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Les Notes
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •  Michael Stanhope  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - High School
Factions  •   Marchant Family  •
Date  •  2019-09-10
Summary  •  Lucas and Jade attend French class.

Michael Stanhope sits on his desk at the front of the class, as is his wont. He's almost never used the chair that sits behind it, and he keeps its surface relatively empty save for a couple of photographs of his siblings and their families, a box of tissues, a plastic apple clearly labeled LA POMME, and a stuffed Chik-Fil-A cow no more than a few inches tall.

A gangly boy with bangs that fall in front of his eyes stands up at the front of the class delivering his oral presentation, a story about his family's trip to the Grand Canyon over winter break. It's not the most grammatically complex presentation, and has nothing to do with a French theme, but it's /in/ French, and for some of these students, that's even more than one can hope for. Michael attempts to feign interest by taking "notes" on the pad that can't be seen where it is balanced on his knee. Instead, there are a series of geometric doodles and little more.

Lucas is trying not to slip into a coma. He cares not for cayons, or being up right now, or the kid dron-ing on poor-ly to IN-form the class about 'le Grand Canyon'. The meter was not...great. Hed say something but also has zero interest to get invovled with heckling the guy. The raw truth is he and Landon in the last couple months slid from A students to B and sometimes B- students and had a couple months of fslack at the end they are trying to make up for. Ow. A note gets folded and slid forward onto the flippy desk and onto the book of his cousin Jade MArchant in front of him.

Jade has been getting a solid A in French, but it helps when you've taken trips to France to practice. He even has a Parisian accent when he speaks it, ooh la la. Watching the boy at the front of the class mangle his tale of the Grand Canyon is painful. When the note comes, he's happy for the distraction, and he glances around first before giving it a glance. He grins, then doodles a reply before sliding it back.

At the back of the class is quiet Anna Wilkins, listening politely, sits with her hands folded neatly on her desk. Such a sweet, quiet girl, a small blond waif in thrift store clothes. She's one of those girls no one has anything bad to say about, but she doesn't really fall in with any clique, either.

Michael's gaze slides over toward Jade and Lucas for a moment, noting the passing of the note, and then drift back toward his own pad of paper. He doodles a bit more, and then glances up when the halting painful presentation finally, mercifully comes to an end. "Merci, Monsieur Blake." He then motions for the next student to come to the front. "Nous avons seulement le temps pour cette presentation." Just this one more presentation, and then they will be put out of their misery.

A dark haired girl who has been a straight A student throughout the year gets up and begins to deliver a presentation that actually seems to have some relevance to French studies about the Louvre and its history. Michael gets up from his spot on the des and walks over to stand next to Lucas, extending one hand, making grabby fingers toward the note.

Lucas could probably come up with mean things to say about Anna with no problem if he was really into being an ass. Being condesending takes effort and she's don't nothing to merit. And then teh teacher comes over. Lcuas folds the small paper with two fingers and nudges his toe into the back of Jaden's chair so the vibration can be felt but it doesn't move. He murmurs, "Si je vous en donne un, la classe en voudra un aussi. Il n'y en a pas assez, professeur." He might get lit up for that one but he hands the note to him sobering, head falling to one side.

The note reads: Ceci n'est pas une note' There is also a stick figure person with some explosive lines around one side of its head. Mind blown.

Jade cracks up quietly at what Lucas says. At least the two of them know passable French? He looks up at the teacher and deploys the puppy eyes that have gotten him out of so much trouble in the past. Pretty people get treated better, and it's something he banks on without an ounce of shame. Just look at that sweet, innocent face. If he did wrong, he surely didn't mean to.

Anna does rank pretty high up there on the scale of inoffensiveness. She works at the radio station, and her biggest sin is the occasional Dr. Pepper. She glances at the teacher, then at Jade and Lucas, and then she takes meticulous notes about the Louvre. In French, of course.

Michael takes the note between his fingers, opens it, and glances at it. He then takes his pen from behind his ear, scribbles something on it, and hands it back to Lucas. He then walks back to the front of the room without a word, taking his pad back up and writing something on it as he glances over at the girl who continues to give her very informative and entirely grammatically correct and perfectly pronounced presentation. Once she is finished, Mr. Stanhope motions for them all to take the remaining class time to catch up on their reading, or to let him know if they have any questions on the upcoming exam.

When Lucas opens the note that was given back to him it says below, "Ceci est une note," and drawn next to it is a sixteenth note.

RogueOne @emit Lucas has that tired I think I'm a dead man. Escuse me, un homme mort

Jade takes the note and gives it a glance. Then he grins, and he glances over at Mr. Stanhope to give him an upnod. Teach is cool. When Lucas wakes up Tai, Jade leans in closer so he can whisper, "Rencontrez-moi apres l'ecole." He needs to do some business with Tai, but he's not going to come out and say it. Not even in French.

Anna smiles a little at the boys' shenanigans. She never gets into shenanigans, but she's no snitch, either. She just sketches a little Louvre in the margin of her notes with its unforgettable pyramid.

The note was, at least, in French, and that seems to be enough for Mr. Stanhope at this point. They're seniors, and the year is more than half over. If the note hadn't been in French? Well.. that might have been another story. He doesn't even react to Tai suddenly waking from his slumber on his desk. At least they're generally quiet when they're asleep. Just like when they're skipping class. The question from Lucas earns him an arched brow and then says, "Je vais me saouler de manière fantastique et ne pas penser à mes étudiants."

Lucas murmurs in english, "Sounds better than my plan." He looks up giving him a nod, "Tres bien, professeur. Tres bien." He pauses and looks to Jade curious Almost too tired to ask he murmurs curiously, "Will there be a,um..." stops himself and rubs his face as if it will warm up his brain somehow. Hell he looks more washed out than usual. How to make this sentance work. He guesses, "Y a-t-il un travail supplémentaire que nous pouvons faire?"

"Moi aussi," Jade says to Mr. Stanhope solemnly. He leans forward to give Lucas a companionable clap on the shoulder. He sympathizes. His poor, blood-chugging cousin. "Pas de devoirs," he says, "J'ai trop de maths." In case anyone was wondering what his opinion was.

Anna shakes her head and keeps jotting things down on her paper. She is one of the many girls who think Jade is cute, but also unsurprised he came out.

"Oui, mais apres," Mr. Stanhope says, indicating that if they want to talk extra credit, that they can do it after class is over. He then leaves the remaining few minutes to answer a few more questions, and then the buzzer rings, indicating that class is over and that the students are free to depart. It's the last period of the day, and so he tucks his pad of paper into the leather satchel that sits on his desk and waits to watch the majority of the class file out.

Star arrives from Lake Havasu - Jamaica Boulevard.

Lucas doesn't chug! He...might have thrown it back like a shot, but there was no chugging! He sways slightly slapped supportivly on teh shoulder by Jade. murmuring to him, "We should see if we can team up for our final and work on a cutting review. That'd be fun.

Tai snerks and says "Amanda'd approve." The stoner has a half-awake grin o his face with a grin, "Hey Jade you like... really break up with her man?" Just as Lucas goes to roll his eyes skywyard he adds on, "Hey like give her my number man."

Lucas pinches his eyes in what jsut went from possible harassment from his half-awake pal to half-informed. Figures. Shoving his stuff into his backpack Luca swades to the front of the room using force of will to move these days, "Hey."

Jade tells Lucas, "That'd be cool. Let's be merciless." He leans back, and he smiles lazily at Tai. "I'm afraid it's going to take her awhile to get over me. We ended amicably, but I know she's devastated." He's in no hurry to gather up his books, even if it is the last period of the day. He's staying on for rehearsal anyway. He puts them away in his bookbag and gets to his feet, rolling his shoulders, and he trails after Lucas.

Anna puts away her notes and gathers up her books. She tucks a lock of hair behind her ear and ducks her head as she makes her way to the door. "Good-bye, Mr. Stanhope," she says quietly, and she gives Jade and Lucas each a small nod and smile. Alas, Jade isn't paying attention.

Mr. Stanhope watches as the students file out and pointedly ignores the conversations that they have on their way out the door, not giving two fucks who broke up with whom. Though when Lucas approaches the desk, he glances at both he and Jade ands says, "Neither of you need extra credit to pass, you know," regarding them both with an arched eyebrow. He's used to those who are failing coming up to beg for extra credit in a desperate attempt to pass, but both Jade and Lucas are getting A- to B+s at the moment.

He gives a nod to Anna as she heads for the door, "Have a good afternoon, Anna."

Star heads towards Lake Havasu - Jamaica Boulevard <O>.

Lucas shifts his weight on his foot and looks to Jaden to- screw it he'll explain. The truth is Lucas might be pulling that B+ becuse of Jade helping him correct his work. he grew up going to france. Lucas grew up saying Pardon my French a lot. Turns out it wasnt't French. He was as shocked as anyone else.

"Yeah I know it's just..."Shaking his head he says "I have one month to try to pull up my GPA back to where it was before I got sick." He is so calling it that because anyhitng else ounds entirely far fetched. "I really am trying to get that up for my application, sir."

Jade holds up a hand and says, "Oh, no, I'm good on homework. I'm just hanging out with Lucas." How he manages to get As is just one of those unfair things. He tests well. Then, so as not to sound like a total slacker, he says, "I'm gonna tutor Lucas, if he wants. So I'm kind of curious what you're giving out as extra credit."

Anna slips out the door and off to whatever it is she does after school. It might involve cartoon animals braiding her hair.

Michael nods as Lucas explains the reason that he's asking for the extra assignment, and then he nods. "Alright, come back tomorrow and I will have something for you. For now, get out of my class. I want to beat the traffic." He nods to both of them to get out so he can lock up.