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Later In Vegas
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Thea Marchant  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Las Vegas
Date  •  2019-10-23
Summary  •  A few survivors go to Las Vegas, both to celebrate and to mourn.

The suite is truly, obnoxiously expensive, but it's Marchant money, so one might as well enjoy it. There's a hot tub in the main room, with a stunning view of Vegas through floor-to-ceiling windows. Since Felicity isn't in a party mood, Jade has offered to hang out for awhile. No one is leaving her alone, even if it's not an official policy. Room service has been ordered, so there are snacks, and Jade snuck in alcohol, so there's booze, too.

Jade is in skimpy swim trunks, and he's soaking in the hot tub with a flute of champagne in one hand. He sighs, gazing out over the city lights. "This is nice," he says quietly.

ROLL: Silver rolls spirit for: [2]: x1 [4]: x3 (Set) -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 2 4 4 4 -- d6)

Silver had been taking a turn on the game floor for a bit. Though she'd been sticking with Felicity for the most part. Watching and suggesting things for them to try and find to watch. She even volunteers to go find a blockbuster and rent stuff for the fancy TV in the room. But the last two hours? She was playing the odds.

The door opens and a rather stunned looked Silver comes in and closes the door. "I just won five thousand dollars playing blackjack..." She announces to the room in a voice as stunned as her expression.

Felicity stares out the window at the lights. She's... well, she's here. And she can follow instructions. And if you give her simple tasks, she can mostly do them, though there's a tendency to either start crying or staring off into space. Still, there are occasional smiles. They don't last long and they're nowhere near as bright as they used to be, but there are flickers of them. "We were going to go to shows and..." She looks up at Silver. "Were you counting cards or just lucky?"

Jade asks Silver, "You got a fake ID? Cool." The amount isn't a big deal to him, alas. Still, it's nice. Mostly he's focused on Felicity. Gently, he asks, "What were you going to go see? I remember Cash wanted to plan everything out in advance." He smiles a little, but it's a sad smile. He has been teary-eyed himself, but mostly? Mostly he has been there to be present for Felicity. He hasn't even used since before the night of the fire.

"Well, I was playing smart but it was all luck. I wasn't even really paying attention," Silver says and then flashes Jade a shy smile. "Yeeeaaah...I actually have had one for a year so I could get into bars for juicy photos." She then moves over to flop down next to Felicity. "You wanna go see something? I've always wanted to see O. Tickets on me!" And she giggles and shakes her head.

Felicity shrugs and looks over to Jade with teary eyes. "I don't know. Cash was planning it, but hadn't told me. Hector wanted to see Cirque du Soleil. I wanted to see one of the magic shows. But... I don't know. We were going to ride roller coasters. And... just be together without everything else hanging over us." She considers a moment and then notes to Silver. "Also, you need to not win anymore than that unless you have the social to go with the ID because above five thousand it's subject to income tax withholding and they start really checking things." Why does she know these things? She sort of drifts over and gives Jade a hug, not caring if it gets her wet. "I'm sorry. This was supposed to be fun and you're all stuck with me."

Jade rises up from where he lounges in the hot tub, and he wraps Felicity up in a warm hug. "We're not stuck with you, sweetheart. I'm glad you're with us. We can go see a magic show, or we can hang out in the room and watch TV, or whatever you want. You lost more than any of us, and we're going to take care of you. I want to at least go for a walk today, okay? Just to get out into the arguably fresh air."

Silver wrinkles her nose and nods at Felicity. "True that. Don't worry. I never thought I'd win. I went with a hundred dollars and..." She smiles and shrugs. "Hey, you're good. We're not stuck with you. We brought you because we wanted too," She says, agreeing with Jade. Head nodding fervently. "They're having a prime rib buffet tonight too," Silver points out helpfully. "I'd love to do a magic show. Or one of the coasters!" Her eyes light up when she mentions the rides. It's brief, but it is there.

The suite has a balcony, yeah? Surely it does. The Marchants would've sprung for one, at least. In any case, Thea breezes in through the sliding glass door that leads out onto it, letting in a gush of stiflingly hot desert air with her. "Who needs a sauna?" she laughs, pausing by the table where the snacks reside, and plucking a small bunch of grapes out of the larger fruit selection.

Felicity sniffles and nods to the reassurances that she's wanted. "I... should eat something." Frown. "When did I last eat something? The buffet might be wasted on me, though, but... we could. And... It would depend on the magic show. I'm not up for anyone being sawn in half or anything with a lot of blood, but maybe." Another pause as she thinks laboriously through something. "I think the roller coasters would hurt too much. We had a whole plan for Magic Mountain later." Still she drifts back over towards the table and grabs something to eat, not seeming to really pay much attention to what it is.

Jade smiles when he sees Thea, and for a moment, he just looks at her. His sister, human and whole, with Fran's influence broken forever. His sister who gets to come to New York with him, and they get to start their lives together. There's pride there, and warmth. "Hey," he says. "You want some Cristal?" He gestures to the bottle near the tub with his flute. To Felicity, he says, "None of it's wasted. You don't have to squeeze the enjoyment out of everything to have it. Just having you with us will make it worth it."

"Yeah, you're fine. There's plenty to do and see. And take what joy you can. We're all here to help us get past the hump. Yeah?" Silver says from her spot on the couch. She eyes the food and then the hot tub. The kind of eyeing of someone trying to decide what to do next. "I'm still gonna go on a roller coaster, even if you all are too chicken to join me," She says. It's obvious she's trying to be light hearted.

Maybe it's.. not entirely cool of her to seem so light-hearted and cheery, considering the tragedy that's so recently befallen the class of '94. But. It's been a good while since Thea could feel this way, and shed so much as a fraction of the worry and fear that had been suffocating her. So she's going with it, though sympathetic looks are cast Felicity's way, now and again. As well as the occasional, supportive, "You'll get through this." And, as with now, "Sometimes the best way to deal with death is to celebrate the life lived."

Felicity takes a shuddery breath and lets it out and even gives Jade a smile. Okay, it's a kind of teary smile, but a smile. "Ok. Then walk. And buffet. And maybe a magic show if we can find one with cards and scarves and doves instead of the escape artists or guillotines or whatever." She sniffles a little more and notes to Silver, "The engineering standards on roller coasters now, means they're honestly really safe; well, at the big amusement parks. Travelling carnivals, not always so much, but they always still feel dangerous." She blinks at Thea. "Maybe... in a bit. Later. Sometime. I can't, now."

Jade snorts and tells Silver, "You're on. I'm not afraid." Then he nods to Thea. "We're definitely going to have a celebration of their lives. We're going to honor them. Maybe get wasted like a wake." He hops up to sit on the edge of the tub, water rolling over his pale skin. He takes a drink of champagne, then says, "We'll talk about them. And we'll cry if we need to." He smiles a little, sadly, then says, "Felicity, we're going to take care of you til this pain gets better. I know I was always kind of a pain in the ass about you three, but it came from a place of love, and I'll care for you like my own family."

Silver settles on food and heads to grab herself one of the little fancy sandwiches. Nibbling on it happily she pauses to grin at Jade and shoot him a thumbs up. Felicity pointing out the safety of the thrill-ride is met with a smirk. Swallowing her bite she says, "Yeah, but the monkey brain doesn't know that. And the adrenaline pumps all the same." She quiet when Jade starts talking, just nodding her head in agreement. Till he is done. "And you are family. Hector chose you and those ties don't go away even if...if..." And her eyes get shiney and her breath hitches. "Fuck..." And she sniffles and swipes at her eyes.

"Nobody'd ever ask you to forget. Or to turn it off. 'Cause.. well, you can't," Thea muses, settling onto the arm of a sofa in a casual perch, and plucking one of the grapes out of her bunch. "It's not like a frickin' light switch you can just flip on or off at will. You just do what feels right for you, and we'll all be here supporting you," she concludes with a little nod, before popping that grape into her mouth.

Felicity sniffles again and gives Silver a tight hug, even as she says, "I know, Jade. It's okay. I love you, too." She sort of ends up just leaning against Silver. "I was not questioning the fooling of the monkey brain. Just saying it's a good way to do it because it's actually pretty safe." The she sighs and considers the food on the table and takes another sandwhich. "Hector would totally be grumpy at me if he knew I weren't eating."

Jade finishes his champagne, then steps out of the tub and dons one of the hotel's complimentary spa robes. "Yeah, he would," he says. He comes over to give Thea a hug, and he just holds her for awhile. It'll keep him up nights for years to come, just how close he came to losing her. "Love you," he murmurs to her. "And you're going to be amazing at Julliard." He finally lets her go, then clasps Silver's shoulder. "I miss him, too," he murmurs.

Silver squeezes Felicity back. Letting the tears fall but she doesn't break into sobs. That is reserved for the bathroom or late at night when she thinks no one is listening. She gives Jade a sad smile and nods. "Speaking of New York...I...uh...well I also got into Yale. It was a backup kinda and it lets me start a semester late," She doesn't comment on why she'd start late. Instead she gets up and goes to get a kleenex, blowing her nose before popping into the bathroom. Washing her hands she calls out randomly, "Grapes and strawberries are always good. And those ones are really sweet."

Thea seems perfectly content to nestle herself into Jade's hug, and stay there for as long as he likes. Or as long as she likes, really, 'cause there's every probability that if he tried to pull away before she was ready to let him go, he wouldn't be allowed to go. Luckily, their minds tend to converge on when the proper timing for such things is. "And seedless," Thea points out, holding up her grapes and waggling them at Felicity with a playful little half-grin.

"I'm just so... I want to smack them both for being idiots, but if I had them here I'd never let them go again, I don't think." Felicity sighs and finishes her last bite of tiny sandwich and then grabs some of the grapes. She starts to say something else and then shakes her head and just sniffles more, tears falling down her cheeks. "I'm still going to Cal Tech. I'm going and I'm studying math and physics and... maybe astronomy. I don't know. But I'm going. You can all make sure Ashley checks on me regularly. All the USC group will be like thirty, fourty minutes away."

Jade takes a tiny sandwich and nibbles. "I think you should," he tells Felicity. "And we'll still have email to keep in touch." His voice breaks, and he takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. For as calm and collected as he is, he's not without his own grief. "I know Ashley will check on you, and I'll write you. Things are going to get better. They suck right now, but they'll get better."

"And hey, we've always got holidays and spring break and such, and if need be we can charter a plane to come visit," Thea suggests, glancing toward Jade before returning her focus to Felicity. "You're not gonna be alone out there."

Felicity draws in a big breath as she watches Silver go off to the bathroom, then looks back to Jade. "I'll set us up an IRC server and make sure everyone knows how to use it. Email, too, but IRC gives us real time communication." Her voice catches. "I think... maybe I'm just supposed to be alone. They were always supposed to be together and I was just some weird anomaly that somehow snuck in. But I promised I'd come out for Christmas. And... maybe you all can come out for Thanksgiving. Or... we can figure stuff out. I'll be fine."

Jade hugs Felicity and says, "You're not meant to be alone. Don't even think like that, or about any of that. They loved you, and... I mean, we're only eighteen. We have a lot of life ahead of us. Like I said, it sucks right now, but it's going to get better." He looks to Thea. "I think about what their sacrifices got us, and I just, like, get overwhelmed. They wouldn't want you to be alone, anyway."

"No, they wouldn't. They would've wanted you to go to Cal Tech, and become like.. amazing, and live an incredible, happy life, and find love. I bet they'd both give you a serious ghost whoopin' if they saw you sinking down into a rut over them. Hell, Cash is probably up there playing his guitar and lounging on a cloud, watching Hector dance to the music, or something. So you should work towards being happy, too," Thea theorizes. Or Thearizes? Whatever.

Felicity nods to the others. Not quite like she believes it, but like she knows they aren't going to agree with her anyway. The discussiob of Cash playing his guitar on a cloud brings on the sobs, though and she sort of crumples into a chair. "Maybe. I don't know. I don't think I can do this again." Gasp... "I'm not... I'm not going to do anything stupid. I just... maybe later it won't seem so bad."

Jade sites on the arm of the chair and keeps an arm wrapped around Felicity. He's quiet for a moment, then says, "It's okay to fall apart. The worst possible thing happened, and you survived, but at a cost no one should have to pay. You don't have to think about the future at all right now, sweetheart. Just work on getting through the next ten minutes. That's what rehab taught me, when everything sucked so hard. Just get through the next ten minutes, and then, you get through the next ten, and the next." He looks to his sister. "I used to think about how I had to stick around, because my sisters needed me. And the world needs you. But right now? You can take a break, and just get through this really hard patch."

"Alcohol helps," Thea suggests, perhaps a little lamely. Having never really lost anyone truly, deeply close to her, she isn't entirely certain how to handle someone's grief in any effective fashion. But she figures, yeah, booze would numb things, right? "And there's no place like Vegas for distraction."

Felicity leans in against Jade and nods again. "I'm trying. I'm sorry. I'm trying." There's a pause and then a weak and kind of wattery laugh. "I didn't even think about drinking. I don't... I don't like feeling fuzzy and I don't like the taste and... maybe this is one of the few times it would help. We could find out if I'm a happy drunk or a sad drunk or an angry drunk." She sighs again and frowns. "I told them I'd be their sober person when they wanted to do whatever. How the fuck did I end up with two boyfriends anyway?"

Jade grins at Thea as he says, "Well, they didn't say that in rehab, but yeah, sometimes it does." He gives Felicity a squeeze around the shoulders. "You don't have to apologize. You're going through Hell. No one expects you to do a happy dance." With a small smile, he says, "They both saw a good thing when it came along, and for once they weren't being idiots, so they went for it."

Spear arrives. Because he went off to get...a spa treatment? Well, it seems like that. If Silver and Felicity were feeling cautious about spending Thea and Jade's money, the fact is that Spear has decided to lead the way. He comes back in, fresh-shaven, in a spa-robe, with little slippers on. The thin kind they supply cheaply to spa patrons. His hair has been treated to the kind of conditioning treatment black hair needs, and he looks better than he has in a while. Considering that 'a while' was 'trapped in an underground hole' and then 'covered in blood', that is not hard.

Thea shoots Jade a wry look at his quip about rehab, and lets herself sort of flumph down off the arm of the sofa to curl into the cushions proper. "Never be sorry for feeling whatever feels you gotta feel." Yep. She should totally major in philosophy, instead of dance. "Otherwise you'll run the risk of winding up like Princip... hey." She blinks, straightening a bit and looking between the others. "Are we like, gonna address the fact that our Principal was apparently the bad guy all along?"

Felicity laughs again and shifts so she can hug Jade. "You don't even like girls. How do you know I'm a good thing?" Then she gives Spear a little wave and an attempt at a smile, though it really loses something with the tears. "I... am mostly glad that I did not pull on her what I did at my last school. I suspect there would have been much less patience. Or maybe more... I don't know. I'm... still kind of confused about whether she's really the real bad guy or what was going on. I mean, she didn't seem to approve of what Fran had done, but then... she also didn't stop it."

Jade hugs Felicity and says with a light laugh, "I'm gay, not stupid. You're a catch, and even I can see it." He looks up at Spear and says, "Oh, hey, babe. You look great. Do you want some champagne?" He goes to pour Spear a flute of high end bubbly. As he walks over to hand it to him, he tells Thea, "I've thought about it, and I don't know that she really was the bad guy, you know? I mean, she didn't try to hurt any of us. She let us go, even after we killed her kid, Fran. She's going to take care of Arthur, so, I don't know. I mean she's not good but as long as she leaves me and mine alone, we're cool."

Spear holds up a finger "I feel we should address the fact that when we realised Swindon could be anyone, I suggested the principal." He pauses, then he says "I'd love to claim that was Thistle intuition about the dead, but it was mostly just because she kept popping up out of nowhere. And I guess she didn't approve, but probably because it would mess with her powerbase, not because you know, we'd all die?" He is hesitant "Poor Zane. And a lot of other people." He moves to sit down and reaches out for the champagne "She's probably more like a force of nature. Ughhhh. Well. Fran and - what was he, some other vampire. They're not gonna hurt any more people." He adds "Sorry I ducked out, guys. I felt weird and Jade said I should try this. The masseuse said I was made out of knots, that's hilarious."

Felicity snorts at Jade, but there's a slightly more smile-like smile. Then she shakes her head at Spear. "It's totally good you did. People should be enjoying Vegas and relaxing. I'm okay. I promise. You can leave me alone for a bit and nothing will happen." Pause, frown. "Well, not okay, obviously, but I'm not going to jump off the balcony or anything. Just cry a lot."

Jade tells Spear, "You were right, and I was wrong to question you." He kisses Spear on the cheek. "I'm going to go hop in the shower. Then we were thinking about the prime rib buffet downstairs, but before that, Felicity and I were going to take a walk. You can come, too, of course." He gives Spear a squeeze, then hugs Thea, planting a kiss on top of her head. Then Felicity gets a hug, and he says, "Crying a lot is totally permitted." Then he pads off toward the most lavish of the en suite bathrooms. Hey, he's paying, he gets the good one.

"I know you won't hurt yourself," Spear says, with more confidence than he should perhaps have, and he adds "But that doesn't mean it wouldn't make us shitty friends if we left you alone right now. I feel really bad. And a bit confused about, some. Unresolved things myself with Cash and Hector. And it's just a real rotten shame, and. Crying is good for you. But that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt." He is kissed, and he then wraps his arms around Jade for a big hug, before he can kiss him on the cheek, and then he says to both girls "I do know Cash and Hector didn't leave anything unresolved - for them."

Felicity sniffles and nods to Jade. "Have a good shower. We'll go look at the water display or watch the pirate show and then come back and go to the buffet." There's a little wince at the end of Spear's statement, that Cash and Hector weren't leaving anything unresolved behind, but she settles back into her chair after she's gotten a hug from Thea as well.

"There's a pirate show?" asks Spear "I don't know much about Circus Circus." He pauses, watching Felicity's response, and then he says to her "I...I'm sorry. It's just that Silver or I would know straight away if they were ghosts. Most useless power ever, right?"

Felicity blinks. "At Treasure Island. There's boats and stunt performers. So... different hotel, but we could walk down to it." And then she sighs, "Yeah. I know. And... I know, but that does just mean that they can't have cared that much, doesn't it?"

"No, it's not like that," says Spear "It's not about strength of caring. A parent leaves no ghost when they die leaving their child, if their child is old enough - or has carers. Or other reasons." He spreads his hands and he says "If they knew you were strong enough...that's all. Because if we otherwise hang around - we never stop. It goes on, and on for generations. It's not. Something that helps. I guess, knowing it. Now if, umn. Fran wasn't dead? That might do it. They would be pinned by anger. But a living, breathing person who they know is strong enough to - eventually - recover? Sometimes lovers stick around and wait, but they're often very, ermgggg..." He pauses "I don't wanna say anything _bad_ about 'true love' but. Erm. I always wonder if they're a bit. Co. Dependent. Because otherwise you expect the living person to go their whole life, never changing. Which. Erm. Doesn't feel very much like love to me."

Felicity is crying again, just steady tears falling for a bit, finally she whispers, "I don't think I'm strong enough. I don't think this is something you can get over. I... I don't want them trapped forever. I just... they left me. Both of them. I... one, maybe. Maybe I could... it would hurt, but... both? We were supposed to have years, decades, a lifetime. We got months."

"They didn't mean to leave you, Felicity," says Spear, and he gets up to go and sit next to her, with his glass of champagne "I don't even think we should be talking about 'getting over it' at this point, right? It's way too soon. Do you want to help me make the shrine? We could do two - one where you are, and one where I am. I can take photos and send them to you. And you can to me. Shrines are for the living."

Felicity sighs and wraps her arms around Spear. "I... I don't know. I... fuck. I don't think I have any photos. I... Silver might have some from Prom. I mean... I have photos of Cash and I as kids, but..." She closes her eyes and just sobs. "I don't know. Maybe. Ask me in a week. Maybe in a week I'll be able to breathe."

"I mean, of the shrine. So you can see someone feels - a little bit - like you. Even if we're a big distance away. I know you don't want to come with us - you'd be super welcome. And...if. It wasn't for Jade, I don't see why I couldn't go with you. Nothing ties me anywhere." He smiles at her, and then he pats her knee "The shrine should have things you think of. And if you're not ready for it - ever - that's okay too. I'll be setting one up pretty soon, because it helps me." He adds "It's a bit messed up. I still had a crush. And. Stuff. But you _really_ don't want to hear about those details."

Felicity sniffles and leans on Spear. "I don't mind, actually. If you want someone to talk to. You don't have to, but if you want someone. It's okay. I mean... I signed on knowing they each loved someone else, too. I'm not..." She frowns, trying to think through something, "I guess jealous is the best word I can find, but... they were cute and sexy and... mostly wonderful and occasionally infuriating and I can see why other people would love them, because I did."

"Oh, I was jealous," says Spear to Felicity "I was jealous because Cash saw something in Hector he couldn't see in me. I was jealous because Hector was better looking and more attractive than me. I was really, really jealous. I was angry, and it was hot and it choked me up. I tried to be the bigger man, but it kept. Umn. Failing. Because I'd look at them and think 'What was wrong with me?'" He then says "I have people to talk to. Because I don't mind ever talking to everyone. But it seems like you got hurt the most. So it's not _right_ for me to burden you, like, unless it's honestly not a burden?" He interlaces his fingers "I'm not smart, and I'm not good looking, or sporty. But I'm good with people." Then he says "So you guys really were like, all together."

Felicity hugs Spear tightly and sighs. "Nothing's wrong with you. Hector just... he understood Cash and could...figure out how to translate the world to him. He could calm Cash down... usually... sometimes. I understand... understood Cash. Mostly. We were always a lot alike. Kind of. Which means Hector just... got me, too. I don't know why. There was... we fit. And that's the only way I can think to describe it. On, like a... personality, thought process, who we were level. We... fit. And none of that means that there's anything wrong with you. Honestly, it probably means there's something wrong with at least two of the three of us. He cared about you, they both cared about you so much. Cash was just... He sometimes made stupid decisions." Sniffle. "And yeah, yeah, we really were, like, all together."

"Heh. That does sound good," says Spear, and he pats her on the knee "I like girls too. But. Even if Jade did? I think it's pretty clear I can't handle the person I like having an eye on someone else." He pauses, then he says "Did you have a thing about, umn. People too? I know Cash did. I know he didn't like me touching him." He adds, a bit dryly "Of course I never thought of Hector in that way. Never mind. They were a really...unique set. Just like you, Felicity. Weird problem solving, sometimes, but. We all have our moments I suppose."

Felicity sniffles and kisses Spear on the cheek. "No. I like touch." A slight frown. "Well, if I like the person I like touch. Cash did, too, just... the transition state from not-touching to touching always got to him, so he'd flinch, but once he was being actually touched, he enjoyed it. So... you sort of had to learn to not take the flinch as a bad reaction. Like the eye thing wasn't, either. It was involuntary. But... I mean, I can be picky about textures and I need things to fidget with and sometimes my hands kind of get away from me." A frown. "Not like touching people, like..." She kind of waves one of her hands in the air like she's trying to summon something or maybe fly away. "Sorry. I... sorry." Deep breath. "Hector was good at knowing when to push and when not and translating the overwhelmed into something useful."

"Like whatever," says Spear, easily enough. He is very fluid, in his own emotional state - rarely, and temporarially - ever feeling negative. He says "I know, umn. I mean, Hector told me. But it was hard not to take it as rejection, annnnd. I try really hard. You know, to be what the other person wants. Anyway. This isn't really about our relationship?" He frowns a little, and he says "I'm not picky about anything. I can eat anything, you know? I just don't get sick. A lot of things don't bother me. Like Jade being a drug addict." He says that so very bluntly "No, don't feel sorry. I am. Upset about it all. It seems stupid. That they died. Like. Why not. Erm. Others." People he likes less.

"The first time Cash kissed me, he immediately ran for the bathroom and threw up. I... yeah. The overwhemed can lead to some weird results." It's a quiet little confession, and then she sighs again, "Bad luck... And Hector being one of the people in the lead. If it hadn't been him, it would have been Morrison. I'm... not entirely sure what that would have done to Hector." There's another deep breath and a sniffle. "Cash was just pure stupidity."

"He'd have been upset, but. Morrison was a Lester. They're tough. Amy decapitated vampires. She's upset about it. I'm not," says Spear, with very little pity for those things. He pulls the side of his mouth one way, then the other, and he says "Bad luck. Yeah. I stayed back from the lead. I was scared. Ashley wasn't, somehow. The whole gun thing and kidnapping was just different for us. I was fine while we were _there_." He waves it away with a hand and says "No? Cash was trying to help him. He wasn't stupid. He was just, umn. Overwhelmed."

Felicity closes her eyes and leans back against the chair, drawing in a deep breath. "That, too. But the overwhemed made him stupid. That... No one could save Hector from that wound. I..." She shudders and starts crying again. "It... I was always better at getting through it than Cash. In the moment at least. I... sometimes I wish I weren't. That I could have just fallen apart as well. No one ever came. I guarded the way out, but... it was useless. No one was trying to get in. I could have just crumbled and it wouldn't have mattered."

Spear says "We could hear the gunshots. We guessed that the other team were dying. I don't know if anyone's talked to you about it. We actually thought everyone was probably going to die. But we were able to make it up to the ritual room because the people with guns weren't where we were. And that was...all there was to it. I mean, it seems sort of offensively simplistic. But it's true." He put his hands together "I'm sorry. After the two guys with guns, I guess you're right - that was it. We had vampires where we were, but when Amy started exploding them, most of them ran away. When I felt Hector die, I thought that was the first of several. It kinda took me out of commission."

Felicity nods and sniffles more. "We used up our luck early. The first two shots missed. And they seemed to have single-shot shotguns because we could hear them reloading when we pulled back. So we stuck a helmet out on a stick and when they shot that, Hector and Morrison rushed them. But the guy Hector went for had a pistol as well. It... we got so lucky and so unlucky all at once."

"Oh, that was smart!" says Spear, impressed "I mean, I wasn't thinking really straight? I was honestly only there for Silver. I mean, well. And, erm, Jade. But I was kind of done. Just done. Like the stuff that happened wrung me out. I wish I was more like Ashley." He frowns, and he says "Yeah. I see that now. So poor Hector got shot. Man." He wishes it was Morrison, clearly. Spear finishes his champagne and he sighs "So then Cash freaked out and was trying to stop him dying?"

Felicity nods. "And everyone else did a quick sweep, but were trying to get up to help the rest of you, so they all left. And I was guarding the back to make sure no one was out in the woods, trapping us or flying in or something. And... apparently they missed the guy hiding. And he and Cash killed each other before I could get there." It's almost rote. Robot Felicity is back for the moment, like if she's cold enough, clinical enough, it will stop hurting.

"We're lucky nothing came up. It was a good idea to guard the area," says Spear, and he grimaces at talk of Cash and someone killing one another "That's. Really messed up. And we can't even really talk to a counselor about it all. Because I don't think we can say 'hey, vampires did a -'." He pauses "I should ask Chen if he knows like, vampire hunting counselors."

On the plus side, Felicity's laughing. On the downside, it's not quite entirely sane laughter. It's the 'everything is so horrible that laughing becomes the only possible option' laughter. "I mean, we could claim that they were just psycho bikers and kidnapped our friends and... we... somehow went to try to get them out instead of calling the cops... several of whom are our relatives... and... killed them all and accidentally burned down the place in the process? It... oh god. That's... yeah. Vampire hunting counselors sounds more plausible."

"Yeah, it's not happening," says Spear, with a sigh "And besides. I don't want to leave Jade, if we get sectioned or something awful. What if something happens to him? He needs looking after." He frowns a little, and he says "...well, you know. We do know a tea-shop-owner guy. Who, I notice, didn't really seem like. Look. I don't want to be mean. And he _did_ show up. But he didn't really, er. Well." He sighs "Well, anyway. It's all said and done now. And I guess they were psycho bikers. Man. I need a holiday. We all need one. A giant one."

Felicity sighs, the laughter trailing off, and then she leans against Spear. "I... think I'm going to take a nap until Jade is done primping. And yeah, we need a rest. Though I suppose at least nothing as awful and crazy will happen to us again. We've survived something no one should have had to. Wake me up when Jade's ready to go."