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Movie Night
Characters  •   Spear Thistle  •  Amy Lester  •  Ashley Freeland  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Downtown
Date  •  2019-09-05
Summary  •  Ash and Amy head out for dinner and a movie. They bump into Spear while out and about.

Saturday night. And, shock of shocks, Ashley is walking down the street hand in hand with a...Lester! Dressed casually...but peak fashionista casual...she is musing on an incredibly important decision. "'When A Man Loves A Woman' came out" she offers, "But, even if it is romantic, it hardly applies to us" she giggles. "I suppose you want to see that 'No Escape' one. With all the people fighting each other on an island. Looks pretty violent. Where would you like to eat first? Taco Bell? KFC? Not McDonalds. I have an eerie feeling about McDonalds tonight."

"With everything going on you have an eerie feeling about McDonalds of all things," Amy says with a brief laugh, wandering on down the way with Ashley, as they talk. "Maybe after what Mr. Chen said I feel like I should go hunt a rabbit or something," she says dryly, staring around. "I dunno. I don't care. Pick a place, it's all 'fast food' you know." There's a bit of a grin though and she inclines her head slightly. "As for the movie, am I such a fucking one dimensional obvious woman? Okay, probably, but still! But you know." She's wearing her good jeans, along with her boots and the casual black t-shirt.

Spear is out, which means he is most definitely not out near Cash, Hector...or probably Jade. Spear does _like_ going out at night, but everyone else seems to be massively freaked out, and he just has no energy for that. Instead, he is peering in the windows of various stores. This is the main business center, and Spear is trying to get inspired, or something. He has black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a tartan jacket on. With a black top hat, because, well. He was not at the meeting with Mr. Chen, so he probably has no idea what was said. Now he stares in a window at a bunch of small crystal knick knacks and other twee gifts "Ugh," Spear mutters, stepping back in front of the girls "No. What do you get someone who can buy _anything_?"

"You know, it doesn't surprise me that you're descended from werewolves" Ashley whispers to her girlfriend. "That would explain all that energy you have..." She blushes a little. "And that howling you do sometimes." A clearing of her throat - time to move on! "You're not one dimensional" she promises. "I thought you might like it, is all. Hmm, there is that urban legend that KFC is just rabbit. Maybe you could figure it out for sure. We'll go there." Thankfully, she is able to avoid walking into Spear. And she even has an answer. "He can't buy your love" she points out. "Get him that. In a bow...and nothing else. I'm assuming this is a private birthday gift by the way, Spear."

"How can it not surprise you it's fucking crazy, regardless of everything else," Amy mutters with a shake of her head, peering down the way when she spots Spear there. There's a snort at Ashley's explanation and a roll of her eyes. "Uh huh, girlfriend, I do all the howling." She doesn't let these things just go. She likely never will. There's a nod of her head at the idea of KFC and a lopsided shrug of one shoulder. "Sure. I'll get a burger or something I guess." She tilts her head briefly at Spear, and sort of lifts her brows as she stares at Ashley. "Uh. You're a fucking marvel with words, aren't you?" She teases fondly before looking at Spear, shrugging. "I mean I guess the basic fucking idea is good. Something he can't buy. Make something I dunno. Get a skull, maybe he'll like it more 'n I did."

"You can't wrap up _love_ in a bow," says Spear, and he then blinks "Oh, hey Ashley!" So he is just willing to answer strangers, apparently, because he said that before he recognised her "Hey, you guys look dolled up. Going to the theatre, or the icecream parlour?" He slides his hands into his pocket, his bag on his back "What surprise?" And then he says "She is pretty good with words, yes." Nod nod, and then he says "Something he can't buy, you're right. Well, I could maybe make him something...with scrimshaw. Or make him a hat. I mean, felted hats are pretty damn good. And we don't even use mercury any more so I won't, you know, go crazy." He brightens "Thanks, Amy. You've always been smart. You're an intellectual."

"Well, okay, yes, in the grand scheme of things it is surprising, but if we go with all the craziness as 'real', then that sub-revelation is not surprising at all" Ashley tries to explain before blushing about the howling. "Hush" she gently admonishes, finding something interesting to look at on the sidewalk for a moment. Or two. "We're going to the movies" she nods to Spear, smile back. "But we're going to KFC first. You should come with. Aren't you love? You can be wrapped in a bow. But, yes, Amy's idea is better because she is definitely an intellectual. And an incredible athlete. She's going to get a sport scholarship at a college. Hasn't anyone said anything to you yet about what Mr. Chen said about our families, Spear? You're a witch..." Another non-surprise. "Amy is a werewolf. I'm a sorcerer. Seems so obvious when you think about it." The laugh that follows suggests she doesn't treat it entirely seriously but then there are vampires after them.

There's a snort from Amy. "Wow, did you just call me an intellectual. Are you high right now or something Spear," Amy snickers at the very thought, shaking her head. Of course, Ashley just goes along and agrees with the whole thing. "Ugh. How the hell am I an intellectual. That's fucking stupid. Also I'm not that other thing either, none of us are. Mr. Chen specifically said there were no more of any of them. Just your great-great-great-great -- you get the idea, come on." She scowls for who knows what reason and shifts to head off towards this KFC that Ashley has chosen to eat at. "What is scrimshaw anyway," Amy wonders after a moment's silence.

"I'll come with you to KFC, but I won't horn in on your movie date," says Spear, slipping his hands out of his pockets, and then he says "Life has. Been more than usually crazy recently. Honestly, I don't really know if I can handle it getting much weirder. Wait, _me_?" Even Spear looks a little weirded out at the idea of being love, but he says "Hmm, I'll give it a shot. She is? That's good. I don't think I'm going to higher education. It isn't really. Erm. My kind of hting. I'd rather talk to people -" He pauses "...witch. You mean. Hansel and Gretel eating-children-type. Witch?" As Amy speaks, Spear says a little slyly "For a Lester." And then he says "Oh, none of us - look. Who's this Mr. Chen guy and why does he say this kind of thing? Oh, scrimshaw is very delicate carving done all over hard material like ivory or bone. The good stuff's expensive as."

"You're definitely wise. Is that better?" Ashley smiles sweetly to Amy. "You have street knowledge. You don't do all that bullshit that intellectuals cling to. That's one of the things I love about you." Rewarding her girlfriend with a quick kiss. "And you're quite right. There are none of those things left, I was just teasing. Do you think I know any spells? But there //are// vampires. You saw them." Off to KFC they go. "Amy is going to be in the Olympics. What college wouldn't want an Olympian? As long as she fills in the forms." A questioning arch of an eyebrow Amy's way . "Mr. Chen runs the London Arms. I wasn't there at the last talk but he's one of those wise old Chinese people who know all about strange things. He's quite nice."

"Forms. Yeah." Amy glances aside. She keeps getting distracted okay! You don't know. "Honestly I wasn't expecting any kind of higher education either but Ashley won't get off my ass about these fucking scholarship forms so ... I dunno sounds like a waste of time to me." She shakes her head a little at the whole thought of it, but glances down at the sidewalk as she keeps on walking. "I dunno about Mr. Chen. If he's just saying all this shit and making it up he's pretty fucking thorough. Reckons it's a whole thing about his family here to ... guard the evil stone in the bridge I guess." She winces a little as she even says that, because she realizes how it sounds. "Fucking hell this is really our life now. Fuckit I just want a burger."

"What, like Big Trouble In Little China?" says Spear, Spock'ing one eyebrow up, though the fact is, he has to own up to saying "I guess life has just gotten this weird. I do not get the 'witch' thing. And what is the difference between a 'witch' and a 'sorceror' anyway? I mean. Aren't they the same thing? Unless he means like the dude in the Sorceror's Apprentice. Man, am I really supposed to live with no discernable financial support in a forest in a gingerbread house?" He looks down at his feet as they walk "So, er, given he was gonna talk about stuff with folks - did he say what we're supposed to do about it all?"

"You'd have to ask Amy about what he said we had to do but the difference between a witch and a sorcerer is that a witch is about natural informal magic while a sorcerer is about formal magic" Ashley explains. "A witch casts what they feel, a sorcerer what they learn." A pouting nudge of Amy. "It's not a waste of time. Don't you want to be with me at college?" As they reach the KFC she asks, "How many burgers, my love? Want to grab us a booth?" A shrug for Spear. "I guess it could be like Big Trouble. Or Gremlins."

"I dunno what the difference is," Amy says with a shrug of her shoulders. "And Chen suggested the best thing we could do is ignore it, keep our heads down, graduate and move away. But for some I guess they're kinda fucked on that score what with the fact they've already been gotten to." She pushes into the restaurant -- if you can call it that -- and moves towards a table. "I dunno, a couple. And some fries, why not." Maybe she's just gonna enjoy some unhealthy food for once. "Otherwise," she says quietly before departing to claim a table proper, "We've gotta 'deal' with this Fran."

Spear goes quiet - unusual for him, for a little. He is frowning off in the middle distance, and then he follows Amy off towards the booth as she and her girlfriend head in there. After a long moment he says "...so what Thistles can do? It's because we _think_ we should do it? We feel like it. So we do it? You mean we could maybe be different than we are? Because it doesn't bother me. But I know it bothers other people." And then he says "Oh, hmm." And he says to Amy "Silver seems to have. Fought it off. That's good, isn't it? I'm just. I love my parents. I don't want them to be hurt. I could. We could do some weird stuff, maybe, to protect the funeral home, but then no one would ever go there again."

Ashley soon returns with plenty of food for everyone. "What have you been talking about?" she asks while sittng next to Amy. "Spear, did you know that Amy took on the vampire herself? They were //frightened// of her! How awesome is that?" A few fries are nibbled at. "Did I hear something about protecting the funeral home? Why? It's that hotel we have to worry about. Probably was a good idea we didn't go there" she nods sagely to Amy.

Amy leans back, arms spread out across the top of the seat behind her as she nods at Spear, then shrugs. "I dunno about what you can do. I don't really know about any of that shit. Maybe something witchy. What about Colorado he always ..." thought he was a witch, and is one of Amy's biggest victims. She glances aside a moment and down, just kinda staring at the table. "Fighting it off is good I guess. I dunno about the others, and it'll still take a while to go completely. And my cousins have it too. So." She shakes her head. "I dunno what to do really." She inclines her head as Ash returns, reaching for a chicken burger. "I didn't take them on, I got my ass handed to me," she clarifies again, nodding at Ash. "Yeah. It's good we didn't go there."

Spear says, with a sudden smile "I heard she did. She's amazing. And. Why? Because I love my mum and dad, Ashley. I really do. Look, I honestly don't want to think about them getting hurt? I'd rather hear about Amy being awesome." He rubs his forehead "I...can't do anything like that. I mean, I can't do anything useful, I've been trying to organise a thing, but it hasn't been working very well." He glances out at the food display, but is not inclined to pick something at this point. Then he puts his chin in his hand and he says "You'll think it's dumb, but there's no point in hiding it. I can talk to dead people. They talk back, I mean, and I hear it. And I'm sure you think I'm crazy? But I've done this since I was a baby. So have most of the other Thistles. It's just...it's not scary for us. It's just a thing. You grow up and some of your relatives are dead, but they still like you."

"Next time you'll beat them" Ashley assures Amy. "You had to fight them alone last time. Well, you may as well have been with all I did, but if everyone else is there, it will go better." She opens up her little backpack to show off a bottle of water. "Never leave home without it these days. Holy water." It is tucked away again. "I can tell you all day and night how awesome Amy is if you want" she grins to Spear. And then he's going all Sixth Sense - five years early. "Oh...what kind of things do they say? Are they in Heaven? Aren't vampires dead? Though they were talking to all of us fine." A sighing shrug. "Six weeks ago you would have been crazy, Spear. Now...not so much."

"Uh." Amy takes a bite out of one of the burgers, chewing at it and thinking thinking thinking as she stares at Spear a moment, shaking her head. After swallowing and washing it down with copious amounts of coke, she notes, to Spear, "Someone said something about ghosts but seriously. A baby. You couldn't even talk but you could to ghosts or something?" Her brows lift up. Yes, that's the bit that's hard to believe. "Doesn't mean your whole fucking family isn't fucking weird though," she decides with a nod of her head. There's a sidelong glance to Ash and she considers. "I dunno about that. I think we should avoid a fight if we can." Yes. That's Amy's thoughts. Of course, she's not pissed of at Fran right this moment. Another bite. "You know," she says after a moment. "We don't even know if that holy water does anything."

"I don't think vampires are anything," says Spear, a bit sadly "I mean, so far when I've heard them, they've just sounded like a voice to me. Not like something familiar. But I haven't seen them and I only heard them once or twice at the house when there was a problem." He peers over into Ashley's backpack out of curiosity and then he says "That's really smart!" He pulls back and clears his throat "Not. Heaven. I don't think I should tell you too many details? I mean, they're relaxing for me? But I think they might upset others." He then says "I couldn't talk. It's more. They were around. And I didn't really realise that they were dead people until I was old enough that mum and dad could explain it to me." Spear pauses and he rubs his chin "I guess we don't know. No harm in trying lots of - wait, would this Mr. Chen know?"

"You want to avoid a fight?" Ashley has to process these words from Amy; so not like her. "Umm...sure...if you think that is best." A little pout at her bottle. "No, we don't, but it can't hurt to try. Imagine if it does work. We'd have them then!" A nod to Spear. "I guess I'll find out for myself one day" she says about Heaven; obviously she is going there. "I get the impression from Amy that Mr. Chen wants us to stay well away from them. So, I dunno, just keep running away until we leave town?"

"They're definitely something," Amy counters Spear as she shakes her head, leaning back a little as she sips at her drink. She's sipping at it some more and nodding to Ashley. "I realize getting your ass kicked is like a normal thing for you, Ash," she says with a teasing grin, "but seriously she's strong and she's fast. I mean, if I have to take her on again I think I've got some ideas on how to be kinda ready for that and I'll do it, but fuck it I'd prefer not to have to, you know?" She snickers a little. "Imagine if it works, I'm imagining the part where it doesn't, and you just now have a pissed off and wet vampire," she says quietly, chuckling further. "Mr. Chen would probably know. And he thinks we should just stay away, sure, but he also realizes Fran needs to be kinda stopped or something? It's that whole thing." She waves a hand, most to gesture at the area.

"That I guess is sort of reasonable? Maybe I can tell my mum and dad?" wonders Spear "Or I don't know, see if I can find someone on the force who died and see if _they_ knew about the vampires before...if there's a reason why the police don't seem to care about Brenda Lang's death?" He sighs, and he puts his chin on the table "I think you need a bunch of armour that makes you dangerous to hold or grab - maybe with razors and things." He stares out at the area "Man. I feel kinda helpless and paralysed."

"It's not normal" Ashley mumbles in her defence before eating a few more fries. She doesn't get bullied but, okay, she also skipped self-defence classes too. Which was obvious the night of the full moon. "Ideas?" Ashley is so proud of Amy to hear that. "Anything I can do to help, you let me know. So we have to take out Francine? Maybe we should find out how much help they have. Didn't Mr. Chen say something about vampire helpers?" A little snort at Spear's idea of armor. "That would take some explaining around school. And what if I wanted to hug Amy? Who is Brenda Lang?" She reaches out to give Spear's hand a squeeze. "You're not helpless. Don't be silly. This will need all of us."

"I don't really know much about Brenda Lang myself anyway. Fucked if I know about evidence, but ain't had much faith in the police around here anyway." She blinks at Spear. "Sorry, I know related to the chief or whatever but seriously, the shit some of us get away with anyway." She shrugs a little, leaning back. "Maybe we need something. You'd just have to not hug me for a while, Ash. Maybe. I don't know what to do. Just keep people safe until fucking graduation I guess. And like, probably fuck off the whole Prom thing entirely because Francine made noises about ruining it anyway." She makes a bleh noise, and leans back to focus on her meal in relative silence for her part.

Spear says to Ashley "Sorry. I just...oh, erm. She's someone they killed. Which is pretty freaky. And I think Mr. Chen did - well, yeah, I imagine the whole school is...you know, I think I just got an idea." He purses his lips, and then he says to Amy "Don't even apologise. Besides, we um. We have records of all the ex sanguinations. Silver and I pulled them. There's a few going back decades. We should have a private prom. Advertise it on the low down. And then let Fran and the rest go fuck it up and find none of us there - surprise! We held our Prom in Vegas instead." He finally says "...thanks Ashley. Anyway. I think I'm just a bit depressed? I'll get over it shortly."