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Morning Run
Characters  •   Justin Michaels  •  Lucas Marchant  •
Location  •  On a Run
Date  •  2019-08-09
Summary  •  Lucas and Justin meet up on their morning run and discuss spring break plans.

It's late in the afternoon. In last week Lucas has uncharitably missed his morning class almost consistently over the last few days. Thankfully there's no practice today, but still, he's forcing himself to run. Cross-country practice is about endurance not a brief, maximum effort. Maybe he'll get through the whole thing. Pushing his sunglasses up he checks to see where Justin is around him; it's a habit. Makes for a good point guard, but sometimes questionable for running focus. He didn't have to be jogging to be a distraction if Lucas was honest with himself. yeah things have been awkward but that never really lasts for long, right?

Justin, while not on the track team, still makes himself come out to the track and run laps every morning. It's good practice and there's a reason he's looking at at least a partial athletic scholarship next fall. Like most things he does, he throws himself into it completely, he's never been a guy for half measures. The reason Lucas doesn't spot him immediately is made more obvious when he voice chimes up, "On your right." And sure enough he starts trying to pass Lucas, almost pointedly not looking at his team mate. Yup, he's in a bit of a mood.

Lucas arches an eyebrow and starts to put more heat in his feet and picks up the pace. Damn if he's not competative enough to make teh attempt. Pride's a thing and sometimes that challenge is worth it. The mood is noted and skipped past. "Like hell." Now he's working to catch up. "Justin... question..." His brow furrows and he tries harder as he pulls away and tries to catch up.

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Good nature wins out over moodiness, at least for the moment, and Justin slows his pace a little. He doesn't actually say anything in response to Lucas' query, but the fact that he matches his pace to his classmate is probably as much as Lucas is libel to get as invitation to speak. His jaw is set in a bit of a stubborn clench though.

Lucas is jsut damn tired but he's pushing for his secod wind. Doesn't mean he's not fighting for it. Hell this has happened for a while. Likely the anemia or just overdoing it, clearly. The mercy is the slowing of his pace. He catches up and his breath looking ahead and not... knowing for all he can tell people what to do and know what to say, how to approach the reigning champ of situations Dear Abby fails to cover. "Hey, I wanted to know... if you had plans... for spring... break." Is he serious? Oh shit he's serious.

"I did." Justin says in a rather mild tone that doesn't match his expression. "I was going to go out to my uncle's place in Cali, but he had some work thing come up.." He shrugs as if losing a trip to California is no big deal. Then there's a moment where he stares towards Lucas. "Why? Has it been three weeks already? Time to pick up again?" Oh, there's the tone. A little bitter, a tad upset, and hurt. Definitely hurt.

Lucas nods slowly and when the three weeks comment comes out his eyes roll up to teh sky. Gooooood, this. Well he brings it on himself, but then again being emotional was half the aggrivation and half the charm. Somewhere he can hear Morrison telling him jsut cut back. It's just better and easier that way but he also...couldn't. He wanted his cake and to eat it too and that is its own problem. The tone is apologetic and might actually be genuine, "Yeah I remember you sayin as much." There's a pause and he tries to fly casual, "You know the Lake is like the *biggest* sprink break place in teh southwest and it jsut so happens... I ahve the inside... rack... that there's gonna be... a fucking weekend party... at teh house the cousins are throwing." There is a pause and he adds, "Not everyone will get to be there, buuuuut," The faint grin that gets him everything he wants or tries warms back up, "Turns out you know an inside guy on that. If you're not allergic to fun."

"I am not allergic to f.." Justin glowers and cuts off his complaint. Okay, he may be one of the most straight laced guys in the school, but he has his reasons. "Cousins? The Marchant ones or the Lester ones? Wait.. nix that. Lake party, gotta be the Marchants. I guess I'll come." He can already hear his brother in the back of his head making some comment about him being a loser and staying home. "But I want something out of you."

Lucas smugly gives a "MmmmHmmmm!" The big shiny house that everyone, whether they admit it or not, really really really wants to see from the inside. Let's be real, even Lucas does and he gets to live there. It's never lost its impact on him. Life goals!

The slow agreement gets a grin. His feet slow the jog stumbling to a stop. Shit he looks like he might tip over running around in the sun for the last damn hour. Still, he's obstinant to still do it, but it's wearing on his pale ass. Swaying on his feet, hands to thighs he takes a short pause to catch his breath. When Justin says he wants something. an eyebrow arches curiously, and he looks around, and the dimpled, wry grin returns in force, "Please tell me this is about working out some anger. Cause I got nothin til five." He leaves the implied message right in there. He really doesn't know when to quit, but the curiosity is biting at him.

When Lucas seems about ready to tip over, Justin diverts course to the stands where his stuff is sitting. He grabs his water bottle and heads back over, holding it out towards Lucas. "Dude, really?" It's said with an slight grin though. He gives the water bottle a little shake. "Drink before you pass out and I have to drag your sorry ass to the nurse's office. You're going to be usless at the game this weekend if you do."

After a moment he says a word. "Prom." Then starts up again before Lucas can say anything. "I don't want a yes, not right now. I.. just want you to think about it. I know you don't like the school knowing, but it's like the last thing we do before graduating, so fuck 'em. I mean..." He chews his lip. "Just think about it."

Lucas is still working on putting his balance back together. His form is off. His week is off. That offer? Shit that isn't flappant it's catching him entirely off guard. His eyes widen just a bit. He doesn't say yes, but he doen't say no either. He just watches a very sound argument pop up and ask for a very complex answer. Finger finds the bridge of his sunglasses and slides them up, "Well... there's that." Why does he feel so damn wiped out?! "A'ight, I'll think about it. Gotta figure out what's going on with it anyways eventually." Eyes behind lenses close and he sands up to wander in an indirect line to the shade where teh bleachers are, puts a hand on them and drops to a sit on the ground. Back then head to teh support post. There, better. Marginally. His run is toast. Tiredly he murmurs, "So... you'll think about spring break cause it'll be more fun" He pauses, "Than not." He falls silent.

"Yeah." Justin agrees as he follows Lucas over to the bleachers. "I mean, I'll probably come. Unless something makes me change my mind." There's a bit of a pointed look at Lucas as if to say That'd be you. Though the look changes to one of worry when he sees how wiped his teammate is. He sets his water bottle down next to Lucas. "Drink. I have to get showered before class." He grabs his towel off the bleachers and hangs it around his neck, but gives Lucas another sideways look. "Unless you want me to drag you to the nurse?"

Lucas sits there, eyes closed and head just pouding. He does, though, take teh waterbottle and tank not a half of it, but it feels like it. It absolutely does not satisfy. The question about going to teh nurse make s his nose wrinke. "Noooo then she'll tell coach and none of us need that." He extends a hand up not as in stay but as in peel me off the damn ground, with his hand turned up to catch the thumb. He doesn't generally ask for help unless he's trying to get someone to do something. This is oddly different in that he's looking off. "Think my damn iron's dropping. I feel like I can take on a bag of chips and a burger right now." Idly he checks his limbs for bruising? None apparent. Huh.

Justin sighs but takes Lucas hand and provides a little extra muscle in getting him back to his feet. "Well.. it's only.." He looks at his watch once he has his hand free again. "Four hours til lunch." He gives Lucas another look and a shake of his head. "I got a granola bar in my locker." He makes his way back towards the school and the locker rooms. He keeps looking over his shoulder at Lucas as if thinking of dragging him off to the nurse no matter what he says.

Lucas could strut around like he owns teh damn school, and even put effort into schmoozing himself into justin's favorable graces. Right now he's thinking get out of the suna nd stop wanting to throw up and think about last weekend and why can't he jsut... go back... to that... when the world wa sin perfect clarity. Looking to his teammate, and... the hell were they right now? He didn't know. He pretty much keeps burning and rebuiling that bridge like it's a castle in a Monty Python swamp. He drags his ass following and says "I'll trade you for the granola bar." It didn't sound ideal but it was worth a try.