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It Ain't Hard to Tell
Characters  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Sky Bloomquist  •  Silver Luna Thistle  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - High School
Factions  •   Bloomquist Family  •  Thistle Family  •
Date  •  2019-08-17
Summary  •  Detective Sky tracks down his favourite cigarette thief, and takes the opportunity to meddle in the culprit's love life when Silver happens along. (1994-03-25)

If it's not during class time -- and, frankly, sometimes when it is -- and one's trying to find Zane, the first place to check is the theatre. Okay, behind the gym where people smoke is also a decent option, but first: the theatre. The musical's only been cast a few days ago, and the place isn't bustling yet, so there's only a handful of kids in there at the moment. One of them is playing the piano right now, slightly awkwardly, and Zane is on the stage, reading from something while he sings along with the melody, "The subtle tilt of a hat, touches like that, make me the best of the lot--"

Yeah, Sky knows his brother way too well.

And when he notices perhaps some of his smokes are missing, the Detective connects the dots rather quickly. But he also just wanted to see his little brother and see how he's doing. But Sky doesn't have the best reputation at the school. The one time drawing faster at high noon was a bad thing. But he smokes his cigarette as he enters the room, and when he takes it out of his mouth, he exhales some smoke. "Hey punk." Sky greets Zane.

How he always greeted Zane.

"You workin' hard?"

Zane breaks off at the greeting, which is not one he generally gets from other people. Also, the voice. The piano does not, continuing cheerily as the singer blinks, then grins at Sky. "Hey, Sherlock!" he greets back, which is how he most often does these days. "Sec," he tells the pianist, who nods but seems to be still focusing mostly on the sheet music, and perfectly willing to go on without vocal accompaniment.

"Not that hard yet, come back in like a month and we'll all be trading food and sleep for rehearsals," he says as though this is the best thing ever, wandering down toward the front of the stage and his brother beyond. "You?" His eyes widen. "You're not investigating something here, are you?"

Sky smirks at Zane when he calls him Sherlock. He did always love reading those books when he was a child. High school was fun, mainly because everybody was so easy to deduce. But, anyway, when Zane comes on over proper, Sky shake shis head. "Nope. So far, people at the school have been mostly well-behaved. Unlike you.."

He narrows his eyes for a second. "Who keeps snagging my smokes." he messes up Zane's hair for a minute. "How your grades doin, Zane?" because that matters too!

Zane hops down off the stage, only to have his hair mussed up! He wrinkles his nose at the gesture, though the grin makes it seem less likely it really bothers him. It's not even like his hair suits him less tousled, honestly, though he still lifts a hand to run it through and settle it back down a bit.

The grin goes a little sheepish at the first question, and more so at the latter one. "They're, um. I'm passing!" He's genuinely, if still sheepishly, kind of proud of that right now, even if Silver Thistle deserves a good portion of the credit. For tutoring him. ...and lowkey ending up doing a fair bit of his homework, to be honest. But Zane's trying! "Anyway, what makes you think it's me snagging them? Could be Arthur. Could be Silvio. Could be Mom!" It's not a genuine attempt to claim it is -- the kid's a damn good actor, it'd be a lot more convincing if he were trying to lie. He might actually be curious about how the 'case' was 'solved'; he's often interested to hear how Sky figures things out. Not exactly his own talent.

With that hair properly fussed, Sky lets out a puff of smoke from his mouth, albeit away from Zane's face. "Passing huh?" Sky raises a brow. He's tempted to pull the guardian card and get a copy of his current grades but....eh, kid still has plenty of time to get his shit in order. "Still flirting with the tutor?" He asks him with a grin.

Then HE's the one riddled with questions. Of course, the detective sleuth uses deductive reasoning. He wanted SHerlock Holmes, he's got it. "Mom had rubbed tobacco on the corner of her lip, with the scent being much too fresh for it to have been taken from my own pack, not to mention she had just left home and unlike me, she doesn't smoke nearly as often and won't have a compulsion to grab. Silvio is rarely home long and never has a compulsion to look through my personal belongings, much less my cigarettes, not to mention he was already at work by the time of the theft. Plus considering the light damping of floor wax-" he gestures to the theater rooms floor "and the odd scent of your very own cologne, it couldn't have been anyone else unless they are extremely good at framing." Sky smirks at Zane.

"A conclusion which I find, admittedly, unlikely. But you are certainly a good actor." he winks.

"Passing!" Zane confirms, with a definite nod. He's not passing by a lot -- there's no need to get a copy of the current grades to work out that, even without a detective's mind -- but he'll take just plain 'passing'. The kid's got a lot of blessings, but academic prowess has never been one of them. A faint hint of pink touches his cheeks as he adds, "And I don't flirt with Silver! Well, I mean, much anyway." She *is* very pretty, even if it sounds true and fine with him that, "We're just friends."

He leans up against the edge of the stage to listen to the rundown of the Case of the Snaffled Smokes, clearly intrigued, and looks just a little bit chagrined when Sky gets to the 'odd scent' portion of things. "It's not odd," he protests mildly, head tilting slightly, "...is it?" A glance at the floor suggests the wax thing is being filed somewhere, though the truth is, he's not really dishonest enough to work hard at trying to get away with the little theft. "Anyway, they're only borrowed, really. You know I'll replace them!" So far, he mostly has. Eventually, at least. It was worse before he could legally buy them; there's only so many times you can talk people into selling you things when you just 'forgot' your ID, after all.

Sky smirks at Zane as she once again confirms his passing grades, then blushes about the tutor bit. "Mhm." Is all Sky says in retort to that, clearly unconvinced at Zane's efforts to say they were just friends. "Word of advice little brother: It always starts off as friends." he teases him, before he leans against one of the walls.

"I know you'll return them. You usually always do. Though if you want me to just buy you a pack or two, you can always just ask." He huffs out some more smoke. "I'm only a difficult person when I'm on the job. So, whats this play or performance all about?" might as well talk about something that Zane is probably passionate about.

"Does it?" Zane's head tilts a bit at that again, the expression going thoughtful for a moment. "'cause honestly that isn't really what it looks like when I look around here, but on the other hand, also people keep breaking up and hating each other so, I dunno, maybe they're just doing it wrong." And maybe he has been, too, since he hasn't actually dated all that many people, and none of them for really very long. Though, at least as far as Sky's been aware, he does seem to get on with most of them after the fact.

He looks a little relieved that Sky does know he'll return them, and the offer gets a small, grateful smile, but then there's that question about the play, and yeah, he's always passionate about that. It lights him up, though not in the same way as Sky's cigarette. "It's a musical." Yes, Zane, the detective can probably work that out from the fact you were singing. "Kiss of the Spider Woman. It's about these two dudes in jail in Argentina. A gay dude who's in for corrupting a minor, which, more or less he kinda got framed?" Entrapped would be the better word. "That's my part. And then this revolutionary guy, and the warden wants my guy to get info out of the other guy so they can get the other revolutionaries. So it's about that, and about imagination, and loyalty, and love, and, like, the cruelty of the state kinda?"

Sky blinks a little bit at Zane. Well, he wasn't exactly expecting that. "Ah huh. Strange play." He's not judging, he just wasn't expecting it. "So, you gonna knock it out of the ball park? Ya got a solo?" Sky asks, letting out another huff of smoke as he talks with his little bro.

Zane and Sky are in the Theater room of the school and seem to be catching up. While Zane is wearing his usual clothes probably, Sky is in his detective ensemble. Three-piece suit, black overcoat. No fedorah. Cigarette in his mouth. Likely found time in between cases to come see Zane. Apparently they are having a neat conversation.

The curtain on stage swishes. The theater is used for choir just as much as it is drama. There is a very soft *click* as Zane gets animated about the play. Possibly even drowned out by his excited babble about parts and plots.

Zane is indeed in his usual clothes! Today's version of that is a fairly loudly patterned short-sleeved buttoned shirt under overalls with only one strap fastened. "I was kinda hoping we'd do, like, Grease maybe, or Little Shop of Horrors, but this is cool too. Those are happier, though." Shrug. "But yeah, I'm gonna try anyway! And I've got," slight pause, "three solos? And a bunch of duets and trios and stuff. There's a lot to learn, I didn't really know this show yet." A small pause before he adds, with a hint of excitement, "It won a bunch of Tonys last year though. Like, for best musical, and the guy playing my part got best leading actor, and best actress and best featured actor went to the chick playing the Spider Woman and the dude playing Valentin, that's the other main guy. And it won for score and book, too, so like, you know it's really good." He does not notice the swish of the curtain, nor the even softer click.

This seems to make Sky grin either way. He hears the click, and the swish of the curtain even as he listens to him, letting out another huff of smoke in any given direction. "If you did Grease, I'm bringing Mom and Dad whether they like it or not. Its a good play." He grins a bit, doing that cool brother tone. "But anyway, look at you being the main man. Told you ya always had it in you." He says, very supportive of Zane. "But...looks like we have movement at six o'clock." he whispers, perhaps trying to get Zane's attention to the swishing of the curtain and the clicking sound's origin, perhaps.

Silver stills behind the curtain. Had she been seen? She peers through the lens and then wrinkles her nose. Looked like it. With a little huff of annoyance, and a smile of amusement, she let the camera drop to her chest. Stepping out from behind the curtain with smile in place. "Hello!" She said with real cheer as her eyes went from Zane to Sky and then the cigarette. "You know...there's no smoking in here right detective?" One eye squints, but she doesn't seem like she's gonna run out tattling.

ROLL:quiet: Zane rolls spirit+1 for: [1]: x1 [4]: x1 [6]: x3 (Set) -- Match Value: 3 (Raw: 6 4 1 6 6 -- d6)

Zane's played a lot more than what other guys who wanted the roles would probably call his fair share of leading roles in his time-so-far, but he's still clearly both thrilled about it and pleased by Sky's support and approval, shoulders rolling back a touch extra. "Thanks! It makes me less nervous waiting to hear from the schools, kinda, too, 'cause I must still be doing pretty okay, right?" There'd been a couple road trips, him and Thea Marchant and at least some selection of their twin/triplet contingent, off to LA for the Juilliard and Tisch auditions. It's gone well, up to the last cut as it were, but they're waiting to hear if they're accepted or not, right now.

A blink about movement at six o'clock, a beat of a pause, and then he's glancing behind him, just in time to see Silver emerging to greet them. "Hey!" he greets the girl, giving her a brilliant smile, "Practicing something for choir?" He glances at his brother. "He's not smoking, though, he just always looks like that." Somehow, he actually makes that sound entirely sincere, genuine, and factual. The last one's the weird bit.

Sky seems to smirk at Silver. "I saw." Doesn't stop him from exhaling some smoke though. Its not like most of these students who smoke obey this rule anyhow. Otherwise why else would some areas of the school smell like pure tobacco? Either way, he smirks at her, before he looks to Zane as he stands up from his spot.

He keeps the cig in his mouth, looking at Silver. "Thanks for tutoring Zane. He's smart in theater, but sometimes he needs a hand keeping focus on his classes."

A hand on Zane's shoulder. "But maybe Zane here can take you out to dinner to repay your kindness."


Silver blinks at Zane twice and then says, "Welll...yes and no. I do want to practice for Choir, especially since I think Ms.Hellenbrand wants us to do back up for the play if we want too." She moves to put the lens cap back on her camera absently.

So her head snapping up at Sky's comment is very noticable. As is the fact her green eyes are owlishly wide. They skip from Zane to Sky to Zane to Sky as her cheeks gain color. "Oh, you know it's cool. Not a big deal, it helps me with my studies yeah. Teaching helsp ya learn and all that shit," She says with a nervous laugh. The fact that she actualy swore and didn't use some colorful coloquism dictactes the level of her nerves.

"Uh...U-unless he -really- wants too..." Silver says in a softer voice her eyes sliding back to Zane one more. Brows raising uncertainly.

"Are you gonna?" Zane asks about the back-up thing, and while he notices Silver messing with her camera, she's always got that camera, seems like. And usually she's messing with it! No, he has not drawn any conclusions about the fact that this is so often the case when he sees her unexpectedly.

Sky's remark on his classes has him looking sheepish again, running a hand through his hair, and he gives her another smile, smaller, in continuing thanks for her assistance. The suggestion, though? That has him blinking again, and glancing at his brother. He should do what? Huh. Well-- maybe he should. She is helping him out. And he does like dinner. "I could do that," he says, looking to Silver again, "if you'd want? 'cause, I mean, I do appreciate it a lot."

To Sky, that was all that needed to be done.

"Then its settled. I'll leave it to you two to form up the details." He pats his brother on the shoulder, gives him a thumbs up in that charming, fully knowledgeable of what he just did, kind of way, and he's walking away as he puts his fedorah on his head. "You kids play nice now." and he seems to make his way out.

La Leyenda de Amor rides again!

Silver has this funny like smile on her face, lips kind of parted. It's the, 'I don't know what happened, but I think it's good?' kind of smile. A blink as Sky walks out and then she turns to stare at Zane for a second. Her face flushed ruddy beneath her pale cocoa skin. "I...I think I'd like that. Yeah...sure," She dips her chin as her smile growns into a shy grin. As if trying to hide it.

"You're brother is...uhm...a hoot," Is what Silver settles on after she regains her composure. Eyes returning to Zane as she moves to sit on the edge of the stage, peering down at him more closely now. "Do you think I should do chorus for the play?" She asks him, now that Sky has headed off.

Zane looks a little confused as well, watching after his brother as the detective departs. Yeah, he's also not totally sure what just happened. "I..." Huh. Okay, what's the upshot of this? Tasty food and hanging out with Silver, which he does anyway, so therefore, this is clearly good! Right? Right. "Okay, soon then," he says, giving her a less-shy grin back, "We can decide where and stuff. ...and yeah, he kinda can be? I might've kinda stolen, um, borrowed some of his smokes and he came to make sure I know he knows, I think." He sets a hand to either side of himself and pushes to hop up and sit on the edge of the stage as well, getting comfortable there. "'course I think you should do chorus for the play. You sing great, and you can dance, you should already be doing it!"

Silver ducks her head again with a bashful smile at the praise and encouragement. "All right, I'll ask about it tomorrow," She says after a seconds pause. A little nod and she looks back up at Zane. "Tsk, stealing smokes from a detective? You should know better," She says with a soft giggle, leaning sideways to shoulder-bump him. "How...how did the thing with Mona go?" She asks with only a little quiver in her voice. She's not worried or jealous or anything. Noooooo.

"Well, he's my brother, I've been borrowing his smokes since like... years." This is not actually an argument against Zane needing to know better. Or a proper sentence structure, but oh well. Her question gets a briefly confused look. "Which thing?" Mona is, after all, his best friend; they're together an awful lot of the time. Still, it clears up fairly quickly, "Oh, like, swimming?" There's a flicker of... something in his expression, though what is hard to read, really. Might border on that confusion again, though it's gone fast. "That went fine. We went in the pool and the hot tub, your brother showed up too. He had a thing for Jade. So we talked about, like, costuming and stuff."

Silver looks mildly surprised when Spear is mentioned and her brows quirk upwards. "Really? He did? Guess you guys weren't alone long then?" She gives a little laugh. She is not the actress Zane is and so it sounds forced. But she has never been good at small talk. It's usually all on or awkward as legos and bare feet. "You gonna tell me what you're wearing to the party yet?"

"Nah, not long." Zane shrugs; it's not like being alone or not alone with Mona is an unusual situation. "She barely had time to suggest we should hit prom together so she doesn't have to worry about some dude not being able to keep up with if she does something really awesome for a dress, which of course she's gonna." Of course she is! Except that in the past, she's always seemed to put more of her efforts into making Thea and Jade look awesome, and kept herself slightly in their background. Maybe not this time? "Then he was there with his gift thing so we said come swim. And nooooope." A grin. "You still gotta ask her if you wanna know."

ROLL: Silver rolls spirit-1 for: [1]: x1 [4]: x1 [5]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 5 4 1 -- d6)

Silver's face falls when he mentions prom. Just a bit before she is pressing her lips together and looking at her feet. Kicking them slowly to knock against the stage with a hollow *thud*. "Are ya gonna go with her?" She asks in a quieter voice. "I'm sure she'll look stellar and, um, stuff." Then she gives a little huff of a chuckle and shakes her head. "Ummmm...hey. I...I'm gonna go. I got a tutoring session in a bit and...and...yeah," Eyes averted and her face doing that doll-like smile thing, she pushes off the stage. To land on the ground with smooth grace.

ROLL: Zane rolls brains for: [3]: x1 [5]: x1 [9]: x1 [10]: x1 -- Match Value: 0 (Raw: 5 3 10 9 -- d10)

Zane's brow furrows. "Well, yeah? She's my best friend, and she asked. It's not like I'd asked anyone already or anything." This all seems obvious to him! And Silver's way smarter than he is, so clearly this should all be obvious to her too, right? And yet something here seems... off, somehow, not quite right, but he can't put his finger on just what. Aside from, "You just got here though, weren't you gonna get some practice in?" Though he's no stranger to only remembering about tutoring at the last minute, if from the other side of it. "I guess tell me when you're free to go eat and stuff and we can, yeah? Maybe after one of our sessions or something."

Silver does a little hope when she lands and turns to glances slightly back over her shoulder at him. But her hair is a little in the way. She nods her head a little shakily. "I know, time just flies. You think you have time to do something and then BAM!" She slams her fist suddenly into her hand. The pose is held for a minute and a little huffy sigh escapes her. When she turns more fully towards him it's with a sachrine smile. The lights reflecting off her eyes brightly. "Sure! Whatever ya want, Zane. Tomorrow's our next session," She says, voice a little high and tight. Then she is not-quite rushing, but really she is, for the audience exit out into the halls. Rather than the backway she entered from.

"'kay," Zane says, head tilted again as he watches her not-quite-hurry out. Sometimes Silver really is a little weird. ...just a little, though. And after all, it's not like he never forgets things he's supposed to do, right? A small shrug, and he pushes up to his feet, shaking his head once as he heads back up the stage, picking back up his sheet music on the way. "Wanna try that one again?" he asks the pianist, flipping back to the start of the song, and the sound of the music and his voice raised in song follow the girl through the room and out the door.

Eddy just looks at Zane for a moment, shakes his head, and cracks his knuckles. "Yoooooou got it," And the begining notes play out as his fingers descend.