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I Swear
Characters  •   Landon Marchant  •  Lucas Marchant  •
Location  •  Lake Havasu - Marchant House
Factions  •   Marchant Family  •
Date  •  2019-09-16
Summary  •  With the next full moon threatening to consume them, the Marchant Twins share their concerns and make a promise to one another.

Lucas actually wore a suit last two days to class. He's been quiet and utterly buried in his work trying somehow harder to actually finish up his homework for the classes for the week. Last night he sat up against his headboard, knees pulled up and headphones and portable CD player going over the French extra credit his teacher assigned him to try and emergency pull his score out of the shitter. Thankfully the triplets are fluent. He can't just set Jaden on teh piece of paper and hand him in. They sort of need their cousin back.

Tonight something has him back, driven like a man possessed and while he's doing his very best imitation of Theodore possible with his cool demeanor and all on the outside Landon can feel the truth as his own and Lucas is //stressed//.

Ever since they'd been told about the Full Moon and how it plays into this ritual which the vampires, or at least Fran, is trying to complete, Landon's mind can't help but remind him that the next full moon was coming. It's something he'd known about the Lester family for who knows how long, or suspected, but now rather than the need to be wary about saying something that might piss any of that family off, the full moon represented something far more destructive and dangerous.

Today, he's wearing a simple white dress shirt with the top button and his tie being undone. He's been tired and distracted due to a difficulty sleeping and Lucas would know why, but his brother's anxiety doesn't go unnoticed either. Even if he's not looking at his twin, he can sense what might be going through his head. "Worried about the full moon?" Or course, Lucas was. Landon was too. "Think it's a good idea to have everyone group together this time around?"

Lucas still sits against his headboard dressed, honestly like for like with landon but for no tie. He really can't tolerate beign strangled by a really weak person all day poorly. When Landon asks though the robot piloting his will halts and the very real answer surfaces. "Yuuuup. That and what Hector pointed out." His head picks up and eyes scan across the room. His arm extends out to the side, thumb down, staying open until Landon comes over there.

He watches and waits. The concern surfaces and he raionally goes through the list best he can. "I think we got lucky last time. I don't... want-" well no one wants any of these things but the guilt rides high and th e fear moreso after his less than stellar stand off.

Setting his pencil down at his desk and rising to stand so that he can wander off for a brief moment to stare out of one of the windows to their room, Landon falls quiet to listen to his brother speak. Not being afraid of the dark, exactly, there was something about the darkness of night that was far more frightening now. This, in turn, makes him shut the window closed.

Settling down at the edge of Lucas' bed, there's this quirk of his brow when his brother brings up Hector, "What did Hector have to say?" Leaning forward so that his his elbows are planted on his thighs, he turns to face Lucas. "With all of us in one basket, it guarantees that they come here for sure. I mean, I wouldn't know if they would split up if we ever did hide in different locations again. If they are vampires. Really are vampires, then who knows what they can do, right?'

Lucas lets his head rest back to the wall, his hand coming to rest idly around his brother's arm. Contact. Better. Makes the world stop tilting to one side. There's a faint smile offered to Landon that doesn't reach his eyes, but is summoned for his favorite person in the world and the first of anyone (self included) that matters to him.

"Yeah. We don't know. But I don't want you to go. I don't... I don't want to leave. I don't want to scare you again and I'm not really getting past that and-" His jaw tightens and his hand squeezes Landon's arm. "I'm not going anywhere without you. Ever, Lan." He's promising now before he loses his fucking mind. "Whatever I gotta do." Taking a dwwp breath he considers the rest while trying to devise some 'Great and Magnificent Plan' which migh tinvolve a bag of pretzens and hiding in their bathroom withthe door locked. "Hector, um, he told me in about as many words, I fail to live up to the standard of Silver's friend and that she's going to die and...it's my fault." He looks to Landon still trying to figure this all out, "We did everything as by the book as we could. Why is enough never good enough?" There's a pause and the heaviness setting in adding, "I don't want to see her become like them. She's smart and not annoying and just got a full ride to Virginia."

Landon doesn't have to say anything, but Lucas would know that the physical contact alone is helping to keep his brother calmed, even if he is sitting here due to his own concern over Lucas. "Right. I wasn't planning on going anywhere without you and this place is more secure than ol' Karl's house, right? Even the basement." He's trying to convince himself of that. "And if we're all piled up in the theater room, none of us will have to see the Painkillers when they arrive." Though his eyes are on Lucas when he says this, knowing that his brother will get antsy in that windowless room.

Then there's a quirk of his brow, then a furrow before he snaps out, "That punk said what? Silver is pretty crazy if you ask me." There, Landon came out and said it. "She called us up the morning after that second time and went to the scene of the crime. What does dear old Hector expect us to do? We've got our hands tied as it is for the most part."

Lucas gives his brother's arm a squeeze and leaves it there. The snap comment gets a flinch from one eye. He can feel the intent in it and his shoulders rise and fall, "Well... there's that. he thinks she's going to walk over because, get this, I fail to give a shit, and what if he's right?" There is a pause and he can hear the echo of another conversation in his head of a certain annoyed center asking him if he's ready to get over himself yet. A half-hearted gri forms, "Forget I said that. And yeah, she kinda is and that's what makes her fun but... it wasn't smart. She also didn't now how dangerous it was at the time either."

Lucas' pager goes off again he he glances at it but hasn't been on teh phone tonight. "I should call him back before everything starts to set in and we're strung out and useless." Of all teh entirely unrelated things he wants to do right now. Looking back to Landon he says "He offered to come here. I told him that's.. not how he wnats to see his brother again. but... yeah the media room will be safe. No .... weaknesses." Yeah euphamising isn't helping but his voice picks up with certainty looking to Landon both eyebrows up, "Hey, Landon, we've literally been through worse.Even if it gets ugly we got this. Me nad you vs. the world right?"

"I don't know about that." Landon murmurs about how much Silver didn't know at the time she went back to the bloodletting scene. "We... we thought we say Brenda get all torn up by these monsters. I mean, sure, it could've been a dream, but she could've waited too rather than run off the way she did." The mention that this is what makes Silver fun gets a nod, but out of the two of them, Landon also sees loose cannons as liabilities more than likely. He says nothing more in regards to what Lucas may or may not feel about Silver.

The sound of the pager going off gets a look. He knows that if it's Morrison calling, that his we'll go off eventually, in case that the twins aren't in the same room. But it does not, so that leaves just a couple of guesses as to who would be calling and Lucas, without going into much detail at all, fills in that blank. "It might..." He starts, shaking his head knowing that this is probably an asshole thing to say, "The vamp seeing his brother here? Might give him second thoughts on what they are about to do-- but, uh... if we're in the media room, then neither of them should be seeing one another anyway."

The final thing that Lucas says has him nodding, straightening up to physically turn towards his brother, reaching to take the other's hand in his own to give it a reassuring squeeze. "It's always been the two of us." Well, and some of their more helpful Lester family members." Breathing in deep, he says, "I worry that it will be me this time, but if it is, do everything that you can to keep me from... opening that door." He's could be talking about the media room door or the door leading outside.

Lucas arches an eyebrow looking up to Landon. Landon doesn't have to say it. Lucas picked up on the thought. He hates that it's there be he knows Landon knows and doesn't want to have to say it but it is a fact. His eyes look back to teh pager and close mulling it over. "There's also Heather." NO quarter for Heather who broke their agreement but... she might be useful. "Sean'll be here I think. His sister Nora is with them so... it's covered. We'll see." That Landon didn't want to say it is really enough. That he did anywas? Also enough. He admits, at least to Landon, "I don't want him to get hurt either."

Landon squaring off with thim to affirm their plan and really air their fears in teh room that may or may not be standing by week's end weirdly brings a calm. His hands slide up Landon's sleeves and he pulls his twin in for a hug resting his chin over his shoulder keeping him there a moment. A silent reminder for Landon and the world: This is mine. My brother, my other half, no touchie. Fuck off world. It's defiance unmutable in its distilled gesture. "Look we'll pop a valium and at worst? We nap through it right? Me, you, Meg Ryan on the screen or maybe some Guttenberg. Just focus on next fall with me and remember Theodore and Morrison got out backs. Jsut... don't let them tie me up like a pig on a spit and I won't leave you. Deal?"

"Heather?" Landon says with a quick quirk of his brow followed by a laugh, "How is /she/ holding up? Saw her in class the other day. When she noticed that I saw her, she walked the other way." However, when Lucas brings Sean up, he blinks and then nods, "Nora Winters, huh? Should've known." He then considers, "Do you know the name of the detective that Theodore was gonna give to Mr. Bloomquist? I had an idea, if Morrison doesn't mind taking us there, to give the names of these students, possibly copied straight from the yearbook so there's a picture attached to the detectives. Something for them to look into regarding the Painkillers. If they are missing kids, maybe he can contact their parents as well..."

While the valium might help Lucas deal with his claustrophobia, Landon doesn't trust the others to keep them safe and Lucas might be able to see that intensity within his eyes. "I'll make sure that they don't tie you up, alright? We only have a few of these to go and I can only hope that once we're far away from here, that Frannie and her goons can't reach us."

Lucas holds on and tries to remember, "Deeeetective Church..." He pauses and corrects that, "Cross. Detective Cross." Ha! he remembered. Quietly he considers this, "That's a reall good plan. We can even assemble things and see if Theodore or he'll talk to them. More credible. I... shit good work, Lan." he lets shim go so they can sit up, still there and while it might be juvanille to some those same people can fuck off. They're not in twin club.

The look isn't missed. Not at all. he offers, "Well we don't know when, but soon. Doooo we stay awake or stay handcuffed to one another? We need a plan, before the bullshit shows up."

"Detective Church Cross. That's right." Landon says, rising to stand once his bond with is brother is physically broken and he heads to his desk to scribble that name out. "That's what I was thinking of when we were looking through the yearbooks. We came across a Rooney Cross, the name sounded familiar but.. there's a few Crosses in time. Still," he sets the detective's name on top of the notes and Xerox copies that Esme had made of the various familiar Painkiller faces in the yearbook.

"Being tied to one another might be good, but Lucas," And here Landon's already frowning when he turns to his brother, "I know that being tied up in a windowless room isn't going to set your mind at ease. If you... if you need to be medicated, we'll watch over you."

Lucas snaps his fingers, "Mason. It was a job and a church thing. Detective Mason Cross!" HA! Mnemonic devices for the win. Looksing up to Landon there's that fear that rabits know before they bolt. It's really a trade off and he reasons, "we want to worry baout me being traumatized because of what we have to do to stay safe or you never sleeping again because something happened to me that might have been avoidable?" He blinks and his voice tries to stay level but there's a shaking warble in it, "I mean one... of us is going to have a really bad time of this but if... if it's you? I can try handling this." Swallowing he says, calmly, "I stayed... for you, Landon, and my brain was fucking off the chart crazy, and yeah, that might happen to you, or me. I hope neither, but we stayed in that room and toughted it out and I could..." His lips press together and palms rub to the side of his knees, "I could because I trusted you and had to make sure you were okay and that was enough for me." It was hell and he was shaking but he didn't try to bolt from the room. "We're going to do this whith whatever we have to do to make it hapen.

Landon adds the man's first name when it's uttered then sets his pencil down. He can clearly hear everything his brother says, practically hanging on his twin's every word, though mostly he's listening to any signs of emotion in his voice, even if he can get a sense of it without either of them saying a word. He'll nod, even if he can't help but worry. "We'll have everyone here with us. Morrison, the rest of the Lesters, I assume." Though realizing that /everyone/ was going to be there and that means the possibility of several people going berserk and trying to escape, well, that's something that they'll have to deal with when the time comes.

"We'll get through this full moon. Like we will with the next one and the next one until all of this is finally over." He doesn't bring up his nightmares even if it troubles his sleep at night, which leads to a weary day-- but that could also be chalked up to their case of daytime vampirism for now. "I'll make some calls in the morning before school. I don't know if we can reach him in time but, we can try. For now though?" His eyes flicker back to the pager, "If you need to get that..."

Lucas isn't fooled in the slightest about the souces of the things that haunt Landon and will not leave him alone. The things that have him up on normal nights at 3am sitting with him til he can fall asleep again can carry him when it gets too bad. he's been conscious enough he's tried to minimize his die head first into danger to bring that anxiety down. and mitigate those catalysts.

Eyes drift ot eh page and stare at it. Eyebrow arches and he says, "I should call him back." Pushing himself to a sit he takes the pager and looks to his brother as if the suggestions' all that's needed for him to fall back into his content normal. Whe goes to hunt up the phone and says "If you didn't fill Esme in on the plan? Lemme know and I'll keep it short so you can update her."