Log:Mausoleum Nights

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Mausoleum Nights
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Cemetery
Date  •  2019-08-03
Summary  •  Jade and Spear hang out by an old mausoleum.

It's after dark, and in deference to the things that go bump in the night, Jade is wearing black. Black jeans, a black button-up shirt that hugs his narrow frame, and a black leather jacket, with black Doc Martens on his feet. He's got his hair swept up, coifed posh as always. He's even smoking a clove. Let it never be said that Jade Marchant can't blend. He meanders the cemetery path toward the mausoleum he likes to lurk outside of, and he settles in to do just that, sitting on a cement slab.

After a low moment, there is a faint noise above him. Spear is a skinny thing, but he can climb like a monkey. He has been sitting up there, just to 'accidentally' run into Jade, assuming the other young man is out here "...hey, Jade?" he asks, in a croaky voice.

Jade looks up, and he grins. "Quoth the raven, what's up, man?" He waves vaguely with his cigarette, leaving a stream of scented smoke in the air. "What are you doing up there?" Patting the slab beside him, he says, "Why don't you come sit with me? I was just out for a stroll. It's a nice night."

"I just...I dunno," says Spear, and he slides down off the top to sit down next to Jade. and then he puts his chin in his hands "Jade? What do you do when somethin's really messed up, man?"

Jade glances sidelong at Spear, and his lips twitch a little. Last December, his best friend Tasha was killed and a week later he wrapped his car around a tree. Messed up is something he gets. "If I can fix it, I fix it," he says, "and if I can't, I get wasted til it stops fucking with my head. Weed's great for not giving a fuck about anything."

"Okay, well." Spear pauses, and he says "You know how, er. I got dumped last year? Well. The...I mean. He ran off to San Francisco, I thought he was dead, it was all a mess, and. I know you're not really into discussing those details and things, but." He frowns, and he says "Well, uh, we never did much more than kiss and things, but I really liked him, only then he decided he'd rather be with. Someone else. It's gonna sound stupid, but the person he decided to be with turned out to be Hector de la Huerta?"

Jade takes a moment, gazing up at the stars as he draws a few mental maps. "Yeah," he finally says in a knowing tone. "I know who you're talking about. He was with you, dumped you, went to San Francisco, and ended up dating your brother? Man, what are the odds?" He ashes his cigarette. "That is pretty messed up, by the way."

"Yeah," says Spear, who frowns "I know. And he wants me to forgive him, but Jade, you're like. The smartest guy I know. I don't think I _can_. Do you thinkt hat makes me a bad person? I don't wanna be bad - I'd rather be nice to folks. But. But _man_."

"You need time, man," Jade says. "He broke your heart. I mean, I love the guy, but he was the asshole, here. You have every right to be pissed. So be pissed, if that's what you need to do. Burn him in effigy, give him the evil eye. Get it out of your system. You're not a bad guy for being hurt."

"I tried to tell him how I felt, and he hardly even reacted," muttered Spear "You know what he said? This other guy - my _brother_ - completed him. Like, I don't know. Like I was...man. I don't even know. I don't wanna think it's because we were both dudes. But maybe it is. Maybe girls would be better?" He side-eyes Jade, trying to see what _he_ thinks about it all "Anyway. I keep thinking about it instead of doing _real_ stuff. Like. Important stuff, art, drawing, writing. I wish I could do drama like you, but performance is kinda hard for me."

Jade sighs and says, "Girls are better in every way than boys." He shakes his head, and he presses his lips in a firm line. "Men don't have feelings. They fuck and run. I mean, look at how he's treating Hector now. It's not that he's a bad guy, but men just... you can't really be with a man. I mean, I feel sorry for straight women, because they've got all this love to bring into a relationship, and look how one-sided it is."

Spear's eyes widen "That's...wow. Do you think that's really, ah, how it always goes?" He then rubs the back of his head "I didn't get you know as far as the fucking bit. I thought he didn't want to. Turned out he did. Just with someone, you know, that he liked more. I guess you..."

"I don't know first hand about the fucking," Jade says, "except I know that's what guys want. I mean, that's no mystery. Maybe not every relationship with a man is doomed, but enough of them are." He slings an arm around Spear's shoulders and says, "Don't lose sleep over that guy, okay? You're awesome, and it's his loss."

"I'll admit, it's what I wanted too," says Spear, a little sadly "I know he feels bad about it all, but somehow I just look at him and I'm so angry." He puts his head on Jade's shoulder, and he says "Okay, fair enough. Thanks for not being weirded out that I'm talking about sex with a guy." He is _fairly_ sure about Jade - but not quite a hundred percent "Hey, where'd you get that car of yours, by the way?"

Jade gives Spear's shoulders a squeeze. "I'm not weirded out by that kind of stuff. Fucking is what people do." He sighs a little. "I just, you know, I want to be adored. I don't think it's out of line to want that, you know? And a guy just can't do that." He grins, then. "My dad got it for me. Why?"

"Er, I was hoping maybe it was from one of those cereal box giveaways," says Spear, with a wry grin "That's the closest I can get to something like that." He nudges Jade back, then says "Can I steal a joint? You do have one, right? Look. I know what you mean. I mean, I thought I was adored. Man, you get so fricken' hungry for something like that, don't you? That's what I thought I was." A little sigh escapes his lips "Jade, you know, you're a real stand up guy."

Jade reaches into his coat pocket and offers over a joint. "You want to go for a ride in it sometime?" he says. He looks at Spear, not unkindly. "You deserve to be adored. You're a sweet guy. You've always been really cool to me, and you're super cute. You're going to find someone. Someone who knows what he wants."

"Or she," says Spear, a bit awkwardly "I know it's kind of tacky, but I sort of dig both? I mean, everyone has a light inside them. I'm just not great at going out there - I mean, I've stopped asking, you know? Man, I used to ask everyone to go to things, and...well. You get older, you realise it's uncool." He beams as the joint is offered, and he says "Okay, okay, so. I don't want to just be a leech. So Jade - I could make you a really cool bug, all shiny, out of other bug bits! Like a sculpture?" He glows at super cute, he does, and his eyes are wide. Not innocent - not with all those thoughts. But probably naive.

"Or she," Jade says. "It's not tacky to like both. You're lucky if you can like both. It doubles your dating pool." He doesn't argue that it's uncool to ask. He never seems to do the asking. Then again, he never seems to do the accepting, either. He stabs out his cigarette and flick shis lighter, offering the flame to Spear for his joint. "A really cool bug sounds awesome. I can put it in a glass case so Meezer doesn't eat it."

"I wish I had a cat," says Spear "Heh." He holds out the joint for it to be lit, and he draws in, and he says "You really feel that way? Cool." And then he nudges Jade, after a moment, while he draws in "How come I never see you...you know. With someone."

"My cat is awesome," Jade says. "I like him more than most people." He grins at the nudge. "Look at how everyone's relationships around here seem to work out. Besides, I keep telling people I have a girlfriend." He glances off into the darkness. "I don't know, though. Seems like more trouble than it's worth. And the aloof thing is stylish."

"It's definitely stylish," says Spear and he uses the thumb and forefinger on both hands to make a box to frame Jade "Definitely. You are stylish. I know you tell people you have a girlfriend. But. Okay, can I be like, a hundred percent? You don't gag and get grossed out at the idea of boys kissing. So I figured you...you know. I figured you had a lot of experience." He adds "Relationships do seem to suck a lot though. I...wish I knew how to make everything work out. But? I don't." He gives an awkward smile.

"Not everyone's grossed out by the facts of life," Jade says wryly. "Dudes kiss. I got over it a long time ago." He nudges Spear shoulder to shoulder and says, "Look, in another couple months, we're going to be out of this place and moving on to wherever it is we're going to end up. You could go to a big city, where there's lots of different types of men and women, and you'll meet someone who's grown up a bit. High school is so lame."

"Yeah, you're right, Jade," says Spear as he inhales the joint and then passes it back across. He sighs "I don't know what I'd do without a real friend like you. You seem to see a bit further than a lot of people do." He leans his elbow on his knee, and he says "I didn't figure I'd move. I mean, there's the funeral home to run, and I actually think being a mortician could be good, but. You're right this place is small, and I'm weird and I don't fit in real good. What are you wanting to do?"

Jade takes the joint and has a hit. Then he offers it back. "I try to stay a few steps ahead of the game," he says. "All my life, I've just been trying not to die. I was in and out of the hospital as a kid, and you know, you get to thinking about 'what if this is it' and what you want your life to be, and what you're willing to settle for. And what you're not." He smiles a little. "I'm going to be a choreographer. I'll go to school for dance, maybe in New York."

Spear stares out across the graveyard, and he says "I keep thinking about death. A lot. It doesn't _feel_ like I'm gonna die, myself, but death is in everything Thistles see and touch. We're used to the dead. We're used to death." He takes the joint back and inhales, and he holds it, and then he says "I don't really know what I want to be, Jade. But I like seeing you dance. I reckon you could be. The best in the whole word. If you tried, the right way. I reckon you could be a master." He smiles, suddenly grinning at the idea "I would come and watch you, man."

"Maybe before you become a mortician, you should take some time to see the world," Jade says. "Take a trip, visit somewhere cool." He grins a bit. "I'm not half the dancer Thea is, but I love coming up with routines. You'll see my dances on Broadway, just wait." He takes a hit off the joint and sighs softly as he exhales, offering it back. "I shouldn't get too high tonight. I can't afford to wreck my car again."

"Crash over with me. There's plenty of room, and Silver likes you," says the most optimistic of the thistles. He adds "I don't know if Star actually likes anyone, to be honest, but there might be a first time? I don't know. It's hard to decide." He always did vacillate, between one thing and the other, a sunny smile his only constant "I don't really think I can afford that kind of thing. I'm saving up for a new bike though..." Then he says "Are you leaving town after graduatio?"

"Not immediately after graduation," Jade says. "I'm going to enjoy some time just not being in school." He glances down at the ground. "Tasha and I were going to see Europe after graduation. I was going to show her Paris and Milan. It was our running joke that I would finally teach her how to dress." Tasha was very much into the grunge scene. "I can't go now, not without her, but I hadn't really made any other plans."

Spear pauses, and then he reaches over, and he wraps his arms around Jade, and he gives him a big, sudden and very heavy hug. Quite a squeeze there, for all that he is about as strong as a piece of balsa wood.

Jade is himself frail as bird bones. He hugs Spear back and murmurs, "See what I mean? You're a sweet guy. I'm okay. I'm just figuring some stuff out still. I figured I'd hang out for awhile and wrap up whatever loose ends I have left in this town. We can totally hang out after graduation if you want."

"It's just gotta be super hard - much worse than being dumped by Cash the idiot," says Spear. He releases him, and he says "I don't know if you are okay, sometimes, Jade. I gotta level with you. I worry about you." He frowns.

Jade shrugs and says, "I worry about me too, sometimes." Then he smiles and adds, "But don't lose sleep over it. It's getting easier. I mean, I feel bad that it's getting easier, but it is. Besides, I've got a pretty good life. I shouldn't complain. I'm just down sometimes. That's all."

"Well, if you ever want a hug, or to crash over, or anything, I'm here," says Spear, the Giant Nerd. He adds "Admittedly, mostly 'here' at the graveyard, yeah, but still. Here." And he nudges Jade "And if you ever want introducing to people...look. No one's going to ever want me. The guy who's brother gets his dates. But I know some good people. And...er. I know you have a girlfriend. In...Canada?"

"Paris," Jade says wryly. "And don't say no one will ever want you. You had one bad experience, and he didn't even know he was your brother. Not that it matters. He was still a fool to let you go." He considers, then asks, "Who do you know? Next time we have a party, you should bring them. Bring your sisters, too. Silver's a sweetheart and Star's never boring."

"Oh, well, I do know pretty much everyone - there's the Landon twins from the paper, and I kind of know Amy and she _almost_ got me an icecream, and Cash's sister is nice." Spear counts off on his fingers "I've got another brother no one ever sees, I'll bring him - and there's your guys. I know a few Lesters and well, Cash is a dick, but the other Freelands are good." He hesitates, looking at Jade, head tilted, and he says "Paris. Right." There is a pause, and he leans in and kisses Jade on the cheek, unless the man actually dodges. Spear looks, well. As if he knows he should not have done it. At all. "Paris," he says "I'll make sure everyone knows it's Paris, Jade. I promise."

Jade says sourly, "Yeah, I know the twins. They're my cousins. Amy hit me the other day just because I called her a crazy bitch -- which she was being, I might add. Ashley's super cool, though." The kiss on the cheek surprises him, but he doesn't dodge. Instead, he looks at Spear, and he smiles a little. "I don't care if people remember Paris," he says. "I don't care what most of them think. I care what I think, and sometimes I just get confused for awhile."

"Oh, well, they talk to me," says Spear, who is pretty happy to have anyone talk to him. He laughs, though at the hitting "Yeah, she flushed my schoolbag last year," he beams, and then he says "Ashley does seem nice." He pauses, and he says "You really don't care, huh?" A little shake of his head, and Spear gets up to move around to the front of the Mausoleum, staring out across the graveyard "I kind of want to be like that. But you're real focused. Must take effort. I think I'm just lazy, Jade."

"Yeah, that sounds like Amy," Jade says. He sighs, thinks for a moment, and says, "I care a little. I care enough to keep my head above water and try to steer clear of any major scandals. But on a deep, personal level? I care what my friends think, because they're my friends. Everything else is just static. Maybe it was a lot of effort at first, but after awhile, it becomes natural."

"That...uhm. That doesn't sound very. Fun or relaxing," says Spear, cautiously.

Jade thinks about this. "Maybe not," he admits. "That's what parties are for. Some dancing, some fun with people who are there to have a good time." He gives Spear another squeeze around the shoulders. "Don't worry about me, okay? I excel at having a blast."

"I'll try not to," says Spear, and he then finally stands up and he says "Yeah. Sounds good, we should go dancing, you know, and then maybe, well. I should make that bug thing. I've been having these ideas about making these taxidermied creatures? In little costumes..."

Jade laughs softly and says, "You're such a trip, man." He takes a pager from his pocket and glances at it, though there's no number waiting on it. "If I crash at your place, I'll need to call my mom. I'm trying to go easy on them after the Dolorean. I don't want them to worry about where I am. Meezer's not going to like it, though."

"Man, pets...well, the thing is, our house is kind of full of things, and I'm not really allowed to have dogs - at least, until I can focus on them a bit more," muses Spear. He rubs the back of his neck "I promise nothing about breakfast though - if Star's cookin', I hope you have life insurance saved up. Yeah, we can go and call them. Hang out here as long as we want, then get home. Aww, is Meezer all lonesome?"

Jade grins a little. "Yeah, he likes to sleep with me, and he gets cranky if I'm not there. He yells about it. Wherever I go after graduation, I have to take me with him. Siamese are like that, though. They pick a human and that's it, that's their person. He yells for me all the time. Every morning, when I'm in the shower, he just yells his head off because I'm getting wet."

Spear snorts "He's trying to rescue you," he proposes "He's worried his dumb ol' slave is getting wet instead of licking himself clean." He pauses, and goes an odd, funny colour "I...need to take a break, I think. You know, run around the graveyard a bit? See if I can find any interesting things..."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm a cat who sucks at being a cat." He fishes out another clove cigarette and says, "Frolic among the gravestones, young Thistle. I'll just chill out here for awhile. Go nuts."