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Inside the Actors Studio
Characters  •   Zane Bloomquist  •  Cash Freeland  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Desdemona Marchant  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu High School - Backstage
Date  •  2019-09-23
Summary  •  The second night of the show goes off without a hitch. Or, without any vampire-shaped hitches... thus far. It's surely a relief to all present and in the know. It's still after dark, and some planning and preparation is required before actually leaving the school in addition to the usual setting away props, and organizing costumes for the last show, the Sunday matinee, tomorrow.

The second night of the show goes off without a hitch. Or, without any vampire-shaped hitches... thus far. It's surely a relief to all present and in the know. It's still after dark, and some planning and preparation is required before actually leaving the school in addition to the usual setting away props, and organizing costumes for the last show, the Sunday matinee, tomorrow.

Mona's still in makeup, and her dance costume from the last act, though the straight jacket is gone. So, mostly a black dance catsuit with wispy strands of ragged chiffon streaming from her legs to indicate the webs of the 'spider woman' in which the ensemble is 'entrapped' through the finale. She's hauling costumes over her shoulder, already on hangers, off to prep for the last show. "Coming through!"

Felicity shows up with a bouquet of poppies in a bunch of colors all wrapped up with baby's breath from a florist for Cash. She showed up at dress and let herself be comandeered by tech crew into running errands, has been to both performances, so far, and is now waiting around as out of the way as possible backstage for him to finish removing costume and make-up.

Jade helps Mona move costumes. He's still in makeup, but he's had a chance to change into jeans and a t-shirt. "That was exciting," he says, breathless from the thrill of the stage. "Yeah, what she said," he says. He follows in her wake with a bounce in his step. He isn't nervous about being on stage, so for him, it was only the thrill of it. "That was awesome. I can't wait to do it again."

Cash is half dressed when Felicity finds him near the soundboard, bickering playfully with the tech crew. "My parents were out there, dude. Did you /intend/ to be two beats behind my cue? Sabotage." His costume was pretty simple. Three piece suit, tailored and pressed. It doesn't mean Mona didn't make him strip it immediately to start prep for the next show. Now, he's only wearing his usual acid wash jeans and an tank undershirt, still damp from sweat. His hair is slicked back and parted, still. No amount of...anything is going to break the sheer amount of gel used to make it happen. He's also still in makeup but that won't last. Makeup makes him nuts.

Felicity is pointed out to him. He turns and blushes. "Poppies! I love poppies. Hello, Venus. You look pretty." He gives her a kiss on the cheek. "I'm having so much /fun/ on stage. Fuck, man...I'm going to end up a theatre major." He wrinkles his nose.

Zane ends the show in white tie and tails -- all of it white, setting him off from the rest, and as a result he's not running around in it, but instead changing out of it quickly and carefully to avoid getting makeup on it. His or anyone else's! Giving the smattering of congratulatory hugs going around for another successful (and completed) show, that's not entirely a given. So when he emerges it's in jeans and a t-shirt again too, face freshly washed and glowing with... okay, being freshly washed, but also the joy and excitement of the performance.

"Guys!" he exclaims when he spots Mona and Jade, beaming and getting entirely in the way to wrap his arms around the former's waist and scoop her up, costumes and all, to be twirled in a circle in too tight a hug. He kisses her on the forehead, catching sight of Cash and Felicity when he sets her down, and turns the grin that way before it returns to the Marchants and he attempts to take some of the carried costumes off Mona. "You guys were awesome tonight! We did so good!"

Does Mona catch some of what Cash said? Indeed. And she doesn't actually look miserable, in spite of her constant protest before the performances about not being allowed to hide behind the curtain the whole time, as she always has before. There's a tiny grin for the pair before she glances back to Jade, admitting quietly, "I... didn't hate it." Which is about as close to saying she was wrong as Mona gets. "I guess all those years of running lines with-"

Zane. And with the costumes piled up in front of her, and her head turned toward Jade, she's surprised enough to squeak audibly as she's scooped up, hangers and all. The laugh is sudden, bright, and warm, and her smile immense. "You killed it tonight!" It might even be possible to see the blush from under all that stage makeup as she balances herself with one arm wrapping around his shoulder as flaps of pant legs and prison sleeves flower out around her mid-spin. "Hey, Felicity!" only comes out once she lands, arm still hanging onto Zane, as she tightens it up a fraction in a hug before handing off a few of the hangers.

Felicity passes over the poppies to Cash and blushes a little as he calls her Venus, then gives him a kiss on the cheek back. That all done, she turns and waves to the others. "Great job! Do you need any help with anything?" Even as she says it, she's sort of leaning back against Cash. "They may have a musical theater major. Or I suspect it's a common double."

"Hey hey," Jade says to Zane as he scoops up his sister. "You were amazing, as always." Jade loves the spotlight, but he's man enough to defer to the superior actor. He waves to Felicity. "He, Felicity, hey Cash. You did great tonight." He then moves on to put the costumes away. The sooner the costumes are away, the sooner the afterparty can start.

"We did great. All of us. Fucking delivered. Our leads, especially. Holy shit." Cash drapes an arm around Felicity. "Mm. I'm headed for the Billboard charts, not Broadway. I don't think I could like...dance too. If I had to. But it's fun being up there. Even playing the villain. Shit, maybe even moreso." He seems like he wants to help more but would rather stay out of the way, really. "My mom said I look scary up there. Only because I'm tall, I think. What do you think, Vee? Was I terrible enough?" He laughs.

"I can't believe we only have one more show!" This is a terrible fact, though it can't dim Zane's spirits too far right now. Particularly with people telling him he's amazing, which is always nice! And somewhat less common when there isn't some kind of show going on. "Thanks! I think this show might've come out the best of all the ones we did. Which I guess is a good way to go out, right?" He adjusts his hold on the hangers, leaning into Mona a little, and adds to Jade as the triplet heads on to hang things up, "That choreography you came up with for Gimme Love looks so cool now everyone got it down." It's a reminder to actually be properly helpful, and he starts that way too.

It's only once she's reasonably sure that the members of the cast and crew not aware of the current vampire situation are out of earshot that Mona says, "Pleased with the audience, too. Especially the ones that weren't in attendance either night. Just have to get through the matinee tomorrow, and we're in the clear for the show, at least." It's not a minor relief to have come this far without supernatural derailments. Theater is theater: it's quite good at derailing itself without the help in many cases!

"You were terrifying, Cash. It was awesome." She may not have been the one asked, but that's never stopped Mona from volunteering an opinion before. She flashes Felicity a quick wink before carting off the hangers to the ensemble dressing room, allowing the duo a few moments of privacy. "Are we all heading over to the house tomorrow, still?" she asks as she starts setting costumes at each of the dressing stations, checking labels as she goes.

Felicity beams at Cash. "Yup. Utterly villainous. Very scary." She stays snuggled in against his side, since Mona and her minions seem to have the costumes in order. "Yeah, the audiences were nice. I'll be here tomorrow, too." Then she glances up at Cash. "You taking me to the cast party tomorrow night? At least I presume that's what Mona's asking about."

"Tonight couldn't have been better," Jade says agreeably. He glances between Zane and Mona, Cash and Felicity, watching people pair off, and he says, "Anyway, yeah, the plan's still on for tomorrow. I talked to the caterer about Tex-Mex because fajitas are life. We'll have a vegetarian option, too. I don't think Spear eats meat anymore."

"Does Spear eat anything anymore?" Cash says, a little worried. He lets it pass and turns back to Felicity. "Of course, my darling. Aitch is around here, somewhere...and we'll both escort you to the cast party." He sighs, an relieved exhale. "This is almost done. Finals is the last hard thing. Home stretch. Light at the end of the tunnel."

"Why not?" Zane asks Jade, head tilting a touch, "I mean, he's still stuffing stuff, right? Though. I guess I wouldn't want to eat those either." He does his part to set out costumes as well, slower than it'd be if Mona did it herself, but at least she probably won't have to fix his work afterward. "We did get really good audiences, though, yeah. The, um. Other ones can't come to a matinee anyway, can they?" Cash gets a look like the blond's pretty sure he didn't just hear what he thought he did; that sounded like he was equating the show with finals! Those are like... opposites!

Tactful as ever, Mona says, "Hopefully still some meat," so casually that either she didn't mean the double entendre, or she's much more like her brother when she's actually in her wheelhouse, namely: shuffling clothes around in a dressing room. "Shit, I shouldn't cram down anything heavy tonight, with one show left, but... I still want to, all of a sudden." That one she probably didn't intend, even if it's also surely true enough all around.

This does hit her at Zane's mention of 'still stuffing stuff', and she chokes on her next breath, and, hands now free, buries her head in Zane's side. Giggling. No explanation, just the giggling. Through the giggling, there is only a broken, "I don't think they can, no. Though if they have minions, the minions might be able to. Hopefully they won't."

Felicity starts to say several things and seems to think better of most of them, finally settling on, "I think Hector was making sure that Spear ate actual food, but he did say something about preferring it be vegetarian," She makes it slightly longer than Mona, but then she, too, is giggling.

"Gosh, I sure hope so," Jade tells Zane. Mona's remark about some meat gets a snort from him. "Honestly, I don't know. You guys seem to talk to Spear more than I do." Not a fact that pleases him. "I'm getting all this second hand from Hector, now you guys. But if he's a vegetarian now, that's fine. I'll tell the caterer to offer a vegetarian option."

"Spear's trying hard to get through this year with a passing grade so, I bet you two will find yourselves with more than enough time after this is over." Cash says, reassuringly. "This is just that busy time of year for the seniors but our work is paying off." He catches that look Zane gives him. "Dude, hey, this isn't that hard for most people. Like Finals won't be hard for Felicity." He gives her a squeeze. "But putting on the musical is second most difficult behind finals. Unless you consider Prom to be a trial." He snorts.

Zane gets giggled into, and looks sincerely puzzled about it. Pleased, but puzzled. It takes until Felicity's been giggling a bit too before running things back in his head drops things into place, and he pinkens slightly. "Oh," he says, and then laughs once also, glancing down at the nearest of the dressing stations. "Okay, I hope so too," he tells Jade, mustering up a fairly convincingly solemn nod for it. "And I'm pretty sure you're still catching him more than I am, except when you fell asleep. I didn't know anything about this." A sigh. "Do we have to think about finals right now?" Somehow even knowing he only has to Not Totally Fail doesn't make it much less stressful.

"No finals talk until after the party tomorrow," Mona insists, slowly straightening up again. She's managed to leave a makeup print on the side of Zane's tee somewhere along the line, and there are new smudges around her eyes. Very goth of her. "New rule I just made up." Sometimes, she's even bossy for the public good!

The laughter stops abruptly at the mention of the lack of communication between Jade and Spear. Straightening slowly, she asks, "Wait... what?" She looks to Zane, brow furrowing briefly. "We ran into him with Hector at Big Ben's, shortly after the seance, but... " Her head shakes, but there's no shaking the concern from her brow. "...but that's it. Before Full Moon 2, even."

"Speak for yourself on prom!" she protests, and it's partly in earnest. "A number of us are going to be running the gauntlet in a variety of ways, and hopefully the only stir will be positive buzz and some narrow minds stretching a bit."

Felicity shrugs. "I think Hector and I were talking about the same conversation. I'd gone looking for Hector and found him in the cemetery talking to Spear. And then he missed ditch day. And then there's been rehearsals. But hopefully you guys catch up soon." She gives Cash a sideways look and starts to say something, then apparently acceeds to Mona's demand for no finals talk and shuts up.

"Yeah, I'm going to talk to him as soon as I get the chance," Jade says. "Because Hector told me stuff that has me really worried. I don't know. I guess it just sucks that he's talking to you guys more than he's talking to me." His happiness from the show is starting to tank. "I need to go take this makeup off."

"Good rule," Zane says, nodding, and stifles a yawn. "Mmf. I need to eat something," he decides; the buzz hasn't worn off for him yet, but it's enough to start noticing things like hunger and the first edges of tiredness. And to give Jade a worried look. He might get a reassuring sort of pat if he were closer, but as it is, Mona gets it instead for the prom stress. But maybe the look to her brother kind of shares it?

The look of concern doesn't seem like it's going to leave Mona's face any time soon as she listens to Jade. She seems to know to keep whatever she may have to say on the subject to herself for the time being, and that there's surely something is obvious enough. She glances to Felicity for a moment, and while she remains silent, curiosity is written all over her. "I know he was under the weather for a while after the seance. Took a lot out of him, from what I could tell. He's... getting better, though, isn't he?"

She winds an arm around Zane's waist, leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek. "I'm going to change out of this, and stash it by my section. We can head back to the house after that, grab some food?" She looks over to Cash and Felicity, adding, "You're welcome, if you like. Though unless you want to stay over, might not be the best idea -- extra travel at night still feels... " Unsafe. "Welcome to stay over, though. Could make up a guest room."

Felicity frowns a little. "I think... sometimes it's easier to talk to people who don't matter as much. There's less worry that you'll mess everything up. Also, Hector can be weirdly perceptive about what's going on with people and saying the thing that'll make them talk about it. Or maybe he just pokes people until they give in. Though I think when he messes that up he really messes that up." At Mona's invitation she looks to Cash. "I'll let Cash decide if we come over or not. It's still a weekend, so Ellen should be okay if I'm gone for the night."

Jade purses his lips, then says, "Sure, you're probably right. It just kind of sucks thinking everything is fine, and suddenly everyone knows it's ont. I feel like I must be a pretty shitty boyfriend, you know?" He looks to Mona. "We're headed to the house? I'm just going to wash up real quick."

Cash has fallen quiet in thought, broken by the invitation to stay with the Marchants. "Um. Sure? Yeah. I'm not ready to go home and with the matinee, I have an excuse to not just hop on home." The Freeland house can be seen from school property. "Hector...just knows when you aren't saying something. I'm hard to understand sometimes but he gets me. Always has. Right away. He's a natural at that. Eventually, you just end up being that guy. I can pick up things too but then I open my mouth..." He gives Felicity a quick kiss. "I should run home and shower off the sweat and makeup, get clean things, talk to my parents about tonight. My mom is probably over the fucking moon that she can brag about me some more. You catch a ride with with triplets and I'll meet you there, Vee?"

"This is a good plan," Zane declares, and kisses Mona on the head in return. "I'm gonna get my stuff and check in with a couple people before we go," he says, and starts away to do just that. He pauses, briefly catching his bottom lip with his teeth, and turns to Jade, though, "I don't think he thinks you're a shitty boyfriend. Like, the other night, after you fell asleep...?" Full moon time. "I dunno, he seemed pretty happy about you. Just kinda in general." And then he starts off again.

"It's part of the curse of giving a damn," Mona says as she heads behind one of the changing screens to start peeling off that bodysuit. Within seconds it flaps over the top of the screen, and she stretches to the tips of her toes to glance over the edge. "Sounds good. Just let me know and I'll call ahead from the dressing room line."

It isn't long before she's dressed again, though she'll be damned if she didn't decide to go simple this time around: a cropped charcoal grey tank top, and a red plaid goth pleated skirt, simple slip-on wedge heels that still probably cost a small fortune. The look she aims at Jade when he utters the words 'shitty boyfriend' are full of 'are you kidding me?', but that's tripspeak for a slow arch of one brow.

"I'll finish cleaning up at home," Mona says as she leans in to grab Zane for a quick kiss before he darts off completely. "I'll go over to the phone and make that call now." And then she's dashing off in the opposite direction.

Felicity nods and watches Cash go. "Okay... over to your place and getting a ride it is. And... I really did not get the impression that that was what was going on. More like... he thought he was one. So..." She waves her hands. "Words are hard. Stop making me try to come up with words. Numbers are better."