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In the Now
Characters  •   The Confidant  •  The Explorer  •
Location  •  Dispensary
Date  •  2018-12-17
Summary  •  The Confidant and the Explorer meet up again after waking in the Facility.

The dispensary is a mess. Well, one corner of it. It's as if someone pressed all the buttons and food and cola spilled out onto the floor. On the other side is a different mess. A big, brawny, pale, redhaired one. The Confidant sits on the floor, alone, with his back to the wall. One knee drawn up and the other, the left leg, extended. It's probably a habit at this point. He looks tired but not in a way that indicates he needs sleep. He just looks drained. He fidgets with the zipper on his gray hoodie and then, he begins to sing. "Will the circle...be unbroken? By and by. By and by..." He's not bad. He can carry a tune. He has a beer bottle beside him, unopened. Can't blame this on the alcohol. "Is a better home awaiting. in the sky, in the sky?"

Her footfalls are so quiet that her entry may well go unnoticed. Wrapped up in a kimono of delicate pink lotus blossoms on pale peach satin and trimmed, the Explorer drifts into the Dispensary on bare feet. Her sleep-rumbled hair falls free, and eyes still cradle just enough of that hazy quality that would tend to indicate she's just roused from a nap. She hasn't been out and about much, since waking in the Facility. One night chatting with the Coward while polishing off a bottle of whiskey together, but beyond that, she's kept to herself, for the most part. Except, sometimes, she needs food. Which means venturing out, and... well, here. She hadn't expected to find the place abandoned, necessarily, but the startlement that flits over her features betray that she wasn't expecting to see...


"Chance." He corrects without looking up right away. "Jody was a fuckwit." Then The Confidant looks up. His big blue eyes grow like saucers. "Oh. Oh. Llesenia." He rushes to his feet. He's pretty damn agile without a bum leg. He approaches her but stops short. "Uh...hey. Fuck." He shakes his head. "I was...I've been trying to practice this conversation since I woke up but I've been so busy. So many new faces. New doors. New faces with old doors." He deflates. "I should have been there but you know me, erm, Jody. Passed out somewhere." He stammers, stutters and then blurts.

"I'm sorry I tried to hang us."

There's so much of that that the Explorer wants to laugh about, boggle over, question and pick apart. Especially that last bit, which has her blinking up at him, and choking out a baffled, "Wha?" But then all that just sort of melts away, because she's blinking up at him. He's here. Right in front of her, again. Healthy, and whole, and here. So whatever else that might've been roiling about in her mind just then falls into obscurity. A joyful little squealing sound bubbles up from within her throat, and she quite literally leaps at him, vaulting upwards enough to wrap her arms around his neck and hook her knees on his hips, to either side. Thus dangling all monkey-like, she proceeds to kiss him. Hard, and rather thoroughly.

The Confidant is supposed to be able to read people. Understand them. Predict. He didn't see this coming. He doesn't drop her though, oh no. The Confidant is, indeed, healthy and whole and strong. Strong enough to cling to her right back and return that kiss with equal vigor. Eventually, he backs into the wall and his hands get...handsy. He's digging under that pretty pink kimono until he pulls away a moment. He only meant to catch his breath but instead, he catches her eyes. He is dazzled. He smiles, steals a kiss and then says, "Did you miss me?"

Not much is worn beneath the kimono, his hands would discover. The barest necessities, really. Still, it's enough that anyone walking into the Dispensary would get an eyefull, unless he's taking care to keep the outer garment reasonably closed. As for the Explorer, well, she doesn't really seem to care all that much. As he starts to pull back, her fingers bury themselves in his hair and curl into an insistent grip, preventing him from going too far. Not, it seems, that he'd intended to; his theft of a kiss is 'punished' with a nip to his lower lip, and she answers his smile with a helpless grin. "Obviously. What took you so long?"

"I didn't die to a demon." The Confidant huffs out, teasingly. He's smiling and it's so bright and perfect. It reaches his alert and clear eyes. Eyes that lock to hers and refuse to waver. "Not entirely true. I blew my brains out like, a year after the DeWitt challenge. Alone. In Baton Rouge. Sober as a judge." There is a little pride in the last sentence. He kisses her again, going in deep and passionately but when he pulls back, he has tears in his eyes. "I was a mess after you died. Would pray to go back. Back in time so...I'd spoken up sooner. Or, or stopped you from going to that banishing or, fuck, I just wished I /tried/ to dance with you. I couldn't dance with that fucking leg but I wish I tried." He pants, almost breathless from this statement. "The hurt never went away. You were gone before we even got started. Here you are. A second chance, yeah?"

Leaning up, she kisses away any tears that have the audacity to fall, and when she eases back to meet his gaze again, she's smiling. There's a tenderness to it, the warmth of hope, but underneath it all, a layer of tremulous uncertainty that makes its existence known by causing her lower lip to wobble, fleetingly. "I'm here," she murmurs, fingers slowly releasing their grasp on his hair, in favor of tracing a languid caress over the nape of his neck. "We're both here. Only.. who are we, here?" She's not trying to break any bubbles, that's clear enough in the reluctance casting green eyes into shade. "Even you refer to Jody as though he was.. someone else. And I remember a whole different life, in which I was a whole different person -- not Llesenia Santi. How do we factor all of that in?"

The Confidant untangles himself from her but he doesn't go anywhere. He doesn't have the stillness that Jody had. The Confidant is more kinetic and as he speaks, he moves. First, he throws up his hands. "I've been telling lovers and family all damn day the same thing. Take this moment. Right now. Save it. Cherish it. Make it the best fucking moment of your life. Why? Because after three times out of here, I have learned--well, I've learned a lot of shit but the relevant point is that eventually, we will sleep and will won't be...whoever we are here. We won't remember this. We will move right along the Encounter and we might hate one another. We might be siblings. Who knows, right? But...when it's over, we will come back here. And remember. See, see..."

The man is in full motion now, as he paces away. "This is the constant, yeah? All roads lead here. I chose my name. Chance. It was my first name and I like it. Better than Henry or Jody--and yeah, Jody feels like someone else only because...I wish he was? I know better though. Chance, Henry, Jody. It's still me. Just...shaped by their worlds." He finally slows down and returns to Explorer. "Chance was cool. He was a hothead, ask Cillian. He lost his hearing when he was a kid but he still became an paramedic. He cared deeply for others and even when he lost his best friend, he kept going. Didn't fall to despair. Work needed doing and he did it." He shrugs. "Sorry. Rambling. Point is...we are who we are in that moment. And...make the best of it. Chance would've. I do."

"Well, then." The Explorer smiles slowly. It's a Cheshire thing, a lazily sensual curvature of soft lips that cradles a world of mischief within its downward bow. She'd stood there where he left her to pace away on his rant, watched him quietly. Listened. Now, though, the time for her to speak has arisen again -- and, too, to act. Her arms rise, extending toward him, open and beckoning. Her voice is the exquisite brush of velvet on bare skin. "Get over here, and make the best of it."