Log:Live Long and Kick Ass

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Live Long and Kick Ass
Characters  •   The Bon-Vivant  •  The Rebel  •  The Martyr  •
Location  •  The Hall of Rooms
Date  •  2019-03-05
Summary  •  The Rebel emerges from her room, and is welcomed by the Martyr and the Bon-Vivant.

The Martyr is wearing a purple linen poet shirt with a lot of neck and wrist ruffles open to display a bit of pasty chest and tight black on black paisley trousers with purple high top sneakers. The differences between the Martyr and Finn are subtle. He is the same age, with very similar hair, though slightly longer, and in a slightly different cut, and is still long limbed and gangling. Though he remains very thin, he is wiry with it instead of borderline emaciated.

He is doing a slow loop around the hall around lunch time. What even is time in this place anyway really? In any case, he's looking at the sigil's trying to guess who's room is who's of the ones he doesn't know yet.

Some mornings the Bon-Vivant emerges earlier than others. This is apparently others, unless he was out before and went back. He's cut his hair somewhat Scottlike and shaved today, and he's gone with jeans and a very soft-looking grey henley shirt -- barefoot, as is often the case. Though this time when he emerges, it's holding a skateboard. He drops it as he closes the door, and has a foot on it before he sees Dare making his loop. Whatever he might have planned, he starts that direction instead, flashing him that early-Scott-type grin. "Mornin'!"

Dare subtly checks Fizz out, still a little unsure about certtain things best discussed later, but grinning at his friend, still completely over the moon tthat he made it back. "Morning! I'm still trying to figure out who lives where. It's sort of a brain teaser.

Not long after Bon-Vivant has emerged and spotted the Martyr, there's a sound that sounds suspiciously like cussing after a brief thump. And then some extra thumping happens, and one EXTRA loud thump against the door featuring a woman smashing a wall, Rebel emerges from her room, holding her toe up and repeatedly saying, "Shit!" Someone clearly stubbed their wittle toesies. She growls softly, setting her foot down and giving a faint wince, before she thinks to look up, and-- hey! It's a Scott! And a Finn! It's been two whole days since those who survived the 80s have shown back up, and she momentarily freezes, eyes wide, as she looks between them. There's a pause while she tries to recover her dignity, if she has any left, and then she straightens. "Hey." She sounds... uncertain of herself, and conflicted, but definitely there's at least a visible hint of relief at seeing the two of them. Also, her hair looks like this: http://www3.pictures.stylebistro.com/gi/Day+One+IMDb+Studio+Hosted+Visa+Infinite+Lounge+u7CBmhfB5_-l.jpg It's a bit of a jagged cut, suggesting she may've done it herself. Well, that and the traces of hair on her sweatshirt. She's wearing an oversized, comfortable-looking grey sweatshirt, by the by, with white pajama pants and... ugg boots. For real.

And legwarmers, beige. Because fashion in the 80s has infected her.

The Bon-Vivant starts skating on over toward Dare; he had it largely worked out before the Lodge, and being Scott didn't hurt it any. Which puts him right by the Rebel's door as she opens it. Thankfully it opens inward, or it would've probably hit him in the face. As it is, he has to stop suddenly enough that there's a tiny startled noise that interrupts what he was starting to say to the Martyr -- and a momentary pause of his own, his expression brightening (not that it was particularly dim) as he recognizes just who it is. "Sonya!" he exclaims, hopping off and stepping toward her in a very clear 'I am about to hug you' sort of way, even as he corrects himself, "--Rita. Hey!"

Dare reaches out autmatically in case Fizz needs steadying. His eyes go wide, and then he's yelling "Sonya!" and grinning at her, "I've been waiting for you! You were amazing! A Goddess even!" He knows better than to run at returners, especially after last being seen dead, given his reaction to Cheer-Kimmy and some of the other reaction's he's seen. Despite his joy, he keeps his arms low and his body language unthreatening. After all, he has no idea if she's been here before or not.

The Rebel's look of uncertainty and conflict almost vanishes entirely, and what's left is only a shadow of the doubt she'd seemed to evince before. Bon-Vivant gets his hug for sure, and the 'hint' of relief becomes an all-out flood of reassurance over her features. She warmly squeezes his shoulders as she says, "Fizz. Unless you've changed it." She can't help but get a wry smile. And then she turns toward Dare, tilting her head, and walks right over to offer him a hug too... though it's clear from her demeanor she's not intending to press that hug on him if he'd rather not. "I'm so glad you two are here." She looks down the hall left and right, and then asks, dread in her voice, "...did Danny make it back? Or... And. And have either of you seen Gretchen?" Gretchen, of course, was Sonya's right-hand lady, the one often quiet with the baseball bat.

"Fizz," the Bon-Vivant confirms, beaming at her; there's relief in that joy, as he looks her over. And maybe a little uncertainty, also. "Danny's here," he confirms, sobering a little to add, "but I haven't seen Gretchen. But, well... there's a lot of doors I dunno who they belong to, and some of them haven't opened yet, so she might just be holed up in one." Maybe not the best possible time, but he can't quite help it, "Fuck, I'm glad to see you."

Dare's shoulders relax when she says Fizz instead of Scott and he hugs herback warm and feirce, "I'm Dare now, and I'm all right. I was just worried you wouldn't make it." He beams at her, "Danny's Briar now and better than they ever were. What do I call you now?" Then he looks worried, "I haven't seen her. I'm sorry."

The Rebel can't hide her relief at hearing about Danny's presence, but the lack of a Gretchen is concerning. "Briar, you say? Are they a transwoman? And... jesus fuck I'm happy to see you guys. For really real." She pauses. "If any of these doors has a baseball bat on it, we'll know it's Gretchen's." She smirks slightly, but then is quick to return Dare's fierce hug. After a moment, she hesitantly rubs Fizz's shoulder lightly. It's a friendly gesture, and hard to tell if it's relief or something more, which may be the strategy there; it definitely is a sign of at least friendly fondness, and always was when Sonya did it, anyway. Plausible deniability in action, friends! That, or she's just relieved to see them. Hard to tell, after all. She turns to Dare, saying, "Dare, huh? I could see it. I'm Rita... I guess? I was still sort of feeling that one out when... um. Sonya happened?" She shrugs, going quiet for a moment again, and looks between the two of them, suddenly quiet and hesitant again.

"There's a bunch of people we haven't seen," Fizz says, that making him more subdued again. "No sign of Kirk or Tommy, and they... should've gotten here earlier. If they were gonna. They /could/ be in rooms..." A little hope there; he hasn't given up. But he seems to know it's kind of unlikely. "I didn't see either of them before this, though. ...or Gretchen." He doesn't want to have to say it, but it has to be said.

He doesn't have to dwell on it, though -- not right now. "Anyway, I still kinda like 'Rita'. Now I could sing at you about it, too." It's said like a threat, though a mild and playful one. "Are you hungry?" There's a small pause where he's just looking at her, and then he slides the arm she just rubbed around her again, for another squeeze. Also at least friendly fondness, at least when it was from Scott. "We should probably talk some, later."

The Martyr smiles at her, just terribly happy she isn't lost. "That was my question too Briar is something the Future people call 'genderfluid.' It means sometimes Briar is a girl and sometimes a boy and sometimes in bettwen. It suits them." He gets this goofy, smitten look that is nothing like Finn at all, "Briar is just so... Right like this, and we fit together so well. I loved Danny, but I am so much happier as we are now. I can call you Rita if you like. You can always change it." He eyes her and asks more seriously, "Is there something you want to talk about? I can go eat or somethig if it's private."

To Fizz he says, "Cheer's mourning Kirk. I'm sorry. I haven't seen her out of her room in awhile, and I don't think there's much hope for Tommy."

The Rebel nods her head to Fizz at the talk of Kirk and Tommy and Gretchen. She looks a bit more disheartened as each name is named, but ends up nodding again, and seeming to at least temporarily make her peace with that. When he slides that arm around her, she leans her head down against his arm the way Sonya so often would, and just leaves herself like that as she looks to the Martyr again. "I'm really happy for you and Briar... and that's neat, about the genderfluid thing. That's keepin' an open mind." Her tone suggests she's saying being genderfluid in and of itself is keeping an open mind, more than Dare's fondness of Briar is. That's just a given. "Sorry to hear about Tommy and Kirk. And... who's Cheer? And has anyone seen Kimberly? Or Max? Or-- heck, I guess just make me a list sometime." She can't help but smile faintly. "Rita suits me, for now. And you're right-- I could switch it up whenever. And I just might." Her smile lifts. "Well.." She pauses, glancing to Fizz as though to ask if he's wanting to split off the party, though her own expression suggests she could go either way. Still, she holds up a finger before either can say anything more. "Ahh... did either of you. Um. Do you have stuff that belonged to your you, back there in 1989 at the Lodge? Cuz, um." She clears her throat. "Cuz I do. Or 'a' stuff, anyway."

"Cheer was Kim," Fizz elucidates, "I haven't seen her yet." As Dare's remarks suggest. He's still a bit down thinking of the likelihood the others won't show up, not to mention the Thrill-Seeker's grief, but takes a breath and shakes it off.

He leaves the arm around the Rebel, now that she's leaning like that; there's a softer little smile as he glances at her there, a touch of familiarity from another life. Even if he does look 5-10 years older, here. He didn't have any taller to get. "W--Scott and Sonya dated for the rest of my memories," he explains to Finn, presumably in regards to 'talk later', but he doesn't seem in a huge hurry to just run off and do it now. Instead, her question makes him grin again. "I've got the boombox," he tells her, sounding decidedly pleased about it, "...and a couple boxes of the tapes. I dunno if that counts as 'a' stuff or a couple stuffs."

The Martyr says, "Cheer was alone here for most of a week watching us all on TV. She was really glad to see Misty and then me. They both really helped me adjust. Bastian and Max and Lyle made it, from the batch that died when I did. People are still trickling in from the final battles. Derek, Danica, Oz, and colorado were amoung the first ones back."

He flashes her a shy smile, "You were on my short list, you know? Of people I really hoped would turn up." He nods, "My old Shreikback shirt. I wore it alot my first few days here."

His eyes go wide and he grins at them, really delighted by the news, "I'm so happy for you both." He ruffles Fizz's hair, "See? I knew you'd be okay.""

The Rebel smiles back at Fizz, seeming pleased by his reaction, especially the bit he shares with Dare regarding Scott and Sonya. Her smile fades a little, for whatever reason, at mention of the boombox, though she smiles even so, looking conflicted overall again. "Hm," she says in reply to Dare's talk of Misty and the rest. "So Jess probably didn't make it, I guess." She frowns. "I'm glad Cheer made it, though. And... yeah? I was on your shortlist? Good. Cuz you were on mine." She pauses at mention of the Shriekback shirt, and asks rhetorically, "Why did you guys get cool shit, and I got the freaky written-in-blood book? We burnt that shit, man. Definitely not fair." She shakes her head, frowning, though she does pause to note, "Though I'm glad we have a boombox with Scott-style-tunes, and I'm glad you got your shirt. I wouldn't begrudge you that, o'course." Impulsively, she leans over to kiss Fizz's cheek. So THERE. Though after she does it, she looks to Dare rather than Fizz, like she's pretending that didn't just happen.

The Bon-Vivant gives a tiny headshake about Jess -- no, no sign of her he's seen either. "He was the first person I saw when I came out," he tells Rebel, a tiny shift of his head suggesting he means Martyr, in case she was uncertain, "I almost tripped over him going across to Boet's room. ...He who was Lyle." Identity here is so complicated sometimes. From the faint echo of it now, he was clearly thrilled to see Finn-ish, and why wouldn't he be? The book, though, is another thing altogether. "You have-- the book? The book we burnt." A little shiver. "Well, shit. I wonder how it gets decided? But you should come over and listen to music as, you know, recompense or whatever. I've got a shitload of Scott's mix tapes." He doesn't mention what's always in when he wakes up. And-- he's got a ruffle and a kiss. The former makes him wrinkle his nose in mild but pleased embarrassment, and the latter makes him grin again, and glance sidelong at her. And then kiss her on the top of the head. It's like splitting the difference! Kinda.

The Martyr nods a little sad, "Odds are cheer would have seen Jess if she had. I'm sorry." He confirms, "You were definately on my short list, Rita. I really liked you. Also? You were Amazing! You saved the whole damned world." He looks horrified, "They gave you the Journal? That is fucked up!" He does his best innocent, 'I didn't see a thing' impression. He looks embarrassed, "I just didn't want to miss you, and I was new so you wouldn't know my sigil." He thinks, "I could see my shirt in Danny's room even though I was wearing it to watch over him. Maybe these are exact copies? Mine is the same right down to a little tear I got on a mission."

The Rebel nods her head to Fizz's talk of Jess... clearly she's not too surprised to hear it, though she does look disheartened. But she can't help but smile at hearing Dare was the first one the Bon-Vivant saw. "I'm glad you two saw each other so quickly. And I'm doubly-glad you're both still here." She does nod to confirm that she's got the burnt book though, and then double-nods to Fizz's boombox invitation. "Oh, you bet. My room doesn't appear to have a boombox, so. Looks like I'll *have* to hang out with you, whether I want to or not." She sighs exaggeratedly, and then looks up at him, leaning in even more. It takes a moment for her to return her attention to Dare, though when she does, she's fully focused. "I didn't save the world. Da-- Briar and the rest did, honestly. Fizz here might've had a hand or two in it, as well." She smiles teasingly, and then tilts her head in thought. "It does seem weird, though. The shirt with the tear and all, the book that got burnt. But yeah, maybe they're like, magicked up the same way the replicator does stuff." She gets to call the food box a replicator now, and she seems pleased to be doing so. "Like when you think about spoiled eggs and they show up exactly how you kinda pictured them." Which is apparently a thing she's done?

"You /were/ kinda awesome," Fizz informs Rita, as though reluctantly giving her an unpleasant but non-terminal diagnosis. There's a small, probably-affectionate eyeroll when she insists she didn't save the world, almost as if it were an argument that might have happened before. "I'm gonna short-circuit this one and go straight to we /all/ saved the world," he says, "...but we definitely couldn't've done it without the counter-ritual. And counter-ritualist. So you're just gonna hafta take it, babe." It comes out easy, more automatic than any conscious decision. He doesn't really seem to notice, either, more focused on teasing her, and then on, "...why did you ask it for spoiled eggs? Just to see if it'd give you them, or were you egging something?" There's not a lot of options around here. One'd think he'd've smelt it if she had. "And-- mine's just like it was, down to Scott's writing on the track listings, but since that stuff didn't get destroyed it's kinda... less evidence."

The Martyr grins, "You're a Trekkie too? Nerds of the world Unite!" He stays stubbrn, "Briar and Addison gave their lives. Micheal was a frigging superstar. Fizz and Star and Laine and the rest were amazing, but it wouldn't have worked without your research and you standing firm and saying the words while death and chaos errupted around you. Sure we all aved the world, except me. I just got electrocuted to no purpose." He eyes her, "Did you do a lot of stinky food experiments witth the dispenser? Anyway, I'm the bleeding anatomically correct heart if you want to talk or go hiking or something and you don' see me around."

The Rebel grins at their teasing, and then sighs dramatically at Fizz. She doesn't even comment on the counter-ritual or her part in all of it, just eyeing the two of them and looking not-so-secretly pleased. But the egg thing, that needs addressed: "I wanted to see what it'd do," she says with a shrug. "...sadly, I didn't think of egging anybody." Another sigh, far less overly dramatic this time. "Live long and kick ass," she says with a grin to Dare, and does the British flip-off sort of palm-facing-self move, only with the Vulcan hand placement, and her thumb tucked in. She them smiles mischievously, "And I might've done a ... a *few* experiments, yes. And got it. Anatomically correct. Well..." She indicates her door symbol. "I'm the Smashing-Lady, in more ways than one," she says, and then bites at her lower lip. "...thanks, you two. For, you know, hoping I'd make it out." She wraps an arm around the Bon-Vivant's waist, short as she is, and then smirks. "Though I think I may have to drag this'un to a more private location. For. Umm. Catching up." Beat. "Also fucking."

The Bon-Vivant clicks his tongue lightly at the nerding out, though it still looks teasing... and Rebel knows perfectly well that Sonya got Scott to watch TNG with her pretty much every week. Probably didn't take much effort, either. Dare gets a look for removing himself from the world-saving, though, that's more serious. "You organized a lot of shit, herded a lot of cats, and kept some of us something approximating sane, not even counting the raids and shit. You didn't have to be at the last battle to be part of the whole world-saving thing. So, y'know, quit that." Rita's answer about the eggs makes him grin again, though, and while the nod her remark on her symbol gets suggests he might have been planning to say something about that, the last of what she has to say apparently pushes it out of his head. He opens his mouth, one finger raised, then looks at Dare and the finger drops to point at the woman beside him. "I'm... gonna go do that," he says brightly, and grins again, letting go of her long enough to lean down and pick up the skateboard before he follows her back into her room. "Catch you later, Dare."

The Martyr laughs at her version of the Vulcan salute and mimics it, then brings the other hand down in another Vulcan salute, so hey link up and do something that looks suspiciously like coitus. "You are definitely the Smashing Lady in every sense. You two have fun!" He looks down, the metaphorical arrow shot from Addison's bow the day the molotov failed still bleeds. Instead he says quietly, "Funny, it was you and Briar keeping me sane the whole time. I'd never have managed without you Fizz." He makes a shooing motion as if herding them back through her door.