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Late Night At the Taco Bell
Characters  •   Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Jonny Lester  •  Cash Freeland  •  Amy Lester  •  Star Thistle  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  Taco Bell Parking Lot
Date  •  2019-08-01
Summary  •  A bunch of punk kids at the Taco Bell argue, fight, and most of them disperse by the time the chief of police arrives.

A few things.

In December, 1993, a classmate named Tasha Whiteaker was murdered, her body found just outside town. It was never solved. Jade Marchant was her best friend and the last one who saw her alive. About a week after her untimely end, Jade wrapped his Jaguar around a tree. Rumor has it he was wasted.

Now, two months later, Jade seems to be doing all right. He's got a Ferrari now, cherry red, and he's got the top down, sitting on top of the back seat in the back. Doesn't matter than it's February and thus not exactly balmy. He's in a long wool coat, and he's smoking a cigarette. He's got a brown paper bag with a bottle in it. The Breeders is playing on the car stereo.

The familiar form of Jonny Lester slinks through the parking lot, a generous term that could more accurately be described as a shamble. His knit beanie perches on the back of greasy hair, glasses glinting in the light of the lamps towering overhead as he makes his way through the thin herd of sleeping vehicles towards the sound of the Breeders. The Ferrari is eye-catching, and Jonny's eyes squint in the bad light as he approaches. "That you, Marchant? You high as all hell right now? Does that come before or after the cheesaritos?" He doesn't identify himself, but the gangly figure, beanie, the half-frame hornrimmed glasses, and the low baritone voice all hitting the same note are all strong clues.

Jade snorts and says, "I'm high on life." Yeah, he's probably on something. He seems like he's in a good mood, and lately, that has been a chemically induced thing. Happiness. He waves to Jonny with his bagged bottle. "I'm just waiting for someone. I have to be more wasted thant his to do Taco Bell." He's wearing sunglasses, despite the fact it's night. "What are you doing?"

Teenaged runaways don't just get their cars back right away. They have to earn them and after being placed on the honor roll after the first term, Cash is driving again. Cash's car is like no other. It's as strange and confusing as he is. But, it is his pride and joy. It wasn't in the best shape when he got it. He restored it. Now, that pitch black, 1987 Buick Grand National GNX roars into the lot, headed for the taco bell drive through. One can see his shaggy red hair standing out from the black of the vehicle. Cash Freeland, no doubt about it. He's been laying pretty low since term started. Lower than usual, rather. It's not like he was much of a social butterfly before he disappeared over the summer.

After his trip through the drive through he pulls up beside Jade's Ferrari, he cuts the growling V6, turbo charged engine and slides out. Did Cash get taller while he was gone? The kid has to be very inch of six feet, three inches. He's wearing his usual leather jacket, ripped jeans and scuffed work boots. He's holding a large drink and has a bag of tacos. He leans against his car and says, after a few moments. "Hey, Jade, Jonny..." His greeting is soft, his eyes are cast down and then away. "A Ferrari? How did you manage that?"

Another Lester! This one is Amy, dressed in her jeans and her white tanktop. It's the sound that heralds her approach, that unmistakeable wheels-on-pavement from a set of inline skates. At least, after Cash's car has been stopped. She zips along through the parking lot, drawn towards the gathering of vehicles. And the expensive one at that. That's some car. Coming to a stop nearby, she rolls her shoulders briefly before quipping a greeting, "The fuck are you all doin'? Hey, Jonny." Naturally, her cousin gets something more of a hello.

"If it's your dead friend, that's a little on the morbid side." Jonny's long arms wrap around his torso, his sweater not warm enough in the chill air. "Faster ways to get there, like that stunt you pulled two months ago."

The brusque comments are interrupted by the arrival of the contrasting black car, and Jonny is drowned out more than anything else by the roar of the engine. When it finally cuts out and the other kid emerges, he gives him an upward nod. "What up, Cash Money, glad to see you crawled out from under your hood to get some air. I would have forgotten how cool both of you are if you didn't have these flashy rides to remind me."

And then interrupted again, by the more demure clatter of rubber wheels on roller blades. "Trying to get something to eat, Marsha broke the goddamn Easy Bake so the list of options is /thin,/" Jonny answers Amy in an irritable deadpan.

"That was an accident," Jade says. He flicks his cigarette and glances to the car pulling up next to his. "Hey, Red." With a shrug, he says, "I promised to cut back on my day drinking. Besides, what am I supposed to do? Take the bus?" He wrinkles his nose. "Ew."

He raises his bagged bottle to Amy in greeting. "Hey. Just waiting for someone. I'm going to give them a ride home." He takes a drink from the bottle. "I got a little while yet."

Cash pulls on a lock of his hair when he's called Red. "An accident." Cash echos. "I'm sure Tasha had nothing to do with it. Or booze. Or sadness. Okay." He speaks bluntly but not in a deadpan fashion. "Do you plan on drinking and driving tonight?" Cash asks. "I would slow down. The cops are out tonight. Saw two on the way here. And a possible. So be careful, Jade." He looks to Amy, a flick of a gaze. No one really catches Cash's eyes anyway. He's never looked at anyone in the face for more than a moment since forever. "Hi Amy. Like your rollerblade." Then, to Jonny, he offers his bag of tacos. "Want one? I have six crunchy and six soft." And Cash would eat the lot of them alone. He's almost in a permanent growth spurt.

There's a dry laugh from Amy at that talk, a brief shake of her head as she sort of just keeps doing some lazy circles on those skates. "Nice goin, Marsha," she drawls out with a shrug of her shoulders, though her gaze locks onto Jade a moment, narrowing slightly. "The fuck is wrong with the bus, Marchant?" She wonders archly, frowning further.

Her attention is quickly switch to Cash, and she grins a little, glancing down at the blades and shrugging. "Why so much food?"

"Sure it was." When Cash questions whether Jade will be drinking and driving, Jonny chimes in helpfully with "Fucking do it then and spare us all the suspense already. And no, Cash, I don't think I will. One taco would only rousle up my appetite without settling it back down, but thank you for the offer of fifty-nine cents, I'm touched." The tone suggests he is not touched. Amy gets a look from around the side of the actual lenses of his glasses. "Are you serious right now? Have you ever even had a Taco Bell taco?"

Jade eyes Cash. "Hey, let's drudge up all the reasons I'm depressed, that'll keep me sober." He takes another drink from his bagged bottle. "Relax, it's just wine." When Amy asks him what's wrong with the bus, he blinks slowly, then reiterates, "Ew." In all fairness, he'd probably get robbed on the bus. He dresses like money. Jonny gets a withering smile, and Jade asks, "Am I in a deadpool? I'm touched. You'll have to wait and see like everyone else."

Cash grouses, shifts and says quickly. "You can have as many as you want, asshole." He is still offering the bag. "Just take it and shut the fuck up." And he throws the whole bag at Jonny. To Amy, "I have a late night. Some of my equipment needs repair. S'why I'm not on the air tonight. I got enough to last me while I worked. Had. I'll just eat something at home. I've been grounded for so long, I think I got a little cabin fever." He rubs the back of his neck before regarding Jade. "I blurt. Sorry. I worry about people. That's all. What's a dead pool?" He shifts a bit. "How's...How's Thea?"

In all fairness, Jade still might get robbed here in the parking lot. "I dunno," Amy says with a shrug of her shoulders back at Jonny, "Maybe I had some when I was a fucking kid or something, I don't remember." Surely she's had Taco Bell before. Surely. "Dunno if the cops will be like 'yeah alright kid it's just wine," she says dryly to Jade, rolling her eyes at the 'ew'. A hand lifts to run through her hair as she does another circle on those skates, watching the bag of food get thrown at Jonny. Her brows lift up a little as she stares at Cash. "I mean, you probably shouldn't have fucked off for so long, or whatever," she murmurs, shrugging her shoulders.

"It means I got ten bucks that says Marchant's the next one from our class to bite the dust, Cash," Jonny explains, as one might to a particularly slow student while stooping over to pick up the Bell bag without any complaints or further questions, reaching in and pulling out a paper-wrapped taco. Both hands are full so he tugs the paper open with his teeth, while he continues to not shut the fuck up. "Whole lot of fucking touching going on out here tonight. What'd you even do to get your folks so pissed? Fuck, hot sauce." Half his face is shoved into the bag to check for the little packets.

Jade's lips twitch with amusement. "Thea's fine," he says. "I'll tell her you said hi." He gestures to Amy with his bottle and says, "It's almost empty. Then it's going to be smashed in the parking lot, and if anyone asks, it was like that when I got here." He offers her the bottle, then. It's expensive wine he's brown-bagging tonight. To Jonny, he says, "Just any Marchant? I think I'm actually offended. I'm the trainwreck. Do you know how hard I have to work at it?"

"Don't talk about yourself like that, Jade." Cash implores. "Jonny, they put some sauce in the bag but it's too strong for me so...hang on..." He reaches into his car, tall and lanky enough to shimmer though the open window to retrieve packets from the passenger seat. He hands them to Jonny, in a neat and polite sort of way. "Here. Enjoy." He smiles, totally meaning it. As he gets back into his position of leaning against the black Buick, he says to Amy, looking dead at her for a heartbeat. "I fucked off for a very good reason." He never looks straight at someone without looking visibly uncomfortable and pained. This drives his point home. "And my equipment was older when I got it so it's always in need of patching or fixing..."

Snagging that bottle from Jade almost the moment it's offering, Amy stares at it and shrugs. She's not really much of a drinker truth be told. Oh sure, maybe when there's a party or something going down. She glances at Jonny, brows lifting up, holding the bottle vaugely towards him, the silent question and offer obvious enough. She's meeting Cash's gaze though when he stares and rolling her eyes a moment. "Yeah yeah, but then you came back and of course you're gonna get fucking grounded for it, so quit bitching about it."

"You're like a fucking carpet, Cash. Cashmere rug." The bag is thrust out towards Cash to collect the hot sauce packets, and once they're deposited, he shakes his head at Amy. "You can keep that pretentious shit. I don't do downers. That's why I can't stay out here any longer, you're all fucking downers. You're bringing me down. The amount of self-pity in this parking lot could level goddamn Disneyland. I'm out." So saying, he stilts off into the shadows on the periphery, back to wherever he came from.

Jade calls after Jonny, "Okay, kisses!" He rolls his eyes. Then he flicks the butt of his cigarette across the parking lot, and it goes skittering in a shower of red sparks. "I'm not down. I'm just indifferent." To life and death, apparently. Still, he seems to be done drinking for the moment. He sniffs, then says, "Valentine's Day's coming up. It's so stupid. Are you guys doing something for it?"

Cash scowls and shakes his head. "No." He states and angrily sips from his Mountain Dew. It's a very angry sip. "I...considered a special show. Love songs, requests, call ins I have a playlist written out but...fuck all that. I might rent shitty horror movies and stay in. Alone."

"Who's a fucking downer? What?" Amy seems confused by this statement of being full of selfpity, but Jonny's wandered off anyway and she just frowns and in a flare of temper kind of just throws that bottle of wine. It's just gonna smash like Jade said it would, right? Who cares! Well Jade might, because it's kind thrown at the side of his fancy car. "Who the fuck cares about bullshit like valentine's day anyway."

"Hey!" Jade leans over to make sure the bagged bottle hasn't harmed his paint job. "Fuck with me, it's fun and games. Fuck with my car, it's a lawsuit." Luckily, probably for them both, the bag keeps the car from getting scratched. Jade tells Cash, "We're probably having a party, but I'm not feeling it. It's all manufactured anyway."

"Manufactured." Cash repeats. "With what, uh, chalky hearts and shit? It's better than being alone." Cash looks around the parking lot for a moment before sniffing. "I better get home. I'm not grounded but...you can imagine what happens if I'm out of sight for too long. Take care, Jade? Okay?" He looks to Amy, subtly looking over her shoulder. "Careful on the skates." He looks around and snorts. "Right. I gave my tacos to that asshole." He says, matter of factly. With that, he gets in his car and rumbles out of the lot. As soon as he hit the straight street, he punches the gas and speeds off. Simple pleasures.

"Manufactured." Cash repeats. "With what, uh, chalky hearts and shit? It's better than being alone." Cash looks around the parking lot for a moment before sniffing. "Yeah. Better than alone. I'll come. Make cookies or something." He looks for his food. "Oh, right. Gave those to that asshole." He shrugs and dips his Dew.

Spinning around again on her skates, Amy just lets out a laugh. "Oh no, a fucking lawsuit, look out, now I'm scared," she taunts, giving a wave of both hands as if to suggest she's trembling. "Man maybe he was right, ya'll are fuckin' downers. And that asshole is my cousin, Freeland, so have some respect yea?" Ahh, family loyalty, and a Lester temper to go with it. What a great combination.

Hector comes back out of the Taco Bell and starts heading for jade's car, giving him an upnod. He's only been in town since January and is still learning faces. He gives the girls a sunny smile and asks Jade, "Who are your Frie-Oh!" He freezes when he sees the other boy with them, looking like he's seen a ghost. Blushing, he quietly slinks over to stand by Jade, guilt all over his face and in the slump of his shoulders.

"You threw the fucking wine I gave you at my car," Jade says, "For no fucking reason. When people go from zero to crazy bitch, I get cranky." He lights another cigarette. "Maybe I don't like the competition." He's sitting on the top of his back seat, in the back of a Ferrari with the top down, and there's a broken wine bottle in a brown paper bag on the ground near the car. He perks up when he sees Hector. "Get in the fucking car, de la Heurta." The Breeders are playing on the car stereo.

Up rolls the bubblegum pink Hearse that everyone in town knows belongs to Star Thistle, youngest of the freakish funeral parlor triplets. A creepy doll's head is mounted to the front of the hood like a traditional hood ornament. For now, it pulls into the drive-thru.

"The fuck did you just call me, cunt?" Amy says, that temper suddenly flaring up as she whirls on the inline skates she's wearing, and then she doesn't say anything more. She's just propelling herself towards the car and more importantly, the Marchant sitting upon it. Clearly intent upon laying her hands upon him, to try and grab him and drag him off the damn car! There's barely a glance at Cash or Hector or even the weird pink hearse, and she shuts up completely once she's suddenly physical.

Hector might see a ghost. Whatever Cash sees has his blood boiling. Cash's anger comes in spurts. He rages in bursts for unpredictable reasons. A thrown bag of tacos out of kindness, for example. The sight of Hector makes his pale face flush hot and his lips tremble. "Are you fucking him Jade? I mean, you're straight, /I know/ but he talks a g-good game so be careful, yeah?" He spots the Thistle hearse and he groans. "Fuck! Fuck!" He looks for an outlet for his bubbled over rage. Hector. He throws his half empty Mountain Dew with the force of a softball pitcher at Hector. It's most likely just explode all over him. He looks to Amy now. "Fuck you and fuck your rude cousin." Jade's next. "Fuck you and your choice of friends." Back to Hector. "And most of all, fuck you, you lying /bastard/. Shoulda been an orphan." And then he spits on the ground near him.

The new kid jumps between Amy and Jade. Hector's sturdily built, but his hands are up in a peace maker's guesture, "Hod on, hold on. Can't we solve this peacefully?" His black cloth coat is lightweight and pen to show a beat up Misfits tee and black skinny jeans. He wears Black Doc Martins. His coat lapel has a bunch of ban pins and a small pink triangle one nestled in amoung them. His curly black hair is shoulder length.

It's only then that he sees Cash's face, and he sort of crumples, gazing at him with dark, sad eyes. He doesn't even dodge the flying soda. It splashes his face and arm. his voice is soft and sad, "No, Cash. I'm not fucking him or anyone. I know it won't change anything, but I'm sorry. There are no words for how sorry. Please hit me. I deserve it."

Jade yelps in dismay and tumbles back. Amy manages to catch him upside the face once, but once is all it takes to give him a bloody nose. He's like a baby bird in terms of fortitude. He's out of P.E. half the time with a doctor's note. He's also squirrely, and after some artful squirming, what Amy gets away with is the wool coat he has managed to shed. When Hector intervenes, Jade stands up on the back of his car and whips a canister of pepper spray out of his pocket. Brandishing it, he says, "Back off, Old Yeller!"

He then snips, "I'm not fucking him, Christ, Cash. I'm giving him a ride home because I'm a fucking peach when you people aren't driving me to violence." He eyes Hector. "Can he hit you when you're not protecting me from Rabid Spice?"

The pink Hearse pulls up to the window, largely hidden from view behind the building.

Left with just the coat, likely getting splashed by some of that mountain dew, and with who the fuck even is this in her face, Amy is not in a pleasant mood. She's not listening, not really hearing what's going on around her at this point, and clearly she doesn't speak whatever language 'solve this peacefully' entails.

All she really hears is this guy in front of her saying 'Please hit me, I deserve it.'

So she does.

A swift, fast left hook coming out swiftly for his jaw. Of course, she's still on roller skates as she does this, and while she's got her foot tilted forward to try and plant herself solidly, it's not really the best punch she's ever delivered.

Silver's hair is tied back into two neat braids. But the commotion in the lot has her pulling out the camera. Down goes the window as well. "Queasy Armadillo, Star, with chicken. And two soft tacos," She says before scooting her ass to sit in the window. Focusing that camera in on the action.

"Jaden, get the fuck down! Put the pepper spray away for the sake of--" Cash is mid-admonishment when Amy punches Hector. Cash is stunned. He blinks and then bursts into mad laughter. Just the unhinged sort of laughter that comes from this sort of situation. He says to Amy. "We? We are square. Sorry about calling your cousin an asshole." He approaches Hector, looming over him. "I won't lay a hand on you or they would call it a hate crime." He looks him over, reaches and grabs his coat. He rips pins of the lapel, tossing them away until he gets his prize. The pink triangle. He pockets it. "I hope you die of AIDS." He says, with a chill that is kinda terrifying from the mild, decent Cash Freeland. With that, he gets in his pitch black turbocharged Buick and bails, burning rubber.

Before the Thistles see him...

Hector is looking at Cash, not Amy, eyes fixed with an expression like Adam looking back at an Eden from which he's been barred for ever by flaming sword. Wham! he takes it solidly on the chin. He gives Amy a wild eyed look, "Jesus h. Christ, Woman! The fuck was that for?" His accent is Californian, but not one of the more exaggerated ones people generally mock.

Then he's looking up at the red head, flinching as if he really is being punched gain as Cash Freeland rips the buttons off. he watches Cash leave the way drowning man watches the rescue boat sail away.

Money is paid, food is handed over, and the bubblegum pink funeral car pulls around into the parking lot for a better view of the festivities. Star idly hands Silver her bag of food, munching on a nacho.

"Five minutes," she says. "Or less." Her sibling knows what she's talking about - the length of time it'll take Aunt Nancy to show up.

"You're being a dick, Cash," Jade says, then yells, "Dick!" to the retreating car just in case he didn't hear it the first time. He does get down, though, and climbs into the front seat, behind the wheel. He keeps his pepper spray close at hand, and with the heel of his other hand, he wipes the thin trail of blood from his nose. Not enough blood in him to make him much of a bleeder, alas. "Get in the fucking car, de la Huerta. Don't bleed on anything."

With Cash kind of there now, leaning over the form of Hector as Amy rocks back on her skates, she blinks a little, frowning and looking back and forth. "Huh?" She says to Cash, eyes widening at those words. "That's a bit fucking harsh, dude," she notes before staring down at Hector and looking even more surprised. "Wait, who the fuck are you?" Then she's looking up to see that Jade scurried over the other side of the car, and just sort of does a circle on those roller blades, peering. She's very confused and not quite at all sure how things ended up here.

"Sorry man, I guess you got in my way." she says, clearly not really meaning it, but perhaps there's a niggling moment of 'whoops' there, but a shrug. What can you do? Another circle on the spot and a shake of her head. "Later, bitches," and she's apparently content to go skating off into the night. Jade's coat is just left somewhere there in the lot.

The soft *click* *click* *click* of Silver's camera goes. Then stops as the drive-thru proves an impass. But hey, then they're circling around with her still sitting in the window. She gives the attendant an embarassed smile and decides to take a picture. Before being whisked back out to the lot where there is more shuttering of her camera. "OI! FREELAND! SAY CHEESE," She calls across the lot, the camera always making her braver when something 'exciting' happens. "Yup. She's gonna -love- this," She says in a more reasonable voice as she focuses in on the blond Freelander. *click*

In the driver's seat, the short, curvy Thistle sibling munches on a few more nachos. "Aw," says Star in mild disappointment. "They're leaving. We always miss the good shit with the living."

Hector shakes his head, "No really, I'm the asshole in this situation, trust me." Rubbing his jaw, he tries to rescue his buttons, a way eye on Rapid Spice. "Hector de la Huerta." He waves in the direction of the hearse, "Their new brother." Dumping the pins in a pocket, he jumps in. "Wo the fuck was that and why was she hitting us?"

Jade calls, "Okay, love you!" to Amy as she skates off. "Hector, will you get my coat for me?" He offers Hector his best sweet smile. "I don't want to get out." He then says, "That's Amy Lester. I gave her my bottle, and she threw it at my car, then flipped out when I called her a crazy bitch. But, in my defense, she's kind of a crazy bitch."

Silver wrinkles her nose as Cash slips off. "Well...dagnabit," She says with a bit of a huff. Sliding back into the passenger seat. Before doing anything else she re-buckles her seat-belt and then puts her camera away. "Nobody will get in trouble. What you wanna bet? Dishes for two nights?"

"Jade's still here." A blink. "Wait," Star adds, eyes narrowing. "Was that Hector that Amy just clocked? Not sure how to feel about that. He is our brother from another mother, but he's... Weird." Yes. Star Thistle called someone else weird. "And he seems to be friends with Mona's douchemodel brother. Yeah. I'll need to think about this. So much confusion."

It's about then that the big police SUV flashes its light and pulls into the parking lot. Aunt Nancy, right on time.

Hector goes to collect the coat. "You have any extra napkins Jade? He made me all sticky." He shakes his head, "Nevver call them that. They hate it. Why'd you call her Old... oh! Another way of saying bitch. Clever." He starts to wave to his theoretical siblings when he sees the flashing lights. "Shit!" he jumps in the car fast, like a hurdler trying to beat a record.

"Fuck," Jade says. "Do you have a driver's license, Hector? Wait, why are you freaking out?" He hasn't even gotten his keys out yet, but he does pocket the pepper spray now that the Lester threat has vacated. "Okay," he mutters to himself, "it's not a DUI if I'm not driving. I'm just sitting here. Waiting to sober up. Fucking admirable, if you ask me. Fuck. Switch places, de la Huerta. You're driving, and if you scratch my baby I'll make what Amy did look like an erotic massage."

"Looked like Hector," Silver says around a mouthful. Leaning forward to peer out the drivers side their way. "Is he hanging out with that one?" A brow raises and she goes to pull the camera out again. Leaning over across her sister to try and snatch a picture of the two in the car together. "Scusie," She says cheerfully to her triplet.

The SUV pulls in and comes to a stop, a small but remarkably sturdy older woman getting out. Nancy Thistle, Chief of Police. The lights atop the vehicle are off, and the siren was never turned on, so all signs point to her playing this discreetly. She approaches the Ferrari after glancing about the parking lot.

"Evening, boys," she greets with a faint smile. "Everything all right here?" Her gaze goes between the two before settling on Jade. It is his car.

Star sighs and rolls her eyes, squishing herself back in her seat so Silver can lean across. "Put an elbow in my tit again and you're walking home."

Hector eyes Jade like he's insane, "Because I was just in a fight? Yes, I have a licence and I'm sober, but I would rather not be searched." He switches, "Of course I'm driving." He raises his eyebrows, "Are you offering erotic massages now?"

He sits up straight as his Aunt approaches and does a remarkably good polite young man imitation, "Good evening Officer." He is completely sober. "We're fine. Some girl on skates smashed a bottle on the pavement as she zoomed past, but no one was harmed, luckily." His hands are on the wheel of the car in plain view. he makes no sudden moves. She may be a relative, but she's police.

Jade hisses at Hector, "I am not giving you an erotic massage!" Then he smiles up at Nancy and says, "Hello, Chief Thistle. We're okay. I was pissed because I thought she scratched my car, but it's fine. Hector's driving because I'm way tired." And wearing sunglasses still. He takes them off as an afterthought, and his lids are a bit droopy. "We're going to leave soon."

"Sorry," Silver squeaks as she snaps a few more shots. A pause and then takes another once their aunt is at the fancy car. With care she leans back into her own seat. And keeps the camera handy as she chews and watches what happens next. "Think I should tell Aunty that Jade and Hector switched places as she got here?" She asks looking quite uncertain on which family takes priority here.

Chief Thistle considers the two boys, then nods slowly, her smile brightening just a bit. "You make sure he gets home safe, Hector," she tells him. "I don't need Robert Marchant in my office at the crack of dawn."

A beat, expression fading a bit to something more curious and concerned as she looks at her nephew. "How you settling in at your dad's, Hector? If it's ever too crowded or creepy - and I grew up in that house, so I know what it's like - you let me know, yeah?"

"We don't," says Star, rolling her eyes like a pro. "We aren't tattle-tales, firstly, and second we have no dog in this fight."

Hector silently hopes the bruise hasn't started to show yet. He gives his aunt his very best polite young man smile, "I'll take him straight home." He ducks his head a little, "Everyone's being really nice to me, but thank you. It's really good to know I have family now."

Jade just smiles amiably at Chief Thistle and says, "We'll get there safe as houses." He's not trying overly hard to play sober, but he's not all that drunk either. Definitely shouldn't be driving, though. "Hector, you can crash at my place tonight if you want to, so you don't have to worry about how you're getting home."

Silver nods once sharply and says, "That was my inclination as well." And sits back in her seat. A second later remembering to buckle her seatbelt. "Did they remember napkins this time?" Digging into the bag even as she asks the question. "We still going to the cemetary?" She asks as she wipes cheese sauce off her chin with a thumb. "Eddy must be on shift. He always overdoes it on the jalapeno sauce."

"Yeah, they're nice, but living with the dead isn't fun, and you didn't grow up with it so you're not used to it," says Nancy. "If it ever gets to be too much, or you just need a bit more privacy, you can crash at my place for as long as you like. Your cousin Noah's room hasn't been used since he went to medical school."

She gives Jade another look, smirk returning. "Give your parents my regards," she says. And then she's heading back to the truck.

"We can," Star replies with a shrug. "If you'd rather get home and develop that film, I have bass practice to catch up on. It's cool."

Hector slowly buckles his seat beat, still wary of making sudden moves, "Thank you, Jade. Thank you, Cheif Thistle. I will definately remember that." Once she's out of earshot, "I'm never going to get used to that." He lets some of the tension out with his breath. He glances at the other boy, "Do you have a reputtion or something?" Because of course he doesn't know. Spear said he was a friend and he was likely holding. What does he know of Marchants?

"Yes, ma'am," Jade says. Once she's gone, he tells Hector, "You're cool with the haunted house, but this is your line in the sand? Okay." He regards Hector blandly for a moment, then says, "If you have to ask, clearly I don't. Come on, drive me home. Don't mess up my car." He leans over Hector to hit the button that will make the hood retract. "Sorry about Cash being a dick. He's usually so nice."

"Naw. I still got half the roll really. And I was gonna take pictures tonight since the moon is bright enough. Something nice for Spear to put up with the recordings," Silver says, shaking her head. Carefully she tucks a napkin into her dress' bodice and lays one across her lap. Then proceeds to devour her taco next.

Off goes the police SUV.

"Cemetary it is," says Star, starting up the Hearse and stuffing all her wrappers and trash into a grocery bag to toss later.

Hector eyes Jade like he's crazy, "Living in a Funeral home is cool. Police are terrifying. They can legally murder people." He shakes his head, "He has nothing to apologise for. Don't worry about it. So who was the violent chick and why was she hitting us?" He starts the car, and drives with a careful confidence the exact speed limit in hopes of not attracting more attention.

"She was a Lester," Jade says. "That's what they do. You can't take it personally. Besides, in retrospect, calling her a crazy bitch to her face was probably where negotiations broke down." Son of a keen businessman, this kid. For all his threats regarding the scratching of his car, Jade seems pretty relaxed with Hector driving it. So relaxed that, within moments, he's curled up asleep.