her head with a single, vigorous motion, as though that somehow helps the awful alcohol go down. She then grins at Bravo, "Oh yeah? Does licking things just come naturally to you, or what? Do tell me more." The tone of those words is laced with suggestion, and the playful glint in her eyes.

It lasts all of a few seconds before she's realized how she slipped so easily into that flirty statement, and her cheeks colour as she pushes away from the bar. "Oh my god, I'm sorry, that was ... really inappropriate." Her eyes wide, she even takes a step away from the bar. "I should go, or something ..."

"Really?" Bravo wonders, looking honestly curious about the no-drinking versus the drinking thing, glancing down at the liquid still in her glass before she lifts it up, downing the contents

Her other hand moves, waving a bit, trying to wave Penny back before she coughs, refinding her voice enough to talk, "It's fine." She assures her, not looking offended at all by the question, or the easy flirting. Instead she smiles, wiping her hands against her eyes once more before she presses her hands against the bar, pulling herself up and forward, "I've never tried licking anything, but I bet we could figure out if it comes naturally or not." It's not quite delivered with the same smooth-class as the original question was, probably do to her still looking like she might die from paint thinner flavored alcohol.

Confused and uncertain, Penny lingers those few steps away, looking to the door just briefly, but doesn't seem set to just dart off into that maze of corridors. She does even manage to look mildly amused at Bravo's response, shaking her head slightly. "As I remember, Kylie was kind of flirty. A lot. When she wasn't worried about getting killed by alien creatures taking over her station, anyway." She inches towards the bar again, though looks more reflective than mortified now about what just happened. "I guess she's still a part of me, even if she died. It's ... just another strange thing." A huff of a sigh, and she shakes her head just slightly.

"Maybe she is." Bravo replies with a smile, lowering herself down once more until she's flat on her bare feet, propping her chin on her hand, amusement dancing through her eyes, "So we're not licking anything?" She teases, winking a moment before smoothly moving right into perhaps a little less complicated of a subject, "Is it such a bad thing, having that part of you still there? Not just the flirting, but...I guess anything." Nope, probably not any less complicated of a subject, but at least she's not attempting to flirt badly any more.

Unable to help but give a small smile, Penny, shakes her head and glances away for a moment. "Not at the moment, it seems." She muses at the teasing, leaning back against the bar proper and running her finger 'round the rim of that glass. "I don't know. Is it? Probably not, but if she's still a part of me, or whatever ... then that means they all are? Can I have some but not the rest? I didn't enjoy being Madison, for example. I could happily forget all about her, almost." She pauses, and then looks up at Bravo, her head tilting just slightly. "What's it like to have nothing but this as your point of reference? I'm assuming, like the others, you don't have any memories from before this little prison of ours?"


The word is just...blurted out. Without any further context for a moment as Bravo reaches for the bottle of paint th...booze of some kind, refilling the glasses again. "It's weird. Like, I understand things...I can walk, talk, I know that certain words mean certain things, I know...well, I can sort of understand why people are upset, and some are happy, and I get that it's all confusing. But if you asked me /why/ I felt these things? Or shit...know these things...I've got no idea." She sets the bottle down, reaching for her glass again, tilting it to watch the liquid slide to one side, "I don't remember anything, at all. Good or bad. It's just...blank. But I had to have been somewhere before this, right?"

Listening quietly, Penny just sort of nods along to the words, her gaze distant. Thoughtfully, she reaches for the newly prepared glass, quiet for a few long moments afterwards. "I suppose so," she offers up quietly, glancing at the glass. "It's a strange situation no matter which we we come at it. I don't remember being here before, with nothing else to remember. And these ... situations we live through, the lives setup for them seem so real at the time. But afterwards, I can really only remember the ... I guess the starting point, of when things went bad. Kind of. The rest of it is just a story. Cillian suggested, well, he wondered if maybe we were the last humans left alive in the world. But then, where do new people like you come from?" She shrugs her shoulders, uncertain.

"What do you want?" She suddenly asks, looking up at the other woman proper. Her tone remains calm and thoughtful, and her expression is curious. Her mouth opens, perhaps to clarify the question further but then it stops, and she just leaves it hanging there the way it is.

"Someone suggested that there might be more than one location, since there were people that were seen in your stories, more than once...then they don't show up here." Bravo lifts one shoulder, "Which seems to be as good a guess as any, if you ask me. Maybe that's where you and C's lady behind the door went, to another room somewhere? Or I guess escaped, or...died died." The last is spoken with almost an apology in her tone before she takes another sip, managing to handle it better this go around. Just a little cough instead of a near-death experience.

The question, though, as open ended as it is, requires a few moments of thought before she sighs, "I want to remember. I want...experiences?" She shifts her glass back and forth on the bar for a moment, thinking, "I want all the experiences, and I want them to be mine, and not some madman's hypnotic dream of doom. But I've gotten the impression that it doesn't matter, I'll probably get to experience what ever other life you guys have had sooner or later."

"I thought that might be possible too. But there's no reason to think there is. No reason to think their isn't either. And maybe she did escape, or is just gone. Maybe they're the same thing? If new people can show up, then 'they', whoever 'they' are, can likely take people away, too." Penny speaks quietly, still in that thoughtful tone, sipping from the glass herself. That same sharp exhale, but she's got experience in handling this booze.

"Anything in particular you want to experience? I remember a while back, a friend of mine ... maybe you've seen her? Small woman, tends to say whatever she thinks at the time and some people don't like her for it. She was my best friend here. And a robot, besides," a roll of her eyes there, "but she wondered if any of us experienced urges we can't quite explain. That, and the strange symbols on our doors might be connected to something." A pause for a moment, tilting the glass slightly. "What's your symbol?"

"All the experiences." Bravo replies with a laugh, shaking her head, "I realize that is not at all a very helpful response." She then takes another sip from the glass before she pushes it away to drum her fingers on the bar, absently answering the last question, "A young woman walking around with what looks like people ooohing and aahhhhing about her."

"I'm nothing but urges I can't quite explain. I've no...history, no memories, nothing to ground my urges in any sort of...anything." She shakes her head a bit, "I'm just one big bundle of reaction. But I haven't seen your friend, I think you and the half-dressed one are the first other women I've run into." She shakes her head, looking at Penny, "If you had to suggest one experience, what would it be?"

Still, even with the unhelpful answer, she smiles at the thought of it. "Maybe. It's sort of helpful." Her gaze drifts to those tapping fingers, and she nods slowly at the description of the door. "My door is the one with the woman who has her face in her hands, while a village behind her burns." She says, her voice soft. Now, she's staring into the glass. It doesn't hold any answers for her though.

"I don't know what you should experience. I am just ... I feel like I'm driven by a need to not upset others. I apologise a lot. I feel like I did something terrible. Maybe I set that village on fire. And this is my just punishment. I'm one of the few people who feels like I belong in a prison. Maybe it's helped me adjust to this kind of place better than some others, but ..." Trailing off, she shakes her head. "It's a running theme in these scenarios too. That guilt, the need to do something about it. Cillian thought it might be, these stories are showing us who we really are." Another sip from the glass, and she comments. "Well, maybe I could show you something."

"You really don't have to apologise a lot. Unless you did something, a real something, then it's not your job to apologise." Bravo points out with a shake of her head, her fingers ceasing their drumming with a bit of an apologetic smile, "But I doubt you actually burned down a village...that seems pretty harsh."

There is a deep breath taken, then let out, "I'd hate to see what my door says about me, then. What am I, some sort of show off?" She shakes her head, looking a bit amused before that smile widens a bit more, "Alright, show me something, then."

"I know, but I feel like I have to, you know? It's something that's just natural to me. Maybe it's just because it makes me feel better." Penny replies, her lips creasing in a further frown. "And there's always ... something, that I feel like I have to answer for." There is a bit of a smile there at Bravo's thoughts about her own door. "Maybe you are! Who knows." Pushing away from the bar, she gestures. "Come on. Let's go back to the cargo dock and I'll show you what got us here in the first place."

"What got you here?" Bravo wonders, her brows lifting a bit before she starts to move from around behind the bar, "You weren't just...here?" She has no concept of how any of this works, but everyone keeps talking about just waking up in their rooms. So, in her head, she just assumed the opposite might have been true. "You can apologise to me, then. If it makes you feel better."

"No no, I mean, why we came here to the Noc right now. I'll give you a crash course in driving a power loader, if you want. Sorry for the confusion." And there it is. She shakes her head, and Penny offers a small smile as she moves back out into the corridor, and retraces the steps they took earlier. "I mean, it probably sounds pretty silly now that I say it out loud. It isn't exactly going to be a useful life skill for you anywhere else, I'd say." She glances over her shoulder to consider Bravo further. "Well, by my count I have at least twice now." Though, she's in good spirits about it now, at least!

"Oh! Right...the forklift thing." Bravo agrees, laughing a bit, "I can honestly say I forgot all about it." She doesn't seem worried about the number of apologies, though. She just smiles a bit, following Penny back to the beginning, her arms crossing over her chest once more, a hand scratching at her elbow, "I'm going to say this wasn't the experience I was guessing. But it sounds entertaining, anyways."

"Yes. The forklift thing!" Penny agrees cheerfully as the pair find themselves back in that large cargo dock, and she moves off to another set of larger doors. A bit more fiddling with the control panel and it slides open to reveal the piece of machinery in all its supposed glory! All that yellow and black metal in a vaguely humanoid shape, standing tall, with the large arms, the power claws on the end of them. "There you go. A P-5000 power loader!" She leans there against the bulkhead, glancing at Bravo. "What were you guessing, then? I mean, we don't have to do this, of course."

"That is a giant piece of forklift." Bravo observes as she looks over the power loader, her brows furrowing a bit as she shakes her head, "Oh, right." She laughs when the question registers, glancing over at Penny, "Now I feel strange answering that question, but I honestly was expecting it to be related to the licking thing." She lifts a hand, "I know. Way out of line." She then uses that hand to wave towards the power loader, "So show me how to use this."

She's dead quiet for a long moment, and then? The Penitent just laughs. Her face splits into a grin and the laughter comes, merry and delighted. A hand lifts to her chest while the other leans against that wall to support her. Breaths come between the peals of amusment, and she's shaking her head. "Sorry, sorry, I don't mean to laugh at you. That was just the funniest thing I may have heard. Not that you're not ... or that I wouldn't ... I just ..." Smooth. "I need to figure some things out before I really think about it." She concludes after a moment, and then gestures. "Climb on up there." She gestures, to where there's a few hand bars to assist a driver to do exactly that.

"Right, you're a married woman." Bravo replies, looking unruffled by the laughter, an amused smile curling one corner of her mouth upwards before she looks towards the loader. "Right, just climb up?" She moves towards the loader, but hesitates for a split second as she hikes up the hem of her dress a little, then reaches for one of the hand bars to start hauling herself up into the position. She hopes. There is a lot of fumbling as she sorts out where feet and hands need to go, "This thing is really weird..."

"Something like that," Penny says flippantly, and steps in after Bravo, climbing up to linger nearby, holding onto a handle as she assists the woman into settling into position. "Feet there, under those straps, that's it. Now I'm going to pull the front cage down for your safety. On your left and right, you'll see those little control sticks, they help you move the arms of this thing." She does as she says, pulling that front roll cage into position, apparently just fine hanging onto the outside of the machine. She really does seem to have done this before. She reaches down to the little key pad near the left arm, and punches in a sequence of buttons, and the machine comes to life. A whirring of a reactor powering the whole thing, a slight vibration through it all, and she nods to herself. "When you're ready, just lift your foot like you're trying to take a step. It'll feel weird at first, there'll be a slight delay before the machine follows your steps. But as you get into a rythym with it, it'll start anticipating what you're doing. Just try to walk for now, hmm?"

"It'll start anticipating?" Bravo glances over at Penny, her brows lifting upwards with a small alarmed look before she clears her throat, "Right." She brushes the entire thing off before she reaches for the control sticks, curling her fingers around it before she takes a breath. Then she lets it out very slowly before she starts to lift her right foot, glancing down towards the floor to wait for the loader's foot to start lifting as well.

"It's a very complex machine," Penny says with a grin, "Clunky though, and slow, but kind of elegant in its own way, you know?" Next, she's climbing up further, knowing the safe spots one can cling onto an active loader, apparently, without being in danger. She glances down too, watching as Bravo lifts her foot, and with a delay less than a second, but notable, the machine responds. The hydraulic whirr of moving parts as the metal lifts at her command. And then of course, it completes the step on its own, moving foward and then coming down with that metalic clank against the steel flooring of the cargo dock.

"Oh!" Bravo exclaims when the loader completes the step without her moving to do it, then she picks up her other foot, "This is the craziest thing..." She laughs, glancing up towards where Penny climbs, "So what about these stick thingies, how do these things work? Just..." And to indicate what she means she pushes one of the stick forward, having no idea what'll actually happen.

"Of all the crazy things around here, this is one of the few things I understand," The Penitent muses with a laugh. "The stick will ... do that," she notes with a soft chuckle as the woman pushes foward on it, and the corresponding arm leans foward as well, extending directly ahead. "Simple move your arms to adjust the arms, the stick itself controls foward and backward movement, as well as extention. That little thumbstick on top will controls the claws directly, letting you spin them, and pressing it will open and close the claw itself. That's how you grab things." She grins a little from her perch, peering down. "Careful though. These things are stabilized but push her too hard, and she can tip over on you."

"Tipping over sounds pretty unpleasant." Bravo observes as she starts to go through things, moving her arms around, pushing at the buttons and going through the motions. After a little while of moving the arms around and walking in as straight a line as she can, she stops moving, "So these things are for moving stuff around? Seems like a kind of fun way to do that, you want the truth."

"It's very dramatic," Penny agrees on tipping over, offering further bits of advice here and there as Barvo settles in with the controls. She doesn't get too advanced with it just yet, keeping the instructions at the basic level to handle the running of the machine. "It gets pretty ordinary when you're used to it, I suppose. I was working on a custom one of these, one of the original Weyland-Yutani models. It was far more responsive with my improvements, though it drained power like crazy." There's a light laugh. "At the end of it all here on the Noc, it was actually right here in this docking bay when I used one of these machines to try and ... well, punch some of the creatures, basically." She sounds almost embarrassed about it. "They're not really that good for fighting in." Her voice softens as she looks up, and then climbs down a little to drop back down onto the deck. "You know, it was in this very room that I died."

"In this room?" Bravo wonders, releasing her hold on the control sticks before she starts try and get free of the machine, climbing down as soon as she's gotten out of it without getting herself too tangled up. She drops herself back down onto the deck as well, hands smoothing her dress back out before she looks around again, "You know, we don't have to stay here. Bad memories, and stuff."

"It's ... it's fine, really." Penny replies, glancing over at Bravo, shrugging her shoulders. "I'm okay with it, I -- Kylie -- died saving other people. I feel like she made up for what she did. It's just ... weird, you know? To be standing right here again. Sorry, I'm being all morbid and morose, I suppose." She claps her hands suddenly, pratically startling herself at the sounds of it. "So there you go! It probably isn't as interesting as the licking thing," she can't help but grin, mostly at that terminology that seems to have crept up, "but it's a new experience at least. And if someone mentions a P-5000 Powered Loader, well. Now you know what they're talking about."

"I think all this is morbid and morose, in turns with psychotic and frightening." Bravo replies with a shrug of her shoulders, smiling a bit, "No re...no. Fine. You're sorry." She replies, back tracking when she remembers she told Penny it was fine to say she was sorry. She then moves towards Penny, a hand reaching out to grasp her arm, giving it a squeeze, "Thank you for this experience, and the knowledge of what a P-5000 Powered Loader is, and how to use one if I ever find myself in the position to need either bits of knowledge."

"It's not like I'm deeply apologising for setting your village on fire," Penny murmurs, trying to keep her amusing tone going, and to just have fun and a distraction from her more troubling thoughts. "But you're not wrong." She glances over towards the airlock again, tilting her head, before peering down at her arm when it's grasped, looking at that hand and then lifting it up to catch the other woman's gaze. "Oh, you're welcome. It's no trouble at all, and it's ... interesting to relive some of this stuff. I'm not sure what position you'll be in that needs one of these, but who knows what'll happen around here anyway."

"I've no idea...but I've heard the television was showing westerns before the last little adventure...and now it's music?" Bravo releases the arm, crossing her arms again, bare toes tapping against the floor, "Not sure what that might mean...hopefully not some festival on a cursed island again, seems like a music sort of situation?" She shrugs, glancing towards the loader, "But still...I'm glad that you're finding some kind of interesting here. Good stuff, right?"

"Maybe we're all going to be music superstars. I'm sure that's got a way of getting frighteningly violent too," Penny says with a chuckle, though she does look surprised at the idea of the musical festival on a cursed island. "I ... oh my. I never even considered they might make us ... do the same thing over again." This, actually really seems to worry her, and she spends a moment just composing herself at thought, shaking her head. "It ... can't be the same? The festival was in 2018, that music is all from the 80's." She nods firmly, as if reinforcing the idea in her own mind, glancing at the loader. "I will say that being able to come to places like this is pretty nice. All the books on the shelves and yet, there's a bit of tedium that could set in anyway. You can't read all the time."

"I like the reading....but I like the doing, too." Bravo then laughs at her own words, "I mean, not that I've gotten to really do anything. But, you know what I mean..." She assumes that Penny knows what she means, anyways. She glances around, then shakes her head, "I should stop taking up all your time, though. Thank you, again, for showing me this."

"Yeah. Yeah, I think I do know what you mean," Penny says with a vague nod of her head, looking for all the world like her attention is somewhere else entirely. "I should check on Cillian maybe. Bring him a snack, perhaps." Her gaze focuses on Bravo again and she nods. "Any time. And if you want some company or to find me, well. You know which room is mine now!"

"I do...the room with the woman and the burning village, that she did not burn." Bravo agrees with a smile, "And if you find yourself wanting company, you know which door is mine. You're welcome to come find me, too."