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Lean On Me
Characters  •   The Martyr  •  The Thrill-Seeker  •
Location  •  The Facility - Parlor
Date  •  2019-02-15
Summary  •  The Martyr awakens after his Finn-Death and Thrill-Seeker is there to guide him through the process.

The Parlor isn't much changed really. Except for the piles of pillows and blankets that Thrill-Seeker has dragged out onto the couch. And the bowls of food, chips and wings and such, are scattered on the coffee table. A half empty rum bottle, empty and not cans of cherry coke lay scattered about.

Thrill-Seeker is once more alone. What happened was too much and Explorer left for her room. Leaving Thrills on the couch. Hand over her mouth, tears fall from her eyes and she shakes her head slowly as she watches. "No," The muffled word can still be heard. "Not Finn...oh Danny..." She scrubs hard at her eyes and suppresses a shudder. "I dunno if I want some of them to be real or not...Bastian...Bastian I know...and Roxie..." Her lip twitches despite herself. Kimmie pushing through. With tear-filled eyes she glances towards the hallway. Hope and fear war on her face.

The Martyr wanders out of the room with a sign with a realistically drawn severed heart and one drop of blood dripping from the bottom on it. He's wearing his old black Shriekback Evolutions tee shirt and a pair of blue plaid flannel pajama bottoms. His face is tear streaked and his eyes red from crying. He seems simulteniiously greif stricken and furious by turns. He calls plaintively, "Danny? Scott? Bastian? Max? Em?"

The Thrill-Seeker's head jerks up at the sound of that voice. Tears still streaming down her face she stands up and turns to look down the hall. Eyes widening by the second she moves, a little clumsily, over the back of the couch. "Finn?" She says his name disbelievingly. Then more loudly, "You're real...Y-You're really..." Then the Kimmie takes over and she rushes towards him, intent to sweep him up in a sobbing hug.

The Martyr's eyes go really wide, and he starts back pedalling fast, "The vodka's in my jeans only I can't find them and Danny wouldn't give me any coke for you on the grounds that you're dead and oh shit! I'm hallucinating again! Fuckfuckfuckfuck!"

The Thrill-Seeker stops with her arms outstretched and a very startled look on her face. Her mouth opens and closes and confusion rules her face. "What...Finn...no...oh...OH!" Something seems to dawn on her as she looks around the hallway. "Finn...we...you're not...we're not..." She bites her lip as the words to explain their situation fail her for a moment. "Welcome to Purgatory?" She finally goes with, rather lamely. Like maybe that's the answer.

The Martyr is still backing away slowly, "That's a Catholic thing, right? I'm an atheist. Well, I suppose I'm an agnostic now. Those ghosts are a pretty good arguement for some sort of afterlife." He's talking fast, trying to keep a distance. "This is... I don't..." He takes a deep breath, "Hi, Kimmy. We all miss you very much."

The Thrill-Seeker's hands pull back and she holds them together against her chest. Now there is a bit of pain in her face, but mostly grief. The tears continue to fall down her face even as she turns and leans against the wall. With a sigh she slides down in to sit on the floor. "Sorry. I'm not exactly having an easy time explaining this..." She reaches up to wipe her nose on her pink heart pajamas. "So...what we went through...was a...a story. It wasn't exactly real, but it was. Except, apparently, it will happen again. A new story, a new version of us, a new role...a new death and horror. And between those stories...here," And she waves a hand at the hall of doors and out towards the Parlor.

The Martyr glares at her, "It felt pretty damned real! All of it. Hurt. So. Much."

The Thrill-Seeker's arms move and wrap around herself, hugging her own arms tightly. "Yeah. It did, didn't it?" She says softly, glancing up with a haunted look. "I've been here...watching all of you suffering. I couldn't do anything. And now you're here...Misty is here. Max and Bastian supposedly, though they haven't come out of their rooms," She glances at one room she knows before squeezing her eyes shut and scrubbing at the tears. "Finn, I'm not a ghost. From what I understand, the monsters stay in the stories."

The shock is wearing off a little. The intelligence underneath the surface reasserts itself and he studies her, thinking fast. Something is decided and his expression softens. He opens his arms to her, inviting. "I'm so sorry Kimmy. The... way you died haunts me, and for you to have to be alone after."

The Thrill-Seeker scrubs at the tears that won't stop coming. "Fuck, I'd like to stop leaking," She says with a rough laugh. When she looks up at him her smile is bare and weak. But she hauls herself up off the floor. "Yeah...I don't recommend getting eviscerated," She speaks with much more intelligence that Kim ever did at least. Though she still has a habit of ending her sentences on a high note, even crying. Then she moves into that hug and holds on. Proving she is -very- real. "I'm sure, " She sniffles, "Getting electrocuted was pretty shitty too."

The Martyr looks wildly relieved as she proves phisical. That other Kim wasn't. After that moment of hesitation he wraps his arms around her and holds her tight. "Electrocution's fast at least." He is very Finn, boney and gangly, though a little more filled out than he was before he died. "I'm so sorry. I wasn't even close to fast enough. It was a terrible plan, and now I'm not sure we ever had a chance against Mahoney. Did... anyone else die? Besides Misty, Bastian, Max, and me? Is Danny...?"

"Danny's still alive. Scott too," Thrill-Seeker says. Finally letting him go and leaning back. "Come on, see for yourself," And she leads him into the Parlor and the couch before the large TV displaying the horror show everyone else is still living. Showing their bodies being dragged out and back to the lodge for cremation. "Roxie died...Lucas too..." She says in a very soft voice. "Evaline and...that may be everyone actually."

The Martyr follows her still dazed. He stands there, shivering as he sees it all. "Roxie. Shit. They need her. And poor Lucas. Fuckfuckfuck! Poor Ethan and Danny. I liked Evaline! How the fuck are they going to manage without Bastian!" His eyes well up again, "Though when Max went down.... I had a horrible feeling.... If it'd been Danny.... Fuckfuckfuck!" He takes a deep breath, "At least I died the man danny thought I was...." And then he's sobbing hard and uncontrollably, his face in his hands."

The Lakeview House in flames with the others leaving, carrying the cassulties, greets them. It shocks even Thrills who stands and stares. When Finn starts crying she turns away from the scene and moves to pull him into a hug. "Shhhh, shhhh, you were very brave, Finn. You -were- a good man. I thought so...think so," It's all confusing still for her. "You'll see Danny again...eventually. If he survives or dies...I...I knew him before this story. Met him anyway...Some of them...like Evaline and Ki...Ki..." She can'ts even say his name still and she just lets the tears fall and stops trying.

The Martyr leans into her as he cries, "I don't remember a before. All I remember is the life I just lived. I wanted danny to live so bad! we were ging to get a cat and have birthdays at Xenon and he was going to study harder and we were going to be an activist power couple!" He puts his arms around her, "I sorry about our Kirk. He seemed really sweet. he'll come back though, right? Like Danny?"

The Thrill-Seeker squeezes Finn harder. "I know...maybe I'm lucky...maybe I'm worse off. Doesn't matter really..." She says in a shakey voice. Then carefully and slowly, keeping Finn close, she goes to the couch and settles down there. The whiskey is poured out again and she offers him a glass. "I...don't know. I don't remember his face from this place before...and I never saw Drake or Kaspar...or Candice either..." She bites her lower lip and takes a steadying breath. "Some people are...well...they come here. The others...no one knows."

The Martyr follows her docilly and sits by her. He drinks too fast and chokes rather. He starts to take another cautioous sip when it hits him, "Scott? Was Scott here before? Christine? Laine? Bastian? Max? Emily?"

The Thrill-Seeker glances at the screen and then back. There is a faint smile as a pleasant memory teases through her mind. "Yeah, Scott was here before. We were good friends. Both of us awoke here. Between stories. The others...ahhh...I met Laine, Bastian, Emily, Danny, Lucas, and Roxie before...I think that's all of them..." She frowns as she seems to consider that. "Addison too now that I think of it...Colorado too...though...no, yeah. I've seen him. Christine though...no...That doesn't mean she -isn't- here...I was apparently new. And not everyone likes to come out of their rooms."

The Martyr hugs her again, "Let's hope Kirk wakes up soon and that Christine will when...when things are over.... Max? did you see Max before?" He winces, "Addison. Right." Perhaps this is hell after all. He takes a deep breath, "I'm sorry for... not reacting well when I first got here. I've had a rough couple of days. I thought I'd gone mad for real for a while there.

The Thrill-Seeker gives a wan and sad smile as she reaches out to squeeze the Martyr's hand. "Misty said Max was her sister before...in another story. So yeah, she's been here. Though I never met her in the between time," She says with a roll of her shoulder. Reaching for the bottle of whiskey she takes a drink straight from it. "And don't worry about it. I...I was so worked up over all those deaths...I didn't even thing about the fact you had been seeing me."

The Martyr sips his drink more carefully, "So you weren't... Talking to me through the TV or... visiting me and Danny?" His eyes get a haunted look, but he's studying her still. Finally he observes in a measured tone, "You aren't the same. There's a resemblance, but you aren't."

The Thrill-Seeker shakes her head and says, "No. I wasn't. I've been yelling at the screen a lot and not a one of you heard me." There is even a rough chuckle given. "I -wish- you could have heard me." She takes another pull of the whiskey. His last observation has her stopping and blushing hard as she wipes her mouth. "Aaahh...yeah. I was...Kimmy...we..." She stops trying to speak and sets the bottle down. "It was -hard- to think as Kimmy. I wanted too so often. I remember that. It's weird to think about it. And every time I've started too, well..." She goes a darker shade of red. "Kimmy isn't how or who I am here. She's a part of me. I -am- her, but I'm, like, not too." And she wrinkles her nose as it all comes out -very- Kim in tone and inflection. "See?"

The Martyr touches her cheek lightly. his tone is kind and very Finn. "It's all right. What do I call you now? I hope we can still be friends. I was fond of Kimmy, but I could see her clearly. I'd like to get to know you too, as you are now." After some thought the Martyr ventures, "I'm not the same either, am I?"

The Thrill-Seeker's smile is genuine even though her eyes are still wet with tears. Still she seems to be cheering a bit. She reaches up to trap his hand against her cheek, turning to briefly nuzzle it before release. "I'd like that. I mean, I still feel what she felt. You do too...and memories will become clearer and clearer too. But, so will the fact they're something else. At least, that's how it was explained to me by Scott..." She says before pausing. "Oh...name...I..." Then she lets out a short laugh. "I was calling myself Cheer before I was Kim. Ironic right?"

The Martyr colours a little at the nuzzling, but doesn't pull away. "Cheer... that is Ironic." Thoughts move fast behnd hiseyes like fish darting, "I can't go around calling myself Almost Finn or Faux Finn. This is... this is very weird." His eyes go wide, he seems a step away from panic.

"You can be Finn it you want. I'm sure I'll respond to Kim. It -was- my name for a lifetime I knew...but isn't exactly mine anymore. Now it's a really bad horror flick," Thrill-Seeker says before she realizes Finn's shakeyness. She reaches out to wrap an arm around his shoulder, pulling him in for a supportive hug. "Hey, hey. It's ok. There's time for you to figure it out. No monsters here...We can wait for Danny and the rest together, ok? I'll show you around. You can make anything you want to eat, that's cool right?"

The Martyr clings to her, despite the need to keep his drink from spilling. He buries his nose in her hair, and shakes. He whispers, "I'm not me, I'm not me." he didn't respond well to that first ghost or that hallucination either, though he always came right in the end. just now though? He's a mess.

The Thrill-Seeker moves to take the glass and leans to set it on the table. But never does she break her hold on him, just hugging him. Letting him work through it. She didn't have too. She awoke and knew what was happening...at least sort of. "It's okay. You're you. You're whoever you want to be here," She whispers, finding her own strength in comforting her friend. "I'm here. Focus on what you know. What you can feel. Hear." She tries to guide him. Scattered memories of Kim's many failed attempts at Psychology actually being helpful. Who knew taking a class 4 time would stick after you died?

The Martyr keeps clinging you her, ters wetting her hair, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just.... Nothing's familiar. not even me, not really. It's like taking a step and the ground not being there."

The Thrill-Seeker's one hand goes to gently stroke his back. The tears don't bother her. If anything it makes her pull him closer. "Don't apologize. You don't need too. Just focus on the you that you know. You can go from there. Because some of that is you. Some of Kim is me..." What part she isn't going to say because she isn't even 100 sure. "Do you want to go lie down? We can do that...though I should warn you. When we wake up here, we always wake up in our beds alone...it's just another fucked up part of this place. Everything returns to the way it was. You get hurt? It's healed. You trash the parlor? It's clean. Hell...I bet the TV would repair itself if we broke it."

The Martyr shakes his headno, not ready for words yet, but he's starting to calm down. Eventually he takes a deep breath, and breathes softly, "You are really kind, Cheer. I mean that. I'm okay. I'm going to be okay... I don't have a hanky and I've gotten you wet and...." another deep breath, "Small quakes stave off the big one."

The Thrill-Seeker continues to rub his back is small circles. "It's okay. It's just hair. Come on. I'll show you the dining area and how you can get anything to eat you want," She says, pulling back with a gentle smile. Not quite withdrawing her arm from around his shoulders, she gestures towards the other door that leads into the dining room. "We can get ice cream. Any kind you want."

The Martyr pulls away, eyes a little wide, "It's not food I want, which is... part of what's freaking me out." He blushes quite a bit, "I'm okay. Really I'm okay. Are there bathrooms? Somewhere I can wash my face?"

The Thrill-Seeker nods her head and gets to her feet. "All of our rooms have a bathroom. All of our rooms are different too. They seem...geared towards our wants. Mine is kind of lavish. Mine also apparently has the only kitchen so far," She says as she gets up and moves to head back towards his door with him. As they pass hers, on two in from the parlor, she taps it. The symbol of a woman running towards a cliff's edge, a look of daring and joy on her face. "This is my room," She says and then points to first Misty and then Bastian's door. "Misty, Bastian. That one there is Danny's," And she points to another. "But it's locked. Won't probably open till he joins us."

The Creepshow heads towards The Facility - Hall of Rooms

The Martyr scoops up his drink as he follows her. He is thinking again, memorizing the new information. He smiles at her sygil, and says with a touch of humor. "That looks about right." His fingers linger on Danny's door, and he touches his forehead to it for a long moment, head bowed to the right height. "I wanted to live so much and to die all at he same time.... I don't know how to feel now." He is visibly calming, coming to terms with at least the chuncks of if he's discovered so far. He looks to her, "I think the best parts of her may always have been you."

The Thrill-Seeker chuckles and nods her head, "Yeah. It really is. Even before this...I kept experimenting here. Wanting to try and do new things. I woke up and I was blank. I have -no- memories...I just was..." She pauses as they stop by Danny's door and her hand comes to rest between his shoulder blades again. She doesn't say anything really, just lets him talk. Till he looks at her and then she turns red even as she smiles. "I hope so. Come on, let's get you some snot rags and see what kind of room you got," She says, diverting attention from her and Kim-her onto something else. And she moves to the door with the torn heart, reaching to take Finn-Martyr's hand.