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Mystic Pizza
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Zane Bloomquist  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  Marchant Mansion
Date  •  2019-09-23
Summary  •  People chill out after the show and discuss cats and future plans while gorging on pizza.

Post performance pizza! No one has been warned, so who knows if the Marchants know about it. Spear is arriving with about six pies stacked up in cardboard and knockin' on that Marchant door. No Marchant specials - they are not gourmet pizzas - but he _has_ shelled out for good ones and arrived to bring them to the house itself. There are some with the lot, and some vegetarian, and some just no seafood to cover all the major areas "PIE!" he says "For successful theatre nerds! And, er, awesome help staff." And he beams. Spear is wearing a batman shirt, though 'Batman' has been rendered as an actual bat in a human costume. He also has a huge cheerful yellow sunflower in his jacket lapel, which is shedding bits everywhere. Sunflowers suffer as lapel flowers.

Jade is just coming downstairs from having grabbed a quick shower. He's in jeans and a t-shirt, and the product has been washed out of his hair. Spear is being let in by a confused looking servant, and Jade says, "Hey! Let me help you with those." He steps forward quickly to take the pies, and he brings them into the less formal dining room so he can set them out on the table. "Did you see the show? We were great, weren't we?" He looks at Spear, studying his features. "Are you doing okay?"

Felicity is hanging around in the corner, apparently working on math and being quiet, since everyone else had gone off to take showers and she had cheated by not actually being in the show. She glances up as Jade bring in the pies and then seems to decide that quiet is good and she really should finish that math homework.

Hector is washed and showered and is in a beat up old X tee and comfy jeans, soft and nearly through at knees and butt. His wet curls are perfectly combed. He has his ring and his triangle pin, but no other jewelry. He grins at his brother, "That my be the best shirt ever." He gives Jade an up nod, then comes to kiss Felicity's cheek, "They were amazing, weren't they?" he was in the chorus, but of course he means the principles.

"Take it to Broadway," says Spear, in answer to 'We were great', and he grins and then hands Jade the pizza over "Amazing. I clapped a lot! I thought it was important to pay for my own seat to show support, so that's why I wasn't with some of the rest of the theatre family." He pauses, then says "I am now, yeah. Things are _pretty weird_ with the Truth About Vampires Being Out There and doing the Seance left me a bit out of it. Now I'm back fully in this world. S'just easy to get all distracted and wander wherever." He asks "Are _you_ okay? They didn't do anything, did they? I mean, I admit, I was half expecting it." He frowns "I had a water pistol, in case a priest was there who could bless the water." And he says to Hector "Thanks, I designed it!"

Jade sets the pizza on the table and sweeps Spear up in his arms. "I'm good," he says. "Feeling a little bit like the shittiest boyfriend because I didn't even know you'd become a vegetarian, and Hector says you haven't been eating, and he found you after dark in the cemetery." He presses a kiss to Spear's forehead. "You can come here whenever you want, okay? No matter what. I always want to see you."

Felicity beams up at Hector and gives him a soft, "Hey. And yes, yes, they all were. You were good, too. I was watching. That's part of why I'm coming to all the performances, so I can watch everyone." Then she glances over towards Jade and Spear. "That is a cool shirt. And... so far as we can tell, nothing, yet. We hope it stays that way. I think a lot of us were expecting something."

Hector studies his brother, "I'll steal more holy water tomorrow for you, Little Brother." He winces, "It was sunset, not after dark, and he did let me carry him home eventually." He gently takes her hand and squeezes it, smiling, but he remembers and otherwise keeps his hands and lips to himself. "It's fun. Dancing and singing feels good, and it's nice to have a little normal fun."

"It's my family cemetery," protests Spear "Ghosts'll let me know if something nasty comes poking around. I'm much safer than almost everyone else is!" Hey, he likes being swept up, though, and his expression is bright, and then he says "Erf. Sorry. More my fault, I guess, I should be chatting to you about it all. Doing crazy Oujia board stuff makes me feel sort of weird. I'm used to the family knowing how it all works, because my lot are...open?" He pauses, then says "I wasn't eating great. Food is more connected to this world. But I also didn't, erm, tell you about stuff. I didn't think it was hugely important, since I know how it works. I didn't think about the fact that to someone not used to it, it would look super disturbing. Sorry, Jade." He slings an arm around the man's hips "I'll make sure I talk more in future." And then he eyes Hector "You wait until it's your turn to lead a Seance."

Felicity twines her fingers through Hector's and sort of leans against him quietly.

Jade gives Spear a lingering kiss, then smiles at him dopily. "Okay," he says. "If you're okay, babe, I'm okay. You know what you're doing when it comes to all this Seance stuff. I'll be there for you with a warm blanket and some Oreos, and you can rest all you need to, and every time you come back to the world, I'll be here waiting." He steals another kiss, and it's only with great reluctance that he lets Spear go so he can eat some of that pizza if he wants. "Are you becoming a vegetarian? That's cool if you are. I'll tell the caterer."

Hector leans back, settling un beside her. "The ghosts didn't warn us the time the Vampires hunted us through the stones. I care about you, Spear, and want you to be safe." There is something soft in his expression as he watches Jade and spear together, something like hope. "So what's the plan for chill night?"

"I don't know if it's so much 'vegetarian' as 'bleeding meat is a freaky idea now'," admits Spear "There's like real vampires, and holy moly." Except, bacon. How can one live without bacon? He answers the kiss, a bit shyly, but then grins like a goof, and he says "I'm sorry I worried you, dude." He finds somewhere to lean near Jade, and he says "I might just eat plants for a bit until I get over the imagery. And yeah, not helped by how you sort of feel stuck in another world -" Hector makes a good point. Spear frowns to himself for a moment "Hmm."

Jade gets some plates, and he puts a few slices of veggie pizza on one to offer Spear. "You can worry me anytime, honey. For the rest of our lives, if it means I get to be with you." He smiles, kisses Spear on the cheek, and slips away so he can snag a few pieces for himself. To Hector, he says, "I was thinking Tex-Mex for the food bar, and chilling, I guess."

Hector studies is brother, "I know there are things I'm not quite Thistle enough to understand. I'm going to worry, and I'm always going to want to keep you safe. You are likely stuck with me now." He rises and goes to plate up pizza for himself and Felicity, letting her chose meat plte or veg. "As worried as I am about prom I feel really good about things, you know? We have a plan. some of the older people are taking the threat seriously even if they don't understand the extent."

Felicity chooses meat plate and leans back in against Hector once he's settled. "I'm worried, but I'm trying not to worry unproductively. And tex-mex and chill sounds good to me."

"Dude, you're the same as me - my mum married in, your mum...er, well. Same amount of blood," says Spear to Hector "It's just how it is here. Now you hear stuff too. Thistles, we're weird inside. Marchants, they get what they want." And he now pauses "I gotta make a call!"

Jade watches Spear go off to make a call, and he says, "I guess I did get what I want." He smiles that dopey smile he gets when he looks at Spear. He then tells Hector, "I got so worried, and he's fine. I just gotta have faith in him." He grabs some meat pizza for himself and settles down to munch on it. The earlier dark cloud over his mood seems to have lifted. Life is good again.

Hector laugh softly as 'tex-mex and chill' tickles him. "It really does sound good." He starts in on his pizza hungrily. Dancing is hard work and he has a broad taste in toppings. He shakes his head, "But you're... culturally Thistle. I do thhink being raised away from all this changes things. I'm still learning the basics." He gives Jade a sheepish smile, "Sorry about that, Man." He is eating pizza with Felicity, with their arms pressed together in a lean.

Felicity grins at Jade. "Yeah. You did. And he's pretty awesome." She's eating, but quiet, at least for the moment, seeming to enjoy just hanging out.

Cash's car pulls up outside. He doesn't pull up to the door but the rumble can be faintly heard. He's shows up fresh and clean in his more typical summer grudge style. Acid washed jean cutoffs and a soft Pixies t-shirt. Leather bracelets are back, with possibly a few more. His guitar hangs off his back. He enters and see Jade's smile. "Heeey, you look better. Grinning." He spots Hector and Felicity and says, "Someone scoot. Before you ask, I ate at the house. Mom was shoving food at me, all happy and stuff. It was nice." He tries to push an odd wet bit of hair off his forehead but ends up sniffing his wrist instead. "Reminds me!" He pulls off two of these bracelets. Braided leather, both beaded. One with the letter H. One with F. "Wear them for a week. Please?"

In one of the informal dining rooms, there are pizzas spread out on the table. Spear has gone off to make a call, and Jade is munching on a few slices of meat pizza. He glances between Cash, Felicity, and Hector. "Adding another to your little love fest has made it more noxious," he says, as if his opinion is very important here. Whatever bad mood he was in earlier, it's gone now. He's quite chipper.

Hector smiles at Cash, "Where is my Mind?" He tilts his face up in hopes. His eyes zero in on the bracelet and he immediately gets the why of it. "Of course." He holds up his left arm for it. He winces, "Sorry Jade. We will attempt to amend."

Felicity shifts one chair over so Cash could sit between them, and likewise tilts her cheek for a kiss and raises her wrist for a bracelet. Then she blinks at Jade and chirps, "Sorry!" She does not sound sorry. At all. Having finished her pizza, she wipes her hands off and starts putting away the math homework she was working on earlier into her backpack, having to remove a bright pink teddy bear before she can fit it in and then put the teddy bear back on top.

The sound of feet on the stairs is probably reasonably quiet from the Less Formal Dining Room, but somewhat less so Zane's undirected inquiry of, "Hey, do I smell pizza?" Apparently, he does! And finally returns from above! He's got a Mona with him, fingers twined, and they both look all properly clean and shiny and de-show-grimed, just as one would hope. Especially if one were planning to stand next to them. Zane's still got a certain level of Performance Euphoria radiating from him, even if it's ramping down and he looks somewhat more tired now. But YES, there is pizza! "Hey," he greets everyone with a brilliant smile, and immediately heads toward the meatza. "Everyone doing good now? You all look good now."

Cash scowls at Jade for a moment but seem to actually process something before speaking. "Just watch. You and Spear will be annoying the hell out of us before the fourth of July." He fastens one to Hector. "I mean, once you start loving someone, Jade, sickly sweet shit starts to happen. I didn't think I was this kinda guy at all. They change you and you change them." He clips the other to Felicity. "Real leather so, keep water off. But wear at night. And when shaving or perfuming. It's meant to soak up your scent for a little while. Leather is super comforting and you guys are too. Thanks a bunc--" He drops down between Felicity and Hector. "That's Ash's bear. One of them. I know her bears. Oh...shit. Did she catch you?"

Of course Mona's car's been outside for a while, but it was immediately off to the room to clean up after the show, having come back in her makeup. If anyone expected her to hurry downstairs, they'd be disappointed. It's not like she spent all of that time revamping her diva look; her hair is still wet, and she's wearing silk pajama shorts and a cutoff tank top again. She looks even more tired than she did when she left the theater, and while her mood was good enough then, it's better now. "Oh, God. Pizza. Jade, I love you more than ever. Good call." Circling the table, she snatches up a piece, not especially picky, but extra hungry. "You look better," she notes to Jade before snatching a chair to plant herself in.

Jade tells Cash, "I am way to cool to be annoying. We're going to be unspeakably hot together, and it's going to make everyone want us, but you can only look, not touch." He shakes a finger as if to tell them no, oh no, no touchie. He grins at Zane and Mona. "Hey, you guys. Thank Spear. He brought it over. He's making a call right now, but it was all him." He munches a little more 'za, then says, "I feel better. Spear's doing well, I'm doing well. Everything's good."

Hector looks at the teddy bear with some curiosity, "Ashley's bears?" He calls to Zane, "Spear brought lots! Come eat!" He claps, for them as if it's an extra curtain call. He grins at Jade and agrees with cash, "God, I hope so." He smiles at Cash, "I get it." He was the one who wore one of Cash's old jacket, making sure his cologne rubbed on the collar so he could drape it over cash the first lock in. He knows a good idea when he sees it. He eyes Jade, "Spear's brother here. I do NOT want to touch."

Felicity gives Zane and Mona a wave and then freezes as Cash identifies the course of the teddy bear. "Um..." A flicker of a gaze to the others. "I was trying to get home before Ellen woke up a couple days ago after we accidentally fell asleep in your room, and she caught me trying to leave. There may have been a slight inquisition, but I still have all my finger nails and she gave me a teddy bear, so I think it's all okay. Unless there's a message in the teddy bear that I should know about. His name's Barney." And then she adds to Jade. "I think my hands are full, even if you are both unspeakably hot."

Cash says to Jade, "Dude, I threw Spear away. Make me fucking jealous. Show me what I am missing out on." He grins, his braces are colored with a plain, clear bands. His best idea to keep them from standing out too much on stage. "I-I mean...treat him well and make him shine like the ray of sunlight he is. And if the motivation to make me jealous helps? Rad." He turns to listen to Felicity's tale as his face flushes. When she says his name, Cash says it at the same time. "...Barney. Yeah. She names them all. I know most of them. It's the useless info that sticks with me. But yeah, you are cool. She doesn't part with one easily and to just anyone." He slumps, relieved.

"Can we touch a little?" Zane asks, "Like, what if you fall half off a cliff and someone's gotta pull you back up? Or there's a snake on your shoulder? Or we really need to hug you?" He's in a t-shirt and flannel pyjama pants now, so apparently intending to hang around, and waves brightly to his cousin on the way to stealing and stacking a good portion of one of the meat pizzas and carrying it back to pull another chair right up against Mona's, flop into it, and start eating. "I'll thank Spear for being awesome pizzaman when he gets back, but he might need hugging for thinking of it and then what am I supposed to do, Jade?" The bear gets an interested look. You don't see that everyday. Unless you're Ashley, apparently.

"Whoever's bear it is, it's adorable," Mona insists between bites of pizza. "And Spear picked some good combinations. I keep telling you that you chose wisely," she adds, eyes shifting toward Jade. The lessened tension seems to ease her own mood further, and she already looks lazy as a cat.

Speaking of which, she has been followed. Her creatures rarely make a public appearance, but there is pizza. An enormous ball of fluff in shades of ivory, beige, and chocolate rounds the door, tail swishing. Big blue eyes fix on the very first person he sees, and there is a plaintive mew to indicate just how starving he is (really, really not at all). He darts beneath the table to prop front paws on the edge of Mona's chair, raising his head to peer over and across the tabletop. "Prance, no. You get on this table, and I'm going to... " Fold like a paper airplane, that's what, but at least she sounds serious.

As Zane slides his chair over next to hers, the fluffball picks a new target for those big blue eyes. Starving mew! As if Mona wasn't enough of a pushover. She nudges Zane lightly with a knee, grinning crookedly. "I think hugs should be allowed. Also saving people from falling off cliffs."

Jade tells Cash, "Man, I don't care if you're jealous or not. I mean I don't want you to experience undue suffering, but I want to make Spear happy because making him happy is the happiest thing I've ever done. Because he's amazing, and to be honest, when he and I are together there's no one else in my mind at all. It's just us, our own universe. It's perfect." Then Zane brings up some good points, and Jade's compelled to rethink is position. "Hugs are important," he allows, "as is being saved from toppling off cliffs. I guess touching is permitted. Can't have Spear going without hugs." He glances over at the cat. "Don't do it," he warns.

Hector smiles at Felicity, softly and first, but rather more wickedly towards the end. "Was she concerned you might be a bad influence? We had that talk too, but it worked out fine, but I did not get a bear out of it, so clearly you won." He looks impressed at Zane's train of thought, "Those are all good points." Deadpan, "Hug emergencies can be deadly." He holds out a hand in the cat's general direction in case sniffing is in order. Alas, he has no good bribes today. He smiles at Jade, "I am so happy for you."

Spear returns from his really long (tm) call and he says "...I got mom'd so hard I think I may never grow up," to Jade as he bounces back in "S'up!"

Felicity rolls her eyes. "More like she felt the need, like every single other one of our friends, to make sure that I was aware the two of you were married, because I might, apparently, be stupid or oblivious enough to miss that fact. Even if it wasn't like the second thing Cash told me upon my getting back to town. Well, and other general concern for her brother and checking in that I was not just toying with him. It was mostly good. She decided we count as sisters, now." She zips up her bag and leans against Cash's shoulder. "Hug emergencies are a real problem, yes." She starts sort of playing with the bracelet, twisting it around her wrist.

"I'm just fucking with you, Jade. I'm so fucking happy you and Spear are happy together." And Spear returns and Cash beams. "Hey. I got Mom'd hard too today. But she's just knows me and Ash are flying to coop so...let'em be mama hens a little bit longer. We'll miss it one day." He regards Felicity. "That's a typical Ash interrogation. But she's easier to get along with than she used to be and easier still when I'm happy." He pauses and he almost says something, his lips twist in a smirk. "Hey, she's just happy she doesn't have to...nevermind. I'm glad you got Barney from her. It's a special gift."

"Speeeear! You are awesome pizzaman!" Zane greets the Thistle in question, foot shifting to hook around Mona's ankle when she makes the knee-press, "Thank you! Also I might have to hug you." Aaaand he might also have to fold to Prance, the hand not currently laden with slices of pizza dropping down to fuzzle the cat's massive head. "Shh, wait 'til they're not watching," he whispers to his feline fuzzy buddy, which is unfortunately exactly as intelligible to the humans nearby as it isn't to the cat. Who purrs anyway, 'cause he's getting fuzzled and they're buds. Somehow, the pizza manages to tilt just enough that a piece of sausage falls off onto Zane's leg. And it only takes a couple tries.

"Hey," Mona pipes up, "hug emergencies are real. "Cuddlesluts are real." From the growing lean toward Zane on her part and the grin at the increasing tangle of limbs, she seems living proof. As is the cat, as he snakes around the legs of the chair to dart back over to Hector to bonk his fuzzy head right into his palm before racing back toward Zane. Self-petting, no less. "That's Prince Prance. Usually just 'The Prince', or 'Prance'. He's... very sweet." The tactful way of saying the cat is roughly as clever as a sack of sand. The cat spies the falling chunk of sausage, and there is a blur of cream-colored fur before it's gone. It doesn't even have time to leave a grease stain on the flannel. Prance chirps, and rubs his head against Zane's calf.

Jade comes over to Spear and hugs him. "Everyone is happy for us," he tells Spear, "and we are both unspeakably hot. Life's pretty good. Thanks for bringing pizza, babe." He gives the cat some side-eye and shakes his head. "You're spoiled," he tells the animal. "Spoiled and not all that bright."

Hector looks away rther suddenly at all the Mom talk, until he can force his face smooth again. He looks relieved, "That's okay then, Red. Sisters means you're accepted." He eyes Cash, "She doesn't have to what?" He eyes Zane, "You aren't fooling anyone, you know. Either of you." He tries to scritch Prance, but... Ooops too late! "Sweet little guy." He tells the animal, "There are worst things to be than spoiled and not to bright. Don't worry."

"A hug emergency? Is this back in Sasquatch territory?" wonders Spear out loud, frowning just a little. IS IT? He adds to Felicity "Mom'd into next week." And he spreads his hands to Cash "You're right. No one even knows what Star means to do, and Silver and I are ollie-ing on outta here. So there's that. I guess you're right, it would be super hard. But dude, I feel like if she was an animal, she'd be lickin' a paw and smoothing down my headfuzz...hey Zane." He lifts a hand "I'm good for hugs. As long as they don't come from Sasquatch." He beams at Prince "Ahhh, bribery. Good for what ails a kitty."

Felicity sits up a little, just so she can give Cash a kiss on the cheek. There's a flicker of a concerned glance towards Hector and her own little shrug at the mom discussion and she settles back in against Cash and returns to playing with the bracelet.

Cash looks pretty bashful, muttering an apology to Hector. "Sorry. I didn't think." He lets it go with. "Remember that dumb conversation I had with her about her carrying our kids one day?" He nods over to Felicity. "New womb." He says with a wise little nod and a snort of a laugh. "Oh, last bit on Moms. My mom wanted me to thank you for making me come home last summer. She put it all together recently and wanted me to pass that on." He rolls his eyes.

There's pizza in the dining room, Thistle sponsored. Everyone's sitting around, eating and chatting. Cash isn't eating but he is an outlier.

Hector did just mean that last bit for the cat, right? Zane looks credibly innocent when accused of not fooling anyone, which might work better if he didn't also 'accidentally' lose another bit of meat-topping in a Pranceward direction. He leans to meet Mona's, but cat-petting and attempting to actually eat his pizza (which results in the discovery of pizza-sandwich, a slice of pizza between two slices of pizza, all bitten at once) are also taking some of his attention. "He is, though. He's the sweetest cat." Hugs for Spear will have to hold off a few, but they'll save.

"He is so spoiled," Mona confirms. The creature is, indeed, quite round. The massive ragdoll is not entirely 'solid', either; there's some paunch to spare on Prince Prance. "Fooling anyone about what?" She blinks innocently as she pretends she didn't just brazenly pinch off a tiny chunk of pizza to drop down on the horrifyingly expensive antique carpet. He seems to know when he's a topic of conversation, and once the evidence of Mona's crime against the decor is obliterated, he begins to make the rounds, weaving in and out of chair legs and people legs alike charging back to Zane to collect the piece of pepperoni that fell with another merry chirp.

Glancing to Spear, she mentions, "I offered a spot in New York, I mean, she's one of my longest, closest friends in the world. I suspect a lot of it has to do with what Arthur decides, and where the band ends up going. I think they'd make one hell of a splash in NYC, but I have to admit it isn't exactly the music capital of the world, and they might do a little better in Los Angeles. It's hard to tell. But, like... if I had another sister, Star would be that sister. There are only so many people I can trade glances with without commentary and be perfectly understood, you know?"

Jade sits on the floor. God knows why he, surrounded by wealth, opulence, and furniture, always seems to prefer the floor. Maybe because it's the right height to hold out a hand to Prance and give him scritches as he murmurs, "Yeah, there's worse things than being spoiled and dumb. But that's what I want to be, and you're stealing my thunder." Alas, he doesn't have the fluff Prance has going for him. "Music scene's heading to Seattle," he says. "Cobain's death won't change that. I could never live there, man. It rains, like, nine months out of the year."

Silver had gone to check on Jade's snake shortly after arrival. And had apparently been waylaid by cuteness. The sound of a toilet flushing somewhere and water running was the only herald of her purposefully silent arrival. The camera was out and with people relaxing around the table, talking, she lifts the lens and focuses. There's only one chance for the fully relaxed and laid-back after party shot. After everyone will be more tense, suspecting that click and flash.

  • click* >))FLASH((< *click*

Hector goes quiet and has another slice of pizza as Spear burbles happily on. He smiles a little sadly at Cash and Felicity, "It's all right really. It just... hits me sometimes, you know?" he looks a little worried at' make me come home,' but he nods, "Okay." A breath, "I'm still sorry." He does the 'I see you' gesture with two fingers and his eyes at Zane. He nods at Mona. He eyes Jade, "It can't happen. You're not dumb." He sighs, "I never want to live anywhere it's more than an hour or two to a place I can surf." Silver catches a soft melancholy on his face with her camera.

Felicity's eyes go wide and she sits up, kind of staring at the side of Cash's head for a moment before she looks past him to Hector. "Hector, darling, new rule: If either Cash or I think better of saying something in a public space, /do not ask us about it/ until we are back in private. It's bound to be mortifying. Also, could we /please/ stop having the discussion about when, if, or whose children I may or may not be having in the future. I am /eighteen/. There will be no children on any timeline which means that it needs to be discussed /now/." Well, that'll be an interesting look for the picture.

She does, kind of distractedly reach down to pet the cat as he goes by. "Almost any major city will do for a band, honestly. You just need someplace with clubs and venues." She's ignoring the camera. Maybe if she ignores it hard enough that picture will never see the light of day.

Silver caught Cash leaning towards Hector, the discomfort only beginning to leave his face. Now, he's glancing back at Felicity. "It's a joke. It's long, inside joke between us. Now you're in it. I'm not having any kids until I sell out. I have to be 28 to do that, at least. Okay? Hell, I'm so fucking weird that I'm not sure if I can handle a crying baby. Sharp loud noises can hurt. Anything too loud. I had earplugs in during rehearsals. He sighs and shakes his head to recover. "If Hector wasn't prone to land locked blues, I might go to Nashville. Country is picking up again and I think I can do it. Probably. But, we're going to try our luck in California. We're going to be the next Jethro Tull." He leans against Hector, grinning big and silly.

Now, there is a whole person on the floor. This means Prance has a floor buddy. He picks that spot to sprawl his bulk, rolling over onto his side to look up at Jade with starving face. The flash of the camera doesn't even spook him, as his tail lazily flops against the floor, but he does glance up at Silver as if to ask if she got his good side.

"Prance, you whore," Mona laughs out as she watches the cat, shaking her head, which does her no favors really, in the photo. "Pretty sure Prance out-stupids the lot of us combined, and we have sometimes given him stiff competition over the years. It's hard to not spoil him, though. He's going to be able to roll down the stairs like a bowling ball if we're not careful, though."

Once through the piece of pizza, the day catches up with Mona, and fast. Glancing to Zane, she then flicks a look down to the feline attention sponge for a moment. "Quick, while he's distracted?" And with that, she snags the collar of his shirt with a finger, and plucks before dashing -- all right, it's more like a saunter meant to look hurried -- out with a, "Good night! Going to rest up for the early show tomorrow! Sleep well!" after her.

Jade smiles down at Prance and scritches him behind the ears. "Hey there, fluffball," he murmurs. "You're a pretty good boy." Jade may tease Mona's cats, but he's never mean to them, and he's been known to give them a snuggle. Prance is his buddy. "Night, Mona! Night, Zane." More scritches for Prance. He glances over to Silver with a grin. "Did you get my good side? Just kidding. I don't have a bad one."

Hector winces and looks down, "Sorry Felicity. Cash." He is clearly already accustomed to life with a paparazzi sibling. He gently bumps Cash, "We can make our own sound. Nothing wrong with crossing over. It worked for the Eagles." He watches the cat, "Are you a super model? I bet you are." Or perhaps he means Jade. He calls after the departing coupe, "Have fun!"

Felicity eyes Cash suspiciously for a moment, then waves to the departing Zane and Mona and relaxes slowly, starting to play with her bracelet again. She studies Hector and Cash with her thinking expression on. "L.A. is a good place for slightly experimental stuff, yeah. There's a lot of variety and cultural fusion happening."

"Good night!" Cash chirps. "Maybe the cat was the real supermodel girlfriend." He muses quietly before saying, "Of course we make our own sound. But who else do you think of when you think of the flute in rock or pop music? It's how we'll pitch ourselves to begin with! That's all. Sides, I...I don't know if I have a sound in mind yet. I like so much different music. But I have time. We have time. Whole wide world ahead, you know? College is four whole years and then, if we don't drop out," He winks. "Maybe I'll have some lyrical talent to go with your composition." He looks to Felicity. "You, my big brain, what're going to study at CalTech? You are so smart with so much, I can't recall." Smile.

Jade strokes Prance's belly fluff. "That's right. My secret model girlfriend was Prance all along. And he's a boy. I'm not very good at faking being straight." As the others talk about California, he goes quiet.

Hector flashes the red heads a wicked smile,"I'm all about experimentation and fusion." He closes his eyes, "Remind me to play you the thing I've been working on." Then he snorts, "Let's hope someone does have lyrical talent, because that someone isn't me. Instrumental tone poem about types of rain? I'll get right on it. Angry pun with a strong back beat? Sure! Actual lyrics for these things? Ooops! Not my department." He studies Jade, "New York is going to be so god for you guys and you can always come visit."

Felicity shrugs. "At the moment, most likely Chaos or Probability theory, but I might end up in Physics or computational theory. Or I could give up on that and be your drummer, instead." Finally she shifts over so she can lean against Cash who is leaning against Hector. She smiles a little, "Or was the thought that I'd be making money and supporting us all until you guys get your big break?"

"And we'll come and visit New York!" Cash offers. "I didn't even try to apply to Julliard because I'm not Julliard good and also, cities are noisy...crowded. Bad fit to live but not to visit. If we are really lucky? We'll be able to book a gig. If not? Open mic nights and Karaoke are a thing. We'll stay in touch. Opening up a internet board and everything! We've been through a lot this year now and...support is good for all of us." He wraps his arm around the leaning Felicity. "Academics doesn't make much money. You aren't paid well to think. I can work and perform too. I have an extensive background in construction, remember? And I'm an electrician without a cert. Also, radio is another thing I can fall back on. I can earn. Hector can...surf and compose and Felicity, you can think and ponder big numbers and I'll keep us fed and find my big break. I...I'm a Freeland. I changed my name and all but I'll always be a Freeland and I can do whatever I want if I want it enough." He looks back to Hector. "I'll show you my lyrics notebook one day. Maybe I need another eye on it. I think it's filled with trash but..." He shrugs.

"Jade, for the record, I really believed in Amanda. I...I didn't know if you were straight or what but...you had me fooled."

"The key is to have a little truth in every lie," Jade says. "There is an Amanda who lives in Paris. She's not a super model, but she does model, and we're friends. I tried really hard to have a crush on her. She was basically anything I could hope for in a girlfriend if I could follow through with having a girlfriend." He shrugs a shoulder. Water under the bridge now. "Everyone should visit New York at least once in their lives. It's an amazing place."

Hector grins at Felicity, "You are way to smart to be dating us. You realize that right, Red?" He shrugs, "We'll see where we are when probate is over. There should be more money sophomore year. At the same time, I am not too proud to be a kept man." He gently squeezes Cash's hand, "We'll make it work... I suspect I'm the Prince Prance in this scenario...." He looks really surprised, "Amanda is real?" He nods, "We'll come and see you and you can show us your favorite hole in the walls."

Felicity tilts her head back to blink up at Cash. "Who said I was ending up in academia long term? Those are... trust me. There's money to be made in all of those fields. Do not fret. I mean, yeah, next couple of years, we can be starving college students. But long term... trust me, there are plenty of job opportunities there." She flashes Jade a grin. "I entirely missed the whole Amanda thing." Then twisting around a little to look at Hector. "I think, between USC and Pasadena, there are some pretty cheap hispanic neighborhoods. Like, they're not the best neighborhoods, but there are houses which can be rented pretty cheaply and would mean none of us had a sucky commute. Though I have to live on campus first year." Pause. "If they still let me in."

Where was Spear? Well, he does pop his head up suddenly "Amanda ceded the field," he says. Maybe he vagued out. Maybe he was off somewhere else! Who knows? But he adds, soberly "I respect her sacrifice, but I'm glad she made it."

"Bless Amanda's sacrifice." To Felicity, Cash says, "I stand corrected. I'm an artist, Vee." He says, dryly. "My Spanish isn't terrible! I got a B and I intend to take more in college. We'll make it. I'm not worried. And don't worry about CalTech. If not CalTech, we'll find somewhere." He looks to Hector. "I want to be in New York in the winter. It's Christmasy and maybe snow! I've never seen snow. I'd like to see snow." He leans back in his seat, looking upwards. The dreamer smiles, contently. "I will put up with the noise and craziness to see the tree lit in Rockefeller Center. And ice skate. Yeah. And we could road trip to Canada and get fucking smashed. Drinking age is 18 up there. Shit, we can ride to Vancouver this summer. Sasquatch territories, Spear."

Jade wraps his arms around Spear. "Yeah, she did." He then says, "You guys should totally come from Christmas. See the tree, check out the stores. I'm not sure where we'll be living yet, but I'm thinking probably somewhere in Manhattan." Of course he'll be able to afford it, wherever he ends up. "I'm going to be at Columbia studying theater and dance. I think Thea's going to Julliard. Zane too, probably."

Hector nods, "Dorms the first year is simplest. The year after? Maybe we could invest in one of those houses, if we find a good one for sale. The condo was... worth money. We weren't rich, but Mom was a neurosurgeon and we were comfortable. I'm not sure how much it will be exactly though, so I can' plan." He snorts, "They'd be idiots not to let you in even with... what happened. Which was mostly nnot your fault." He grins at his brother, "The best man won." He grins at Cash, "We could go play on that giant keyboard like in Big. I'll get you a fake ID. It's not hard." He smiles at Jade, "It's gooing to be so fun, Man."

Felicity laughs delightedly. "Christmas in New York, it is, then." And then she yawns a little. "It'll be a blast." She grins over at Spear and Jade, "Well, again, no clue, but you two are great together, so clearly it was meant to be."

"Oh _GOD_ I LOVE CHRISTMAS!" says Spear suddenly, his eyes huge, as Cash speaks "It is the _best time_ to goth the _fuck_ out in Victoriana and then you can give _presents_, and you can do all the _stuff_. I love it. Horse rides with bells. Sleighs. Holy shit. It's the best. And I have plans for all of you - each of you - for all of your presents." He hooks his arm over Jade and then turns and kisses him on the mouth, and shakes him "Yes, the tree! We're going to have to do carols, of course. And maybe do some like, charity work? I mean, I don't know, it always just makes you feel good - music, and doing good things, and then all the presents, and snow, and hot chocolate, and _all that food_, and the tree - the lights, the decorations. Top hats. Velvet jackets. Open fire. Bear skin rug. Less jackets. No hats. No socks -"

Hector smiles softly at his brother and Jade, "One big happy family. We'll do all those things, Spear. It would be good to have... a proper Christmas after everything." His voice breaks a little on that last. "I am... a little tired now. Maybe I should go to bed early what with tomorrow's performance." He kisses the red heads on the cheek once each, "Ready for bed?," then crosses to offer his brother a hug, "You are amazing and I am very glad we're family.

Felicity nods. "Bed, yes. Definitely." And she stands, gives a little wave to Jade and Spear, and grabs her backpack and at least one of her boys' hands and leads the way off to the guest room Mona had set up for them.

Spear hugs back tightly! But he also says "It's gonna be great, Hector, you spend it with us. I'm sure that will help." Then he? Heads off towards Jade's room...