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Love Lost
Characters  •   The Creepshow  •  The Penitent  •  The Capitalist  •
Location  •  The Facility - Hall of Rooms
Date  •  2018-12-16
Summary  •  The Capitalist and the Penitent learn that Maata was gone, her door symbol changed. This leaves them both to re-evaluate their relationship with one another.

The Penitent has spent some time in her room just ... thinking. Trying to make sense of the memories of three people now, that see various people in so many different ways. The Capitalist is the big one, of course, but there are others too that were suddenly family that she remembers in very different ways. No answers are going to come from sitting around and thinking about it, however, but maybe she's made some sense of this fucked up situation to venture out. Plus, she's a little hungry.

The door with the Weeping Woman on it is opened just slightly, and then further. The Penitent steps barefoot into the hallway, dressed in her slacks and her tank top. Comfortable, simple clothing. As usual. She glances up and down the hallway, wondering. Her steps are slow and thoughtful as she moves past the doors, looking at the symbols. Many of them are familiar. Some are new. She's tempted to stop and check on some. Glancing down the hallway to where 'Thorne' usually wakes up. Glancing, as she passes by to the room that 'Conrad' normally finds himself. A shuddered breath. She has no idea what she'd say to either of them, and so she lingers further rather than attempting to knock on either door, frowning in thought.

Freshly showered after having woken up less than an hour ago, the Capitalist emerges from his room looking true to form. No longer was he Driscoll-casual, the suit had returned, complete with cufflinks, the tie, even shoes. Everything. It's almost as if he were dressed to impress. That said, he spent little time on his hair, so the gelled look is replaced by something more natural.

The more time spent in this place, the more vividly his memories of the town of Prosperity gets. So yes, he begins to match faces, family, to those he had remembered from both the island and the space station. There were those who he had no memory of at all, but that was fine, he was used to it by now. Not everyone belonged here, after all. Just... those doomed to live a horrible life only to d--- in his case, survive. Live through it. And his reward for those efforts? Waking up back here.

There is no gentleness to the opening of his door, the action fueled by anger that he was here once more. "You think you do everything right and then what?" He basically spits out those words, "I'm getting tired of this shit." In fact, the door even slams shut behind him, only for him to realize that the person he was hoping to see, one of them at least, was in the hallway. "An..." He starts, the decides to stick with that for now, "Anette." This was definitely an odd moment for the pair of them, the way that he looks to her, yet unable to find his own words for a time. Eventually, he decides to murmur, "You look well."

The door opens and she freezes at the sudden energy of it being flung so, stepping back and against the wall as the angry words follow, and she stares at the man that emerges, not even flinching at the slamming of the door behind him. She just stares for a few moments, blinking when called 'Anette'. Eyes wide, the struggle going on within her is plain to see; the mix of memories she has for the man before her are very hard for her to reconcile. Kylie Shorley slipped into her mind along with Madison with ease. Anette Hargreave has a harder time making herself at home, so to speak, and those two women that found The Capitalist an important person in their lives are struggling to co-exist.

She nods vaguely, glancing down at herself and shrugging. "Ain't any different to ..." she stops, frowning, and shakes her head. "I'm not any different to how I normally am," she says quietly, leaning back against that wall. Her hands clasp together nervously, and she glances away, staring down the hallway. "It's ... different, this time." She's not exactly sure how, really. It's too big for her to get her mind around it. But it's different.

With his memories from Prosperity being the freshest in his mind, the Capitalist, as if on reflex, steps forward, a hand reaching out as if wanting to graze his knuckles across the Penitent's cheek. There's fire within his eyes, this intensity that clearly shows the turmoil of thoughts that keeps him from doing so, freezing him in this awkward position before his arm drops to his side completely.

To her voicing how different things are this time around, he can only say with wry humor, "You're telling me." Drawing in a deep breath, for now, he believes it's best to tear his gaze away from her, less he does something just as stupid as to what he was planning on doing. This gives him time to scan several of the other doors, mostly done in an idle manner, that is until his focus reaches the entryway to the Hunter's abode. From his distance, he can't quite make out the image on that particular door, but he knows, intimately where she resides.

"Do you have a moment?" His attention is still kept from her, "I believe that there's a few things that we need to talk about."

She doesn't recoil from him as he reaches toward her, but her eyes do widen slightly, uncertain how she feels about this particular course of action. She stares as he freezes, exhaling a slow breath. Likewise, she glances away again, staring up the hallway, back towards her own room there. For a moment, she thinks about just fleeing. She can't even seem to find a way to retreat into that persona of vague, uncaring zen this time around, the way she always 'handled' things here in the past. Maybe it'll come in time. It was slower to come to her last time too, but this time ...

Instead, she just kind of nods. "I was gonna get myself something to eat. Kinda hungry, yeah? It can wait, but ..." she shakes her head, returning her gaze the Capitalist, "Shit man, I don't even know where to begin or how to even talk about this yet." The cadence of her voice, the manerisms, it's more Kylie Shorley than anyone else. Almost as if she's deliberately channeling that woman, the only one of her selves that didn't really know the Capitalist, or feel so much for him in one way or another. "How the fuck does anyone 'talk' about this?"

Taking on a somewhat casual stance, he slides both of his hands into trouser pockets, his eyes still focused on the Hunter's door. "I don't really know how, but..." Then a thought comes to mind, bringing his attention back to the Penitent for a moment, "This might be easier if Maata were present. I mean, don't get me wrong, these feelings, these emotions from last time..." He can't help but shake his head, his eyes once more on that one door, before he takes his initial steps forward towards in.

It's almost as if he were trying to avoid this conversation altogether, but it wasn't a terrible idea! With a third person there, especially if it were the Hunter, maybe this urge to pull his own... sister close to him will be diminished. "I remember seeing her briefly in Prosperity. She was married to..." As he's trying to come up with a name, something does catch his eye. The symbol on the Hunter's door had changed, it was no longer the crouching archer, it was something else... similar. This had to be a mistake. That's the first thing that goes through his mind on seeing this change. He has to stop and look at the doors surrounding hers, no, he just knows that this is the right room.

Reaching for the knob, without even announcing his presence, he pushes the door forward. Immediately, he can see that this was not Maata's room. It was unfamiliar. Even that damn cat wasn't around.

"Lots and lots of alcohol," advises Creepshow, her door cracking open, peering out from behind it. "That's the best way to deal with everything here. That and fucking. They go well together."

She watches him move closer to The Hunter's door and frowns slightly. "She's gone. A few people are."

"Yeah, they're a big deal," The Penitent agrees, and then blinks a little. In deliberately trying to channel Kylie, which doesn't feel quite right now matter how much she tries, the mention of Maata, of Thorne, has a whole different set of feelings coming up. Not the least of which is the realization that she hardly saw the woman in Prosperity. Once, perhaps. Months before the Reaping, when that stranger appeared before them with his harmonica. The door opening with the Creepshow appearing behind it does help her shake that wondering, and there's a slight curve of her lips in a smile.

"I don't drink," she says quietly, shrugging her shoulders. "Which is weird, when you think about it. But in here, I've never had more than a tiny sip. Hello. I'd continue what I started with you last time, but I think Esmonupe is a ridiculous name, and it's only fit to get more crazy as this keeps going on." The presence of the tiny creepy woman apparently does set her a bit more at ease, a bit more like The Penitent.

"What do you mean, she's gone? How can she be gone?" That however, alarms her once again, as she moves from where she was to follow behind the Capitalist and spot the image on the room. It's not right. None of it is right. "Oh." She says, just staring at the door. "Oh no." Why, exactly, she's distressed is hard to figure. Maybe she just wanted that woman's company herself. Maybe she wanted Capitalist to have that woman's company to help resolve some of this weird tension between the two of them. Probably somewhere in the middle of both of those things.

While it's not surprising for anyone to be peeking out of their door with the way the Capitalist had slammed his closed just a few moments earlier, what he wasn't expecting was the face that peeked out to be Bella's. Just seeing the woman who Cillian's cousin was in love with brings back a fresh rush of memories to his mind, along with some of that guilt that went with it. So it's that shock mixed with the fact that, if what the Creepshow says is correct, and that the Hunter was gone... it leaves the Capitalist standing there, feeling cold and more than a little... heart-broken? Devastated?

"Are you sure? This could be some kind of mistake." He looks to the Penitent for support in this, but seeing as the Creepshow showed up in this place long before either of them did... "We don't even know if she died or lived or..." The door is given another push open, before he lets it shut completely. It wasn't Maata's room. "Is she free of this place and if so, how?"

"Lady Eve? Uh... Social media guy from the island? His door is blank. No symbol at all, empty room inside. And your... cousin? The poet in Prosperity that I taught how to shoot. Jeremiah. His door is different now. There are others, too, but I'm not sure who they were or are."

Creepshow ventures out cautiously, far more timid and shy than they remember her from previous times here. It's the shy, awkwardness that Lupe Hargreave had when she wasn't made up as Bella Muerte. Bella had strength and confidence. Lupe the orphan girl, not so much. A shrug. "No fucking clue."

Staring into that room and knowing, just as he does, that it is not the Hunter's room as they know it is a shocking thing. "I ... just don't know, Cillia--" she cuts off the name that came so naturally. "I just don't know what can be a mistake and what just is. How can we possibly tell? Maybe she did get out. I'd like to think so, at least." She doesn't have an answer on the how, naturally.

Moving towards the Creepshow, Penny tilts her head slightly, looking at the woman, brows lifting up at that notable change in behaviour. She doesn't get too close, just lingering nearby. These kinds of memories are easy to reconcile, Esme she didn't know too well, but her best synth friend and her grudge carrying little sister, she can work them together just fine. "There's lots of people we don't see much, I suppose," she says quietly, "What about ... Angeline?" The only member of her family she really remembers as someone else.

Even though the Hunter's door is closed shut, The Capitalist's hand remains on the knob for a time, refusing to let it go. "She was married to Gabriel Munson." He speaks aloud, though one can tell that he's trying to sort things out in his mind, but is vocalizing it all. "The last time I'd seen either of them was before the Reaping." Now here his brow furrows, perhaps matching this Munson's face to someone else's. "He looked like..."

Then it comes to him, his eyes flashing wide, even if he doesn't dare say the man's name. Only then does he release his hold on the knob, taking a step back. He's still reeling from this revelation, that much is clear. What he does look like, however, is a man who needs a drink, badly. "Lady Eve too? Who else? Who else will suddenly be ripped from our lives?"

Another shrug at Penitent's question. "Her door and room are still the same. She's probably around here somewhere." She lifts a small hand to rest against Cap's back, supportive.

"Sorry your first love is gone. At least your first kiss is still here, huh?" Oh, look! There's The Creepshow they know and love!

"Looked like who? I never met Gabriel Munson." Penitent says quietly, staring at the Capitalist who's clearly shocked by some revelation regarding the identity of the Hunter's husband. Her brow furrows, uncertain of what to really say without that connection, offering a soft little sigh. She doesn't go to offer comfort just yet. She's still not sure how to, and besides, Creepy is there.

Until those words come out. "Wow." Is about all she has to say about that, really, staring at the little woman. "Really?"

Even with Penitent's prodding, the Capitalist looks hesitant to say the man's name out loud. Not in front of Bella-Esme. But sometimes sharing this information can get you more information, so while it annoys him to ever allow this name to slip from his lips, he states simply: Victor. There's a hint of venom in his voice there and the expression on his face is less than pleaased. A look that fades away quickly enough, though he does look the other way now, keeping his gaze from either of them. No, he won't address that and tries to continue on as if nothing had happened, "...I don't recall ever seeing him here. So it was surprising to realize that he was in Prosperity as well."

The frown returns when Penny chides her, and Creepy winces slightly, pulling back from Cap.

"I... Sorry." She turns, curling in on herself, and heads swiftly back to her door and in.

"No, don't ..." Penny watches as the Creepshow recoils and begins to retreat, offering a soft sigh. "Don't go." Having someone else to focus on was doing wonders for her, at least. Lifting a hand to rub it at her face, she shakes her head, and turns to look at the Capitalist again. "Victor," she echoes, nodding slowly. "I ... yeah, I remember. He was on the Noc as well, Thorne told me. I never really met him myself." She shrugs, and doesn't really know what more to say about it at all. She doesn't have it in her to despise anyone the way Capitalist apparently feels about 'Victor'. "What are we gonna do?" She asks quietly.

The Capitalist isn't the type who usually tries to stop anyone from leaving a conversation, so when the Creepshow begins to slink back towards her room, he would have allowed her to do so. It's Penitent who calls out to her, forcing his gaze to look upon the woman who was once his sister and then his wife, before waiting to see whether Bella would comply.

As part of a side conversation, his eyes still on the tiny Spanish girl, his words are clearly meant for The Penitent, "I'll need time to think this over. This was not something I'd expected to happen, but... if she is free from this place, I shouldn't be so selfish to want her back here." But he was selfish.

Do they really want her to stay? Already Bella, or Lupe, is fading and that snarky, jaded bitch that wore them like a suit is starting to surface again. The real her. She pauses at the door, opened but not entirely through it yet. She doesn't look back at them.

"Free is an assumption," she says quietly. "So many of you are convinced we're real people, taken from the world and held here against our will. Maybe this IS the world. All that's left, anyway. Or maybe we aren't real at all, aren't people. So is she running free in the sunlight, or were her ones and zeros just erased?"

In she goes, door closing behind her.

Leaning against the wall again, the Penitent lifts both her hands to her face. For a moment, she's a perfect copy of the image on her door, though without the actual weeping. "I think we all need some ... time. Don't know how much we'll get though, before we're spirited away to yet another fucked up situation to do more fucked up things with who knows who." She gives another little sigh, lowering her hands to look at Creepshow's back as the tiny woman talks.

"It's a nice assumption, though. And maybe those two outcomes are the exact same thing." The door closes, and she looks back at the Capitalist. "It's okay you know. To want her back. I'll miss her too."

If anything unnerved The Capitalist the most, it's when people in this place, this prison, talk about not being real people. He had heard it mentioned the last time he was trapped here and then again now. Now, he's not going to argue against her point that they could possibly be a bunch of well-thought out ones and zeroes, but the way his jaw is set, his lips forming a thin line, it's not hard to tell that he's not on board with that idea!

It's only when the Creepshow disappears behind her own door that he quickly says he, leaning in towards the the Penitent, "Why do people keep saying that? That, in itself, is crazy." To the rest, however, with his posture straightening once more, he gives the woman who remains a lone, yet absent nod. "She talked about stability and how she needed me to feel stable in this world that we're in. I wanted that too, but now it feels as if I'm off-kilter, unsteady. The foundation that I had grown accustomed to was crumbling beneath me."

"I think, therefore I am. Am I a real person or not?" The Penitent shrugs her shoulders. "Does it matter? I feel real. I feel, I worry, I wonder. I'm real enough, for me. Perhaps we can be erased on ... something's whim. Perhaps not. There doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it. It's funny, I was kind of accustomed to feeling helpess. Before Anette anyway. Now ..." she trails off, shaking her head, "I think this is the first time I've truly had some regret over waking up here, you know? Now that's something to really think on."

Pushing off the wall, she looks up and down the hallway again, clearly wanting to reach out for the man, but just unsure still, how to exactly approach that feeling. "I don't know how to offer you any sort of foundation. But I do remember the promise we made. We ... might need to redefine exactly what it is a little. But it's still something? Maybe."

"You were the other pillar holding me up." The Capitalist makes sure to note, even if the Penitent already knew that or not. "It's as if I am missing a leg to stand on." He's definitely hurting over this and the idea that Maata may be off with Victor may be what pains him the most. As he tends to do, the Capitalist's own concerns often comes before anyone else's, but now, having had this new bond, these new memories with the Penitent, it's making him see that waking up in this place, with or without Maata, wasn't affecting only him.

In fact, it was this current crisis that seems to have put some of those most recent memories aside and now they are beginning to resurface. "This entire thing is a joke. A cruel one." He starts, finally allowing himself to look on Penitent directly. "I was happy where I was. I just know it. I... we had a life together, a family. Then all of that slipped through our fingers again and we're here once more." Almost sounding like a defeatist, he adds, "We just can't win." Still, he takes the woman's words into consideration and all he does is nod in agreement. "I'm just a turmoil of overwhelming emotions right now." He does his best to hide this. "I don't know how I'm supposed to feel or act, especially in your presence."

"I'm not sure I'm capable of being a pillar." The Penitent says with a grave nod. "I'm just as likely to crumble myself, feels like. Unless I can find some way to put this all together." She stares at him. "All I want to do is hide away from it all. Like always. But it's harder to do that this time. Because you're right. We were happy. I was happy. We won. But apparently, that doesn't matter." There's a gesture about the hallway, and she lowers her gaze.

"I don't have the answers either. It was strange enough to suddenly go from having a brother to then hooking up with his girl in another world, another life. Remember how I worried? Now ... I don't even know what to do. But it was real, wasn't it? It was so real. I know it was, because ... I still have your ring." She blinks a few time, glancing aside, a hand reaching into her pocket to withdraw the thing in question. Apparently she's even got it on her. "So figure that out. Because I can't. And I can't let go of it, either."

It's a risky gesture, but The Capitalist steps towards her to place a reassuring hand on her shoulder when the Penitent talks about wanting to hide away. That desire to draw her in close to him is still there, especially now being this close, but he refrains from doing so, fighting back those urges. "If I could live out the rest of my life," this was hard for him to admit, especially in light to the other memories which he has, but he continues, "It would be out there, in the Old West, with you."

Then that ring is brought out. He had his own souvenir from Prosperity which he left, forgotten, back on his nightstand, but Anette was carrying the ring which he gave her. The Cillian McTavish in him breaks out into a broad grin and just like that, whatever willpower he had that held him back is lost and he quickly pulls the Penitent into a firm embrace, wrapping his arms around her. "Where do you want to move from here? Our lives keep changing, we become different people, but they are still a part of us. Anette, Cillian." Even if he doesn't dare bring up Conrad and Madison right now.

She does tense up at that hand on her shoulder, though just remains staring at the ring in the palm of her hand. Part of her wants to wish it away, forget about it all, hide back in her simple facility life of simple comforts and pleasures. Zen and that vague innocence. Part of her -- a stronger part of her, likely -- never wants to let it go, to always remember the time she was Anette, the one time she was someone willing to fight for what she wanted, fight for her friends and family. And she even won, though it cost her so much, but they were free. "The Old West," she echoes in a quiet murmur.

She's focused on that ring, and her memories, that suddenly being pulled towards him catches her off guard. That strangely familiar sensation has her naturally moving to return the embrace, only to awkwardly stop. It becomes a half hearted thing, and her eyes close, though she doesn't seek to pull away. "They will be, I suppose. And I don't know where to go from here. I really don't. Nettie's in here, like the others, but ... I just don't know what happens next."

Being so swept up in the moment, the Capitalist may have leaned in to kiss her, but he feels that bit of minor resistance in the way that she does share this sudden burst of enthusiasm in kind. Instead, he keeps a steady gaze on her eyes, watching as they close and almost willing them to open again just for him. He doesn't release her immediately, though his hold on her loosens a tad. "I think we just do what feels natural." Then again, that may be his urges pressing him to utter these words. Just as his distress of the Hunter's vanishing draws him away from the topic of the Penitent being both his sister and wife in two completely different stories, his mind is fully occupied in this situation that they find themselves in now. "Give ourselves some time to think. About everything." There, now his arms slowly begin to withdraw from her, a hand trailing down her right arm before pulling away entirely. "We're going to need it."

The Confidant arrives from The Facility - Parlor.

A strong wind blows from the ocean, showing a new way.

The Confidant goes off the beaten path to CR.

"Natural," The Pentient echoes with a breathy laugh, her eyes flickering open. "I'm not even sure what that is. One out of three times now I've been ... super gay. So that's weird. Can it really just be as simple as acting natural?" Another soft sigh from her, and she shifts aside as he pulls away, glancing to watch his hand trail down her arm, as she slips that ring back into her pocket again. "Time to think, yes. I don't just want to ... replace her."

Now she looks up, staring at the Capitalist proper. "I can't just replace Maata for you." The part of her that is Madison has some very troubling thoughts on that particular matter, before even considering the fact that this same man was her brother when she was Madison. "Not that I'm saying that's what you're trying to do, I just ... I dunno how much more thinking I can do before my thoughts start chasing themselves around in circles."

The Capitalist lets out a quiet laugh when the Penitent brings up her time as Shorley. Everything about their lives felt so different, but between the both of them, Madison has experienced the greatest changes. This dawns on him when he's forced to think back to when they first met on the Island, their very first roles, or that's how he sees it in a sense. They were placed there to play a part in whatever clusterfuck was going on, even if at the time, he believed that this was all his doing -- the festival.

When Maata is addressed, the Capitalist knows that their conversation has become serious now. He respected her for it, because in his own confusion after learning that the person he felt the closest bond with in this place was gone, there was an emptiness within him that he's trying desparately to deny. "No, you're right. It's not your burden to replace Maata for me, I... I still need to come to terms with the fact that she's gone. I, honestly, don't know what to do with myself now and in a sense, I was hoping to recapture that warmth I'd felt, even if through my most recent of memories," Pausing in thought, he quickly tacks on, "The love I felt for both Maata and Anette are the same. With Anette, however, I could to experience that love full-force. It wasn't just knowing someone for a little over a week, it was something stronger."

Shadows gather, returning old paths to darkness.

"I cared for Thorne, a lot. But I never loved her. Not like that. In fact, I'm not sure I ever truly loved at all until Prosperity. Before the Noc, she told me she always wanted a sister. And then ..." She shakes her head. It's still very hard to process it all, though talking it through is clearly helping somewhat. "And then we had Anette and Cillian and now I know what it is to really feel something like that. Even if it took ten years of waiting and fighting every step of the way." Not that she truly feels like she waited ten years. Like the rest of Anette's life before that last year of the Last Reaping, it's kind of hard to grasp at.

"That ruthless outlaw, and the burdens she carried. A lot about her was pretty intense, really. So many siblings. It was your love, and theirs, that kept her going in the end. Though it came close to breaking her a few times, too." Penny gives a small, sad smile that'd be right at home on the face of Anette. "Maybe it can be strengthening here too, when we figure out a way to ... reconcile all of this."

This reminiscing of their time spent in Prosperity brought both highs and lows to the Capitalist's mood. They lost so much and were willing to make some of the most difficult decisions that no one should ever make. And yet, despite it all of that, they not only survived, they thrived. "We were willing to sacrifice both life and happiness to protect my family." He says in a quietly thoughtful tone. Then certain faces begin to return to him once more. "Some of the others are here with us. Nolan." Just thinking of his best friend and cousin as the same person who was also his college professor was an odd thing. Though he worked closely enough with the man on the space station as well, as long as the Overseer paid him.

"Your sisters, all of them. We've met them all before." With this remembering comes the full brunt of the life that they shared together, not only the snippets of their lives before and after the last year's Reaping, but their relationship during. "I always knew you had it in you." He's speaking of the Penitent now rather than any of her personas... then again, he may be speaking to Madison directly. "Anette was willing to make one of the hardest decisions of her life. I... don't think Cillian could have followed through with it if their roles were reversed."

"Overseer Riordan." The Penitent says right on the heels of him stating 'Nolan'. She makes that connection when thinking of it, nodding slowly as she pieces it through. Though the comment on her sisters has her wondering. "All of them? Angeline was ... Kira. And Dahlia, yes. We just spoke with Lupe. I don't recall Llesenia though."

She glances up, offering that reassuring smile, something that only the tru Penitent is able to do. "I don't think you ... he ... would have let Anette get taken for nothing either, if Levia-- Vie," even now, she can't quite bring herself to say the names of the 'benefactors' of Prosperity, "has been my challenge instead of yours. I am not sure how she would have recovered from it though. It would've been worse than when she thought she'd lost all her sisters." That causes a sudden frown. "Goodness. Was Angeline here briefly before Glenn made her come back?" Her eyes widen at the thought. "Just like Ramona."

"You're right," The Capitalist murmurs after some thought, "He wouldn't have let her die if it was her life on the line." He can clearly recall their last conversation together when they truly believed that they would be the ones making that sacrifice. How each had shown their grief to one another, even if in Anette's case, she was strong enough to keep all of that internalized when facing her family or the public at large. "Yeah," He says when Angeline is brought up. "That pretty description she gave us when she returned..." Though now, his mind is also focused on Glenn, the rockstar. That was an odd thought. "While, I can't say that I've seen her room, personally, it would fit the description given."

He then comes to some realization, especially when Vie is mentioned, "The Devil used to work at the Venus' brothel on the Noc. And..." Here, his brow furrows heavily, "Mo. Mo was Akala. I know that much."

"So, sometimes they let us come and go, within reason. Ramona shut herself down for a while on the Noc, and said while she was shut down, she woke up here again. But was alone. When Ramona came back online, she forgot all bout this place all over again. Angeline was gone briefly and then back, but remembered it? She didn't have time to really figure it out, though." The Penitent is chewing on her lip now, something Madison always did when in thought and following a trail. Usually it was a trail of money, but hey.

"The Devil ... yeah. I went up there sometimes to visit Ramona. The Devil ... I didn't know about Mo and Akala. Are they stuck in this with us? Are they in another ... part of this place? Or another facility like it? To always be dropped in as our ... enemies?" A shake of her head, and the woman has started pacing a little as she speaks out her thoughts. "No. The bartender and the Devil weren't our enemies." That's when there's a gasp, and she reaches out for the Capitalist's arm, "Remember what he said? About Lupe and Nolan not being in his domain? About how Llesenia couldn't be brought back even by God himself, where she is now? Did he ... know?"

The idea of the synths waking up in this place when they are shut down is an interesting bit of information for him, even after having heard about it once before. The Capitalist gives his cheek a thoughtful scratch, "It's odd how differenct circumstances can change things. Perhaps, Angeline's memory wasn't wiped completely of this place because she was only here briefly, unlike a synth who was shut down completely." Though even after he gives his own theory of it, he makes sure to add, "Not that I know what exactly goes on here or how things work."

The talk of their 'adversaries', however gets im thinking all the more, "Stuck here the way we are? Or maybe they are the ones running the show." And to this, there is a look of anger on his face, "I can see that happening with Akala, I can even see that happening with Weyland." Yes, Rhys knew what Weyland looked like, he was the top dog in one of the most powerful corporations in... whatever world that was. "And Giles. Though that does make me wonder, how much that bartender knew about anything going on."

"It could be either way, I suppose. And we might not know anything about that bartender." The Penitent reachs up to rub at her face as well, shaking her head. "And this is the part were we just end up with even more questions and circular thoughts that don't go anywhere. And people wonder why I normally don't bother with any of it. It's too big, Cillian. It's ... just too big." It's easier, apparently, to just call him Cillian even though she'd always defaulted to Conrad before.

"I still have that sense of feeling like I'm supposed to be here. Punishment, or something. Even with Anette added to the others, she still felt like she needed to answer for her crimes, some day. Maybe this is it."

"We can't just ignore the questions though." The Capitalist says as gently as possible, not wanting to make the woman feel pressured in any way. "And if you're supposed to be here, then we all are. From what I've seen from Prosperity, maybe we all do belong here. Countless of us have done things we're not proud of. Some things that we were proud of." That is in regards to some of the Black Widows' antics. He even smiles a little there. "Right now, I have no ideas on what to do next. I mean, if there are some of us who have escaped this place," Maata... "Then there is a way out." He doesn't want to think of the alternative, where maybe the ones who don't show up here were killed or simply put into another containment unit...

"I'm curious about the answers, but searching for them just leads to more confusion," The Penitent says, huffing out a petulant sigh. "I know what I'm going to do next, at least, in the immediate future. I need something to eat." It's the reason she actually came out of her room, after all! "Maybe the only way out is when we're actually out. Somehow. Some way to get ... awareness while we're someone else. What remains is we just don't know and hope ... it can be dangerous to hope." Her shoulders lift in a shrug as she considers him. "But for now? Food. We'll figure it out, somehow. Maybe. Probably we'll go and be someone else again and get just as confused."

"You go on ahead." The Capitalist says, lingering in the hallway for a moment longer, "I need time to process everything right now." Though it's not difficult to tell that the two issues that's bothering him is this odd relationship he has with the Penitent now and also Maata's disappearance. "I'll probably catch up with you at some point. Though, I may sneak out and grab a bottle of something and haul it back to my room, look through my notes. Make new ones." Like adding in Mo's name next to a slash followed by Akala's.

"I can bring you a bottle of something, soon," The Penitent offers with that quiet smile, her gaze going distant. It's the Penitent from before, but it's also something Anette did frequently, her mind somewhere else, thinking on who knows what. Usually things like responsibility and duty and the enormity of what they were up against. With Penny, it's never been such compelling thoughts. "Don't be a stranger. However we end up." Her hand lifts and her fingers wriggle in a wave and then she's off to quietly pad down the hallway.

The last time that the Capitalist was here, he was full of brooding and anti-social behavior, rarely stepping foot out of his room until he had a good talking to with both his lover and his sister. There's no telling if he will fall back into that same routine. "That sounds fabulous." He speaks with forced enthusiasm, though to be honest, having something good to drink would do wonders for him right now. He just needs a smoke. It's only once the Penitent starts to leave does he take slow steps back to the Hunter's door, liftig a hand to caress over the new symbol found there. This was going to be difficult. Right now, he is still flying off of that high from being in the most wonderful relationship imaginable, but once his mind fully settles down and he has to cope with all of his memories, he has a feeling that Maata's disappearance will hit him harder than he now realizes. After a minute or two, his hand finally drops and he makes his way across the hall to disappear behind his own door.