Log:I Wanna Be Down

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I Wanna Be Down
Characters  •   Justin Michaels  •  Lucas Marchant  •
Location  •  Michael's House - Afternoon
Factions  •   Marchant Family  •
Date  •  2019-10-22
Summary  •  Lucas goes out to Justin's house to lookin on him after Justin confronted his brother SLy as a monster. Here's to trying something new.

It's been a hot minute. Really it's a weird show of trust that Lucas just left his pager with Justin. He has zero idea what calls he's missed or who is paging what to him. It might even get him in some manner of encrypted hot water but apparently so what.

Lucas got a ride across town to... actually worry about someone not themselves for a moment; someone outside of he or the other half of his brain. It's afternoon, and that sun is too fucking beautiful and too goddamn bright. Sunglasses are on and he hugs the shade of the porch with a lean ringing the bell.

Comfortably, boringly, middle class. That's Justin's house. One of those cookie cutter homes that get thrown up in batches that barely stand out from those around it. Though at the moment there's only Justin's beat up old car sitting in the driveway, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise when he answers the door. With no school or summer job to worry about for the moment he's dressed in just a pair of mesh shorts and a tank top. He looks like he might have been rousted from a nap, but his grumpy expression turns to a smile when he sees Lucas at the door, opening it up to usher him inside.

Lucas is really... okay not good is being polite. He's shit at caretaking, or concern, or actually just being a normal human being but since graduations he's making an effort. The talk with his brother gave him more than a lot to think about. The conclusion was to come out here for a change and see how he's doing and, as suggested, get over himself a bit.

The door open and there's some relief when there's a smile warming up one in return. He steps in but leaves the sunglasses on. It's not that he's an asshole... he is but it's still not the reason and Chemical V is still not entirely out of his system. He does, however, have a small bag of burgers in hand. "I figured you were asleep or mowing the yard and would be hungry either way."

"Already mowed it this morning, gotta do it before the heat sets in." Justin takes the bag of burgers in exchange for a quick kiss before leading Lucas into the house, or more specifically into the kitchen. "Need something to drink? Water, juice, dad usually doesn't mind if one or two of his beers go missing." He winks as he turns around to look at Lucas. He pointedly does not comment on the Marchant looking like he got run over by a steamroller, though he does look him up and down once with a expression of concern that flits back into a lazy smile.

Lucas snags Justin by the waist stealing that kiss back for a moment so he doesn't dart off and then lets him go with the bag. He pauses tilting his head, "Funny enough I'm not really a drinker. After this Spring I'm weirdly turned off to wine entirely funny enough." Oh yeah, he finds it amusing if only because he was the one that said how bad can it be. Not done kicking himself for that. He looks around and just soaks in the details. The entire place is a strange anathema to him: some unfathomable mystery that is confusing as it is fascinating. He answers finally, "Water's fine. I'm not being polite I promise." He leans on the counter and watches because, well, he gets to enjoy that view yo. More over there's a question unasked and as much concern back.

"Yeah, I know, sorry, the other options are all sweet." Justin pours out a glass of water and sets it on the counter next to Lucas, grabbing a coke for himself. Even the interior of the house is just.. blandly suburban, as if the ones responsible for decorating it don't want to stand out or rock the boat. The acceptable family portraits, generic artwork that probably comes from some home decor store, and everything in muted tones of beige. Justin busies himself digging into a burger, rolling his eyes in pleasure at the first bite. "God damn, I needed this."

Lucas scopes the place taking a mental note of 'Stephen' or Sly now he guesses all normal-ish and de-monsterified. "Folks at work?" Not really scoping opportunity but gauging what he can and can't talk about in the middle of the kitchen. Justin tears into the burger and there's a pleased sort of smile that settles on the Marchant's face. Amused he murmurs in defense, "I do actually pay attention ya know." He sinks his teeth into his bacon cheeseburger and wobbles his head letting the guy at least eat a bit before prodding at his condition for an update. The words he chooses are complicated, however. "You, um... how you holdin up?"

Justin nods. "They'll be home late, too, probably. I'm sure your brother will come breaking down the door to cart you off to the safety of the manor before they do." He tears another chunk out of the burger, shrugging at the question. "I'm fine. I mean.. I'm not the one being hunted by a bunch of crazy vampires. Hell, they'll probably leave me alone. Steven never liked it when I butted in on him hanging out with his friends." It's probably supposed to be a joke.

Lucas flinches one eye and nods murmuring a "Yeah, probably." He eats another bite and shrugs, "I mean you can come over with if you've got nothing else going on. I mean given how close to moon up it is I don't know being anywhere near me is a great idea, but..." Not the wisest idea at all. There's a faint smirk at the flat joke. His foot tapping the side of Justin's without stamping on bare toes. "Yeah but... the whole thing was pretty fucked up. I mean I don't... expect things to necessarily be ... alright again but... maybe something can be done. I don't know."

Lucas slides sideways waiting for Justin to look up and adds quietly, "It was really brave, and pretty scary and I ... don't know how actually okay you are and... it matters." God he's super bad at this, but for what it is it's him trying.

"It wasn't brave, it was selfish." Justin shakes his head. "I was hoping he'd see me with you and Landon and maybe.. I don't know.. if the time came decide to leave you alone. Or maybe convince the others to leave you alone.." He leans back against the counter, letting the burger lower as he just kind of stares off. His brow furrows slightly. "I mean, they're classmates and friends, but I don't really care what happens to everyone else, just.. you guys." He shakes his head. "I'm being a selfish prick, not some noble knight."

Lucas sets his burger down and wipes his fingers. Speaking as the authority, posture straightening and all, the declaration is made in that decisive tone of his, "Well as an authority on selfish and decisive? It was still brave, and... I... we... I appreciate you trying." There's a frown and a slow deep breath s "I... don't know what I'd do if that was like me and Squid." His jaw tightens and he does some soul searching for words that sound like they should do what they ought. Man for someone who graduated with honors in debate he is still dicey with his own shit. Getting people to feel what you want them to is easy, but doing this to himself is a Sisyphean act.

"I guess... Justin... look I'd feel a lot of things. I know you are cause you're like a whole human being and shit. It... " He takes a deep breath and rubs his temple, hand hanging in mid-air, "It matters to me when you're upset or things make you feel shitty or... ya know, when dumb shit I do causes it and ... I'm" ...sorry? "worried." After a pause he offers simply, "We'll see and... we might not be able to fix any of it but we can go pick out a mini-fridge and a rug for the dorm and we still go LA. Even if everything else falls apart. Kay?"

"The only reason I gave you crap before is because you wouldn't give us a real chance." Justin sets the burger aside. "That's different, now. You actually, well, stopped giving a fuck about what other people wanted and tried making this an actual relationship." He reaches out to take Lucas' hands in his. "And I think, you know, it's actually working. But if it doesn't work out at least we can say we gave it an honest try now, right?" He looks at his hands entwined with Lucas'. "But I don't want to talk about it not working, I want it to just be."

Lucas laces his fingers into a fist around Justin's and walks forward to thunk his forehead against his boyfriend's. "I've been talking to my brother, Justin. Morrison, not Lan or Squid." So many damn brothers.Holding his breath for a moment longer he lets it out with the tension slaking out of his spine, "You... you were right I mean. Almost everyone in this world I needed threw us away. I spent the rest of the time trying to learn how to be someone else that I honestly dunno who the fuck I am."

There's a pause not really intending to say all this, but when does he ever plan? "You didn't put me on the curb. I mean you really, really probably should have but you don't see me the way everyone else does, and," Looking up he sighs muttering honestly shoving his sunglasses up onto his head to have a less filtered conversation bringing him to squint. "I want this to work. I want us to work, because I actually like who I am with you when I'm not trying to be anything else."

"So, then, that's what we'll do." Justin says simply with a smile. "We can be who we want to be going off to school, right? So that's what we'll do." He wraps his arms around Lucas. "Let's just.. have a day today. Hang out, do nothing, eat junkfood and watch a movie. Sound good?"

The smile comes easy. He doesn't bring up impending doom, or any brothers, and anything outside of these four very competitively ordinary walls. "My day is," He steals that kiss without rushing it long enough for his free hand to sneak past and also steal a fry, "entirely yours." He eats the fry so damn proud of himself.