Log:Left Alone

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Left Alone
Characters  •   Sky Bloomquist  •
Location  •  Nautical Inn
Factions  •   Bloomquist Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-22
Summary  •  Detective Sky Bloomquist is called out to the Nautical Inn.

Spring Break is wrapping up and it's been a crazy week, as is usually the case, but now it's Easter Sunday and things are finally unwinding as everyone heads home or has already left. Detective Sky Bloomquist has been called out to the Nautical Inn. Dispatch wasn't long on details, something about a group of coeds skipping out on their room, but when he arrives he finds that it's a bit more complicated than that.

"I don't think they'd leave without me," says Sarah Bevins, 20, of Oregon State. "But... I guess they did? Their stuff's all gone, the van's gone... How do I even get back to school? I have classes tomorrow."

Sarah was staying with five others, all of whom apparently left in the middle of the night without waking her.

Sky does indeed arrive at the inn, dressed in a fine three-piece suit, a dust coat, and a nice fedorah, he takes off his hat when he arrives at the Nautical Inn. He takes a look around as he takes a light breath. He looks at some of the dispatch officers, who inform him about the situation.

Sky then goes up to Sarah Bevins, and he puts his hat against his chest. "Hey kid. My name's Detective Sky Bloomquist. My friends over there tell me that your friends skipped town on ya. Can I ask you some questions?" Might as well run through the mill. See if there wasn't something fouler at play.

Sarah sniffs and nods, clearly coming down from being upset. She sits on the edge of the bed, her bags and belongings still there, but it's like she has a big group-size room to herself. "Sure," she says.

Sky looks at Sarah as he sits down beside her. "Thanks. Now...did your friends show any sign of...uncomfortability? Didn't want to invite you to things, kept you out of gossiping, gave you shifty eyes and hard stares? Anything that you guys would consider hostile?" He asks her, it would help. Otherwise...

They may have another disappearance on their hands.

Sarah considers, but shakes her head. "Not that I can think of?" she says. "Unless they were mad about lastnight. I was tired and not feeling well, so came back to the room early. They went off to party with some locals they met on the lake. They didn't seem angry or whatever, though."

"Did you meet any of these locals? Or were you here in the room the whole time?"

Sky is also wondering how a big room filled with multiple people could manage to pack up all their stuff, get into the car, and leave without her even noticing. Unless she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

"I met them," Sarah says. "We met them out on the lake, like, after sunset? They invited us to a party later that night, but I wasn't feeling well. Then I wake up this morning and everything's gone."

"What did they look like? Try your best to remember. Did you get their names?"

Because if he knows who they are, he can question them. But then he takes a breath. "How many were there in your group?"

"It was me and five others," Sarah answers. "And, um. Yeah. They were, like... bikers? But young. Not old, greasy bikers. Like punk rock, or kinda, maybe, goth? Maybe early, mid twenties?"

Sky seems to ponder this for a moment. "Painkillers, probably." Sky makes a deduction, a blind one, perhaps, but a deduction. He looks at her then. "You were probably wise not to go with them. Do you have someone you can call? Parent? Guardian, really nice sibling?"

"I called my parents," Sarah says, nodding a little. "They're supposed to be wiring me money for a Greyhound ticket. I'll probably miss class on Monday."

Sky looks at Sarah then for a minute and he gives a little nod. "Don't worry, you'll get home safe and sound. If you're worried, I can send a cop or two to make sure you get there alright." Because Sky is a friendly person. But if her friends were out partying all night...they'd be too exhausted to come home, immediately pack up, and leave. Especially if they were drunk. They'd be making too much noise and acting incoherently.

Too much of this just doesn't add up.