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Milk And Cookies
Characters  •   The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Confidant  •
Location  •  The Confidant's Room
Date  •  2019-05-21
Summary  •  The Confidant and The Thrill-Seeker discuss new faces, the new rules of the "Encounters", and the oldest emotion, love.

The Confidant says his door is always open and barring visitors, that is true. And it's just another day. The restored red head is reading Anna Karenina and curled up on one of his cozy seats. Beside him is a empty bag of hot cheetos and one very red stained washcloth and some crumpled napkins in the same shade. At least he respects the books. The pages are dust free.

There is a knock upon that very door. But there isn't really any waiting before the knob is turned and door opened. With Cheer peering in. A Cheer that is not what she was the last time they were in the facility together. No, this one wears Leona's face but for the eyes. "Chance? I brought cookies and milk!" And indeed she has. A platter of handmade cookies on a tray with two big glasses of milk.

Chance stands up as she enters. He always stands when women enter a space. Prosperity stuck with him in that way. "Hi." The look on his face is clear. He doesn't recognize her. "Sorry I have to ask this but...what's on your door?" He blushes. "Between the blindness and old people with new faces, I've finding myself asking a lot of questions like that. But you called me Chance, so you clearly know me and I am not the kind of guy who turns down cookies and milk. Please, take a seat."

The Thrill-Seeker blinks for a moment and surprise crosses her face. "OH! Of course. And when you -were- looking around your eyes were only for one woman," There's a grin that briefly flashes on her face as she comes and sets the tray down. "It's Cheer. Lots of changes among all of us it seems. How are you doing?"

Chance chuckles. "You got me there. Only had eyes for Dia, yeah. Cheer. Nice to meet the new face. I can hear Leona now. It's coming back to me." He waits until she sits before he does and goes right for a cookie. "I'm...I'm alright. It was a rough wake-up. Really sudden. Nobody died. I was so happy that last night I went to bed. With the smell of honey...and then I woke up here but...Briar and Senni--You'd know her as Misty. Or Artemis. They've been great. Even Dare came by and was extraordinarily kind and helpful. After I figured out who he was. He got a nice face. You too. I woke up from Beaver Lake with a different body shape. You didn't know me then but I was kinda softer around the middle. Not as defined. But I inherited Derek's body, minus the height, thank god. And his accent. His natural one. How are you doing? I haven't met anyone new but I hear we have more than a few."

The Thrill-Seeker snorts and reaches out to lightly thwap him on the arm. "I was here before we all went into that haunted hotel hell," She says warmly. Then she is reaching for her own cookie. "It was really sudden. I think maybe the bomb went off and we all just...didn't know it." She shrugs her shoulders. "I could be wrong, but it's one explanation." She dips the cookie in her milk. "Dare is..." She gets a look on her face that states quite frankly how smitten she is. "A lot of us are looking different, but weirdly enough this? This feels more right than before." Taking a bite she chews and swallows. "Mmmm, only met the one. Calling herself Faunghuong I think it was?"

"No. No no. If we died or the Encounter ended, we'd have an item." Chance explains before getting up to gather his mementos from their place in the closet. "In order: Hearing aid, empty pill bottle, this black cane. So nice. And then this old boombox. It has a Peter Gabriel tape inside, turned to side B. I can switch it, but it'll be on side B the next time I check it. Note the lack of an item from the Carnival. I expected my staff or my wedding band. And they are always on or beside the nightstand there. One of the first things I see. Nothing this time. Not a single thing. So no. We lived. But...it's not finished."

"Huh..." The Thrill-Seeker says looking puzzled as she takes another bite of her cookie. "Well, that is real weird isn't it?" Shaking her head she leans back relaxed. "And there's never been a pause to an experience like this? Hell...first time we were gods and -that- was a trip." She shakes her head and shoves the rest of the cookie into her mouth. "But yeah...I don't have anything. I woke up in a red silk robe...though it was the one from there but...it isn't now I think about it. Not nearly as soft."

"This is new territory. As you can see, I've done this a few times." Chance says with a mirthless chuckle. "Everything is new. The sudden break. Lack of memento. The new faces. I've always looked like this in Encounters. Taller or skinnier or whatever. But same face. Until this one. I feel like...we've turned a corner or something. Maybe? It's...just part of the continued mystery." He leans back with a new cookie in hand. "I think you wake up in whatever feels natural to you. I wake up in...this." A plain white t-shirt with gray plaid PJ bottoms. "Generic. The longer I stay, the more people I meet, the less generic I become. Things change in here too. My room, I mean. To accommodate...whoever. My bed grew. It was a twin at first. Then a full. Now it's a king." Beat. "Because I have two lovers now, so..." He shrugs.

The Thrill-Seeker listens as she relaxes with her own second cookie. "Yeah...I guess it does." She says after a moment. "Change isn't bad...it at least keeps things interesting." Then she is grinning at him as he mentions the bed getting bigger. "Yeah. Two very wonderful people...on a...similar note," Is that a blush? "Have you seen Fizz at all?"

"Mm. Fizz?" Chance asks and chugs some milk. "Are you telling me I'm not the only one being polyamorous in the Facility? I mean, not counting Briar and Dare. After what Dare did for me, I kinda want to make out with him too." He laughs.

The Thrill-Seeker reaches up to twiddle a bit of hair between two fingers, smiling a bit. "Well...yeah. I mean...Fizz and I were just starting to get physical when we woke up as gods." She isn't so much embarrassed as obvious smitten. "He's worth making out with. I mean...I wouldn't complain if I get to watch." And now she blushes and takes a quick drink of milk. Mouth going before brain again.

The Confidant snorts. "Fizz? I'm sorry, people keep picking names here and I can't always keep up. I'm keeping to myself a little bit this time. Just my nearest and dearest. It takes me a little longer to recover sometimes. But, whoever Fizz is, you are clearly over the moon and as my door says, love today. Both of you are a little new but you'll find out the hard and painful way that the Encounters don't always...bring us together in a way we want. Briar could be my brother next time. How the hell am I supposed to wake up next time having lived a lifetime with my beloved as my brother. Or Senni, who I chased across two Encounters as my unrequited love was my bitter Ex this last time. We had to figure that one out. Once we did. My bed grew." He smiles a little. "But that's because I don't want to fall asleep alone anymore. Holden used to have nightmares that he couldn't recall. He didn't sleep well until Dia came along. We wake up in our own beds but having Briar or Senni or both helps."

"Yeah...Fizz...and Dare," Cheer says with a faint nod. "Taking care of yourself is important. I just hear that you could use some cookies and care. You're always here for us, you should get a rest." A pause as she takes a sip of her milk and then reaches for another cookie. "I know going to sleep alone makes me crazy. I don't like it one bit." A little shudder going through her. "I guess I'm lucky I've not been related to anyone...welll..." She shifts a little uncomfortably in her seat. "Technically Dare and I were brother and sister...but not exactly. Sekhmet had numerous evolutions...not there, but there? Ugh...so confusing. And as she evolved she became Isis eventually. The Egyptians had a lot of that." She grows quiet and it isn't just the big bite of cookie she takes. There is a thoughtful air to her eyes. They're focused on Chance, but not. "Is it weird that I kind of want to go back to the last thing? -I- feel all jagged and...missing something."

The Confidant shakes his head, right away. "No. That's normal." He pauses a moment, thinking. "I think the sudden end caught us all on the back foot. Usually, the end is welcome. We've been scared and sad and hurt and dead. And when it's over, you're glad. I know I have been every other time. I used to wake up and get myself oriented and march out with my marker and write on my door and open it and..." He trails off, eyes shifting down and away. "I woke up this time in anguish. The encounters don't always have happy endings for everyone. The first ended happy for me. That's it. The rest were awful. And I think of these rooms and halls as home. Because it's the most consistent thing we have. The carnival feels a bit like the rug was pulled. So, yeah. If you get a happy ending, you want to go back. But we can't. So, maybe the best with Fizz here."

The Thrill-Seeker reaches out to take Chance's hand and give it a squeeze. "This is better. I like knowing who I am...but damn if it wasn't amazing to feel that power," She says with just a hint of a sigh. "Dare and Fizz...you know the three of us hooked up sort of back at the lodge?" A faint devilish smile. "Well...Scott and Finn did and I just sort of orbited." With a giggle she reaches to dunk her cookie again. "I think I find myself focusing on the ups and thrills. Even the scary ones...don't bother me as much as I think they should." A beat. "Like Kimmy. The actual worse part for me was being here all alone for so long...Even facing that fuck who eviscerated me was..." She trails off a little uncomfortably.

"Hey." Chance squeezes her hand back. "We all have a specific purpose in the Encounters. Some are all about others. Me and Dare come right to mind. Uh, Eve too and...my point: You are driven by the rush. That is who you are and if you push back, you will be really unhappy. So, if you find what it is that feels right? Lean in and lean in hard. Briar has a tough one. I can't give them this advice. I can't really give it to myself. Caring so much hurts a lot." He shrugs. "But, I can't change it. So. I just am. Be you. Be proud. Be happy as long as you can."

The Thrill-Seeker smiles warmly at Chance. "Can I give you a hug?" And yet she is already leaning in to try and snag one, arms open. "Thank you. You were the first face I met here and it means a lot. And if you need to talk or just...get out of your head and feelings come hang-gliding with me." With a hug done she stands and says, "Enjoy the cookies. I'm glad you're okay." And then she turns to head back out.