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Little Cakes
Characters  •   The Confidant  •  The Explorer  •
Location  •  The Explorer's Room
Date  •  2018-12-22
Summary  •  The Confidant stops by the Explorer's room with cupcakes.

The vibe is late afternoon, people who chose to come out are milling about and chatting comfortably in the parlor and dining room. ChanceNotJody, has long finished his wall writing and has become restless. He sort of paces the halls, examining doors for the most part. But, then, something comes to him. He dips into the dispensary and when he returns, he has a pair of cupcakes. Vanilla, thick white frosting and what looks like a poppy flower on the top. He heads to the room that contains The Explorer. He reaches up to knock, but pauses and uncaps a marker. He draws something on the wall across. It's a big fat heart. Inside it reads: Chance loves ___" Now he knocks firmly. With two cupcakes, he stands there, in an ink smudged white tank top and low slung jeans. He runs his fingers through his hair quickly and smooths his shirt, cringing at the stains.

The door is opened after a time, and as he quite likely expected, before him stands the Explorer. Dressed in an emminently comfortable combo of cream camisole and satin harem pants in a shade of jade green that brings out her eyes, it would seem that she's indulging herself in something of a 'lazy day.' And that descriptor suits the smile that drapes itself across the contours of her lips, as she spies who's come calling -- and what he's brought with him. "You have brought me little cakes," she notes, pausing for a moment with an expression as though she's trying to place where she knows that quote from, then giving her head a shake and returning her focus to him. "What's the occasion?"

"Uh..." The Confidant seems at a bit of a loss for words. He steps aside to show the big heart on the wall. "I don't know what to call you." He says, gesturing to the blank space. "The occasion is...you. Fuck. Why is this hard for me? I-I...well, I was reading about a wedding and they had cake and I was like, why cake? So I read into it some more and cake is for good luck." He pauses, awkwardly, looking at his bare toes. "I thought...we could eat cake and hope that when we sleep again, it won't be so terrible. Yeah. There." Beat. "Name?"

The Explorer's gaze flits past him as he steps aside to reveal the wall across the way, and the message inked upon it. Incomplete. An eyebrow cocked slightly, she's grinning as she looks back up to him again, and reaches toward him with both hands. He might think, at least briefly, that she's about to divest him of both cupcakes; instead, her fingers curl at his wrists, and as she steps back, she draws him with. "Really, any answer would've sufficed," she teases, eyes dancing with amusement. "No excuse is ever truly required, for cake. As for my name, I.. don't really have one. People call me Senni, or Maya, and I answer to either, but those lives are past."

It's not until he's in her room that he seems to relax a bit. "Oh. Okay. Names have power though. Words are power. I-I think if you don't like the names of the past lives, you should pick one. It'll be yours and...no one can take it from you, yeah?" He picks up the poppy flower off a cupcake and pops it in his mouth. "They really are made of sugar! I wasn't sure if it understood what I requested." His tone changes as he speaks, from a nervous earnestness to something more cautious. "How...past are those lives? I mean, in your head..."

There aren't, unfortunately, a whole lot of options when it comes to places to sit. The Explorer's personal space is designed to suit an adventurous spirit, and as such, not much thought was put into sitting still. Perhaps the idea was that she'd be out and about for much of the time. Regardless, there are only a few places where he could get off his feet, consisting of her bed, the small chair standing before a desk against one wall, and an oversized papasan chair suspended from the ceiling by three sturdy cables in the corner. "In my head? Well, I mean.. I've been here for a bit longer than the rest of you. Same with Colorado - or, well, that's how we knew him in Prosperity. And Nolan and Lupe came along a little after us, and some new faces started turning up that I didn't recognize.." She shrugs. So far, she hasn't chosen a seat, perhaps waiting for him to do so, first. "The one before that, when I was Maya, I.. don't know how long ago it was. I remember a whole lifetime in Prosperity, but I remember that life, too. Just as clearly. Which is weird."

"Well, you know his name was Colorado before. My boyfriend worked for him or...something. I only heard the name. Probably not a coincidence and you can probably call him Colorado at this point." The Confidant and his cupcakes choose the desk. He would pick the small, uncomfortable space. At least his hands are relieved. "I've had three so...I know the feeling. I was confused about my feelings about this place until Prosperity. I have concluded that this is reality and our reasons here and our full purpose are unknown. That said...I--" He chuckles. "I only have Jody's words for you. I'm sweet on you. And well, I've acted on my feelings." With gusto. "But...I think I just want to hang onto you as long as I can. Until it all shuffles again."

Well. One of his cupcakes finds its way to the desk. The other is deftly snatched, and now that it's become clear where he's decided to park that fine, fine backside of his, she hops up onto her bed with her treat. All smiles. "I haven't figured out exactly what my theory on this place is, yet. I read some on reincarnation while Colorado and I had the place mostly to ourselves, thinking maybe this was.. I don't know, some kind of 'in-between' place where we reside in between lives? But it seems like there should be more people. And it seems strange that, with some exceptions of course, we wind up in the same place together when we're born again." She shakes her head, as if to dismiss the line of thinking for now, and her eyes twinkle as she looks across to him again. "So we get to do the things Jody and Senni would've done, if she hadn't up and died on him," she summarizes, then winks, mischievous. "Wait." Blink. "Boyfriend? Who'm I sharing you with?" Oddly, perhaps, she doesn't seem bothered by the notion.

"Oh, uh...no one. He was doorless. From the Noc." Confidant says, dismissively. "He was a good guy. He made Henry laugh, which was hard to do. That guy was so repressed." He goes for his cupcake now but he looks at it like it's foreign. "I wanted the, uh, chocolate ones with the curly icing but...those people judge." He says with a bit of a pout. "I kinda like that idea. Reincarnation. But the holes you point out are valid. This is too structured, too precise. Has the feel of a guiding hand. A plan of some sort." Now, he tries the cupcake. "Ohmygawd--this is so much better!" He exclaims, mouth full. Suddenly, his face goes pink and he chews. Half swallowed, he mutters, "Mmm. Yeah. I want all that Jody didn't get to have. But as me. Whatever that means--I know, it's..." Full swallow. "I'm waiting for the countdown. I know it's going to come but when? And I...don't want to run out of time again with you."

"Well, if the past is any indication, we'd wind up back here again eventually, regardless," the Explorer points out, that grin still tugging at her lips, though turning ever so slightly wry. "But I get it. And I agree. What was it you said the other night? Live in the moment?" Her fingertip traces the edge of the sugar poppy atop her cupcake, light as a feather, so as not to break it. Then she simply plucks it off, and pops it into her mouth. Pleasure dances through her expression as she closes her eyes and savors the taste, but she doesn't leave him hanging in silence for too long. "Mmn. I'll say this, for this place - the food's a whole lot better than anything I could've made in 1902. I think you would've liked my empanadas, though. I wish I could've cooked for you."

The Confidant watches her in silence, his eyes wide with fascination at her movements, her expression. He watches her with a sort of enraptured innocence. Chance, Henry, and Jody have loved and lost but the brawy, big hearted redhead looks like he's falling for the very first time. She speaks of cooking and the spell breaks as he looks away. "As much as I can recall, I've never cooked a day in my lives. Chance made quick, easy stuff for his sister until she was old enough to cook. I think that's why all I eat is cheap and processed. Henry and Jody...millennia apart in time but...neither knew how to make a decent meal. Funny. I wish I could have eaten your food. Those rooms out there...they, uh, change right? I haven't been brave enough but...imagine a kitchen? Filled with ingredients and fine appliances. That would..." His posture is closing, shoulders pulling inward, back hunching. "The moment..." He mutters and stuffs more cake in his face. He seems almost afraid but of what?

His suggestion of using one of the new 'anywhere' rooms she's heard others murmuring about has her raising both slender brows in unison. "That's.. completely brilliant," she declares, beaming over at him. For now, though, she seems content to stay where she is, for she twists around a bit before stretching out on her belly, bare feet rising behind her as she carefully breaks off a piece of cupcake to sample. "Let's try that out sometime, hmm? I'll make some of Llesenia's apple empanadas for you. Unless.." Her head tips to the side as she takes stock of his body language, his expression. "You'd rather not?"

The Confidant hurries to shake his head and exclaim, "I'd love that! I...wish I had a talent. Something I could do for you. I just have markers. I like my markers. I mean, I acknowledge that it's weird but I am filled with hope when I write something down that might make someone feel better. I mean, I live and breathe by the idea that I am helping someone else cope with this place. I don't know if it actually helps. I don't get feedback. Which is fine! I don't need the adoration. Just confirmation." He's circling the issue, whatever it is. It's very Jody of him. To hold back what has long been on his sleeve, visible to all. "Senni was a gyspy, right? Didn't take the family name...like other bastards. Who was she?"

"Half-gypsy," she confirms, once her next bite of cupcake has been swallowed down. "She was a healer. A shaman. A spirit that longed to soar free, but whose wings had been clipped by the same curse as everyone else's." She sets aside the treat, shifting again on the bed, this time to ease over to its edge and lower her feet to the floor. Rising, she starts to walk toward him. "So she appeased her restless soul in the only way she could - she learned. Every new idea, every new skill learned was a new adventure." Once she's standing before him, she reaches down, divests him of his cupcake to set aside. Then she eases herself into his lap, provided he doesn't take sufficient steps to prevent it, and curls her arms up around his neck. "For the record? You're helping me cope with this place. Every day." Her lips brush his own. "Every minute." She presses close - intimately so. "Every second."

The moment she places herself in his lap, it's as if all worries, cares, stresses just drain right out of him. His body just releases and it can be felt. The untensing of muscles, the opening of his posture and the way he wraps his arms around her. He kisses her fully and for a while before parting to look into her eyes. "Oh, fuck. Every time I look at you..." He whispers. "Helping one is enough. One is enough." He nuzzles into her neck, freely. "Come back to my room. It's way more comfy and you know it and I just want to be in your presence for as long as I can." He pauses a moment, his head tilts in thought. "Maybe we will find our way back to one another in the next one, huh? Assuming I'm not gay again." He grins, eyes bright with mischief. In a sudden set of movement, he's manages to get to his feet and lift her up and over his shoulder, provided she doesn't put up a fight. He'll even /dare/ to give her thighs a pinch. It's a purely caveman gesture but, that is the plan. Go back to his cave.

And close the door. These are the only times he closes that door.