Log:Is There Anybody Out There?

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Is There Anybody Out There?
Characters  •   Kimberly Constance Alistair  •
Location  •  Thrill-Seeker's Room
Date  •  2019-01-25
Summary  •  Thrill-Seeker wakes up alone in the Facility after a brutal death.

There are plenty of comforts to be had in the room. A big and plush king sized bed with down pillows and soft, furry covers with silken sheets. The kind you sink into a bit when you lay or sit upon it. A bar of numerous drinks fills what would be a writing desk. The place is not exactly tidy. Things are left about, but neither is it filthy. More like things are left for a day or two before being picked up.

There is an armoire which holds a television and dresser of drawers below it. And then set off to the side on tile, with a little half-wall bar thing separating it, is a kitchenette. Complete with a small fridge, stove, and sink. It's small, with only a little counter space, but appears to be used. A few cookbooks clutter the half-wall.

Lastly the bathroom is large. A huge tub that could probably fit two or three people, more if people were cozy, sits in the center. Off in the corner is a two person shower with one of those multi-head showers. The tiled floor is heated and the vanity even has a little sitting area to do makeup and the like. It tends to smell like vanilla and citrus in there.

Lying on that bed lies the one so recently known as Kimberly. Hair braided in pigtails and dressed in the soft and silky pink heart pajama set. Then she wakes with a scream that shatters the eerie silence of the Facility.

Thrill-Seeker jerked forward gripping her middle as her legs came up. But there wasn't any pain. There wasn't any shed. Or grim-faced ghost staring at her. Confused and shaking she patted at her body and choked on a sob. The room came into focus as tears came to her eyes. Recognition of the place hit her and she brought her hands up over her mouth. Muffling her own cries though she has no need here.

Sucking in shuddering breaths through her nose Thrill-Seeker didn't even know she was rocking. Even though nothing had happened here her heart beat fit to burst from her chest. As she dropped her hands from her mouth she pulled a pillow against her stomach, curling against it in the middle of the giant bed. Then she bends her head and sobs loudl and hard into that pillow.

How long did she spend like that? Working out the terror and shock of those last moments. The feeling of being euphoric and filled with adrenaline and rage suddenly being choked off was a worse blow than the bear-trap. To her mind anyway. It made it hard to sort through what she actually remembered. Clutching at who she was and remembering...she doesn't know. It was a vicious circle of muffled tears.

Eventually Thrill-Seeker gained tenuous control of herself. Blinking away tear and sniffling she wiped her nose on her sleeve. Slowly she reached over and turned the bedside lamp on. As she did she saw how her fingers shook and took a deep breath to steady herself. "I'm okay," She whispers as the light turned on, but her voice was an echo in the emptiness. It was weird and she found herself hugging the pillow even as she slipped from the bed.

"It's okay..." She repeated as she walked, pillow clutched, to her door. There is a sound outside and she opens it. Curiously she opens the door and sticks her head out. An eerie music from the television draws her towards it. The sight on the screen makes her grip the pillow tighter to her chest, jaw clenching. "This is fucked up!" She says to no one in particular.

The television shows the shed in the morning light. It zooms in through the darkness of the shed. Passing through a hole in the wall, shelves, and tools to look on the crumpled form left in the shed. A pool of blood has spread about her and stains the Duck's jean jacket she wears. Eyes open and staring blankly at the screen, a popped pink and blood spattered bubble stuck to her lips.

Thrill-Seeker stares with wide-eyed horror at her own face. Mouth slightly agape and head shaking slightly back and forth. Despite herself she can't look away from what is shown. Tears begin to slide freely down her cheeks as the camera now slowly backs up. There is a sound off-screen. A worried frown crosses the blonds face as she sniffles.

On the screen the camera pans onto Bastian coming in too late. Theo and the others fleeing into the blurry background of the woods.

'Bastian runs into the shed to buy Kim and Theo time to get out...much too late. Theo's already scrambling back to his feet and flying past. There's Kim, dead in a pool of her own blood and gore. And just like that, Mahoney vanishes.

He almost can't believe it's happened. People are scattering. He doesn't call them back, though. Who knows why Mahoney left, and how quickly he'll return. Old habit, twenty years asleep yet still fresh, kicks in: he abadons the paddle, carefully picks up Kim so she won't get more damaged then she is, heads out of the shed and back to the Lodge. She doesn't way much. It's ruining his clothes, but whatever.

"God I wish you'd listened," he says under his breath. His pace is efficient and swift; he can't risk getting caught out alone with her body.'

At this point another soft sob comes from Thrill-Seeker and she moves forward to sit down on the couch in front of the screen. Curling herself around the pillow she still can't look away. "I'm sorry..." She whispers. "I'm so sorry..."