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Independence Day
Characters  •   Silver Luna Thistle  •  Devereux Jaden Marchant  •  Felicity Bloomquist  •  Hector de la Huerta  •  Cash Freeland  •  Spear Thistle  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Cemetery
Date  •  2019-10-15
Summary  •  They said he'd be in the cemetery if the unthinkable happened. Hector, Felicity, and Cash find Spear in the cemetery, sure enough. But the news, for once, is good.

Cash's Buick Regal rumbles softly to the cemetery. Always respectful. Cash has been cleaned up. Showered, shaved and dressed in clean shorts and t-shirt. He's been in his room for days, with his worried parents keeping away outsiders. More than a little Freeland stubborness came into play. It's a new day. The fourth of July. It's Independence Day. How appropriate for Cash to get the news his sister was safe just the night or so before. With Ash safe with Amy, it's time to find Spear. It was a joke, in a way. Stop by the cemetery, you'd said he'd be there, Hector. The original idea was to check with Jade but Cash was driving and couldn't resist. So, here they are, unloading among the graves. Cash has his guitar with him. He couldn't play while worried.

And off by the mausoleum that Spear likes to hang out by is the guy in question. T-shirt, jeans, black sneakers. He is thinner than before - eating in captivity is without interest. And he looks a bit rattled, his whole demeanour hinting at a certain fragility. His big puff of hair is tied back, as much as it can be, into a small bun on the back of his head, and he is smoking a joint. The odd bruise here and there, sore feet when he moves. But? Alive.

Hector climbs out of the car wearing his Pansy division concert tee and cargo shorts, only lightly made up. He is heading for Spear's favorite mausoleum. The second he spots the slender figure of his brother, he's running. "Spear!" He is both delighted to see his brother free and worried for his brother.

Felicity gets out of the car a little more slowly. She's got least claim, afterall, but she's smiling. She's been tormenting the poor county records people, or they've been tormenting her, but it's apparently kind of slow going. She trailing after her boys towards the mausoleum.

Cash didn't have hard confirmation that Spear was okay. He knew Ash was and he was happy to let everyone else assume the same, until otherwise. There isn't any 'otherwise'. Cash hugs Felicity in relief and then takes off behind Hector. He stops a little short, almost woozy with relief. He recovers quickly and walks the rest of the way.

"Hey, man," says Spear to Hector. His smile returns, pretty much always there, though he _does_ look like someone who has been in a scuffle. A cleaned up someone, but nevertheless. And then he raise a hand to Cash and Felicity "The gang's all here, I see." His voice is a little raspy. "Good to see you guys!"

Hector tries to hug Spear gently, careful of any woundsand his brother's comparative fragility, "I was so worried, Man. I lit candles for you. are you all right? how'd you get free?"

A little tension eases out of Felicity's shoulders as she hugs Cash back. "On the plus side, I think this means Operation: Burn It All Down is a go." There's a small pause as if she's deciding whether or not to ask something, but finally she adds, "Did Arthur get out with you two?"

Cash doesn't hug. He knows he'll been too happy, too rough. But he wants to hold someone. It ends up being Felicity who gets squeezed around the shoulders. "We lit candles. I -led Jade in prayer-." Cash says, wide eyed. "And I kinda fell in a mourning hole for a few days...but Amy called and said Ash was okay and I felt like I grew wings...I--she didn't say anything about you or Art but...I knew where to find you." Cash smiles, tin grin gleaming in red and gold. "...Art? Oh..." Cash shuts his mouth and bites his lip.

"Well, we sort of, erm, tricked them," says Spear "Ashley did the hard work. She got one of our guards to think she'd fuck him if he came in alone during the day while I was asleep. I was behind the door. When he dropped his gun, I hit him from behind and kept, umn. Hitting him." He frowns, and then he glances at Felicity "No." Spear makes a fist and knuckles his forehead, rubbing it. Tension "No. He stayed behind. He wants to be a vampire." And then he says to Cash "I bet that helped!" He then laughs "She didn't say anything? Very Amy. But. I'm sorry about Art. We couldn't convince him to come. Or do much. He did stay sitting on the guard when we ran, but honestly, for all I know, er, he wanted to bite him."

Jade dropped Spear off, and now he's back, trundling toward the mausoleum with a brown grease-stained bag in one hand and a caddy of soft drinks in the other. He's in black short-shorts and a cropped red top, hair coifed, and eyes lined. There's a swagger in his gait. He's back, people. As he saunters up, he says, "I got onion rings and cokes." He offers the bag and caddy around, and there's enough for everyone. In addition to onion rings, there are fries and chicken strips with accompanying sauces.

Hector keeps trying to hag on to his brother, to prove to himself he's real and solid and here, "Clever... Spear, if you killed him it was the right thing to do. You know that right?" He glances over at the red heads at the mention of art, and mouths 'Sorry' to Felicity, silently glad he'd warned her that might be the case. "Did... did Art agree in advance to meet them graduation night? The vampires I mean." He flashes Jade a grin and grabs an onion ring, "Thanks man!"

Felicity is apparently fine with being hugged by Cash, even roughly. She leans her head in against his shoulder, then nods to Spear. "I... yeah, people had explained that might be happening. I'll... make sure to tell Mona. Maybe she can break it to Zane. I'm glad he's at least enough himself to help you guys get out, though. Maybe... maybe he was unconscious because he agreed to go with them, but hadn't agreed to be bait for everyone else." Jade gets a bright, if tired smile and Hector gets a little nod.

Whatever tension Cash was still holding onto is released, right there. He sees Jade and just exhales. "Okay. Okay. I can think again. Hope. Wish. Sing. Play." He looks to Felicity. "I am sorry about Art but you can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Mona's the best to talk to Zane about it. But, if we can kill Fran then...Art will be okay in the end, I think. Kill the maker and the kids go back to normal. I don't know where I heard it...but I'm completely convinced." A firm nod. "Jade, you look great. Happy. The way you should look. Spear needs a few good meals and some love. It's going to be alright. All of this, I think." Cash says, bright-eyed.

Spear steps forewards, and he hugs Cash. He squeezes him once as Hector hugs him, but then he moves to kiss Jade on the cheek, and to put an arm around his waist. Butt against some stone. Just chill, his head falling to Jade's shoulder. Possibly for reassurance. His eyes close for a moment, and then he reaches out for a drink and he says "Thanks, man. Thanks." A lot of things seem to be leaving him somewhat tired, or distracted.

"I don't want to hurt anyone," he says firmly to Hector "But he's alive. The guard. I think? I did hit him hard with something heavy. I don't know about Art, what he did, or felt. It wasn't...Ashley and I talked to each other. Not to him. It was like there was a wall. I wish I could tell you more, Hector." And then as Cash reacts, Spear echoes it, starting to smile himself "Yeah," he says "I'll be fine. Just Ashley and I were stressed, but we'll be ourselves again soon. Oh! We weren't in the hotel."

Jade sets the bag and caddy on the tomb so people can help themselves. He snags a basket of onion rings, and he offers one to Spear. "Here you go," he murmurs with a tenderness he didn't seem to have before Spear. Glancing at the others, he smiles a little and says, "Hey, guys. I guess you're getting caught up? Spear came by last night, at first I thought he was a ghost. I couldn't believe it."

Hector closes his eyes and says tiredly, "Unless we have to kill Swindon too. Do we know if it's the maker or the head vampire?" He does finally let go of his brother and go to take cash's other hand, but still looks at his brother like he's returned form the dead. "Do you kknow where you were?" He nods, "It's a happy sort of miracle, that's for sure."

Felicity is quiet, letting the others talk and resuming leaning against Cash once Spear releases him. "It's good to have you and Ashley back. Were you at the motel? We were trying to find you, but... we didn't want to attack there if they had you stashed somewhere else. And... There were too many unknown variables."

Cash accepts that hug, careful not to squeeze back too hard. "Amy said something similar. That Ashley just showed up and she was fine." He looks to Hector and holds his hand tight. "I know...if it were me and Aitch or Vee...fuck, man. I don't want..." He trails off and grabs a drink, shaking his head slightly. "Happy Independence Day. A special meaning now, huh? All we need now is the right information. We have a while yet until another full moon. The nights are short. We can get the upper hand here. After we celebrate, of course."

"I'm sorry, Hector, I don't know the details," says Spear "We weren't told anything, we were just locked up in the desert. It took us ages to walk back and then we caught a lift half way, or we'd still be walking. My feet are still a bit of a mess." He takes the onion ring, and eats cautiously. Stomach not a hundred percent. "I tried to send messages through ghosts, but it didn't seem to be working. And I absolutely believe the same trick would never work again. If the guards are even still alive."

Spear eats the onion ring, and he says "They fed us once a...time period? Day? I don't know, because we were underground. There was a toilet and a sink, but we started getting sore from wearing dirty clothes. But yes. Independence!" He beams, but then hesitates "I'm not sure how up to having another fight I am, guys."

"Right now, you rest and feel better," Jade tells Spear. "We'll take them on, you just worry about getting strong." He eats an onion ring, then offers another one to Spear, just a little one since he's not fully up to snuff. "When you need to lay down, tell me, and we'll go lay down." To the others, he says, "She needs Art, so she's not going to let him get hurt. With Spear and Ash back, we have options. She can't hold them over us."

Hector is still determined, "Then we kill them all. Except Arthur, I hope." He winces, "Oh man, you're poor feet. If you want carrying later, we can do it." He studies his brother, "Then stay safe. You being safe is helping, trust me." He nods to Jade, "The planning opens up. That's good."

Felicity nods. "You two got out. You don't need to fight, just now. We can either go full defensive. Or we can go on the offense, but, seriously, you don't need to worry about it."

"The, uh, escapees really need to only think about getting better." Cash concurs. "Get better and be with who you love." He looks away, off into the distance. "We were supposed to be in California now. I wanted to spend the Fourth in L.A. The sooner we take care of this bullshit, the sooner we can begin living our actual lives." He releases his beloveds and sits on a flat tomb. Guitar time, although he's just tuning it now. "I said promised god that if Ashley came home, I would sign The Sign by Ace of Base in public. The arrangement needs work."

"I really hope this thing with Art is just because he's messed up in the head," says Spear, frowning "But it's hard to tell. They didn't bother messing with us. I think they may really just have seen us as hostages - nothing useful. Just these people. Who had to be kept somewhere as leverage." He sticks out his tongue, and then he grins at the rest "I'll be back to myself soon. I'm not _sick_. I'm just shaken. Hector, do you know what my mom and dad were told?" And then he says "Ace of Base? Really?"

Jade munches on another onion ring, and he leaves the basket within reach of Spear so he can eat or not as he pleases. "If you need sweet lovemaking to feel more like yourself again," he tells Spear, big-eyed and soulful. "That's a bullet I'm willing to take for you, man." He bats his eyelashes.

Hector eyes the guitar, "I'm going to have to learn the song, aren't I? I know Ashley loves that band." He gazes at his brother, "Important people. Loved people. Jesus, I'm glad you're back." He looks down, "Some people filed missing person reports. I've been mostly avoiding Ray and Vanessa. Silver's... not good. It may help her to see you." he nods agreement with cash, "Eart, drink, rest up. Enjoy time with your man." He flashes Jade a grin, "you wouldn't want to waste all the stuff you bought before prom."

Felicity heads over to grab some of the chicken strips when Cash goes for his guitar and then returns to settle against Hector. "At this point I'm really not sure what anyone was told. I've been mostly keeping my head down around the adults. Well, we caught Morrison up on the plans such as they were. Because he saw what happened."

"She likes Ace of Base." Cash sighs. "They are literally the worst but I made a promise to god and she's safe and no matter what I am a man of my word." He smiles at Hector. "You are the real composer. If you can help me make this not suck, while capturing the upbeat joy of the original..." He trails off as a guitar string breaks. "Lame." He goes about replacing it as he talks. "I put in a missing persons report on all three of you. Just...to do something. I kept the details out. Just...a worried brother and classmate. Last seen at the Grad party...and yeah, see Silver. She's a flaming mess. I've checked on her every day until...my own breakdown. I mean, just a knock and hello and sometimes candy. I waited until I heard her move before I left. No breaking in. Someone be proud."

He pauses and look away. His brows furrow deeply and he frowns. "...almost too easy..."

Spear waggles his eyebrows at Jade, and he says "That might help!" a pause, and he admits "I might faint. Er. Wait, ressucitation!" He glances at Cash "What's too easy?" And then he just leans against the Marchant and he says "I love all of you. I'll go to Silver. I was worried about you all. I was worried you'd get yourself killed. Or do somethin' stupid and heroic." Spear runs his hands through his hair "I missed you all _so bad_," he says, and suddenly sniffs.

Jade sets the onion rings aside so he can wrap both arms around Spear. "I'll take good care of you," he says. "Maybe after you see Silver." He kisses Spear's temple. "We were totally going to be stupid and heroic. The only time I left my room was to come here, and to talk about how we were going to get you back. Now all I want to do is be with you, take care of you." At the sniffle, Jade hugs Spear closely and strokes his hair. "I love you so much, babe." He glances at the others, but he's not awkward or embarrassed. Confessions of love deserve unerring confidence.

Hector curls an arm around Felicity, "I'm glad I got Morrison there in time. I kknow he's just one guy, but... It feels better having some kind of back up and even though he can't convince people about vampires, him knowing means things like Marchant's will take better precauions." He nods, "Definately the worst, but she loves them and we're glad to have her back. We'll work on it together once we're under roof tonight." He eyes cash, "I'm proud... Oh shit! you think it's a trick?" He looks down, "Stupid and heroic might have gotten you killed so we wwere aiming for smart and heroic instead. We missed you too, Little Brother. So damned much." He smiles encouragingly at Jade, who is clearly being the right sort of man for his brother.

Felicity smiles a little. "We missed you, too. Very, very much. And the lack of stupid heroism is at least partially my fault. I was trying to insist on smart heroism. Also, I think the county record office may be purgatory. It's like you need forms to get the forms you actually need and then they say they're processing them and you should check back tomorrow, but when you do, they say to come back again, or they need some other form." She munches on the chicken and leans against Hector, shifting the basket so he can have some, too. "Besides. I owe Ashley a discussion."

Cash shakes his head, as if to clear this thoughts. "I'm just being paranoid. Nothing is gained by their release other than...us letting down our guard? It's not like we're vampire hunters or some shit like that. We're kids. And I was on the side of No Heroics. Heroics get you killed." He can't quite shake what's bugging him but he does manages a smile for Jade and Spear. "Fuck. You guys are so...nice together. I was avoiding cute or sweet. I don't like those. See, Spear, it's better when all things are equal, yeah? No spazzing out. No confusion. Just love given and received in kind." He turns his attention to Felicity. "Did Ash notice the ring or something?"

Spear hugs Jade tightly to him, and kisses him on the mouth, then he just sinks down and he says "I can't believe I'm alive. I think maybe we did just get away? I kept saying we would. But I was begining to feel kind of like it wasn't possible." He hiccups, and then he says "I'm so bad at filling out forms." Another hiccup, and he finally manages to say to Cash "I guess. You're right. Equal. I'm sorry I was. So intense about you."

Jade grins at Cash, then he kisses Spear right back. "I love your intensity," he tells him. He holds Spear up as he sinks down, and he rearranges them so that he's sitting down, and he pulls Spear onto his lap. "I think they escaped. I don't think it's a ploy. It's not like we're going to let our guard down, anyway. We can't afford to. Those bastards are tough."

Hector takes the hint and dips his chicken in sweet and sour sauce. "I think I owe you back rubs, Red. So many back rubs." He studies Cash, then reache for his hand, squeezing it, then looks to his brother his broteer, still worried, "You're definately alive, Little brother... I hope so, Jade."

"Spear?" A soft voice no ones heard the last week except through doors or over the phone. Silver stands beside one of the large angelic tombstones on the way towards the house. She's wearing rumbled PJs that maybe has a coffee stain on it with her space robe over it, but actual shoes. Her hair? Let's just not talk about it. Messy bun is putting it mildly.

Felicity blinks at Cash for a moment. "Yes, Cash, your twin sister noticed when you and I and Hector were all gone for her being named Homecoming Queen and noticed the ring when Hector and I got back. And made me promise to tell her stuff, but she was kind of busy that night and then we didn't get a chance and then she'd just started asking me at Grad night when the vampires showed up." She bumps her head against Hector's shoulder and gives him a smile. "I wanted them back, too, you know. And... yeah. Not letting our guard down. Does make the prospect of burning things down much simpler, though." And then her eyes travel over to Silver and she blinks a little more.

"Spear, man, I'm sorry I wasn't better at expressing myself." Cash says with a slight pout. "You see now that I'm trying to be better at it but last year? I...I'm sorry too. You and Jade are a great match though. He loves you properly." He's smirking at Felicity's retelling when Silver appears and Cash stands up off the tomb. "Hey, Sil. Yeah, Spear and Ash are back and safe. Ash is with Amy and there's your triplet." Cash looks relieved all over again to see her. "I know you know I checked. I checked until..." He trails off and shrugs.

"And that's good, but I think Cash is right that we're better matched," says Spear to Jade, a little wryly. For Silver's benefit? He looks tired and thin, but he is unharmed aside from the odd bruise and scrape. Mostly he seems worn a little thin, someone who went through a bit too much. Spear purses his lips and frowns "They have guns."

And he then brightens as he sees Silver and says, a bit idiotically because there _is_ no script for this "Hello! Ashley and I...and I escaped." No details about Arthur, noticably. "I don't know, Felicity, the vampires have a few places. Or at least two. And one is carved out of rock. And..." Spear lifts his hands, and he stares at his nails, one of which is broken "Well, that - what? No, no, it's fine Cash. It's fine. I mean, I really am - erm. I mean. I am fine? I survived a. Well. Errrfff!" Spear then says to Cash "I'm fine, and -" And Silver is here "And Jade and I have a really chaste relationship!" he squeaks.

There is a bag containing onion rings, fries, and chicken strips, and a caddy of drinks resting on a tomb. He wraps his arms around Spear and says, "No we don't," he practically purrs in a voice like velvet sex. Then he looks to Silver, and his expression softens. "Oh, honey. Look who it is! Spear's okay. He and Ashley got out and came home. See? He's fine."

Hector looks up, "Sil? He's not a ghost. He's really here and in the flesh." He kisses her cheek, "I trust your callculations, Red." He nods, "Ithink we both ended up with the right people, Little brother." He raiseshis eyebrows and gives a scepticle snort at chastity. "Wait, you were in a cave? In the desert?" He smiles contentedly at Jade's tone.

There are other people? Silver blinks as Cash addresses her and she turns to look at him in surprise. "Cash? Oh...yeah, thanks," She says it in a decidedly distracted manner as she turns to look back at Spear. Then she starts moving. Slow steps at first and then she is running. Other people probably don't want to be between her and her brother right now, because they'll just be shoved aside. Even Jade.

It isn't -quite- a tackle, but in his state it comes close and she realizes and adjusts for it. Grabbing her triplet and hugging him tight. His feet might even leave the ground very briefly, and she is burrying her face into his shoulder, her own shaking. "I'm so sorry!" She doesn't quite sob, but her voice does break, muffled as it is against his skinny shoulder.

Felicity sighs. "Underground cave in the desert... yeah, that probably wouldn't have even showed up on the title searches. So... It's good you got out." And then she's quieting and letting the next bit of reunion happen."

Cash shifts and looks away. His eyes are a little watery. He can understand this feeling. His words blurt out quickly. "If you ever want to try and find the spot, I like driving and don't mind to searching. You all take care of one another. I have to practice for my sister." and then he simply walks off, towards the Buick. But, but...he is growing. He stops and turns. He holds out his hand. "Come on, Vee. Aitch. You have to help me with this dumb song." And only after he has his beloveds, does he take his leave.

Spear gives a faint squeak at Jade's tone, reacting instinctively. No they do not. He has the grace to look embarassed as he glances at Cash - caught out! Then he says "We don't do anything we shouldn't." That leaves an awful lot. He nods, though, Spear does, to Felicity "In a dug out place in the desert. Rocks. But there was a place, to you know, erm. Toilet? So it must have been designed to hold humans. Or animals, I don't know. We could find it again." He looks after Cash and Felicity and Hector as they leave, and he wrings his hands "Did I say something?" he says to Jade worriedly, as he then - SILVER. Spear almost gets bowled over, but he tries to hug her back "H...hi!" he says, blinking rapidly "Hi, Silv. I'm so sorry."

"Everything we do is stuff we should," Jade confirms. Then he steps back as he sees Silver incoming. "You didn't say anything bad, babe. They're trying to give us a moment." He winces a little at impact, to see Spear all but tackled, but he relaxes, and he doesn't try to interfere between sister and brother reuniting.

Silver may be getting her brother's shoulder a bit wet and she may not be letting go of him anytime soon. "What!" With a sniff her head comes up, eyes teary and nose turning red. "You have -nothing- to apologize for! If I hadn't been reckless and stupid taking a drink in the first place, you would have been safe. They'd have no reason to take you," And she might try and give him a shake as she speaks, her words vehement and as intense as the green of her eyes right now. Another sniff and she wipes her nose on her sleeve, but yeah...she doesn't let him quite go. One hand still holding his shoulder like he might blow away. "This is all my fault. Don't you -dare- apologize!"

Felicity gives the others a wave as she follows her boys, calling over her shoulder, "He's overwhelmed and needs processing time. He'll be fine later. Nothing you said. He's just really happy and relieved. We'll see you soon." And then she's off to the car.

Spear is easily shaken. He rattles, a bit startled, and then he pats her "It's all okay," he says "It's all okay. Ashley and I rescued ourselves before any dramatic stuff that would get you guys - or us! - killed happened. It worked out. And now they don't have hostages! But I gotta admit, Silv, Ashley and I are kinda. Worn down." He pats her on the back "We're real tired, Silv. Okay! But real tired. I'm back with you though, promise."

Jade hangs back, and he munches on an onion ring. "We've fed him and let him rest, and it's okay, Silver. What's done is done, and there's no use wasting time on blame. I promise you, I'll keep Spear safe. I won't let anything bad happen to him."

Silver is trembling ever so slightly as she says softly, "Right. Of course. If anyone could it would be you." The smile is wavering and messy with tears. A glance at Jade and then back to Spear, "This whole thing...you have to stay safe. Can he stay with you, Jade? They'll probably look for him here if they want to...do something because you escaped," She is fighting her stutter. You can hear it. It begins to fade slowly. But then something clicks and she frowns. "W-what about Arthur?" She asks fearfully.

Spear reaches out and hugs Jade around the neck and kisses him on the cheek again. Physical affection. Have it. He reaches out for an onion ring, and he noms on it, and he says "We're good. We...what? Oh. Erm. Well. We can! I mean, you could too, Silver. He has so many rooms." Yeah, volunteer Jade's place! And then he clears this throat "He didn't want to come. We tried to convince him."

Jade wraps his arms around Jade's waist and kisses him back. He's quick with affection. "He's safe at our place," Jade says. "We've got top notch security." He gives Spear a squeeze. "He can stay as long as he wants." He hesitates, then says, "We'd let you stay too, Silver, but you gotta make right with my sisters. You were kinda mean to them graduation night, and I need to know there'll be peace in my home."

Silver's face cascades through emotions. From that initial fear, to understanding tinged with guilt, to sad resignation. Another sniffle and she wipes at her nose with the sleeve of her robe again. "I see. Zane...that's not going to be easy on him," Is anyone surprised that's who her mind jumps too? A sudden shaking and she stands a little taller. She turns her attention fully on Jade now and her lips thin slightly. "I...don't think I should stay at your place..." She looks pained, but she doesn't look away. "Not because of your sisters. But other reasons. I'm why he's in danger..." She glances at Spear even as she waves slightly at him. "Plus I'm still working on packing..."

"Yeah, and how do you think I'll feel if something happens to _you_?" asks Spear "Everyone around here - me included - needs to release all the drama. It's time to be a grown up - and get help from others. And apologise. I'm sorry. We're all sorry. We can do this. We need to take care of one another."

Jade tells Silver, "We'll not turn you away if you're in danger. No matter what, okay? Your life matters. We don't let people die over disagreements." He gathers up the food trash as he says, "I mean it. We'll get through this, and we'll do it together."

Silver has the decency to look guilty at Spear's retort. "Honestly? I think you'd do better...but you're right. I'm trying to be...safe," She says with a sigh. A hand reaches up to rub at her neck. "It's more than packing...I just...I..." She shakes her head and glances back at the house. "Let's head inside. Mom n' dad will want to see you. They were starting to worry I think," She says before looking back at the two. Her smile in thin and fragile. "Thanks. We will. Now I'm not paralyzed with fear, we can get something done," And as she says this reaches for her brother's hand, leaving the other side to Jade, and begins to head back to the house.