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Islands, Heists and Memories
Characters  •   The Bravo  •  The Penitent  •  The Capitalist  •
Location  •  Penitent's Room
Date  •  2019-03-10
Summary  •  The Penitent invites The Bravo and The Capitalist into her room to discuss things.

Penny apparently has some things to say, because both Bravo and Capitalist's rooms get a quickly scrawled note asking for them to turn up, slid under the door. And she's kept the door slightly open as she waits. Within -- well, she's described her room as a cell before. A luxury cell, perhaps, but a cell all the same, and it's not far wrong. The floor is uncarpeted, just painted concrete, and the walls are bricks painted an off white. It's not an especially large room like some of them, but it wouldn't crowded with a few people in it either. The bed might be a bit out of place, it's several tiers better than the room around it, but the furniture is otherwise pretty basic. A nightstand with some drawers, a desk in one corner, though there's nothing on it. A few plastic chairs. Nothing fancy, but they are a place to sit. There's a few paintings on the wall, landscapes mostly; one is a beach, another is a starfield. One is a desert.

Penny herself is sitting on the bed with her legs crossed beneath her, just staring at the wall, seemingly deep in thought, but looking rather peaceful, all in all.

It's not long after the note is found in her room that Bravo makes her way across to Penny's room. There is a quiet knock on the door before she lets herself in, pushing the door mostly closed behind her as she enters. She's dressed up, as usual, beaded orange dress, heels, and her hair and make-up done to go with what looks like it should be cocktail hour. "Hey..." She greets, her eyes sliding around the room, taking it in with a bit of a smile before she moves over, leaning in to give her a kiss hello.

Sitting there, barefoot as always, in her simple black sweatpants and black singlet top, Penitent shifts a little, shaking her head to clear out her thoughts as Bravo turns up. There's that pleasant little smile there creasing at her lips as she looks the woman over. "You look great," she says, shifting to swing her feet out to the floor as Bravo approaches, reaching up to add a hug in addition that greeting kiss. "How're you finding it all this time around, with a real life behind you and all?" She wonders quietly. "I'd offer you somewhere to sit but there's not much. I did get something to drink though!" She slides over towards the nightstand, opening the bottom drawer to find what she gathered from the dispensary. Whiskey or chardonnay seem to be what's on offer, along with glasses.

"I'm fine." Bravo replies, returning the hug as well before she moves away, glancing towards the drinks that Penny got, considering it before she points towards the whiskey. "I'll have that." She pulls a cigarette from behind her ear, where it was hidden by some of her hair, "Mind if I smoke?" She wonders, tucking the cigarette into her mouth although she doesn't reach for a lighter or anything on her person. Probably lack of a lighter. "You were saying that you wanted to talk to me?" Which is a sobering thought, and it is clear on her face that she's curious about what it'll be about, and fully expects whatever it is to be bad.

Pouring whiskey then! Penny does this, waving a hand and shruggin at the question of smoking. She doesn't mind at all. She offers the glass over, standing now and glancing around the room. She has said before that she finds this comforting, but in her experience others find it hard to be especially comfortable here. "Two things," she says, incinling her head as she looks at Bravo. Once that glass is taken she's pouring another one for herself. "I don't know how much you might have heard already. We have a plan of something to try ... I'm not sure how it will really go, but I'm a little bit worried. And something weird is going on." A beat. "Even more than usual. You remember Max from the lodge? I'm not sure you met her before, but she's one of us that's been through this a few times. She's ... changed."

The Capitalist was documenting a few things at his desk when the note was slipped beneath his door. He doesn't notice it until he's finished with his work, rising to stand and giving his leg a stretch before crossing his room. Seeing the slip of paper on the floor, his mind immediately goes to one person. Taking steps forward to lean over and pick it up, he's actually surprised by who the actual sender is.

Just as curious as Bravo is about all of this, he idly straightens his tie in front of the mirror near the door before stepping outside to walk the sort distance across the hall.

Seeing that her door is left partially open, he enters unannounced, though closes it behind him. What he does't expect to see is Bravo there. "This is like some covert operation, what with the sneaky little letters." He tells the Penitent. He's dressed in his usual fare, except today, he has a grey suit jacket on to go along with his business attire. Having caught some of what is being said, mainly, the last part, he considers what he knows of this Max, "Changed how?"

"I'd love to be a real spy." Bravo comments to that before she comments to the rest, glancing towards Capitalist's arrival and offering him a smile of greeting, "C." But there are, actually, other things that are happening so she turns her attention back to Penny for the answer.

He asked it, she waits, letting one issue be addressed before the other as she lifts her glass upwards to take a careful sip from the whiskey. Slower than Roxie enjoyed it, most of the time.

Also giving that pleasant smile of hers to the Capitalist when he's wanders in. "Drink?" She suggests mildly, lifting the glass she's holding. She hasn't taken a sip from it yet. "And well, it seemed the easiest way." She shrugs a little, flashing a brief grin at Bravo. "Christine would probably like that too, I think." But then of course that question is lingering, and she nods slowly.

"You," a proper look at the Capitalist, "Saw how she got really angry with Isaac and stabbed him with that bottle the other day. Apparently she's been really struggling. She was always crueler and meaner than the people she was, and I don't know, I guess she tried to keep that in check and be someone like Max or Ramona and it'd all flare up at trying to stop herself. She wanted us to let her go, and she had Ethan kill her. They invited us all to watch. I won't bother with all the emotions in that moment, but suffice to say, when he did it, there was this light, and then she wasn't the same anymore. As in, she's now a short curvey black woman now." She nods gravely. "But she still remembers Esme and Ramona and Lupe and Max, but she's different. She thinks she was struggling to cope so much that this place, or our 'watchers', saw that she couldn't go on and helped her. But it raises some questions about ... what we actually are."

"Oh, Bella you mean." The Capitalist says, picking the name that better resonates with him. "And I think I'll go for that drink." But really, he can just pour it himself and he heads that way to do that, or at least, to close the distance between himself, Penny and the booze. "I've always known her to want to push buttons, start fights. I mean..." There's the briefest of pauses now as he thinks back on several incidents in the past, especially ones before the Noc. "She sometimes seemed like the type who wanted to cause discord. I can't say that I ever liked her while here. Except after she was Bella and after Maata disappeared, I thought she, Bella, cooled down somewhat. From what I witness with her and Eastman, that proved me wrong. The bloodied wedding dress? I saw that one before."

The rest of what is said, the transformation, the fact that she had asked people to kill her. He does bring up, "I... we... she died by our hands once before. Maata and mine. Nothing special happened then." The transformation itself brings a crease to his brow, "She... are you sure that this isn't just some game, obstacle that our Overseers are playing with us?"

There are a lot fewer memories to pull upon, but Bravo remembers Max, and just nods a little before she points out, "I don't think I ever interacted with her while here."

Which, possibly, makes all this seem all the more strange to her. She has no frame of reference for the changes, but does think to ask, "If her inability to cope was mental, what purpose did changing her body have? Seems like they'd probably have done just as well wiping her mind again. I mean..." She glances between them, frowning, "I didn't have any memory here, and she still has the same memories..." She glances at Penny, "Right? So coping seems more mental than physical to me."

Nodding at Capitalist, Penny shifts the booze over towards him if he's going to pour for himself, holding onto her own glass. "She said she could only do extremes. I don't know really what happened. But she looks different, and she said she feels different." A glance to Bravo, nodding. "I'd think so too, but yeah. She feels different too. She talks differently, she remembers but she doesn't feel the same. Maybe it's just the shock of adjusting to her new physical form that has put all her issues aside for a moment. I don't know how to explain it. But she remembers me and the Lodge and Nolan and Ramona and everything. She said she's still got all her ... keepsakes. Though her room as changed a little." Her gaze drifts back to Capitalist. "Apparently all those pictures in her room are a lot more blurry now, rather than in your face. She said it was more like a 'creeping, sinister thing than just being in your face.' Or something like that. She's still her. I wouldn't have thought so, but she is. But she's different."

Lifting the glass now, settling back down on the edge of her bed, she takes a small sip. "And no, I'm not sure of anything, if it's a game or an obstacle or whatever. All I know is she seems better. She actually came out and talked to a few people, rather than screaming at anyone who went near her and telling us to fuck off and leave her alone. I tried to talk to her a few days ago about it. She wasn't nice, you know how she could get."

Once he's filled his glass, the Capitalist holds it in his grasp for a moment, rather than taking a drink immediately. "If the pictures are still there, but blurred, I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of her twisted nature. If that's really what it is." The glass is moved to his lips now for an initial sip before being lowered. "I don't know what to say about her feeling better. Like a heavy burden was lifted off her shoulders? That sort of relief?"

He turns his attention to Bravo, "And physical changes sometimes help with mental or psychological issues. I think, I can't really be sure. If an ugly person suddenly became hot, they'd feel so much better, I guarantee." He's about to lift the glass once more for a second sip, but instead adds, "Not that she needed to become hotter, of course."

"That doesn't erase years of psychological fucked upness. Believe me." Bravo shakes her head quickly at that, "Roxie was beaten up as a kid, a whole lot. But she didn't magically get over it when she got older, and hot. She was still really, really angry and insecure about everything."

But, then she shakes her head, taking another sip from her whiskey, "But okay, whatever it did, it made a change. What was this other thing, though, about the plans?"

"I don't think we have either," Penny agrees thoughtfully with Capitalist, considering him quietly for a moment and nodding. "I think so. She seems relieved. And also, she said she was absolutely starving and just needed to eat. You know how we don't really get hungry? We do, but then we wake up and it's like we were never hungry, I mean. She was really, really hungry. Some side effect of the change I guess. But the fact remains, regardless of what it did for her, somehow she has this whole new body. And like you said, she's already died here before at the hands of another, but this time it was something she really really wanted. Someone who cared for her to kill her and just let her go. And somehow it worked?" Her eyes close and open again in a slow blink. "I don't know what it means, but I thought you both should know about it."

Another sip from her glass and she nods slowly at Bravo. "We're going to use the ... magic rooms, to try and go to a point just before one of our stories and stop it from happening. There's only one where we're really in a position to really have that effect. The Island. Maybe we'll learn something or maybe not, but I'm a little nervous about the whole idea of being Madison for an extended period of time." Then she glances at Capitalist, inclining her head and studying him. "I don't know about you, but this isn't a little thing for me. It feels like I'm giving up everything else to be her, you know."

"This is the sort of thing that I'd ask someone else to try to see whether they get the same results." The Capitalist is quick to point out regarding Creepy's transformation. "I mean, it is what we'd asked her to do the first time, after she'd brought up that she killed herself." And yet, there's just this uneasy feeling that he has about everything, especially a full, physical transformation. With a shake of his head, he murmurs, just before taking that second sip of whiskey, "I have doubts that we'll get any volunteers. She was always one of the few crazy enough to try and kill herelf."

Now that Penny brings up his plan to the Actress, he quiets down and let some of that settle in, slowly nursing his drink in the process. It's what the Penitent says next that brings him back to his most recent return to the Noc. His dark eyes steal a glance at Penny for a time, though they lower to give a casual look into the depths of his glance once her eyes shift to meet his. "I could try to do this by myself and /you/ know it will work if I did. He'll never give the project funding without your presence there." Though he knows that she's also talking about what might happen once he's succeeded.

"I'll volunteer. I'm not afraid." Bravo points out with a shake of her head, and it's true. She doesn't feel afraid, she doesn't look afraid. Curious, perhaps, to see what might happen. But then she also adds, "I feel like me, and I like the way I feel. I'm not afraid to die, but I don't want to be someone else." She knows there are other stories, lives, but this is as real as things get for her as one of the blank slates. She started here.

But the news that they are wanting to go back to try and erase things, to do them over again has her frowning a bit, then she downs the rest of the whiskey in her glass before lifting the long forgotten cigarette to her mouth, "Got a light?" It buys her a few precious seconds to think about it. "You'll be fine, as Madison. You can either go and influence it, and have it work...or stay here and C do it, and have it work. Either way, we'll all...what revert to whatever? Stop everything?" She shakes her head faintly, smiling a bit, "I hope you do."

"I'd volunteer too, but I also don't want to change. I don't know if that matters or not, but given Lupe was talking about this 'need' to be let go, and then it worked -- where as last time she was killed it wasn't done out of kindness to let her go. Just to learn more about this place." There's a glance from Penitent to Bravo, and a slight smile at her as she nods a little at the other woman's own explanation. "Maybe we can try something like that. I don't know if it's really worth it, it's just ... interesting. And we know this place has subtle differences for everyone ... there's no telling how it would work otherwise."

She settles back then, legs crossing beneath her on the bed as she nurses the drink, shaking her head. She doesn't have a light, herself. Also she shakes her head further at Capitalist. "I couldn't let you go and do that alone. You know I'm always with you. And being Madison in and of itself doesn't bother me ... I'm just worried I'll forget the rest of me for it, and that I'll struggle to find it all again. And you know, other things." She looks up at Capitalist then. "When I think about spending time with you, it's not as your sister." With that lengthy, meaningful look, she watches him for a moment before glancing over to Bravo again.

"I doubt this place would just hand us the means to escape like that. Maybe it's a chance to revisit our mistakes and do them over and get them right and feel better about things, and nothing at all will actually happen here. Maybe it's just another way to torture ourselves with what could have been. I don't know. I do think it'll help me deal with Madison though. I'm tired of being at odds with a piece of myself. But if I forget, you'll help me remember?" This question is for Bravo.

A lot of things go through Capitalist's mind regarding this new Creepshow. "How do we know what we didn't set her free? I mean with how people come and go in this place, all mysterious-like, anything is possible. She could even be one of them, informed of Bella's memories while the real Bella is... wherever she is." Both the Bravo and Penny's mention of being willing volunteers doesn't bring a happy expression to his face either. In fact, it's the opposite. "Well, it's a good thing that you both don't want to change... in that way." Though once said, he shoots Penitent a wary look, knowing that she is sometimes not happey with who she is. Or who she was.

With Bravo's asking for a lighter, the Capitalist sighs, reaching into his pocket, "You know you can get one from the dispenser, I'm sure. Or just will it in your room. If you're a smoker you'd think they'd give you a lighter to go with that bad habit." Once the silver thing is retrieved, he lights it up, extending a hand towards the Actresses' direction.

Listening to the Penitent's reasoning on what concerns her most about returning to Madison, the Capitalist says in a feigned-dramatic tone, "I'm hurt. I thought you liked being my sister." Though it does make his gaze linger on her for longer to gauge her expression and to try and learn what she may be thinking, but he has his own ideas and feelings on this.

"If anything, whatever happens might be therapeutic, but I want to see the results of our efforts. Whether we move the festival or cancel it altogether." When Penny asks Bravo to be her anchor, his gaze shifts in the other woman's direction.

Noting the unhappy look there is just a smile, "I don't want to die. Which is different than being willing to pay a price for my own curiosity...but I don't want to be free. In that way. Or change. In that way." The lecture about the lighter just rolls off her back as she tucks the cigarette into her mouth, leaning forward to accept the light with a deep breath, and a long sigh.

There is a very slight look back and forth when Penny points out that she doesn't think of him like a brother, and the next drag off her cigarette just allows her to hide the amused smile that appears. The need to push their issues from before the Lodge seems to have eased a bit with her own recent memories, "Maybe they won't give us that easy of a way out, but what if they...figure that we'd think that? So that is the way out?" She shakes her head a bit, lifting her head a bit to ward off any response to that before she holds the cigarette out to Capitalist, a habit that clearly has stuck around. "Either way, I agree with C that whatever happens, being able to manipulate things and see through a different end, hopefully, would be theraputic. Change the script"

As for being an anchor. Well, that does wipe away some of the amusement from her expression as she nods, "Of course." Penny was just seconds ago pointing out she didn't think of Capitalist as a brother, but that doesn't stop Bravo from moving towards her, a hand reaching out to curl around the back of Penny's neck before she leans in to give her a kiss before resting her forehead against hers, "I'll help you hang on to anything you need to, and remind you of the same."

"I don't want to die either." Penny says in that almost chipper way of hers. "Though I guess it would just be like waking up any other time, when we all find ourselves back in our rooms. But to see if it did anything, I'd volunteer either way. It's not something I would be able to ask someone else to do." She peers at Capitalist, and shrugs her shoulders. "Any one of us could be one of 'them' with the previous memories. They can swap actual people out at any time it seems, after all. I don't think it'd take a light show to do that. And I don't want to change." She says that last in answer to that wary look of his.

There's a smile at the lecturing in regards to the lighter as she glances back and forth between the two of them, laughing a little as the cigarette is lit. She takes a sip from her own glass there, and nods. "It could be theraputic. That's what I'm hoping for, yes. And they could be playing a 'we know that they know' double bluff but why give us a way out like that at all?" And then Bravo is there, her presence and that kiss, easily returning, closing her eyes a moment. "Thank you. I'm probably being overly dramatic, but ... thank you." Finally, she draws back just a little to stare at the Capitalist, adressing his comments about being his sister. "Please don't do that, not about this." She asks, her expression kept mostly neutral as she watches him.

The Bravo's cigarette lit, the Capitalist snaps the cap closed and returns the lighter to his pocket. "Sure, any of us could be switched out, but maybe you saw it happen in person. With your very own eyes. None of us have witnessed anything like that before. No one knows when a new person will step out of any of these rooms. But her having Bella's memories, I don't know. It's a little fishy if you ask me. She could have been fed all sorts of information as I'm sure they are watching us."

He's quiet once more, observing the intimate gesture between the pair, though his gaze meets with the Penitent's at her words. No response is given to the reaction, and he simply moves on with the conversation, after he's taken another swig from his glass, savoring the taste. "I'm not even sure how long we'll need to be there for or whether we can return to the timeline that we've changed to witness the fruits of our labor. Either that or someone can always stay behind there to keep it all running... until we're forced to sleep again."

There is a light pat on Penny's shoulder before she straightens, moving to refill her glass, "So she might be a spy. But by the same token, any of us could be. Even the ones that go through this with her...we might all be spying on each other, or one or two and..." Bravo shakes her head a bit, the gesture almost too much, like she's shaking the thought out, "There is too much what ifs, and while I think we should be wary of spies, we also need to be able to trust someone. Each other."

There is a bit of a frown, a sip taken from her drink before she moves to give Capitalist a bit of a shoulder bump, "There's no telling what'll happen. Maybe if it is the way out, everything reorders itself, and that's it. You all go back to your original lives."

"If it's an act, it's a very good one. Very good," Penitent says quietly as she lowers her gaze from Capitalist, staring at the floor a moment and sipping at her drink again, shaking her head. "You should see her for yourself. And others were there too. Senni was there, uh, Ethan, obviously. Sebastian Munson, Caleb Colton, Colorado. We all saw it happen. And the little things she knows and remembers, it's perfect. She's one of us. You should talk to her, perhaps." She suggests mildly, emptying the glass and setting it aside, settling back upon the bed.

"I still think, the technology and power they've clearly got over us in this place, which is so advanced it may as well be magic, makes the need to put a spy in our midst kind of redundant. They're clearly operating on a level we don't even understand. They can rewrite our memories and -- apparently -- our physical forms. They can mess with the flow of time, even." She shakes her head. "But, yes. I think we'll have to spend a bit of time there to see everything happen. Maybe we could leave and jump forward, but ... I don't know, we'd have gaps of knowledge? Better to stay."

"She's usually one of the last people I'd want to talk to in this place." The Capitalist murmurs lowly, his drink raised again in pause, "That said, her crazy isn't as annoying as some of the things I hear by a few of the others. Usually new faces, what with their fake names and everything that I am sure as fuck not going to use, because I've never used them in any of my memories. So why complicate things more." See, when Penitent uses the Prosperity names, he immediately knows who she is talking about! And everyone knows Colorado...

"Not a spy, per se. They are watching, but something to throw a wrench into the works. Cause discord. Whatever they are testing out, we're just here to react to it." He then drains his glass, quietly contemplating if he really wants a refill. "One thing that I'd like to know before we return is if we choose a new location, I'd want that prepared prior to the board meeting. And without the internet here." He's not sure whether Roxie knows what that is! "Research will have to be done the old fashioned way by pouring over those books. Unless you have a suggestion?"

"I suggest going somewhere with the internet. You can even go to the Lodge timeline, as long as you hit one of the universities." Bravo points out, glancing between the pair of them, "Or would that mess it up? Because by '81 the universities had a sort of...network happening, but the information being shared was pretty slow, and limited. But by '89 you have government agencies linked together, like NASA and Department of Defense." She takes another drag from her cigarette, then she shrugs her shoulders, "I guess it'd depend on what information you were looking for.."

Evidently yes, Roxie knew what that internet was. "But they are watching...and they can fuck with our memories, and obviously our bodies. Both here and there...Maybe we're all just AI, and we're all just a matter of numbers."

"You can't blame someone for wanting a sense of identity that is all their own rather than one given to them." Penitent says quietly, shrugging and then leaning back on the bed, her back against the wall, setting her glass aside as she shrugs a little. She nods slowly, considering. "We could go somewhere with internet. Probably somewhere a bit, uh, later than '89." She offers Bravo a small smile there, shaking her head. "The internet gets a whole lot better, that's for sure. But really ..." A pause as she considers, and then shrugs as she looks back to Capitalist. "There were several options. We could just cancel it and be done with it. I can see why you maybe don't want to do that, so instead ... we could just use one of the islands that was on offer. Those people were happy for our business, just not the Gray Island. All Madison has to do is not keep digging, and not bribe Akala, in theory."

Roxie's comment on AI has her look thoughtful for a moment, nodding slowly. "That's the most common theory I hear thrown around lately, you know," she suggests lightly. "But then, we still think and feel, so. I don't know."

"Then those same people should do what they can to find out who they really are." The Capitalist counters the Penitent, before he scoffs, "They don't even pick /real/ names. Unlike Dahlia, at least. But I know far too many names for her to settle on one that I have absolutely no recollection of ever calling her."

Bravo's bringing up of the 1989 internet just has him blinking with a slow nod, and this is probably what prompts him to pour himself another glass of whiskey. "There's far more advanced internet that's available for everyone." He then recaps the bottle, taking the glass once more in hand, "Or we could just pick one of the days leading up to the board meeting. It should give us enough time to do research." Now, the mention of choosing one of the already populated islands that were offered them brings on this look of annoyance. He wants the /best/ location for what they have planned, but this is what got them into trouble to begin with, "If they are more than happy to give us the least populated, like a good half of an island or more, it might work. They already have infrastructure, for the most part on the inhabited islands or else people wouldn't be living there." Taking a deep first drink from his glass, he then adds, "If we really wanted to, we could set up shop in a place that's really hurting. Which is... what Madison was hoping the new technology and everything would be used for, right? And we know that it works."

Then there is that mention of them being programs or AI, something which has always struck a sour note with the Capitalist. Rather than bitch about it like he tends to, his eyes simply narrow and he takes another swallow of Whiskey.

"Suitably advanced AI would be able to be programed to, right?" Bravo wonders, finishing her drink before she drops her cigarette butt into the now empty glass, "I saw those synths, in the brothel. If that stuff is real, or really possible? Maybe." She moves to set the glass down on the table next to the bottle, "I'd prefer to be real, and not AI. But...it's certainly an idea."

The decision to go a day earlier, or somewhere there is internet that is faster than what was available in '89 has her smiling just a bit. "I'd love to see that, honestly. I loved...seeing all the things on the space station. Not the game machines, I mean. But just think about all the..." She pauses, trailing off for a moment before she shakes her head, "Sorry, Roxie is...very fascinated by the idea of opening one of them up. Seeing what is on the inside."

Penitent just gives a shrug of her shoulders at Capitalist's opinions about people and their names. "All names are made up. And I think choosing a name is about finding who they really are." Her eyes close, and she rests there like that for a moment, listening to the two of them talking. "I recall that they were happy enough to give us basically anything we wanted except Gray Island. I wouldn't recommend going somewhere third world though, not for a bunch of millenials to have a weeks long party in. That could be seen as insulting or something, I don't know. But yes, that was the intention of LITE. That solar technology that powered Wyred, was Dahlia's plan to change the world. Well actually it was one of the people she was with but she was the face of the project. Madison thought it seemed good enough to give a trial run to maybe invest in. But yes, anything the islanders offered didn't suit for a true scratch build setup."

Thre's a little smile that creeps onto her lips, eyes flickering open as she gazes at Bravo. "Oh, well, that sounds kind of familiar. Kylie liked to open things up. I tried to fix a camera just recently but I couldn't figure it out. All my knowledge of technology comes from 2149. Kind of useless. If you mean synths specifically though, well. That was a bit beyond her. Maybe one of the Joes."

"/We/ didn't make up our names." The Capitalist says with a roll of his eyes, "And theirs don't often make any sense and just sounds like children naming themselves silly things. And if any parent would actually choose the names they've given themselves, most of them. I hope that parent gets shot." Here, he lifts his glass to his lips and takes in a long drain of his glass, feeling that much needed burn at his irritation of this entire conversation, but it doesn't look like he'll back down if pressed. "Whatever child's game they wish to play, I'm not having any part of it." With his second glass emptied faster than the first, he practically slams it down onto the counter and rather than going for a refill, he steps away.

His mood darkened, he doesn't look overly enthused about most of the conversation, especially when Penitent insists that that they don't follow up with this third world country thing. "Then we choose somewhere else. But that's what we had to show the world. That we could set up the infrastructure in no time and that we had the power to do so." Perhaps the Conrad in him has truly taken over, because despite wanting a redo of what they'd done, he still wanted to do to the very best of their abilities.

The other stuff is mostly ignored, letting them women talk as he stews in his irritation.

"I doubt I could fix a camera. I doubt I'd even understand what was inside those synths. But I want to see anyways." Bravo points out, the words thoughtful as she lets her attention shift towards Capitalist. She has little to no working knowledge of how things happened on the Isle, or how they came to be in that spot for what did happen. So she keeps her opinions to herself, no one wants that.

What she can offer, however, is a redirection of sorts. "Scott and I were talking about maybe running through a sort of heist thing, in the casino...Like Ocean's 11. With Sinatra and stuff." It has zero to do with anything, until. "It might be interesting practice, to see what limitations these new rooms are offering. How much is fluid, based on what choices we make, and what is pre-determined by the idea in our heads."

"I doubted I could fix it too, but I still tried," Penny says, though her tone is distracted as her gaze in on Capitalist again. There's nothing further said on the idea of people and their names, but she does watch him. "Stopping it all together isn't an option anymore?" She wonders quietly of him, inclining her head a little as she considers further. "We can find somewhere, I'm sure. It shouldn't be too hard to find somewhere suitable, it just might not be as entirely cut off from the rest of the world. We can find a large enough space with no particular infrastructure available, I'm sure." She tries on a reassuring smile, then looks at Bravo thoughtfully.

"You know, I've kind of wanted to get Lupe, head into Prosperity along with anyone else who wanted to come, round up the Black Widow Gang and rob a bank or a train or something." A pause. "More just for fun than science, but with all these people there it's suddenly doable. Your idea sounds really interesting."

The Capitalist's eyes focus on Bravo when she mentions being unable to fix a camera. "I'm sure you'd be able to fix it, but because the powers at be won't allow us anything fancy that works, though it's fixed or not, it probably still won't work. And then maybe," He says this part as if uncertain, "It will end up broken again the next morning. Rather than repair fairies, they get to trash the thing." He then considers, "Was it a camera she found in her room or one of those that she ended up with due to our memories?"

To Bravo's idea of this whole heist thing, the Capitalist, at first, doesn't seem at all interested, until she mentions that this would be another test performed. Now that has caught his attention. "Interesting." Is all that he has to say about it for now, "Running a heist takes a lot of work. There's a lot of scouting out and learning schedules and how people will react. Mapping the place." But that was Christian's job for their bank heist. Though when Penitent brings up taking Lupe back to Prosperity, here, his brow arches, "Will she even be Bella there? I mean, from what you told me, she looks completely different."

"You mean like ride a horse, wear a cowboy hat?" Bravo glances at Penny at that, her brows lifting upwards in thought before she nods, "I'm in." She wasn't actually /invited/ in, specifically, but she clearly takes the anyone along that wants to go as her invitation. Then she nods to Capitalist, "It would, but Roxie had a few things planned out with Monte Carlo, so...she had a few ideas on how to get that information when she got there. We don't have to do the casino there, obviously. But, I think it'd still be interesting to test the limitations to things."

"It was Esme's camera, from the Island," Penitent notes to Capitalist, nodding. "It's never worked, and I know it'd go back to not working. It was just a theory. Like when I took Madison's phone apart. But you know, cameras aren't really my expertise anyway. Especially not 2018 cameras." There's a little shrug, to finish that statement off, and also address the issue of Lupe. "I dunno who she'll be there now. I had this idea before her miraculous transformation and she was excited about it, but then she got all prickly recently."

She nods enthusiastically to Bravo's statement about horses and cowboy hats and pops up off her bed then, suddenly animated and moving over towards the wardrobe, which she opens and begins to rummage through some of the shelves. "I don't know about heisting a more modern casino, but I know how to stop a train. And how to shoot? I'd like to help with that too, though. I'm not sure this place will give us time to do all this stuff. We always seem to be caught reeling at all our changes, or the changes here." And then she finds what she was looking for, a simple black cowboy hat. And then she's wandering over as though she's about to just put it on Bravo's head, no matter how she's styled her hair today!

Finally, going back to something that the Penitent had said regarding Wyred Fest, the Capitalist ponders on this, "We could just cancel it." But the entrepreneur in him wants to do so much more. "But you're not the one who will have to put up with father's criticism at our wasting his time, unless we go back even further to the point where we brought the board meeting up with him to begin with." It's been a while since he's last been Conrad, truly been Conrad Wellson, but the Capitalist has held onto that emotional scars left by being raised by the Wellson patriarch. "I will leave it up to you."

With the conversation drifting between Prosperity and Monte Carlo, he settles on what he knows best, "Inviting Bella will be yet another test of sorts. We'll see who she becomes when returning to Prosperity." He then adds in, "And if not Bella, then we can always pass her off as one of Jack's kids."

His eyes follow the Penitent when she moves to her closet, though the subject now switches to Monte Carlo, where he then slowly turns to Bravo, "If you're sure you've got this all planned." Apparently, the Capitalist and many of his incarnations won't jump into just any situation without a good plan and a lot of prep.

When Penny finally finds what she's looking for, a smirk tugs at his lips, watching as she puts the Widow hat on the Bravo's blonde head.

"I wouldn't say that I have everything planned. I'm also not going to ever say that an extra set of eyes on a plan is a bad idea...I prefer to get a job done, without being caught." The more talk of electronics or breaking into things, or even stealing things, the more Roxie seems to leak out. "Depending on when and where we go, then no. I don't have any plan beyond the obvious, patterns, timing, distances, literal building plans..."

The hat, although it does not go with her dress at all, at least doesn't do any kind of damage to her hair. There is a faint smile when Penny puts it in her head, and she reaches up to adjust it, "How do I look?"

Setting the hat upon Roxie's head, Penny just grins and takes a step back, tilting her face as though to look at her with a different angle. "Ain't nothin' to ride but at least now you're ready to go ridin'," she quips out with a bit of a drawl there, shaking her head a little. Something about the little exchange just seems to please her greatly. She shifts, hands dropping to her side as she turns to face the Capitalist. "We'll get your Wyred Fest moved somewhere almost as perfect, and do it right." She says quietly. "When we get there I'll go over what the islands had to offer again, we'll see if one of them will do. Maybe I'll even report Akala's offer to the authorities and they'll be more inclined to help us out a bit."

She nods here and there at the talk of Prosperity and Monte Carlo. "I can't say I planned it out much, being a Widow again, but then, things were easier back then. We didn't have to mess around with security cameras or electronic locks. Just a bit of dynamite and intimidation, really."

The Capitalist seems content enough by Bravo's explanation even if he'd like to see some of these plans drawn up, but that is something he will most likely request at a later date. Though what Penitent says does give him an idea, "This is 1980's, 1990's Monte Carlo? What Nettie says does hold some truth. The more security cameras and other things there are, the more difficult it will be. But either way, if things can be sorted out, I might possibly be interested in lending a hand to see how this goes."

"About Prosperity," The Capitalist then adds, "It's been a while since I've been ridden Lady Luck," Yes, he remembers Cillian's horse's name, "Might have to get some practice in on my horse riding skills." He says this with a light laughter in his tone.

"We can choose to do it at any time....pretty sure, at least. But yes, it was 1980's that Scott and I went to, sort of. It reminded me of the Bond movies, too." Bravo lifts her shoulders a bit, then she starts to move towards the door, "I'll go riding, and shoot things...and rob trains. And I'll think more about when we want to do Monte Carlo."

"We stop the train, intimidate the passengers for the valuables. Hopefully get one of the fancy ones with the big rail bonds or something on board." Penitent grins a little at that, nodding her head. "But I'm curious about something more hi-tech as well. I dunno, using these rooms for that kind of thing, I'm pretty happy with. We can find their limits, and maybe have a little fun while doing so. "We can 80's it, you've got the skillset for that it seems." Another smile for Bravo, and she inclines her head a little as Bravo heads for the door, glancing over to the Capitalist.

"I was ... going to ask if you would maybe want to spend some time in Prosperity with me, before we head to 2018 to try and change our own fate." She says quietly. A little uncertainly, really. "And you probably do need the practice, at the very least."

Cillian wasn't always comfortable knowing Nettie was riding around out there with the law at her heels, so there is some reservation to even this when it's brought up. But if this is what she wants to do, the Capitalist won't object. Though when spending time in Prosperity comes up, there's reasons why it's difficult for him to return there. "Horse riding, target practice. You name it." He'll say in agreement, even with a small drop of enthisiasm in his voice. He even flashes a smile, but there's other things on his mind now that prove bothersome. "We're doing this after the banishings?" He assumes so, but he just wants to make sure.

The discussion on Monte Carlo doesn't illicit much of a response from him at the moment. This wasn't his plan, so it's out of his hands! He'll let Roxie decide.

The Bravo leaves back to The Facility - Hall of Rooms

"Just like old times," Penny says, not even realizing Bravo has really slipped out of the room. Her voice is a bit quiet, and she nodded. "That was what I was thinking. Just to keep things easier, which I guess ... maybe they won't be, but I feel like they will." It's a little rambly, but she's noted that downturn in enthusiasm there, and she moves away slightly, going over to pour herself another drink. She's quiet for a few long moments. "I find it very hard to say things sometimes. I'm basically a big bundle of guilt and burdens and the idea that I might upset someone for even little things makes me freeze up and just not do things. And I guess this isn't really a little thing. But I think we need to stop dancing around this. You know what I'm asking."

The Capitalist makes a somewhat humored sound when he repeats what Penny says, "Just like old times." This is followed by a quiet, yet heavy sigh and where his eyes had been staring off at nothing in particular, they eventually raise to meet with her gaze, "Prosperity's one of the most difficult places to go back to after what we'd lost, the life that we'd lived." His brow then creases deeply, when he continues, "And there were people out in the parlor saying that none of that is real. But what do they know?"

Sensing a hint of what could be read as anxiousness in her voice, he steps in close, extending a hand to lift her chin up with, "I wasn't quite sure why you'd want to return to Prosperity after all that we've been through, but it really was a place where, despite the horror of it all, were the happiest."

Drink in hand, she sips from it a moment, glancing back towards him as her stance shifts a little. "They don't get it. Finn keeps trying to give me advice on how to handle things here, but he hasn't been through it four times now, like we have. And it was real. I can't believe otherwise. He just sees Emily Reed and it feels like I'm just some kid he needs to look out for. Pretty sure I've been older than he was, at least once." Another sip, and then her gaze is lifted up towards him, the sorrow there in her eyes.

"I know it's hard. But in some ways, it's almost the easiest for me. Because it's, as you said. The only place where I really felt anything like hapiness. And it was a hapiness that I fought for, every step of the way, and earned. Will it just be torture to revisit it? Maybe. But I, personally, think it's worth trying. Especially with the time that's passed, the distance between Prosperity given to us by the one after. One summer at the Lodge." There's a soft little sigh from her, and she steps closer, to move to wrap an arm around him. That hug he did offer her upon her first awakening here, apparently she's going to claim it now. "Now, I feel like I could face it. I want to. And I want to face Madison too, if it'll help you. But I can't stop thinking about this, too. Every time I wake up, I open that drawer on my nightstand," she gestures, "Just to see if that ring is still there."

"Many of us had a life, a family after we put a stop to the Reaping and that's something someone like O'Neil could never understand." The Capitalist says in a stern tone, "I know that I, we weren't the only ones affected by our waking up here to. Others moved on too, even if we'll never forget what happened to us for all our lives until that point when we were set free."

There's this solemn look on his face, though it's something that he tries to hide, especially when her arms wrap around his waist and he reaches out to embrace her in turn, "Cillian always wanted a family of his own, but we were all denied that for a very long time." Pulling her in close, he lets out a quiet sigh once more, resting his chin against the top of her head, "I really want all of that back." He then quiets when Madison is brought up, but when she brings up the ring, the one he'd been keeping for 10 years, he lets out a laugh into her hair, "Just think, it almost didn't happen."

"Yeah. It's one that really stuck to me like none of the others have. And with Senni and Angeline and Jonah around -- I went and saw Jonah, recently -- and I don't know what I'm saying really." Penny admits, licking at her lips a moment and something like a sound of relief escapes her when she's embraced. "Denied by our own foolishness, almost. But that's how it was all done, I guess. I'm glad we chose otherwise, in the end." There's an echo of that little, quiet sigh, her eyes closed as she just finds some form of comfort, there against him.

"Yeah. In a strange, twisted way, I guess we can thank Vie for really opening our eyes. Her challenge is what lead to ... everything. And now with such a keepsake as a continual reminder for me, it's hard to move on. It's hard to even want to move on, for me. Even a chance at a sliver of that kind of hapiness again ... I just hold onto it. And that's what I'm afraid of, with this attempt to change how Wyred Fest happened. It feels like I'm losing that chance."

Hearing Jonah's name brings back memories of... Hawkins, of all people and the Capitalist just has to blink at this idea that the drunken writer was also an ex-cop. "It's amazing how much people change between these stories." She could guess at what he's talking about, but he doesn't come out and say Jonathan's name.

Just the memory of Vie's banishing reminds him of Nolan's death all over again. Reliving some of that past, he says, voice quiet, "That was both the lowest point and the highest point in my life, what followed Vie's banishment." Well, he's had other low points... "I was always surprised that you'd put up with me for that long. 10 years. Yet, you saw others marry at various points during those 10 years. Caleb Colton married and got a kid, lost 'em both. And I wasted a good chunk of our lives..." He then cuts himself off, realizing what he's saying. Realizing that Caleb's child was probably taken because of Mo. He'd rather leave the rest of that unsaid. "Do you really think we'll make a change?" He asks of Wyred Fest, "Makes me wonder if everyone who we ever were, if they could get their happy ever afters as well."

"You're telling me," Penitent says with a little laugh there, opening her eyes and drawing her head back a little to meet his gaze. "People change a lot. You didn't really know Emily last time, but she was different. If I'd have had to guess who I'd be next, it wouldn't have been someone like that." There's a small smile to continue on, that memory of those bittersweet times where the seeming likelyhood of Cillian's impending death opened things up for the both of them, when a lot of what had been left unsaid finally came out. "You waited those ten years, just as I did. No one else ever got close to me like you did. Though I guess I -- Anette -- wasn't all that keen on letting people in during those years of her life. She had a duty, though she did enjoy her outlaw life." She shakes her head, then leans it back against his shoulder once more.

"Yes and no. I think whatever we achieve in there will change whatever is in there. That world will adjust. I don't think it'll do anything to us, or our memories really, except -- like I said, maybe be therapeutic. Or a torturous glimpse of what could have been but isn't. Depending on how you look at it, I suppose. But I don't think it'll actually be the same, real place. As real as it might feel. I could be wrong."

"It makes me wonder if it will be Prosperity revisted, the next life time that we live." The Capitalist says, chin lowering to look directly into Penny's eyes. "The 1920's or 1930's though. But with Professor Drake being a younger version of himself back at the Lodge, just that fact alone opens up all sorts of possibilities." Looking just a bit perturbed, brows listed, with his jaw set for a moment, he says, "Cillian would be, what, 60 something. I can't say that I'd be prepared for any of that." This is followed by a laugh, his face softening slowly.

Leaning in close, he presses his lips against hers and she can feel his grasp around her tighten even more. It lasts for but a moment, "I'm going to try and make this as painless as possible. Without the events of the Island..." Everything about the island conjures up memories for good and bad, "We should be fine." He then slowly and reluctantly withdraws, "For now, I could use a cup of coffee and check what we have in those bookshelves. See if there's a book or two that could help for all of our planned endeavours."

"Yeah ... Ethan's situation is a curious one." A pause, and she says with a hint of amusement, "Did you know he was Emily's ex from back in highschool?" Penitent gives a slow blink at that, her lips creasing with a wry sort of smile. "It's kind of weird thinking about it. I several hours early on making sure none of the sorority girls would get into bed with him. Emily was a bit bitter." She grins at that, finding something amusing about the whole thing, which just grows further at his comment about being sixty. "That'd be ... we'd see how they ended up, I guess. Anette sitting on the porch with a shotgun complaining about how the lawmen interfere with everything these days."

Once that lean comes, her face naturally tilts towards his, and that tightening of arms is echoed in her own posture about him for that momentary kiss. "We should be fine," she echoes, letting her hands drop to her sides slowly at that withdrawl. She starts to nod at his plans, but then stops as an idea seems to strike her. "Oh my god the bookshelves. They always give you whatever book you're looking for. It can take a few moments, but it's there. Anything I've ever wanted to read." A pause. "Just like the rooms give us whatever we want to see. I never realized the similarity." A beat, and she shakes her head. "Sorry, I -- go get your coffee and stuff, I don't know what it means."

"Then it shouldn't be too hard to find a book on remote picturesque places that could use some infrastructure." The Capitalist says in light jest, "For everyone paying $10k and up, it's going to have to be both exotic and beautiful." He then follows with a mutter, "If we are lucky, maybe there's a barely inhabited island." No more cursed anything. It does take him by surprise that Emily was Professor Drake's ex. "Huh, small world." He then flashes her one of his winning grins, "We might want to talk to Dahlia as well, since she'll be setting up the... thing. But with that, I need fuel for thought." And he means coffee.