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Date  •  2019-01-22
Summary  •  A group heads to the shed to try and get the radio there for parts and other things happen.

Day 5. Afternoon.

More drizzle. Ever since it started storming, it's been non-stop rain. The wind and lightning has eased, but the rain and gray sky persist, like a funeral shroud over the lake.

The giant aluminum pre-fab shell that is the maintenance shed looms, creepy and uninviting, under that gray sky. The doorway is heavily blocked by a fallen lighting rig, the door open, but it's dark inside. The loud, rhyhtmic chugging of the massive emergency generator can be heard within.

The fuel supply on the generator is running low and they need the radio parts, so it's to the shed they've come: a motley collection of staff and college students, as before. "We need to get the rigging out of the way first," Bastian says. "Keep your eyes out for those two, Nails is especially dangerous."

It's been a rough morning for Michael, after the group he was with discovered the dead bodies and one of them being Jessica. Seeing her on the hook like that causes the memories of what happened in the kitchen with Big Boy to come slamming back in his mind. So he was about to hunt down another bottle of Black Label to distract himself until he hears the call come out for volunteers to head to the maintenance shed. It only takes a moment for Michael to detour in that direction, an important objective does just as well to keep his mind off of Jessica.

Kimberly nods her head as she moves lithely along the path towards the shed. Bouncing on her feet when remaining still and Eagon in hand. The blond says, "Yeah. Buzz boy threw his saws at us," She says as she prowls towards the shed. Standing on alert and letting the more buff of their crew handle moving things.

While not exactly pleased to be here, Roxie did open her big fat mouth, and now she's here. For good or bad. The gun that she'd been carrying around since the incident at the boathouse is out, held in her hand already, chewing slowly on her bottom lip as she follows the group towards the shed, stopping when Bastian stops, or moving when he moves.

Julian has tossed a bright blue windbreaker on against the drizzle, though his jeans get damp almost immediately in the drizzle. He's got one of the lodge's hunting rifles in hand, held in a way that at least reassures some he has had some lessons on using the thing, barrel pointed towards the ground and his finger off the trigger. He's eyeing the shed dubiously despite his insistance that he be allowed to come along. He takes a deep breath and follows after the group.

At his side, Gus seems to be favoring the 'ignore the weather' method, wearing only a tank top and shorts. He's got his table leg bat with him, propped on his shoulder like a sentry. He grunts softly at the mention of the debris. "Point me at it and I'll get it moving."

Colorado followed Bastian and Candice, arms crossed tightly. He regards the fallen debris blocking off the exit. "Guess we better get haulin'," he mutters. Stepping forward, he grips some metal and lifts.

"Yeah--a couple of you keep an eye out. Don't want those two getting the jump on us if we can avoid it." Bastian steps up to help with the clearing, eyes constantly scanning the dark interior of the shed.

Since the varsity jacket was with Max and the shirt he left draped over Jessica, Michael had changed into another shirt and a hoodie over it. He's still in his jeans and sneakers though. Since there is the storm thrown debris in the way, the football player doesn't hesitate to step up as one of those that is helping move it and soon he is working with the others, putting all his strength into the effort.

Kimberly stands watchful as the others begin to haul and move stuff. Not staying still she prowls back and forth around the blocked enterance. Eyes skipping with that lovely bit of coked-up paranoia here and there.

Candice has been a tireless busy bee running triage towels, and then cleaning up after finding a body on rounds. Moving bodies was not in the job decryption but that and much more needed to be done. Looking to Colorado who volunteered to go with her after a long discussion about Rosita's passing. Eyes assessed the mess asking Cass and Bastian, "Alright just point us at which end to start on." She might be a tiny taskmaster but she is always there for rolling up her sleeves and digging in. Looking around she let the more physical folks handle teh wreckage. "I'll take right side I guess. I might jsut get in teh way of the debris."

Roxie tries to help them with getting stuff out of the way, the gun being tucked into her waist for the process. But no matter how much she digs her heels in, she doesn't help at all, and might potentially be in the way of someone more effective as she tries to help.

Julian remains behind, gun in hand looking towards the shed that is not actually a shed. He's trying not to watch those clearing out the debris, rather squinting through the rain and past the doorway to see if anything in there might be, well, not friendly. Gus sets his makeshift weapon aside and gets into clearing out chunks of debris, though he seems to be going after larger pieces that are a bit difficult for him to do on his own, eyes too big for his arms.

Cassandra flanks the scraggly group of staffers and lodgers on one side as they head for the abandoned shed, grimly set against the dreary weather in a 49ers baseball cap and rainjacket. She scans the surroundings for any signs of suspicious movement with a pistol in hand, but luckily things have been pretty quiet so far. "You take the right. I'll handle this pile over here," she agrees when Candice pipes up. She begins to clear away the debris with startling efficiency, and after a moment begins to wordlessly pick up where Roxie begins to lag.

Kimberly glances at Roxie as she doesn't really manage to get anything moved. No, she doesn't smirk. Instead she says, "Come on, guys! We're almost done! You can do it!"

Colorado is absolutely not showing off when he flexes on that pile of junk. Okay, maybe a little. Are you watching, Candice? All those muscles come into play and he hauls aside heavy stuff like it's made of cardboard.

Gus is pissed now. That giant piece of rubbish is going to move and he's going to make it. With a bit more effort he finally does manage to get it clear, then gives it a kick for good measure. Stupid rubbish.

Roxie's focusing on herself, and what she's doing. But there is a very brief look shot towards Kimberly when she starts in with her cheerleading, eyes rolling just a fraction. But maybe irritation and dislike fuels her, because she at least manages to get a few tiny things moved this time around.

Bastian eyes Colorado for flexing if it gets the debris cleared quicker, stays quiet. He just wants it out of the way; whatever works as motivation is acceptable in these trying circumstances. He pulls out his flashlight, clicks it on to scan the interior of the shed for the wheelbarrow and its precious cargo: the radio.

Once Michael finds his footing, he is able to put more of his brute strength into the lifting and moving, his leg muscles strain as does his arms. Soon enough, as a group, the debris is moved out of the way. Slowly, he releases his portion and straightens up again. Releasing a slow breath, he nods to the other, his mood becoming a bit more motivated now as his mind is distracted by the task along with the adrenaline that is starting to course through him.

Kimberly smiles and jumps up and down as she watches them all get stuff moved. "Yeah! We did it! Go team!" She is falling into familiar territory at least. As the enterance is cleared she moves up next to Bastian and grips the shovel, ready to swing. Under her breath she can be heard to hum the ghostbusters theme.

Is Candice watching? Yes, yes she is Rado and while her ears might be turning a bit pink she seems rather proud of the lot of them. All that teamwork? Heck yeah! She and Kim seemed to be keeping the vigil and say what they will she seemed to be on board withthe cheerleader's moxie. "You're doin a great job, guys. Let's keep it up and stay focused! Kim, You watching left side? I'll watch right." hey this might work! (Hint, Candice: it never works out well)

There's a loud clatter as Cassandra kicks the last few odd rods and woods out of the way with heavy-toed boots. She huffs and readjusts wet strands of hair underneath her cap before gripping the pistol once more. It remains loosely in its holster, ready to be drawn should the need arise. She walks up to a few paces behind Bastian, peering out into the woods before squinting into the shed. "How's it looking?" she asks in a low voice.

The entrance is dark, since they just had to remove what used to be the tracks of lighting to even get in, but further back the emergency lights still work, illuminating the monster-sized generator. Between the entry and there is a long open area with rows of shelves to each side, like in a library, but full of tools and supplies.

Kimberly has been here once before. So she sticks her head in and looks left and right. "Yeah, can do!" Says Kim rapidly in reply to Candice. Sniffing she moves slowly forward, but forward she does venture.

By the time everything has been moved Roxie looks a little winded, shaking her arms out before she rubs at her hands, checking them to see if she hurt them. Then she looks up, eyes finding Bastian, "In we go, then?" She sounds thrilled by this, really. The gun that she had tucked away a moment before is pulled out again, her free hand reaching up to wipe at her face before brushing a few stray strands of hair from her face.

"No ghosts," Bastian says, hazarding a step further in and shining his flashlight up into the higher levels of the shelves. Nails did like to jump. "But no wheelbarrow." He eyes the generatoe, starts to move further in, sliding his shotguin around into firing position.

Colorado drops back behind people with guns. That swallowing darkness... he looks away from it. "Lord," he mutters, and slowwwwwly oonches forward.

Gus motions Julian forward, and the younger McQueen follows the rest of the group into the shed, the elder taking up position behind him once he's retrieved his leg-bat. Julian however is scanning the room for the radio, that's his one and only concern here. Well, his main concern anyway.

"Wheelbarrow? Does that hold some sort of significance?" Michael asks Bastien when the gardening tool is mentioned. He does head into the shed with everyone else, eyes trying to look into the darkness.

"Keep an eye out for the radio...speak up if you spot it." Roxie reminds Julian, and anyone else that might be the one that'll spot it. But she's not venturing out on her own. So when Bastian moves in, she follows, reaching into her back pocket to pull out her own small flashlight to click it on, starting to shine it left and right of the main open area. "Radio is in the wheelbarrow, supposedly."

Concerned over the lack of ghosts--no resistance has to only mean bad things as far as he's concerned--Bastian sighs. "The radio's in the wheelbarrow," he says, still edging into the shed's interior a little at a time. "Which should have been right here..." Also not a good sign. He's gradually making his way to the generator fuel, since if nothing else they have to do that. "Like she said, if you see the wheelbarrow, let us know, and get it out of here."

"I'll round up the back of the group," Cassandra murmurs to Bastian as he steps further into the shed. The long, dim hall that stands between the entrance and the generator makes the hairs of her arm stand on end. Her lips set into a thin line, and she waits for a few others to go in front of her before stepping inside.

Candice follows with her softball bat up on her shoulder watching. She remained watching the right side while staying at Colorado's shoulder. For good measure remembering the stories up and behind were routinly getting checked. "I thought this place looked creepy before- So someone's been here since? Why would they want a fried old radio?" She kept looking.

Kimberly sucks in a breath through her teeth and nods. "Gotcha, old man," She says to Bastian as she heads towards the left shelves. Searching the shadows for the wheelbarrow, but mostly her eyes are sweeping up and around. She's simply too jump to focus on -searching- for something.

"To fix the non-friend radio." Roxie points out to Candice, continuing to scan the shadows, frowning just a bit, "He did say it'd be right here, didn't he?" There is a bit of hopefulness to her voice, like she maaaaybe heard wrong, and it was really somewhere further along.

When the answer about the wheelbarrow is given, Michael just ah's and nods his head, eyes definitely looking for it now.

"Oh great, so we've got ghosts that like to tidy up. Fucking fantastic." Julian's tone is edged with a more than a little sarcasm, a surefire hint that he's stressed out. Or that he might just be Julian. It's 50/50.

Bastian snorts in agreement with Julian. Though maybe part of that comment has merit. "Radio was over there," he nods with his head. "I guess you can check and see if they put it back." He sounds serious about that.

"Don't see it," Colorado says, voice strung tight. He's not holding Candice's hand only out of a powerful effort of will.

Cassandra scans their surroundings almost mechanically as she helps bring up the rear, peering down the shelves on either side, over the tops, and never forgetting to look behind every few seconds. "I'll take an organized ghost over the others," she chimes in with a deadpan sort of humor. If it counts as humor at all. "But yeah. I'm not seeing it."

The wheelbarrow has been moved, but appears to still be loaded up from the last attempt. It's now over in front of the power tools.

When Bastian directs them towards where the radio used to be there is a frown, "Of course it was." She doesn't head in that direction though, instead she keeps looking for the wheelbarrow, "There!" She calls, pointing towards where it's been moved. In front of the power tools.

Even if he is a little slow sometimes, Michael can see that the wheel barrel being near the power tools is a bad sign. He does pipe up a suggestion, unhelpful as it may be since he may have gotten the monsters mixed up, "Anyone bring that candy? Maybe throw it inside first?"

Candice, clever bird looked around, "Yeah maybe but they broke their other radio. It makes no sense unless it's... unless they knew we'd come back since we tried the first time. Uhhh just in case it's a ... trap. Please be careful everyone." Wheelbarrow found she advised, "Guard up everyone."

"Is the chainsaw there?" Asks Kimmie as she follows Roxie's point. And she begins to move that way. "That's where the things showed before," She says warningly and she is suddenly jerking her head about as she stalks towards the power tool section.

The shout of "There!" causes Julian to swing up his rifle and point it at where Roxie is pointing, thinking she was pointing out danger rather than their objective. At least he didn't actually shoot the gun, but he exhales audibly as he sees which of those two it was. Then a dejected little squeek when he sees exactly where that wheelbarrow is sitting. "That can't be a good thing. That's a trap. Take it from someone who's played D&D, that's a trap."

Colorado actually whimpers when he sees exactly where the wheelbarrow is sitting. Mouth quivering, he sidles to put himself between Candice and the power tools.

"Of course it is." Roxie replies with a sigh, shaking her head before she starts to flash the light around again. When Kimberly heads that direction she starts to caution her to stop, but then just snaps her mouth closed again. She shakes her head very faintly, "If anything moves..." She'd like this to sound like a tough guy comment, but it practically screams that she's going to scream if something does happen to move. But she's not budging, instead she adjusts her hand on her gun, watching the cheerleader warily to see what she scares out.

Bastian eyes the wheelbarrow's location. "Yeah. If they moved it, it was to lure us in here." He looks up around them again, wary of Nails. "Not that we have much choice. I'll get to refueling." He nods at Colorado and Candice to give him a hand with the generator.

When Kimberly is already boldly striding forward towards the wheelbarrow and power tools, Michael wasn't surprised. He doesn't move to stop her, instead follows in case she needs help and can be the one that move their objective if needed.

The lights slowly dim, browning out. It's not a flicker or a short, but a drain. The generator chugs harder, straining.

Julian looks towards the wheelbarrow then bites his lip as Bastian peels off. "You need someone to watch your back while you get those juiced up." He makes a jerking motion with his head at Gus, who nods and trots after Julian, gripping that table leg in two hands. He looks like he's ready to start swinging, and Julian doesn't look much calmer, not at all in fact. Though as the lights start to lower he lets out a little moan. "Well.. shit." That's becoming a catchphrase.

"That...can't be good." Roxie looks around, then refocuses her attention on those that are heading for the wheelbarrow, "Make it as fast as you can..." The flashlight in her hand is lifted, making sure that she keeps it aimed towards the power tools and the wheelbarrow.

There's about a dozen different swear words that run through Cassandra's mind when Roxie yells, pistol twitching out of its holstered position. "Of course it's a trap," Cassandra dryly notes, almost in unison with Roxie. She sidles through the hallway and makes sure to keep her firearm at the ready while approaching the wheelbarrow. The dimming lights cause her to stop where she is, near Kimberly and Michael. "Fuck. Flashlights, anyone?" She raises her handgun in anticipation, looking around with one eye shut against the fading light source.

Kimberly frowns slightly as she glances up and around. "Should it be making that sound?" She asks as she jerks her head around to look at the generator with a paranoid frown. As the light falls into their area she whiips her head up, left, right, her movements jerky and fast as she crouches to rush towards the wheelbarrow.

Candice looks up at Gus with a warm, grateful smile. Her other hand went to Colorado's shoulder with a squeeze of encouragement. Everyone knew he was scared as hell to come out here because he had common sense, but he proves loyal to a fault once again putting himself in front of her earning the encouraging nos. "Looks like it might not be quiet. Let's do this. I got your back. We," she gestures to Gus, "got your look out. How's the wheelbarrow comin?" Her stance is good. Girl's clearly played some ball before. She wasn't looking for a ball though.

"Shit," Bastian says, voice low. Just like Addison described in the Lakeview. He pulls out his flashlight, shines it towards the wheelbarrow crew, raises his voice. "Get the wheelbarrow and get out of here, now." He grimaces, eyes the generator. Will refueling it matter if whatever was creating problems in Lakeview has set its sights on this?

The lights grow dimmer still, the generator slowing, struggling to work. And then all of the lights suddenly get bright, then brighter, then TOO bright. Maniacal cackling fills the air as all of the lights arc electricy at everyone in the building.


[SPEND] Roxie has spent 3 GP for reason: Danger Sense

[SPEND] Colorado has spent 3 GP for reason: Danger Sense

[SPEND] Cassandra has spent 3 GP for reason: Danger Sense

[SPEND] Julian has spent 1 GP for reason: Extra Die

SCENE: Camera One has reset everyone's Survival Points.

SCENE Camera One has modified Colorado's SP by 2 bring them to a total of 3.

SCENE Camera One has modified Cassandra's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 2.

SCENE Camera One has modified Roxie's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 2.

SCENE Camera One has modified Julian's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 2.

SCENE Camera One has modified Lucas's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 2.

SCENE Camera One has modified Kimberly's SP by 3 bring them to a total of 4.

SCENE Camera One has modified Michael's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 2.

SCENE Camera One has modified Bastian's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 2.

Kimberly throws her shovel up as the electricity arcs. It is the start of a swing but it looks epic the way it sparks on the steel shovel head and then around her making her hair stand up. It makes her sway for a moment and her mouth is open as if to scream, but nothing comes out as she blinks the spots from her eyes. The shovel trembling and ready to finish that swing at slightest provocation.

The shifting of the light levels makes Bastian wince and duck his head, and the shock sends him staggering. He takes a breath, coughs, says, "Get the wheelbarrow out," straightens and pushes Colorado towards the entrance. "We're sitting ducks in here. Get back outside."

The generator chugs, the lights blaze! Energy lashes out and taps Colorado in the chest, making him yell, but--he's okay. "Candy!" he yells as Bastian pushes him towards the exit. "Run!"

The arc of lightning is moving too fast to be dodged and soon enough, one touches Michael, sending a hard and painful jolt through his body. "Aghh!" He can't help but shout out, involuntary twitching occurring before it fades. Fortunately for the football player, he was able to endure the pain and not pass out. With Bastian telling them to get the wheelbarrow, Michael quickly moves towards it.

"Oh....fuck...." Roxie manages to get out as the lights begin to grow even dimmer, but then there is a startled yelp as the lights go bright, bright, and her arm raises up in attempt to protect her face. Which gets about halfway to her face before that arc of electricity hits her and a startled scream is forced out of her as everything goes rigid and her teeth clench. As soon as it passes she seconds Bastian, "Move!" She's not close to the wheelbarrow, but this is her responsibility. So she keeps the flashlight up even as she starts backing up for the door.

Cackling then.. tingling? Oh crap, Julian knows that feeling, he's been stupid with electronics once or twice and when the electricity starts arcing across the room he's at least a little ready for it. Sure, it still manages to turn him muscles to water and sending every hair he has pointing straight out, but at least he doesn't fry. Doubly so since everything is so damp from the rain.

Gus just braces himself against the onslaught, muscles quivering as he somehow keeps himself standing through the whole thing. Afterwards, he shakes himself off, looking like he just got tackled by Michael but otherwise still good to go. "Where is that fucker?!"

Cassandra looks up in alarm as the lights brighten too fast, too much, and her hair begins to stand on end. "DOWN!" she manages to get out, right as an arc of lighting slams her breath away. She staggers onto the wheelbarrow, dazed. At least she didn't fire her pistol with the spasms that made its way down her body. Oh, the wheelbarrow! Still breathless, she lifts a handle and pushes with Michael, wheels grating against the floor. "Out!" is all she manages to wheeze. Team effort in the face of adversity.

Candice Flick; the gal grateful she's got good rubber soled shoes and a good grip. Wincing as the electricity hit the bat first and proceeds to itsy-bitsy spider. Her body kept sending up the message: curl in a ball, stay in a ball. The tip of the bat comes down first to the concrete floor with a 'tink'. Teeth grind and she listens because she is not stupid and starts a flat run to the door, "Rado you better be right behind me buster!"

All the lights that burned bright *POP!* and rain down sparks and bits of glass. Retreat seems like a good idea, but there's one problem with getting out:

The Freak stands in the way.

A wild, crazed-looking man in a straight-jacket and old-timey psych-ward cage helmet. His arms are free, his nails wickedly sharp. The square, iron cage on his head has been torn open in front, freeing his face.

"AHAHAHAhaHahAHaha! HeLlo, BOys aNd giRLs!" He thrusts his hands forward, electricity arcing from them directly at Gus, Lucas and Colorado.

[SPEND] Michael has spent 1 GP for reason: Extra Die.

Kimberly starts to run towards the Freak, lips curling back, when Bastian's yelling and pointing has her veering off. The lithe and little cheerleader dodging around to get to the chemicals and the extinguisher there. Somewhere in her mind she knows there are two other ghosts here and her eyes are wide with paranoia of their getting a jump on her. Eagon is clutched a little tighter.

"Get the chemical extinguisher, it's on the chemical shelves, lower right corner," Bastian shouts, brings up his shotgun and fires at...whatever this is.

Pushing the wheelbarrow with Cassandra in the direction of the entrance, Michael suddenly sees the Freak blocking the entrance. He takes over both handles since Cassandra pulls up to fire her sidearm. The football player, having more brawns than brains, chooses to double down and adds more strength to his legs, pushing the wheelbarrow harder as he picks up speed. "Clear the way!" Michael hollars.

[SPEND] Colorado has spent 1 GP for reason: screaming!!

"Run!" Roxie turns, and then there is the Freak blocking the exit, "Shit!" She hasn't a clue if this will be effective, she doesn't even stop to think about it. The gun is lifted and she squeezes the trigger, and if anyone were looking, they might accuse her of closing her eyes when she does it, and only barely aiming at the same time.

As soon as the Freak appears Gus looks ready to leap right into the fray, bringing up the table leg over his head and letting out his battle cry, only to almost be knocked on his ass by a blast of electricity that stops him in his tracks. Probably for his own safety as gun fire starts ringing out. One of thsoe shots coming from Julian who tries to remember all the advice that was put into his head, apparently with some success as he manages to get a shot off in the right direction.

"Motherf..." Cassandra doesn't even bother to fully register the terrible caricature that stands in the way of their exit. She unceremoniously lets go of the wheelbarrow (sorry, Michael) and the pistol swings up. She pauses only to steady her aim at the Freak's forehead with both hands--then fires.

Colorado finds himself suddenly being pushed by Bastian TOWARDS the Freak, and screeches in terror. He flings himself to the side and grabs Candace, hauling her out of the way of incoming wheelbarrows and gunfire.

The group unloads on the Freak and he staggers back from multiple gunshots, and then gets plowed by a wheelbarrow. He vanishes before he hits the ground. Gone.


[SPEND] Julian has spent 1 GP for reason: Extra Die

Candice was about to bolt forward at Colorado's behest, but Fr34k! Those blue eyes grow huge as the lightening fights to seize muscles and as Bastian's words were find the fire extinguisher she turns to head that way but- no. Her feet came off the ground as Colorado picked her up like a 5'5" bag of potatoes!

Bastian doesn't trust the disappearance, not one bit. At least not enough to start refueling the generator just yet. "Get the extinguisher and get out," he says over his shoulder to Kimberly, starting forward.

As soon as the freak vanishes Roxie runs, she doesn't stop to check on the wheelbarrow since it sort of went first, or anyone else. She's running full out, the bobbing light of her flashlight dancing around in front of her as she goes.

Kimberly gets over to where Bastian had vaguely indicated. Using one hand and the shovel to shove things around as she searches. Looking for the bright red, possibly dusty, canister among the other things. "Where the fuck is it?!?" Something falls with a crash to the floor in her hurry to find it.

Michael felt some solid resistance when the wheelbarrow plows into the Freak but then it is gone just as quick with the ghost doing what they do, vanish. That doesn't stop him though as he keeps pushing it to the doorway, knowing that they have to get out of that building quickly.

Adrenaline is a hell of a drug. As soon as the monster vanishes though everything comes crashing in on him. "Crap, crap, crap." There's a clatter as the gun hits the ground, thankful not firing it from the impact, as he curls in on himself. Hands go over his ears as he crouches down on the ground, chest heaving as a panic attack suddenly takes over.

Fortunately, Gus isn't too far off and doesn't even bother trying to rouse his little brother from his sudden freak out, instead just scooping him up to carry him towards the exit.

Cassandra sweeps the area in a circle, anticipating it would have done what the Slugger did before. But... no sign. Her heart's beating out of her chest but there's little time to mull. Michael clearly doesn't need assistance rushing the wheelbarrow out, and instead she speeds further into the building to look for the extinguisher, chasing Kimberly's heels and barely removing her feet from being crushed by whatever comes crashing down in the chaos of the search.

Inside, Kimberly finds the extinguisher as Cassandra arrives. Bastian is alone at the generator.

Outside, there are more problems. Two of them. Nails and Buzzsaw are waiting for the group to come out. The former slings a spray of various nails and spikes at Gus, Julian and Roxie, while the latter throws two round sawblades, one at Michael and one at Candice.

[SPEND] Michael has spent 1 GP for reason: Extra die

[SPEND] Julian has spent 1 GP for reason: Extra Die

[SPEND] Roxie has spent 1 GP for reason: Extra Die

[SPEND] Julian has spent 3 GP for reason: Reroll

[SPEND] Roxie has spent 3 GP for reason: Reroll

SCENE Camera One has modified Michael's SP by -1 bring them to a total of 1.

SCENE Camera One has modified Lucas's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 3.

SCENE Camera One has modified Roxie's SP by 2 bring them to a total of 4.

SCENE Camera One has modified Julian's SP by -1 bring them to a total of 1.

Freeeeed...No. No freedom. Despite making it past the door there are two more waiting out there, and Roxie screams in surprise, trying to skid to a stop and nearly falling to one side, "Fuck..shit shit...fuck.." She exclaims as she starts to the left, dodging out of the way of the projectiles thrown in her direction, "God...mother FUCKER!"

Kimberly grabs up the red cannister and shoves it into her purse. "Got it!" She says to Cassandra with a maniacal grin. Quick of foot she whirls around and starts running for the front and shouts at Bastian, "GOT IT, OLDIE!"

Two ghosts waiting outside is a surprise and with Michael running straight with the wheelbarrow, it's not hard for one of the sawblades to find their marks. The sharp and round projectile flies through the air, finding its mark as it cuts through the football player's hoodie and shirt, digging right in the left shoulder. "Ahhhh!" He cries out in pain, shocked at getting hit like that.

Candice is put back down, Rado on her heels and the pursuit of the wheelbarrow crew was going great until- "DUCK!" It's a damn good thing Flick went varsity softball in high school and later in college. Sneakers skin into gravel as she took a swing to stop the sawblade coming at her and Colorado with the damn bat! Her heart-rate increased fast she might just throw up if if they live!

Of course Buzzsaw and Nails are here! Bastian doesn't manage to get up to the group at the entrance in time to do anything about either, made all the worse by Gus' death at the hands of Nails. It's a bit different than Kaspar's death, happening right in front of them, and he pauses a second, blinks, and takes aim with his shotgun at Nails.

Gus comes storming out of the shed, holding Julian in his arms, being the protective older brother like he's tried to do his whole life. Well, whenever life let the two of them be together. And he runs out of the shed right into two of the nastier ghosts. His eyes go wide as the nails come flying his way. Gus is not the quickest. He's a human battering ram. He's used to being the wall others break themselves on. He's not used to getting.. nailed. So when he shifts aside to try to get out of the way he only seems to put himself in the direct line of fire. Nails riddle both him and his cargo, but Gus definitely seems to get the worse of it.

He drops to the ground, blood trickling from numerous wounds, including one right in the middle of his forehead. Julian goes tumbling one of his shoulders pincushioned with a few more nails, but nothing vital. But he turns to look at Gus and lets out a wild cry.

The brief relief of seeing Kimberly grab hold of the extinguisher is quashed when there are yells outside. Shouldn't have left. Damnit. Cassandra swears and runs for the exit, though not before giving Kimberly a big push to go in front. Not gonna wait for the Freak to bookend the ambush. She raises her pistol to aim at Buzzsaw or Nails, whoever is easiest to target from down the hall. She sees Gus go down. Don't think about it. She fires again.

Nails and Buzzsaw unleash another wave on those trying to escape, not yet seeing the guns coming up to support them. Buzzsaw throws blades at Roxie and Candice. Nails sends a large rebar stake straight at Colorado.

Nails and Buzzsaw unleash another wave on those trying to escape, not yet seeing the guns coming up to support them. Buzzsaw throws blades at Kimberly as she emerges, and Candice. Nails sends a large rebar stake straight at Colorado.

SCENE Camera One has modified Colorado's SP by 2 bring them to a total of 5.

SCENE Camera One has modified Lucas's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 4.

[SPEND] Kimberly has spent 1 GP for reason: Coked Up Cheerleader Anger Scream

SCENE Camera One has modified Julian's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 2.

SCENE Camera One has modified Kimberly's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 5.

SCENE Camera One has modified Julian's SP by 2 bring them to a total of 4.

Kimberly spots Buzzsaw and that maniacal grin grows if that is possible. As the saws fly at her she weaves back and forth in her rush. And as she runs her mouth opens in a yell, "KILL YOU!" Except the 'you' is continued into a high-pitched furious scream.

With the initial pain and shock, it is being overridden by the adrenaline that is definitely now pumped into his system. Seeing Gus go down is painful as they lose a fraternity brother, so the football player ditches the wheelbarrow. He rushes to Julian's side and helps pull the younger brother to his feet, then shoving him in the direction of safety, "Julian, go! There's nothing you can do for Gus now!" Then, Michael reaches down and picks up the table leg before looking to see how the others are doing.

Colorado dodges like a fucking boss--that rebar spear parts his hair as it sails by like a bullet from a sniper. It lands in a tree behind him with a meaty *thwick!* Colorado grabs his crotch and crows at Nails, "SUCK IT, ASSHOLE!" Then yells at Bastian, "Boss, RUN!" as he grabs Candace by the arm. "We're not leaving without you!"

"Get the wheelbarrow if you can!" Bastian shouts back, shooting and continuing to advance on Nails. He's not the only one who's not getting left behind; they need bring Gus with them, if they can.

There is no hesitation, and Roxie is running. Once she's firmly back on her feet she is launching herself forward with a single-minded goal on getting herself somewhere safe, which is probably a relative term at the moment. But she runs, and only looks back once to notice that the others are still back there.

Julian tries crawling over to Gus, though his shoulder isn't working well enough to really get him there easily. He does manage to get a hand on his brother before he's being yanked to his feet by Michael. Being shoved in the right direction causes something in him to finally kick in, some survival instinct and he runs. For now he runs, shock and adrenaline and anger sending him forward in a frenzy while his mind is still behind him trying to figure out what just happened.

Candice is keeping her eye on the ball...blade...oh godohgodohgod... "Less sucking, more saving! Get ROenbefore we're pinned in. We got everything we came for yes or no?!" She had no idea in the scramble. She wondered really if she could try aiming them back at him.

Cassandra comes sprinting through the exit, continuing to unload her gun right at Buzzsaw now, that freaky little shit! Luckily there are enough people who are able to run away. Wheelbarrow is... wherever it is right now.

Nails and Buzzsaw each take a shot, but neither seem particularly bothered. New targets!

Nails pulls a handful of tree-stakes from his head and hurls them right at Bastian.

Buzzsaw spins two more blades, one each for Kimberly and Cassandra.

[SPEND] Cassandra has spent 1 GP for reason: NO HURT PLZ extra die

SCENE Camera One has modified Bastian's SP by 2 bring them to a total of 4.

SCENE Camera One has modified Cassandra's SP by 1 bring them to a total of 3.

There is a scream of rage and delight that rings through the area. The shovel swings with all the coked-up fiestyness that is Kimberly at Buzzsaw. "Remember me, mother fucker?!?" She screams as the shovel comes down hard.

The wheelbarrow is forgotten by Michael, especially with others in danger and the loss of Gus. Without hesitation, the football player is now charging the ghost they call Nails, cocking the table leg back when he gets close and letting it swing.

Bastian's next shot is hastily aborted in favor dodging to the side, evading the two tree stakes flying his direction. He brings the shotgun back up to shoot again, though, because he's not done with Nails, not by a long shot.

Colorado sort of tosses Candice in the direction of freedom, when he realizes Michael is abandoning wheelbarrow. "Go!" He spins to run back and wrestle the handles up. Oh there's so much adrenaline! Colorado digs in and wheels that barrow.

Julian comes skidding to a halt in the mud as his brain finally registers something. The wheelbarrow is just sitting there. The thing they went in for and now all he can think of is it's the thing Gus died for. He insisted on going, Gus was dead for it, and he'd be damned if he didn't get the radio out of there. He grabs one end of the wheelbarrow and starts to push, no doubt slipping in mud a bit before he can get it going with Colorado's help.

Cassandra hastily throws herself down into a roll and pops up near Gus, slightly disoriented but pistol aiming right back at Buzzsaw in seconds. The sawblade lodges itself harmlessly in the wall of the shed with a thunk. "Go, go, go!" she shouts to Julian as he and Colorado try to rush the wheelbarrow away--followed by a "Look here, you sickos!" in case the monsters get any ideas. SCENE Camera One has modified Kimberly's SP by -2 bring them to a total of 3.

Midfield was not a batting position in softball but if Candice learned anything from mother henning the Bedlam Boys(tm) it was sometimes you gotta go Calvin Ball on some bitches. Still her expression grew more worried and frankly pretty damn amazed at the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt going loco with the shovel! "Roen, How long til we're out? We can't elave Gus here." Tears are for later, determination is now. But dang it the dude is heavy and was going to be a hard carry.

Nails is at least as big as Michael, so he's able to take the hit in stride. He yanks anotherr piece of rebar from his torso and attempts to jam in Michael's.

Buzzsaw is... less fortunate. There's something about his coked-up cheerleader nemisis he just can't counter, and he takes another jarring shovel-blow to the head. The blade he threw at Kimberly gets her on the hip, but it's a glancing wound. He snarls and grabs another from his body, going for her throat.

With Nails trying to jam the rebar into his chest, Michael drops the table leg and uses both hands to grab hold of that piece of metal. Now it's a match of strength between the large brute of a ghost and the football star. Fortunately, the rebar is not jammed into the college athlete's torso, but it's more of a stalemate right now.

Kimberly is now face to face with the crazy ghost and as he comes at her she brings up the sturdy shaft of her shovel to catch the blade. The slice in her hip is singing bliss thanks to the high she rides. "Come on, you can do better!" She says before laughing much like how the Freak did earlier.

A shotgun is not, unfortunately, going to help Michael in his up close and personal fight against Nails, so Bastian goes to grab Gus' body instead. The Mahoneys need 13 bodies, and every body they can deny them is time bought. He hefts Gus in a fireman carry and heads for the wheelbarrow with him.

As soon as Buzzsaw makes to ram another serrated edge into Kimberly Cassandra pulls the trigger. The bullet aims true and its effect is dramatic. But there's hardly time to celebrate the way the shovel-wielding girl is, though, as she sees Michael only just block Nail's attempt to stake him to the ground.

Candice's eyes widen as she lets Reeboks grab gravel. She slid with the bat scraping her knee in the doing but aiming for low center mass. "Hey, jerk. What's that in your pants? Looks like it says Louisville slugger!" BAM! to the groin not that she reckons it'll make a great deal of difference, but one can try while staying out of swinging and shooting range!

Cassandra's shot catches Buzzsaw's hand and blows a sizeable hole through it. Fuck this, he's out. He throws one last blade at Kimberly with his other hand. Stepping back, he vanishes from sight.

Nails takes a hit from Candice that doesn't even seem to register, his attention fully on Michael, whom he almost skewers with rebar. If at first you don't succeed, well... He tries again.

Kimberly moves to duck that next saw and as it whizzes by she is whirling. But her shovel soars through thing air. It makes her scream in angry frustration, "COWARD!" And as she comes around her eyes land on the one ghost remaining. Sweat runs down her brow and she halfway grins and halfway snarls. Well, Nails is next if he doesn't poof before she gets there.

Bastian is not unempathetic, but he is in a big fucking hurry. He unceremoniously drops Gus' body into the wheelbarrow and doubles back to take aim and shoot at Nails as Michael ducks.

With Nails coming after him again, Michael changes tactics this time around and instead of trying to push the rebar away like before, he actually ducks down, much quicker than one would expect a man his size. The rebar sails over the football player's head, the ghost is certainly no slugger as he swings and misses.

One ghost is gone but the other is still decidedly homicidal. As soon as the former blinks out of existence, Cassandra aims high at Nails' forehead--trying to clear Michael's head in her line of sight as he dodges--and pulls the trigger. She's running low on bullets. This better count!

Little things add up over time, and while no one has hit Nails with a particularly solid shot, he's been picked at quite a bit. Two more hits and his missed swing are enough for the big monster. He sneers as he takes a step back and dissipates.

Candice stands out of the way of being shot by friendly fire keeping eyes out for Freak or ...really is there a scale for worse!? Blue eyes flash around looking- waiting and watching for something to jump at them. Finally she turns to Bastian, Cass, Mike and Kim with a white knuckle grip on her bat. "Make the call."

Kimberly's shovel comes down onto dirt. Again she gives a frustrated yell and kicks a rock to careen off into the woods. Whirling around, still hyped up, she is looking for more things to hit. Breathing in and out through her teeth.

Candice waits for the call. Everyone's scared, everyone wants to get home, and no one can leave which meant success here was the only way to make this happen. As the adrenaline wore down thoughts drift back to the kid helping roll his own brother out who did all he could to look after him. She tried hard not to think of his girlfriend and watching them in the lobby. Bitterly she informed management, Cass and Roen present, "None of this is in the stupid brochure. I'm saving this bat to explain it to Jerkface when we find him. Right now? We staying or heading back?" Sure she'll hit a ghost in the booberries with a bat btu she won't swear.