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Lester Loitering
Characters  •   Morrison Lester  •  Amy Lester  •  Landon Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - London Bridge
Factions  •   Lester Family  •  Marchant Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-12
Summary  •  Some Lesters loiter on the London Bridge.

London Bridge. Soon enough it'll be full of tourists taking photos and jumping off the thing. Spring Break always brings the crowds, and even now there's likely a few people ahead of the surge and looking to see the sights from the sidewalks of the bridge while traffic goes back and forth. And there's Amy, running instead of skating around for once. Skates are for when she really wants to get somewhere, mostly. Running for the exercise. Though, she seems to be taking a break, leaning back against the railing and draining a plastic bottle of water. Maybe she's waiting for someone.

Morrison had been down at Big Ben's for a bit, and as he walks toward the bridge to cross back over toward town, he comes to stop near where Amy is leaning against the railing. It's not uncommon for him to stop in there after work and get a cup of coffee and something to eat, and since he gets in and out of work relatively early, it leaves most of the late afternoon for himself. He gives her a nod as he approaches.

"Hey," Amy says all casually, putting the bottle back in her bag, rolling her shoulders and stretching a moment. "What's going on?" She's always a little bit curious about what Morrison's up to. He's sort of the closest thing she has to an older brother, after all. Also, she's curious about something, and sometimes does not have the greatest grasp of tact at all, and so blurts out her question, "And what all is the deal with you and Hector anyway?"

"Nothing," Morrison says when Amy asks what is going on, making his way over to the railing of the bridge and leaning back against it not far from where she is. "Just got some coffee after work." So, nothing particularly out of the ordinary there. He smirks when she blurts out her question, and for a moment it seems like he might not answer her at all as he turns around to lean over the railing instead and look out over the water. "I was at a party with some of the guys," he says to Amy. The "guys" being a small group from the factory/college that Morrison hung out with in high school. "Lennon was there, so I was keeping an eye out on her since it was a college thing. I saw this new guy. We got to talking. I thought he was in college. Turns out he wasn't."

Amy probably doesn't really care if she doesn't get an answer or not. And she probably doesn't really care about the answer, she just likes to know things. Sometimes you just have to ask and see what someone has to say, or not say, about a thing. But she listens with the answer comes, leaning back against the reailing still, enjoying her break from her run. There's a sidelong glance and a nod. "Sounds like it got fuckin' awkward then." She comments with a tilt of her head. "And he got upset when you cut him loose or whatever?"

Morrison isn't much of a talker, particularly when it comes to his personal life, but since the Hector thing's been aired publicly and frequently, he's given up avoiding talking about it at this point. "We figured it out eventually. And I should have dropped it there. Didn't. It went on for a bit longer. But yeah, I cut him loose. He didn't take it well." He glances over at her and shrugs his shoulders. "Shouldn't have happened in the first place."

Lucas is with Landon. because he's always with Landon because Landon is always with him and this never really changes. You don't get Dale without a Chip and it suits them just fine. The boys ride up on their bikes, backpack from teh day's eents still assembled on them. Sunglasses are on and man, for being the talkkative one Lucas looks pretty beat. Seeing the 'fam' he rolls that-a-way and slowly breaks; one sneaker sliding on teh ground then the other. A hand flicks up in a 'hey' but remains silent elsewise catching his breath.

This is Lake Havasu, so sunglasses are often required! But it's March, so the temperature isn't too unbearable.. yet, even if it is pretty darn sunny still. While it may be later in the afternoon, Landon does have on his dark shades as well as they ride on up, stopping beside the two with one foot on the ground as they linger around for a bit of conversation, "Heading out?" He asks to see if the two Lesters are heading home.

There's a shrug of Amy's shoulders and she notes to Morrison, "Eh, shit happens I guess. But you know, people talk about anything and everything at high school, so. Better to know these things." She shifts and peers at her other two cousins pulling up on their bikes, grinning briefly at them. "Hey you fuckers. If you're even who you look like, I don't know, Lucas hasn't even said fifteen things yet so he could be anyone at this point." She muses. Amy seems to be in a good mood. She nods. "Yeah probably. Afternoon run."

"Yeah well, people can say whatever the fuck they want. Hector knows the truth of how that all went down. If he wants to tell a different story, that's his business," Morrison shrugs his shoulders. "We were both legal. And I didn't know half the shit Cash unloaded. It's not like I gave the guy a quiz on his family history and emotional state. So, what the fuck ever." He turns around when he hears the boys rolling up, and instead leans back against the railing like Amy. "Just got coffee," he says to Landon in answer to his question, which doesn't really address whether he's headed home or not, but for the time being he seems to be loitering on the bridge instead. He looks Lucas over and says, "Why are you so beat? You haven't even been at the gym."

Lucas slowly lets a grin grow at the greeting of 'fuckers' He arches his eyebrows without dispute. "It's a living." He will also answer to sunnova bitch and damn that fine ass so you know, whatever works for the masses. The runs gets a slow nod. He should, he really should. His head tilts to Morrison "Cash? That bag of--" It's here Landon finishes bothteh thought and the sentance. He is eyebrow goes up with no hurry as the two share a brain and a feeling on this apparently. When told he looks beat he admit, "We might have... over done it..." his words trail off here too.

Chin lowered, Landon stares over the rim of his sunglasses at Amy. He could be testing his sensitivity to the harsh afternoon sunlight at this point, but he slips them back once it's done. Once Lucas speaks up about Cash, however, Landon does fill in for him, "...horse manure, as Uncle Seb would have called it." To the rest, he offers some answers to insert into everything his twin has got to say, "... Maybe..." "...A little." He then utters something of his own, "It's been a long day."

"Cash is just fucking weird," Amy notes to Morrison with a shrug of her shoulders. "He thought he was dispensing useful advice, he didn't mean anything by it really. If it weren't for Ash I probably wouldn't put up with him either, though." Another stretch, and she's feeling the effects of her running, for sure. But she's not exhausted by it. "Cash is okay you guys." She smirks a little though. "Overdone it? You two princesses?" There's a little teasing tone there, the smirk going into a grin, "Doing what?"

Morrison shrugs his shoulders, not seeming to really be all that concerned about Cash, just referencing him for the sake of explaining what stuff he was referring to. But his attention is on Landon and Lucas now, all discussion about the whole Hector situation being done as far as he is concerned. "Why so long?" he asks, studying the pair of them. "Overdid what?" He scrutinizes each one in turn, as though by just staring at them, he might be able to suss out what's wrong with them.

Lucas looks to Amy and while tired counters, having no horse in this race, "Telling someone they wish they get AIDS isn't exatly..." His nose squnches up and his expression twists into a look of for real!? Still, no personal horse in this one.

Shaking his head he sighs, "We went with Lennon and Silver to investigate...and were out really late...I think I got a cold or threw off my sleep cause it just feels like..." Too tired to finish it but what it feels like is also evident. "And prom's gonna be coming up too damn fast."

Of course when Lucas leaves that statement wide open for the briefest of sentences, Landon adds in his a semi-annoyed deadpan, "...what a relationship guru would say." With Lucas' mentioning of how late they were, Landon inserts, "..working.." Before he brings up the whole cold bit. But seeing as he's feeling as well, he can't help but breathe out a weary sigh, "...we ventured to hell and back." There may be rumors about who Landon may be interested for prom, but its not something he cares to enlighten them all with, even though he sure spends a lot of time at Big Ben's. "And with tests coming up, we're feeling the pressure."

Amy does wince a little bit, shrugging her shoulders. "Yeah okay, you fuckin' got me on that one, it was a cunt of a thing to say, but you know I'm not really in a position to judge someone for doin' or sayin' something when they were pissed the fuck off," she mutters, glancing down at the ground a second, shrugging afterwards. She peeks up after a moment, glancing back and forth from the two L brothers, somewhat used to this way they speak, though there's a frown. "I heard a bit about that from Silver," she says quietly. "Some fucking hobo handing out weird wine to high school students. Seems perfectly safe and trustworthy ... not."

"What were you investigating?" Morrison asks when Lucas says they were out investigating something, studying Lucas a little skeptically like he's not entirely sure he believes this story, particularly when Landon adds "working" to it, one brow lofted a bit. He doesn't ask, though, not about what they might have been working on, and he sure doesn't give a shit about prom. He glances over toward Amy and says, "There was a hobo giving out wine to highschool students? And they were drinking it? Are they fucking idiots?"

Lucas blinks to Amy and offers in that impartial tone of support, "I'd say it makes you a god damned field expert." He glances to Landon and sloooowly back to Amy arching an eyebrow. That's really all he's got to say on it. With a sigh he says very frankly to Morrison, "It's fucking wine. So what if it makes you trip balls and feel like God for while? Like what's the damage if no one got hurt? People buy beer for teens all the time." There is a pause though looking to Amy now concerned "Diiiiiid Silver say... anything else?" Asking for a friend really!

If Lucas isn't going to answer Morrison, Landon will, "A party that we heard about the night before. Inquiring minds want to know." He starts, his brow lifting, "When there's a party involved that you're not invited to." Once their brother mentions idiots drinking something or other, he flashes a look over at Lucas. It wasn't Landon's idea, obviously! Any Lester would know that. Maybe. "It's wine that was served the night of the bonfire party. Nothing more." He will come out clean to echo something Lucas had already said, "It's pretty amazing stuff." Returning back to the hobo part, he looks to Lucas with more with curiosity in his own eyes before chiming in with the exact same inquiry now, "...anything else?"

"Yeah, so what if you just got drugged by who knows who," Amy says with a roll of her eyes. "The thing about getting someone to buy you beer, buddy, is that it came from the fucking store and is sealed. You have no fuckin' idea what you actually drunk. Besides," she shrugs, "wine is kind of awful anyway." She eyes Lucas with a steely gaze for a moment before her brows lift up a little at that question that comes from the both of them. "Should Silver have said something else?"

As more pieces of the story begin to fall into place, Morrison just stares at the pair of them, and then over at Amy, as contradictory information seems to come out regarding the origins of this supposed wine, and it becomes more apparent that some random highschool kids weren't the only ones involved. He folds his arms in front of him, leaning back against the rail, and stares at all three of them, no longer contributing to the conversation directly, instead just listening. Though when Amy makes the point about the booze from the store being sealed and you know what you're getting, he does nod, once.

ROLL: Lucas rolls spirit+1 for: [2]: x2 (Pair) [4]: x2 (Pair) [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 2 (Raw: 4 2 2 5 4 -- d6)

Lucas weathers that look from Landon shaking his head disappointed as he is. "Those kids, man." God he's such a little shit sometimes to make the lie so damn natural. All animals adapt for survival in the wild; it's his skill. He blinks at Amy and shrugs. He doesn't answer anything more on Silver's statement, "Just curious. I'm nosy." And in that honest. He looks to Landon and then Morrison. "Some lady named.." His hand waves, "who couple people said were cool with this cranky ass boyfriend was leading some Behemian revelry." Looking back to Landon for his cotributions he says flatly to Mirroson, "Turns out Wine tastes gross, drugs are bad. Staying out late sucks. There will be a news article."

"You know how Silver is," Landon starts, even if the other Lesters (besides Lucas) don't know how she is. "As much as I love her, I'm not gonna lie, she does say some awkward things. That's what makes her adorable." That's his save. When Lucas tries to further explain the person they met at the beach, Landon realizes that he has absolutely no idea what her name is anymore, so while he would naturally, insert something or other there, it's left coldly blank. "You know us? We just Say No." To drugs... even if they help push the stuff. Okay, the just say no is probably a lie too. "But yes, we're working on an article about it right now actually. Meeting the gang at the cafe."

Amy is just giving the pair of them a withering look. "Well, you fuckers can just do whatever you like really. Doesn't mean the rest of us won't think you're a pair of idiots for it, though." She shrugs her shoulders, digging into her school bag and finding her water bottle again to have another few mouthfuls of the stuff. Despite her reputation as one of the 'bad' girls who's violent and crazy, she's not much for the drinking and smoking and drugs. Too invested in her health and fitness really. "You guys don't even know who she fuckin' was," she points out after a moment, wiping her mouth with her hand. "Let alone what she fuckin' gave you. I'd be a lot more worried, I think."

"You're both full of shit," Morrison says to Lucas and Landon, and he doesn't bother to address what out of their story he has decided is full of shit, or perhaps he means the greater majority of it. But he also doesn't look like he's going to push either of them for more, either. He just wants them to know that he knows that they are, in fact, bullshitting. "But clearly you're not dead, so, try not to be idiots. You want booze, I'll buy you booze."

Lucas holds up a hand, "Annie?" He looks to Landon guessing. "That her name? Memory is slow." That aside the twins are generally too buried in their academics and sports to do anything as such on the regular. "But yeah, it's really fucking weird so we're looking into it and running a parallel piece on..." He lets Landon complete that.

Looking to Amy he asks, "We running Thursday? I 've got to finish an editorial thing but like after dinner I thought maybe." Looking up to Morrison he boggles, "Yeah I know you will. That's why you're like best bro. What I need is for Prom to be over so it'll stop haunting me..." He lets Landon tack on the list, "and a really really long fucking nap."

Annie? That sounds familiar. Landon then goes back to filling in the blanks. A parallel piece about what? "...how high school stress leads to substance abuse. Something along that nature. An expose on the high school epidemic, especially around test time. Or the prom." He says with this a broad enough smile, though he does readjust his sunglasses.

When Lucas questions Amy about their running schedule, his eyes flicker that way. Look, they often run together, alright? However, when Morrison eases up on them, a little, Landon will, like always, echo his brothers' words, especially about the best bro part, "The best." Then again, Landon and Lucas are almost just one person and while they may be brothers, twins even, that's a slightly different relationship. To add to Lucas' list, Landon rattles a few things off himself, "for Lilah to stop spreading shit about us, wishing first period started a little later," Only to end with the mention of a nap. That sounds nice... but the daylight was fading, thankfully and the twins definitely can't wait for nightfall. "Graduation is coming up." He tries to reassure Morrison now, "We're working hard on not fucking that up."

Amy looks dubious at the articles, though at the mention of running, she nods with a shrug. "I'm running, with or without you. Be there, if you think you can keep up for once." She grins. "But yeah, I'm game." She leans back again, sliding the water bottle away. "I've decided to stop caring about Prom. We've got spring break to enjoy before we have to worry about any of that bullshit anyway. Jade's throwing that Masquerade party, I might go," she shrugs her shoulders. No doubt she will go, but she can't sound too enthused about this kind of thing!

"Good," Morrison says when they say that they're working hard on not fucking up graduation. Even Morrison managed to graduate high school, and probably could have gone to college if he didn't need to work right out of high school. He pushes away from the railing as the conversation turns to parties and he says, "Going to the gym. Anyone need a ride anywhere?" Because if not, he's going to leave them to their conversation for the time being.

Lucas is part of a unit and Landon's not the brother so much as the extension of self. Total agreement on Morrison for them. When Landon mentions Laila there's a tilt of his head suggesting an eyeroll behind the sunglasses. He points. That. So much that. There's a slow, sharp-toothed grin when Amy starts talking shit at him aboutrunning and him keeping up. "You mean slow down for you? I think I can do that." She really is the better runner consistently of them and they know it, but where would be the fun in talking some mad game then, and they're still on the same team. Team Lester...er...the school. Both! "Yeah it's gonna be at the big house. I figure for the masquerade I'll go as Landon." He grins to his twin picking up a bit of energy talking with the family; maybe it's that it's starting to wane later. Looking back to Morrison he says "We gotta get back and finish up homework for tomorrow." Really they do bust their ass on acidemics compulsivly and take to the paper with the zeal of it being a strong extracirricular and item for their college application. Looking to Amy he says, "Lunch tomorrow if you can swing it?" The invite's left there. The look given to Landon. There's no conversation but the shorthand needed. Plan? They have a plan.

With their conversation over, Landon looks about to get back onto his bike in full and push off from there. "Homework, the paper." There's any number of things that the boys needs to do before they head to bed. But they had the whole night ahead of them, which was exciting enough. "Stopping by the office," He actually means Big Ben's Cafe, "First to catch a meal and talk about paper stuff with the rest of the time." Seems like they use the place as their impromptu office as well. "But sure, catch you at lunch." He calls out to Amy, before he pokes at the center of this sunglasses up upon the bridge of his nose, before lifting that hand to wave them off. Landon and Lucas' day was just about to start.

"I remember it differently," Amy says with a smirk at Lucas, shrugging a little as she shoulders her bag proper given everyone is set to wander off. Or ride off as the case may be. "Nah, I'm good," she says to the offer of a ride. She's gonna keep on hanging out and waiting for whoever she's waiting for, or keep on running. One of the two. There's a nod to the other two, "Yeah, lunch, whatever. You can talk about Lilah. Might be I can do something or another about keeping her quiet if you need."