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Lester Chauffer Service
Characters  •   Cash Freeland  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Landon Marchant  •  Georgina "George" Lester  •  Morrison Lester  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •  Marianne Igesund  •
Location  •  Outside the High School
Factions  •   Lester Family  •  Thistle Family  •  Marchant Family  •  Freeland Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-30
Summary  •  Morrison is waiting for Lucas and Landon to get out of school so he can take them home. Other students arrive, and Morrison's had about enough of being the topic of conversation.

Morrison'd made it pretty clear that due to everything that was going on, Lucas and Landon weren't going anywhere without him taking them there, and back, and essentially playing bodyguard, which means that he drops them off at school, goes to work at the factory, and then picks them back up, every single day now. So it's round about the end of the day when Morrison arrives, not in his own Camaro but the twins' car, since cramming them all into the Camaro is, well, like turning a sports car into a sardine can. He waits just outside the school, leaning against the car.

George has blown off the last class of the day, because, well, she felt like it. She only really bothers with school at all since her presence seems to annoy many of her teachers, so that's fun. Slinging her bag over the shoulder of her beat-up leather jacket, she lights up a cigarette and doesn't even pretend to care about getting caught. Crossing the schoolyard, she pauses when she spots a familiar car... but not the right driver in it. Considering for just half a moment, she veers that way. "Scamming on underage girls now, bro?" she calls out with a teasing smirk but not unkind tone. Translation: 'nice to see you; what are you doing here?'

On some days, the twins may take a little longer to meet up with Morrison due to obligations with the school paper, year book or any of their sports activities. The try-hards that they are. It's a wonder that their big 'brother' has the patients to put up with them sometimes. Once those obligations for the day are done, however, Landon and Lucas do show up, seeing their shared expensive convertible (with the top up, as they prefer it to be nowadays...) parked in the school lot, the pair wander over there to meet with big brother.

Landon's dressed up in his usual attire: A striped polo shirt beneath a navy blazer, a nice, crisp pair of slacks and some sneakers. He's sporting those very dark sunglasses, something which the twins have been known to wear more often than not lately. Even when indoors. Such assholes. "Hey, Morrison. Sorry to keep you waiting." He says as he moves to toss his bookbag into the passenger seat. Shotgun! "Still catching up with some editing work and a few of the crew may be dropping by tonight, making sure we're all ready for the next edition to go to print."

Also lingering in the parking lot is Cash Freeland. His hair has been restored to a natural shade of red and he's sitting on the trunk of his car. He has a green electric guitar is on his lap that is getting restringed. He's parked across from Morrison and seems pretty engrossed in his project. Not quite enough though. He quips after George remarks on underage girls, "Boys." He doesn't even look up from his work.

Jade arrives from Temporary Room Nexus.

Lucas trudges his fancy, Z. Cavaricci slacks, and dress shirt sporting fancy sneaker wearing ass. The energy is sapped from him but he still finished class and has energy to finish Landon's sentances, "...we had to apporve a revision. We are..." and there Landon fills in wit the rest but he stops and gives Landon a wane look as he dreops into shotgun and says, "Can I get in first?" Still fair is fair. He pauses as George greets Morrison and that greeting lifts the corner of his mouth just a hair. "Sup, Georgie. You missed Lisa Davis having a meldown in the lunchroom earlier. This keeps up we might all be able to cancel cable." He pauses and looks to Cash. He just. Looks at him. Drily he says, "Cash."

"You still bother to show up to the building?" Morrison asks George as she comes over, not bothering to ask if she actually went to class or not. Then he shrugs at Landon and says, "I told you -- do what you gotta do. I'll wait." He hasn't seemed to mind waiting for the twins to do yearbook stuff, or paper stuff, or sports stuff, or any other stuff they have to do after class. Leaning away from the car, he lets Landon claim shotgun. "She knows I'm gay, Cash. But thanks for being helpful as ever," he says dryly.

George rolls her shoulders in an easy shrug to Morrison's question. "Sometimes." Her eyes slide sideways to Cash, like she's only just noticed him there. "Girls, boys, what's the diff," she replies in a bored tone, rolling her eyes. She hasn't been known to discriminate herself. The twins at least warrant a nod in greeting, although she doesn't even bother to feign interest in whatever they're saying to Morrison. "Shit. I missed another meltdown? How many does that make this week?" She readjusts her bag and glances back at the school building. "See, that's why I still bother to hang around this old place. Quality drama."

Jade comes out of the building. Since being outed in the lunchroom, he has let go of any vestiges of heterosexuality that might have been clinging desparately to him before. There are fishnets under his torn jeans, his striped red and black shirt doesn't look like it came from the mens section, and his lips have a cherry gloss. Eyeliner makes those eyes pop, too. He looks around, then smiles as he sees the twins and company. "Hey," he calls over, waggling his fingertips. He nods to Cash, too.

Who knows what the twins are thinking, but as they tend to finish each other sentences and sometimes, if everyone's lucky, they utter the same thing in unison. Either way, Landon, adds to what Lucas says, "needing to pick Esme up at Big Ben's later. If that's okay with you, Morrison." He means later tonight!

Though he's claimed the passenger seat, Landon easily steps aside for his brother to slide in first, keeping one hand on the hot metal of the car's door frame, he has this 'after you' look to his posture. "Long time no see, George." Landon says this whether George goes to school on the regular. If she does, then he's more or less joking. "Comin' with?" Wherever the hell they are planning on going right now. Just as Lucas greets Cash with that dry tone, Landon does the same at that exact same time. "Cash." But look who else shows up. An actual blood relative and not one of these theoretical relatives, "Hey Jade. Need a lift?" If Morrison is driving the twins home, they are going Jade's way. Though Jade has a car of his own.

"What? It was a correction." Cash looks up with that dumb wide-eyed innocent look from his perch on his car trunk. He shrugs. "An unneeded one apparently." He looks back to his guitar, continuing to replace the strings. He even starts humming. Happy noises. "Only asshole would take pleasure in the anguish of others. Lisa is probably under a lot of stress." He looks up to see Jade and then looks back down again. He closes his eyes, shakes his head, and picks up the instrument to pack it away. Tuning can come later. He exchanges the guitar with a book. Something assigned for a class, no doubt. He's not one to read for pleasure. He takes his perch back onto the Buick's trunk. "You know...you can probably just stop being polite and acting like I exist. It's fine with me." He keeps his eyes on the book.

"Yeah, I can take you by Big Ben's," Morrison says to Landon. "What time? Or do you know?" He doesn't seem worried about it if they don't, but it does help him figure out his evening if he has some idea, after all. There's a glance over toward Jade when he appears and he lifts his chin at the Marchant in greeting. He continues to stand by the car, arms folded lightly in front of him, seeming to let the drama talk wash past him without too much interest. He snorts a little at Cash's wide-eyed innocent look, but it only draws a smirk from him and little more.

Lucas arches an eyebrow squaring his weight on both feet tiredly, "Cash, you presume a lot as per fucking usual. Don't mistake observation for joy. Then the pause. He looks to Landon and says in a continued deadpan, "Well, looks like we're off the hook. Mr. Freeland here has us all figured out. Back about our merry day with much relief we go since he clearly has us all figured out." Someone is irritable from being awake all damn dy. It fades though with a hand lifted to Jade, a pause, and he jsut points to Landon. There. That. Looking to Geroge and Morrison he says, "Food on he way back?"

"No shit, Cash. I'm an asshole," George deadpans to his comment, before looking back to her family-ish. "Obviously," she states simply to Landon: she's coming with. Jade's appearance actually gets a slight reaction out of her, not having seen the new makeover yet -- the new outfit is briefly considered before being given a nod of... approval, maybe? "You're gonna tell me what brand of eyeliner that is, later," she informs him, by way of greeting. Cash's comment about politeness just earns another eye-roll and a rather pointed, "Well, I was //trying// before someone butted in..." Lucas's much more eloquent remark actually earns him a bark of laughter. "Food. Yes. You're buying."

"We're done with implying Morrison goes after underage boys," Jade informs the group. "It's gross, it's untrue, and it's upsetting Hector, who has asked me to please tell people to stop." He's a social influence in school, and it's not the first time he's made a decree. To Landon, he says, "Thanks for the offer, but I was hoping to take Spear out before it got too late, and I have the car today." The cherry red Ferrari taking up two spaces further down the lot. He flashes George a smile and says, "MAC, baby. Worth every penny."

Spear arrives vaguely from out of the building. The good thing about graveyard goth is that it is a zero effort clothing style - ripped black jeans, ripped black t-shirt, a long black coat (ripped), and him inside it all (not ripped, shaped more like a dish drying rack). He is deep in thought, which means he just walks straight into whoever is in front of him.

"Is that what you're spreading around now, Cash?" Landon says as he tilts his sunglasses forward, letting it slide down the bridge of his nose gently to view the Freeland from where he stands. "Seriously, cut that crap." Morrison's thing will remain Morrison's thing. "You've got more important things to worry about." Back to his older brother, those shades being pushed back up, he says, "Around 8pm should be good. We have some research to do, so I figure her parents would let her off early."

"Food..." He starts, though food /doesn't/ sound all that great right now. "Burgers." He'll make sure to toss out. "Burgers sound good." Anything meat related seem to be the twins' food of choice.

And that person would just happen to be Marianne, also not paying attention to where she's going. She's gotten out of classes, and is looking across the school grounds for one of her cousins - walking right into Spear, who is walking right into someone - which is her. Her big blue sweater and ripped baggy jeans are really no match for Spear's Creature of the Night ensemble and she immediately just falls onto her rearend on the sidewalk, her backpack flying askew to the side. "Ow," she mutters, her cheeks turning bright red.

"It is untrue." Cash says, agreeing with Jade. "The only partner I know of was of age." He doesn't look up from his book but his jaw tightens as Landon speaks. "Who is assuming now? Shut the fuck up and fuck off." He takes a moment to glance towarad Morrison. "I'm...nevermind. No one gives a fuck about apologies. I'll save my breath." His tone is flat, factual. "I'm not sorry for anything anymore." He leans back on his car's back window. He is about to open his book but sees Marianne fall. Cash is up in a hurry to give her a hand up. "Hey, Marianne. Are you alright?--Let me grab your bag..." Such a gentleman.

"Yeah, we can stop for burgers on the way," Morrison says to the twins and then nods to George, "You in?" He assumes so, since she's coming along. Though when the topic turns to him, he finally lets out a low warning growl and says, "Enough." It seems directed at anyone who seems inclined to bring up the topic at all at this point. Though he does look over toward Cash and says, "Not quite actual apology accepted."

Lucas pauses the musing of food when Cash snaps at Landon. This gets Lucas a second wind. "Freeland, don't start non, won't be none." Generally speaking Lucas is not confrontational in a physical regard, but tired and people getting up in Landon's shit will seem to do it about every time. It's Morrison's singular word that is enough to yank the choke chain on his next comment. Jaw clamsp and his attention is diverted off thanks to Marianne.

Looking back to the Lester troup he adds, "Burgers or ribs." Looking to George he agrees, "I'm buyin. Sure." Hand lifts to Spear, "Mr. President." That'll be a conversation later.

"Ah! Girl!" says Spear, startled, as though the entire school was not full of them. He has jumped back, and he lands like the spidery character he is - legs everywhere. Now he goes down on his knees, and he, like Cash, attempts to pick things up "Sorry!" he says "I, uh, I really should pay attention to where I'm going. I'll forget my own head next - like that guy, Peter, who was decapitated in Las Vegas two months ago by that dealer and then there was teh cockroach thing. Hey everyone!" Incited by Lucas, BauhausDude waves cheerily to the crowd "How are you all, I'd like to thank my adoring public before my future run for office. Expect my campaign materials soon."

"Yeah, Cash, Jesus," George chimes in vaguely, just enjoying stirring the pot more than anything. Morrison's growled warning does reel her back in slightly however, and she drops the topic. "Yeah, 'course I'm in. Lucas is buyin'," she points out with a half-grin, which disappears shortly thereafter, attention drawn by the run-in nearby. "Dinner and a show, all right," she comments to no one in particular. "...Wait, there's a dealer decapitating people now?"

Jade nods to Morrison when he says enough. He's said his piece. Cash's response about no one giving a fuck about apologies gets a massive eye-roll from the Marchant. He goes over to help Spear up. "Hey, you. I was wondering if you wanted to get something to eat, then maybe come over to my place. Also, if you find out someone died at my house, I don't want to know. It's my house now."

Landon's good with ignoring Cash for the most part, he even readjusts his shades when Cash loses his cool and starts to cuss. There may have been a lift of his shoulder to go with that. "Steak. Rare. Sounds pretty good too." He'll chime in to what Lucas says. However, when Spear brings up a decapitation, now that has got his interest. "Two months ago, huh?" His veiled eyes exchanging a knowing glance over at Lucas. "Spear, we got an editing thing tonight at our place," The Marchant residence, "Just so you know. Curious about the decapitation thing too." A pause, "Even if it is old news." It's not the posting it in the paper that he's interested in. When he spots Marianne, she's not entirely familiar to him, but he's seen her around, so he'll give her a nod of sorts in greeting as he prepared to pack up into... their car, which Morrison is driving.

Mari stands up with Cash's help and smiles at him, rubbing her backside with a wince. She looks over at Spear and raises a brow. "Are you alright?" She asks, soft-spoken. She takes her backpack from whichever one grabs it first and then half-smiles. "Nothing wounded but what little pride I have... and I'm sensing I walked in on something... awkward?" Marianne asks, catching a few of the quips here and there about 'fuck off' and 'don't start none'. It's kind of hard to miss. She reaches up to run her fingers through her hair before zoning in on Spear's remarks about people getting decapitated.

"Sure!" says Spear to George "I met him in Las Vegas. He had this really weird suit on, it's stuck in my mind. A sort of navy with red pinstripes, kind of like an 80s power thing but of course blood stained due to the decapitation issue." He is helped up by Jade (like picking up a bundle of sticks) and he beams at him "Sounds good, I could do food," he says, and opens his mouth "Not eve-"

A pause as he takes in Jade's outfit and he loses track of whatever he was going to do. Admittedly, with Spear? Not a high barrier to reach "Hahahaha," he starts laughing nervously "Gosh you look good today, I mean, I see a _lot_ of people in suits and hardly any of them are as alive as you look. Not that. Not that you wouldn't look good without a pulse. You would! You'd be. An exquisite corpse." There is a long pause, and then he says to Landon "Ohhh, the school paper. Yes. I have a lot of material." He always does. Unfortunately. Mari is just given another beaming smile "Oh, I'm fine," Spear assures her "On the Amy stuffing me in lockers scale this is, what, a two - three at the most?"

Morrison is content to stand around while the kids talk until Landon, Lucas, and George are ready to go. Then, he will take them to get ribs, and to Big Ben, and wherever else that they need to go until they are settled in for the night. But in general, he disengages from the high school chatter.

"Right, yeah, because I was wondering about his //suit//," George mutters about the decapitating dealer, as much to herself as to anyone. "So, like, the guy didn't pay, or...?" She's forgotten about her cigarette, which has now burned down to the filter, singing her fingers slightly. "Ow! Shit!" she remarks, dropping it before immediately lighting another one. Spear's ramble to Jade causes her to chuckle to herself in some amusement, not invested in it either way. "Yeah, awkward sounds about right,' she grants, casting a nod towards Marianne.

Whatever is going on, it's all just a little too hormone-fueled for Marianne. She slings her backpack over her shoulder and smiles at George briefly before she makes her way over there, muttering something about how she sees one of her cousins now.

Jade smiles crookedly as he just listens to Spear talk. "Thank you," he replies. "You look pretty cute, yourself." With a glance between the twins and Spear, he says. "There you go. After dinner, we can meet at home, and while you do your paper thing, I'll knock out my homework, then we can hang out." He winces when George's cigarette burns out, and he whips out a pack of Dunhills (fancy!) to offer her one.

Lucas watches the things play out like a social collision. Really there's no joy and no gloating. While teh twins play an active part determining the trajectory of the senior class and the livlihoods thereinthe Lesters absolutely have a hierarchy and big brother gets final word. And like it never happened it's gone.R Stories of decapitation? His eyebrow arches in that 'do tell' manner, but it's Landon's words that send out the invite. It's when Jade pipes up, "That might be one you might want to sit in on, Jaden." Yeah it's upsetting news but, "That's not putting me off my meal. I skipped lunch." And with that he climbs into the back seat.