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Maybe Not Bacon
Characters  •   The Healer  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •  The Addict  •  The Martyr  •
Location  •  Facility Common Area
Date  •  2019-05-20
Summary  •  The Healer meets The Addict and Thrill Seeker and has a much calmer conversation with the Martyr.

The smell of bacon wafts from one of the rooms. However outside in the parlor is the actual source. Thrill-Seeker is in her red silk jammies, laying on the couch with a book. Nearby is a plate of crispy bacon wrapped along cocktail weenies, a bowl of roasted nut mix, and a large glass of some kind of soda from the bubbling and dark color. The book in her hand is one on Ancient Egyptian Mythology. And she is completely absorbed in her reading, only reaching for a bite or her drink.

Dare stumbles into the main room in a green mid calf length tunic with heiroglyphic embroidery and loose back trousers. he is widing a scarf around his face, and looking a bit queasy. "I'd forgotten you watched it, but didn't smell it when I died."

She's just there of a sudden, in the door arch, slim form encased in silver-on-black brocade with an embroidered phoenix in flight wrapping her. Velvet black slippers and deep carpeting are why, likely, she wasn't heard over the sound of crisp bacon and talk. At her neck, suspended by red silk thread, is a rectangular amulet with some kind of odd iconography, while around her left wrist is a long strand of white beads wrapped four times around.

She stops in the doorway upon seeing others, and stands quietly, watching, learning. Well quietly until her stomach lets out an embarrassingly loud rumble.

The Thrill-Seeker turns her head sharply at the muffled sound of Dare's voice. Surprise on her face as her brows shoot up. "What?" She says in utter confusion as she stares at him. The piece currently in her hand is popped into her mouth as she sits up, closing the book and setting it down. "Wait..." She looks at the bacon and then back guiltily. "Oh! honey, I'm sorry!" She says around the bite, hand help up in front of her mouth. It isn't like there are any fans she can prop up either. "I have frankincense in my room if you want to cover it some?" She offers helpfully. As she talks her eyes stray past Martyr's shoulder to the woman standing behind him. The totally unfamiliar woman.

Dare turns his head quickly to look at the Healer, "Are you hungry? I'd like to expend my deepest apologies for yesterday. I hadn't intended things to go... all serpentine. My friend is having trouble adjusting. He really didn't mean any harm." He bobs his head sheepishly, "It's all right. I suppose I will have to get used to the smell of Me Meat cooking at some point. Cheer? This lady arrived yesterday. New Lady, this is Cheer."

Briar emerges from one of the Anywhere Rooms, and they're in a long dress cut to their masculine frame, with a long, voluminous skirt. They're in stiletto heels, with their hair done up all fancy, and their makeup is on point. They're rocking the smoky eyes. Diamond earrings glitter on their lobes, and their nails are painted the same blood red of their gown. They sigh, tucking an ebony cigarette holder into their clutch purse and snapping it shut. They pause, seeing everyone else there, and suddenly they smile. "Hello."

Busted. Treacherous body. Well, must make the best of things. You can learn from participation as well, albeit in an inferior way.

"Dare, if I remember correctly?" she asks The Martyr. "I keep finding myself in a position to apologize to you. This is a habit from which I should break myself. Nonetheless, my unseemly departure yesterday was unconscionable." And unprofessional, not befitting my task--self-appointed as it likely may be. "I did find out to my rather pleasant surprise that not only was my clothing laundered, an outfit was laid out for me that ..." She turns in place to reveal the gloriously-embroidered phoenix wrapping her body. "... suits the needs I wasn't even aware I had until I saw it. Whoever laid it out knows me well."

A short pause. "And yes, I am indeed hungry. I braved exuent from my sanctum largely because of this betraying gut of mine."

Task completed, she turns her attention to the remaining, the unfamiliar, faces. "Please forgive my rudeness, but I am unable to properly introduce myself. I have not, despite meditation and sleep and assorted other attempts..." Let's not mention bashing a head against the wall of the room until it was bloody. "...managed to divine who I am. For now ... call me ... Fenghuang." She gestures to her gown. "The bird on this. It should do until I have an identity."

It doesn't get a whole lot more stilted than this, does it?

The Thrill-Seeker still looks guilty as she quickly chews and swallows the mouthful. "Yes, please. I always make plenty. Because despite that food maker thing...it isn't the same if it isn't hand made," And with that she gestures to the plate and bowl. Briar's arrival has her turning in her seat and then gawking in admiration. "Oohhhhhhh! Look at YOU!"

Turning back to the newcomer she says, "Well, Fenhuang...nice to meet you. The other beauty over there is Briar," She waves a hand towards the dashing Addict with a smile. "And we all chose our names. I couldn't remember mine either when I woke up." She glances between her and Martyr thoughtfully as she snags another bacon-sausage thing.

Dare flashes the healer a sunny smile, "Yes, I am Dare, and it's a very fine outfit." Then Dare forgets the conversation, the bacon, everything for a moment when he see's Briar looking like that. He strides across the parlour towards them, the slits in the sides of the tunic stretching open in his haste. He is all Valentino and Antonio Banderas for a moment, intense dark eyes and masculinity." He is about the same height as the newly arrived Addict. He takes Briar in his strong arms and dips them into a kiss like Gomez Addams tangoing with Morticia.

Briar watches Dare's approach, and their smile broadens. They fall into the dip like any leading lady and wrap their arms around his neck for the kiss. Then they say, "Darling, remind me to invite you next time I go dancing."

When they're put back upright, they take Dare's hand to lead him back toward the others. Cheer gets a kiss on the cheek. "Come with me next time, and we'll slay the room, dear." They then offer the newcomer a little wave. "Hello. I'm Briar." The bacon is noted, but they make no comment about it.

The bacon is noted by "Fenghuang" as well. The loud growl from her belly makes that clear. Her eyes fall on the plate for a while, but are then torn away.

"I think now is the time to learn that dispenser device you introduced me to," she says with a wan smile. "If this continues we shan't be able to have a conversation over the sound of my viscera."

"Briar. Cheer, was it? Pleasant to meet you ... but I shall have to briefly flee the room. I will return forthwith."

She's trying to not look like she's running, but face it, she's making a half-running beeline for the food dispenser...

The Thrill-Seeker watches the display with a bright smile that makes dimples show. Delight and playfulness on her lips. Then her cheek is turned up to Briar when they come over and she reaches out to squeeze a hand. "Ohhh, yes I would love that!" She coos as she drops her feet off the couch for the others. "Leeeet me go get something more everyone friendly," She says and quickly scoops up the plate. As she passes Healer she lets her take some, but off to the dispenser she goes instead. Making Cheer chuckle.

For half a minute she is gone into her own room. It's pretty close to the parlor with a woman running towards a cliff, arms open, grinning in excitement. When she emerges again the plate she is holding is filled with a wide array of cookies. Though there are mostly chocolate chip and snicker doodles, a few oatmeal are in there too. The other hand carries a pitcher with what looks like orange juice. "This is better!"

Dare purrs back a touch of Egypt in his accent, "Love, I would yank out my molars for a chance to dance with you. You look stunning." he tries another reassuring smile on Fenghuang. "Phoenix is very appropos for a place of resurrections and change." He gives no sign of knowing the Chinese mythological significance. As she flees, he looks worried, "Is it something I said or did? " He kisses Cheer's other cheek, wary of her bacon touched lips. He purrs, "Lovely, you make the best cookies!."

"Next time, I'll bring you both," Briar says. They watches Fenghuang hurry out, and they say, "I don't know. I hope it wasn't me." They don't look too worried, though. Taking one of the snicker doodles off the plate of cookies, they say, "I know I should eat something healthy once in awhile, but do I? Do I really need to worry about my health in a place where I can't die?"

"Fenghuang" smiles gratefully at Cheer, but shakes her head subtly and continues on her rush to the dispenser. It doesn't take her long to return, however, either, with an absurdly large, plain white ceramic bowl with a cover resting on a tray alongside a ceramic spoon and a pair of chopsticks. Stacked alongside on a separate plate are orange pancake-looking things.

"Is it alright if I eat here?" she asks the people present. "I would have stayed in the dining room but ..." She looks over her shoulder and shivers a bit. "I've had enough of being alone."

That voice just went a bit plaintive.

The Thrill-Seeker has also wiped her mouth clean. She remembers, even if it takes her a moment sometimes. The platter and orange juice (Well, vanilla screwdriver) is set down on the table. "Good. Because it would be awful if everyone was just saying thata," She says with a cheeky grin as she resumes her seat on the couch. "We should also all go roller skating! Dance and roller skating are fun together."

The woman in red picks up her own drink and takes a goodly gulp. "I suppose we don't. But if you want too...I mean, I know how to cook other things too. I've been playing around with various recipes since we got back. I've got sauteing down and I...OH! I know! I'll make French Onion Soup for us all! That's...well...somewhat healthy?" She giggles as she starts to think of all the fats and broth and the bread and such together. "Of course you can eat in here! What was I doing?"

Dare selects an oatmeal cookie and eats it, "I don't think it matters beyond not eating ourselves queasy." He nods encouragingly at Fenghuang. "We eat in here all the time. It's fine." He snags a snicker doodle, "I don't think I've been skating since Xanadu was cool... Wait, _was_ Xanadu ever cool?

"Please," Briar says, gesturing with the cookie in their hand, "Eat wherever you like. You shouldn't have to be by yourself if you don't want to be." Giving Dare some side-eye, they say, "Early eighties, Xanadu was a little cool. I don't think I was ever very good at skating, but I know Danny used to smoke weed around the back of the skating rink, so he got what he wanted out of it."

The Healer just sets herself down on the floor, cross-legged, aided and abetted in this by the thigh-long double-slit in her gown. She balances the tray in her lap and sets the lid to one side, revealing a truly massive bowl of soup noodles with assorted vegetables and suspicious white lumps that might be tofu. She picks up the chopsticks one-handed and the spoon with her left hand, using them deftly together to skim some broth and then slurp up--loudly slurp up--noodles.

She's silent for an extended period, focusing solely upon eating with a ravenous look that would frighten off a hungry hyena, nodding agreeably to the "not being alone" and "feel free to eat"-style comments.

Half the bowl is gone, along with three of the six orange pancakes before she finally pauses.

"Thank you," she says. "I was feeling very faint. I'm not usually this way." No, apparently she's usually terrified and running away. "It's nice to meet more of Dare's friends. And apparently my fellow ..." Patients? Prisoners? "... ah ... residents."

The Thrill-Seeker can't help but the smile Briar gets about the skating rink comment. "Yeah, well, Kimmy loved it and was good at it. Though...I've not done it since the change," She looks thoughtful as she snags a chocolate chip to munch on. As the bowl of soup is revealed her brows raise. "Ohhh...what is -that-?" Asks the foodie. It's rude to stare at someone when they are eating, so she doesn't for too long. "Sorry...I love learning about new foods. Though be careful what you ask the dispenser for. We asked for Christmas dinner and...uhhh," She shares an amused look with Briar.

Dare sighs, "I was so awkward when I was Finn. I wonder if skating is easier now? Somehow, I'm not surprised Kimmy was good at it. I'm picturing striped socks, short shorts, glitter and a scrunchy with those big day glo plastic wheels like all the cool girls had.... That soup looks really good. Are you vegetarian too?

"Have you ever tried to skate while high?" Briar says. "With all those lights and the disco ball?" They shake their head. "Danny managed not to fall on his face, and that's good enough." They nibble more on their cookie, taking their own sweet time with the treat. "I like the dancing though because it's classy. I'm trying to learn culture to offset having been..." They pause. Admitting to cannibalism and murder is perhaps not the first impression they want to make. "Um, let's just say Danny and Diamanto weren't high brow."

"I wasn't aware that I was," Fenghuang admits to Dare, "But once I saw the food ... ah ... Cheer was eating I realized that, hungry as I was, I couldn't take her kind offer." She smiles apologetically the Thrill-Seeker's way. "I didn't have time to explain, but your offer was appreciated. And the dish is just ..." She shrugs helplessly. "I'd call it, well, vegetable noodles. I'm not sure what else to call it." She stares at the bowl a moment as if to divine its secrets. "The other things are pumpkin cakes. Not really suited for the soup but..." She flashes a fragile grin, like a little girl caught with her hand in the cookie jar. "...I like them. A lot."

The Thrill-Seeker nods her head in agreement with Dare. "Yeah...well, mini-skirt. It -was- Kimmy," She says with a snort. Then to clarify for the probably confused Healer, "We've experienced two...stories so far. I call them stories. Experiences works too. Anyway...the first one was in the 1980s and we were all college kids. I...was probably dumber than the fucking beaver that lived at the haunted hotel." She eyes the bowl hungrily as she munches her cookie.

Dare laughs, "I did not. I was lucky not to fall on my face sober. I am picturing Danny on acid in a roller rink and I think it may have been magical." He studies Briar, "Kemen loved all the modern dances. Charleston, Tango, waltzing. I remember them." He nods, "It's all right, Briar's vegetarian and I'm giving it a try. Pumpkin cakes sound yummy, I'll try to remember them. One of the good things about being here is you can eat whatever you like. No one is going to judge you for indulging yourself.... that poor Beaver. Did we ever find out what happened to poor Raul anywa--Wait, I think he was Chiva at the carnival."

Briar smiles crookedly at Dare. "It was. Magical, that is." They polish off their cookie, then say, "All right, I'm going to go have a bubble bath. I worked muscles I didn't even know I had out on the floor tonight." They give Cheer a kiss on the cheek, and a smooch on the lips for Dare. Then they say to the newcomer, "Do what makes you happy. Eat what you like, don't worry about it. Life's too precarious to sweat the small stuff." Then they head for the hall of rooms. Their room is just inside the hall from the parlor. "My door will be unlocked," they singsong over their shoulder. Then they disappear.

"Yeeeaaaah..." Cheer drawls when Raul is brought up, eyes rolling skywards. The embarrassment over most things has faded, but perhaps not that. The ceiling is very interesting for a few seconds while she drinks her soda. "Mmmm, yes he was. Though didn't see much of him..." Turning she peers back down the hallway of doors with faint worry on her face.

But wait, a kiss on her cheek? She turns a bright smile on Briar as they head back to their room. "Ooohhh, that sounds like a lovely idea. I think I shall do that too!" She says as she turns back to the other two. Only to watch Healer quietly excuse herself as she finishes eating. "Oh man...I hope she has enough time to settle in before we jump," She says as she turns back to Dare with a tender smile. Reaching out then to brush his cheek tenderly. "Sorry about the bacon thing, I'll be more considerate from now on."

Dare calls, "I'll bring the scented oil in a bit!" He waves to the healer as she politely excuses herself. Then he studies Cheer, "Raul was surprisingly good with the ladies, considering. Did you...?" He raises his eyebrows. Then he shrugs, "I think Arcade knew Chiva best.... I hope she does too." he comes to kiss her on the lips this time, "It's all right. They problem's in our head, not yours."

The Thrill-Seeker does blush a bit as she nods at the inquiring question. "Yeah...Kimmy was convinced she was in love," She says as her nose wrinkles. "He was...very attentive and talented for being a sleeze. Anyway..." Clearing her throat and taking a quick sip of her drink. Setting it down she turns back and smiles before kissing him in turn. Slow and sweet, resting her brow on his when they break. "Mmmmm, nothing wrong with being considerate though, love. So what have you been up too today? Besides startling the newbie?"

Dare nods, "He was good looking in his way and you were far from the only woman in that position. I couldn't stand him, but i tried to save his life twice." He curls his fingers around the back of her head, threaded through her hair as he kisses her more seriously, "I'm never going to think less of you for things you did when you were Kimmy.' he blushes, "I didn't mean to upset her like that. I was trying to eas her into the local nature of reality gently, but poor Arcade... He realized he could be more himself in the anywhere room and... You know how much trouble he's having. I'm hoping to go with him for some snake time and see if it helps."

The Thrill-Seeker hums in a pleased little manner as his fingers weave through her curly hair, thick as it is she managed to keep it soft. "Well...at least he has found some place he can maybe find some comfort in all this," She says with a sad little smile before giving him a little kiss again. "Snake time sounds like fun. Though right now you time sounds even better..." Another little kiss and her expression has turned coy.

Dare sighs happily, "I love your hair like this. I love you like this." He kisses her more seriously, "Want to... bake more cookies?"