Log:Mending the Gate

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Mending the Gate
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Hector de la Huerta  •
Location  •  Cemetary
Date  •  2019-08-10
Summary  •  Jade and Hector try to work some things out.

It is the sort of sunset that streaks the sky like a salmon's belly. From the direction of the cemetery floats the sound of a flute piping something incredibly familiar. If one listens a little longer it becomes clear that someone is playing flute variations for "house of the Rising Sun."

Jade is in black jeans artfully torn, a black long-sleeved shirt of some filmy material that clings to him, and black Doc Martens. No makeup, he's only goth lite. He only really dresses like this to hang out in the cemetery. When in Rome. Out of curiosity, he follows the sound of the flute music. This is why he comes here, there's always something interesting to find.

Hector is tucked up behind a big weeping angel monument with his flute. He's in a black poet shirt and pleated trousers, the usual collection of pins attached to an electric blue waistcoat. When he spots Briar, he sequeys into stairway to Heaven's opening riffs.

Jade's expression flattens, and he folds his arms over his chest. "Oh," he says, and never has a single sound been delivered with so much disdain. He rolls his eyes when Hector segues into Stairway to Heaven. He starts to leave, but he hesitates, then turns back toward Hector and lights a clove, managing to look unspeakably bored.

Hector cocks his head and tries "Big Empty" by the Stone Temple Pilots. It's not as well suited to the flute, but he manages to put an end of the day feel into it. intelligent dark eyes watch him and his fingers move delicately over the stops.

Jade rolls his eyes again, but he stays to listen, puffing away on that clove. When the song is wending to a close, he comments blandly, "Nice blowing."

Hector grins up at him as he lowers his flute at the end, "My specialty. Have any requests? I can see you are a tough audience."

Jade says, as he exhales a plume of smoke, "Can you play Over the Hill and Far Away? I came here to chill, and instead I find you. Now I'm irritated, and irritation gets in the way of my chill." He gestures vaguely. "I take it you've inherited the Thistle love of creepy places? Or are you looking for places no one will beat you up?"

Hector gives him a steady look, "I could wrestle an amateur boxer eight years older than me into submission. What makes you think I can't defend myself if I want to? It's peaceful hear, and my music isn't likely to bother the mourners the way it would if I practice in the house." Still, he thinks for a moment and then he's playing a decent version. It's slow the first verse as he works out the fingering, but after that, he's trilling away comfortably, trying out variations on the last verse. When he plays, his expression is soft and open, once he really gets into t. This is a thing he really loves. When he finishes, he smiles up at Jade, "I liked that show. I think it's a real period piece though."

Jade shrugs non-noncommittally. "It's all right," he says. "You missed your calling, the 70s could've used another flautist. Anyway, I've been thinking about it, and even though nothing would make me happier than you falling off the planet, I do owe you, because you did me a solid once. So how much?"

Hector rolls his eyes, "I play guitar and keyboards too." His brows knit, "How much what?"

"Money," Jade says with an exasperated sigh. "To call us even, so I can hate you guilt-free. Everyone needs money, and it's not like I've got anything else to give you."

Hector shakes his head no, "I don't want money. The thing i did for you I'd do for anyone. You don't have to owe me anything." He studies him with dark, serious eyes. there is no accusation in his tone, just a weary curiosity, "Why do you hate me? Specifically. I know why the triplets hate me. I get Amy Lester's thing. What did I do to you? I really like you. I seem to do nothing but make enemies since I moved here. I can live with it until Autumn. I just want to understand where I went wrong with you."

New Activity ---------

Jade takes a drag off his clove and exhales an angry puff of smoke, his jaw tightening. He doesn't say anything for awhile, then finally kicks at the ground and says, "I liked you, and you picked 'die of AIDS' guy. I hate that that is okay, but I'm not."

Hector's eyes go wide, "I couldn't tell if you liked me back!" He stets his flute down on top of it's case. "Fuck's sake, you're insanely good looking and whip smart!" He stands slowly, leaning his back against the angel's legs. He opens his mouth to say something, thinks better of it and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. He starts again, "Do you want this to be about him, or do you want this to be about you?"

"What 'this?'" Jade says, "There's no 'this' for it to be about. You already made your choice, I'm not coming out, and you both suck. I'm never liking anyone again." He crushes out his cigarette on the heel of his boot, then pockets the butt. He may be a smoker, but he's no litterer. Not when it might piss off the dead.

Hector cocks his head and says very gently, "It sounds like you just did. Gay or bi, Jade?" He is taking this very seriously.

Jade shoots Hector a vicious look, like how dare him for even asking? He glances around, then says in a low tone, "Gay, and if you tell anyone I'll ruin you in ways you don't have the imagination to conceive of."

Hector is still calm, "I don't out people, Jade. This is serious business and no one should take that choice from you. You deserve a chance to decide when and with whom you come out to. I won't pressure you or out you or try to use it against you, whatever you think of me, just... don't stay closeted out of spite, okay? Do what's best for you because it's best for you."

Jade folds his arms over his chest and says, "You'd be amazed the things I do out of spite. No, I should actually thank you for reminding me, once again, that men are trash, and I'm better off without anyone."

Hector shakes his head, "You aren't. You deserve a man who'll bring you flowers and serenade you and take you dancing. Be angry at me for being dense, sure. Hate me if it makes you feel better, but you shouldn't give up on love."

Jade snorts. "Men don't bring me flowers or serenade me. My sisters take me dancing. And unless you're really dense, you might have noticed there aren't a lot of people around here to pick from even if they did want to date me. So forget it. At least this way I can tell myself it's because no one knows, not because there's something wrong with me."

Hector shakes his head, stubborn, "There's nothing wrong with you. I mean, Jesus, have you seen you? I..." He looks away then, "I didn't know you were interested."

"I didn't know you were going to get back together with the guy who wanted to watch you get beaten up," Jade says. "I was taking things slow. This is all kind of new if you haven't noticed. But that's what guys are like. They don't take it slow. They fuck whoever they can, whenever they can."

Hector closes his eyes, "I can take it slow. I usually do. The... time i didn't didn't go so well for me. You may have noticed this in the park the other day." He takes a breath, "I did something really terrible to him last summer. He lashed out because he didn't know what to do with that hurt." He opens his eyes, "Can you forgive me, Jade? Is there anyway for us to be friends at least?"

"He lashed out because he can't fucking control his emotions," Jade says. "If he could, he'd be in a lot less trouble in life." He sighs. "But he tries. I know he tries. I know he cares about me, and I know I can be a mean little bitch when I'm not happy." He waves a hand. "It's not about forgiveness. It's about watching people have what I never will."

Dare reaches out as if to touch his arm, but doesn't quite close the distance, he almost says a number of things, but he closes his mouth, thinking. He says carefully, "I can't promise you you'll have exactly what we have. I just... have trouble believing someone as amazing as you won't... I know I... damnit. I wish I were better with words."

"There seems to be a lot of that going around," Jade says blandly. "Besides, I don't know why you think I'm so amazing. Thea's the dancer, Mona's the fashionista, Theo's the financier. I'm not even the heir. I'm just the spare. I don't even know what I'm going to do with my life. The only thing I'm good at is partying."

Hector rolls his eyes, "Like I care about money. You're fun, and you're good to Spear, a thing that speaks well of you. He kept talking about you when I first came. I didn't quite realize you were the same guy until I saw you again, but I wanted to be your friend.

Jade shrugs and says, "Spear's nice. I like him. Why wouldn't I be good to him? He doesn't do or say things that make me want to scream. He's always gentle and sweet. Cash is damn lucky I like him, because there aren't words for what I want to do to anyone who hurts Spear." He glances at the ground. "I don't even want to be my friend these days, man."

Hector smiles sadly, "I want to kick the shit out of anyone who is mean to Spear, but i can't beat myself up more than I already am." he takes the steps forward then and lightly touches his arm. "I still do. want to be your friend that is."

Jade flinches, like an easily spooked animal. He doesn't bolt, though. He glances at that hand on his arm, then he sighs and says, "Fine, I'll be your friend if you shut up about it."

Dare flashes him a sunny grin, "All right. What would you like to do?"

Jade rolls his eyes. "I don't know. Get high?" He pats down his pockets. "I've got some vicodin on me, and some Special K, but I'm not doing that in a graveyard. I might still have a joint." He produces a baggie of pills and, in fact, a joint. "Oh, there it is."

Hector grins and pulls out his zippo, "That is a fine idea. So what else do you like to do besides get high and watch sean Bean run around in a sexy uniform? I'm still trying to get to know you."

Jade finds a slab to hop up on, and he lights the joint with the zippo. "I like music," he says, "and I like theater. I like dancing. I don't know, I just like stuff. I like watching boxing, but only in person, not television. I try not to notice guys."

Dare tucks it away, once Jade has it lighted and comes to sit cross legged on the grave by his legs. "Do you think we'll get to do a musical this Spring? I've always wanted to try out for one. I like dancing too." He grins up at him, "The nice thing about boxing is everybody's staring at the boxers so you don't stand out."

Jade snorts and says, "I actually enjoy the raw physicality of it, not just ogling." He takes a hit off the joint and passes it over. The pills get tucked away again. "A musical would be nice. I wish I was more talented. I'd get better parts. I doubt I'll be getting into Julliard so I'm making plans for Columbia."

Hector grins up at him, "Oh, I get that too. Trust me. I used to wrestle JV and not for... the obvious reason." He closes his eyes and takes a drag, holding it as he passes it back. He leans back against the tombstone as he lets the smoke dribble out, "Jesus, I needed that." He sighs, "I can't act, but I figure they might let me sing in the chorus. If not, I can always do tech. I'm going to apply to USC, maybe a few others in California. I miss the Ocean, you know? I just want to live somewhere close enough I can get there if I'm feeling...I don't know."

"Like going to the ocean?" Jade says. "Feelings are overrated. I just want the stage and spectacle. I gave up on being good at anything. I can sing, but not like Cash. I can act, but not like Zane. I know fashion, but not like Mona. I can dance, but not like Thea." He takes the joint. "I'm not even fuckable. So I don't know what I'm going to do. Go be mediocre somewhere else. But I'm going to try to be a choreographer."

Hector eyes him, "Oh, you are definately fuckable, and choreography's serious business. So what kind of dancing do you want to choreograph?"

Jade shoots Hector a dire glance. Then he says lightly, "Too bad you'll never find out." He takes a hit off the joint and offers it back. "Musical theater. I love dancing, but I don't have the stamina to do it full time. I love helping choreograph our school musicals though, and I've got a good eye for it."

Hector takes a hit, "I don't think with you once would be enough." He squints up at him, "I'd like to see your work."

Jade mutters, "You're damn right it wouldn't." He shrugs and says, "Watch Thea dance and you'll see my work. I'll probably be on Broadway in a few years, so keep an eye out for that."

Hector flashes him a grin, "I'd like to see it." After a pause, head still tilted up, "I think New York will suit you. you are tough in all the right ways nd your face will open doors."

Jade shrugs. "Maybe," he says. He smiles a little, though, the ice melting just a touch. "We'll see. Honestly, I never expected to get this far, so I'm winging it."

Hector grins, buzzed and happy, "I think nearly everyone is. Adults or not. Winging it, I mean. It's just some people are way better at hiding it than others."

"It's too bad I can't get paid to get high," Jade says as he glances at the joint. "I'm good at that. I mean I guess I don't have to get paid. I have money. It's just not much of a profession."

Hector thinks that over, "Does High Times pay writers? Because I bet you'd make a decent reviewer."

Jade laughs a little and says, "My Dad would hate that. And he's not a lame dad, so it's not like I want to horrify him." He hesitates, then says, "I wouldn't hate modeling."

Hector looks at him wide eyed, "You'd be brilliant at modeling. I can see you now, stalking down the isle with that pout they usually do. you're unique.

"The Elephant Man was unique," Jade says. "It's not exactly a compliment." Goodness, but he can reach far when he wants to be cross. "Anyway, I'm not going to think about any of it too hard. I'll start with college and see what happens."

Hector snorts, "But you're super model good looking, with those cheekbones." He nods, "That's probably best." He gazes up at him, "Don't put yourself down, okay? Thee are enough people in the wold who will try to hurt you for all kinds of reasons, but you deserve better, especially from yourself. You aren't mediocre. You just haven't quite found your thing yet."

Jade gestures with the joint. "This is my thing." He offers Hector the last drag. "I hate you less when you're saying I deserve nice things. I don't believe you, but I like you more."

Hector takes it, savouring the smoke. When he can speak again, he nudges Jade's legs, "It's true even if you don't believe it." He sighs, "I think you are fabulous. I also think I'm starving. Want to come inside and see if we have any cold cuts?"

Jade considers. Then says, "Yeah, okay. I'm hungry." He hops off the slab. "Lead the way, and we'll work on believing. Actions, though, de la Huerta, not just words."

Hector flashes him dimples, "Would making you a ridiculous Dagwood style sandwich count as an action?

Jade says blandly, "We'll see."